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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  March 1, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. just ahead here on cnn newsroom,
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an explosive device with two fuses found hidden in the lining of checked baggage. the man accused of trying to get through airport security arrested. severe storms even tornadoes forecast in the southeast, well a state of emergency declared in parts of snow packed california. plus, the big green reason why fox news can't quit the my pillow guy, even as he continues pushing bogus election lies. >> live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom with rosemary church. >> good to have you with us. well, federal agents have arrested a pennsylvania man for allegedly trying to bring explosives in his luggage on a flight to florida. authorities say 40-year-old mark motley was arrested at his home on monday night, after security agents had flagged his
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checked luggage early in the day. cnn's evan perez has details. >> according to the fbi, he checked the bag and in the process, the routine screening that was happening by the tsa, they found explosives in this checked bag. according to the fbi, this is what they found, they found powder that was in plastic wrap, they found fuses. the powder appears to be from commercial grade fireworks. and so, the question is what was he doing with this? the airport try to page him while he was still at the airport. he left, and he was later arrested later that evening on monday by the fbi. now, the court documents that were released today by the u.s. attorney in philadelphia don't mention any indication of extremism or his ties to terrorist groups or anything like that. this is something obviously the
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ex -- fbi was focused on the last couple of days. nothing of that appears to have occurred in this investigation. this is a very serious thing, obviously. if you read the court documents, the fbi says this powder that was included in this compound, was susceptible to ignite from heat and friction and posed a significant risk to the aircraft and passengers. >> severe turbulence forced a lufthansa flight headed from texas to germany to be diverted to dallas airport in virginia. the airline says seven people were injured wednesday, when the flight encountered cure -- clear air turbulence, which can occur without warning. the passengers were treated on board, and taken to hospitals once the plane landed. in another flight, mishap a spirit airlines plane headed from dallas to orlando was diverted to jacksonville florida after the crew spotted
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a battery on fire in an overhead bin. a passenger says it apparently came from a battery pack that was charging a cell phone. and that the cabin quickly filled with smoke. the crew put out the fire in-flight and firefighters assess the situation once the plane landed. federal authorities are investigating. it is a rough week ahead for the u.s., as severe weather looms across the country. parts of the west coast are trying to thaw out from a massive snowstorm, now moving east. meantime, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flooding are in the forecast for states in the southeast. some some parts of california has seen more than 100 inches of snow in the last week, which prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency in 13 counties. cnn meteorologist derek van damme has more on the stories -- storms rolling across the u.s.. >> this severe weather season has trended in all the wrong
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directions. so far, the u.s. has more than doubled its average number of tornadoes since the beginning of the year, receiving over 215 reports of tornadoes since the first january. just incredible, because we continue to add to that number, as a line of stronger storms continues to move through the deep south. but what a particular concern about that will take place later tonight across east texas and into portions of arkansas, and northwestern louisiana. the storm prediction center picking up on this as well. we have a level of four of five, that is a moderate risk of severe weather today, where you see that shading of red with of course a level three of five surrounding that. this is direct language from the spc, some tornadoes could be strong, widespread damaging winds, and large hail as well. we'll look out for that, just east of dulles into the texarkana region. on top of the severe weather threat, there's a flash flood threat with a potential with three to upwards of six inches of rain falling out of some of these storms that move or the same locations. now, there it is, picking up some of the energy from the
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gulf of mexico. that low pressure is going to sweep east. and look what it does by the weekend, it's going to land a swath of snow across the great lakes and into northern new england. we could pick up over half a foot of snow from chicago to my home state of michigan, as well as over a foot of snow across northern new england. speaking of snow, looks what's happening out west we have buried homes in yosemite national park. we received over seven feet of snow near palisades, near the lake tahoe region, with more snow coming up. back to you. >> the greek prime minister's says tragic human error is the main cause of tuesday's head on train collision that is now left at least 43 people dead. dozens of passengers are hurt and crews are still sifting through the wreckage, searching for signs of life. meanwhile, the greek transportation minister has resigned. a train station manager has been arrested, and the greek government has declared three days of national mourning. cnn's eleni giokos is covering
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the collision. she joins us live from dubai. eleni, tragically the death toll is rising. what is the latest on this deadly train disaster? >> the national broadcaster is saying the death toll is between 42 and 43, but they say that it is expected to rise. the big issue here is those first two carriages that caught a light, and took a really long time to put out. rescue workers still on the scene, trying to get through that mangled metal. there were cranes, metal cutting machinery as well, over 150 firefighters at one point in time. in terms of the hospitalizations right now, we know there were over 70 people that were injured. right now, 57 people in hospital, six of whom who are in intensive care. they have succumb to burning. we also know that there is major head injuries as well. but these numbers are moving. we're waiting this morning, it's still early in greece, for
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an update from the fire department. in the meantime, i was going through some of the front pages in greece, and they really are moving. some of the headlines, the dead are waiting. just a question on one cover saying why. blind trains, it's not a, mistake it's a crime. and then one that really moved me, something my mother says constantly, is call me when you get there. because these trains passenger train was filled with mostly university students, that were enjoying carnival over the weekend, there was ash monday, many of whom are returning, this is what is really shocking the nation as well. and as you say, big revocations, transport minister resigning and the prime minister saying this was mostly due to human error, rosemary. >> it is so sad, eleni giokos, bringing us up to date on that disaster. many thanks. >> ukraine's military has so
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far stopped russian forces from making much headway in the battle for bakhmut. but a ukrainian commander says it's becoming increasingly difficult. ukrainian officials reported heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city, and street fighter in the suburbs. ukraine's military says russian forces are now using more experience fighters from that walk-in or group of mercenaries in this fight. about 4500 civilians remain in the city, as vladimir putin's army inches closer. thousands of homes have been destroyed, but ukrainian troops say they're not backing down. two of vladimir putin's biggest allies strengthen ties on wednesday. chinese president xi jinping described his friendship with president alexander lukashenko of belarus as unbreakable. lukashenko is in beijing on a state visit, where the topic of russia's invasion of ukraine is bound to come up. cnn's will ripley has that report.
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>> from one strongman to another, the law of it state visit in beijing for the man many call europe's last dictator. belarusian leader alexander lukashenko meeting behind closed doors with chinese president xi jinping, to close allies of russian president vladimir putin, china and belarus bolstering autocratic support for putin, for moscow, despite russia's unprovoked war on ukraine. beijing's blasting the u.s. last week, for what china calls external interference in belarus's internal affairs, an illegal unilateral sanctions against the country for support important putin's war. before beijing rolled out the carpet, lukashenko praised china's progress. >> today, not a single issue in the world can be resolved about china. >> on the surface, they seem like unlikely allies. china's economy towards that of
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belarus. china's population, about 150 times bigger. but belarus straddles a strategic hot spot, bordering both ukraine and russia. last year, lukashenko allowed putin's army to invade ukraine through his territory. belarusian and russian troops expanded joint combat drills in january. [sound of artillery] casting doubt on lukashenko's claim he won't send his soldiers into battle unless ukraine attacks first. tanks and trenches bolster ukraine's northern border with belarus. i travel there in december. troops train with world war i style tactics, constantly preparing for potential russian attacks. >> [interpreter] we are not afraid of them, says the captain dimitri. >> china's deepening ties with putin's allies puts further strain on its u.s. relationship. tensions rising more this week. top u.s. officials accusing china of a plot to possibly
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send weapons to russia, warning against what the u.s. calls lethal support. >> we did very clearly warned china about the implications and consequences of going through with providing such support. >> this is a red line that both the u.s. and many other western countries and the eu itself have drawn for china, and told china directly not to cross it. >> china denies planning to arm russia, positioning itself as a potential peacekeeper, publishing a 12 point document without calling putin's war an invasion. now entering its second year. >> president xi claims to be neutral in all this, and yet, he's widely believed to be preparing for a possible putin visit in the coming months, while the same time, refusing to even speak by phone with ukraine's president, volodymyr zelenskyy, about the so-called peace plan. instead, he's joining forces with fellow strongman like
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lukashenko, as the russian president appears to be determined to win this war in ukraine at any cost. will ripley, cnn, tokyo. >> and u.s. made firepower could soon be headed to taiwan. the white house has approved a potential sale of more than $600 million worth of new weapons for the island. they would include hundreds of missiles for f-16 fighter jets, which is likely to inflame the already high tensions between the u.s. and china. the biden administration notified congress of the proposed sale on wednesday. russia's surrogate lavrov arrived just a short time ago at the g20 meeting in new delhi. the warm ukraine expected to -- growing china u.s. tensions. danny russell is the vice president for international security in diplomacy at the asia society policy institute. and he joins me now from new york.
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appreciate you being with us. >> happy to join you, rosemary. >> so, tensions between the united states and china are heating up in the wake of the spy balloon incident. and beijing now considering sending lethal support to russia for its war in ukraine. on wednesday, we saw president xi jinping visiting putin ally belarusian president lukashenko, sending a clear message of strengthening ties between beijing and moscow. you've studied china for many years. where do you see all of this going? >> well, rosemary, i think the chinese are trying to do several things in terms of diplomacy. they recently reached out to the europeans, to chancellor slots in germany, to macron, they met with president biden in bali. they're working on the developing countries, trying to position china as a champion of global south. but importantly, they're going after their partners in the
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autocratic world. obviously russia, but also countries like iran, whose president just visited china for the first time in 20 years. and i think lukashenko of belarus fall straight into this category of countries that are under pressure from the west, and are pushing back. so, clearly we're seeing a growing divide between the sino russian access and the west. >> and of course, the u.s. warned china tuesday that providing lethal aid to russia for its war in ukraine will be met with steep economic consequences. knowing china as you do, how likely is it that beijing will just go ahead and send lethal support to russia, despite that threat? and if it does that, why do you think beijing would want to have anything to do with putin's failed war that as a drag on for more than a year with no clear end in sight? >> the chinese definitely do
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not want to get dragged into putin's failed war, failing more. and they certainly don't want to take the blame or suffer the consequences in the form of either sanctions or spoiled relations between china and the europeans. this is a hugely important market for china. and it's trying to woo investors, business people, back into china after the covid pandemic. it may be that they fought -- thought that they could hide behind plausible deniability. in other words, that chinese companies could make commercial transfers of ammunition or something like that. and the chinese leaders would turn a blind eye perhaps, thinking that this was a gray area, not a red line. but the biden administration has gone public in a very clear way. clearly, the u.s. goal is to deter china from crossing that
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line, and not have to invoke sanctions. >> danny russel, make you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a prominent republican gets grilled over his association with fox news. why paul ryan landed on the hot seat. plus, why the right-wing network has such a cozy relationship with a conspiracy theorist who paddles pillows. ning blocks heartburn all day and all night. prilosec otc reduces excess acid fofor 24 hours, blocking heartburn before it starts. onone pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. hi, , i'm michael, i've lost 62 pounds on golo and i have kepept it off. most of the weight that i gained was strictly in my belly which is a sign of insulin resistance. but since golo, that weight has complete gone away, as you can tell. thanks to golo a release, i've got my life and my health back.
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>> welcome back, everyone. well, former u.s. post speaker paul ryan is facing tough questions about why he has remained on the board of fox news parent company after bombshell documents show the network knowingly pushed lies about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, lies that have fox facing a 1.6 billion dollar lawsuit. a conservative commentator press ryan on why he still associates himself with fox. take a listen. >> if you are on the board of directors of a company that is pumping toxic sludge, racism, disinformation, and attacks on democracy, if you don't stand up now, then when? >> -- offer my opinion in perspective, and i do, that by don't go on tv and do that. >> right. >> so -- >> i do, i do. i offer my opinion in
11:22 pm
perspective often. i will just leave it at that. >> and this comes as fox keeps airing ads by election denier and conspiracy theorist mike lindell, the ceo of mypillow, as he pushes false voter fraud claims, which he just did on wednesday on twitter. tom foreman explains why fox and lindell at been so inseparable. >> china attacked our country and flipped the election. this is the biggest cover-up ever. i have the evidence. >> from the get-go, it was a match made in media. mike lindell, the conservative entrepreneur who made a fortune selling pillows, and fox. >> he's one of our biggest sponsors. and we are grateful for that. >> the right-wing news empire that took his ad dollars and let him relentlessly push unfounded conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen from donald trump, how dominion voting machines were part of the plot, and how dominion was allegedly trying to take him down for exposing it.
11:23 pm
>> that hired hit groups and bots in trolls. what happened to all my vendors -- these box stores, to cancel me out. >> did you ever see this guy with the pillows on fox? >> lindell's mutual admiration with trump has always been out in the open and unshakable. >> when i walked out of his office, i was 100% convinced he would be the greatest president in history. >> last publicized, how much money lindell has poured into the fox empire, his chief outlet for promoting trump. in the summer of 2021, the wall street journal said lindell told the paper mypillow spend almost $50 million on fox news last year. and so far this year, has shelled out about 19 million for ad time on the network. >> i want you to get the best night's sleep of your life. >> in a recent court deposition made public in a legal filing, rupert murdoch, the chairman of fox corporation, acknowledged lindell is a very big advertiser. the man is on every night, pays us a lot of money, " murdoch
11:24 pm
said. but then he added, at first, you think it's comic. but then you get bored and irritated. what's more, with dominion denying all the accusations and suing fox, lindell, and others in massive defamation cases, murdoch suggested under oath he was troubled by a fox news star letting lindell repeat his unfounded claims again and again, without even pushing back. >> i have the evidence. i dare people to put it on. i dare dominion to sue me. >> yet lindell steamed on, denying any wrongdoing in the dominion suit against him and sounding off at fox on his podcast and other venues for not more wholely embracing the wild theories of one of their biggest advertisers and the defeated former president he admires. >> fox, where are you? where are you, fox? >> cnn has reached out to lindell and fox for any additional comments. nothing yet. fox also disputes the claims
11:25 pm
the dominion case. but it's worth noting that the case is revealing many, many people at fox knew that what tyndall was saying on the air was false, that the election had been fairly lost by donald trump, fairly won by joe biden. and yet, they let lindell go on the air and make his claims anyway. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> still to come, fresh fears over the safety and security of this nuclear power plant under russian control in ukraine. experts say the situation is cause for concern. we'll explain why, next.
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>> ukrainian authorities report a series of russian rocket attacks hit a residential building in the city of zaporizhzhia overnight. emergency response teams rescued nine people, including a pregnant woman. the attack killed at least two people, and rescue efforts are ongoing. officials are raising concerns about the safety of the nearby nuclear power plant, ahead of the international atomic energy
11:30 pm
agency says the plant faces persistent security risks due to the war. the saturday will mark one year since russian forces seized control of the nuclear site. and as cnn's clare sebastian reports, experts are worried rushes type grip on the facility could lead to disaster. >> a year into his occupation of the zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, russia is making changes. satellite images showing the dry storage area were spent nuclear fuel is kept after being cooled. first in august last year, and then at the end of february. what looks like a wall or structure has appeared. russia's atomic energy company rosatom said it's building a shield to protect against artillery strikes. a local russian-backed official posted this in december, calling it a protective dome. >> it's in need of doing anything about lives because it
11:31 pm
looked and -- nuclear safety in radiation. >> the head of ukraine's energy security committee and eric adams said it's part of a deterring situation in zaporizhzhia that he's powerless to stop. >> what's the biggest risk right now and comes to safety at the plant? >> yeah, biggest risk is that we don't know what is the -- . you can't inspect, they can do anything. so, they can continue shelling on the ground, for example. >> america adams says russia, which forcibly took over the plant last month, damaging silver buildings in the process, continues to use it as a de facto military base. video surfaced last summer of military trucks in one of the turbine deluxe next reactor. last month, energoatom accused russia of bringing hundreds of newly mobilized troops to the site, before deploying them to the east. russ atoms only -- own press service for the power
11:32 pm
plant deny there's any heavy military equipment on the site. but noted russia's national guard troops, putin's domestic security force, our guarding the planet. >> i'm very worried about zaporizhzhia. i'm very worried. >> energoatom says the plant has been cut off from the electricity grid five times in total, leaving diesel generators last line of defense before a catastrophe. fighting has also come to close. [sound of artillery] the iaea reports shelling at a building housing fresh nuclear fuel in september, and a reactor building in november. energoatom now estimates four and a half thousand ukrainian staff are left of the plant, out of 11,000 before the war. >> that reduction of the number of people is going to have a significant impact on their ability to maintain and function systems, whether or not that security systems, radiation monitoring. >> nuclear expert nick
11:33 pm
tomkinson says he's working with ukrainian government to try and deploy radiation mapping systems at zaporizhzhia another nuclear sites. >> one of the concerns could be that things could go missing from zaporizhzhia, particularly some of the fewer. >> make no mistake, what i'm worried about is an acting decision to do something. >> ukraine's nuclear power company though is worried about a slow motion mistake. poor maintenance leading to the degradation of the equipment on the site, including the reactors themselves, currently all in various states of shut down. >> if it gets to the stage, nobody has to -- if the -- and this is just a matter of time. >> the russian side says strict radiation safety standards are being observed. hardly a consolation when 20% of ukraine's electricity supply remains hostage to this war.
11:34 pm
>> rosemary, there is no letter to the iaea, the watchdog reported last weekend that the backup power line connecting the plant to the ukrainian electricity grid was severed again. it was then restored. the staff they're also said they heard around 20 detonations in the vicinity of the plant. this, as the iaea is expressing concern that the plan rotation of staff to the plant is more than three weeks late. i want to point out as well, that rosatom, russia's nuclear monopoly continues to avoid most western sanctions, even as the rest of russia's energy industry as we have unsanctioned, roman. >> many thanks to clarissa passion for the report. still to come, many nigerians are protesting the election of their new president, with some planning to fight the results in court. we're live in lagos, after the break,. and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away
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nigerian officials on the results of last weekend's presidential election. bola ahmed tinubu from the ruling all progressive congress party was declared the winner on wednesday, with almost 37% of the vote. but many nigerians are still angry, claiming this election was stolen. cnn's larry madowo joins us now live from lagos with more. good to see, with larry. congratulations coming from the united states, but many nigerians are protesting against these results, calling it a rigged vote. what is the latest on this? >> the latest is that that congress -- that congratulatory call from the united states in the uk, these are important stamps of international legitimacy for, bola ahmed tinubu the present elect, and the body that conducted this report, the
11:40 pm
international electoral commission. because there's been a huge amount of -- opposition parties that did not like the outcome, and in centrally walk by -- walked out of it. but also just even from local organizations. tinubu will receive the certificate, it was celebratory. he said and acknowledge that, listen, i know that people did not vote for me who are despondent, by will be the president. and extended an olive branch. today, his presidential campaign said he formed committees to -- i guess the gentleman he ran against, trying to extend that all ranch. because as far as we know, he has not received a congratulatory call for number two a number three in this election. that would be -- and peter obi, a youth favorite on the labour party. but this election is now getting a lot of criticism from a huge amount of bodies. i want to give you a list. this is not exhaustive. these are just some of the organizations that criticize the election. voters across the nation who felt they were intentionally suppressed, but this is a long
11:41 pm
list that will be a long time for the i-negative to regain public trust in its ability to conduct elections, rosemary. >> wow, that is indeed a very long list. larry madowo, joining us live from lagos. many thanks for that. and i'm rosemary church. for international viewers, world sport is next. for our viewers here in north america, i'll be back with more cnn newsroom in just a morning. whoa. okay. easy does it. we switched to liberty mutual and saved $652. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. with the money we saved, we thought we'd try electric unicycles. whoa! careful, babe! saving was definitely easier. hey babe, i think i got it! it's actually... whooooa! ok, show-off! help! oh! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> right now, a four person crew is on its way to the international space stasis, after a fiery nighttime launch and a clear florida sky just a couple of hours ago. two americans, one russian, and one uae astronauts are inside a capsule called endeavor. it's a big sigh of relief for nasa and spacex after monday's launch attempt scrubbed. the crew is scheduled to dock at the international space station in less than 24 hours. rail workers cleaning the site of last month toxic trained rail meant and, ohio, say they're getting sick. a union letter details their concern, saying many norfolk southern workers, quote, reported that they continue to experience migraines and nausea days after the derailment. tests in the area show unusually high levels of chemicals. state officials say more than
11:47 pm
1.8 million gallons of liquid waste and 700 tons of solid waste have already been removed from the site. miguel marquez reports on the efforts to get the town back on track. >> i definitely think we are on a good path. >> nearly a month since the toxic chemical spill, and fire, the small ohio town of east palestine and surroudning area in recovery mode, the committee still struggling to its feet. >> there's definitely still a lot of questions that remain to be answered. >> possible answers from the u.s. environmental protection agency, now opening a full-time community resource center in downtown east palestine. >> i understand that we have to earn the community's trust. there's a trauma here in this community. we understand that, and we want to be transparent and responsible. >> officials at every level trying to reassure residents here that their concerns are being heard and addressed. >> there's a very elaborate
11:48 pm
process. they are going about it methodically. but quickly. the operation here is a 24/7 operation. >> ohio governor mike dewine making a another visit today to east palestine, getting a firsthand look at the derailment site and the cleanup process. >> the whole goal here is to make this community safe. and it can't happen overnight. you can't get all the stuff out of here overnight. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg also recently visited after president biden faced mounting criticism for not coming himself. but despite all the attempts to show the work being done to make east palestine feel safe, residents remain worried. >> i have a part ownership in a farm. so, i'm concerned about that, the soil at the farm. can we plant? can we not plant? will anybody buy it if we do plant? >> more than 160 residents from the affected area have come to the health assessment clinic
11:49 pm
set up to specifically address lingering health issues stemming from the derailment and subsequent controlled explosion aimed release. the epa is vowing to continue to hold norfolk southern accountable for effects of the accident. >> in no way, shape, form, or fashion will norfolk southern get off the hook for the mess that they've created. >> the railroad company has distributed six and a half million dollars in payments to affected residents so far. that number, though, is dwarfed by the seven and a half billion dollars the company had earmarked for shareholder buybacks in the latest financial report, filed just hours before the derailment. norfolk southern has not responded to cnn on whether it expects to change its shareholder repurchase plans in the wake of the derailment. >> so, we are nearly a month since history month and toxic spill. and the people here, not only an east palestine, but also
11:50 pm
into pennsylvania, where that toxic plume blue, there's a real sense of uncertainty about the future. they want to know when their kids play outside again, when they can plan their gardens, when they can farm and grow crops again. there's just so much uncertainty in the air right now. they feel they're not getting nearly enough testing done, and not enough information to know when they're going to be on the other side of this. back to you. >> the u.s. air force has fired six people after their units failed nuclear weapons safety inspection. two commanders and four of their subordinates were let go after failing to ensure the weapon stockpile was safe and secure at all times. there is no indication the failure was directly related to the handling of a nuclear weapon. the u.n.'s top nuclear official is heading to tehran on friday, after traces of highly enriched uranium were detected at an iranian nuclear site. according to a restricted
11:51 pm
report seen by cnn, the international atomic energy agency and confirmed it found particles of uranium enrichment to almost 84%. that's just shy of the 90% consider to be bomb grade material. iran's foreign minister was asked explained that an exclusive interview with cnn's christiane amanpour. >> [interpreter] we have a roadmap with the iaea. and on two occasions, mr. operable, mr. grassi's deputy, came to iran in the past few weeks. and we had constructive and productive negotiations. and we have also invited mr. grossly to come and visit iran soon. therefore, our relationship with the iaea is on its correct and natural path. and we have said this to the u.s. side, through mediators, that we are on the path to reach an accord. but if the iranian parliament adopts a new law, that will have to abide by the parliamentary act. so, the window for an accord is still open.
11:52 pm
but this window will not remain open forever. the u.s. party has been sending us positive messages through diplomatic channels. but in its media remarks, they make very deceptive remarks that are totally different. and really, as an iranian foreign minister, sometimes are serious doubts. >> iranian media is reporting a disturbing number of alleged poisonings at grohl schools across the country's. iranian lawmakers says nearly 900 students have been treated for poisoning over the past three months. no deaths have been reported, but victims apparently experience muscle weakness, nausea, and tiredness. other speculation it may be part of a campaign by islamic hard-liners to shut down the schools for girls. iran's education minister says a tax force is investigating. protests against israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's plan to weaken the judiciary intensified on wednesday, with thousands gathering for a
11:53 pm
nationwide day of disruption. in tel aviv, police clashed with demonstrators trying to block a major intersection. authorities fire stun grenades in an effort to clear the crowds. a local hospital says at least 11 people were treated for injuries. and protesters surrounded this law on where the prime minister's wife was getting her hair done. she was eventually safely escorted out of the building by police. now, to a mysterious illness that causes dizziness and extreme headaches. no one is sure what's behind it. but the so-called havana syndrome has affected some 1500 u.s. government workers worldwide, leading to speculation that washington's adversaries could be behind it. cnn's carly atwood reports, a new u.s. intelligence assessment is pouring cold water on that suggestion. >> the u.s. intelligence community, after studying the so-called havana syndrome for more than two and a half years, has said they cannot find any
11:54 pm
language between these cases and a foreign adversary. therefore, their assessment is that it is unlikely that a foreign adversary was involved in these cases, these mysterious illnesses that u.s. diplomats and u.s. spies have come down with around the globe. they also said that there is nla foreign adversary has a weapon is even capable of creating these incidents, or causing and what u.s. officials today said, the director of the cia, the director of national intelligence, state department officials, they are casting doubt on the experiences on the symptoms of the pain of these u.s. officials who experienced these symptoms, but what they're saying is they were likely caused, probably, the result of factors such as environmental factors or pre-existing conditions or conventional illness. and so, this does not give an
11:55 pm
answer as to one factor leading to these cases of mysterious illnesses, which is creating some frustration for the victims who are saying that they were told that they have traumatic brain injury, and now they aren't being told exactly what's causing that. even though that traumatic brain injury, and some of these incidences, happened while they were in the line of duty. kylie atwood, cnn, washington. >> and finally this hour, prince harry and meghan have been asked to vacate frontage college, there you fischel u.s. residents. that's according to their spokesperson. no official reason was given. but it comes after those explosive revelations about the royal family in prince henry's memory. and the sun newspaper reports king charles has offered the house to his brother, prince andrew. no comment from buckingham palace. harry and meghan have used the cottage sparingly since ditching their royal duties, and moving to the united states in 2020. and thank you so much for your
11:56 pm
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