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tv   CNN This Morning  CNN  February 2, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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you can tell it is almost
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groundhog day. tom brady announced he is retiring again. yeah. everyone got emotional watching the heart felt message. even bill belichick's shirt holes grew three sizes. brady is done in a related story. tickets to the buccaneers games are now free. >> that was funny. >> that's a good one about the groundhog day. i didn't think of that one. >> i like the belichick. >> clever there, jimmy fallon. i like the holes. good morning, everyone. we're going to speak with robert kraft a little later on in the show. we're in new york. kaitlan is in capitol hill. there is a lot going on there. the u.s. military signed a deal to ramp firepower on china's doorstep. beijing is responding. >> a busy day on capitol hill. the president is going to be arriving soon. he is facing a series of investigations, of course, into the documents or the investigation into his classified documents. and also standoff potentially
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that could tank the economy. we're going to talk to rick scott of the budget committee and democratic congressman dan goldman. >> it appears that george santos's problems could be getting greater. he stole money from a military vet veteran's dying dog. >> after an american general warned of a potential war with china, the u.s. is expanding the military presence in the region as fears grow. the possible chinese invasion of taiwan. in a deal, american forces will get access to four more bases in the country and a strategic advantage on the southeastern edge of the disputed south china sea close to self-rule taiwan. the announcement comes as lloyd austin met with the philippines president reiterating the commitment of defense to the southeast asian ally. china was quick to respond to the move accusing the u.s. of
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endangering regional peace and stability with the selfish agenda. we have a live report from china straight ahead on cnn this morning. busy day here in washington as well. we have that report. president biden will be on capitol hill soon to attend the national prayer breakfast. it comes at a turbulent time for the white house and for lawmakers. the president is facing the investigation by the special counsel, that probe over the classified documents. you saw the fbi searching his home in rehoboth yesterday. he is also engaged in a political standoff with house republicans when it comes to potentially threatening to crash the economy if the united states doesn't meet its financial obligations. cnn's white house correspondent is with us now. you know, all of this is happening this morning. we saw that sitdown with speaker mccarthy and president biden yesterday. kevin mccarthy seemed opt mimisc
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coming out. >> he did, kaitlan. this prayer breakfast will offer him a bit of a bipartisan moment, a bit of a respite from the looming battles he has with republicans and chief among them is that standoff over the debt ceiling. president biden and speaker mccarthy met for 90 minutes here at the white house. they really entered that meeting and left that meeting still with completely different viewpoints. mccarthy insisting they will not pass a clean debt ceiling increase without cuts to spending. and president biden still sticking by his stance that there is no negotiations over that issue. he did say in a statement afterwards that he would be open to separate discussions when it comes to reducing the deficit. but clearly, these two men are going to face a long standoff battle over the next few months. >> yeah. and it also comes as we saw hunter biden, president's son last night in his team of attorneys calling for a criminal
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probe into trump allies over the laptop scandal. has the white house commented at all on that? >> you know, the white house has been very careful to have the separate lines when it comes to the legal strategy of hunter biden. when it comes to the legal strategy in defending him that, is actually something they tried to leave to the attorneys. this is snaomething that is a vy personal matter for the defendants. many of the investigations into him he believes to be politically motivated. so we'll see how this all plays out as hunter biden's team is taking a more aggressive approach. >> yeah. definitely nor aggressive and acknowledging that information that's been out there is hunter biden's. thank you for that report. back to you. >> thank you. this morning we're learning the federal investigators interviewed a natury vy veteran
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was scammed by george santos. he used money that was donated to help his dying dog. santos set up a gofundme and made off with $3,000 intended for the dog's life saving surgery. here's what he told you when he was on the show a few weeks ago. >> santos really took a piece of my heart when he did this. my opinion of humanity was very, very extremely diminished. crashed into the floor. i don't want you to hurt anyone like you hurt me again, george. no one else should have to go through. that i almost killed myself when that dog died. >> let's bring in our reporter. this probe is so much bigger now because this is federal investigators and it's about money. >> right. the u.s. attorneys office for the eastern district of new york is investigating santos. and there is everything that we're learning from the questions around the campaign finance and those filings and now this.
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so the navy veteran told cnn that he spoke with two fbi agents yesterday who told him that they were there on behalf of the u.s. attorney's office. he cooperated with them. he handed over the text messages he exchanged with santos who is using the name anthony devoelder at the time. he said he was going to raise money to help him, you know, have enough funds to pay for this life saving surgery for his pitbull. there you can see her. her name is sapphire. so what happened was that he told cnn that when it came time to get the surgery, that santos had become uncooperative. and he said that, you know, in the text messages, he is telling santos he felt jerked around. he never did get the money. and sapphire did pass away. he said he had no clue when he came forward with this information and that he said that he was defending his work
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with this pet charity. >> did you see how cute sapphire? mine just adorable. >> so cute. so what are the consequences if they do find out that he indeed did this? >> i mean, you know, they look at the books here. one of the comments you see when someone raises money and solicits money and then doesn't use it in the way they intended, that is a classic wire fraud charge. that's a serious charge. >> yeah. >> that can carry a lot of prison time if it were to go to that. this is the federal case you're talking about. the new york attorney general's office is also looking at this. they have a charities bureau that does the consumer type cases. i think we're going to see this play out over the next couple weeks. >> wow. all right. >> and this and more. >> and more. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> so there is pivotal new evidence in the alex murdaugh trial. double murder trial. prosecutors played video taken from one of the victims' cell phones that places alex murdaugh at the murder scene at the time
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his wife and son were killed. he told investigators previously on two occasions that he was not there. here he is talking to investigators on the night of the killings. >> he's a dog lover. he fools with the dogs. and i knew she had gone to the kennel. i was at the house. i left the house and went to my mom's. >> left the house and went to my mom's. the that was his quote. now listen carefully to this video evidence. they played in court. prosecutors say you can hear three different voices. >> he got a bird in his mouth. >> hey, bubba. >> is that a guinea? >> it's a chicken.
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>> so after that video was played, two family friends testified that one of the voices heard on that video was alex murdaugh. listen to that. >> what voices did you recognize on that video? >> paul and maggie and alex murdaugh. >> how sure are you? >> 100%. >> you recognize paul's voice? >> yes, sir. >> you recognize maggie's voice? >> yes, sir. >> you recognize alex's voice? >> yes, sir. >> 100%? >> yes, sir. >> joining us to talk about what they see in this, cnn legal analyst joey jackson and also criminal defense attorney stacy richmond. thank you very much for being here. let me begin with you. you think this is detrimental to the defense. why? >> certainly detrimental to the defense because it places him at a scene where he denies being shortly before the murder. it's not as if the defense didn't know about this. if you listen to the opening,
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it's a fact beyond charnge. it has to be dealt with. there are other fact to counter it. >> what are they? how would you defend this? >> his defense counsel fought through this. go back to the opening. you find out that there is other cell phone evidence that takes him off property. maggie's phone is thrown away about a quarter mile in a different direction. so they're going to be pairing and comparing where was he and the fact that he didn't bring this up before, defense already previewed. he was in shock. it was too much for him. clearly he's there before the killings. but 4 1/2 minutes timed that out. how big is this property? where could he get to? >> the defense wants to take the jury there. >> yeah. >> yeah. good morning. >> good morning. zb >> listen, spoken like a fantastic defense attorney. this is damming evidence and
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crucial because, listen, when your defense attorney and there is no eyewitnesses, poppy, you have a clear road. there is no dna on any weapons or anything. clear road. there is no indication, right, that you're at the scene or anything else based on surveillance. you're good to go. the problem with this is the following -- number one, he gives the indication mr. murdaugh that he is napping. it krikts contradicts that you napping and not there, your voice is dna, not actual dna but figuretive. so it connects you and puts you at the specific scene. what else is problematic? it's problematic that just after we have to look at the time frame involved. just after that the son's communicating with a friend, gets what? his phone is not working anymore. that is troubling as well. and so to the extent you give an alibi that you weren't there, have no clue, you know, noithin to see here and then there is your voice on a particular tape around the time it occurs and it
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goes out and then there is more. you're calling your wife to fabricate an alibi after the fact all of those things are problems. so certainly it's not, you know, without question it will be defended. stacy did a great job of. that i think it raises critical issues and it gives the jurors reason to say, you know what? you're guilty. is it a contradiction or just a flat out lie? what would your strategy be and you would let him take the stand? >> i think that he's problematic taking the stand. i think that he's an erratic character. the defense is going with facts and embracing the facts as they opened with. and as my father always says, you know, when you have one murder, you have one less witness. ti times changed.
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video and audio evidence is a problem for him. one phone is thrown over here. he's in the car. it's the distance. can he make it those 4 1/2 minutes or is it all made up? >> i'm also attacking the motivation. i don't get this motivation as to, you know what his financial issues. he was going to be outed. you have a spousal privilege involving your wife. your wife is going to testify against you. you love your son more and your son loves you more than anything elimination in the world. your son is going to turn states evident against you? there are two guns involved here. there was an admission there could be two shooters. there is somewhere to go. i did not like, i'll tell you, i think it is damning as it relate yesterday is that his voice is there. if you want as a jury to connect the dots, that connects you. the last point, we talked about this concept of reasonable doubt. the jury is instructed. it's not a mathematical certainty. it's not you have to establish beyond all doubt. it's reasonable doubt.
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and with this introduction of this tape, is it reasonable not to believe that he did it? it's a problem. >> so thank you both. kait kaitlan? >> we're hearing from jerome powell this morning who is not mincing words about the debt ceiling. >> there's only one way forward here. en that is for congress to raise the debt ceiling so that the united states ghost can pay all of its obligations when due. and any deviations from that path will be highly risky. >> joining me now to talk about all of this and those warnings is republican senator rick scott of florida who is a member of the budget committee. last week was one of two dozen senate republicans who sent a letter to president biden and said they would not back a debt ceiling increase without major spending cuts. thank you for joining us this morning. what are the major spending cuts that you want to see? >> what we said is either we have to -- this should you will
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be all hand on deck. it's not a partisan issue. this is impacting every american family. interest rates right now. on mortgages, credit cards, and also inflation. you go to the grocery store, look what it costs you to get egg and meat. constantly increasing our debt is putting our fiscal house at risk. what we have to do is reduce our costs, okay, grow revenues responsibly and not raising taxes or have some structure reform so we know we'll get there down the road. so that's what we propose. i have a variety of things. i think people ought to get back to work. if you don't have young children and able-bodied or dependent adults, get back to work. we have to make sure we never default on our debt. we can prioritize our payments to make sure we never default as we come to an agreement on what we're going to do. so i want to responsibly raise the debt ceiling. >> what areas could the cuts come from? that's a big question that people don't feel like republicans are clear on. where exactly the cuts you can afford to cut. >> here's what we have to do. we have to preserve the benefits
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of social security and medicare. but what i did discover, i worked on the budget deficit. you vote every line. you don't just say there is a blanket costs. you take every line. you say we're wr are things we don't need to have but we don't need? we have to have real budgets. we have to go through every line saying there is just one. we clearly know there is ways, there is fraud and abuse, there is, you know, we can do things more efficiently. there is ways to deliver the services of our federal and state governments more efficiently. >> should any mandatory spending being on the table you think? >> you don't have to. we -- people paid into the social security program. we have to preserve that. medicare, preserve it. is there ways to address the delivery system? absolutely. we can make it more efficient. i was in the hospital business. there are ways to do that more efficiently. benefit, no way. >> one thing you've been saying is talking about medicare. you've been making this claim
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that democrats have cut medicare by $300 million or so. but that is not the case. that is not what happened with the inflation reduction act. what is your point with saying that that? >> they cut $280 billion out of medicare. >> they didn't cut it. basically, it was part of the being able to negotiate the prescription drug prices. so changing what they are spending on it is not equal to cuts, right? >> okay. so if that's true, then every time you figure out how to save money on medicare, that's not a cat. but that's not what the democrats say. $2 $ $280 billion reduction in spending -- it's going to make sure that there are new life saving drugs that you are not created. why would we do that? you can figure out -- there is efficiency you can create. you don't just say i'm going to cut $280 billion and make sure that we don't get some life saving drugs. it's going to happen. it is starting to happen. it could be in -- you know,
4:19 am
anybody's grandparent or parent. >> you can see that is misleading to say they cut $300 million when it's a change in how they're negotiating the drug prices, right? >> if you cut $280 billion out of what you spend, that's called a cut, it is going to take -- it's going to make sure the companies don't have the money to invest in new life saving drugs. that's a cut. and that is a potential, most likely reduction in the benefit. medicare recipient is going to give them a life saving drug that could save their life. >> cnn fact. they said that framing it is a cut is nonsense, he this believe. wan i want to move on. mitch mcconnell is going to get involved in the talks on the debt ceiling. do you think it's time for him to get involved? >> i think everybody up here ought to be involved. every senator will be involved. every house member ought to be involved. this is impacting every district, every state. we all have to have -- put our
4:20 am
idea out there. let's figure out and get the best ideas out there. this is note a partisan issue. we have debt. if we don't address it now at 35, at 40, 45, 50 and how are we going to get interest rates down if we don't address the debt ceiling? how are we going to get inflation down? we have to figure this out. we have to get our fiscal house in order. when i was in governor, i balanced the budget every year. guess what? revenues grew even though i cut taxes and fees 100 times. we can do the same thing here. we have to get more jobs. we have to get more -- we have to grow our economy. if we don't, he'll never have enough money to take care of the programs we care about. if we care about medicare and social security, we have to figure out how no responsibly live within our means. >> mcconnell pulled you from the powerful commerce committee you sat on that came on after you challenged him for the republican leadership in the senate. what is your reaction to that? >> i'm going to keep doing my job. so i put out a plan. you know, he completely opposed me. i believe that everybody, everybody up here, this is not a
4:21 am
republican-democrat issue. we all ought to be putting out ideas and fight over ideas. he didn't like. that i opposed him. i believe we have to have -- fight over ideas. and so he took mike lee and i off the committee. i'm going to still do my job. ted cruz is the ranking member. i have a relationship with him. i don't think it made any sense. i am responsible for the third biggest state in the country. i probably run the biggest company in my career of anybody in the senate right now before. so i bring a lot to the table. but that's a decision he made. >> and you're one of the wealthiest lawmakers here as well. some people say what did you expect? you did go up against him in that bruising battle. >> our job is to represent the people of the country. this is not about winners and losers. it's not about partisan stuff. this is about who are the best people to solve the problems of this country? we have significant problems to our economy. we're not growing full time jobs. look at our debt.
4:22 am
we have a lot of problems. so i'm going to keep fighting for them. i don't know why he did it. that's life. >> when it comes to the 2024 race, you said you're not going to endorse anyone until the primary is over. if trump is the nominee, will you endorse trump? >> i'm going to work with whoever the republican nominee is. >> and do you think other republicans should challenge him for the nomination, nikki haley running, ron desantis in your home state. >> it's not my decision. i think a the lot of people will get into it. i think elections should be fight over ideas. so that's what everybody is going to get in, we ought to be fighting over who brings the best ideas to solve the problems of this country in '23 and '24? >> senator rick scott, thank you. you also announced you're running for reelection in 2024. we'll watch that. thank you so much. another fascinating interview. thank you very much. a california community outraged and a family is claiming excessive force after a double amputee was armed with a knife is shot and killed by police. we'll take you live to los
4:23 am
angeles. n plus, hear the messages of hope at tyre nichols' memorial service. >> all i swawant is my baby bror back. >> every time you kill one of us on video, we're going to see the legacy of tyre nichols is that we have equal justice swiftly. s. where arare we? ant-man and the wasp have arrivived. saving t the world from epic dangers. while we feed the hero in everyone. spend $30 on your next visit to ihop and get a fandango movie ticket to see marvel studios: ant-man and the wasp: quantumania in theaters february 17th. ihop. let's put a smile on your plate. find your beat your moment of calm find your potential then own it support your immune system with a pent blend of nutrients and emerge youbest every day with emergen-c
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the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that i really truly believe my son was sitting here beside me from god. >> yes, ma'am. and i guess now his assignment is done. he's been taken home. >> mother of tyre nichols as black history month begins. one state is pulling books off shelves to comply with a law that bans critical race theory. florida also blocking an ap african american studies course and now the governor is also
4:28 am
pushing a ban on diversity programs in public universities there saying that they discriminate. also as black hist history month begins, the nation is mourning another black man's death. the life of tyre nichols was celebrated in tennessee yesterday. reverend al sharpton invoked did martin luther king jr. who lived not far from this incident. >> dr. king got in the car himself and rolled over to mason temple and started speaking that night. and something came over him. he said that i don't fear any man. he said, we have difficult days ahead. but it really doesn't matter with me now. because i've been to the mountain tops. i just want to do god's will. and he allowed me to go up to the mountain. and i looked over and i've seen
4:29 am
the promise land. i may not get there with you. but i want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promise land. >> i believe when he looked over, he could see a barack obama become president. the i believe when he went to the mountain top, he could look over and see a kamala harris sitting as vice president. i believe when he looked over from the mountain top, he saw black police chiefs. he didn't expect you to disgrace him. he expected you to bring us home to the promise land. that's why i'm still marching. i'm a mountain climber. i expect stumbled to come my way. i'm a mountain climber. you can disgrace me. you can discredit me. but i'm going keep on climbing. i'm going to climb until tyre
4:30 am
nichols gets justice. i'm going to climb until eric gardiner gets justice. i'm going to climb until we change the law. we're mountain climbers. we're not bait traders. we're mountain climbers. and god before us is more than the whole world against us. he walks with me. he talks with me. he tells me that i'm his own. >> man. that was such a moving service. very well done. the reverend al sharpton really, i -- he gave a brilliant eulogy. preached a eulogy. >> more than 50 years. >> yeah. right? >> yeah. >> and by the way, in the same church, same place he gave the mountain top speech when he was still climbing. n ncht let's talk about california. a double amputee accused of stabbing someone was shot and
4:31 am
killed by police not in his wheelchair but on the stumps of his legs. we're tracking this story. what happened? >> good morning, poppy. this is going to probably be difficult for some people to watch. but this is raising questions about how much force is needed to stop someone even if they are a stabbing suspect when missing both legs. >> this is a man, father, son, brother who was gunned down by the police. >> a double amputee out of his wheelchair. police officers pursuing the man as he moves away. bystander videos on social media purportedly capturing the moments before police shot that man to death. sparking renewed concerns about the excessive use of force by law enforcement. >> if you guys are here to protect and serve us, protect us. serve us. you no he? don't kill us. >> his family confirming to cnn the man in the video is 36-year-old anthony lowe. >> there is absolutely no
4:32 am
justification for the use of lethal force. no justification for shooting anthony. >> in one video, two officers are seen pointing weapons at lowe who moves way from them with something shiny in his hand. the officers walk after him but then a police cruiser arrives blocking that vantage point. another officer joins the other two following after lowe. the three officers reach for the weapons. from this angle, the moment is seen when the officers open fire. in a statement, huntington park police say they were responding to a stabbing call last thursday afternoon where the victim said a man dismounted the wheelchair, ran to the victim without prof provication and stabbed him in the chest with a 12 inch knife before fleeing the scene. two tasers were ineffective as
4:33 am
they ignored verbal command and threatened to throw the knife at the officers. would it change the way you approached somebody if they were a deadly amputee? >> there are times that deadly force is necessary. given he was a double amputee and could only move so swiftly, my mindset would have been to try to corral him. but i did not see imminent threat of deadly injury to the officers or anyone else. >> officials say lowe was pronounced dead he can scene and the police officers involved are on paid administrative leave. the huntington park police department and the los angeles county sheriff's department's homicide bureau investigate. the county district's attorney office said they will investigate once lasd completes its investigation saying had los angeles county deserves to know how and why the incidents occurred. >> the mother of lowe's 15-year-old son telling kcnn he was dealing with a lot of depression after losing his legs
4:34 am
in an ints dent that happened a year ago. >> i just want jut justice for my son. >> lowe's mother distraught. >> they murdered my son. in a wheelchair with no legs! >> and cheryl dorsey that you saw me speaking with was saying that, you know, part of that video is not viewable. so there will be a need for more investigation to know what happened. en that she can see things done wrong on both side. perhaps mr. lowe could not have run away from the officers. and that also they could have used every other way to stop him. other than deadly force. i should mention that the family is expected to file a wrongful death lawsuit later today. >> just disturbing to watch. >> we don't know, right, everything else that may have been used, taser, et cetera? >> we do know that a taser was used. we do know that. they also sell they were yelling
4:35 am
ch commands. we still don't know. i reached out to the police chief yesterday. i have not heard back to find out more clarity about what happened here. >> thank you for the reporting. let's go back to kaitlan in washington. >> back on capitol hill. we're joined by new york congressman dan goldman next on what he expects to come from the current economic stalemate over the debt ceiling and ahead, we're also going to take you out to the fierce bat that will is playing out on ukraine's eastern front. >> the ukrainians say the situation is reminiscent of the worst times in world war ii where they're fighting a strong add at ver sayery and elements as well. i went on their website, uploaded everyrything, and i was blown away byby what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes.
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we're back at capitol hill. kevin mccarthy left a meeting sounding cautiously optimistic about finding a path forward to raising the debt ceiling. >> i thought the meaning today
4:40 am
was a good first start. it doesn't mean that it all comes to fruition. but walking out, i can see that it could come together. i will very hopeful from the meeting. better than i thought. >> joining us now is democratic congressman dan goldman from new york. the lead counsel in trump's first impeachment trial and now in the house oversight and homeland security committees and the subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. we'll talk about that. first, kevin mccarthy sounding optimistic coming out of that meeting. the white house softening their language. are you as optimistic as kevin mccarthy is that they're going to find a path forward here? >> the republicans want to hold the president and the democrats hostage to make future spending cuts in order to pay our past debts. they should be separate. this is not about paying our --
4:41 am
raising the debt ceiling is not about future spending. it's about paying our past debts. so the republicans are happy to raise the debt ceiling when there is a republican president. the readout from the white house is clear. let's talk about spending separate from the debt ceiling. if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we'll cause a global economic crisis. >> is the white house position there should be no cuts realistic? not the way you believe it should or shouldn't. but it is realistic that is the end of the road here? >> let's remember, right, kevin mccarthy can say what he wants. he doesn't control the fringe elemen elements of his party. what they're clear about is they want to cut social security. they want to cut medicare. they want to cut the entitlements that americans
4:42 am
depend on. and that is a clear nonstarter for democrats. >> you're on this committee and jim jordan is running it. what is your role going -- as a democrat on that committee going to look like? >> they can dress it up and wall it whatever they want. in reality, what this is the subcommittee to obstruct justice. it has broad powers including to conduct oversight over on going criminal investigations. what are the on going criminal investigation that's they want to conduct oversight of? the january 6 investigation into not only donald trump but house republicans. our role with democrats is to be the sober adult in the room, talks about facts. talks about truth. defends our democratic institutions. defends the rule of law. and that's what we will do. i spent ten years in the department of justice work ago long side the fbi. i worked on the house intelligence committee.
4:43 am
i understand how the system actually works. i have yet to see the republicans dmemonstrate that understanding. we'll bring out for the american people exactly how things do work, not how they say they work. george santos is facing another investigation. fbi agents are looking into the role that he played in this gofundme scheme why wr this disabled veteran talked about how they were raising money for his animal. it was his dying service dog. what is your reaction to just learning about another investigation? >> george santos has all of the hallmarks of the defendants. and what i learned in doing that is there is never one lie. there is never one fraud. if someone is going to lie as pervasively as george santos has
4:44 am
in order to have the gall to defraud the voters to get into congress, i suspect there are plenty of other things he also lied about. so we know now about this go fund me account. we know about this harbor city capital ponzi scheme he was involved in. so i'm sure -- >> what else do you think he lied about? >> i mean, more and more continues to come out. and so i suspect that the doj is not only investigating his campaign finances which have glaring red sirens but also perhaps additional conduct that continues to come out, the go fund me, the ponzi scheme, who knows what else? >> overnight cnn reported that hunter biden and his attorneys want their tlre to be investiga into a computer repair shop owner and rudy giuliani, those responsible for the
4:45 am
dissemination of the private material on his laptop? >> i think what you have to recognize in all of this is that the person who brought the lap to be to the forefront is rudy giuliani. this was in the aftermath of giuliani's clear, inappropriate conduct regarding ukraine. he was at the lyinchpin of donad trump's extortion of ukraine. and so rudy giuliani has no credibility. they're going to be looking into hunter biden's laptop. the american people don't care about hunter biden's laptop. they care about congress delivering results. and so i am certainly aware of the fact that we need to make sure that we're focusing on the issues of the american people. >> don has a question for you about what is happening here, of course, on capitol hill. don, what did you want to as the
4:46 am
congressman? >> good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. just want to ask you about where you stand on republicans and the committee assignments for omar. i would assume you're not in support of her being removed from committees. the vote is going to be today. >> yes. look, as a proud american jew, i'm not thrilled about the anti-semitic comments that she and many others have made. but this is just clear retribution that kevin mccarthy agreed to in order to become speaker of the house. and when you look at marjorie taylor green and gosar being removed from committees in a bipartisan way because they threatened violence against other members of congress, we're talking about apples and oranges. and this is just more republican overreach, more revenge to appease the far right fringe of the party. we'll not stand for that on the democratic side. >> i wonder how you feel being
4:47 am
put in that position because -- and i just want to explain to viewers -- she -- they're saying they want her off because of past anti-semitic statements. she apologized in 2019 for some comments. she since defeated criticism of israel. as a jewish person in congress, i wonder how you feel about that. the that has to put new an uncomfortable position to have to defend her as a jewish american. >> look, i'm very concerned about anti-semitism in the rise of anti-semitism around the country. the statistics are alarming. and you have the former president sitting down to dinner with holocaust denier and a raging anti-semiconductorite in kanye west. you have marjorie taylor green talking about jewish space lasers. this is a major, major problem that we're facing. but the antidote to it is not to remove someone from a congressional committee who was selected by the other party. this is, you know, more overreach that i think -- and
4:48 am
more abuse of the role of the speaker of the house. the republicans want revenge. but they always go a step too far. this is a step too far. >> thank you for answering that, congressman. i appreciate it. >> and one last question for you. the fbi yesterday saw searched a third property of president biden's. you weighed in on this before. you said you believe they're being cooperative. do you think the white house is being transparent enough about how this investigation is progressing and what we're finding out? >> it's not on the white house to update the american public on a doj investigation. i think we've completely moved away from the norms that existed before donald trump that the white house and the department of justice are entirely separate. >> but what about president biden's personal attorneys? bob bower is telling us no classified documents were found. it is only because reporters saw the black suvs and sedans going to his home that we knew another
4:49 am
search was happening yesterday. >> well, i don't know exactly how it happened. they have been very forthcoming about the actions that the fbi has taken. the white house has been and president biden's personal lawyers have been incredibly cooperative with the department's investigation which is in direct contrast to president trump who denied a grand jury subpoena to turn over documents. i think that everybody recognizes that there's an issue with maintaining classified documents and classified settings and secured settings that now we have the current, former president, former vice president, this is an issue that hopefully congress will address. but when we're talking about the response to the issue, we have apples and oranges between president biden being completely cooperative and donald trump being completely obstructionist. >> a lot of topics we got to this morning. thank you for joining us. >> great to have me.
4:50 am
>> back to you. >> thank you guys. so did you see up in the sky last night a green comet made t the closest approach to earth in 50,000 jeers. -- years. incredible pictures.
4:51 am
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4:55 am
lights and perhaps even use binoculars or a telescope. that's really what would let you see this thing in the night sky. what you are looking at is, the reason it's that green hue is because of the way a molecule inside the comet is interacting with ultraviolet light from the sun. that reaction produces that green hue. and so as it gets closer to the sun, that is how it -- and why it takes on that color. and so one of the amazing things about this comet is that it was only discovered less than a year ago, last march. so it's pretty new. and then just in terms of the timeline, i mean like you said, i am regretting i did not get up in the middle of the night and see this last night because it will not be back for about 50,000 years. >> oh, man. thank you for bringing it to us this morning, you bet. tom brady bowing out. next hour we are going to be
4:56 am
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and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. good morning. just days after an american general warned of a pobls war with china, the u.s. making a provocative move as fears grow over a chinese invasion of taiwan. >> the ukrainians say the situation is reminiscent of some of the worst times in world war ii where they are not only fighting a strong adversary, but elements as well. >> on the front lines in ukrainian, the vicious battles of the feared offensive by the russians


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