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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 29, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello, again, everyone. we begin with breaking news on ukraine. russia says it will suspend its participation in the grain export deal that it made and had gotten under way with ukraine. cnn's nic robertson is in kyiv. nic, what's the significance of this? >> reporter: very significant. russia says it is withdrawing from this deal for an indefinite period. it agreed the deal brokered by the u.n. in a similar deal with ukraine back at the end of july. back then it was anticipated that this would allow all the grain that was backing up in ukrainian ports to get to all those hard-hit, third-world countries in desperate need of food supplies. anticipated that tons of grain could be shifted.
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the ukrainians said the russians have been dragging their feet. the russians are saying share not sure they woul with this grain deal. so far some 405 ships have been involved in the deal moving 9.1 million tons, which is less than half of what was originally anticipated. but what precipitated this showdown by russia today in crimea, occupied by russia, there were explosions in the port area there today. russia is saying those explosions were aboard some of its ships. it's blaming ukraine for what it calls a terrorist attack and saying that the attack was actually led by british specialists. now, ukraine is saying this is another fiction that's been created by russia, much along the lines of the previous frictions it said it created. there are a couple of things to look at when we step back and
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look at this grain deal. the anticipation was about now it would be extended. russia, that created the situation of the global grain shortage because it started the war, actually got a break on sanctions to allow this deal to happen in the first place. russia has been complaining that the grain that has been coming out, has been going to the first world and not the third world. they created the scenario where there was a global shortage by starting the world. this puts the u.n. in a difficult position. they are asking not to act in haste. it does seem now that deal is off. and there are apparently about 175 ships under contractual obligation waiting to come in and take out grain that is still in the ports. this is now a big and ongoing problem and setback to the u.n.'s efforts brokering some lines of peace here. >> giant step back.
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nic robertson in kyiv. thank you very much. keep us posted. let's talk about this and the overall strategy. colonel cedric leighton, retired colonel and cnn military analyst. this deal to unleash grain that was blocked and backed up on ukrainian ports, russia went into this deal saying we're going to allow this to happen. the export of this green now suspended. do you think russia ever really had the intention of fully being committed on this deal? >> fredricka, frankly, i think they never had the intention to be fully committed to this deal. you know, when you look at the way in which the russians have actually used their military to go after civilian targets, the fact they're going after the energy infrastructure, the power grid and other elements of the energy infrastructure in ukraine and even from the beginning of
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this war, the fact that they have gone after the ukrainian food supply system and the fact that ukraine, major exporter of grains, was extremely vulnerable on this point. the russians know this vulnerability. they will do everything they can to achieve their goals. they know if they cut off grain supplies to the rest of the world, that will cause severe shortages and of course that's a major ukrainian vulnerability in this effort. >> so will be the role of the u.n. in this juncture? >> reporter: so the u.n. is going to try to get this grain deal started again. they have a real uphill battle in this case, fredricka. i think they had the good offices working through all these deals with the turkish president, turkish foreign minister. i think they will be engaged once again trying to salvage
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this deal. it is critical for the third world because a lot of countries in africa get supplied by ukrainian grain. so it's a key element here that could, you know, be used to prevent famine. but if it fails, we're going to see major food shortages in all of these areas. >> major food shortages. and then you just talked about russia targeting the power grid. it seems unrelenting. and, you know, talk to us about what appears to be the growing strategy of russia to further cripple not just ukraine but the region. >> yeah. this is really an impressing development. and frankly, in normal circumstances like this, you would have expected the russians to target the energy grid, ukrainian energy grid from the beginning of this war. they haven't done so until now. i think it shows the fact that
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they brought in the new general who understands a bit more about targeting these kind of things. it appears his predecessors. that may have made a difference. and the other thing to keep in mind, fredricka, ukraine was a net exporter of electricity to the european grid. and that fact creates problems for poland, romania, other countries hooked into the grid and get power from ukraine. this is a big deal. it is designed to pressure the europeans to force the ukrainians to come to the negotiating table at this point. >> and the seems as though -- the only country that has leverage here is russia. but, as you just mentioned, the dependency of other countries like poland on that power grid, how might they come to the table or will they come to the table in any way to try to negotiate directly with russia?
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>> well, there are going to be people in various countries, especially like germany, which is dependent on another dependent on russian energy, the natural gas supply they have from russia. so there's going to be pressure from various elements within these countries, germany, a little bit like france as well, some other countries, italy. those countries are going to be looking to try to resolve any type of energy shortages that they might be experiencing this winter. if they can assure gas supplies, it won't be as difficult a situation as has been predicted by some. but if the gas supplies fail or if there is an uptick in demand because of a more severe winter, that's going to create real problems, and that pressure is going to dealt be felt in not
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only places like berlin but kyiv. that could have a significant impact on the ukrainian war effort. >> is this winter make or break for ukraine and its allies? >> yes, it is. and i hate to be that stark in my assessment, fredricka. but this is a critical component, and it is very important for the west to sustain its support of ukraine no matter what the energy shortages are. we have to find ways around the energy shortages. they may have to be creative, in fact. but they will play a significant role in popular opinion and popular support for this war effort. which up to this point has been very strong not only throughout western europe and the u.s., but obviously in ukraine as well. >> all right. incredibly consequential. concerned cedric leighton, good to see you. always appreciate your expertise. thank you. still to come, the suspect in the attack on the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi is in
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right now the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi is recovering in a san francisco hospital after a brutal attack at the couple's home. a spokesman for the speaker says will 2-year-old paul pelosi underwent successful surgery for a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands. police say a man broke into his home just after 2:00 early in the morning on friday and attacked him with a hammer. sources say paul pelosi was able to call 911 at the start of the attack. and officers responded quickly, taking the suspect into custody. the attack shining a spotlight
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on new security concerns. federal agencies warning that violent extremists pose heightened threats to the midterm elections. josh campbell and sun hander is fatty have all the details. what are you learning about this attack and recovery of mr. pelosi? >> reporter: paul pelosi remains in the hospital at this hour recovering from very serious injuries, including a fractured skull. now, the speaker's office said they say thankfully expected to make a full recovery. here's what we know about the alleged assailant at this hour. he's a 62-year-old man named david depape. he entered through the rear of the building and engaged with mr. pelosi. it appears the house speaker was the intended target. she was not here, but the
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suspect was allegedly yelling, where's nancy, where's nancy. our colleagues john miller and jamie began tkpwel are reporting paul pelosi was able to place a 911 call and left his phone open, the signal open, speaking in code. it was an adept police dispatcher who realized something was wrong. she dispatched police officers to this residence. they were able to attack the suspect. he had very forceful words in response to the wave of threats we have recently seen against lawmakers. >> our elected officials are here to do the business of their cities, their counties, their states and this nation. their families don't sign up for this, to be harm. and it is wrong.
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and everybody should be disgusted about what happened this morning. >> reporter: and, fred, we know the suspect is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder, burglary, threatening a family member of a public official, as well as elder abuse. he remains in custody at this hour, fred. >> all right, josh. sun hand, to you now. this attack has sent shock waves throughout the country, and particularly on capitol hill. how are lawmakers and other officials responding? >> reporter: fred, there certainly has been bipartisan condemnation among this attack. many republicans and democrats both expressing outrage over the violence here and sympathy for the pelosi family. just moments ago on the campaign trail, we heard most recent comments from steny hoyer who said point-blank, this is a dangerous time for our country. he asked for prayersers for paul pelosi as he recovers and for the pelosi family.
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and he said it's up to us to make sure america survives this hate and division. and he likened it to why people's votes matter in the midterm election just next week. we also heard from republicans, former vice president mike pence who said he's outraged by the violence and america should not be a place where violence like this exists. and certainly others like mitch mcconnell saying he is hard filed and disgusted by this violence. but on capitol hill, this is certainly a culmination of many years of worry for lawmakers and the threats posed not only to them but their families. it follows many years of high-profile incidents, not the least of which january 6th on capitol hill. and if you look at the data, it really is concerning. capitol hill and law enforcement sources says the numbers of threats and statements made against lawmakers and their families has jumped
9:19 am
significantly in recent years. last year in 2021, nearly 9,600 threats came in. that is an alarming number. we know capitol hill police is assessing whether additional security needs to be applied to members of leadership -- excuse me, family members of leadership. that's something right now, fred, does not exist and why paul pelosi did not have security at their home. >> all right. thanks to both of you. let's talk more about all of this now with cnn's chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst john miller. john, so good to see you. we've learned so much through you and your sourcing about the details of the events, including the 911 call that mr. pelosi made. have you learned anything new. >> the call is really interesting. because it was the different between probably life and death in this case.
9:20 am
but paul pelosi calls the 911 operator. he is speaking in vagaries. there's this person in my house. and at some point heather grimes, says are you okay? and he said no. and the conversation goes on. in the background you can heard the alleged subject subject saying who is that, put down the phone. and you can barely hear him because he sounds library he's whispering, according to people who have heard the conversation, and the call ends. heather grimes knows this isn't right. and that is the residence of nancy pelosi. all of that goes -- the entire conversation basically goes into the mobile data transmitter. they read it. and then kyle hill helms and cagney come through the door.
9:21 am
they are both struggling with the hammer. they order it to let go. and pelosi lets go and depape hits him with the hammer. it happens as they come through the door trying to assess what exactly is going on here. what they got was a wellness call at the house, something is wrong. but not a lot of detail that made sense. >> like you said, the extraordinary instincts of mr. pelosi and the 911 call and the instincts of a really good dispatcher in heather grimes. tell us what investigators are doing. they are looking for stressors or triggers in how this even came to be. >> so they are doing a archeological dig, if you will, through the entire life of david depape. we spent a good deal of time yesterday when we got through the identification going through his social media. we see his facebook just cuts
9:22 am
off basically in march before facebook cut him off officially yesterday. and we looked for him in other places and his activity. he was operating if full menu of anti-vax, anti january 6th committee, anti everything. anti-semitism. he has the full menu of anger and hate he is reposting and an entire religious sideline where he is criticizing the catholic church and other institutions. so he was spwb who was -- a lot of anger and a lot of hate. >> you see this is like an archeological dig. this attack on mr. processy comes two weeks after we all saw this new video of house speaker nancy pelosi. take a look. >> stop the proceedings.
9:23 am
>> this was a sliver of what january 6th was like. they got to a safe space and huddled with leadership, planning on how to resume business. pelosi's daughter was the document aryan behind that video. just two weeks since the world saw that video, coincidence or possible connection to the timing of the attack on mr. pelosi? is that something investigators will also be trying to look into? >> well, some of this may come from david depape if he speaks to investigators. but it is possible to see this marinating in the background. the online stuff literally happening yesterday and today in
9:24 am
extreme right wing, extremist channels. people are praising the attack in those chat rooms. people are criticizing the suspect for not finishing the job. and a whole separation discussion about how this is a false flag operation by the democrats to create this illusion so they can defeat donald trump and come take our guns, which is interesting because there was no gun involved here. you can also look at history. an arizona man serving 21 months by threatening to kill pelosi. a north carolina man serving 28 months for threatening to kill pelosi and. and when they searched his trailer, they found an assault weapon with a telescopic site and handgun. so this didn't start yesterday. >> right. >> when you look at the film, the names they're calling out,
9:25 am
fred, get pelosi, get schumer, get nadler. they all have security details. there are 435 members of congress, 100 senators. and the capitol police no way has the resources to protect all of them. >> right. it's so frightening. and you zero in on it. it is an issue of resources perhaps. all of this happening, too, after the gop, according to the "washington post", made nancy pelosi a top target in republican campaign ads. you mentioned the issue of resources. but given what is known about why and how nancy pelosi, among others, who are constantly targeted, why wouldn't there be resources made available to make sure she would have, her property and her family members would have more protection 24/7 regardless of where she is. we know that detail follows her.
9:26 am
for her home and the placement of her home. why wouldn't resources be made for that? >> well, that is a decision made on the current threat dream. the protection of nancy pelosi is the responsible of the capitol police. and they have a field office in san francisco. when she's there, that security is very high. but family members, you know, this is part of the resource reality. family members find themselves on their own. >> john miller, always enjoy hearing from you. thank you so much. this breaking news out of seoul, south korea. dozens are receiving medical assistance after an incident during halloween festivities in the city. a live report straight ahead. good thing adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria that detetergents can't. clean is good, sanitized is b better. ♪
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all right. just 10 days to go before the midterm elections. and election data shows more than 17 million americans have already cast ballots in early voting. in georgia, where there are several competitive high-profile races, voters have turned out in record numbers with more than 1.3 million ballots already. former president obama held a get out the vote rally for georgia democrats. we go to nadia romero outside a polling center in atlanta. how busy is it today? >> reporter: yeah. it has been pretty steady today. no lines so far because it is still a sleepy saturday here. a lot of people are out thinking about halloween and that holiday that will be coming up. still, we have seen almost 600 people, a poll worker told us, at this location just today. that brings the total to 10,000 at this location. and you mentioned it, fred. more than 1.3 million people in
9:32 am
georgia participating in early voting in person. that is an impressive number. but when you really look at the demographics, we are not seeing the younger age groups coming out and hitting the polls. 22 to 29 make up 4% of the ballots casted. we spoke to a woman with an organization trying to push for the youth vote. this is her pitch to get younger people to vote in this election. >> your vote equals your voice. local elections is very, very important. especially here in georgia. we have been going through a lot. >> reporter: and with we hear from those younger voters, we went out last night to a rap concert. and the people said they want to vote, they want to be interested but don't think necessarily that the politicians are talking to them directly about the things that matter to them, about
9:33 am
student loans, finding jobs when they leave college and what their lives will look like. they also told me, fred, a lot of the politicians are too old. they can't relate to them and they don't think they represent them. fred. >> all right. well, i hope it doesn't keep them from voting, however, right. the power of the vote. nadia romero, thank you so much. early voting is also under way in ohio. that state is home to a key senate race between j.d. vance and tim ryan. it is too close to call. it's a race that could decide who controls the senate. with me now to discuss this high-stakes race is jeremy peltser for so good to see you. so president biden and former president obama campaigning in several background states for democrats. but they don't have any plans to campaign for tim ryan in ohio. what does that say about that state or that race?
9:34 am
>> well, if you ask tim ryan, it says that democrats are making a mistake by not focusing on a race that tim ryan says is very winnable. and the polls, as you said, tim ryan is within striking distance of scoring a big upset for democrats in a state leaning towards republicans the past few years. it shows that democrats are playing defense and are focusing on other races in areas such as -- states such as arizona, wisconsin, nevada, et cetera. but if you ask democrats here, they think that they have an outside chance of, again, scoring an upset in a state that has been pro trump for a few years now. >> in fact, on the gop side, former president trump will hold a rally in ohio one day before the election. how potentially impactful might that be? >> well, if you look at past races here for both this cycle
9:35 am
and last cycle, it has made a big impact. in fact, if you look at j.d. vance, how he won the nomination earlier this year it was because of president trump's support that he advanced the general election. president trump has been in ohio many times over the past few years. and it seems, you know, you can't always tell how much it increases voter turnout. but obviously it seems to make a difference. and president trump is going to do everything he can to make sure j.d. vance goes over the finish line. >> you have written about the importance of northeast ohio and that senate race between tim ryan and j.d. vance. help people understand why is that area of the state so important, so pivotal? >> sure. so areas like cleveland, akron, youngstown, those areas traditionally are not only -- it's not only the most populus part of ohio, it's also an area
9:36 am
that has been historically the most democratic part of ohio. so if you're looking for signs on election night how things will go for tim ryan, you have to look at how he is doing in northeast ohio. for example, president obama in 2012 won 8 of the 12 counties in northeast ohio where joe biden won two of those counties in 2020. of course obama ended up winning ohio and biden lost by eight points. so if tim ryan has any hope of beating j.d. vance, he will have to be much closer to where obama was in 2012 than biden two years ago. >> what do early voting numbers say? >> so far they are not great for tim ryan. if you look at the six counties that joe biden won in 2020 in ohio, those early voting absentee ballot requests are down 4% as of last tuesday. and the other counties, the
9:37 am
other 82 that voted for president trump, we have absentee ballot requests up 8.5% to 9%. so i don't want to make it seem like this is entirely predictive of what's going to happen. many factors go into this. but that sign is not great for tim ryan. >> governor mike deconfine is much more an established republican rather than trump style. so, what are the prospects for him? >> it's very interesting. we say pretea party party. of course he has found a way to survive in a trump-era political climate. he has done so by not alienating, doing everything he can to not alienate trump himself and also trump republicans. there's been some blow back but
9:38 am
not enough to cost him an election. it seemed that, with appealing to moderates, is doing enough, at least right now, it seems he will win are he election pretty comfortably. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. and now this breaking news out of seoul, south korea, where dozens of people are receiving medical assistance after an incident during halloween festivities in the city. a live report straight ahead. ♪ what if we- ♪ what is that? ♪ hey lexus, turn it up! ♪ there's no place like unknown. -unreal. the all-new lexus rx. never lose your edge. ♪ what happens to your body language when you use dove dry spray? [laughing]
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two new ihop lunch and dinner menu items for twice the goodness, twice the flavor, and twice the choice. sirloin salisbury steak and all-natural salmon. perfect for lunch or dinner. only at ihop. download the app and earn free food with every purchase. >> all right. welcome back. we're monitoring breaking news right into the "newsroom". a south korean news agency said dozens of people suffered cardiac arrest during halloween
9:43 am
festivities in seoul. cnn's will ripley is joining us live. what are you hearing, will? >> reporter: hey, fred. we are on our way to the neighborhood in seoul iconic for night life particularly on halloween. you were watching on my live screen. tens of thousands of people packing into the narrow winding streets in costume, many drinking alcohol, celebrating. and so many people packed in there they could barely move. and then the live screens, you see emergency vehicles moving through and people talking on social media feeds about some sort of emergency. you can see the cameras going into the scene. while we do not have hard numbers, we don't know the conditions of the people, i think it is described for you what we are seeing on the videos, fred. it's pretty grim.
9:44 am
people in what local bead ya is calling a stampede or crush. you had 81 emergency calls from people saying they couldn't breathe. you have people in these videos, rows of people that are lying motionless in the street. some of them, paramedics trying to perform cpr, waving, trying to get the attention of the emergency personnel on scene to get them help. the mayor of seoul jumped on a flight to get back here as possible. they are sending a disaster medical team to the scene. we have a producer in front of the hamilton hotel. they are sending emergency alerts by text message, telling people of a human casualty situation, to stay away from the area, to go home as soon as possible. and so we don't know the
9:45 am
conditions of these people that we're seeing in these videos lying motionless on the pavement that our producer described of being put into ambulances and taken one by one from a medical tent set up to area hospitals. and the president asked that they make additional beds available to handle the influx of people. some are saying upwards of 50 people with separate cardiac arrests in whatever this was, whether it was a stampede, whether they were so tightly packed, whether people started to panic. we know how they can get when you have too many people packed into a small area. of course it's nighttime, halloween, partying, alcohol involved. we are hoping for good news. we hope people are being treated and are recovering. it is hard to watch some of the
9:46 am
videos. >> will, so many details, is eliciting so many other questions. while in the pictures we are seeing plastic sheets over seemingly bodies on the ground. it certainly starts to imply death. then we see people on the gurneys. that implies injuries. people taken away by ambulance. they are looking at cases of suffocation, as you mentioned. are we talking about the inference of poisoning in some way. are they giving you any kind of hint toward the direction of their investigation? >> reporter: at this point they're being very conservative, as you would expect them to be to avoid panic from people who had family members there in the
9:47 am
middle of this mayhem. what i have witnessed in a number of videos. i don't see what you're seeing. but these are people on the ground not moving at all. and you can't tell from a video whether they are breathing. there's no way to know. it is unsettling to see the images and the panic of people trying to get help for their friends. they are in halloween costumes. they are out for a night to celebrate. it is called one of the best parties in this region, in this part of the world. people fly in from all over the place to come to seoul, to go out to taiwan on this holiday weekend. it is almost impossible to get a room. but to give you a sense how big a deal this party is. now you have an incredibly
9:48 am
serious incident that you have the president involved, a disaster medical team headed to the scene. and you have more ambulances. as we were driving here, every few minutes or so, more ambulances are passing by. sirens blairing. we really don't know what we will find when with he get there, fred. hoping for the best. and hoping for more details as this investigation and this effort to help these people will continue on through the overnight hours here. >> unsettling, indeed. the images, the detail, striking. and very sad. thank you. we'll be right back. g would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. so, for me and the hundreds of drivers in my fleet, stataying connected, cuttiting downtime, d delivering on time depends on t-mobile 5g. anand wh coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. (vo) unconventional thinking delivers four times the 5g coverage of
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all right. with the midterm elections fast approaching, cities all across the country are ramping up security, including in new york city where law enforcement officials are urging the public to remain vigilant. cnn's brian todd has the latest. >> reporter: an urgent warning from america's largest police force. more vigilance is needed for the upcoming midterm elections. the new york police department issuing a new bulletin, warning malicious actors, racially and ethnically motivated, anti-government, anti-authority extremists will target polling sites, workers, election officials. >> you've got poll workers and election officials literally quitting their jobs because of the atmospherics. they are worried about what they
9:54 am
are seeing and hearing. >> reporter: the nypd said there are currently no credible threats to polling sites. we spoke with the clerk of dane county, wisconsin. >> we have gotten social media threats. we had someone wandering around in camo, shaking doors, trying to get indoors. by the time police got here, he was long gone. >> reporter: officials in texas asked the department of justice to send monitors month harris county, where threats to workers have been reported. and this from the u.s. attorney general. >> the justice department has an obligation to prevent, to guarantee free and fair vote by everyone who is qualified to vote and will not permit voters to be intimidated. >> reporter: law enforcement officials and analysts say the threats are being fueled by
9:55 am
extremists who still promote the 2020 election was stolen from donald trump and will use all sorts of sack particulars to intimidate voters. >> it can be things to suggest to a person they are being watched, maybe what they are doing is illegal, following voters to their cars, recording their license plate numbers. >> it is unlike anything we have seen before in terms of an election season. they're talking about attacking political meetings. >> reporter: and a new cnn report says federal funding for enhanced security measures often isn't getting to officials who would put them in place because of brattic snafus. >> we don't know about it if there's money at the national level. there is no coordination. >> as a result, scott mcdonnell says heading into the midterms
9:56 am
is, quote, a joke. security analysts tell us they're worried of the threats and holes in security at some sites will prompt voters to stay away from the polls this time, figuring it's simply not work it. brian todd, cnn, washington. and this quick programming note. a new morning show is coming. starting tuesday, join don, poppy and kaitlan for refreshing conversations every day on "cnn this morning" at 6:00 a.m. and we'll be right back. i ststarted cosentyx®. five years clear. real people e with psoriasis look and feel l better with cosentyx. don't use if y you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tubercululosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. this is what real food looks like fresh real meat and veggies.
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