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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 27, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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♪ hello, everyone. welcome to "cnn newsroom." >> good to be with you. 12 days now until election day and president biden is pushing
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forward to make that closing pitch on the economy next hour. he's expected to sharpen attacks on republicans and their economic plans. the president is celebrating new economic numbers released earlier today. >> great economic report today. the gdp report, things are looking good. >> the key economic reports show the u.s. economy grew in the third quarter after two quarters of decline. >> he was excited about that report. he also acknowledged that more work needs to be done to address inflation. the federal reserve has raised interest rates five times so far this year in attempts to combat inflation. the gdp report tells us we're not in a recession right now, but what more did we learn? >> we learned that the u.s. economy grew at a rate of 2.6%. that was higher than most were expecting. the expectation was 2.3, 2.4%. some of the largest contributors were things like net exports. we americans just didn't buy as
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much things from overseas, from outside of the u.s. that helped on the net exports front. government spending was pretty strong at every level, federal, local, state, every level of government spending was strong. business investment also positive. not for things like structures or buildings, but other things like consumer spending. not for physical things, but services. it's the consumer spending that economists are spending a lot of time looking at today. not necessarily just that headline number, but what's happening with consumer spending because that's two-thirds of u.s. gdp and it continues to show more slowing. so the chief economist of moody's, he put it to me this way, the report showed there's nothing really going on here to indicate that things are really improving at a fundamental level. he said we're basically just going sideways. >> sideways. at least some good news on the gdp. >> yeah, for sure. >> let's look at the mortgage
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rates, 20-year high. >> not good news for anyone looking to buy a home. good news for the fed and i'll get to that. mortgage rates topping 7% for the first time on average in 20 years. since 2002. so this is part of the reason why -- by the way, in the gdp report we saw housing construction really collapsed. this is part of the reason why, because mortgage rates continue to go up. remember earlier this year, the average 30-year was closer to 3%. this time last year, it was closer to 2.7%. so the fed has said, jay powell has said several times now, he wants more balance. the supply and demand of homes right now. so this is part of the plan, right? the mortgage rates are going up because of the fed. this is part of their plan. but prices are still higher. it's not happening soon enough. >> he did warn to expect pain for consumers, especially those who are looking to buy a house and they're seeing it with these rates. thank you. >> thank you. new developments in the
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arizona race for governor. police have made an arrest in the burglary. earlier this week katie hobbs is the democratic nominee for governor, it's not clear what's been taken. >> the campaign is blaming dangerous information and rhetoric for the break-in, but kari lake is casting serious doubt that the crime has anything to do with the election, accusing hobbs of desperation for trying to link the burglary to politics. kyung lah joins us with the latest. this arrest just happened. tell us about it. >> reporter: just a short time ago, the police department announced that they made an arrest. the hobbs campaign confirms to cnn that it is in relation to the burglary of their campaign headquarters. we don't know much more than that. phoenix police telling us that there will be more information released later today.
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what we already know, victor, is what you've been talking about, this hostility and this heat between these two campaigns and the final 12 days of this race for arizona's governor has certainly continued. the hobbs campaign released this statement saying, quote, secretary hobbs and her staff have faced hundreds of death threats and threats of violence over the course of this campaign. the threats against arizonians attempting to exercise their constitutional rights and attacks on officials are the result of a concerted campaign of lies and intimidation. this iss pointing the finger at kari lake. and lake last night responded to that statement. take a listen. >> that is absolutely absurd. are you guys buying that? are you really buying that? this sounds like a jussie smollett part ii.
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i can't believe she would blame me for something like that. i don't know where her campaign office is. i'm assuming it's in a basement somewhere because that's where she's been campaigning. >> that reference to jussie smollett is lake questioning whether this burglary even happened. victor, bianna. >> thank you. there's also a new twist in the critical u.s. senate race in georgia. staunch abortion opponent herschel walker is facing a second allegation now that he paid for an abortion years ago. >> the unnamed woman says she was walker's mistress when he was in the nfl. >> i went to a clinic in dallas but i simply couldn't go through with it. i left the clinic in tears. he was upset and said that he was going to go back to the clinic the next day for me to have the abortion. he then drove me to the clinic
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the following day and waited for hours in the parking lot until i came out. >> we're in monroe, georgia, where herschel walker is holding a campaign event. what is he saying today about this latest allegation? >> reporter: we've been herschel walker all day on the campaign trail and he hasn't addressed this. we asked his supporters about this allegation. one woman saying she's not concerned as abortion as an issue. even if it is true, she believes that walker has been redeemed and a christian. meanwhile, another man told us that he believes it's all lies and that democrats will do anything to capture this senate seat. perhaps this is why walker is not talking about this because there seems to be no real urgency among his supportsers t address this. lindsey graham taking a defiant tone earlier today. take a listen. >> so come at me because let me
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tell you, they come after me today, they're going to come after you tomorrow. they can't take me down because i'm a bad man. i can tell you that right now. god prepared me for this moment right here and i'm ready to go. >> if your sick and tired of the way conservatives are being treated, you got a chance to end it here in georgia. >> so walker expected to take the stage here in just a little bit. he'll be joined by texas senator ted cruz. walker's opponent, raphael warnock, he's going to be joined on the campaign trail tomorrow by president barack obama and a host of other democrats. >> thank you. cnn has learned that millions of federal dollars meant for election security has not been spent. this is money allocated for lighting and increased security at polling sites and offices. it's not been claimed. one clerk in wisconsin said security at his office is a joke at a time when election officials are facing an
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unprecedented amount of threats. >> this is really troublesome. in new york city, the nypd is advising elevated vigilance days before voting starts in the city. one bulletin warns of a threat environment but said there are no credible threats to polling sites, candidates or poll workers in the city. let's discuss now with counterterrorism adviser olivia troy and adrian elrod. the millions of dollars still on the table when there is this -- as we know from a top dhs official -- incredibly high threat environment. how is this possible that the money doesn't get to the places to protect the people who are doing the work that we need them to do. >> it could be a number of things. i mean, one bureaucracy, unfortunately, this is where the government, unfortunately, lags in its response to things and
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we've certainty -- there have been many of us who have been advocating for poll workers and saying this is going to be a problem. and here we are getting these reports where people are saying we don't have the security that we need. i think that's part of it. i think another part of it is what has dhs done to get the information out to get the applications in for these funds? have they been out there saying, hey, this is available, have they been sending people out to say what can we do to help you? these are fair questions right now. we're 12 days out and looking at a situation where these election officials are going to be fending for themselves, and that's where i think americans are going to have to come forward and stand by them and see whatever -- see what we can do to help them. >> adrian, the president will be out there campaigning, making his final push on his legislative wins ahead of the midterms and focusing on the economy. it's interesting because just a few months ago, you had democrats really touting him as a modern day fdr, lbj, pushing
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all of this legislation through and now many are pushing away from some of this legislation because republicans have effectively in many ways viewed this as an entryway to inflation and how we got here. what can the president and what can democrats do to turn that messaging around right now? >> yeah, i think it is a mistake that a lot of democratic candidates on the campaign trail are not talking about some of the accomplishments as you laid out, historic accomplishments by president biden, four major bills, two of those bipartisan, you know, those bills do everything from lower the prescription drug costs for american families to create clean energy jobs. so why candidates are sort of backing away from this, i mean, i guess to an extent they think some of these bills affect inflation, that's one thing, but they don't. i think it's incumbent upon democrats, anybody who is running for office, this cycle, anyone who has a platform, to talk about these accomplishments. again, when president biden ran
11:12 am
for office and won, he said that he wants to, you know -- he made all of these promises and he's kept those promises. i think it's incumbent on candidates to talk about these things, but i also think the president is being very smart right now by helping the overall cycle of democrats to close on the economy. there was a great piece on where they talked about the record unemployment rate under his tenure creating 700,000 manufacturing jobs, over 10 million jobs that he's created. he's closing on the economy because he understands that that is still the issue that is going to ultimately be the driving force of this election cycle. >> just to let everyone know what you're watching right now, on the right side of your screen, president biden has just arrived in syracuse. he is in the state of new york to deliver remarks, another economic message. he will be speaking next hour. you see him there with senator
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chuck schumer, of course, the majority leader there in the senate, and new york governor kathy hochul who is in a tighter than expected race with congressman lee zeldin for new york governor. their debate focused on crime. olivia, let me come back to you. this break-in at the katie hobbs headquarters in arizona, she called out specifically kari lake and her rhetoric. there's no evidence that there was a lake supporter involved. there's been an arrest. we'll see where that goes. do you think there's a degree of culpability because of the rhetoric that lake has used on the campaign trail? >> i think we're waiting to see. i know there was an arrest and we're waiting for more information on that. but i can see where the secretary is coming from. she's facing threats for almost two years now, directly. it's been an ongoing barrage of harassment for these individuals
11:14 am
and so i can see the -- saying that kari lake has played a role in this. she certainly he has. he's she's one of the worst of the worst. kari lake was blowing it off and making assumptions and making statements that would lead people to believe that perhaps this didn't happen. i think that undermines local law enforcement as well who responded. if i were a voter i would be looking at that and being like, is that the way to respond to a serious incident like this. >> olivia calls lake one of the worst of the worst. the president has labeled candidates like lake as mega maga republicans. can you explain how that's a bumper sticker strategy going into the election? >> the president has the ultimate bully pulpit. i think it's incumbent upon him to call these people out when they -- when they are election deniers, when they are inciting
11:15 am
violence and making it clear that if they're not the ones who actually win these elections, that they're going to -- you know, be -- denying their own elections. i think it's important that he call these people out. because, again, there's a big difference between being a conservative republican and being a republican or a maga extremist who is an election denier. there are quite a few election deniers on the ballot this cycle. i think he's calling it what it is. i think he's laying groundwork for what we are going to expect. arizona being ground zero for -- violence is happening there. we've got the proud boys who are out in some of these states monitoring absentee ballot boxes with guns, threatening people who are trying to vote. we've only seen the beginning of this. and i think it's important that the president is making it clear that there are people running for office who are not going to accept the election results if they're not in their favor. >> let me stay with you, adrian. you have worked on congressional
11:16 am
and national campaigns in communications director positions and other positions as well. we heard from john fetterman after that performance at the senate debate in pennsylvania. he says it was tough. should he now release more medical records after what was a halting performance, to put it generously. >> yeah, you know, look, we are less than two weeks away from the election. i think he probably should have released some of his medical records before he -- before the debate. but at this point, it's up to the voters to decide. i think it's going to be a very close race. and i give him -- >> it's always up to the voters to decide. and to give them more information helps them make that decision. you've got 12 days and he likely needs those undecided voters. why not give them more information to help them decide? >> look, i think transparency is
11:17 am
key in every election. i think every candidate should be releasing their moderates no matter what the circumstances are. so i think transparency is important. but i also think at this point, there are not that many undecided voters left. i think the fetterman campaign is one of the smartest campaigns being run this cycle. so i'm going to put the trust and the faith in the leadership of that campaign including the candidate himself that they're making the best decision with the information they have and where they are currently in this campaign. >> all right. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. tense moments at a hearing on the response to the uvalde shooting. members of that community direct questions and calls for resignation towards texas department of public safety's top official. here's some of the heated exchanges ahead. cnn gains exclusive access to one station destroyed by russian attacks. we'll take you there straight ahead. ♪
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families in uvalde, texas, are once again outraged and searching for answers. they were expecting an update today on the failed police response to the robb elementary school massacre, but it never came. the top law enforcement official in texas spoke as part of today's texas public safety commission meeting agenda. the colonel made no comment on the report, heartbroken community members spoke out and demanded his resignation. >> you, sir, have told lies. you're not in control of your office, nor are you the leader that this great state deserves as what was once known as one of the best law enforcement
11:23 am
agencies. you have disgraced the state, your position and the people, the office is still under your supervision. with new information dropping, we know there are will be others culpable. the time is now. if you're a man of your word, you'll resign. we're not waiting any longer. our state has waited long enough. and playing politics will only put the lives of more texans at risk. >> he admitted that mistakes were made but he defended his agency's response to the shooting. >> the families failed the school or failed the community of uvalde, then, absolutely, i need to go. i can tell you this right now, it's an institution, okay, right now it did not fail the community, plain and simple. >> shimon prokupecz is in
11:24 am
austin, texas. what were the families expecting today and what did they get? >> reporter: well, they were expecting some kind of briefing. i spoke to one of the family representatives who tell me that they were expecting a high-level briefing. they were told they were going to get information that they need, they want, stuff that relates to the internal investigation that the department of public safety has been conducting, the inspector general has been conducting in terms of what these officers were supposed to do and didn't do. that just didn't happen. not only that, they really got no information. what you had was a situation where for months now, we're five months into this, you have the director here of this agency coming in, talking about it, but sort of laying blame elsewhere. and laying blame on other parts of what happened that day. from the fact that locks weren't working, the fact that the local police didn't respond the way they were supposed to, all the time this is what we're getting
11:25 am
from the director and nothing, nothing today from him to indicate what his agency did wrong. we know from our reporting that there are several instances of diplomacy officials who should have done more and wound up getting fired. all these questions still out there and as you can imagine, family members were very unhappy. they certainly expected more. we spoke to one of the family members, he's been very clearly outspoken demanding resignations. here's his reaction to what happened today. >> the most difficult thing is not being able to just be there at home grieving because these institutions are not doing their job so we're having to do it for them. us and the media, we're having to view the tape because they won't do anything and the only time that they start doing anything is when it gets dropped and leaked.
11:26 am
as infuriating as that is that we have to keep reliving it and going through it and everything, that's the only way that these people are being held accountable. >> that's the thing here, victor. so many of these families have to relive this because they're told, come to these meetings, speak at these meetings. it's cruel. it's cruel what's going onto them. and so so much of this, so much of the pain you can see there from these families, it's going to continue. a lot of them still demanding answers. they're not going to stop. they're going to keep coming to the meetings until they get the accountability they want. >> they've been stonewalled now for so many months throughout all of this. you're right, it's hard to describe it as anything but cruel. thank you. joining us now for more is senior law enforcement analyst and former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. charles, thank you so much for joining us. yet another disappointing day for families and community members there in uvalde. this was the first public update
11:27 am
from the dps since mid-july. they were expecting to give an update on this investigation. nothing was delivered. what do you make of that? >> well, i mean, it certainty doesn't sound like any update took place at all and the whole community of uvalde deserve a lot more than what they've been given so far. and the officials in texas need to really think about where they are, what they're doing. right now, this is just ridiculous and it's an embarrassment, not only to texas, but really to law enforcement around the country to see what's going on in uvalde. >> why is this taking so long? i mean, shimon reminded us it's been five months. is it reasonable to expect that an investigation that involved hundreds of members of law enforcement would take five months? >> well, i mean an investigation could take five months. you want it to be thorough and complete. but at the same time don't promise to give updates if, in
11:28 am
fact, you're not going to provide any kind of updates. they should do things as quickly as possible. personally, i think that someone outside of texas ought to be doing the analysis of what took place. i've simply gotten to the point where i don't trust the authorities in texas and i doubt if the people in uvalde will trust whatever the results are. it's gotten that bad. but it could take, you know, five months or so as long as it's thorough and complete. in the meantime, it's like they keep stringing people along and that's just not right. >> these were the same people, the same officers who were quick to come out in the hours after that attack and take credit for their actions, their heroic actions. we learned that much of that was not true subsequently. so maybe a does indeed take this long. but to not give families any information throughout all of this time and for the families to be learning of any developments largely from our reporting and shimon's great reporting there and other reporting, i don't think
11:29 am
something should lose their job at this point? should colonel mcgraw lose his job? >> that's going to be up to the governor ultimately, but i can say this, you know, people have to have confidence in your ability to lead. and that's been shaken. now i know certainly it's been shaken in uvalde. whether or not that extends to texas as a whole, i don't know. but i would think that it would give people, you know, pause to think that this is the individual who is leading dps and should a similar situation occu occur, you know, will they get the same results. accountability is something that's very important to have and right now, you know, i just don't think you can trust what's going on within dps right now and that just should not be -- he's still in denial saying there was no failure. 21 people killed. they didn't all die in the first couple of minutes like is normally the case in an active shooter situation.
11:30 am
77 minutes standing around, if that's not failure, noni don't w how they define failure in texas, that doesn't fall within anything i've heard to be anything other than failure. >> these faces. the victims of that shooting. it's been five months and still not enough answers for their families or for the entire community. chief ramsey, always good to have you, thank you, sir. russian president vladimir putin blames the u.s. and other western countries of playing what he calls a dangerous, bloody and dirty game and cnn gets exclusive access to a power plant destroyed d by russian strikes. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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today russian president vladimir putin says the world is facing the most dangerous decade since world war ii. >> translator: we never intentionally said anything about the possibility of using nuclear weapons by russia. we only responded with hints to western leaders' statements. >> he was speaking at a think tank and putin denied that russia was planning to use nuclear weapons against ukraine and accused the west of engaging in what he calls nuclear blackmail against russia. cnn got an inside look at a
11:36 am
power plant targeted by russian forces. workers trying to make repairs are constantly interrupted by air raid sirens. >> we're not identifying the plant's location for safety reasons. but cnn's nic robertson walks us through all of that damage. >> reporter: this is where power plant officials say one of two drones slammed into the ground, it was the same day the plant was hit by a cruise missile as well. the drone got tangled up in the high voltage cables up here, ripping equipment apart, all on the ground here, all around burnt-out cables and over here, burnt-out equipment and this part of the site was the most sensitive part, the place that's the easiest to take the whole system down. the plant now completely offline. and some of this equipment here is very hard to replace. some of it is not even made anymore. what they're saying they're
11:37 am
doing is turning to other power plants across the country to find items. repair work is going on all the time. but for many of the engineers here, part of their days are spent underground in bunkers. you still get a lot of air raid siren letters. this is still a target and they're worried about it. already some of the easier to repair parts of the plant have been put back together. new concrete columns here, a cruise missile landed right here taking them out. but it raises the big question for the government now, can they repair at a faster rate than russia is destroying? 30 to 40% of the country's electricity-generating capacity is down. the public have been told to expect blackouts. they've been told to keep their phones and power banks charged. not to use high-energy appliances in their homes, particularly during peak hours in the evening.
11:38 am
it is a really problem facing the government. a real pressure point that president putin is putting on them right now. nic robertson, cnn, at a power-generating plant in ukraine. >> you see a third of the country's power is out. it's getting colder in ukraine right now and the concern is that for civilians there, there's going to be more of these attacks and how will they survive through the winter months? >> officials in kyiv say the strategy is to avoid a complete blackout. and we'll talk about that coming up next hour. 12 days out from the vote count, both parties are targeting latino voters. this is a critical voting bloc, but it shifted towards republicans in 2020. we'll talk about what democrats are doing to win back support. that's next.
11:39 am
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short time ago in phoenix, police announced they arrested someone in connection to a break-in and burglary at the campaign office of katie hobbs, the democratic party nominee for governor of arizona. still no word about what was stolen in that break-in or the identity of the suspect. also in arizona, a prodemocracy organization filed federal lawsuits this week against groups and individuals accused of trying to intimidate early voters at ballot drop boxes, sometimes with guns. joining us is arizona democratic congressman.
11:44 am
good to have you back on the show. let's start here with this break-in of katie hobbs' campaign headquarters and her calling out kari lake. she said kari lake and her allies have been inciting threats against anyone they see fit. the investigation is just starting. you think that's appropriate to draw that connection to lake? >> well, i don't think katie is just talking about this particular instance. we'll hear -- we'll hear what happened. look, we have armed men standing at drop boxes stalking people with cameras, videotaping them as they get into their cars and driving -- writing down driver's license. this is all coming from the rhetoric of kari lake and mark finchem, trying to continue this lie that in 2020, the election was stolen, right? this increased rhetoric, this increased potential violence is being caused by those two
11:45 am
candidates in particular because they're just stoking their own base with these -- with these lies. and, you know, they're responsible for this. >> so you're saying they're responsible for the environment or they're responsible for what their supporters go and do if there's a connection -- >> it's not a bunch of democrats sitting outside of a drop box with masks and weapons and, you know, staring at people as they put their ballots down. it's caused by election denialists who are trying to suck up to donald trump. >> we'll say let's wait for the investigation and see what police learn about the motive of this person -- >> i'm talking about the environment in general. specifically, the fact that there's voter intimidation happening right now. >> let's talk about these people sitting by these drop boxes. the arizona chapter of the league of women voters, they've filed this lawsuit claiming intimidation of voters. in arizona, depending upon the
11:46 am
distance, here's some video of two of the people who sit out there, this is not breaking state law, however, attorney general merrick garland says voters will not be intimidated. what should the doj be doing about this now? >> we should be investing to see how is this organized, who is behind this? are they dangerous? election observers are a very common thing, why do you feel you have to show up in tactical gear? you have your face covered. they cover up their driver's license plates but yet feel comfortable walking up to people and taking pictures of them and their vehicles as they're dropping off -- as they're dropping off their ballots. we should make sure they're not dangerous. what is the organization that is supporting them? and, you know, is this going to spiral out of control. at what point does a family feel like they can't go drop off their votes when they feel they may be a threat of violence.
11:47 am
what does that mean for election day? it may be not illegal, but it certainly is against the spirit of democracy to have people with weapons at the polling place when we're trying to vote, especially just two years after an insurrection. >> let me ask you about what i talked about before in the break. the aggressive push for latino voters. every two years, every cycle, these parties talk about having to bring in minority voters, happens with black voters too. what is the democratic party doing now? what should it be doing after we saw a large portion of latino voters shift toward republicans in 2020? >> well, number one, not a large portion, by the way. the reason -- >> that's significant. i'll say significant portion. >> it's because latinos came out and voted for him in overwhelming numbers. i think the narrative keeps moving from what actually happened where they -- the republicans did gain a little to
11:48 am
somehow its a large portion. that's just not the case. in certain areas, that's the case. not across the country. number two, what we're doing right now, what we have been doing -- hoping we should have been doing in the past is that early contact with latino voters, talking to him about the issues that matter to them, this is the first time i actually have seen very strong investment by the democratic party, a very strong investment by individual candidates and it was early. it was not waiting until the last two weeks of the campaign. that's extremely important. it's a hard year because of the economic environment and we're going to have to work extra hard to make sure we keep the margmargins that we have consistently had in the past. it's going to be decided by latinos. if we keep our margins where we usually do in the 64% range, we're going to win a lot of these races. when we fall below that, that's when we lose. it's not shifting towards republicans, that's some campaign rhetoric that continues being amplified incorrectly.
11:49 am
>> depends on the direct or the state, though. we have seen significant shifts. i will admit that maybe overstating large shifts but we have seen some significant shifts. congressman, thank you. >> thank you. several people who were once closed to kanye west say he's long been fascinated by adolf hitler. cnn's exclusive new reporting up next. ♪ what will you change? ♪ will you make something better? ♪ will you create something entirelyly new? ♪ our dell technologies advisors provide you with the tools and expertise you need to do incredible things. because we believe there's an innovator in all of us. and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and
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the artist now known as ye, formerly kanye west showed up at the los angeles offices of skechers yesterday and was promptly escorted out by two exec executives. he showed up unannounced and uninvited and with video cameras to engage in unauthorized film s filming. >> in a statement, they say they
11:54 am
have no intention of suing or working with west. they do not tolerate anti-semitism or other form of and there are allegations that he created a hostile work environment. chloe melas is here with the exclusive details and i don't know what's more disturbing, this fascination with hitler or how many people actually knew about it for a great deal of time. >> reporter: so, you know, there's two different parts here to this exclusive story that we just put out on cnn. so i'll start with the album which a lot of people are talking about, especially on social media in the last hour. so in 2018, kanye released an album called "ye," and four high-level individuals who worked on that album, who were part of kanye's team told me that kanye wanted adamantly to name it "hitler," and that there was a lot of contention in his camp that this is not a good
11:55 am
idea. this is career suicide. you can't do this, and that it took a lot of convincing up into the hours right before the album came out, you know, he still had not decided on a title and reluctantly according to these four sources picked ye. cnn, we reached out to def jam who put out this album along with kanye's good music label and they declined to comment, but, you know, it's incredibly shocking, but it also supports a lot of what, you know, van lathan recently said about being at tmz when kanye showed up in 2018 and said that slavery is choice, and that edited remarks were taken out of kanye praising hitler and allegedly saying, you know, i love hitler and look at all the good that he did, and we spoke to somebody who was in that room, part of kanye's entourage at the time who was at tmz who backs up what van said and said it's true. we don't know why tmz cut that
11:56 am
out. we've reached out for comment and they haven't said anything. >> how is this fascination with hitler that so many people knew that you have got four sources on it, but it wasn't public, that they kept this quiet, they kept it under wraps for so long? >> you know, look. there are confidentiality agreements that these high level executives signed. many of them breaching those to speak us to anonymously and they're speaking to us anonymously for fear of retribution. one of those executives had a settlement that cnn obtained and one of the parts in there had to do with a toxic work environment, harassment, and that kanye would often praise hitler and brag and talk about reading hitler's autobiography and this was a very common thing in the workplace. it was probably confidentiality agreements. >> we may hear from others who knew about it as well. chloe, thank you for your reporting. >> thank you. president trump spotted heading inside a washington, d.c. federal court today. this is part of a battle with the justice department in a secret dispute stemming from the
11:57 am
mar-a-lago search. we've got more details for you ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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