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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 1, 2023 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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hear you... you're froze-- ladies, please! you put it on airplane mode when you pass our house. i was trying to work. we're workin' it too. yeah! work it girl! woo! i want to hear you say it out loud. well, i could switch us to xfinity. those smiles. that's why i do what i do. that and the paycheck. good evening, we begin tonight with breaking news. tonight, for the first-time, attorneys for hunter biden have publicly acknowledged it was his personal data on a laptop that was left in a delaware repair shop. it may also be a sign there going on the offensive.
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as you, know the laptop has become the focus of president biden's political opponent, a source of embarrassing allegations about his son's personal affairs, as well as a figurative side dish to a main course of what could be serious legal trouble for the younger biden. at the moment, the potential legal and political fallout, i news itself and see cnn's jessica schneider. for so four years, now republicans have been going off about this laptop, and hunter biden never publicly acknowledge that it was his. why is he taking legal steps now? >> yet, the really ramping up their approach here, anderson, and it's really coming at the same time that they are getting themselves for a real fight with congressional republicans. so, what they're doing tonight, they're fighting back against a number of people they say allegedly got into hundred biden's laptop, that was led to that deliver computer repair shop, and they're fighting back against people who allegedly disseminated the contents of this laptop. because these are the not tops that contained salacious materials, all predict purportedly belong to hunter biden. so biden is
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saying, is, this was all weaponized against hunter biden, and his father, all in the lead up to the 2020 election. tonight, what they're asking, for is their plan pushing for the delivery state attorney general, and the justice department, to investigate and bring charges against everyone they say was allegedly charged in going into the laptop, and then disseminating all this information. this is what hunter biden's look lawyer, abbe lowell is now saying. he's saying, this failed, dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation, and manipulation of mr. biden's private and personal information. max isaacs, the repair shop owner, wrestlers in a lawful conduct, allowed for hundreds of gigabytes of mr. biden's personal data, without any discretion, to be circulated around the internet. and anderson, this aggressive approach, it signals what is it significant change of strategy from hunter biden. he's brought in new lawyers to help defend him from this attack from
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republicans, house republicans, house republicans are probing hunter biden's business dealings so now they are fighting back on his laptop issue, and of course of the same time, anderson, hunter biden is facing this ongoing unrelated federal criminal investigation into his taxes, and also possible false statements were making a gun purchase. so lot ramping up when it comes to his legal team. >> and hunter biden's attorneys are just asking for an investigation of the computer repair shop. rudy giuliani and other right-wing figures, who else can be caught up in this? >> yeah, they are naming several people here. we have a number of letters here that they've been sending out. this includes the computer repair shop owner, like you said, rudy giuliani, also steve bannon, who of course was a top advisor in trump's white house for several months. a number of other right-wing figures that they say helped distribute all this information, that is reported to be from his laptop.
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our team has reached out to all the people named in the letters, no response also from the attorney generals office in delaware, also the doj. under biden's legal team, really opening another front of aggression here, just as inquiries from house republicans can also be intensifying. so fighting on many fronts here tonight, anderson. >> i want to go to the white house, to cnn's how mattingly, anyone there? >> officials have long taken the approach of deferring all questions related to hunter biden's legal issues to hunter biden's lawyers, and in part has been a deliberate effort to all of the president, while off the white house from anything legal related to his son. but this is also very sensitive topic, and officials acknowledge that the shift in pasta of seen tonight from hunter biden's lawyers, is not something that was really recommended by many the presidents close advisers. they wanted him to keep a more low profile. and i think that gets to the reality here, the president is very deeply protective of his son, and the recovery from substance abuse is pursued over the course of the past several years, and obviously remains close and speaks often to his son.
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however, when it comes to white house officials, they make clear, to the extent that they can have bright lines, even if that means trying to craft agreements to ensure that there's separation between hunter biden's legal issues in the white house, that is where they weigh in. >> our white house officials concerned that the republican-led congressional hearings into hunter biden's life and career, that are expected, can anger the president that he feels compelled to say something? or would it impact his reelection bid, if that in fact happens? >> you know, anderson, it's very clear white house facials know how personal this is to the president. it's interesting that it's actually the inverse when you talk to them. they believe that politically that this has far more of an impact on a negative matter to the republicans, then it does the president himself. they think is very obviously politically motivated, white house officials today spoke into, and at some level they believe that is just following the lead of former president donald trump, who obviously pursued similar issues, when that led to his impeachment, his first impeachment back when he was president. i think one thing, when you talk to white house officials, they make clear they have internal polling --
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doesn't rank anywhere near the top of the issues that they see, when they get their poles back, and that's why they've remained a pretty laser focus on the presidents agenda. but he's trying to accomplish on the policy side of things, ignoring or trying to differentiate shoes. making clear that they will engage with congressional committees on these issues, if they're done in good faith, implicitly, and that's if they don't think that investigations into the presidents failings are being done in good faith. when it comes to the election, if this will have any impact on this, they're still full speed ahead on that front of this time, right now it's clear they think the political advantage on these issues action and their site, not the republicans. >> phil mattingly, thanks for more and illegal political implications, which are two very different sides of this. john is now senior law enforcement analyst and mccabe, and senior political
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commentator and illinois republican congressman and in cases we, are and chief political correspondent, and coordinator if cnn state of the union. andrew, from a legal perspective, how significant do you think these moves are by attorneys for hunter biden? but expect the response to be? >> i think they're very significant, anderson, and i think they're probably a little late. this is a position that hunter biden probably should've taken a long time ago, of course, in the history of this issue. he's basically recasting himself here as the victim of potential cybercrimes. and traffic in stolen property, and other issues like that. you have hunter biden's lawyers bringing these claims to the relevant law enforcement, the heads of the relevant law enforcement agency here both the department of justice and the national security division, and in the state of delaware saying hey are klein has been victimized by this trafficking of this material, that is consent, this may have been exceeding the authorization that the repair shop had to access files, and you certainly
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didn't have his permission to share information with anybody else. i think it's an aggressive but in a program move at this point. >> congressman, they've acknowledged that that is in fact does not, talk which evan really done before. we the information whether it was legal or not to obtain it, it is out there from now, from this laptop, do you expect these legal moves in any way to give them pause, or change the situation of the actual vest a gay shuns. >> i don't think so it, all i've never understood why this has been. and it's not even all republicans that are really push in hunter biden laptop thing. it's basically the freedom caucus in a few others, this is political gold within the right wing. this is what you need to lead on if you want to win a primary. but many in the gop have long ago given up trying to attract a middle, or even trying to win over some democrats. i don't think it's gonna change your fervency and doing this, it's not gonna
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change the fact that will be pretty much a sole focus of the oversight in the new urbanization committee, and quite honestly i don't think it's gonna move the needle one way or another. i don't think anybody's gonna vote republican that didn't or wouldn't have, because of hunter biden's laptop, hunter biden is not the president of the united states. he's not a u. s. senator or congressman. he's a private citizen, what he did is the jurisdiction of the fbi, and i think most americans understand that that doesn't belong, necessarily, on the front page of political action. >> dana, you hear phil mattingly talk about how officially the white house doesn't want be seen as having anything to do with this, is that realistic given how much the president likes to speak off the cuff, and how protective the is of his family? >> unclear, it's a really good question, he has tried to be very very cautious as you mentioned,, and as phil was talking about, in simply referring to her son obviously someone who loves, and somebody who has had a lot of troubles with substance abuse, et cetera,
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but it is really noteworthy, anderson, that hunter biden has made this decision now to change course and and hiring abbe lowell who's a very well-known lawyer, who's been working for decades here in washington, on cases like, this very high profile cases, he's a take no prisoners kind of attorney, hunter biden knew what he was getting when he hired abby, we and this is the kind of thing that he clearly wants to do, and i agree with andy, it is really unclear why, if there is a potential case there against these actors, rudy giuliani, steve bannon, and others, who have the data whether it's actually from the laptop or some other way, they have, not 100 biden team has not gone after them, before, because the only thing we've ever heard from hunter, he's really been opaque. he had a book that came, out he answered a couple of questions about
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these issues, but not much. but he's been able to be defined by these republicans. when -- you see the presidency and changing course in terms of his legal and political strategy. >> and you're, going after whoever trafficked in this laptop, and the data that was on it. it doesn't bring the data back. whatever is out there is out there for those in congress who want to investigate and use it however they want to. >> yeah, i agree with, that anderson. but i see this less as a matter of trying to recover data -- that you mentioned, is already out in the, wild and more of an effort to recast hunter biden is the
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victim here, rather than the perpetrator of some sort of crime. it's still not clear to me what this laptop would be evidence of any crime, anyway. we know that the fbi went and seized it from the computer shop operator. with a subpoena, which would have likely need a search warrant, to actually win to something, it's a, little confusing to me how they would've predicated even a request for a search warrant. this is handwriting going on offense, and saying hey, i'm tired of being the target of all these attacks, in fact i've been the victim, and the one that's have my private information lawfully access, distributed, and then shared with the world. >> andrew, this is clearly being done ahead of those hearings, it's not a coincidence, do you think, this is happening just ahead of the hearings, and any potential justice department move into the investigation into his attacks. congressman kinzinger, the timing of this certainly seems related?
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>> yeah, i think it is related, once you when the democrats had control the house, leave the hundred by the lotto story was on certain cable news channels, on the internet, untapped radio, now this will be because of congress's oversight because of their ability to set the agenda, this will now be quote on quote, a legitimate discussion topic. and i think if i was advising the hunter biden team, i'm not a lawyer, that's what i'd say, so you have to go on offense on this. there is no difference in having stolen the data, a computer shop owner, who hunter biden gave a laptop to to fix, who stole his data, which is to me has been incredible from the very beginning that has not been a bigger story. this is the equivalent of hacking into somebody. and to celebrate, this and say there's no problem, never understood it. i think
9:14 pm
it's a really dangerous path for the gop to go down. >> one of the things that biden is asking the authorities to investigate, is rudy giuliani, is it clear to you that he's still active in the world of far-right conspiracy theories and legal battles? is he still trying to take hunter biden down? we haven't heard much about him. >> because he's trying to defend his own reputation, his own legal standing. >> does he have a reputation or legal standing? >> well look, he's under fire for sure. reputation aside, he's trying to defend himself on the legal front, which is, in part, why the hunter biden legal team now put this out we because there are a series of republicans, and those actors, who are already kind of back on their heels, another issues, and this is certainly another issue. the answer is, probably? he's on the phone a lot, making calls, and it wouldn't surprise me if used continue to do this with this. i want to make a quick point to underscore what
9:15 pm
jessica schneider talked about of the beginning, which is that this is a completely separate issue from the justice department do an investigation with a trump appointed u. s. attorney in delaware, different issues. >> and you can, zucker angel, mckay for next, tyre nichols funeral, the local da on many more hours of video on this killing they consume come out with the da has to say about what's in the videos, in particular the audio he says is particularly important. also, my conversation with the mother of breonna taylor, it was at the funeral today, and later new reporting on congressman george santos, back when most people nearby different him entirely.
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>> on the day of tyre nichols funeral in memphis, we learned there could be more video of his fatal counter with police. wolf blitzer asked this the attorney steve mulroy about that on the situation room. >> what are those new videos and none of us have seen yet? what do they show? >> probably, most useful for the audio, as opposed to the video, because the relevant parts of the first incident, and then the second is and where the beating took place, are already out there for the video that's been released. but there is a lot of footage, maybe as much as 20 hours, and some of it i think maybe more
9:20 pm
relevant because of the, audio i mean a lot of it depicts things that take place after the beating has already occurred, and people are sort of talking afterwards, even after the ambulance takes mr. nichols away. >> at the funeral today, calls for justice and change from vice president harris and others, but also reminders of who we was, the life you lived, and the people he was taken from >> we i see the world showing him love, and fighting for his justice. we but all i want is my baby brother back. >> tyre nichols was a young father, a skateboarder, photographer, and his son. there is his mom today. >> the only thing that is keeping me going, is the fact that i really truly believe believe that my son was sent up on an assignment from god. and i guess now his assignment is
9:21 pm
done. and he's been taken home. >> tanika palmer was at the service, today her daughter was shot and killed by police in louisville three years ago this month, attorney ben crump paid tribute to both, today. >> many of you may have heard about this coincidence we, the breonna taylor and tyre nichols were born on the same day, and the same year. june 5th, 1993. so i want to acknowledge to micah palmer, and i know you said it back so much memory in pain, when you find out it was the same birthday. so if you will stand, to make a, palmer let's at
9:22 pm
least acknowledge breonna taylor's mother. >> tameka palmer spoke with those just before airtime to micah thanks so much for joining us can you just tell us what was a like to be a tyree nichols funeral today? >> emotional. the room was filled with a lot of families, out to support tyre nichols family. so i guess that's the good part in it. they're just was so emotional. >> when you heard the tyree embryonic share the same, birthday even the same year, june 5th 1993, that's extraordinary. >> it is. it just brought a lot back to me that is very emotional, learning that. just to me, you know, he could've been my kid, he is the same age as my kid. and to have died with the same fate.
9:23 pm
>> during the service, many people were calling for the passage of the george floyd justice in policing act. they have any hope that any kind of police reform legislation can actually get past? >> it has to. hope is such a word for it, because we've been holding out hope for so long. i don't know if we can continue the way that we had, something has to happen. >> every time there is a killing like this. every time there is a tragedy like this, it must bring it all back free, not that it ever goes away free. >> it definitely brings it back. you know, with
9:24 pm
everything they got is going on, i can't believe officers are still choosing to billy haven this manner. i think you want to be on your best behavior, and kind of make sure people around you are doing the same thing. >> do you think, with greater use of police body cameras, that would happen, the people would realize the cameras are on, and even this case, in tyrece case, the cameras were, on the debate they did, and seem like police reports right afterward were doctored up, were false. >> well that's the problem, you can have the cameras on all day, long but until you actually start holding these people accountable, that's where we fall short at, you know people are standing behind quota fide immunity and that will always be a problem.
9:25 pm
>> eric garner's mom was on cnn earlier, and said that it takes into old wounds and she lives her son's death over and over again. obviously you talked about this as this brings it all back for you. to see so many other parents there, and spouses the, siblings who have lost loved ones. it's obviously a group nobody wants to be part of, and it is their connection that you instantly have with everybody? >> absolutely. to be in the room with people who know exactly how you feel. people you don't have to explain to,, what you're going through and how you feel, and the angry or holding, or the disbelief. you don't have to explain that to these, people because they know exactly how to feel. >> ben crump, nichols family attorney, says that the swift action by memphis officials, and charging officers in less in a month since nichols death. that should be, what he calls the blueprint going forward, do you think this will be the blueprint going forward?
9:26 pm
>> i would like to hope so. i definitely think that it gives us hope to see that people do know that they can give justice quickly. it doesn't have to be a thing going on for 23 5:10 years. >> so make a polymer, i pga talking to you, i know you've had a long day and i really appreciate you taking the time. >> absolutely, thank you. >> she talked to us from the airport on the way home. just ahead there's breaking news on new information about a federal investigation to congressman george santos, that's ahead. ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix,
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>> new information tonight. even by george santos standards, one of the bizarre and frankly disturbing allegations. possible financial fraud as well. involved his association with a veteran in new jersey whose dog was dying and desperately needed surgery. told cnn that santos helped raise money to aid the dog using a gofundme page.
9:31 pm
almost and living in a tent, says he never saw the roughly $3,000 that was raised and later his dog died. cnn's omar tremendous joins us with the story. >> the navy veteran, he told us today that two fbi agents came to his home today to ask about the ordeal. he has said that santos helped save money for life saving surgery for his dog. never got that money. the dog died four months later. turnover text messages that he'd exchange for santos back in 2016. run when this ordeal happened. a very tough time as he detailed and when he spoke about this to cnn a few weeks ago, this was a little of what he said. >> do you have a heart? do you have a soul? you could probably lie about that. i mean, i don't want you to hurt anybody like you heard me again, george, and nobody else should ever have to go through that, i almost killed myself when that dog died. that's why i'm here, i
9:32 pm
don't want him to be able to do this again. >> and, on the latest developments, a spokesman for the u. s. attorney's office for the eastern district of new york, to not have a comment here, neither did george santos when he was asked about it on capitol hill today. now, when the story was coming out just last month santos said that he had no idea about all this but obviously those are claims that he's making a big install those of ossoff's. >> reportedly, seems like he has some text messages. if there is there any sense of a timeline, that the fbi was talking to the veteran today, a timeline of their investigation? >> well he's got a lot of investigations going on at this point to his personal finances, and his campaign finances. i love used one congressman from new york does believe that this investigation could move much quicker than those on the campaign finance side. to use his words, he said that u. s.
9:33 pm
attorneys are the only ones they can move at the pace necessary to get some answers on a normal timetable here but obviously a lot of questions, not a whole lot of answers. >> omar jimenez, thank you very, much i'm joined by omar, kaczynski that has a new report on cnn. com, it pieces together new information about george santos when most people knew him is anthony devolder. what did you discover about the evolution of anthony devolder into george santos? >> what we found is pretty interesting. before 2019 he didn't post really about politics at all. he posted about celebrities, he wanted a real housewives talk show, and took a selfie. big lady gaga fan. but around 2019, january, this starts to change. we -- people in new york specifically like aoc, chuck schumer, it wasn't really getting attention, no one was responding to him, and he gets sort of this pick
9:34 pm
up when he joins this group of sort of diverse pro trump activists in new york city the republican party was attempting to diversify. and here comes called anthony devolder still this time, he's, young he's gay he's latino and he's allegedly according to him a very successful. >> so that's how i began to make inroads with republicans? >> the first instance we found where you really start connecting, people as of march 2019, there is this rally in new york city a trump tower, as with republicans in the tri-state area, there's video online of him yelling at another guy, who basically came to rebel rise of the confederate flag, kind of to go home. the next couple of days he ten seasons for this movement, which is called the
9:35 pm
walkway movement. it's basically this movement to take people who are traditionally members of the democratic coalition, women, people of color, and tell them to leave the democratic party and come to the republican party. he attends these events he says i'm entitled are, a very successful, i'm game latino, most importantly to these people he's a trump supporter. >> at what point to see decide to run for congress? >> we find these events, he's making connections, he's making connections that these, vance they see his story, which they find personally compelling. >> mom died in 9/11, holocaust survivor grandparents. >> 11 years he said working on wall street. and he says that facebook group at the same time, called united for trump 2020,
9:36 pm
like you talked about this earlier he had a goal gofundme, amy these grandiose provinces. and around 20, 19 at the end of the year, he starts going to queens events, he's running for office, under a new name, for -- >> he goes to queens -- >> he's meeting people, he even had a public access talk show and queens. means doing it now under this name george santos, but even confuse people who knew him we have audio of him introducing itself as a speaker, and it's like who's this guy, i thought his name was something else. >> difficult that? we have audio that. >> folks, another important speaker, another congressional nominee. george santos. george, who we know as a friend, and is known as anthony devolder to me, so i don't know where george santos came into the thing, because it says here.
9:37 pm
>> i'm a victim of of circumstances, says george anthony devolder santos. >> that is actually his name, i posted a tweet whence, webb countered ten different names we used, george santos, anthony santos, george devolder, anthony sabraw ski, no one knows where that one came from. we reached out to his office, to his attorney, and we asked about his evolution of, we got here, like most people, we didn't hear back. >> that's not gonna happen, at least for a while. and your concern, ski fascinating, up on cnn. com. a new video played at the outset murdoch double murder trial. a tape they believe undercuts this claim that it wasn't at the scene of the killings will, see that next. so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪3, 4♪ ♪
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he's murder allen murdoch claimed he wasn't at the scene where his wife and younger son were dead, until law enforcement he was visiting mother before he returned, her home discovering their bodies. >> maggie is a dog lover, and i knew she had gone to the kennel. i was at the white house, i left the house and went to my mom's. >> security played footage they believe undercuts that ally, randi kaye was back in the south carolina courtroom today. >> this is the video the prosecutors believe put abbots alex murdoch at the murder
9:42 pm
scene, around the time his wife and son were killed. and computer crimes expert, testifying for the state, city extract this video from paul murdoch's home, several months after his death. the video shows a dog, but it's now the jury sees on the video that is critical to the states case. it's what they hear on its. >> what do you hear in the video? >> you hear three different voices in the video. you can tell because they're so different, you can tell that there are different voices. >> listen closely. >> and this, time the state is gonna publish that video, it's not under seal. >> i, is got a bird in his mouth. >> it's a chicken. >> the time that the video was taken, is key to the prosecutor's case. >> what time is a video
9:43 pm
recorded again? >> the camera begins at 8:40 4:49 pm. >> and ends when? >> at 8:40 5:47 pm. >> the witness told the jury, the video was taken about 8:45 pm on june 7th, 2021, the night of the murders. alex murdaugh had told investigators, at least twice, that he wasn't at the candles earlier in the night. his 9-1-1 call that night, puts him at the scene around 10:07 pm. but the audio in this video, if it's him, as prosecutors suggest, would undercut his alibi, and put alec murdoch in the victory with the victims of the time of the murderous. at the time there are cell and ceased all activity and locked. that was about 8:49 pm. >> but there ever any other outgoing calls made from paul's phone? >> no, not that i found. >> are there any other calls that were answered, incoming calls the were answered on post phone? >> no sir. >> he was not identified by prosecutors on the video, but
9:44 pm
this witness, rogan gibson, testified that paul was sending the video and questioned him that night, so gibson can see his injured dog. he told the court, he sure that is his voice on the recording. >> and the issue recognize voices on their? >> did you recognize the voices of your second family. >> i didn't. >> i didn't. >> what voices did you hear? >> paul, maggie, elliott. >> how sure you? now >> positive. >> you're sure? >> 100%. >> on cross examination, they try to cut away it is -- you heard a voice say no, you remember whose voice that is? it only got worse when i was longtime friend and roommate said he heard alex on the reporting to. >> how sure are you? >> 100%. >> the person whose voice we recognize on, there who you are cases alex murdaugh, what do
9:45 pm
you see him in the courtroom today. >> yes sir. >> can you point out to the jury? >> he sitting right there. >> and as i video played in court, anderson, alex murdaugh said the defense table, crying, we learned in court, whatever happened that night have been very very fast we know that video was recorded about 8:45 pm, paul murdoch got a text that he opened at 8:48, just 36 seconds later, he got another text and that friend of him, robin gibson, that test was never opened. so just 36 seconds later his phone and gotten silent traver and he was never heard from again, anderson. >> so that was how long after that recording? a text message? >> when the recording was about 8:45 and a text message would've been about 8:49 -- that's when the prosecutors are saying his phone was locked forever. so four minutes from
9:46 pm
that reporting, that phone was locked for good, until they unlocked it, but just 36 seconds from the last text you actually read. >> it's so you are watching the video, knowing that minutes later, both those people will be dead. randi, i appreciate, it thank you for more well tended colonel defense attorney joey jordan axon. is that is close to a smoking gun as they've gotten so far? >> with a question. so, you have a shot in the case when you have no eyewitnesses, there is no eyewitnesses here. there's no surveillance to demonstrate you, didn't know surveillance here. though dna to connect to summer the weapon, or to the crime, sane as here. but, you kind of do you have the dna. why? point out to people that have identical voices, you won't be able to find them. and so the prosecution has to do, anderson, is get him to the crime scene.
9:47 pm
but then it gets worse, because not only does the voice, his dna, not literally but figuratively, it's unique, no two people have the same voice. >> and identified by two people who are very close to the defendant. >> and you heard in the prosecutions, question did you hear your second family member? really sticking at home, like there would be no mistake. then it gets worse than that, why? because then you have the indication, that only moments later, the phones went dead, and the friend that's son is apparently communicating, with cannot get through? what does that tell? you his son had no ability to get through to his friend, because his son was no longer there. then it gets even worse. when you have an alibi that your home napping after dinner, and you are never at the scene, why would you lie about that unless you had something to conceal? and so it undercuts the alibi, it puts him at the scene, an otherwise demonstrates he potentially had something to do with, it if not the fact that he's guilty himself. >> and if it was, there that's his voice, and he murdered his
9:48 pm
wife and his child, i mean the fact that he's chatting with them we plan around with them, and the dog minutes before, is insane. >> it's troubling. so there are cases that we call circumstantial cases. circumstantial cases are predicated on just that circumstance. i come into the studio, and was perfectly dry that i came here, i go aside and it's not raining, but it's what all around. what is that demonstrate? demonstrates it's raining. so they're circumstantial evidence, it certainly would be clear this will be powerful circumstantial evidence. last point, we talk about the concept of reasonable doubt. beyond a reasonable doubt. the jury is instructed that is not a mathematical certainty that you have to establish a guilt, but you have to establish that if it's reasonably clear. and this undercuts's alibi, essential element of his defense, and therefore undercuts the fact that he would not be guilty. very compelling, and what we call damning evidence. >> incredible day in court. joy jackson,. appreciate it. just, ahead two stories involving george santos and his fight against ap courses on african american studies, it's pitted and we guess college board, a college board against new york times. we'll play explain that
9:49 pm
in a moment. plus, we'll discuss with a third grade four teacher, by these bookshelves are now empty. short time ago the makers of the ap courses pushback on the new york times characterization of its framework. humpty dumpty does it with a great fall. wonderful pistachios. get crackin' i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are looking up ♪ ♪ i've got symptom relief ♪ ♪ control of my crohn's means everything to me. ♪ ♪ ♪ control is everything to me. ♪ feel significant symptom relief with skyrizi, including less abdominal pain and fewer bowel movements at 4 weeks. skyrizi is the first and only il-23 inhibitor for crohn's that can deliver both clinical remission and endoscopic improvement. the majority of people on skyrizi achieved long lasting remission at 1 year. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur.
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than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris >> your time, go makers of the advanced placement courses pushback on the new york times characterization of its newly released course framework for african american studies. reporting that the contemporary writers association with publicly critical race theory. in an earlier draft were quote purged. the collegeport changed its course work after criticism from conservatives like florida governor ron desantis who said that the board was pursuing a quote political agenda. the college board called the times reporting rife with an accuracy and a grocer from visitation. reached out for the times to come. coming as desantis has had a major impact on great schools in florida. books in some schools are now missing from classrooms.
9:54 pm
teachers and administrators struggle to comply with what my next guest, a third grade teacher says is quote that laws on the books teachers can and can't have in the classrooms. i'm joined now by andrea phillips. mr., let's thank you so much for being with us. but can you just explain what happened last week when your florida school district decided to remove all books until they could be vetted. >> yes, thank you anderson. last week we had a school meeting and we were shown a video that our district put together from our chief academic officer and our superintendent. and they basically said to us that until they have clearer directives from the state. all classroom libraries and media centers were to be made and available to students. they really wanted to err on the side of caution because of the directives they've been given so far from the state.
9:55 pm
they've been very unclear. told that basically hp 14 67 was passed in order to have more transparency for parents within the classroom. i've been a teacher for more than a decade and teachers have always had their doors open. but. all books, no matter how they come into a school whether they are purchased, donated, teachers by the, whatever it is. they now have to be vetted by a certified media specialist and the problem with that is that we have a part-time want to our school. thousands of books under school. the other issue is that they don't have a specific system in place yet to vet. so last week we were told to make all of our -- until further notice. >> hall books are not unavailable. until further notice. and there is not specific guidelines on what is
9:56 pm
inappropriate? why are there not specific guidelines? you would think if they are so concerned about this, it's up to one so-called media specialist to review thousands of folks. are they looking for? >> that's a great question. part of the bill that was passed was in response to the parental rights bill i believe. and what it states is that books have to be free of pornography. and they also can't include any issues of discrimination based on race, color, sex. or national origin. also for grades k through 50 can't include anything related to gender identity. that goes back to the bill people have dubbed the don't say gay bill so those are really the only specificities we've gotten. and media specialists at my
9:57 pm
school in particular what she is using is a 12 question microsoft forms piece that somebody put together that she goes through an answer these 12 questions on every single book in the school and it is just too subjective. one person doing this is finding offensive another may not so nobody is going behind the media specialists and working with them either they aren't getting extra support because you have to be a media specialist in order to do this work and we are short on those. we've had budget cuts for years at these resource teachers are dwindling left and right so we don't have the means to do this work. >> suffocating across wall street, about what you do. >> i give them a district curriculum book intel and that is what they are allowed to
9:58 pm
breed. it looks like you have in my classroom and my current curriculum books. i am an interventionist and so i use a program, working with students reading below grade level and i see about 60 to 70 students a day. if they have finished their work, what i used to do is have a really expansive library in my classroom that came by donation from my family members, my friends, my community. was running a library out of my classroom as well because i work in a low socioeconomic neighborhood and i wanted to make sure my kids have access to books outside school. now i can tell them that you can read some more in your curriculum. so it is kind of like finishing your job in getting more work to do rather than me being able to instill a love of reading for pleasure. >> andrea phillips, i appreciate what you do. it's a tough job and it seems particularly tough these days. i appreciate it.
9:59 pm
>> thank you anderson, appreciate you bringing light to this. >> still to come, we dig into the way to search for classified documents by federal investigators. this top prison binds peacham. what does it say about the investigation. and will there be more searches. details on that ahead. hi, i'm tony hawk, and like many of you, i take a statin to reduce cholesterol, but statins can also deplete coq10 levels. that's why my doctor recommended qunol coq10. qunol has the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. qunol. the brand i trust. football, housewives, football, housewives, football, housewives... whoops. oh no... the housewives are on the field. i repeat, the housewives are on the field. i just want to talk! yeah!
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