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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 17, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tonight tiger woods all but certain to make the cut at the genesis invitational. it is his first tournament, his first time back at the tournament he hosted two years after the car crash that left him badly injured and away from the sport he loves. that is it for us. the news continues. new cnn exclusive reporting, the u.s. about to put russian intelligence services on notice. this is russia's best hope for winning on the battlefield. it appears to be crumbling tonight's. plus new details about just how worried fox news was about telling the truth to their viewers. -- about to sail solo around the globe before her incurable disease makes it impossible. good evening. outfront tonight cracking down. cnn is exclusively learning the united states is planning to crack down on russia and russian intelligence services
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for efforts to circumvent u.s. sanctions. we understand this will be coming next week and it is prudent best hope for a win. the wagner group suffering huge losses now unlikely to meet their goal of capturing the symbolic city of --. they thought they would have done it a long time ago. already they have suffered more than 30,000 casualties, roughly 9000 deaths. that sounds like a lot. let me give you the context. the u.s. recently said -- is only 50,000 troops in ukraine in total. 30,000 casualties, 50,000 people total. the complaints from inside -- are starting to mount. this video is graphic but an affiliated social media channel posted its. it is alleged to fighters asking for more ammunition. we cannot verify the authenticity but it does track
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with everything that we have heard. >> every day we lose hundreds of our comrades in arms. it could have been half as many losses if our military functionaries have served us on time with weapons and ammunition and the things we needed. >> this is something we are hearing from other wagner fighters as well. >> we are the utility -- unit. every day we cover difficult combat tasks covering assaults groups. we are completely cut off from the ammunition supply. >> ammunition, ammunition, ammunition and they are following the lead of their boss. -- is blaming the russian army for wagner's shortages and failure. >> the advance is proceeding less fast than we would want.
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wise the advance not fast enough? we could of taking control of it by the new year if we hadn't been hindered by our monstrous military bureaucracy and obstacles created on a daily basis. >> alex is outfront to begin our coverage. what is the latest on the ground there tonight? >> we are seeing the beginning stages of this new russian offensive and so far it is not going well. one official on thursday said it is very pathetic. we are getting that update on the fighting from the white house that city for the past few months ukraine has been locked in a fierce battle with russian forces from the wagner group made up of mercenaries and convicts. the white house is john kirby singh in december 90% of the debts were convicts, a recruitment tool he says that shows no sign of abating. >> just a week from the first anniversary of the russian
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invasion but this is according to president vladimir zelinski the toughest fight in ukraine right now in the eastern city of pok moved all day meet grinder by both sides, russian troops from the mercenary group continue to be sent in wave after wave to their deaths. >> he just plucked out of prisons and threw on the battlefield with no training, no organizational command, just throw them into the flame. 90% killed were convicts. we believe he continues to rely heavily on these convicts and that doesn't show any signs of abating. >> the battle laying there, the stark divisions on the russian side. with his chief openly blasting russia's official military leadership saying they managed soldiers from beauty salons and country clubs arguing that if there were more of his private troops, they would be halfway across ukraine by now. the tall has been so severe on
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the russian side that according to ukrainian officials, regular troops have been backfilling wagner. supported by artillery and aircraft. if russia were to take document it would change little but be a symbolic victory as ukraine struggles to keep them at bay. president zelinski urging world leaders to speed up their military aid comparing the fight to goliath taking on david and his --. >> we need this need, speed of our agreements and delivery to strengthen our -- of decisions to limit russian potential. >> that russian potential is still significant with hundreds of thousands of mobilized troops believed to be in reserve and russian president putin able to call up more to offset his enormous losses. now according to the u.s. state
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department numbering over 200,000 russian dead and wounded. >> ukraine has suffered tremendous losses both in this fight and all across the country over the past year but ukraine and the u.s. are less transparent about those numbers. the united states would like to see ukraine shift its focus from bakhmut to a looming counteroffensive in the south that would be made up some newly trained troops and armored vehicles. today we learned that 635 ukrainian troops had just finished a five week training course at a u.s. base in germany, a second phase has now started with 710 new ukrainian troops. much of the training focused on combined arms and maneuvers with those armored vehicles that the u.s. believes will be critical in taking back territory from russia. >> thank you very much. and outfront now, the senior fellow at the atlantic council is based in the southern
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ukrainian -- thank you so much to both of you. let me just start with you with what alex was saying that russia is struggling to get a new offensive going, a battered military, the tremendous loss is from -- being a part of that. what would a massive russian offensive look like with the military that they have now presuming that they have tens of thousands or more troops that they are about to commit to it. >> that is a really interesting question. in normal times you would say a russian offensive would look like a huge mass of soldiers going forward with tanks, helicopters and air support. the air support is definitely lacking. it has been lacking so far. you have a situation where there are really problems backfilling the losses that the russians have had that alex mentioned in his report. so you are going to see probably this attempt like you
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see in bakhmut and other places along the front where these probes that are moving forward, they are not going to be effective unless they find certain weaknesses and the ukrainian lines but generally speaking it is going to be an attempt with a lot of artillery with a lot of movements forward. they are going to be stopped pretty much at the frontline at this point. >> so -- says he would have a lot of air support and there hasn't been that thus far. we understand that today in the meeting with alex -- promised putin that -- was ready to produce fighter jets from russia. we know they have been putting a lot of fighter jets on -- aces and u.s. intelligence or western intelligence is warning of a massive air assault. all of those pieces are in place and you say russia is currently using balloons in some way related to this. what more do you know about
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that? >> this is basically a cheap russian tactic to -- confuse its air defense systems and to lure the ukrainians into wasting ammunition on these balloons but i think what we are seeing is another attempt by russian to ratchet things up. i don't like to be the bearer of bad news but i think what we are looking at is another attempt by russia taking advantage of that gap between one pledges of western tanks were made and when they actually arrive to do another major assault from the north from the east and from the south. it could be devastating to ukraine but being in ukraine as long as i have, i know that there is a very strong resistance. the western weaponry is coming but putin i think is a man who cannot accept defeat and i think it was mitch mcconnell who said today that unless he is pushed back, we can expect not only other dictators to be emboldened but this to turn
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into a very very expensive war because we will continue to fight this for many many more friends. >> what this offensive could look like is the crucial question. to this point that michael is making about the weaponry coming in, you have a bipartisan group in congress calling on the biden administration to send f-16 fighter jets as soon as possible. there is a gap of time. tanks are promised. they are not coming anytime soon. biden has resisted the f-16s and he says it would seriously escalate the situation. did the u.s. wait too long on this front for the f-16s for air? >> yes. it absolutely did. which should have happened is about two months into this war starting from february of last year, we should have started the training of pilots into f- 16s. that would then have given the
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ukrainians time to get familiar with the platform, be able to employ the platform and also get familiar with the avionics plus it would also have allowed them to train maintenance trips as well as the intelligence forces and radar operators in order to effectively employ this weapons system and a combined arms manor and that would be the kind of thing that would have been necessary. at this point, we are going to be racing against the clock in several different ways and that will be very tough. >> the u.s. has spent about $100 billion pledged in aid to ukraine. zelenskyy said he will appoint a new leader. now there has been to purges of officials for corruption most recently tied to -- procurement. so how big of an issue is this? >> absolutely huge both inside and outside of ukraine. the world is watching how ukrainians are conducting
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themselves. they have to be spent very carefully so these allegations come at a very bad time. secondly i speak to a lot of ukrainians both inside and outside and the one thing they want other than russia being completely pushed out of ukraine and defeated is that war on corruption to continue to the very end. it will take some time but i think that ukrainians who have left ukraine, millions of them especially the young ones want to come back to ukraine which is built better where corruption is no longer a daily fact of life. zelenskyy, credit to him for cracking down but there is still a lot of -- so he really has to come down hard on this. >> next the stars at fox news petaled election lies to their viewers while privately mocking the claims that they knew were bogus. what is the network doing about
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2020 election nearly 2 1/2 years after joe biden beat donald trump fueling the fire by still suggesting the election was stolen even though we have the actual proof that fox news executives all knew that trumps claims were lies. that was made in a new court filing. it reveals that rupert murdoch himself called the fraud claims really crazy stuff. tucker carlson called them ludicrous and totally off the rails. that is what they thought and what they said to their friends and families and privately but when they went on television they said something different and carlson last night said this. >> there are so many unanswered questions, some of them lingering. have for example did senile hermit joe biden get 15 million more votes than his former boss rockstar crowd server barack obama. that would seem to defy the laws of known physics and qualify as a miracle.
6:19 pm
was the 2020 election a miracle? honestly we don't know. >> okay. it is amazing that here we are almost 2 1/2 years later and he is still saying that. >> we learned they live in fear of their audience and they live in fear of donald trump. they made it clear to each other in their conversations. so that is why they continue to do it. number two it even got so bad and i was most interested frankly in the fact that they tried to get one of their reporters fired who i think is one of the best reporters in washington and does a terrific job. they were trying to get rid of her because she was going on television and doing actual truthful reporting. >> tucker literally said get her fighting fired. >> what they do is entertainment.
6:20 pm
what jackie does is report the news and you had the debbie debbie people wanting to get rid of the reporter. i found that to be really despicable. i hope dominion gets something out of this. >> so some of the court filing. there is an exchange between tucker -- sydney is lined by the way, i caught her. it is insane and sydney is a complete nuts. no one will work with her. carlson replies it is unbelievably offensive. our viewers are good people and they believe. i guess that is where he is now. give them what they believe rather than the truth. >> yes. that is exactly the motivation. scott is totally right that fox news spent the entire trump presidency deciding that they would go along with his lies. they knew it would make their base mad if they bucked him. and they were faced with a scenario after the election where do we side with reality or the audience. tucker carlson called out
6:21 pm
sidney powell on the year and said this is nonsense. we asked for evidence, you couldn't provide it. on error they were like we hope she comes up with it. what happens two weeks later? back on the air. she gets kicked off trumps team but then fox welcomes her back. >> and publicly just to make it clear by what we heard from them, privately you have this nut, this is a ludicrous and then publicly sean hannity, all of them were saying these things . >> the outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters. every american should be angry. you should be outraged and worried and concerned at what has happened in the election and the lead up to the selection. >> these election challenges are still going on and disturbing irregularities have
6:22 pm
been found and must be investigated to the fullest. >> for someone who spent my entire career trying to get people to vote particularly folks who don't particularly care for the process, this is made our jobs exponentially more difficult. at the heart of this is the accusation that someone is going to vote using a voting machine didn't get that book counted or was counted toward some other candidates. that is the basic framework of our democracy. so it makes our job exponentially harder. that initial lie has metastasized into this conspiratorial network of people running for office and getting elected based on that life. resources being distributed to people to make sure they had the same message when they go out and talk about this life. when i look at this and talking about the audience. they have so little respect for their audience that they are lying to this day about what
6:23 pm
happened. we may never have found it out were it not for this lawsuit. >> wink wink nod nod, miracle 24 hours ago. >> it shows what this network is. news networks present the truth to their audiences. we know they knew the truth because of these messages. they decided not to present the truth to their audience. they had little disregard for their audience and they decided to lie to them to keep this going because it was good for their business and that really exposes at its core what fox news did in this case but what they do on a daily basis. >> the money part of it, one of the comments that tucker carlson made about firing jackie henrik was the stock prices going down. it was just that was this is about. >> i want to point out the difference between opinion hosts and what jackie and other journalists do.
6:24 pm
this is true for all the cable networks. there are people who have opinions and there are real journalists. she was doing her job. i just keep going back to that idea that they were going to dump somebody who is trying to tell the truth and try to tell the viewers the truth and they saw that as a threat to their business model. they are still doing it today and it is influential with republicans. they believe it and i wonder sometimes if they had in the beginning said it is all but, he lost. >> rupert murdoch put that very idea out there. what about if they all go out. he says to suzanne scott, it has been suggested our prime three should go out and say something like the election is over and joe biden one. that statement will go a long way to stop the trump myth. it didn't happen but it was talked about. >> they were afraid of donald trump or others opening up a
6:25 pm
competitor to them. i think ultimately was what i took away from it. >> just very quickly i wonder even if they had said that, would there viewers have believed it? >> you get to a point where you reap what you sow. >> donald trump said go to another network and a lot of them did. what they are doing is looking for another opportunity to reaffirm a believe that they already had and that is what is really scary here that they are digging deeper into that mindset. >> there is this one moment and i say this because i mentioned this earlier. i remember this day. i came originally from the business journalist world. -- is a respected journalists. he had this moments where he cut off the press secretary for the white house. he cut her off. she was pushing baseless allegations of fraud and he got to the point where he is sitting there, he refuses to take its. i want to play the moment of what happened. here it is. >> you don't oppose an audit of the vote because he wants an accurate count. you don't oppose our efforts of
6:26 pm
sunlight and transparency because you have nothing to hide. you take these positions because you are welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting. we want every legal vote to be counted and we want every illegal vote -- >> we have to be very clear. the other side is welcoming fraud and illegal voting. unless she has more details to back that up, i cannot continue showing you this. i want to make sure that maybe they do have something to back that up but that is an explosive charge to make. >> the brand team at fox corporation notifies senior fox news leadership of the brand threat by his action. they send a note saying this is a threat to the brand. >> not only the brand team but -- who is a veteran. in part just because they overlapped, the trumpet ministration itself was so --. what is fascinating to me is
6:27 pm
contrasting with maria who was considered a very credible journalist and who in the trump era went totally sideways. she was the one who first had -- on fox news pick she was the one who led donald trump's view lies about the election for 45 minutes. she is rewarded. this is someone cited multiple times. she has a much better position now what the network which reinforces this is what the business side of fox news is. they are telling people will what they want to hear. >> it seems that a lot of people are fine with checking their sense of right and wrong at the door. >> i was reading these documents and wondering where their moral compass was. how did they go to bed at night a sickly knowing they are lying to millions of people. what was so damning is it showed that the very little amount of journalism over at that network, they were not in the driver seat. the people that were in the driver seat were sean hannity,
6:28 pm
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tonight sources tell cnn that senator john fetterman could remain in the hospital for a month or even longer. the sender is being treated for clinical depression after he wasn't eating and losing weight. it comes less than a year after he suffered a stroke in the middle of the 2022 campaign. all of this bring awareness to what is commonly a struggle for many stroke survivors. >> john fetterman in the public spotlight battling an illness that millions struggle with in private, clinical depression not uncommon for stroke victims like fetterman who nearly died last may after suffering a major stroke at the height of his high-profile senate race in pennsylvania. >> about one in three patients will have depression at some point over the course of the year. >> fetterman remains at walter reed hospital after checking himself in. his symptoms had grown severe. a source tell cnn he had lost a significant amount of weight, not drinking properly.
6:33 pm
he was forced to be admitted to george washington hospital last week. he met with capital physician brian monahan who later suggested treatment. fetterman's stay could last weeks or more than a month. his doctors search for the right dose of medication. >> we know he pushed himself so hard in those weeks after the stroke when in an ideal world he would've been recovering. >> just a few weeks before, cnn caught up with him in rural pennsylvania and engaged in extended exchanges with voters. >> hello everybody. >> if you legalize it would create tens of thousands of jobs in pennsylvania. >> how much weight is on your shoulders knowing the senate majority could come down to you? >> i don't look at it that way. i come back to what i have always said.
6:34 pm
if you trust me with your votes, i'm always going to try to deliver. >> after the stroke, fetterman had difficulty communicating having to rely on closed captioning at a high-profile debate. >> let's talk about the elephant in the room. i had a stroke. >> his struggles were apparent. >> i do support fracking and i do support fracking. >> fetterman walks the halls with aids to carry around a template that helps them understand what people are saying. just hours before checking himself in at walter reed briefly questioning a witness. >> are there specific kinds of barriers for workers in the fossil fuel sector to learn skills and renewable fuel production? >> last week when he was in the hospital, his colleagues noting his absence. >> we should take a moment and pray for his health. >> thank you. general michael, the former
6:35 pm
director of the cia and the national security agency. he suffered a massive stroke in november of 2018 and also has aphasia now which affects his ability to communicate. anyone watching, you know him, longtime member of the cnn family. someone our viewers know well. i am very grateful to you for speaking about this. i want to ask you about your experience because i think you give inspiration and hope to so many. first as -- was just speaking about senator fetterman reporting that he is not eating and losing some weight. doctors do say about it third of people who suffered from strokes have some form of depression. did you experience anything like that? >> no not exactly but even today, even this week, i am thinking about my hands. i am looking at it and saying that doesn't work and it doesn't work ever again.
6:36 pm
i am feeling bad that i have to say no let's go and do something more. that is what i was doing. so it is a problem but i think i can do it. the senator, he has the same problem and it is hard but i think it will be okay. >> how do you get through those moments as you say when you look at your hand even today and you feel that grief or sadness. how do you manage that? >> well for me, it is my wife and kids that is very important. they come and talk with me and so on. the grandchildren as well. so that is very good. we have things to do on the weekend and that is also very
6:37 pm
good as well. >> so it has been for you a little over for you since you suffered a stroke and i know what happened to suddenly as they do. you were getting ready one morning, your wife called 911 and for you general, you spent two months in the hospital. i know the stroke affected the entire right side of your body. you are talking about just even hearing this conversation going to the stroke center still going through the therapy. it seems as if a recovery is sort of a permanent thing. how are you doing now day today? >> better and better. for example about a year and half ago, i'm sorry what i want to say is i can drive now so that is very good. i go to pittsburgh for football games and i do it all the time.
6:38 pm
so my wife, my son helps me but we do many time so that is very good. >> earlier this month i know you made your first onstage appearance during your, since your stroke. i can only imagine the courage that takes. at the event you were talking about what keeps you awake at night and you said china and obviously we are in this moment now where tensions feel higher than they have been in decades after president biden ordered the u.s. military to shoot down that chinese's bible and. today beijing slammed biden saying he was escalating the crisis, disregarding international laws, where do you think this is headed? >> i don't know and that is the problem. i think it will be the next 100
6:39 pm
years the united states and china. do we do something about it that is good or not? i am really worried about it. i talk to the dni two years ago and i said it is china and the second one is china and the third is oh it is china. it is very important. what is going on now in ukraine? that is pretty important to. and al qaeda is important but china is the most important. >> i very much appreciate your time and i thank you for doing this. i can only imagine the courage that it takes and i just want to thank you because i think for so many you give inspiration and hope. >> that is very nice of you. thank you. >> and next very few people could even imagine sailing around the world and how about doing it by yourself.
6:40 pm
only one woman hoping to do it faces challenges that makes her adventure incredibly urgent. >> and a father and daughter reunited afterer they were buri in the turkey earthquake.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
a trip around the world and a race against time. jenny is a 38-year-old nurse
6:44 pm
from hawaii quitting her job and putting her life on hold to sell around the world solo. she suffers from a rare disease. she dreams of being the first person with cmt to make this trip and it will take 3-5 years. cmt is a disease that weakens the body's muscles making even the most simple things difficult. it affects only about 126,000 people in the united states and has no cure. she is out front with me now. i know you are taking this on for yourself and also to raise awareness because right there it has no cure. i know that is a part of why you are doing this but what you are doing is something that so few people in the world would dream of it in any situation. what inspired you to take this on? >> it has kind of become a life
6:45 pm
goal of mine to create awareness for this disease also known as cmt because i was misdiagnosed for so long and as an icu nurse and medical professional, there is a lot of medical professionals i know that have never heard of this disease. how are we supposed to raise funds when no one has even heard of it? so just the -- is not only to inspire other people with cmt or any disability for that matter that you can do anything you put your mind to know matter what your physical limitations are. it is to help create awareness and just bring a lot more light to this disease. >> as a nurse, you have great skill and great empathy and you have seen people in their worst moments loses so much and i guess that gives you
6:46 pm
perspective that many of us don't have but i know you have been living with this since you were young. your mother also suffers from its. she uses a wheelchair. can i ask you what it is like to know where this is going and to see your mother dealing with it. >> yeah. you know, i thought about this a lot and i have talked about this a lot from the gentleman that i bought the boat from that i am about to sail around the world. he just completed a world record sale around the world as the first double amputee to do so. he was hit by a drunk driver and lost an arm and a leg in his life changed in one day. dustin reynolds and i have talked about this a lot that i have known that i have this internal -- of when i am not going to be physically independent anymore even within the last year, even when people
6:47 pm
don't see me for a few weeks, they noticed differences. i don't know what is worse, having your life changed in one moment or knowing where your physical limitations, your independence is headed and watching my mother lose some of that independence and the pain and the surgeries. instead of taking that as a downfall or being scared, i'm trying to turn it around as i am going to do everything i possibly can to live the best life that i can and try to inspire as many people while i am doing so. >> i know you are going to be taking your dog with you. your only companion. it is a wonderful thing, six pound multis romeo. how have you prepared for these this and when are you leaving? >> i will be departing in may
6:48 pm
or june from the southern hemisphere in hawaii and i set this goal five years ago. i have been working towards this financially for five years taking travel nurse assignments, getting debt-free, i had a previous boat. sailing as much as i can. i am an avid water woman but something of this magnitude to put it into perspective a little over 300 people has ever solo sailed around the world and i will be 1 of 1 in that group. so mentally, physically, it is a huge undertaking and i haven't taken it lightly. i do feel prepared now. so yes, it has been a long journey and i cannot believe the last few months are almost here for departure but yes, a lot of grit and sacrifices and
6:49 pm
i am financially personally trying to do it all myself. so just determination i guess. >> we will be rooting with you and following along with you. grateful to hear your story and good luck. >> thank you so much. >> we will be following jenny. next telly father and his daughter survived being buried alive four days and the earthquake in turkey. more cont what i was eating and why i was eating it. i's actually working. lose weight and make it last with noom weight. there's nothing like volunteering at the fire department. there's nothing like hitting the waves. but with my moderate-to-severe eczema
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tonight a 45-year-old man pulled alive from the rubble in turkey more than 11 days after the earthquake. we're now learning the death toll is 45,000. sara sidner is "out front." >> reporter: this man is grieving the loss of his wife and son, while clinging to the one person who willed him to stay alive. [ speaking non-english ] >> translator: my daughter was telling me, papa, don't cry, relax, they're coming to rescue us, he says. [ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: this is ahmed four days after he was buried neck
6:54 pm
deep in rubble with his wife and two children. only he and his 4-year-old daughter made it out alive. we stayed under the rubble about four days. when the building fell down, my daughter was on my leg. thank god there wasn't any rocks or something on her. she was rescued first. a half hour later, he was. and the two got separated. he was taken to a hospital. she was eventually talken to social services with barely a scratch on her. for days, he had no idea where his little angel was. >> did you worry that you'll never see her again? >> no. >> no, never, he says. >> you knew you would see her again? >> and he was right.
6:55 pm
[ speaking non-english ] >> reporter: this is the day they were reunited. [ crying ] they scream and cried, elated to hold each other once more. >> translator: on the fourth day, my daughter told me, look papa, there is light. i didn't understand the light at the time. then i heard some voices. >> reporter: those were the voices of rescuers. and a family member later found her in social services and made the connection. he is hoping beyond hope he too will be reunited with his parent. >> translator: i have one request for you. please help me find my mother. >> reporter: he and his family were trapped inside this
6:56 pm
collapsed building for 24 hours. he and his sister made it out. his mother has not been seen since. >> translator: i remember the collapsing of the building. i remember passing out after a piece of the house hit me in the eye. >> reporter: can you describe what it was like in this tight space physically for you? >> translator: it was so difficult to breathe there. on the other hand, there was something crushing my leg, making me suffer. >> reporter: ultimately, it was his decision to pull on a bit of the curtains that were visible to the outside that alerted someone he was alive. while he continues searching for his mother, ahmed is nursing his foot injury, while thanking god he has at least one child left to love. >> translator: that's my daughter, and she's my little
6:57 pm
hero, my hero. >> reporter: sara sidner, cnn, turkey. >> an amazing story from sara as always. alisyn camerota is after thihis. so, still need thahat trim? oh my gosh! i am actually shocked i don't neneed a haircut. don't trim daily damage. stop it with dove. detect this: living with hiv, i learned i can stay undetectable with fewer medicines. that's why i switched to dovato. dovato is for some adults who arstarting hiv-1 treatment or replacing theirurrent hiv-1 regimen. detect this: no other complete hiv pill uses fewer medicines to help keep you undetectable than dovato. detect this: most hiv pills contain 3 or 4 medicines. dovato is as effective with just 2. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex.
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