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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 17, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good friday morning, i'm erica hill. >> and i'm jim sciutto. new from overnight, police are investigating a possible hate crime in los angeles. they say they have arrest add man accused of shooting two jewish people. much more on possible federal
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charges now. also new this morning, some amateur balloonists say that one of their small balloons is, quote, missing in action. it's last known location, somewhere over alaska on saturday. this as president biden has now spoken on the u.s. shooting down a chinese spy balloon, as well as three other objects. he says he makes no apologies for the first one, but is now asking his team to device sharper rules for dealing with other unidentified objects. questions as to whether those were real threats. also happening right now, vice president kamala harris, secretary of state antony blinken in munich, germany. world leaders gathering for a security conference as we quickly approach the one-year anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine. we want to begin at the white house. cnn's jeremy die nond mr. the president addressing those downed objects now after mounting pressure over the last several days. what more did we learn from those remarks?
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>> reporter: biden made very clear yesterday that the u.s. intelligence community believes most likely these three unmanned aerial objects shot down between friday and sunday are benign in nature and also making clear there is no evidence to suggest that there is any kind of rise in these kinds of unmanned objects above u.s. skies, instead pointing to the fact that the u.s. widened its aperture on its radar systems which led to spotting some of these unmanned objects and ultimately the president on the advice of the military deciding to shoot them down. what's really interesting ask the decision for the president to actually speak out on this publicly and deliver those remarks. for days white house officials deliberated the possibility and the wisdom of the president delivering these remarks, there were concerns early on about making this a bigger issue than it was by having the speak on this, and they also wanted to make sure that there was enough information. i'm told that by yesterday president biden believed that it was the appropriate time to deliver these remarks.
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he believes that the u.s. government had enough information about these unmanned objects and also wanted to put these findings in context for the american public. i'm told that the president was especially adamant about included details of his tasking to the u.s. national security adviser, jake sullivan, about the steps that he's going to take going forward, setting up this government-wide interagency process that's going to look at new protocols for identifying and handling some of these unmanned objects. those protocols and that government-wide effort also includes looking to improve the inventory of unmanned objects and also updating rules and regulations for the launching and maintaining of unmanned objects. those are all details that the president provided. what the president was also trying to do here was to talk about the u.s./china relationship, trying to reassure americans that while that spy balloon launched by china was a violation of u.s. sovereignty, something that the president says he makes no bones about the fact that he decided to shoot
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that spy balloon down, he also wanted to reassure the public that this doesn't upend the uggs relationship all together. i'm told that that is why the president ad-libbed this part where he says he does expect to be speaking with the chinese president xi jinping. i'm told that there is no call actually in the works at this point. no firm plans for a call, but the president wanted to signal his intent to continue those conversations. >> there seems to be concerns about beijing and washington not to let this escalate. thanks so much. vice president kamala harris and secretary of state antony blinken are at the munich security conference in germany today. the u.s. delegation coming face-to-face with their counterparts from china. of course, this in the wake, nearly two weeks now, since the u.s. shot down china's suspected surveillance balloon. >> cnn international diplomatic editor nick robertson is in munich with more. this comes at a crucial time in the war in ukraine. russia not present at this
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year's conference but we heard from president zelenskyy. what was his message? >> reporter: his message was ukraine is the david, russia is the goliath. that david needs help with his slingshot and is getting it from allies and partners in the whole gathered around. it was a sympathetic audience and russia not only here, disinvited. typically russia always attends the -- the foreign minister here at the munich security conference not invited this year. zelenskyy's message was not department of justice dabble around thinking about how many tanks to get to us and what we might do with them because at the same time russia is consideration how to take on and potentially attack and strangle moldova. his message is don't delay, get us the military equipment now, hurry is up. >> we need to hurry up. we need the speed. speed of our agreements, speed of our delivery to strengthen
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our sling. speed of decisions to limit russian potential. there is no alternative to speed because it is the speed that the life depends on. >> reporter: and he also said that he thinks that by this time last year that the war will be over and he expects to be in person. i'm not sure that the audience buys that at the moment given the current state of the conflict. we know that president macron of france, the german chancellor will be speaking, soon, as well. kamala harris is expected to meet with both of them, she will meet with the fin phish prime minister, the speedish prime minister as well. both those nations wanting to join nato. >> nic robertson, appreciate it. thank you. joining me now is former acting defense secretary during the trump administration christopher miller, he is also
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author of "soldier secretary warnings from the battlefield and pentagon about america's most dangerous enemies." secretary miller, thanks for joining us this morning. >> jim, thanks for having me. it's a dream come true. hardest hitting morning show on tv. good to be here and live as opposed to my man cave in the basement with some bad zoom thing behind me. thanks for having me in-person. >> always better to do it face-to-face. we appreciate it. i do want to begin on chinese surveillance balloons. the "wall street journal" is reporting that intelligence officials in the pentagon were aware of and monitoring a series of mysterious objects then believing china was using them to test radar jamming systems. this was in the summer of 2020. you became acting defense secretary in november 2020. were you aware of or ever briefed on this threat during your time at the pentagon? >> i wasn't, jim. i really need to get to the bottom of that. i suspect that this was in some sort of special access program, you know, there are special
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compartments that only a few people can see. i should have had access to that but i was not informed. i was taken by surprise as well as the rest of america when this happened two weeks ago. >> had you been informed -- can i ask, it's always hard to deal with hypotheticals, but given what you knew now had you been informed what action would you have taken? would you recommend to the white house that they be shot down? >> absolutely. that would have been my recommendation. you know, this maybe sounds trite, but when dealing with totalitarian and authoritarian regimes the only thing they respond to is strength. maybe not always a good thing, but you have to respond very strongly. that's one of the concerns we need to get to the bottom of. >> in your new book you advocate a plan to cut the military budget is half, also argue that washington has heightened the china threat in part to keep some big budgets, but as you note china is a threat to the u.s. in many ways, is very public about its intention to sur pus the u.s. as the world's
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premiere global power. why shouldn't the u.s. challenge china more? >> jim, you've been out there, you did your time in government, thanks for doing that, you see how the government works. bureaucracies only respond to resource cuts. my concern right now is we're fighting exactly the way the chinese want us to, using the cold war model. we need to force new thinking, we need to use a regular approach, things that they're not used to and not ready for because that's the way you handle these situations. don't go through the front door, go behind and do things like that. that's the point i'm trying to make. we've got really, really smart people down there in the bowels of the pentagon that know what needs to happen. >> give me an example of a back door way. >> information operations, the chinese are masterful at flooding ur social media and our media writ large. we aren't responding effectively in our humble opinion. cyber operations and a whole
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portion disgruntled with the chinese communist party. gray zone warfare. >> there's a great deal of public concern about china's designs on taiwan and you have -- you know, not so much a debate in the pentagon because when you speak to folks they say china will take military action, just a question of time but you have some saying as soon as the year 2025, including a senior air force general. do you share that urgency in terms of china attacking taiwan? >> i share the urgency in tepg the taiwanese protect themselves from potential invasion. i think it's an example of much like we see in ukraine right now, they want our material, that's what america is good at producing. and i also think there's some muddlement and confusion right now about what our policy is. president biden says we will defend taiwan, the secretary of state and secretary of defense say otherwise. i think there's confusion and i
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don't think that's helpful. >> should the u.s. go to war to protect taiwan? >> i think we need to have a firm policy that if the chinese make an attempt at taiwan that they will support the taiwanese and their right to defend themselves, yes, i do. >> on to another topic, january 6 -- >> you are hard hitting, jim. let's go. >> time is limited so we're trying to move as quickly as we can. you've read a lot about that and been asked about your position on the president's actions leading up to and on the day january 6. you've said that the president gave you the authority at the pentagon to protect demonstrators but you say in effect if i hear you correctly in your previous staemts paragraph statements and interviews it was up to the legislative branch to protect the capitol. are you saying the commander and chief had no responsibility during the crucial hours to protect members of congress, the vice president or even the process, the electoral count itself? >> thanks for asking that question. i had all the authority i need, i was raised as a special forces officer where you're given mission and intent and general
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vision which the president gave which was to provide any support required. the key thing we have -- and you know this, jim, capitol hill is a legislative branch, executive branch is the military. you don't did g. to capitol hill without being invited, if you do that that's called a military coup. >> you are saying you were not invited quickly enough as it were to send national guardsmen to protect the capital. >> i think what we see from the 1/6 report is at 2:35 the pentagon received an appropriate formal request, 3:00 i was briefed, at 3:04 the other went out to mobilize the national guard and move on the capitol to support local law enforcement. >> you still have a, quote, open mind as to the former president's responsibility for january 6 and efforts to overturn the election. why do you still have an open mind given everything we've seen? >> i always get yelled at from my wife, she thinks i'm quibbling on this, but i believe the politicization of the process is so polluted that i
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want to see what the final investigation reveals and what the department of justice reveals. it sounds like i'm quibbling but that's the way we need to see this one through in my opinion. >> quibbling, though, you have a president who -- a former president who still says to this day the election was stolen and it took him, as the january 6 committee chronicled, hours to act, to issue a statement calling those protesters back. do you hold him responsible for -- well, here is the question, i suppose, did he have a positive responsibility to act definitively to call those protesters back on that day and more quickly? >> i've been very clear that i did not think the president's actions that day were helpful for changing the situation in a positive way at the capitol. reinforce, though, the key thing i was as secretary of defense, acting secretary of defense was to provide any resources requested by mayor bowser,
6:14 am
capitol hill leadership being speaker pelosi and mcconnell, and i did that and was ready to provide additional support, which we did. remember, jim, we put 25,000 national guard troops on the capitol hill immediately following recognizing that the inauguration would be the next key event. >> christopher miller the book is "sold kwer secretary: warnings from the battlefield and pentagon about america's most dangerous enemies." i hope we can keep up the conversation. >> thanks for having me. this morning police in los angeles are investigating two potential hate crimes, two jewish people were shot a day apart, it happened in a predominantly jewish neighborhood and police have arrested a suspect. >> but this morning houses of worship and schools in the area have now increased security as precautions. cnn's josh campbell joins us now. you were the first reporter to break the news of this arrest. what more are we learning about how serious the threat was and what the plans were?
6:15 am
>> reporter: this arrest happened in riverside, california, i got a call from a source shortly after that happened late yesterday, about an hour east of los angeles where these two shootings took place in the peko robertson area of l.a., which has a large jewish population. on wednesday morning witnesses say that a man, a jewish man, was leaving synagogue, a car drives by, opens fire twice, he is struck. the very next morning another man, also according to witnesses walking from synagogue, is shot by a car that was fleeing. now, i was told by a law enforcement source that the license plate of this vehicle was captured. that was key to getting investigators on to the suspect. they put out this be on the lookout alert for a light colored compact car, said they were looking for an asian male. i'm told late yesterday they took this suspect into custody without incident. there is a lot we don't know about him, about his past, obviously about the motivation. we are hearing from the los
6:16 am
angeles police department that they are investigating this case as a hate crime, of course, this comes as the anti-defamation league says that attacks on jews has soared over the last couple years and that has certainly put this community in los angeles on edge. i want you to take a listen to one person who lived near the shootings. have a listen. >> very scared for my kids, you know, it is shabbat coming up tomorrow night and i'm not going to let us kids go to school this weekend and definitely scared to have them wear their kippahs, to look jewish. >> reporter: certainly unsettling in the make of this anti-semitic activity we've seen. i'm told in addition to the los angeles police department, special agents from the fbi have launched an investigation working with the lapd. i'm told agents working hate crimes cases as well as domestic terrorism cases in southern california are looking at the evidence, looking at the shooter's past to determine if there will be any federal charges brought in this case,
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guys. >> josh, really appreciate it. we know you will stay on top of it and bring us any updates as they come in. thank you. up next here, a louisiana police officer is charged with negligent homicide after shooting and killing an unarmed man during a domestic disturbance call. we will take you live to shreveport with the newly released body cam video. plus new video of sparks underneath the train that derailed in ohio spilling toxic chemicals, creating major health concerns with people living there. remarkable video. what the epa chief told them during his visit to east palestine. and later tesla has now recalled hundreds of thousands of cars, what they are saying about ongoing problems with the self-driving mode.
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6:22 am
the dramatic body cam video showing the fatal shooting of the black man, he was unarmed. shreveport officer alexander tyler has been charged with negligent homicide. >> we want to warn you this video which you are about to see is difficult to watch, as cnn's ryan young shows us the entire incident is important because it puts it into perspective. this entire incident happened in less than two minutes. >> reporter: two officers arrive at the home of alonso bagley, responded to a 911 call regarding a domestic disturbance. >> what's your name? >> alonso. >> can you step us for me? >> no. what you need? i have dogs. >> come on in, sir, he's disturbing the peace. >> i'm going to put my dogs in. >> sit down. >> that's right. >> let her -- hey, come here. >> the dogs -- >> come here. >> i'm putting the dogs up. >> she can put the dog up. >> the first officer follows bagley down the hallway as his
6:23 am
wife continues to yell in the background. >> hey, hey. >> the officer realizes bagley is heading out the door of a balcony, sees him jump from the second floor to the ground below. he then turns back to run through and out of the apartment down stairs to chase after bagley. once outside you hear one officer yell to the other. >> he went that way. >> reporter: about five seconds later, you hear a single gunshot. it's been one minute and 25 seconds since officers first knocked on the door. >> send ems right now. shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: for the next two minutes you hear the officers distraught and administering cpr. >> you're good. keep breathing, keep breathing. >> stay with me, man. stay with me. >> [ bleep ] breathing. >> [ bleep ]. you're good. keep breathing. keep breathing, dude. keep breathing. keep breathing. keep breathing.
6:24 am
>> [ bleep ], dude. >> go to the front of the building. wave them down with your flas flashlight. run, run. >> dude, you're going to be all right. you're going to be all right. look at me. look at me. look at me. look at me. look at me. look at me. hey. wake up. wake up. look at me. look at me. hey. respond. come on. come on. come on. wake up. respond. >> reporter: bagley was unarmed during the encounter according to louisiana state police. the officer who fired the shot alexander tyler has been charged with negligent homicide. in court thursday a louisiana police investigating told the judge in the split second after the shot is fired you can see in the footage bagley's hands are up. on cross-examination the investigator acknowledged the view from the body camera is
6:25 am
obstructed by the way the officer is turned in the moment the shot is fired. >> officers are always based on a day to day basis with dangerous situations like that and at times where they have to make split second decisions where they are in a potential life-threatening situation. the mere fact that an argument is being made by the investigator in court that he was unarmed does not necessarily mean that he is not a threat to the officer. >> reporter: truly tough video to watch. i can tell you this weekend the family is going to have a funeral for mr. bagley. they are obviously still very upset after having to watch this video yesterday. we talked to them right after they came out of watching that video. they were heartbroken but they did actually thank the lsp for doing this investigation as fast as they did and moving forward with charges. the mayor for this city who is a new mayor has apologized to the family for not getting in touch with them as soon as possible after this shooting, and the
6:26 am
police chief tells me that he's actually doing a review not only of this video, but all the administrative procedures moving forward because they still have to decide what's going to happen to the officer after he faces these charges. so many questions still left to be answered, but you can understand why this community was taking a deep breath yesterday, especially after this video was released. so hard to listen to. >> listen, it's stomach turning, you are watching a man die there and the image of this hands up prior, goodness, just shocking. ryan young, such an important story. we appreciate you bringing it to us. minutes from now all five former memphis police officers who have been charged with murder in the death of tyre nichols will be arraigned, each one facing seven charges, among those charges second-degree murder, aggravated assault, this of course after nichols which we also saw on video was repeatedly punched and kicked following a traffic stop on january 7th.
6:27 am
he died three days later. >> cnn's shimon prokupecz is covering this in memphis. tell us what's going to happen in the authority room today. >> reporter: we're waiting for the arrival of the five officers, jim and erica, which could happen at any second, at this point, they are expected to appear in court here at the top of the next hour. it will be their initial appearance, their arraignment and it will really be the first time that we get to see them, that the community gets to face them and then also tyre nichols' family who are expected in court along with their attorney who will be speaking with reporters afterwards, they will hear the charges against them, they will enter pleas and then the case would be adjourned and then obviously on its process into a potential trial. this is all happening as the district attorney continues to investigate this case. several other officers are potentially facing termination and disciplinary matters, and
6:28 am
then also there could potentially also be more charges according to the da as they continue their investigation. also we're still waiting for more video and audio that the city is expected to release from that night. of course, the video from the incident has already been released, depicted horrific events surrounding and the beating of tyre nichols and now these five men facing charges, murder charges, assault charges and kidnapping. for the first time we will get to see them today in just a short while here. >> shimon prokupecz, appreciate it. we will continue to check in with you. thank you. still ahead this hour, new video of the train that derailed in ohio, you can see it there. those are sparks underneath its carriage before it went off the tracks. why didn't that set off protection measures? there are a lot of questions here, what rules weren't followed. we will have the latest on the investigation. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin n honey. the real honey you love,
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ohio governor mike dewine is asking the cdc to help address residents' growing safety concerns after a train derailment caused a toxic spill in their community. >> cnn national correspondent jason carroll has been following this for us for some time now, he is in east palestine this morning. so what more do we know about this current and perhaps even upcoming air, water and soil testing? >> reporter: well, look, the ohio's governor continues to say that the air and that the water here is safe, and this is based on ongoing testing that's being
6:34 am
conducted here on the ground. ohio's governor saying both the city water, in addition to that the village water, again, safe to drink. he says he's going to be bringing in the best experts going forward to make sure that the air and water is safe and he's also saying that what they're going to be doing is setting up some sort of a clinic in the middle of town so if people are feeling like they're having symptoms, they can walk in and get evaluated. he said he's doing that out of an abundance of caution. but what you're having here on the ground here, you have this divide, right, because you have state and local officials saying the air is save, the water is safe, but then on the other hand you have people who live here in east palestine, some are feeling symptomatic, have sore throats, some saying they have rashes and whatnot. so you have this divide. you have a lot of distrust between what officials are saying and what's happening with people who are living here in this community. yesterday i had a quick opportunity to speak to the head
6:35 am
of the epa to get some of his insight. >> if anyone is experiencing any kind of adverse symptoms, have their pets go to the veterinarian, they should seek medical attention. we need for this information to get to the state health department so that we can coordinate and be sure that people are getting the help that they need. >> reporter: well, i think there would be an argument there from some people on the ground about whether or not they're getting the help that they need. i did press michael regan about how long the epa would be here on the ground because a lot of people are feeling that once the cameras go away that they are going to be stuck here and if they have problems no one will be hearing them. when i pressed him on that, when i said how long are you guys going to be out here he said as long as it takes. >> when you see dead fish in waterways, reason to be concerned. thanks so much. well, new video obtained by cnn you see it right there,
6:36 am
shows that norfolk southern train less than an hour before it derailed. this according to cnn analysis. you can see in that video in the nighttime sparks from wheels underneath the train overheating, visible, this is as the train was passing through a solemn, ohio. >> what caused that overheating? well, that is part of what will be the ntsb's investigation into the incident. to help you understand what's going on and what happened in those moments we're joined by a transportation analyst, former inspector general for the department of transportation. mary, we appreciate having you on because you can put this in layman's terms for us. there's been a lot of talk about the braking system and that there was a braking rule that was put into place under president obama's administration and then it went away under the trump administration. as i understand it, that rule would not have made a difference
6:37 am
here. why? >> well, it may or may not have made a difference here. so what happened, when we see that video with the fire under the train, the train tracks for most major rail lines are smart tracks and on the track are defect detectors and they have infrared sensors and they detect if a wheel or axel is overheating, that's called a hot [ inaudible ] it sends an automated message, voice message to the train engineer and you have to stop if you have a hot box. so if those sensors were working as they should have been, and the engineer got that warning, then the engineer should have been able to stop. now, this braking system, this electronic controlled pneumatic braking system, nickname ecp, would have been required for all trains carrying high hazmat, highly flammable materials, however, it was limited to trains over 70 cars going over 30 miles an hour and carrying
6:38 am
oil. so here most likely it would not have been required, but yes, it could have helped the train to stop and probably would have stopped sooner >> just so i understand because it's a lot to absorb there. are you saying the sensors are the -- the sensors weren't working or that the driver ignored the warning from the sensors? >> or all three of the problems. were the sensors working? that's going to be one of the things that the ntsb wants to know right up front because those sensors are really lifesaving because they would have sensed the hot wheels. they would have sensed what's called a hot box and told the train engineer. did that system work and did the engineer get that warning? that remains to be seen. and then if those two things occurred, did the engineer have time to stop the train and would the system [ inaudible ] on this train have helped it stop. so they are all if this then
6:39 am
that. but the ntsb will figure this out and the sensors, that's not new technology, that's been around for some time and that's one of the reasons we don't have cabooses anymore because the smart tracks took the role of the caboose. >> interesting. also questions about the length of that train being nearly two miles, the longer the train the longer it takes to brake. obviously still a lot here. so many in this country live near a real line it underscores concerns many americans have. i hope we will be talking to you again soon. thank you. >> thank you. just ahead here, the presidential contest isn't the only one already heating up as we look ahead to 2024. three prominent democrats jumping into the california senate race to replace senator dianne feinstein. are they the first three of many? and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a criticical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institutete to help reducece the risk
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california is heating up for a blockbuster primary. congresswoman barbara lee is the highest high profile democrat to file paperwork to run for dianne feinstein's seat. if she were to win she would be the only black woman in the u.s. senate. two of her fellow california representatives are eyeing that same seat, adam schiff and katie porter. joining us now joe walsh who hosts the podcast white fly and maria cardona cnn political commentator. maria, as we look at what is happening in california, already crowded and it is february 17th of 2023, and we're already hearing people weigh in. you have nancy pelosi throwing some support behind adam schiff, barbara lee, rightly pointing out what a difference it would make in terms of representation were she to win and not only the democratic nomination but take that seat, and then you have
6:45 am
katie porter, new kid on the block but gets to washington with her white boards, with the receipts, she has a fair amount of folks in her corner. as we look at and talk about how divided the republican party s i wonder, is this the race that is going to show us perhaps some of those similar divisions within the democratic party? >> good morning, erica. no, i actually think that what this will show is how much of a plethora of riches the democratic party enjoys and we're going to see it representing everyone who has so far put their name in for this incredibly exciting competition for an incredibly important slot in the u.s. senate. i think each of the candidates that have announced or have demonstrated their interest in running, i think shows their strengths. i think all of them will definitely be candidates and ultimately be senators that will demonstrate and showcase why it is that the democratic party is
6:46 am
the one that has the issues that most americans find are the issues that they most care about. focusing on the economy, focusing on health care, focusing on education, focusing on democracy. adam schiff represents just how much the democratic party has been front and center in protecting our democracy. barbara lee, like you mentioned, will be a historic candidate because sadly we are way behind on the kind of representation that our country needs for all of the communities that make up this amazing country. and katie porter, you just mentioned it, right, she is somebody who has shown that she knows how to bring it, to keep big pharma, big corporations accountable. to put front and center the needs of working families all across california and all across the country. >> all right. so as we watch that play out, joe, let's take a look at what's happening on the republican side as we look to the race for president. nikki haley, of course, announcing this week and it's interesting, we really see and
6:47 am
hear from her this delicate dance she's trying to maintain in sort of distancing herself from the former president, her former boss, but also not distancing herself at all when pressed, will not give specific examples of where she splits with donald trump. is there any -- >> erica -- >> go ahead. >> no, no, erica, you're spot on. i was going to say it's not just a delicate dance, it's an impossible dance. look, i don't think most people sufficiently realize in the media and outside of the media that today's republican party is marjorie taylor greene's party. it's not nikki haley's party. >> so it's not donald trump's, either? >> when i say that i'm talking about the voters. republican voters are much more aligned with marjorie taylor greene than nikki haley.
6:48 am
we forget that most republicans today still -- still don't believe joe biden was legitimately elected. most republican voters don't believe the vaccines work. most republican voters don't have a problem with what happened on january 6th. in this kind of party i don't see how someone like nikki haley has a shot. >> we will be watching to see what plays out. we will go rapid fire, any friends. next, let's talk immigration, if we could. house speaker kevin mccarthy was at the border she had ahead of the judiciary hearing at the border. democrats say they are calling it a stunt, they will do their next stop next month. why not go? >> well, first and foremost, it's because it absolutely is theatrical. kevin mccarthy is there solely to do and be a part of a photo op that will rile up the maga
6:49 am
extremist base -- >> but then why not, maria, go to this hearing next week on the border and say -- >> they should go. >> -- hey, we're going to be here and be the adults in the room? >> what they're focusing on -- hakeem jeffries is actually there, he is at the border, he is focusing on an event that talk about the important relationship with mexico. he is one of the ones that is talking about solutions, other democrats will be going to the border to talk about the real solutions that are there. i don't think any democrat should be a part of this theatrical stunt that frankly puts front and center the message that republicans want to put out there, which is that we should let no additional immigrants coming into this country. let's be really clear about what kevin mccarthy is doing. he is placating his maga extremist base with which he entered into a corrupt bargain
6:50 am
to become speaker of the house and they are not interested in any kind of solution, erica. if they were, they would start and focus on actual legislation, which is what congress needs to do as you know. they are the only ones who can really fix this. >> right. >> if you look at what joe biden and this white house have done they have -- measures that have reduced illegal crossings into this country. that's real focus on solution. kevin mccarthy has no interest in doing that. >> i'm getting in a lot of trouble in my ear on time. joe, you have 15 seconds. >> erica, i'm with you, they should go. yes, republicans, demagogue the border, but democrats should go down there and present their ideas. it's an opportunity for them. >> we will see what we hear from both sides on the border and to maria's point what we actually see in terms of proposed legislation. nice to see you both this morning. thank you. >> thanks, erica. you kept joe walsh to 15 seconds, erica. nicely done. >> who knew it could happen? i'm impressed.
6:51 am
>> that's a tough one. lots to discuss. tesla recalls all cars with so-called full self-driving technology. why government regulators say it is a danger on the roads. that's coming up. upwork the hig process is fast and flexible. behold... all that talent! ♪ this is how we work now ♪ hi, i'm michael, i've lost 62 pounds on golo and i have kept it off. most of the weight that i gained was strictly in my belly which is a sign of insulin resistance. but since golo, that weight has completely gone away, as y can tell. thanks to golo and release, i've got my life and my health ba. i'm feeling better. body pain? headache? nope. all in one and done. cuh-congestion? better. cough?
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6:55 am
tesla has now issued a major recall for, listen to this, more than 362,000 of its cars. this is because of safety concerns over the vehicles that have the full self-driving feature which are having problem for years. >> the chief correspondent is christine romans for now, and that a large number for a recall, and for me to understand, too, this is an optional feature, is that correct? >> yes, that is right. >> and people had to say, i want this on my car. >> yes, a lot of people have it on the car, and it is costing $15,000, and it is a real world testing program, and beta program for the full self-driving beta software. what it does essentially is a driver software and it is navigating local roads and steering and braking and acceleration, and it does require a human person, the driver of the car, to step in
6:56 am
and take over any moment, but what nhtsa says is that there are cases where the software has failed to go through for example a yellow light properly or changed lanes improperly, and this could be a self-driving safety problem here, and tesla says it is going to recall the cars, and recall is a word that elon musk takes issue with. he says it is acronymistic and it is not like you are taking the steering column in for a update, but they say they will have a software update on these 300,000-some cars for the update. >> so is it glaring to be recalls? >> we call it recalls when the government is saying it is unsafe even in the rare circumstances we recall all sorts of things, and that is
6:57 am
what the government is saying may not be safety reasons should be recalled, and tesla has agreed to do it. >> but it sounds like it is necessary. >> it sounds like a recall. >> and moments ago, tyre nichols, the family of tyre nichols, arriving at the courthouse. they are there as five police officers, former police officers, and remember, they were fired and now face multiple charges in his death, including murder. they are set to face arraignment. stay with us, and we will bring that to you live next. helping you discover untapped p possibilities and relentlessly working with you to make them real. ♪ because grit and vision working in lockstep ♪ puts you on the path to your full potential. ♪
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