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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 25, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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she was convicted of smuggling cannabis oil into russia. and a source telling cnn the january 6 committee is scheduled to meet with hope hicks. hicks has met with the committee previously but her interview this go around will be tribed. hicks is a long-time trump aide. she served in his campaign and in the white house. ash carter has died after suffering a cardiac event. carter served under president obama from 2015 to 2017. he's survived by his wife and two children. ash carter was 68 years old. thanks for your time today on "inside politics." we'll see you tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. great to have you with us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. thanks for being here. yeezy's season is over at adidas. the sports wear giant has cut ties with kanye west after his recent anti-semitic remarks. we'll break down the massive
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cultural and economic fallout. we have new information on that terrifying shooting at a missouri high school and how it could have been even more tragic when a 19-year-old stormed in with a long gun and hundreds of rounds of many ain admmunition. plus it's crunch time in the midterm campaign, two weeks to go, and warning signs of piling up for democrats as key races tighten, including one that do determine who holds the senate. tonight the nation will be watching as democrat john fetterman and mehmet oz face off in the only debate for that critical pennsylvania senate race. jeff zeleny is in harrisburg and athena jones is with us in new york following a closer than expected new york governor's contest. let's first go to the action in pennsylvania. jeff, what's the pulse there right now? >> reporter: there's no doubt this senate race has been a marquee race of the cycle. tonight's debate is a marquee
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event. th th it's the only time these two candidates will come face to face. they have never met one another or shared a debate stage at all. democrats believe still this is their best opportunity to pick up a republican-held senate seat but this is certainly a unique debate and here is why. john fetterman of course still recovering from that stroke he suffered late in the spring. and tonight at the debate it's going to look very different than the other debates. there's going to be closed captioning. there's going to be two large television monitors that will be typing out all of the words from the moderators, from dr. oz and this is something that john fetterman still uses because he has auditor processing issues. what that means, his doctors say, he's able to understand but he's not necessarily able to hear everything and respond in realtime. so this is causing the fetterman campaign to lower expectations for the debate. now take a look at this memo that his campaign advisers
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released earlier really laying out the stakes but lowering the expectations. they have a blunt admission. they say, remember, john did not get where he is by winning debates or being a polished speaker. john is going to win this race even if he doesn't win the debate. so of course he's debating mehmet oz who made his career and fame as a television doctor. of course brought into the spotlight by the oprah winfrey show years ago, so he is very polished as a speaker. so the expectation setting is clearly going on here. but the oz campaign says they're going to focus on the policy differences between the two candidates. on crime, on the economy, on inflation, on abortion rights. so set aside the unique aspect of this and they are focusing on the policy differences. but all that is clear. two weeks from today, of course, election day. but tonight certainly the biggest event in the senate race so far, ana. >> so a lot of eyes on what happens in pennsylvania. there's also this high-profile debate in new york tonight in a race that was supposed to be a cake walk for democratic
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governor kathy hochul. athena is here following this one. what's the latest. >> well, this is a closer than expected race. we always talk about deep blue new york. this is a state that hasn't elected a republican to statewide office since 2002. but lee zeldin is hoping he can pull this out. he's been eager to debate governor cathy hochul. they're debating tonight. their only scheduled debate will be one hour. we've seen in recent polls that he's really tightening the race. one is the siena college poll. kathy hochul is 11 points ahead but that has shrunk six points in the last month. there was a quinnipiac poll out recently that showed kathy hochul just four points ahead. so lee zeldin himself, republicans in general are hoping that maybe this can be the year that republicans can do this again. so you can expect him to hit kathy hochul on crime. that has been his main issue. and in fact according to the polling of new york voters, they see that, new york voters see
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crime as a top issue. republicans ranking it their most urgent issue, followed by inflation. so we've been seeing zeldin going to bodegas and subways and anywhere there's been a violent incident reported to talk about concerns about public safety and how he'll be better protecting new yorkers. listen to new yorkers i caught up with in brooklyn talking about their concerns of crime. >> my nephew was mugged in lower manhattan not that long ago. it could be me tomorrow. >> we want to move. we want to move. >> i have lost a lot of enthusiasm because things seem to continue to be the same. >> now, that last woman you heard from was talking about enthusiasm. she was less concerned with crime. we were asking her, it seemed like she was laeping toward hochul but she wasn't enthusiastic about her vote. >> quick fact check, is crime on the rise? >> in some ways it is. transit crime is up about 40%
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year over year, but so is ridership. it's not up 40%, but ridership is also on the rise. when it comes to things like murders and shootings, those things are down. if you talk to someone like mayor adams or kathy hochul, they'll say part of that is getting guns off the streets. so the numbers are mixed but the real issue is how people feel. if you talk to voters and everyone i know, people are concerned about crime. >> safety. thank you so much. athena jones and jeff zeleny, appreciate you both. we're getting more information now about the deadly shooting at a st. louis high school. police killed the gunman but we're learning more about his plans and what he was prepared to do. we're learning about the victims, a teacher, passionate about making a difference, nearing retirement, and a girl less than a month away from her sweet 16. cnn's josh campbell, who leads our new guns in america unit at cnn is with us and adrian broaddus is joining us as well. what more are we learning about what happened and what could have happened?
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>> ana, yet another school shooting here in the united states of america. i'll tell you what we know about the shooting suspect at this hour. police say this is a 19-year-old who was a former student at that school. they described him as having no prior criminal history. they say that he aggressively entered the school building, began shooting. of course it's this last new chilling detail that we got last night from police that really shows that this could have been so much worse. police say that the suspect, in addition to this long rifle, actually had nearly a dozen high-capacity magazines capable of carrying up to 30 rounds each. of course in all of these incidents, whether it's uvalde, whether it's highland park, illinois, the issue of high-capacity magazines has returned again and again because they allow shooters to shoot for much longer. here it appears the gun may have jammed appear the suspect was engaged by police. chilling details there. this could have been so much worse. of course for the two victims and their families, obviously this is a tragedy, ana. >> officials say the doors were
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locked. again, this person was not a current student at the school, so how did the suspect get in? >> quite frankly we don't know. we posed that question to the police in st. louis. the police commissioner doesn't want to say because he doesn't want to ftelegraph where weak points in security might be. i don't know how long that approach might hold up. students and their families wanting to know that they're going to a school that has robust security measures in place that can help keep threats out. >> speaking of that, there were seven security personnel inside the school when the gunman entered according to the investigation. so we're told it took about eight minutes from when police arrived on scene to make contact with the gunman. how are we supposed to make sense of that? >> the police commissioner didn't know whether all of those seven personnel were armed there. there are security personnel around the country that do good work that aren't armed. but when you are outgunned by a suspect with so many rounds of ammunition, that is raising questions about whether armed personnel should be in schools.
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we're told that police after the 911 call responded within four minutes. they were able to make their way through the building, querying fleeing students. once they heard the gunshots, they went and engaged in a shootout. the suspect died later at the hospital. >> a teacher and student were killed in this, seven others injured. what are you learning about these victims, adrian? >> well, ana, we've learned that teen that was killed would have celebrated had she survived her 16th birthday next month. those who knew and loved her say she was a talented dancer who made everyone smile. it's important to underscore this school where she was shot and killed is a perform arts school. we're also learning more about the beloved teacher. she was a 61-year-old physical education teacher and here is what her students are saying about her. >> she made you feel real inside the class and out.
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she made you feel like you was human. she was just so sweet. >> it wasn't always fun when she stuck to the rules or whatnot, we got sent to detention a little more than i would care to admit, but all in all, she was just a really kind-hearted person. she was one of those teachers that you could tell really cared about the students. she was one of the special teachers. she really cared heavily. you know, she was the same towards everybody. >> reporter: her heart was really on display. meanwhile the other students who were injured physically, 15 and 16-year-olds with a variety of injuries, including gunshot wounds. ana. >> so painful to hear of this new school shooting. josh campbell and adrienne broaddus, thank you both. we have this just in. a texas man who sold a gun used in the standoff at a synagogue earlier this year has been sentenced to near low eight
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years in federal prison. henry dwight williams is a convicted felon with no business owning, much less selling a firearm. the buyer went on to hold four people hostage at gunpoint for 11 hours. it was only after the rabbi picked up a chair and threw it at the gunman that the hostages escaped and law enforcement then killed the gunman. now to a stunning intraparty squabble over u.s. involvement in ukraine. progressive democrats just moments ago withdrawing a letter they wrote to president biden after another democrat called it a, quote, olive branch to a war criminal. what's going on here? plus check your bathroom cabinets. more than a dozen dry shampoos from popular brands now being pulled from the shelves over a cancer-causing chemical. and adidas finally steps up and gives kanye west or ye the boost over his toxic behavior and anti-semitic rapnts.
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it's just a stunning turn of events and a massive unforced error right ahead of the midterm elections. moments ago liberal democrats withdrew an open letter they sent to president biden suggesting the u.s. try to negotiate with vladimir putin to end his invasion in ukraine. that sparked fears and backlash within the party. democratic congressman tweeting this letter is an olive branch to a war criminal who's losing his war. the congressional progressive caucus chairwoman, pramila jayapal, defended the letter initially but now she's saying it was sent by mistake.
10:17 am
let's get right to manu raju on capitol hill. what's the truth? >> reporter: a number of these members that signed this letter that were released this week said they were surprised, they were blindsided. i talked to some of them who said they did not anticipate that jayapal's office would release this letter this week. they in fact signed this letter in june, pushing the biden administration to explore more diplomacy in russia's war with ukraine. some said if they knew this was going to be released this week, they never would have signed on to it in the first place. one veteran democratic member told us that democrats were furious, including some members who were in difficult re-election rad not want to open up an intraparty feud about how to deal with ukraine when the party has united behind sending billions and billions of dollars to ukraine at a time when republicans are divided over this issue. so after backlash, jayapal just announced moements ago that she would retract this letter sent
10:18 am
to president biden. she said in her statement in part that the idea that conflating the democratic position with the republican position concern about aid, nothing could be further from the truth. she said every war ends in diplomacy and this will too after ukrainian victory. the letter sent yet but restating the basic principle has been con fflated with republican opposition. as such, it is a distraction at this time and we withdraw the letter. it has not been fully explained why this was released this week. we had asked jayapal's office about that. they declined to comment about the reason. after that initial backlash from when it was released yesterday, she released a statement clarifying the position, saying they support the administration's position but untenable as democrats pushed back, forcing an embarrassing about-face from the leader of
10:19 am
the progressive caucus, someone who has an eye of elevating in the democratic leadership in the next congress. nevertheless, democrats are hoping to put this feud behind them and move to the midterm elections where they're focusing on other issues as they struggle to keep control of the house. >> thank you for that update. let's discuss with former u.s. ambassador to nato and former u.s. special representative for ukraine negotiations, kurt volker. could vladimir putin exploit that? we know the election is right around the corner and he has meddled in the past. >> right. well, putin is exactly in that frame of mind right now. he is losing the war on the ground so he is making threats. he's making threats about nuclear use, about dirty bombs, about blowing up this dam that's going to flood the city of kherson. he's trying to get people in the west to do exactly what that letter did, trying to get people who say, oh, we need to
10:20 am
negotiate, we need a cease-fire, we need a settlement now and to do this directly with russia. that's what putin is aiming at and it is what he's trying to do. i'm glad to see that the democratic caucus withdrew the letter because no one should be playing into this putin agenda right now. >> krukraine is holding its own certainly but russia tens to cause more suffering, more death, more escalation in terms of tactics it's using. does something need to change in the u.s. approach to this? >> yes. i think we have held back up necessarily on types of weapons that the ukrainians need in order to defend their cities and their civilians better. first is air defenses. we are finally getting some better air defenses in to ukraine now. we could have done that months ago because we know this was the only resort putin had. we also need to get them longer range artillery shells.
10:21 am
we're restricting the firing range to 80 kilometers. things like a bridge, the naval base at sebastopol, the lines of communication that russia uses to supply its forces are more than 80 kilometers away so ukrainians need these longer range munitions in order to force the russians to pull back. that would make the ukrainian cities safer. >> there are a couple of key arguments against the u.s. trying to insert itself in a diplomatic fashion other than what it's already doing and that's that russia isn't indicating that it wants to negotiate. the other being that it's for the ukrainians to decide their future. but i do wonder, does the u.s. even have pull over russia right now to make that kind of a difference? >> not at all. so i think you hit the key arguments, and there are a few others, but russia and putin personally is determined to claim some kind of victory here. a cease-fire would essentially allow putin to claim that he has
10:22 am
conquered 20% of ukrainian territory and annexed that to russia. that would be completely unacceptable from anyone's standpoint. it would vindicate putin and effectively ensure that he would stay in power and, therefore, threaten ukraine and threaten others again. so we should not be seeking to negotiate a solution with putin now. the only thing that's going to create european security in the future is if russia pulls its forces out and recognizes what it has done, accepts responsibility for the aggression and the war crimes, and then agrees to live within its borders in the future. if that doesn't happen, we're going to face continued threats to european security for which the u.s. is ultimately responsible for years to come. >> and so back to what's happening inside the u.s. on capitol hill you have this letter by the progressive caucus creating the controversy, especially among democrats. and then you have kevin mccarthy who could become the next speaker of the house in the next
10:23 am
few months if republicans win the midterms. he has suggested that they may not support as much ukrainian aid from the u.s. what do you see as the u.s. role in this conflict going forward? how could it change perhaps with a new congress? >> yeah. so, first off, the problem with the letter from the progressive caucus is not the timing, it's the content. it did not call for russia to stop the war. it did not call for russia to withdraw its forces. it did not call for russia to stop kill ukrainians and committing war crimes. it was all about negotiating with them. so that's just wrong on the surface. what kevin mccarthy did was say that there will be no blank check for ukraine. that's a very different message, because it implies we need accountability, transparency, reporting on where the money is going. we need to exercise congressional oversight. that is a reasonable position for congress to take and not saying that they're going to cut or that we should not support ukraine. neither did the democrats,
10:24 am
although the implication was that in their letter. but i would say the bottom line here, we have after the midterm elections still two years of i would say relatively stable and supportive u.s. policy for ukraine. both parties, the majority in both parties, republican and democrat, the majorities in both chambers, the house and the senate, strongly support aid to ukraine, strongly support sanctions and pushback on russia because of their war crimes, and eve i think that will continue the next two years and support the position of the biden administration. >> mambassador volker, thank yo very much. russia having no mercy on brittney griner, confirming her nine-year sentence will stand. they denied her legal appeal to overturn or at least reduce her sentence on drug charges. the state department says griner is being wrongfully detained, a political prisoner caught in the
10:25 am
middle of russia's war on ukraine. cnn's matthew chance joins us now from london. the u.s. has suggested a prisoner swap. so far russia hasn't agreed. what's it going to take? what does russia want? >> reporter: that's a big question, ana. certainly it's been several months now since the united states and the russians have been engaged in intensive negotiations at times to try and work out how they can come up with a deal that would involve the release of brittney griner back to her family in the united states. what the russians have come up with of course is the notorious arms dealer, viktor bout, who's serving a lengthy prison sentence in an american prison. they want him. they want others too in exchange for brittney griner and paul whelan. but there hasn't been an agreement on the sort of detail of what that would involve.
10:26 am
it must be incredibly frustrating for brittney griner and her family. she appeared by video conference, making an impassioned plea to the judge to reduce her sentence significantly. she talks about how agonizing it was to be away from her family. but those kinds of emotional appeals simply fell on deaf ears. the lawyers for brittney griner, who have been doing a sterling job trying to represent her, saying that bitterly disappointed. that there was very little done in the course in terms of alleviating her sentence. they reduced it by a couple of months. instead of nine years, she'll serve something in the region of eight and a half. but that's nothing to ease the suffering and the pain of this basketball star who is now marooned in russia until an unless a deal with the united states is done. >> matthew chance, i appreciate your reporting. thank you for helping us understand the situation. now to the uk. the new british prime minister
10:27 am
has only been on the job for a few hours but is already getting down to business. rishi sunak formally met with king charles this morning and is now reshuffling the cabinet. sunak inherits a country in turmoil. his predecessor, liz truss, only served with six weeks after she abandoned her tax cut plans that sent financial markets tumbling. sunak acknowledged the country's economic struggles. >> some mistakes were made, and i have been elected as leader of my party and your prime minister in part to fix them. and that work begins immediately. >> sunak is the first british prime minister of color. he's also the youngest in 200 years. a major recall for dry shampoos over a chemical the cdc says causes cancer. what you need to know.
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we're back now with a big recall to tell you about.
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some big name beauty products being pulled from shelves over a chemical that can cause cancer. dove, suave, nexus, tresemme, bed head are all part of this. the chemical of concern behind this recall is the carcinogen benzene. what exactly is it? >> reporter: that's right. this is a well known carcinogen. we've known about this chemical for some time. it's a colorless or sometimes appears in light yellow colored chemical. it evaporates into the air quickly. the way you can be exposed, it can be inhaled, consumed or you can have exposure to the skin. and this carcinogen has been linked to leukemia, for instance. signs or symptoms of benzene exposure include headaches, tremors, confusion, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, so you can
10:34 am
imagine it can be inhaled. so if it is sprayed through a dry shampoo, for instance, as part of this voluntary recall, that's one way of possible exposure, ana. >> benzene isn't just used in hair products, though, it's in a lot of things. so where else, and is there broader concern? >> right. well, i'll first tell you naturally benzene can be founding in cigarette smoke or crude oil or gasoline, for instance. but how there might be accidental exposure is sometimes benzene is used as part of making chemicals for other items like plastics or synthetic fibers. part of that manufacturing process can lead to possible accidental exposures here, ana, but the concern is really focused on this voluntary recall. you mentioned the products earlier. that's what i think people should be aware of. >> in this case it's dry shampoo products. double check your cabinets at home and make sure your products aren't part of the recall. thank you very much, jacqueline
10:35 am
howard. i appreciate it. to texas, where the driver of a dump truck is in police custody after more than 60 migrants were found inside the vehicle. stephanie elam is gathering details for us. what are you learning, stephanie? >> reporter: we're talking about more than 60 migrants found inside of this dump truck. this happened in kotula, texas. about an hour and a half into the drive from the border. the texas department of public safety intercepted this human smuggling attempt. as you look at these images, it's impossible to see how many people are coming out of this truck. more than 60 of them. they were able to take them, they say, according to one of their tweets, they say they were turned over to u.s. border patrol. at the same time, we do know that the driver of this truck has been arrested, but just the images there are just completely stunning there, ana. >> stephanie elam, thank you. we'll keep watch on those developments. police in ft. lauderdale,
10:36 am
florida, have released video showing what they believe is an attempted child abduction. watch the circled area here in a second. you'll see a young girl run into the frame, down the sidewalk. she slows down and bends forward as if she's catching her breath before running off again. seconds later a man runs after her from the same direction before turning back and leaving. police say this is the second time this suspect has tried to kidnap this girl on her way to school. the first time he tried to lure her away with candy before trying to grab her. the very next morning he apparently went after her again, what you see in this video of the investigators do not believe he has any prior connection to the girl or her family. at last check, they are still trying to find him. adidas caves to the pressure. will other companies cut ties with ye over his anti-semitic comments? of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhhhh... here, i'll take that. [woo hoo!]
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the other shoe has dropped for kanye west. sports wear giant adidas has ended its partnership with the rapper who now goes by the name ye after his recent anti-semitic remarks. it's the latest brand to cut
10:42 am
ties with him in recent weeks. it began with a string of posts and comments disparaging jewish people resulting in his twitter and instagram accounts being locked. adidas had been by his side for more than seven years. he appeared to think there was no way adidas would cut him loose, boldly proclaiming this. >> the thing about me and adidas is like i can literally say an anti-semitic [ bleep ] and they can't drop me. i can say anti-semitic things and adidas can't drop me. now what? >> well, he got his answer. i think a lot of people were wondering what took so long? >> well, they called his bluff, right? here kanye is out there saying adidas is never going to drop me, and they certainly did. as for why it took so long, we don't know but there's a lot of layers there. i think they probably said they'll lose over $200 million
10:43 am
in revenue alone just by cutting ties and that's just in the interim. it was a very lucrative deal that they had with kanye. his line of shoes was incredibly successful. but you've seen a lot of companies distance themselves from him, from gap, creative art agency, his hollywood heavyweight agents have now dropped him as of yesterday. so you're seeing all this work that he put in for decades, it's all crumbling around him. you haven't heard him come out and apologize. you haven't heard him come out and say anything. he's choosing to turn to the conservative social media platform parler saying he's going to buy that platform. but again, when it comes to adidas, this is a big moment. and i think that instead of focusing on what took so long for that to happen, they did the right thing cutting ties with him. >> so what's the impact when it comes to kanye, his own sort of financial circumstances? he obviously still has music that's out there on platforms like spotify and apple. do we expect any changes from the music industry?
10:44 am
>> well, look, kanye is an incredibly wealthy person. i believe he's a billionaire, at least he says that he is. so in terms of whether he thinks he's going to be financially impacted, obviously he's going to lose money in the long term here. but it's unclear as to whether or not this is really sort of shaking him at his roots here. when you talk about deplatforming him from music platforms, that's an even bigger, more complicated issue because you have music artists who are former felons, murderers. you have people who have been accused of things. look at r. kelly, look at michael jackson. whether you choose to listen to somebody's music is one thing. things i've read is that, look, spotify, i think that they have a very clear agenda when it comes to if your music is actually perpetuating hate, if your music itself is inciting hate and violence, that is when they draw the line perhaps and pull it.
10:45 am
but potentially everything that's going on with kanye, maybe they will decide to remove his music. i could see kanye going out and creating his own music streaming platform. i think that you have a group of people who are just diehard kanye west fans who are probably going to stick by him, believe it or not, even though it is so shocking, it is so upsetting, it is so controversial what he's done and the anti-defamation league obviously praising these companies for coming out and cutting ties with with him. again, we still haven't heard from kanye. he still hasn't said anything about all of these business deals that are just falling apart in front of him. >> i did wonder if this could end up being a pivotal moment in the fight against hate knowing that kanye is such a powerful cultural sort of icon and then you have such a big brand in adidas. we just put up the statement from the anti-defamation league. they certainly hope this could be a learning moment for the country. >> it is a big moment because for kanye to say adidas can't drop me and then they did,
10:46 am
right? so it does show that your actions and your words, they do have consequences. even if you are one of the most powerful people in the music industry. maybe not for much longer. >> thank you so much, chloe. a pair of warning signs for the economy today as everyone debates whether we're really headed for a recession. consumer confidence is falling and red-hot housing prices just lost a lot of momentum. i want to get to matt egan live from the new york stock exchange. matt, what are these reports telling us about the state of the economy today? >> reporter: these reports show that the economy is stumbling a bit. let's start with consumer confidence, which is basically how people feel about the economy. the conference board said after two straight months of gains, consumer confidence took a hit in october. inflation concerns went up, vacation plans went down. you know, this matters because the better people feel, the more likely they are to spend. and consumer spending is still the biggest driver of this economy. consumers are also feeling a little bit worse about the future.
10:47 am
let me read you a key line from this report. consumer expectations regarding the short-term outlook remained dismal. the expectations index remains below levels associated with recession, suggesting recession risks appear to be rising. now, the housing market is clearly getting hit right now by this 1-2 punch of very high prices and soaring mortgage rates. we learned today that home prices in august went up by 13% year over year. that is a big gain but that is also a big slowdown. we were seeing 20% plus gains earlier this year. the deceleration between july and august is the largest slowdown since they started tracking this in 1987. ana, bottom line, home prices got unsustainably high. they are now succumbing to gravity and this correction is not done just yet. >> a bunch of ceos are in saudi arabia for an investment conference. while some say a recession is likely or coming, the ceo of
10:48 am
jpmorgan chase says that's not even his biggest fear. >> reporter: that's right, jamie dimon was speaking to our colleague, richard quest, and he said, look, there is a chance for recession in the united states but that's what he is not concerned about. he's most worried about the geopolitical situation, the war in ukraine and u.s./china tensions. >> okay. thank you very much, matt egan. we didn't have the sot there. i know that's what you were waiting for. minutes from now, president biden is going to make his case for covid boosters. he's going to get one himself.
10:49 am
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just minutes from now, president biden will receive his latest covid-19 booster live on camera, and it'll kick off a new white house push to get americans to follow suit and get their updated covid shot, specifically the one that best combats the omicron variants. now, this morning president biden's covid coordinator stressed it's just one essential tool you should take advantage of in the face of a triple threat this winter. >> we're seeing the rise of three viruses, circulation of three viruses at increasing levels. rsv, influenza, and covid. the good news here is that we're not powerless against this. for two of them we have very high-quality vaccines, both influenza and covid. so the first and most important thing people can do is go out and get vaccinated because that will keep people, kids, adults, everybody out of the hospital at very high rates. so that is probably the most important thing. >> cnn's jeremy diamond is live at the white house for us. jeremy, cdc data shows uptake
10:54 am
has been very low with this updated booster. how does the administration hope to change that? >> well, it's certainly something they are tracking. it's something they are concerned about. and it's something they are now going to try and change with a series of new efforts, beginning today, by having the president get this new bivalent covid booster vaccine soo which targets the omicron variant, very publicly on camera and also delivering remarks about what the administration is going to be doing to try and increase those numbers. i think we can put the numbers on the screen right now in terms of the percentage of people who've gotten that updated booster, and it is still very low. while 68% of americans are fully vaccinated, less than 10% of the eligible population has actually gotten that updated booster shot. and that's about 20 million americans. the administration does point out that it's about one in five seniors who have gotten that updated booster shot. that's certainly the population that they're most concerned about. but they will be launching a
10:55 am
series of public relations efforts including targeted television ads for the black, hispanic communities as well as rural communities as well. ana? >> okay. again, the president about to get another covid booster. appreciate that update, jeremy. first he allegedly apologized. then he denied doing anything wrong. and now "late show" host james corden admits he was in fact rude to a staffer at new york's well-known balthazar restaurant. >> we sit down, we ordered, and my wife explained that she has a serious food allergy. right? so when everybody's meals came, my wife was given the food that she was allergic to. but she hadn't taken a bite of it or anything. no worries. we sent it back. all was good. as her meal came wrong to the table the third time, in the heat of the moment i made a sarcastic rude comment. right? about cooking it myself. and it is a comment i deeply regret. >> last week the owner of
10:56 am
balthazar accused corden of abusing his staff, calling him a, quote, tiny cretin of a man and banned him from the restaurant. and unclear if that ban still holds. that does it for us. thanks for being here. you can always catch me same time, same place tomorrow. the news continues right after a quick break. upwork the hiring process is fast and flexible. bebehold... all that talent! ♪ this is how we work now ♪ people remember ads with young people having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good mes. insurance! ♪ only pay for what u need. ♪ liberty. liberty. libey. liberty. ♪
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