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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  December 4, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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a child of nashville. [ applause ] child of nashville sitting in front pew of church with her great grandmother singing hymns and learning harmony. with her parents love she recorded her first album while still in high school. the start of more than three decade career and still counting. established a contemporary christian music as we know it today. six grammys. six grammys. 19 nominations. the first christian artist to be number one on the pop charts and her christian songs are playing on repeat in millions of homes across america. like the greatest she has -- i can't get over you, quite frankly. like the greatest, she writes songs from her soul. a joy, about loss and about
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healing, about ow mothers feel and how you make fpeople feel when you sing. and she does more than that. everywhere you turn in nashville, you see fellowship and established musical therapy at a children's hospital and for veterans struggling with the wounds of war playing benefit concerts for a long list of worthy causes. amy calls music a soul enlarging experience. in my church, st. augusta, it is slightly different. they said singing is praying twice. singing is praying twice. you understand when you hear amy grant sing. her voice, her voice is a true gift of god. and she shares with everyone. specially with her incredible family including her husband vince gill who has a pretty damn good voice himself. [ laughter ] amy, thank you for always keeping the faith. every time i walk out of my grandpa finnegan's house in
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scranton, i yell joey, keep the faith. no you spread it. thank you. [ applause ] we the people, we also hear goodness and grace of the one and only expressive soul, gladys knight. [ applause ] daughter of a man who grew up in a church choir and began performing with her brother and sisters and brothers and became nobody as gladys knight and the pips. you're on my recording. after six grammys and 20 nominations and including the best gospel album. 11 r and b albums, two number one top billboard hits.
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grammy hall of fame, rock and roll hall of fame, rhythm and blues hall of fame. she's performed on the biggest stages but a point of personal privilege, i think her performance in 1919 at the 100th anniversary of the state fair was pretty special. they're still talking about it, gladys. not a joke. not a joke. and down at the fair they speak like you do down in atlanta, you know what i mean. just a few days ago we observed world aids day, a much different day than during the worst of the epidemic in the 80s. back then gladys joins elton john, and stevie wonder, deon warwick and the benefits records to sing "that is what friends are for." it reaches number one on chart shattering the stigma and opening heartsm. you were there between each line of my pain and glory.
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gladys, your voice has folk spoken to what lifts our spirits and bring us together and makes us human. gladys, you are one of the best things to happen to any of us. [ applause ] so if you don't mind me saying it, we're going to get on that midnight train because i think i speak for all america when i say we would rather live in your world than be without you in ours. [ applause ] i am told i think i have about every one of her songs on my phone. because i remember them. she was only 12 when she was making them. and we the people, we all see courage and creativity. we heard tanya leon, born and raised in a working class
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havana. surrounded by the very sounds of cuba and the fusion of cultures and music. a young child who danced to the radio and not long after she learned to walk. and at age 4 her grandmother enrolled her in a music conservatory and she trained into her 20s to be a classical piano player and boarded a freedom flight to miami and the wake of the cuban revelation days later landed in new york city. over the next six decades she's became one of the most classical composures of our time. during the civil rights movement. she cofounded a first black classic ballet company. [ applause ] she also conducted the world renew hampshired new york philharmonic and worked to bring classical music beyond concert halls into city neighborhoods.
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she's a mentor and a professor, she champions new composures, ear earning dozens of honors. her deeping latin merkin fluns and classical music and it was president kennedy who laid the foundation that brought her to america and 55 years later she received a kennedy center honor and we thank you for breathing new sounds into the soul of the nation. [ applause ] we the people, we hear the words of one of my favorite poets of all time. my colleagues up in the united states senate used to kid me because i was quoting eyish poets on the floor. and i thought it was because i was irish. i did it because they're the
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best poets in the world. but we hear the words of yates, think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was i had such friends. words that echo from an island close to my heart. a dissentient, tonight we honor four sons of ireland, best friends who started a band as teenagers in dublin and became one of the greatest bands in history. larry, adam, bono, u2. [ applause ] and the irish are poetry in protest and rebellion and rejoicing and faith and hope and love and a belief in the dignity of all people. dignity is a very important word. and to quote my friend bono, music could clafrpg the world because it could change people. for more than 40 years u2 has
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changed the world. anthems about civil rights, solidarity of workers and a struggle for peace and ballads about -- 22 grammys and more wins than any group in history. 150 million albums. [ applause ] 150 albums sold among the most ever. and it is true that their music is a bridge between ireland and america. between two friends linked in memory and imagination. joined by our history and joined by a nostalgia for the future. they put down the things that are original quotes of presidents and senators. and only one they have listed for me is something that i realize i got from my family. and it is the irish are the only people in the world are always nostalgic about the future.
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[ laughter ] but it is more than that. more universal and for fundamental and from bloody bloody sunday to pride in the name of love, to ordinary love and speaking about the unspeakable, cost of hate and anger and division. the pain and suffering, the senseless loss of life and the inhumanity we inflict on each other as nations and people and in our own lives. all flowing from division that for all of us is visible manifestations live first and foremost in our hearts. just before america's bloody and deadly civil war, president lincoln wrote, we are not enemies. we must not be enemies. in the midst of the great division that was president lincoln's plea, he would do well to remember today. at a moment when there is too
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much hate. too much anger. too too much division here in america and frankly around the world. we have to remember today as our song goes, we're one but we're not the same. we get to carry each other. from this irish american president in a white house designed by irish hands who built it and designed it, i want to thank u2 for everything you've done. you ra really lift people up. thank you. [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, in 2022, kennedy center honorees, congratulations to you and your fonderful families and thank you for showing us the power of the arts and we the people. god bless you all and may god
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protect our troops. thank you. [ applause ] well you have been watching president biden right now is hosting some of the biggest names in entertainment at the white house. including george clooney and members of the band u2 as you could see, he is shaking the hands of some of the honorees. ahead of tonight's honors, arlette saenz is right there. quite a bit of glamour at the white house tonight. >> there are so many familiar faces and voices at the white house ahead of the kennedy center honors. this is one of the highest awards that those in arts and entertainment could receive here in the united states. and this reception that is being held at the white house is part of the tradition. president biden and first lady jill biden hosting each of the kennedy center honoreys and celebrating their life's work. you heard the president tick through all of the achievements that they've achieved in arts and culture from georgia
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clooney's movies to amy grant as a christian singer but he also spoke about some of the humanitarian work that they've done and spoke directly about their character. president biden said that this is a truly exception group of nominees. who embodies that phrase we the people. now the president and first lady will be on hand at the kennedy center honors later tonight. this is the second time they are attending the honors and this is the second time this week that they've had this night of glitz and glamour here at the white house. on thursday they hosted emmanuel macron which included people like john baptiste, the singer who president biden referenced from his remarks and he talked about the power that music and arts has to unite people. and that is part of why he is celebrating these honorees at the white house here tonight. >> arlette saenz live from the white house. thank you. and still ahead, in the "newsroom," a florida police chief under investigation for
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using her badge to get out of a traffic stop. see the body camera video. and plus day and night residents and tourists flock to see the molten lava. how with the national park handle this surge? we're going to ask into and later tonight, deshaun watson does not get a warm welcome as he suits up for his first real game with the cleveland browns. kills 99.9.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't. you spend the holidays making everyone else smile, but what about your smile? it needs care too, and when it does, aspen dental is here for you. this season, and every season, we offer the cusm dental treatments you need, all under one roof, right nearby. so, we can bring more life to your smil and more smile to your life, affordably. new patients without insurance can get a free complete exam and x-rays, and 20% off treatment plans.
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i'm on top of the world. i'm looking for someone who likes to be in the middle of it all, but also likes some peace and quiet. you hungry? i know a place, and few others nearby. it's the city that never sleeps, but hey, if you need the rest, i've got you covered. the top cop in a major u.s. city is on administrative leave this afternoon. tampa police chief mary o'connor is accused of abusing her power during a traffic stop. and the brazen exchange is captured by the body cam of the deputy who stopped o'connor and her husband. >> is your camera on? >> it is. >> i'm the police chief in tampa. >> oh, how are you doing. >> i'm doing good. >> okay, .
2:18 pm
>> i'm hoping that you'll let us go tonight. >> you look familiar, so. >> i'm sure i did. >> leyla santiago joins us with more of the recording. so what is chief o'connor saying about this? >> well she's saying she understands why some might think that this was an inappropriate action. but she said it was not her intent. this is all captured on video very quick exchange and it was less than two minutes. and so let's go ahead and walk you through what led up to this. in the video, you see that there was a traffic stop. this happened november 12th. so about three weeks ago. and the traffic stop showed that a golf cart is pulled over. mary o'connor, the chief was in the passenger seat. her husband was driving. and the deputy explained to them why he pulled them over. he said that the golf cart was pulled over because it was on a public road with the inappropriate tags. but watch the full exchange.
2:19 pm
>> is your camera on? >> it is. >> i'm the police chief in tampa. >> oh, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. >> okay. >> i'm hoping that you'll let us go tonight. >> okay, now that you sigh that, you look familiar. >> i'm sure i do. >> okay. all right, folks, have a good night. >> we live in east lake villages. >> well it is nice to meet you. i'm deputy jacoby. >> same here, my friend. take care of yourself. sorry to bother you. >> no worries. like i say, we have a lot of problem with the golf carting around here. >> we don't normally come out. >> we never come out. >> but the park was closed so we went to the greek place to get some food. >> gotcha. all right. well then take care and it is nice meeting you. >> all right. >> if you ever need anything call me. >> appreciate that.
2:20 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you for yours. take care. >> reporter: so you see her say hoping you'll let us go. that is exactly what happened. and she said that she has called the sheriff's office since to offer to pay any potential fine that would be associated to that traffic stop and also said that she understands why someone would think that is inappropriate but that was not her intent because she knew she was being recorded at the time. so let's see what the mayor has to say about this. the mayor saying we hold everyone accountable no matter their position and this behavior was unacceptable. chief o'connor will go through the due process and face appropriate discipline. and now there is an open investigation and she'll be on administrative leave until that investigation is complete. >> all right, leyla santiago,
2:21 pm
thank you. and let's dig deeper. and joining is sergeant sheryl dorsey and the author of black and blue, the creation of a social advocate. sergeant, thank you for joining us. so how serious do you think this is? >> listen, it is really not that big of a deal. she didn't do anything that every police officer hasn't done. and let's not pretend that sexism just only occurs in the rank and file. i mean, there have been at least six female police chiefs who have been run out on the rails since 2020 for one reason or another. and so listen, it is a catch 22. if she hadn't id'd herself, and someone would have say why did the chief i.d. herself. we do that expecting professional courtesy like when you run into your colleagues so i think in this case chief o'connor doesn't have her cart connected to the right horse. one of the city council members didn't want her selected anyway. and so now, because it is a
2:22 pm
patriarchal society, they'll decide what kind of discipline they'll meet out. it would be a reprimand, it could be a paper penalty or days after and/or termination. >> so you think that the way she's been treated is a case of sexism but that is more of the reaction and not the behavior we're seeing in the video. isn't there a double standard here because she's the police chief and because she shows her badge she's left off the hook when that wouldn't happen to a private citizen and as we've seen in the video, she offered her business card seeing reach out any time. does that really pass the smell test? >> well, listen, we always show our badges when we're stopped. i do. every time i'm stopped, we don't carry badges on the west coast but i show my i.d. because i want you to know who i am. and that is not uncommon and the mayor knows that and every other male officer knows that this occurs. the misstep was when she said i
2:23 pm
hope you could let us go. she should have just kept her mouth shut because the officer would have respected her rank and let her go but now they want to make a big deal because they didn't want her to have that position to start. >> let me ask you, have you ever been in a position like this, where an officer stopped you and you showed your badge and you were let off the hook when perhaps a private citizen wouldn't have been seen the same. >> every time i've stopped and i've stopped police officers during any 20-year kaer ear and the moment they recognize themselves as a fellow officer, and i say thank you, and slow down or whatever it is. they all do that. and so i don't know why they're making suppose a big deal about it. the misstep was when she said i hope you could let me go. she should have just said nothing. >> as you're saying this is a common practice among cops, you know, a wink and hey, okay we're on the same team, i'll let you go. is that really right, though? should that be a common practice in your view? >> is it right?
2:24 pm
that is up for whoever to decide whether or not it is right. it is what happens. it is the culture. and listen, this was a traffic stop. there was a time when a police officer might pull over another police officer who is dye dui and back in the day they put you in the patrol car and drive you home. we know something similar to that happened i think it was in detroit or chicago with the superintendent who got stopped drunk and what did they do? let him go. so this happens all of the time. >> all right, retired lapd sergeant sheryl dorsey. thank you for joining the show tonight. we appreciate it. a look at the eruption of the mauna loa volcano in hawaii. and it is also becoming a tourist attraction. we'll speak with a national parks spokesperson about how they're handling it up next. and cnn will have full coverage of the race between raphael warnock and herschel walker and i'll see you there on tuesday at the voting desk. diren the nerve.
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lava continues to flow from hawaii's mauna loa volcano with molten rock creeping closer to the island's main highway. right now it is moving just 40 feet per hour. but officials are warning that it could be unpredictable. and that is not stopping some folks getting a closer look as tourists and locals want to see it in action. ben haze is a spokesperson for hawaii voik national park and tasked with keeping spectators safe during this historic eruption. everything is side, the threat that this poses, it is a
2:30 pm
beautiful sight. and crowds are flocking to see it. what kind of crowds are you seeing there and just the reaction to this? >> well, visitation has been steady but not overwhelming to the national park. since the mauna loa eruption began. most of the visitation is occurring on the north side of mauna loa at the highway itself. and that is managed by the county. we're in a little bit of a lull after thanksgiving right now. but we expect visitation to increase, the closer we goet to the holidays which is our busiest time of the year. our message is to arrive before 9:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. for the best experience. >> so we also know that some native hawaiis feel a sacred connection to the volcanos. here is some residents describing that spiritual meaning of this eruption. let's listen. >> this is very significant. like my wife, we made les on aa
2:31 pm
wahoo and to come as respect. >> it is all beautiful for us. we may huge deference to this. it is a big deal. >> so tell us a little bit more about the eruptions cultural significance if you could? >> well i'm talking to you from the summit of kilauea which is the other erupting volcano here on the island of hawaii. and similar to mauna loa, kilauea is a sacred place, the summits are very important to native hawaiians. and what we're witnessing is considered by many people to be as described by your guest as a sacred event. so we're always reminding visitors to be respectful when visiting the park and the island, because in many cases you're visiting someone else's church. and so it is important to make sure that you're self-aware and not disturbing other people's spiritual experiences. >> and they're bringing offerings. to this the site, right?
2:32 pm
>> that is right. that is called -- [ speaking non-english ] and it is practiced here at how volcanos and throughout hawaii. it is very much connected to the lava landscapes and particularly when their are eruptions we see a lot of those practitioners arriving at the park and practicing their culture. >> how close to the lava are spectators able to get. because when you heard about the crowds rushing to see this eruption, you're initialer thought might be well that could be dangerous. is it? >> it can be. the biggest hazards from a volcano eruption are the gases, the sulfur dioxide and so that is -- as well as particulates tho that fall from the plume. and so that is that we're definitely reminding visitors. we do have a gas monitoring
2:33 pm
network in the park and throughout the island so visitors could get real data. but also we're seeing an uptick in vehicular accidents and distracted driving, obviously when your driving by one of the largest volcanos on the planet erupting, it going to turn your head. so we ask visitors to drive carefully and concentrate on the road. there are a lot of drivers on the island going to see this eruption and we want everyone to arrive safely to their destination. >> besides car accidents, what about the threat to the highway, from what wyou've seen do you think the lava will reach the road and if it does, what does that mean for travel there on the island? >> well, it is approaching the road but it is slowed significantly over the last several days. and it is -- usgs has reported that it is impossible to say which direction it will go. it continues to flow through a flat area and so it is slowed,
2:34 pm
it is inflated and it has growing out on all sides in the flat area. so, they have forecast that at the current rate of flow, that it will be at least two weeks before it reaches the highway. but this eruption as all mauna loa eruptions are, is very dynamic and could change quickly. so it is important for us and for everyone to keep monitoring. the updates from the civil defense and from united states geological service. >> all right. ben haze, thank you so much. welcome damage due to gunfire, at two power stations in north carolina cuts electricity to more than 40,000 residents and police are now searching for the perpetrators. what we're learning about this investigation, up next. it was a time machine. (whispering) hellllo hello anybody there?
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well a group known as the
2:39 pm
dancing grannys is is making its return to the streets of walka shaw, wisconsin. these are live pictures from our affiliate. it is the first christmas parade since november 21st of last year when a mann intentionally drove on the parade route killing six people including four affiliated with the dancing grannies. and this morning fredricka whitfield talked to one of the members. >> there were many ups and downs. challenges. you know, so many different things when this happened, of course everybody is in shock. we don't know, we didn't know what hit us. we didn't know anything at that time. trying to deal with what did happen to the group, you know, the four that we lost, the injured, are we going to keep this group going?
2:40 pm
you know, just everything. and when this happened, of course, it was right at the beginning of the holiday season so not only do we have to deal with the tragedies and everything, but our own personal lives, our holiday seasons, and, again, talking and planning and everything as far as if or how are we going to move this group forward. >> several family members of those killed will also be in the parade. carrying pictures of their loved ones. well residents in north carolina moore county are under atargeted attack. authorities say multiple power stations were damaged by gunfire early saturday night. leaving more than 40,000 people without power potentially for several more days. cnn's gloria pazmino joins us
2:41 pm
with latest what do we know so far? >> reporter: absolutely, pamela. a strange story. the more that we learn about it, we heard from local officials in the area moore county who said they believe this was absolutely an intentional and targeted attack as you said. those power stations sustaining a gunfire. multiple rounds fired into the two substations that are gone out causing the power to go out for more than 40,000 people in the area. this is moore county, located about 90 miles east of charlotte. and it is winter. it is cold there tonight. so thousands of people having to be without electricity. and in what appears to be a really complicated repair process going forward. that is part of what we know as you also mentioned tonight authorities there will be instituting a mandatory curfew beginning at 9:00 p.m. this evening. they're asking people to stay off the roads because the
2:42 pm
electricity is out, power and traffic signals are not working so they are trying to avoid accidents on the road. i want to play you some sound from a press conference that we had with local officials just a short while ago where they gave us an update about what they know but they made it very clear that they're not sure what is the motive behind this attack. >> no motivation, nobody -- no group has stepped up to acknowledge or accept it that they're the ones that have done it. i call them cowards. i could say this, this individual that done this, it was targeted, it wasn't random. >> describing that targeted attack and that plan to go in there and shoot into the power stations, even one of the doors, one of the gates that leads into the power station was completely
2:43 pm
taken off the hinges. and was found on the floor this morning. and pam, just another note that is very concerning, officials acknowledging that the kind of damage that the plant sustained is likely to take days to repair. schools will be canceled in the area tomorrow and residents will be looking sat a couple of days without power. so a concerning situation considering the weather and the fact that people rely on electricity for so many basic needs. >> yeah. absolutely. it is just awful for them. just awful. gloria, thank you. well this week the biden administration will make the case to congress for more aid to ukraine, retired colonel cedrick lay ton is back at the magic wall to show us where the fight stands right now and how more assistance from m congress coul help. we'll be right b back.
2:44 pm
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next wednesday the senate will get a classified briefing on ukraine as the biden administration pushes for an additional $37 billion in aid. but that could be the last aid for a while. some republicans in the house say it is time to cut off kyiv. cnn military analyst colonel cedrick layton joins us now. and they say that russians are firing dummy missiles to exhaust ukraine air defenses so these are weapons that could carry nuclear warheads, right, but they're not. how much is this exhausting the ukrainians? >> this is a big deal and here
2:49 pm
is an actual dummy warhead that the russians sent over to ukraine. there is nothing in there except the metal that makes this thing up and if it hits something, it could do a lot of damage. but there is no explosive cape ability here. it is just in essence, except for the fuel in there, it is just a big impact. and that is going to create a large problem and the key thing here is there are so many of these that they could throw at the ukrainians and what overwhelming the air defenses and makes it harder for the ukrainians to discern which of the missiles they need to knock out of the sky. these are not that important. the ones that are important are the ones with the real warheads. >> but you can't tell just from looking at that. so they have -- they have to protend as though every single one of them contained a nuclear warhead. >> that is right. >> i want to home in the city of back mood. because ukrainians said that is a main target for the russians right now. so what is the assess. of of fighting there.
2:50 pm
>> this is it right here. in the eastern part of the donetsk region that ukraine controls for the moment. but what the ukrainians need to do is they need to protect the soldiers there and what the russians are doing is they're trying to encircle the area from the north and from the south. so if they do this, the ukrainians that are there risk being captured or the city of course risks being taken over, retaken by the russians. if that happens, the fighting that you see in this particular city is going to get really intense. it seems like this, with machine gunners and buildings and firing at the opposition, that is going to be a key part of the area. and the city itself has a lot of -- a lot of issues from previous fighting. about 70,000 people the destruction here is just absolutely incredible and it's something that would, you know, continue of course with fighting
2:51 pm
like this and so the ukrainians have to be careful that can stave the russians off but they have to know when and where the russians are moving. >> russians may be getting more help. they'll been talking with belarus in recent days, tell us about the role belarus could play here. >> belarus is to the north of ukraine, in the northwestern and northern parts of the country, it borders right along here and it's very close to kyiv, from the first part of the war that when the russians came in to capture this area, they captured areas around here and around here, the big effort was designed to actually go in and try to take kyiv, they were unsuccessful in doing that but if the russians and the belarusians come together again and it becomes part of the russian army they could potentially open up another front and that other front could move against kyiv once again so this is very dangerous thing and
2:52 pm
when the russian defense minister met with his counterpart it was very clear they're trying to establish a relationship and even deepen the relationship that already exists between the two countries. belarus is russia's allegely and they'll try to make this ally part of their relationship even more meaningful from the russian standpoint and it's very likely they could actually use the forces to move into this area, so the ukrainians also have to be careful on that front. >> very quickly, we're almost a year into this war are you surprised they didn't do this sooner. >> yes, the belarussians, they could have used these forces but there were elements within the high ar i can that were opposed. >> all right, colonel, thanks so much. the georgia bulldogs are the number one seed when the college
2:53 pm
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- [announcer] do you have an invention idea but don't know what to do next? call invent help today. they can help you get started with your idea. call now 800-710-0020. two many countries are out of the world cup and the final four of college football is set, patrick snell joins us now, all right, let's start with the college football national semifinalists, two teams
2:58 pm
no-brainers the other two had some trouble on the road to the playoff, right? >> oh, sports can be so cruel at times, pamela, a wild weekend, two of the top four team losing their conference championship games, texas christian university falling to kansas state and university of southern california losing to utah but the top team in the nation, those georgia bulldogs taking care of business against lsu in the s.e.c. championship and second-place michigan seeing off purdue in the big ten championship as well and in the college football playoff, here's what we flow now, we know who will play who on new year's eve. tcu will face ohio state. the buckeyes make it there in end. alabama will miss the playoffs for just the second time and number two michigan will face number three tcu, the national championship will be decided january 9th in l.a. all right, let's move on to
2:59 pm
other type of football. the pressure is really ratcheted up. france, the absolute star of the show sunday against poland, he also scored in the 2018 final in russia against croatia and then before the end of 23 with his now-tournament high, a stunning strike, 3-1 the final. a penalty for the poles right at the end. france get the job done. where they will face the country of my homeland, england, with three different scorers in their n over senegal. the skipper mr. harry kanne scoring his first goal of this world cup, huge relief for him but a goal, pam, that brings his total 11 world cup goals, the most ever for any english player.
3:00 pm
really cool piece of history. right back to you, pam. >> all right, patrick snell, thanks as always. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. a tampa police chief placed on leave after flashing her badge during a traffic stop. >> is your camera on? >> it is. >> i'm the police chief in tampa, i'm hoping you'll let us go. >> i'm hopeful everybody comes together, finds a way to govern together, otherwise we'll be squandering this majority. >> he won't be speaker. he doesn't have the votes to get to 218. >> i'm confident that kevin mccarthy will have 218 votes on january 3rd. >> with dancing grannies make an emotional comeback after members were killed in the parade attack. >> what happened to the group, you know, before that we lost the injured, it's going to be an
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