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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 28, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the passengers and will comply with the investigation by civil aviation authorities in paraguay. of course they will look into why the pilots made this call. there is some conjecture out that said they didn't want to deal with emptying the airplane out in brazil and running up against their duty time, how much time they could stay on the clock. it is an interesting investigation about why the passengers were put through such a horrible experience. >> it is such an interesting point that you make there, pete, given the information that is available. always appreciate it. thank you. top of the hour here on cnn. i'm erica hill. the breaking news we are following this morning. paul pelosi, the husband of nancy pelosi, hospitalized at this hour after being attacked with a hammer at the couple's home in san francisco overnight. we do have our correspondents and naums standing by. i want to begin with manu raju. we're hearing from the speaker's office about this incident.
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what more do we know about the attack? >> reporter: we're still learning more about the stunning attack. she was not there at time but her husband, paul pelosi, who was 82 years old was at the time. and what wae're learning is an assail aent broke into the couple's home and attacked paul pelosi with a hammer. the speaker's office put out a statement of what they believe has happened. they said early this morning an assailant broke into the pelosi resident in san francisco and violently assaulted mr. pelosi. the assailant is in custody and the motivation is under investigation. mr. pelosi was taken to the hospital where he is receiving excellent medical care and the speaker was not in san francisco at the time. we have learned that the speaker was in d.c. at the time. she's been traveling across the country raising money, appearing in campaign stops as we head
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into the critical midterm elections. sometimes paul pelosi travels with her and oftentimes he does not. he has his own company, a financial leasing services company. he's 82 years old. he was in the news recently, was pleading guilty to driving under the influence in august. but this comes also as threats of political violence and actual political violence have been playing out in all across the country as we head into the midterm elections. fears over election worker safety alike. we don't know the motivation of what exactly why this assailant broke into the pelosi home. whether it was politically motivated or not. that is still under investigation. we'll learn more and report that when we learn more about it. but a staggering and scary moment at the pelosi home as the speaker's husband attacked by a hammer. >> we'll continue to stay in touch as you have the developments. also joining me now, law enforcement and intelligence
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analyst jon miller and former d.c. metropolitan police officer michael fanone. good to see you both. if we look at what we don't know. but there is a suspect in custody. this is what was referred to as a violently assaulted according to the statement from the speaker as office and learned from law enforcement that a hammer was used. as your putting these pieces together. what are the first questions you're asking? >> what we're see right now is you have a 32-year-old man in custody. he comes into the home after 2:00 a.m. with a hammer. and attacks the residents there who happens to be mr. pelosi. so you start off your questions with where was he taken into custody? was he taken into custody in the home, at which point identification becomes much stronger. or based on the description outside of the home in the area picked up by police. we don't know that yet. what statements did he make
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before or during this attack. or after it to police. are they politically statements, irrational statements or was he there for something else. this is -- this is a day after we did extensive reporting on a threat assessment based on the political climate. we still don't know if this has anything to do with that. but the speaker of the house is an enormously powerful official in the scope of the u.s. government in the line of succession and receives 24 hour protection from the capitol police when she travels to places like new york, she sees additional protection from the nypd and the same in san francisco. but family members, as we see here, could be vulnerable. so there is a lot to ask still. >> and in terms of security, i'm curious, your time there in washington, to see we've talked over the last couple of years about how the different law enforcement agencies within the district work together and how specifically that come news play
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when it is about security for a lawmaker. it was john was pointing out, the family is a little bit different. would paul pelosi have had extra security, especially if he was in home california versus being in washington, d.c. with the speaker? >> it is doubtful. u.s. capitol police i think is wholly unprepared, understaffed to take on the rise in substantiated threats against members of congress. i think they're simply understaffed. >> so if they're simply understaffed and we look at the rise that we have seen in rhetoric, the rise in threats and again it is important to point out as both manu and john have said, we don't know the motivation for this attack. we don't know if there is
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anything political behind it but we can't ignore the warnings from nypd in new york city and across the country about violent rhetoric. and michael fanone, you know better than anyone what that could translate to when you look at what we do know, what is your major concern this morning? >> my major concern is that the rhetoric that inspired the attack on the capitol and the rhetoric that continues to inspire individuals to commit acts of violence for political reasons continues, unchecked. and unfortunately it seems as though our appetite for the inspiration of january 6 has waned. it hasn't been a major part of the conversation going into the midterms. and those responsible have yet to be held accountable. and that being said, i know that from the many members of congress that i speak to, just
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like myself, have had to seek private contractors to provide security. them because u.s. capitol police is unequipped and me, because i have no other alternative. but for those of us that t continue to speak out against donald trump, those threats are an every day reality. >> when we look at how this is going to come together, in terms of the capitol police, and whitney wild was reported they have a number of field offices and there is a field office in san francisco. how close -- how quickly does, for example, the sfpd and capitol police in that field office or fbi, who was involved, how quickly are they working together. >> that is all happen right now. and i mean, this is -- the game-changer here is there is a suspect in custody. that speeds this up enormously, which is -- and we're doing the same thing right now. we're looking at his name and his background, looking at his
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social media. because that is going to tell us potentially a little bit. but the fbi will come into this right away. is this an act of terrorism? who is this guy? what is his back ground? they have jurisdiction for assault on government officials or the family member of a government official if that is meant to intimidate a government official. the capitol police is primary for the protection of nancy pelosi, for threats against members of congress. they'll be in there right now assessing what does this attack mean. who is this guy, where is he from, was it politically motivated? >> was the pelosi the intended target. >> does that radiate that out to other members of congress. so it is beginning to churn as they start to dig into the background of the offenders and any staples he made and primary here, because as we say in the
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police business, they have the collar, is the san francisco police department. this is their arrest. it could be superceded federally but those state charges are what they could hold this individual on. and they are probably the first people other than the victim, mr. pelosi, to have spoken to this individual. and what he said in those statement is key. >> appreciate it. th thank you, all. also with us this morning. cnn commentator s.e. cupp and nia malik henderson. i know we planned to talk midterms and we'll dou that. and think it is important to just take a beat on what ware learning this morning. nia, you brought up earlier those disturbing comments from senator collins, not too long ago to "the new york times" over her concerns about violent rhetoric. i do want to stress we do not
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know the motivation or that the pelosi home or paul pelosi were targeted here. but you can't help but think about the rise in violence and the rise in rhetoric and very real concerns we've heard about now for months if not years. >> i think that is right. listen, america is a country that has in some ways been steeped in political violence. we've seen assassinations of presidents, assassinations of people running for president. we've seen attempted assassinations and assassinations of political leaders and activists as well. so that is in this country's history. i think we're seeing a bit of that now. we've heard from lawmakers about their fear for their own safety and security in their need to ramp up the people around them, the bodyguards and safety and security around them because they're getting these threats. whether their on twitter or a dm or a phone call into the office. so that is the environment we
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live in and we have leaders who use violent language, violent rhetoric, either obliquely or directly in talking about a politics in their opponents and so, listen, we don't know what happened here. but we do know where we are in this country. we saw what happened on january 6 and we can hear the fears from political leaders in some of the violent rhetoric from them as well. >> we could see those posts on a daily basis on social media as you pointed out. s.e., as i hear the word twitter coming out of mia malika's mouth, what could change now that elon musk is in control of twitter. there has been a major push for people to get back on who have been banned including the former president. and what potentially that could mean in terms of more heated rhetoric online. >> yeah, twitter is a big platform for this kind of
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rhetoric. and you could say it is just talk. but it is not always just talk. it is a dangerous time to be a lawmaker, to be an election workers, to be a journalist. i did a story a year ago in covid that it was very dangerous for public health and safety administrators, really low level rank and file public servants who were enforcing things like mask mandates. they were being targeted with violent rhetoric and violence. this is not a third world country. it shouldn't be dangerous to be any of those things. a journalist, a lawmaker. and yet here we are. and i think to pretend that words done have a direct implication and chasing conspiracy theories and really sort of out there whacky ideas and platforming anti-semitism and right-wing extremism is unrelated or doesn't have real
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consequences. it can and it does. >> s.e., stick with me an owe the twitter question because there is also a question about whether -- if donald trump is back before the midterms, how much of an impact do you think he could potentially have if he is out there posting on twitter again? >> listen, it is a mitched bag. he hasn't needed twitter to platform his ideas. and to get folks to a rally for him. and to maintain a strongholdover the gop. twitter reaches more, you know, more bots and more fringe elements, i guess. but he hasn't really needed it. so, i'm not sure it will have as big an actual impact as it will sort of like a, you know, a false victory for him and maga movement and sort of a hooray moment for him and musk.
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i don't really know, though. >> looking at where we sit right now, some interesting hot mic moments. senator schumer caught talking about the races, the senate races in georgia and pennsylvania saying he was a little surprised at how things are going in georgia and how well herschel walker is doing. which left me scratching my head a little bit. it is surprising that he's this surprised based on what we've been watching the last self months. >> thank god for hot mics. i love this unvarnished political analysis from schumer. listen, we always knew that georgia was going to be close. i think some democrats thought that some of the revelations, allegations that have come out about herschel walker including very recently would be damaging and permanently damaging to him. and you see him essentially hanging in there. the calvary has come in and he's gotten a lot of republicans to rally around him. and i think democrats think at this point that it will go to a
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runoff which means we won't find out who will win this seat and possibly the senate overall until december. but, listen, we all know polls to the extent that we believe any the polls, they tighten as races get down to the wire. as people make up their minds. probably 90% to 95% of people have made up their minds already. made up their minds a year ago, two years ago, three years ago because they are republicans or that is how they vote. now you have the swing and independent voters, 5% to 10% of the electorate making up their mind on how they feel about the different candidates. >> we'll see if the big guns, the big names that each side is polling out in the final few days. unfortunately we're out of time. but always good to see you both, appreciate your insight. thank you. just ahead here, elon musk's take over of twitter.
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some big questions about what this means. the richest man in the world, what does he have in store for the company especially on the heels of cryptic tweets this morning like let the good times roll. and later, an update on the 8-year-old getting ever closer to being the youngest to climb el capitan alongside his dad. look at that face. he's so much braver than me. we're hoping to check in with them live this morning as they near the summit. you did not want to miss this. >> we're definitely past the half way point on el capitan. still have a long way to go. but the adventure awaits. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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brady and giselle bundchen plan to file for divorce today. that is a according to a source. they will petition for a dissolution of marriage in florida. elon musk is in charge of twitter. one of the most influential in the world, musk fired several top executives yesterday and this morning he's perhaps previewing some changes that could come with this cryptic tweet among others. let the good times roll. concert, i don't know. christine romans joining us now. maybe a concert for employees would be a great way to get equity with them. >> he's cleaning house and he is in charge. he was at twitter headquarters yesterday, hanging around one of the coffee bars talking to people there. so he is now the boss. and hi twitter profile called
7:22 am
himself the chief twit of twitter. a lot of people say that he way overpaid for twitter and he sent this note to advertisers, saying he didn't do this for the money because he believes in humanity. and that he wants to try to provide a place where there could be free and fair discourse, that you don't have people just on the right and the left in their own echo chambers. so he's taking over this important platform here. and the question is that he's been against permanent banning before. is he going to let donald trump back on the site. would he let people like conspiracy theorist and provauk tor alex jones on the website. he said when he would buy it for $44 billion and spent months trying not to buy it. so this is been really one of the strangest takeovers i have ever covered and now the company is in private hands. it is not publicly traded any more. it belongs to elon musk.
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erica. >> and we wait to see what the real meaning is behind the cryptic tweets. thank you. >> nice to see you. still to come here at cnn, on the front lines. wee take you there to the fighting in a key region of ukraine, as ukrainian forces say the russians are sending a new wave to kherson in an attempt to hold on to that key city. listen...the sizzling, the chopopping, the spatulas. i i can hear it too. me too! actually, it's the... hello? cheesesteak? ...grill. grilled right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thing. a sub above. vicks vapostick. strong soothing... vapors. help comfort your loved ones. for chest, neck, and back. it gs on clear. no mess. just soothing comfort.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news in the violent attack on nancy pelosi's husband paul inside of their san francisco home. cnn's whitney wild is with us now. you have new details about where the suspect reportedlieny enter that home in san francisco. >> multiple sources are saying that the suspect entered through the back of the home making this a little bit easier for police to investigate. is the fact that our sources say that capitol police very likely has video of this incident. we're getting the first details from the san francisco police department, that was the initial response saying -- responding police department and here is what they say. aproximately 2:27 san francisco police officer responded to the area where their home was and it is during that incident that an 82-year-old male victim was attacked. they do not say that it was paul pelosi. but again our sources saying that it was paul pelosi. further the speaker's office is
7:29 am
putting out a statement about the attack. a few hours ago, we're continuing to collect more details, erica. but right now i think the main details are the suspect came in through the back of the home and further there is video of this i incident. >> which is important going forward. thank you. this morning's ukraine's military said russia has sent up to a thousand mobilized personnel to the west bank of dnipro river to defend kherson. the region has become a focal point in this war after weeks of steady gains by ukrainian fighters raise the possibility of retaking the capital. fred pleitgen visited the front lines and look at how troops are now leading the charge into russian-controlled territory. >> reporter: hi, there, erica. some of the toughest fighting is in the area toward kherson. an the ukrainians want to take that city back before the end of
7:30 am
the year. we were on the front lines in the trenches with ukrainian troops there and they say right now the going there is extremely tough. across these fields are the russians. that means we need to get into the trenches that snake through this battle space in southern ukraine. >> so this is the actual front line between the russians and the ukrainians. they say that the russians are only a couple of kilometers in that direction and obviously there is a lot of shelling that goes on here almost all of the time. sfl >> reporter: a destroyed tank shows just how fierce the fighting is here. spent cartridges from bombs and flack vests still lying around. while some thought the ukrainians might oust the russians an take back kherson, in the trench, a feeling of stalemate. >> translator: there is shelling every day. in some places less and some more. we would shoot back but we have
7:31 am
nothing to shoot with here. >> reporter: inside of the main headquarters, the commander shows me the gear they use to monitor the russian's movements and communicate with their own units. he said they've observed the russians strengthening defensive positions here. >> translator: they have dug in very well but we are showing them that we are stronger and slowly pushing them back from our territories. >> reporter: this territory was all russian controlled but now ukrainian troops are inching ever closer to kherson. having taken out much russian supply routes across the dnipro river, they say moscow forces need to get out of this region or risk being bess eenled. >> they are not ready to go out of kherson. but they know that it will be -- if we will have success, they
7:32 am
will not have possibility to exit. >> reporter: ukraine's military is pushing russian troops back on several front lines across the country and as his army displaced clear signs of weakness, vladimir putin ripping into the u.s. and allies during a speech in moscow. >> world domination is what so the so-called west bet its game on but that is game is a dangerous and bloody and i would say filthy one. >> reporter: but the ukrainian troops in the trenches say they are resisting for their own country's sovereignty and hope to retake much of the key area in south ukraine before winter sets in. and, erica, one of things that the soldiers deal with is the teams dropping in ukraine. winter fast approaching. it is interesting because the ukraine defense ministry said today that they believe that the russians have already brought newly mobilized people to the front line there in the kherson
7:33 am
area. they say right now they believe about a thousand new mobilized russians are down there. erica. >> thank you to you and your team. up next here, they're getting really stinking close. we're going to check in live with 8-year-old sam baker and his dad joe as they near the summit of el capitan in their historic climb. can't wait to speak with these guys. stay with us. th 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of intnterstate highway miles, they've got us covered. ♪ here goes nothing. hey greg. um...hello? it's me, your heart! really? yes! recording an ekg in 30 seconds. tada! wow that was fast! good news, pal. i'm not deteing any of the six most common arrhythmias. what next? let's get some fresh air. been cooped up for too long. yeah... ♪
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want to bring you up to speed on what we're learning about the breaking news involving a violent attack on nancy pelosi's husband paul at their san francisco home early this morning. we've just received, rather, a statement from the white house. the president is praying for paul pelosi, and for the whole family. this morning he called speak pelosi to express support after this attack. he's also very glad a full recovery is expected and goes on to say the president continues to condemn all violence and ask that the family's desire for privacy but respected. well as the fallout continues for kanye west over his anti-semitic comments. cnn has learned several people
7:46 am
close to him he's been fascinated by adolf hitler and wanted to name an album after the nazi leader. these new revelations come after the anti-semitic remarks have cost him a number of high-profile business deals. one who worked for west told cnn he created a hostile work environment through his obsession with hitler. that executive left his position and reached a settlement with west and some of his companies over workplace complaints including harassment. the kanye west controversy shining a spotlight on the rise of anti-semitism in this country and violence and harass. i want to bring in dana bash. so as part of your incredible series, you sat down with the first second gentleman doug emhoff and i know you spouk about his experiences as a jewish person in the business world. what did he tell you? >> well first, we talked about the -- several firsts that he
7:47 am
and more importantly his wife are presenting or making history with. by being in these roles. one of them is the fact that doug emhoff is the first jewish person in any of sort of the four roles, president, vice president, first lady or now second gentleman. and they put a mezuzah on the door post of the naval observatory where they live. it is something that jews put there as a way to commemorate or remember god's commandments. and he wanted to do that to make a point for a lot of reasons. one of which is that there is a rise in anti-semitism in america. and he wants to use his platform to speak out. he did release a statement most recently about certainly the kanye west controversy saying that hate has no -- and anti-semitism has no place in america. so that is one of many things, erica, he and i spoke about as we walked around the naval
7:48 am
observatory. one was the fact that he has older kids. and he did something that i actually didn't even know about. he got some tattoos that relate to them. so watch that part of this discussion. >> show me your tattoos. >> i'll show you one. >> well that is two. >> i'll show you two. >> okay. >> it the kid's initials. and got this shortly after kirsten and i separated because i really wanted a reminder of why -- what is important to me. >> were you -- >> and it was a visceral reminder of them. so cole is coltrain and ella is ella fitzgerald. in the jazz -- >> were you always a tattoo guy? >> no. >> so what made you wake up one day and say i'm going to get my kid's official on my wrist. >> like many people who get tattoos.
7:49 am
it was a whim. >> were you sober? >> ish. and i decided on the spur of the moment, this is something that i want to do. i just want to make sure that i was focused on the most important thing in my life which is the children. and they still are. >> so, erica, the point of the series is to kind of get beyond the headlines, get dwbeyond the sound bites from public figures and we were able to do that from him. and i was fascinated to learn what it is like to blaze a trail as being the first man in this role and the things that he said about the need for men to step up and not just say they support women, but actually support women, the women in their lives, kind of check your ego at the door, it is going to be fascinating i think for men and women when this airs on saturday night. >> actions do speak louder than words. i'm so excited to see this. it is such a great series. and fascinating to see what it
7:50 am
is like to be the first second gentleman. thank you. and watch "being the second gentleman" tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. just ahead, we'll check in live with 8-year-old sam "adventure" baker and his son joe. they're nearing the summit of el capitan in her historiric climb. stay right here. that's deep eatin'. sliced right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thihing.
7:51 am
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history in the making right now. 8-year-old sam "adventure" baker is about to become the youngest person to reach the summit of el capitan in california yosemite national park. he's there with his dad show. sam's journey up kicked off on tuesday. they've been, look at that face, they've been spending the night suspended on the side of the iconic rock formation as they make their way up. sam baker and his dad joe are
7:55 am
joining me now on phone to talk about all of this. sometimes even when we try with technology, when you're on the face of el capitan, it is hard to get the video to work. so joe and sam, you'll been rolling with the technical punches this morning. great to have you. sam, you are getting so close. you're dad told me you're through the hardest part. how are you feeling? >> feeling good. >> yeah. >> and he's a little exhausted too, right? he just woke up. >> i would say it is understandable you're a little exhausted. i was shocked. i read this. so your eight, sam. you have an amazing name because yourle name is adventure. you've been training for a year and a half? >> yes. >> wow. so when you started climbing after all of that training, has this met your expectations so far, sam? >> yep. >> yeah? i was reading that you said you were excited about the climb. but one of the things that you were most excited about was
7:56 am
climbing with your dad? >> yep. >> say that was a good time. >> that was a good time. >> joe, what like? >> he's having fun. >> he's having fun and you're hanging on the side of the rock there, eating lasagna, watching the lion king. it just sounds like a normal king. >> literally we're suspended in a giant cot right on the side of the wall. and the sun is just about to hit us. and on the wall. and it feels like we're above eattorney you the up here. i look over the edge and it is forever down. and yet we still have a lot to go. it is a terrific adventure. we got one night where we got behind another party that got a bag stuck and had to climb until past 1:00 a.m. and i couldn't believe it. sam, i expected him to cry a couple of times on this trip. and because it is hard and
7:57 am
emotional. but he's been so tough. and worked through all of it. and so, yeah, so were you scared up there at all? >> nope. >> you were scared. you were scared. it is okay if you're scared. >> i mean, i get scared looking at some of your pictures. they're incredible and i can't imagine what it is like to wake up. you paint this beautiful picture of the sun waking you up and you have this gorgeous vista. but even some of the your videos the camera points down and i have to cover my eyes. so, sam, i'm super impressed here. what is it -- has this sunk in, to have that title, the youngest person ever once you make it to the top, to climb el capitan. does that mean something to you? >> i don't know. >> hey, i'm 8 years old, i just want to get up. >> he doesn't really care about that. when we talked about this
7:58 am
project a couple of years ago and we said let's take him whether he's ready and he's definitely ready. >> how did you know, joe? i mean you're a climber and your wife is, i was reading he was in a harness before he could walk. but how did you know that you your son, even when he was six was ready to start training for this climb? >> i thought he wasn't ready until nine or ten originally. but he -- he just showed us that. we took him up this mountain called moonlight buttress about six or seven months ago and it is also a giant wall in zion national park. and he did terrific on it. and really showed us that he could handle the exposure and so these are rope assents so they're not -- it is just -- it is tedious and challenging but it is, like, it is not as technical in a sense for him. so, he's got -- he has to have the will to keep going and he has that.
7:59 am
>> and when do you expect to reach the top there? >> i'm hoping to reach the top at 5:00 p.m. hoping to make it by sunset tonight. his mom is going to be up there and we also are about to hang a huge banner. >> she goes, i love you mom. >> i love you, mom. and it is almost there and it will hang off our portal ledge in a minute and she'll get to the value in just a minute. >> well that is pretty great. i'm excited for you guys. i have loved following your adventure. and we're looking forward to the post when we see that banner and you guys are up there at the summit. joe and sam, thanks for joining us. >> one thing. >> yeah. >> make sure to tell everybody our instagram is samuel adventure and our facebook is am adventure and you could follow all of the fun on there. >> it is great. we will follow. and i should point out your names are named sylvan light year and joey danger.
8:00 am
i failed my kids in the name department. great to talk to you both. thank you. >> see you yeah. if you haven't bought your ticket yet. there is still time. saturday's powerball jackpot, second largest in history. you can't win if you don't play. it is up to a cool $800 million: there have been 36 drawings in a row with no grand prize winner. why shouldn't it be you. the biggest jackpot was over $1.5 billion in january of 2016. good luck. i'm going to buy a ticket, but i think there is a good chance i'll see you back here on monday. i'm erica hill, stay tuned "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, i'm kate bolduan, and we're following breaking news at this hour. the husband of house speaker n nancy pelosi