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tv   CNN This Morning  CNN  March 7, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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[ bleep ]. >> it is the moment that we have not stopped talking about all morning here that. terrifying scene playing out on a united airlines flight, all of it caught on camera, is a passenger is accused of trying to stab a flight attendant and open the emergency exit door in a moment we are going to speak with a witness who watched it unfold. >> can't wait to hear from her. and four americans kidnapped at gunpoint in one of mexico's most violent and dangerous cities. the desperate search to find them is underway. what we just learned about why they were there. plus this. >> they were peaceful, orderly, and meek. these were not insurrections, they were sightseers. >> that is tucker carlson trying to rewrite the history of january 6th with surveillance video provided to him by the house speaker kevin mccarthy provided to him and only him,
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former january 6th committee member adam kinzinger here to wee in. a flight attendant attacked by an unruly passenger. federal investigators say this man tried to open the emergency exit door during a flight from los angeles to boston and then tried to stab a flight attendant in the neck with a broken metal spoon. other passengers tackled him to the ground and he was zip-tied until the plane landed. cnn's pete muntean with more on this. good morning to you. he told investigators he wanted to jump out of the plane? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, don. this is the second high-profile incident of an unruly passenger we have seen in as many weeks. department of justice now looking into this. you know, it's really interesting here is that the number of unruly passengers went down by half over last year, but this has to be one of the most dramatic we have seen recently. the flight crew became alerted to this when this passenger
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tried to open the emergency exit door and they got an alarm in the cockpit. here is the incredible video. >> united airlines flight 2609 from los angeles to boston. it was a smooth flight for the first five hours on sunday until -- >> where is the homeland security with the gun? i'm waiting for them to point the gun at me so i can show everybody that i won't die when i take every bullet in that clip to wherever in my body they shoot it and i will kill every man on this plane. >> reporter: the agitated passenger is francisco torres of mismassachusetts. the video obtained by cnn recorded by a passenger. it shows torres having violent outbursts towards other passengers and flight attendants. >> i am coming for you. >> reporter: four minutes nervous passengers sat down and listened. >> nobody cares.
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nobody cares. where is homeland security? there should be homeland security. where are they diverting us? wherever there is, it's going to be a bloodbath. >> reporter: i pulls a makeshift weapon out of his jacket pocket and said what no airline passenger ever wants to hear. >> i'm taking over this plane. >> oh, no. >> i'm telling you right now -- >> reporter: while united airlines says there were no reported injuries, the justice department says torres rushed towards one of the flight attendants in the stabbing motion with a broken metal spoon hitting the flight attendant on the neck area three times. torres also told law enforcement that he tried to open the emergency door to jump out of the plane. torres also claimed he was defending himself because he believed the flight crew was trying to kill him. video shows passengers and crew members tackling and retraining st torres. a passenger said he remained restrained for 30 minutes before the plane landed safely at
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boston logan international airport where for he is was arrested. united airlines says torres has been banned from future flights on the carrier. he is detained right now pending a hearing before a judge on thursday. don. >> so you had this. we are learning of a new runway incursion under investigation this morning. the sixth recorded this year. what do you know? >> reporter: well, this we are learning about. it happened february 16th according to the ntsb. but its investigating as the planes were on the runway near the same time. american airlines flight cleared to land on the runway at sarasota international airport as an air canada rouge flight was taking off. we know the ntsb is investigating this. no doubt it will come up tomorrow during a senate hearing with the acting administrator of the faa. another safety incident on america's runways.
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>> thank you. and joining us now is lisa olsen who was the passenger on that los angeles to boston flight. she actually captured the video that we have been showing you this morning. lisa, first off, my goodness and we are so glad you are okay because, obviously, this could have gone terribly and we are grateful that you can join us this morning. what was it even like to be on this flight? >> the first five hours of the flight was uneventful, quiet, normal flight. i was on with my husband and my daughter. and, you it no he, about 30 minutes before we were landing i heard a commotion, he was getting louder. he was about two rows diagonally in back of me and he started rambling about, you know, his father's dracula, the nazis, just a lot of rambling, and weighs getting louder and
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louder. a up couple of passengers tried to talk to him to calm him down and was only making him more agitated. a woman tried to approach him and say that, you know, he was scaring the passengers. he didn't care. he was getting louder. and then a very large like built guy started walking from the back of the plane up to him and when he saw that he kind of, you know, jumped out of his seat and got in the aisle and, you know, started to, you know, like fight him or attempt to kind of pretend to fight him. i didn't see a weapon in his hand at that point, but he was -- my husband was in the aisle seat, so he was standing like right next to my husband. i didn't see the spoon shank until i saw the video after, after that. ans and then he turned and ran towards the front of the plane. the united crew was amazing. they blocked the first class
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entrance which led to the cockpit. the flight attendants were there am. many men from the plane jumped up, followed him, tackled him to the ground, and there were probably about four to six of them that sat on top of him to restrain him. the flight crew, you know, immediately had zip-ties to zip-tie his nfeet and his arms. he was still screaming. and he somehow escaped from the zip-ties. they put new ones on him and as the men were getting tired from retraining him, they kind of swapped out and, you know, the ones that were tired would come back to sit down. people were thanking them. and appreciative that, you know, they jumped into action so quickly. >> yeah, he actually escaped from the zip-ties at one point? >> he did. i think he was so out of control. i don't know if they didn't, you know, get them on tight enough.
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i don't know exactly what happened, if he busted out of them or if he just, you know, wiggled out of them. but he was still very combative for the beginning part. so it may have been that. people at that point, once we knew that there were only, you know, one additional set of zip-ties left, people were sending up their belts to help restrain him. >> it's remarkable to see how quickly the fellow passengers responded, you had the presence of mind to record this when you were sitting so close to him is remarkable. i can't believe there was just one pair of zip-ties left. did you notice anything beforehand when he was boarding the plane? that's a really long flight. had you noticed any weird behavior from this man before then? >> i did not. i questioned myself on that. he was in back of me. i didn't see him board. he was sitting in the exit row in the middle but he was two rows inning back of me on the opposite side. i didn't notice him until i
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heard him. >> yeah. he attacked a flight attendant. do you know how the flight attendant was doing? what was it like getting off the plane after you safely landed? >> when he stormed to the front and was on the ground, you know, the last -- probably 30 minutes they had him down there. you know, towards the end probably five minutes, maybe ten minutes he was quiet. he was screaming loot before that. as soon as the plane landed i think the flight attendant was okay. i don't think it was, a, you know, deep puncture wound but he was in front of the doosh when they had him on the ground. the massachusetts state police came onboard, cuffed him, took him off the plane, you know, the emts came in and attended to the flight attendants and came back and questioned, you know, some of the passengers. >> listen this is a pretty jarring experience. we have been talking so much
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about close calls with flight takeoffs and turbulence and all these things that have been happening in the skies, you know, this incident as well. does it make you hesitant to fly or scared to fly at all? >> ironically, no. my husband actually jumped on another flight yesterday morning and left. i had my 17-year-old daughter with me. she was very upset the whole time. she was crying. she thought we were going to crash. but for whatever reason, the united crew plus all the passengers being able to act so quickly just was very comforting. i had complete confidence that they had had everything under control and i didn't feel, you know, unsafe or in danger during that time period. a lot came out after the fact. i think that i assumed that when he started yelling because he was quiet for the first five hours that i thought maybe it was drugs or something happened where it just -- it just set him
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off. i didn't realize he was planning this from the beginning. he was in the bathroom for a long time before that with his backpack. i heard that once the police officers were questioning the people in back of him because there was a woman back there that noticed he took his backpack into bathroom. he was there for a long period of time, which is odd. the officers grabbed his backpack. then the other odd thing that i kinda noticed was i was expecting it to be kind of messy. it was a neat black panther. it had hand sanitizer in the pocket. just the whole situation was a little surreal. >> the entire situation is surreal. lisa, we're grateful that you recorded this so we could see it and you and your fellow passengers awere so quick to respond. thank you for coming on and sharing that with us. we are so glad everything is
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okay. tell your husband and daughter we are thinking about them as well. >> thank you. >> just amazing to hear. she said people were passing out belts when they ran out of zip-ties. >> we always say, you know, oh, if i was in that situation, i'd do this or that, but you don't know. >> that's what i was saying last hour. you hope that your reaction would be bravery, but you don't know. then she said her daughter was terrified. >> my initial reaction would be to act first. i would honestly probably try to hit him or something or throw him off by saying something and just getting him out of what he is doing. you but you don't know until you are in that situation. >> i am getting on a floit after this show and it makes, yes, all of this stuff going on makes me uneasy. >> you will be all right. >> see you back here tomorrow morning. >> bring your zip-ties. >> they is. they acted properly. we are glad everybody is okay. >> we certainly are. happening right now a search underway in mexico for four americans kidnapped there at
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gunpoint in broad daylight. investigators believe a mexican cartel mistook them for haitian drug smugglers. cnn is learning their identities from family members. latavia washington mcgee, shaeed woodard, zindell brown and their friend eric were traveling together so one could undergo a medical procedure. dianne gallagher is live in lake city, florida, home to one of the kidnapped americans. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: poppy, this is a tight group of friends. at least three of the four grew up here in the lake city, south carolina, area. they were traveling down to mexico we are told so one of the friends, la tavia, they call he tay, could have the medical procedure. she never showed up for her doctor's appointment. then the fbi told her she had been kidnapped and she was in
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danger. i want to show you some video. it might be hard to watch. cnn has not independently confirmed the individuals in the video are in fact those abducted americans. the incident matches what authorities say happened as well as the photos that cnn has confirmed and geolocated. the aunt saw video that showed her niece being kidnapped. she recognized her hair and dloeting. investigators believe that the cartel likely mistook these americans for haitian smugglers. look, again, these are friends who grew up together here in small town south carolina. they are tight. the sister of one them, zindell brown, says the group was like glue when they were together. his family did speak with him on the trip down there. his sister now saying that she had a bad feeling and she told him that. his mother is relying on faith and holding out hope. >> i felt a little uneasy
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because i told them i had a dream. i said i'm just checking on you. that's what i told them thursday. and like i said, friday morning i texted and didn't get anything. >> waiting is the worst part. it has advantages and disadvantages. but however, no news is good news. that's the way i'm staying with it. no news is good news. >> reporter: now, look, according to they are family, this is actually the second time that mcgee has gone to mexico for a medical procedure. the first time two or three years ago. poppy, look, everybody is holding out hope that they are going to be returned safely. perhaps no one more than mcgee's six children here in south carolina. >> exactly what i was thinking. dianne, thank you very much for the reporting. >> yes. mostly peaceful chaos. that was the depiction of january 6th on fox news last night. senate majority leader chuck
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5:20 am
hooligans. they committed vandalisms. you have seen their pictures again and again. the overwhelming majority were peaceful, orderly and meek. these were not insurrectionists, they were sightseers. footage inside the capitol overturns the story you saw about january 6th. protesters queue up in lines, give each other tours, take cheerful selfies and smile. they are not destroying the capitol. they, obviously, revere the capitol. >> so many were actually charged with crimes for what they did that day. 326 of them charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees. justice department reports that 140 officers were assaulted at the capitol. some left with head wounds, cracked ribs, smashed spinal disks and burns. so joining us now cnn's political commentator and former
5:21 am
republican congressman member of the january 6th committee adam kinzinger. good morning. i was watching your face when he said that they actually revered the capitol and you had a visceral, physical reaction. what were you thinking? >> it's disgusting. look, you know, the sad thing is you have people that have only gotten their news on fox news that are never going to have the opportunity to hear the truth. because what tucker carlson -- he employed at his entire time he has been a grifter tv show host because he knows better than this, by the way, he takes -- he takes a cut scene and creates a straw man. first off, on the opening there where he says, look, there is only like a handful of people here. i know one of those rooms particularly satch statuary hall was filled with people. there are pictures of that. leading up to or after it's filmed there are moments there are only a few people in there. secondarily, you look at like, okay, one of the things he said,
5:22 am
josh hawley was running. so was every other member of the senate. like, okay, yeah. because there was violence that day. he said officer sicknick didn't die at the riots. he was walking around the end of the insurrection. nobody ever claimed that officer sicknick died that moment. he died a day later. then saying he was there 30 minutes after the -- he creates a false, like, thing that has been playing. look, there isn't purple spray paint and everybody said they spray-painted the capitol purple. nobody said that. you said that. unfortunately people don't see the truth. >> the damage is already done, you are saying? >> i think so. look, i think that in terms of history, nobody that believes any of that garbage tucker was spewing, none of their kids will ever believe that garbage. i think in five or ten years the people who believe it will not admit to their kids that they believe it because we set
5:23 am
history straight on the committee. but today there are people that are so invested in the emotional politics and tribe that if tucker gives them a narrative to hold on to that makes their side look okay they are going to hold on to that, unfortunately. >> he also invoked the committee several times saying this is access, the footage you had access to, parts that the committee didn't air. and he said you were a liar and liz cheney was a liar and that you guys perpetuated this lie. >> yeah, i mean, look, obviously, everybody knows in their heart, even those that say outloud that the insurrection didn't happen, they know this their heart it did. you can call me a liar all you want. i means that we are over the target typically. i can look at myself in the mirror. tucker carlson has a lot more money than i do but it's probably harder to wake up and
5:24 am
look at the mirror. he has never taken a similar oath. it's fine. but he hasn't. i think that's clear. but, look, in terms of saying that we have hidden this footage, we had one of the most transparent hearing in history with the most footage we have ever hone? history and every single almost witness that came in front of us was a very partisan witness. they were all republicans that came in front of this committee. >> i like how you turned that. what do you think of kevin mccarthy? i mean, come on. >> look, kevin has to be in power in his mind. like he has no other opportunity. you know? and i think he made -- i think he made the commitment to somebody that he would release this to tucker carlson. if he didn't say tucker carlson, then, look, i know kevin mccarthy. whenever you are in a meeting with him at some point he will pull out his point and say somebody famous he texted with
5:25 am
or knows because that's how he kinda feeds and i think he is trying to win points with tucker carlson. probably a brilliant move on his point, straight up politically. i just also wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. if you went over to tucker carlson, if you give tucker carlson everything he wants, he is never gonna say a bad word about you. between marjorie taylor greene and tucker carlson they are even more powerful than donald trump. i mean, donald trump gets his talking points from tucker carlson. >> well, all right. thank you, adam. adam's got the last word. thank you, appreciate it. >> take care. florida republicans are poised to hand gore ron desantis a legislative rin ahead of his presidential bid. the new proposal is on the table. we will explain them ahead. that actively cools, warmsrtd and effortlessly reresponds to both of you. ouour smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per ninight.
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list and maybe provide him with a campaign platform on the other side of it. with desantis' backing or urging republican lawmakers in the state have filed a slate of bills that deal with universal school vouchers, the death penalty, consolidating his power as governor, treatment for transgender children and abortion among many, many others. joining us from miami is national political reporter mark caputo who covers florida politics. mark, this is kind of this remarkable legislative session that they don't typically get this much national attention, this outsized attention. obviously, with governor desantis being primed for a presidential run what are you expecting it to look like over the next 60 days? >> reporter: i'm expecting the session to look like a giant rubber stamp. it normally isn't like this for governors. but ron desantis is a governor like no other we have seen in the state. he is incredibly popular with the republican base.
5:31 am
more so if you look at republican polling than donald trump in florida and the republican legislators who control the legislature know this. in addition to that, they have more than a two-thirds majority. so democrats basically don't matter. and if you have more than a two-thirds majority, you can steamroll the opposition. lawmakers explicitly and in some cases implicitly admit this is a session to further ron desantis' ambitions and they are there to make it happen. so anything he wants he is probably going to get. the question is, what does he really want, what is he really going to get and if he runs for president is it going to help him against donald trump, again if he does, and if he wins, to what degree will he be oversex tended in run against joe biden who has not decided to announce for re-election but probably will soon. >> you said it's normally not like this, this rubber stamp
5:32 am
style situation. what do you hear privately from republicans? are they bothered by the way -- because part of this he consolidated a lot of power just as governor. >> reporter: right. no. i mean, some lawmakers like at the margins, moderate republicans and they will whisper this, they don't like this. a lot of them have been punched. if you are a republican lawmaker, if you are a republican official, say with a democratic one, part of your job is to get re-elected. opposing ron desantis has made quite clear is a pathway to irrelevancy at least in the florida republican party. so they are there to boost him and go along with him. understand this. this used to be a swing state, florida did. this is place ron desantis when he first ran for governor, pardon me, i almost said president, in 2018 won by less than half a percentage point. in november he won by nearly 20 percentage points. it is an out-sized margin we haven't seen in the state. the biggest margin for
5:33 am
re-election of a governor was jeb bush in 2002 at the height of his power in the after glow of 9/11 his brother, then the president, was riding a high. ron desantis blew that out of the water. not only is desantis expecting the legislature to rubber-stamp his agenda. he is also not only running against democrats and the woke left or however he wants to describe it. he is also running against the mainstream news media. as long as the mainstream news media covers him in a sloppy way, gets the facts wrong, he will be all over that like white on rice, so to speak. and what you are going to see from desantis as you have seen in his rise is an ability to capitalize on that. we saw that with covid in 2020 when a lot of media coverage of florida was a little over the top and a little hysterical and he took advantage of that. ever since then you have seen him time and time again go back to that well. and if you just look back at the last legislative session with
5:34 am
the controversy he was mired in, again he wound up winning by nearly 20 percentage points. to a degree voters at least in this state are either tuning out the news media, not believing it, and preferring to support ron desantis at least as a gubernatorial candidate. not sure about president. we will have to see. >> it's easier to use the media as a employee than your actually opponents. a deeper look in florida's education bill. that's ahead with documentary filmmaker ken burns who is going to join us here on set. an emotional plea from bruce willis' wife. >> please don't be yelling at my husband asking yhow he is doing. don't do it, okay? >> she is now calling out in the wake of her husband's dementia diagnosis.
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don'tk yelling at my husband asking how he is doing, the yahooing and yippee ki-yays,
5:39 am
don't do it, okay? giving the space, allow for our family or whoever is with him that day to be able to get him point a to point b safely. >> that is emma heming willis, wife of movie superstar bruce willis pleading with the paparazzi to stop yelling alt him when they see him in public. the family recent hi announced that willis has a speaking disorder called aphase a, progressed into a form of dementia. ftd. someone familiar with helping a loved one moves through the world, ashley campbell. of course, you know her as a country singer, daughter of the legendary glen campbell, who died from alzheimer's disease in 2017. ashley, good morning and thank you. >> hi, thank you for having me. >> tell me why you want to be here. why is it important to tech to speak out for -- the willis family today, it was your family before. it is so many american families.
5:40 am
>> i saw what mrs. willis posted and i just really identified with her and empathized because it's so important for people with dementia to maintain a sense of normalcy and a social life as long as they can, and also to not be harassed because being confused is very, very upsetting. i am not sure where mr. willis is in his progression, but i'm just -- i am glad he is still going out and he has people that love him that much. >> you know, i was just telling you in the break how moved i and so many were by the cnn film a couple years ago about your dad and about his life and it tracks you and your family and your journey through this disease as it progresses with him. i want to play a clip of that for people. your testimony before congress and it was featured in the 2015 cnn film glen campbell i'll be me.
5:41 am
here you were. >> i think a person's life is comprised of memories and that's exactly what this disease takes away from you. like a memory of my dad taking me fishing in flagstaff when i was a little girl or playing banjo with my dad while he plays guitar. now when i play banjo with my dad, it's getting harder for him to follow along. and it's getting harder for him to recall my name. >> that was him next to you, right? >> yes. >> what is your message to so many people who feel lost right now with this? >> my message is if you are going through this, if you have a family member who is going through this, community is so, so integral being surrounded by love and support and staying as active and social as you can.
5:42 am
just stimulation and love because every moment is precious. the clock is ticking and every moment counts. >> so you wrote this song, i want to end by playing a little clip of it, called "remember" for him. here it is. ♪ we can talk until you ♪ ♪ daddy don't you worry i'll do all the remembering ♪ >> that song is called "remembering." tell me about writing it. >> i wrote it when i first pa matched to nashville after my dad's tour ended. i wanted to talk about the fact that he took care of me my whole life and now the roles were reversed and it was my job to take care of him and to give him reassurance. >> yeah. i am sure it helps a lot of other families as they go through what yours did. ashley, thank you very much. >> thank you.
5:43 am
>> so nice to hear from her on such an issue that so many people are thinking about. also this morning, we are tracking news out of florida. governor ron desantis promised major reforms for higher education. now a bill is looking to turn those measures into law. we are going to talk to the documentary filmmaker ken burns. why he thinks that bill is deeply flawed and an assault. that's next. eight-time all-star to tell you about it. wait what? get it before it's gonee on the subway app! every day, millions of things need to get to where they're going. and at chevron, we're working to help reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels that keethings moving. today, we're producing renewable diesel that can be used in existing esel tanks. and we're committed to increasing our renewable fuels production. because as we work toward a lower carbon future,
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the state of florida, we're proud to stand for education, not indoctrination in our schools. >> so that was florida's republican governor ron desantis underscoring his stance on education before a packed crowd at the ronald reagan presidential library this weekend. now one of the marquee bills that could define his agenda could soon go before the republican led legislature.
5:48 am
florida house bill 999. if passed, it would limit what people are allowed to study at public universities and colleges. the bill reads in part, general education kour courses may not suppress or distort hinkcal events or include a curriculum that teaches identity politics such as critical race theory or defines american history as contrary to the creation of a new nation-based on universal principles stated in the declaration of independence. the bill has drawn widespread criticism from heeducators and florida democrats and caught the attention of our next guest, renowned documentary filmmaker ken burns. he tweet inside part, by trying to dictate what teachers can and cannot teach florida house bill 999 is an assault on the very liberties articulated by the founders and something that all americans should speak out against. ken burns is here now. also he has a new book out, our america a photographic history. it is fantastic.
5:49 am
we have been thumbing through it. thank you very much. >> i appreciate it. >> you were moved enough to write about this bill and what's going on with the idea of critical race theory and not teaching the full history of this country. why? >> you know, what makes america great is not the suppression of ideas or the pursuit of every corner of those ideas may lead us or the facts. it's about who we are and how we investigate who we are and celebrate the diversity of who we are. all of these bills that desantis and others are doing limit our ability to understand who we are and are not inclusive. they are exclusive. they are narrowing the focus of what is and isn't american history. it's terrifying. it feels like a soviet system or, you know, the way the nazis would build up a village. tucker carlson is doing the same thing with the footage from 1/6. it's just a kind of rewriting of history at the most dangerous
5:50 am
level. it's huge threat to our republic. i am doing, don, a film right now working on a major series on the history of the american revolution and i can tell you that thomas jefferson and thomas payne and george washington and john adams and james madison and alexander hamilton are rolling over if their graves if they think this person is carrying the mantle of what it is to be american. >> you are such a treasured chronicler of history and of our times. was reading you says about race, how and how it's touched how do you think that we will look back and reflect on the period that we are living in now? >> i think there's some really positive aspects and i think part of what we're seeing in desantis and others is a kind of reaction to anything that makes it nothing but a kind of neat, tidy, white picket fence, morning in america kind of view of things. this is a complicated world and race is in everything we touch, not because it's -- i'm looking for it, but because we were
5:51 am
founded on the idea that all men were created equal. the guy who wrote that owned hundreds of human beings and didn't see the contradiction or the hypocrisy. our whole story is based in a discussion on race along with the meaning of freedom, and that's complicated, too, because freedom, what i want, personal freedom, comes into conflict with what we need, a kind of collective freedom. so there is that great struggle. why are you so frightened of telling your children about the struggles? we go to gym class at 6 years old and have somebody yelling at us that we are not doing something right, but somehow you can't move over to history and find out that something in the past wasn't quite right. this doesn't make any sense, it's a disconnect and what it's attempt is to narrow our view of ourselves into one narrow thing as our country becomes more diverse, which is wonderful, and more complicated and lots of manifestations. that's who we are. that's been our strength from the very beginning.
5:52 am
>> i want people to look at this photo you have of john lewis, the late congressman john lewis, and he has his arms crossed there, near the -- >> it's the last photograph in the book. >> it's near the end of his life and it really speaks to this moment. this took you 15 years, this was a passion project, nights and weekends, but there is a reason that it came out recently. it's not brand-new, right? the new republic says this book speaks to our moment precisely because it refuses to lie about the past. >> i just wanted to include everything. there's nothing wrong with that. you will see kids playing guns in the middle of the dust bowl, you will see girls dancing on the beach in jamestown, rhode island, you will see other playfulness, you will see the beauty of this continent, but you will see all of the things that we also are. what that new republic thing s i think it may be the best review i have ever got in my life, they said this is an anti-fascist book. what we see is this narrowing,
5:53 am
saying only you can treat -- it's right out of the authoritarian playbook. if a company, disney, disagrees with me, i change their tax institute tus. if somebody, you know, a state employee disagrees with me i fire them. this is not a democracy. that's an authoritarian -- >> there's a reason you put a child on the front, right? this not only is a photo 1949, right, by your mentor jerome leanling but it's also about what are we creating for our kids. >> i wanted to say this is all of us. you will see photographs from very famous people and from anonymous people and from sort of what we would call snapshots. there's so-called ordinary folks and there's great people. there is a picture of abraham lincoln in there, but he is not on the cover. this kid is as important as abraham lincoln. that's the heart of the democracy, it says we value every individual life and this kid with his improbable hockey shirt, coat, rakish hat, attitude, he is looking at my mentor and they're seeing each
5:54 am
other as equals and there is no communication in this world except among equals and the kind of hierarchies that turker carlson and ron desantis are trying to superimpose over us are extraordinarily dangerous to this experiment. >> you call it a narrowing. we have to run. it's racism, right? >> i think it's -- right now it's just white supremacy. there is a kind of fear of the other and so what you are seeing, we saw it in our film on the holocaust, you know, it's easy to make a person other. let me just put it simply, don, this way, i have been making films for almost 50 years about the u.s., capital u, capital s, but i've also been making films about us, the plural pronoun. anytime anybody tells you that it's anything else other than us there's only us. when somebody tells you there is a them, move away. there is no them, there's only us. >> ken burns, always a pleasure. thank you very much. we will be right back.
5:55 am
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make a sound decision. call 1-800 miracle now, and book your free hearing evaluation. it's time now for the morning moment. the actress halle bailey revealing that the newest little mermaid doll a replica of herself, she revealed it in this emotional instagram video. >> i am going to cry. this is the new little mermaid doll. i am literally choking up because this means so much to me, and to have one that looks like me, that's my favorite
6:00 am
disney character, is very surreal, and, look, she even has my mole. see? >> bailey growing emotional as her post was met with widespread celebration, even the iconic barbie brand commented they believed it was well-deserved. >> nice. >> look at that. "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm erica hill. >> and i'm jim sciutto. this morning an urgent search in mexico for four american friends kidnapped at gunpoint in broad daylight. cnn is now learning new details such as why the friends were in mexico in the first place and why investigators think that what happened here is a mexican cartel mistakenly targeted the group thinking they were drug smugglers. plus, terrifying moments


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