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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 30, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ hello, everyone. thank you for joining me this sunday. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin with a country in mourning. heart broken and searching for answers after a halloween celebration in south korea turned deadly. the crowd tusurging in a nightcb district, killing at least 153 people. at least two americans were among those killed. authorities are trying to determine what triggered the crush. witnesses say people were trapped and panicked. world leaders are offering their contdolence condolences. joe biden saying he grieves with the south korean people. reporting now from the scene, cnn's correspondent will ripley. >> reporter: halloween horror and heartbreak. in seoul's popular night life
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district, nightmare scenes. the narrow alleys lined with lifeless bodies, many in costume. first responders trying to save them. this is a row of stretchers that we initially thought were waiting for potential survivors of this incident at halloween party where thousands of people were packed into a relatively tight area. but in fact, we now realize that these stretchers are being used to bring back bodies. and we have just seen body after body rolling past here. most of those hurt or killed in their late teens and 20s, the local fire chief says. young people from south korea and beyond. witnesses say the iconic halloween festivities always draw an international crowd. this video on twitter shows an apparent lack of crowd control. a sea of bodies, pouring into a
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tiny area. an ominous warning telling people to be careful. police and emergency crews rushed to the scene. shortly after 10:00 p.m. local saturday night. the news agency reported emergency lines flooded with calls from people in the packed area, saying they were stuck, suffocating. some who fell down apparently crushed under a growing pile of people. official causes of death not confirmed, but dozens suffered cardiac arrest. >> i saw the people like going to the left side and i actually saw the person getting to the opposite side. so the person in the middle, they got jammed, and they have, like, you know, no way to communicate. and they cannot breathe. >> reporter: the fire chief calls this a presumed tam te
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stampede. video shows emergency crews struggling, pulling unconscious victims from the narrow alleyways. still jammed with hundreds, if not thousands of people. south korea's president holding an emergency cabinet meeting. the tragic incident being treated as a national disaster. authorities say hospital beds are filling up fast. president yoon making rapid identification of victims a top priority. anxious families and friends, desperately waiting for word, waiting for moved ones who left for a night of halloween fun, and haven't come home. for all of that chaos last night, fred, this scene is in some ways more chilling, because there were so many bodies that were lining the street. friends attempting to perform cpr, paramedics doing what they could. we talked with them with a first
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responder who described in that narrow alleyway, when they first arrived, all they saw were human faces, about ten people high. so just imagine, faces sticking out of the crowd in a space that's maybe 6 1/2, 7 feet wide, stacked up ten peel. so they're fulling i ing -- pu people out and they're losing consciousness. they were still conscious when the first responders first arrived, some unable to speak because they were crushed so much. but with their eyes, begging for help. of course, now, you have this area where most of the people died walked off. you can see the trash bags, there are pieces of costumes, somebody's shoe sitting there. 153 deaths at least, including people from countries, the united states just confirmed but china, iran, japan, australia, norway, france, austria. this truly is, fred, an
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international tragedy, and a lot of questions still unanswered as to how this happened and how can they prevent it from happening again. >> you did such a great job explaining that, but it's mind boggling to understand how in the world and why it happened the way it did. will ripley, thank you so much. now to a cnn exclusive. chilling new details about the attack on the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. a source familiar with the incident tells cnn the suspected assailant had a bag of zip ties during the break-in on friday. paul pelosi is still recovering in a hospital this morning. he suffered a skull fracture and injuries to his hands and right arm when he was struck with a hammer. joe biden speaking about the attack for the first time and blasting those who have propped up conspiracy theorys. >> it's one thing to condemn the violence. but you can't condemn the
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violence unless you condemn those people who continue to argue the election was not real, that it's being stolen, that all the mularkey being put out there to undermine democracy. >> our correspondent has more from washington. sunland, we're hearing from the house speaker for the first time since this attack. what does she have to say? >> reporter: that's right, fred. you can hear the raw emotion in her voice when she put out this statement, using words like heartbreaking and traumatizing to describe this attack that happened on her husband. and she says in part, "friday morning, a violent man broke into our family home, demanded to confront me, and brutally attacked my husband, paul. our children, our grand children, and i are heart broken and traumatized by the attack on our pop. we are grateful for the quick response of law enforcement and emergency services, and for the
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life-saving medical care he is receiving." and one part of good news in this statement, she does mention that her husband is continuing to have a better condition. she says every day his condition gets better. this was her first statement coming from her own voice since the attack on friday. and this was to your colleague sent to members on capitol hill, and it comes at a time when there is heightened anxiety about members and their family members, personal safety, and a lot of lawmakers are frustrated, and they also received a letter yesterday from the house sergeant at arms, telling what services are offered and existing protocoling in place. again, a lot of members in light of this latest attack, say that's not good enough and want more security. so that's something that certainly this week, fred, will
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be on top of mind on many lawmaker's minds as they grapple with the fallout from this brutal attack. >> thank you so much. meantime, kevin mccarthy is weighing in on the attack, and he did so, again, the last hour saying this on fox news. >> let me be perfectly clear, violence or threat of violence has no place in our society. what happened to paul pelosi is wrong. i called the speaker. she was on a plane back for her husband, so we were able to communicate by text. she did say the surgery went well. i wanted to convey our thoughts and prayers are with her and family and with paul. and we hope for him a speedy recovery and we can stop this crime across our country. this person was deranged. >> joining us right now, congressman raja morthy. so good to see you.
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i wonder, white the minority leader is condemning violence, he didn't address the spread of conspiracy theorys that may have led up to an attack like what was experienced on paul pelosi. i mean, he said violence has no place in our society. what happened to paul pelosi is wrong. i mean, without being disrespectful, that's just overstating the obvious. but doesn't more need to be said from leadership of all parties? what is the risk of not saying more than that? >> you're correct, fredricka. first of ault, i think everybody is praying for paul pelosi's speedy recovery at this point, as well as for the speaker and her family. but i think what mr. mccarthy didn't say is that this was a form of political violence, fredricka. what the assailant shouted upon entry into the pelosi household is "where's nancy, where's
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nancy," and that echoed the january 6th rioters when they breached the capitol. this is the culmination of the demonization of nancy pelosi by many folks on the other side of the aisle. my colleague, margorie taylor greene in facebook posts, called for her being found to have committed treason, and saying that execution was appropriate. and gop candidate for senate in the arizona primary last year ran a super bowl ad featuring him shooting nancy pelosi in the ad. so this type of dangerous, violent rhetoric is going to lead to the natural result, which is violence. that's what happened with paul pelosi. >> so is it your belief that, if it were margorie taylor greene or minority leader mccarthy, if they were to say more forcefully
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singling out people who are coming from a particular persuasion, not to be violent, not to help incite violence, to stop saying aloud the dangerous things that you just reiterated. how much of a difference might that make in your view? >> i think a big difference. denouncing political violence of all stripes would make a big difference. whether it's by elected officials or by former presidents like donald trump, or by candidates for office. and let me just say one other thing, i think that we have to look at the role of social media and amplifying this dangerous, violent rhetoric. you know, facebook, twitter, and other platforms make a lot of money from this type of rhetoric, and the polarization that results from it, and we have to look very closely at repealing that liability that they enjoy from the negative consequences associated with the -- with this type of contempt that is routinely
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trafficked on their platforms, as well. >> the speaker is assigned, you know, a security detail by capitol police, even when she's traveling. but do you and most -- or i shouldn't even ask the question, you and most members of congress do not have 24/7 security keeping you safe. in the wake of this attack, of a family member, of the husband of the house speaker, and also after january 6th, is it your view that a reassessment should be made about detail assigned to members of congress, particularly after they have received threats? >> well, the united states capitol police does a very good job of trying to assess threats against members, and then assigning people to help protect those individuals accordingly. i do think we need to take a
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re-examination of the level of security for members, but also their families. as you know, most of us are not with our families, for roughly 50% of the time in any given year, and, you know, during that time that we're away -- [ inaudible ] -- happened to the speaker's husband. and you're right, after january 6th the level of threats has just, you know, expanded very significantly. and to the point where, you know, for instance in my case, we have a squad car that visits my house once in the morning, once at night to make sure everything is okay. that's not normal. that is not what it should be in a democracy. >> yeah. and then now, you are on the intelligence committee. federal agencies have just recently put out a bulletin warning that perceptions of election fraud will likely
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result in heightened threats of violence. from what you have seen, when we see images in arizona, of people armed, intimidating just their presence, intimidate voters, how worried are you about the threats of violence? >> i am concerned. i respectfully disagree with the judge who said it was okay for these people, who were armed and masked, to be at the ballot boxes supposedly guarding the vote. or being vigilant about the vote. i think that just intimidates people. and my concern is that, you know, one wrong move or one wrong word could escalate into violence again. i think right now we're kind of in a situation where a lot of people in this country believe that political violence is an acceptable tool for change, when it can never be acceptable, fredricka. >> right. those who were outside of that
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polling station, they have made the claim that they are there to protect the vote, but there are some voters who have felt intimidated and the judge weighed in. congressman, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thank you. still ahead, just nine days to go until the midterm elections. we'll go live to georgia where we're seeing record breaking early voting in one of the most critical races. plus -- will you need to add an umbrella to your halloween costume? scary skies predicted for trick or treating. the latetest forecast straight ahead. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! yes, i need a trim. i just want to be able to cut the damage. we tried dove instea , still need that trim? oh my gosh! i am actually shocked i don'need a haircut. don't trim daily damage. stop iwith dove.
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just nine days until the november election, and georgia continues to see a record turnout for early voters in the midterm. so far, more than 1.6 million people have cast their votes in georgia, and election officials expect that number to surpass the 2 million mark this week.
8:21 am
cnn's nadia romero joins us from a church in decatur, georgia, which is holding a souls to the poll stroll. what can you tell us about this decades long tradition to get out the vote? i see it is teeming with people right now. >> reporter: it really is, fred. the church just let out with the morning service here. we're at beulah missionary baptist church. it has such a strong legacy and tradition in this area just outside of atlanta. the idea is to encourage people to vote, to encourage people to make their way out to the polls. that's just right next door to the church. i want to introduce you to the senior pastor, reverend dr. jerry black. you encouraged your congregation to vote, and you were telling people why souls to the poll is so important. can you explain that history, the legacy of souls to the poll? >> thank you so much. it has been a major, major
8:22 am
concern on our part here at beulah, certainly as pastor of beulah, that our parishioners be involved in the political process. that they will engage in this business of voting, and that they will all register so that they will be able to vote. and this early voting that we have here on campus, souls to the polls, is something that i've been very, very excited about. actually, dreaming about because of the fact that it is so important now that we vote, and that we do all that we can to get good people into office, political offices. and our voting can make a
8:23 am
difference. and certainly, beulah has a large congregation. but even if we didn't, i would want just that view to be sure to engage in the political process and vote. >> senior pastor dr. jerry black, thank you for talking with us. so the church here just wrapped up service for the morning. and just a few steps over you can go to the polling station if you live in this county to vote. fred? >> very good. nadia romero, thank you so much in decatur, georgia. ukraine is accusing russia of playing hunger games after it pulls out of a deal to keep grain moving out of ukraine. why the u.s. is say thing move could have dire consequences around the world. supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitaminsns and minerals, andd ensure complete withth thirty grams of protein. yes, i need a trim. i just want to be able to cut the damage.
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welcome back. the u.s. is calling on russia to reconsider its decision to suspend the deal that allows grain exports from ukraine. the u.n. brokered deal allowed safe passage of grain out of the black sea port. russia made the announcement after accusing ukraine of launching attack in russian controlled crimea. ukrainian officials say moscow is playing hunger games with the decision. secretary of state antony blinken condemned the decision, saying in part, in suspend thing arrangement, russia is weaponizing food in the war it started, directly impacting low and middle income countries and global food prices. nic robertson is in kyiv. what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, secretary
8:29 am
blinken went on to say this in effect means that russia, president putin is making a statement that it doesn't care that people and families across the world will have to pay more for their food, because that's the implication now. it seems this blockade going back in place again because it creates a shortage in global food markets which drives up the price which leads to instability, which is why the u.n. set out to make this deal in the first place. it wasn't an easy deal to do. it was done in two parts. the u.n. getting a deal with russia, another deal with ukraine. the u.n. secretary-general antonio gluer gluer the -- guers is going to try to get this back up and running. we heard them telling the russians to, you know, pause and reengage in this deal. president zelenskyy has said that from his perspective, he
8:30 am
thinks russia has been building up to this for some time, that russia says -- russia he says has been throttling back on allowing these shipments. we know there were nine shipments yesterday, five ships in, four ships out. according to the u.n., there are about ten ships that should be in motion carrying grain in and out. and that's not happening. the other thing we have learned about is russia's put a little more detail on these allegations that they're making. they say they've been able to capture this underwater drone that they say was part of the attack that they have gotten into electronics and see that it came from the coast of ukraine. ukrainian officials are saying look, number one, sebastopol is illegally annexed by russia, and they also point out that it's more than 150 miles away from where these grain shipments are going. from ukraine's perspective, they
8:31 am
really feel that president putin is trying to put more pressure on them and allies to negotiate a peace. no one is near that moment, of course. >> nic robertson, thanks so much, from kyiv. in this country, a potential triple-demic looming, as a surge of respiratory viruses spreads across the country. how hospitals are coping against an unprecedented season of the flu, rsv, and covid, next. it's the subway series menu! 12 irresistible subs... like #6 the boss. pepperoni kicks it off. with meatballs smsmothered in rich marinara. don't forgetet the fresh mozzarella. don't you forget who the real boss is around herere. it's subway's s biggest refresh yet. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity.
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(vo) give your business an advantage right now, with nationwide 5g from t-mobile for business. unlock new insights and efficiency, with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now. hospitals nationwide are crapping with a unique season of respiratory illnesses. flu cases are on the rise
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earlier, and rsv cases remain extra high after an unprecedented summer surge, plus covid-19. that's still a public health emergency. pediatric hospital beds are filling up as mo families turn to doctors for care. joining me from houston is a pediatric icu medical director at texas children's hospital, the largest pediatric hospital in the nation. good to see you. these numbers are extraordinary. about three quarters of pediatric hospital beds are in use across the country. well above the average over the past few years. and your state of texas is among those, nearly 80% full according to data from the department of health and human services. so what are you seeing in your hospital? >> yes, you're direct. we are very busy. we are helping take care of the kids in our community here.
8:37 am
the virus season is upon us, and rsv with the increase in flu is definitely leading to us being very busy as a system. >> indeed it is. the cdc is saying that -- i think this number is very striking, that most children will catch rsv before they turn the age of 2. and that cases are typically mild, but cnn talked with a family in virginia who lost one of their premature twin boys to rsv at just 3 months old. his brother, one of the twins, is still fighting for his life. so help us understand why every second counts, particularly when you talk about the youngest of the spectrum who get rsv. >> yeah. those kids who are very small or tiny infants, those are the kids who we worry about the most. those are the kids who, although
8:38 am
the virus can be mild for many, have the most significant symptoms. and it's important that these kids are able to get to the care that they need so that we can help support them through their infection and try to do everything we can as a medical community to get them better. those small infants, premature babies, kids who have other medical challenges are the highest risk for these voi russ -- viruses. >> and there's really no medicine that will be part of their treatment and care, even in the hospital. it's a matter of having a facility that has the kind of equipment that can help them with all that mucus buildup and intubate, if you have to, a child to make sure they can continue to breathe. >> yes, exactly. we're here to help the children and support them through their illness. you're correct. we don't have any medication
8:39 am
that's going to make rsv go away. so we have to help them get through the illness and get through their symptoms so that their body can heal itself. and that is really challenging. imagine those families who are watching their kids fight through these illnesses. it's humbling. >> uh-huh. oh, it's heartbreaking. so the food and drug administration says, a commonty used antibiotic, amoxacillen, it's very common treatment. so now there is -- now they're in short supply. how concerned are you about that? >> so far, we have been fortunate in that that supply that we have currently has -- we've been okay in the hospital. but i think, you know, what we
8:40 am
worry about is, you know, what impact is that going to have on the community and the kids around here. so it's hard to fully understand what that might mean. >> yeah. and, again, we're talking about an antibiotic, it is not in the course of treatment for rsv, but there are other things that it treats, that is important for our young people with these secondary infections, et cetera. >> yeah, exactly. and i think, you know, that's why we encourage families to really rely on their pediatricians. seek the medical care so that we, as medical professionals, can help navigate that for our patients and help make sure they're getting the right treatment, so that they get what they need. >> all right. thank you so much. and all the best to you and your colleagues as you brace for and
8:41 am
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a stern warning from an iranian official as protests against the government continue. the head of the country's revolutionary guard told protestors this weekend, today is the last day of the riots. do not come to the streets again. anti-regime protests have swept the country again following the death of a 22-year-old woman who was in police custody who are allegedly not following iran's strict dress code. a 16-year-old was a protestor
8:46 am
who went missing and later died. iranian authorities gave conflicting authorities as to her cause of death. cnn tracked the final minutes of her life to try to find out what really happened. >> reporter: mika, the 16-year-old has become one of the most known faces in iran. on september 20th, she was a high profile figure at the protests, a known personality on social media, she stood on bins chanting for the crowds. officials say within 24 hours, she would be dead. she joined a growing list of young women who have lost their lives in recent weeks, as protests have swept iran. and authority vsies have waged violent crackdown. authorities say her death had no connection to the protests, but she was thrown from a roof. and on wednesday, a new claim from the judiciary that it was suicide. on the basis of our investigation, using over 50 videos from that night and
8:47 am
speaking to those with her that evening, cnn can reveal some of her final hours were spent at the protest, including evidence that suggests she was chased and detained by security, just a few hours before the state says she died. the first videos we found of mika on the 20th are here at 7:00 p.m. as protests heat up, she can be seen at the front, throwing rocks at a formation of uniformed officers. easily recognized, she was brave, not even frightened, eye witnesses said. at this stage in the evening, she's here. then as more officers arrive, witnesses say she starts to move away from them. first along the boulevard, then down another street where she is seen making a phone call just before 8:00 p.m. as it gets dark, the police crackdown intensifies, moving in to her new location. evidence of injuries start emerging, and protestors are seen being detained by plain
8:48 am
clothes officers. one person told cnn they saw security forces hitting women and putting them in police vans. in the midst of this heightened violence, cnn found a video of her, still at the center of the protest. this is the last known video of her. don't move, don't move, she shouts as she crouches to hide from authorities. the person filming from the car told cnn that shortly afterwards, she was taken by several large-bodied security forces, and bundled into a van. by this point in the evening, police were everywhere. videos show police to the south and also to the north. it means when she was crouching in traffic, she was completely surrounded. by the next morning, she would be dead, according to this death certificate. first obtained by bbc persia and verified by cnn, which shows she
8:49 am
died from multiple injuries by big hits from a hard object and dated september 21. her family would not learn of her death for another ten days. meanwhile, both her mother and aunt said credible sources told them for days during that window, she was in state custody. the iranian authorities released this cc-tv footage claiming she died after being thrown from this building later the same night, in an incident unconnected to the protests. they made no claim about who threw her, and cnn cannot verify the person is mika or the day it was milfilmed, her mother said s is not her daughter, and it's hard to square this calm walk with the evidence of her being chased by police and detained a few hours earlier. iranian officials have not responded to cnn's inquiry whether he was ever in custody in the hours leading up to her
8:50 am
death. what is certain is that she was a prominent activist that night. >> despite the government's warnings, still unclear whether the protests will indeed resume. all right. this programming note here on cnn. join stanley tucci as he explores the fabled italian riviera. [ speaking non-english ] [ speaking non-english ] hi, boys. >> let's do it. [ speaking non-english ] >> i can't drink that much oil.
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the countdown is on for our spookiest night or most up if of an evening the biggest fright however this halloween might be the price of your candy. inflation remains stubbornly high, but soaring prices aren't scaring away shoppers. nathaniel joining us right now. this halloween is seeing record spending from costumes to candy? >> right. so we're seeing record spending. americans are expected to spend more than $10.6 billion this halloween. that includes candy, decorations, costumes for the kids, for adult, and for pets. spirit halloween, which is one of the largest halloween stores
8:57 am
are opening a record number of stores this year, 1450 stores, really taking advantage of the fact that we see all of these empty storefronts and they can quickly move in before the holiday, set up shop, and then also taking advantage of the fact that americans want to celebrate the holiday. >> that is so true. i wish i had a pet right now because i have seen some really cool costumes for dogs and i wish i could grab them. maybe next year. all right. so let's talk about candy because that's the biggest treat of all in my book. how much more expensive is candy this year? >> right. inflation is hitting all of our lives right now, just about every part. candy is not exempt from that. candy prices are expected to be up 14% this year and crunch bars up 6%, butterfinger up 7%, starburst up 35% and then skit les up 42%. so maybe stay away from the
8:58 am
sweets and head to the chocolates. so companies, these candy makers, are facing higher costs and passing that on to shoppers. not only are prices getting higher but the product size are getting smaller because of shrink inflation. >> if you have a sweet tooth doufl what it takes to get that snickers bar or skittles, whatever your fancy is. nathaniel, good to see you. happy halloween. all right. pretty scary skies on the horizon just in time for halloween. frightening moments, in fact. four people in jackson county, mississippi, no joke, not fun at all, after a tornado touched down yesterday. it was just one of several tornadoes reported in the area. officials in baldwin county, alabama, say at least four tornadoes were spotted there. meteorologist alison chinchar
8:59 am
joining us. >> the good news is the threat for severe weather has come down but we have a lot of rain out there and even though you're looking at today this rain is going to go somewhere for today. today the main focus is going to be across the southeast, ohio river, tennessee river valley. tomorrow we start to see that shift north closer to the great lakes into the mid-atlantic, more of the central appalachian mountains where the rain is unfortunately going to be focused for the trick-or-treaters. the pacific northwest we have another system making its way in there as well that may also add a few raindrops to the trick or treating. let's look at that timeline specifically 7:00 p.m. local time on halloween. you're looking at rain for cities like cleveland, louisville, raleigh, washington, d.c. atlanta has rain in the morning, but we're hoping all of that clears out by about 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon so we have dry conditions for those trick-or-treaters. farther to the west chicago looks nice.
9:00 am
these and mild, same thing for st. louis and dry. that's the key component there. we are looking at some rain showers across south texas, san antonio around the del rio area and to the west, seattle and portland where you're going to have your highest chances of rain during trick or treating hours. maybe this may be a meteorologist -- be a meteorologist for halloween and you have the prop of the umbrella all ready to go and don't have to worry about the rain. >> i'm digging your earrings, those are skeletons. i love it. allison chinchar, thank you so much. i'm glad the kids will get a chance. even with some downpour that's not going to stop them. they are ready, so ready this year. thank you, alison. i'm fredricka in atlanta. see you at 2:00 eastern. right now coming up on cnn, dana bash talks with republican senator from florida, rick scott, and north carolina's democratic senate nominee sherry beasley.


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