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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 17, 2023 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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through the details of the allegations specifically against putin and one top official. >> reporter: well, jake, these are hugely significant, the allegations are the arrest warrant has been put forward because of the thousands of children allegedly taken from ukraine, from russian occupied ukraine and other areas into russia, against their will, deported if you will. the most serious allegations is that children were taken from orphanages and state run areas and taken into russia during this conflict and given to russia parents sometimes citizens. some time ago we showed the separation of mother and children and we spoke to one very distraught mother tatiana. >> emotions overwhelmed me when lela left. when i realized what
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was happening it defied me. all i wanted was what was best for my child at that time. >> reporter: and you saw those mothers travel all the way into occupied crimea with emotional unions with their children. they managed to get most of them back, but, many still remain, jake, in captivity, the arrest warrant will put the pressure onto russia, the russians say they have no jurisdiction over the president. >> the international criminal court does not hold trials in absentia, that means putin would have to be arrested before standing trial there, what does that mean for putin? >> what it means is that he is hemmed into russia, should the president of russia travel now to countries which are party to the international criminal court treaty, now, that does not include the united states, he
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would be expected to be arrested by that country. but, the track record on this is not great. previous heads of state, like omar al masider of sudan traveled. the russian authorities and the kremlin rubbished these warranties, they're just the beginning. you have on a daily basis, prosecutors here in ukraine looking into possible war crimes and this issue is powerful and sad, children separated from their parents, still to this day, is may be just the tip of the iceburg and important to note this is very quick for the i.c.c., they're announcing these warranties as the crimes are allegedly being committed which
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means there's pressure for them to stop. >> moments ago, the biden administration reacted officially to the iccs arrest warrant for putin. jeremy is at the white house, and jeremy, what does the white house say? >> well, jake, the white house is expressing broad support for accountability as it relates to perpetrators of war crimes but not expressing explicit support for the arrest issued from the icc. adrienne watson says there's no doubt that russia is committing atrocities in ukraine. the icc prosecutors is an independent actor and makes his own decisions based on the evidence before him. we support accountability for perpetrators of war crimes. ads you see, there's not explicit support for this decision by the icc and that is because the united states is not a party to the rome statue that established the international criminal court. in fact, the u.s. has a long
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history of rejecting the iccs jurisdiction specific little as it relate toss u.s. personnel, for example, we know there's been a debate inside the administration over prying 40 support to the international criminal court. but, interestingly there's a growing bipartisan consensus that the administration should do that. in fact, in december congress passed a new law that removed long standing restrictions of the u.s. providing support to the international criminal court. which could pave the way for the biden administration to provide that kind of support going forward. that's an open question mark. in the meantime, jake, administration officials told me they have supported other members investigating war crimes against ukraine. >> the arrest warrant comes as the chinese president and the russian president putin is set to meet. china say the war in
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ukraine will be a core part of their talks. chinese leader flies to moscow next week to meet with russian vladimir putin. it's a ambitions and beijing's support for moscow. china's foreign ministry said the country country's quote proposition boils down to one sentence which is to urge peace and promote talks. beijing has tried to present itself as a mutual peace broker in ukraine. calling for a political settlement. and casting restore diplomatic ties. but, western leaders are sceptical of beijing's portrayal as a mediator, putin visited
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beijing for the winter olympic opening ceremony. xi has met putin in person 39 times since becoming china's lead e even exchanging gifts, including pandas, china has refused to condemn the invasion or call it an invasion, instead, beijing has parroted the kremlin's misinformation while blaming nato. it's all hearts and thumb's up emojis in response to the official post about the state visit. with comments like "hope russia will win soon". and long live china russia friendship. frequent military exercises. western officials have raised concerns that china may be considering providing russia with lethal military aid. beijing has denied the
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acquisition. last month, putin told china's top diplomat that relations between they are countries are reaching new milestones, the two nations bound together by their shared vision of a new world order, no longer dom flated by the west. and while xi has spokenen to putin since the invasion virtually and in person, he is not yet had a single phone call with ukraine president volodymyr zelenskyy. a potential conversation is ongoing. as xi heads to russia, the ability of china to help resolve the conflict hangs in the balance. >> and jake, the two leaders share a deep suspicion towards the u.s. which is believed is bent on holding china and russia down, at the end of the day it's not a truly no limits partnership, xi wants to help
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russia as much as it helps china. that could help beijing prepare it's relationship with europe which xi does not want to rely too close by with the usa in china. xi wants it both ways a relationship with russia and to be a global leader. >> today, the cream lib is dismissing the icc arrest warrant for putin as outrages and unacceptable. do russian officials deny the charges against putin that they forcibly removed kids, some of whom have parents, from ukraine? >> hi, scribing, they're not denying that they're taking children from ukraine, however, the way the russians have been framing t you're right, they're making a big deal out of it and actually putting it out there on tv claiming they're actually saving and helping these children. one of the interesting things that i heard a couple of minutes agond a i was messaging with the spokesman for the kremlin and i asked them, look, is this going to
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cause problems for vladimir putin when he try toss travel internationally, and his response was to try to brush it off, he was it willing me not to overestimate the importance of this body, meaning the international criminal courts has internationally. as you said, the russians are saying they don't recognize the jurisdiction of the icc. however t it is indeed the case that the russians have been putting it out there on tv that children are being taken from ukraine and being brought to russia, in fact, a couple of weeks ago vladimir putin was on tv with the chairman who was also a part of the that indictment as well, there's a warrant out for her as well. and she herself said she had taken in, as she put it a child from ukraine, a 15-year-old, she said, the russians are claiming that these children are orphans, the russians are claiming it's something they think is a service to these children, that's helping these children. what we're hearing from the icc
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is very different to that, they're saying this is essentially a forced deportation of these children. and of course, speaking to folks in ukraine, as we have within over the last couple of weeks and months, there are actually parents still in ukraine, whose children are still stuck in russia and in some cases with families that they don't belong to. and, people are having trouble getting these children back. the russians definitely not hiding this, however, the russians saying there's nothing criminal in their minds despite the fact that you have the icc warranty now. >> joining us to discuss white house national security council spokesman, john kirby. add merely, do you think president putin ever face accountability in the international criminal court? >> that remains to be seen, jake, i don't know if we could define what the end is going to look like here, the icc prosecutor is an independent
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actor and they have to work with the evidence that they have before them. what i can tell you is a couple of things, first, we're going to stay committed to helping ukraine as they document, and analyze and preserve the kinds of the war crimes and atrocities and the crimes against humanity at the hands of russian forces. and number two, we're not backing off our belief that accountability for the war crimes has got to be had, however long that takes. >> theoretically speaking, if putin were going to the g-20 or the general asemiablely, the u.s. is not a significant in atory to the icc, so, the united states is not under legal obligation to detain putin and hand him over, but, would the u.s., if putin were to come to the united states for the u.n. general assembly, would president biden tell him to nab him and turn him over to the
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icc. >> i would rather not get into a hypothetical situation of whether he would travel to the united states. i find that very, very, unlikely, and again, i wouldn't speak for the icc and their processes. what needs to happen here is that russia needs to be held to account, the perpetrators of war crimes have got to be held to account. in the united states our friends and partners will find a country that would be willing to work on that for the long-term. >> what about a country like israel, which, i believe is a close alley with the u.s., although has a relationship with russia, if putin went to israel for a trip or another country like india, which i believe the next g-20 is, would president biden ask net tenia woo or modi to turn him over to the i cents,
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c? >> those are decisions those leaders would have to make. >> i get it's their decision, but, would president biden ask them to do that? >> i'm not going to speak on a hypothetical. we want to see the responsible held to account, we're going to keep working ukraine to document that evidence to preserve that evidence. and to continue to support as we have, arrange of international investigations including the one being done by the icc. >> a putin advisor says that putin will meet with his chinese counterpart xi to discuss the war in moscow. what's the latest intelligence on whether the chinese communist party decided whether it will give russia weapons to pummel ukraine with? >> we don't have change to speak to today, we don't believe they've taken it off the table and we see no confirmation that
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they're moving in that direction. clearly we don't believe it's in china's best interest to do that, it shouldn't be in anyone's interest, quite frankly to help putin continue to slaughter innocent ukrainians. >> what's the icc arrest warrant for putin might have the effect of weakening putin within the kremlin as opposed to strengthening him? >> i haven't seen any intelligence since the announcement this afternoon that would lead us to those kinds of conclusions, they have just laid this out publicly, i haven't seen anything that would point us in one direction or another. i think it's important to remember, you talk about weakening, russia is clearly weaker than it was a year ago, at least militarily, they've expended an awful amount of military to the war in ukraine, they've lost thousands of soldiers and keep losing them
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today. mr. putin has achieved none of the objectives that he set out to pursue a year ago and the ukrainians clawed back territory that putin first took in the first couple of weeks in the war. there's no doubt that russia is suffering in the war and so are the russian people. >> today, slovakia has announced they will send planes to ukraine. it is not doing the same. >> it's not about us allowing them, jake, this is a sovereign decisions that slovakia is making and poland is making. the whole idea, the whole fight in ukraine is about sovereignty, and independence, about a country's ability to make it's own decisions and slovakia a poland have that right as well. the more we can support ukraine, the better ukraine will be and hopefully the faster the war
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in our earth matters series today, double trouble facing florida's coast, a 5,000 mile, 6 million ton belt of stinky seaweed is headed to florida's coast, at the height of summer with fears of millions of dollars of lost revenue this season. while on the gulf coast, the other side of the peninsula, we have the red tide causing respiratory problems for humans and killing marine life. a fisherman in florida says the seaweed is a blessing and a curse. >> it's thick in the summer time builds up and smells terrible.
2:21 pm
>> joe cap lon captured these images, massive amounts of sea weed watching up on the beach. a beach he knows well because he walks it everyday. >> i saw it the other day and i was shocked, it's not even spring yet, it's still winter and this is very unusual. >> the professor who is one of the leading experts on what many refer to as a massive blob of it seaweed heading to florida's coast. >> fair to call it a blob? >> nope. i would never call it a blob. >> why? >> because he's not. >> satellite images he says it's not one block of sea weed, it's considered a natural phenomenon, right now it's twice the width of the u.s. carrying 6 million tons of seaweed and headed to the coast. >> in june, it may turn into 20
2:22 pm
million pounds. >> so, what we're seeing in the last month is 6 million tons and it's going to get bigger? >> yes. there's no way to stop that, this is nature, just like no one can stop a hurricane. >> should we be worried about that? >> it's not toxic. >> but it smells bad and is a new sans for those trying to keep beaches clean to attract tourists. just a few years ago, here's what it looked like in mexico. officials have set aside more than $12 million to remove the seaweed. >> the negative side to the seaweed is if it comes in the concentration that i believe we're going to see, our fishing grounds will be completely covered with it, there's almost no point to fishing because we'll be spending the entire day cleaning weed off of our lines. >> and as the belt heads towards florida, another natural
2:23 pm
phenomenon is hitting the beaches on the coast. red tide that could be toxic and cause respiratory issues. it caused one major event to be cancelled. where one family visiting told us... >> as soon as we got out of the car we all started coughing. >> the spring breakers in iowa the concerns about seaweed or red tide are not enough to change plans. tourists noting friends back home. >> they would be pretty jealous that we're here and they're not. >> because, the pristine beaches of the sunshine state are hard to resist for many, despite what may be looming off shore. and, jake, this evening we're on smathers beach on key west, what you see floating off the shore, some of that mixed in is in that belt, i'll show you
2:24 pm
exactly what it looks like and it's coming up on high tide and we're seeing the most we've seen in the last few days, this is right here is what we're talking about. that said, this that's coming in, not a part of that big, massive body that we're seeing somewhere out there. and there's no way of telling when exactly it will come in, because, while scientists do have a descent idea of how this is moving, since they've only really been tracking it in the tropical atlantic. try to avoid it. >> thanks, so much, coming up, the laptop saga continues, now, hunter biden is suing over the laptop at the center of the house republican committee's investigation. stay with us.
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in our politics lead, hunter biden's legal team has come online in the infamous laptop controversy, the president's son fired counter suit against the laptop. hunter is accusing mack isaac. the laptop was seized by the fbi in 2019, it's unclear whether the contents were relevant into hunter's foreign business dealings, and remember, of course, hunter would never
2:30 pm
fully acknowledge whether that lop top belonged to him. here's hunter biden in 2021. >> there could be a laptop that was stolen, it could be that i was hacked, it could be that i was russian intelligence, it could be that it was stolen from me. >> so, you might be forgiven for assuming that the lawsuit filed was a confession that this was hunter's laptop. his lawyers found a way to be lawyers, they're writing a footnote quote this is not an admission that hunter biden or others had any laptop containing data, whether, at biden acknowledges at some point. he's try to go have his laptop and using too. suing for sharing data, some of it sleezy and some down right disgusting,
2:31 pm
which he has not specified or confirmed it is his. and house republicans are going full speed ahead with investigations into hunter biden's business dealings. raising questions about which members of the biden family may have profited from hunter's business associations with a chinese company. and they're raising questions about the potential of foreign influence over then, former vice-president, but not president, joe biden. now, let's go to man first. >> the white house is looking into three directors that received a million dollar from a chai necessary. the three bidens, include james biden, the brother of the president and hallie biden who became involved after the death of bo biden's son left her a widow. the payments came from a hunter biden associate named john
2:32 pm
walker robinson. after the walker llc account received $3 million from state energy hk limited. the biden family began receiving incremental payments for the next three machines. an unknown with bank account identified as biden. now, some of the information has already been pupally sized by senate republicans. the new information is the hallie biden payment, $25,000 that came indirectly from this chinese energy company. the hunter biden legal team says he has the right to pursue business ventures as a private citizen, they note that had he was working with james biden and hallie biden who was involved with at the time and they were sharing expenses and the memo does not allege any criminal wrongdoing by the business dealings with this company. >> the republicans are going after the bidens, the democrats
2:33 pm
are releasing documents raising question about former president trump and his family? >> they're saying there were unreported gifts that president trump at the time received gifts, between 2017 and 2020 more than $300,000 worth of gifts including a larger than life sized painting of him that may reside currently at mar-a-lago, they say this in their memo and say the unreported foreign gifts include gifts from xi jinping of china, the prime minister of india and other foreign government officials. they say the trump administration's failure to disclose more than 100 foreign gifts president trump and his family receivered raises new questions whether these gifts may have been used to influence foreign policy under president trump. the report does not have
2:34 pm
information that the president trump was influenced by the gifts, but, perhaps it can violate the constitution clause plus there's a federal law called the foreign gifts and declarations acts which prohibits officials from receiving sizeable gifts including setting the threshold at $415, but, jake, several gifts apparently cost several thousand dollars including one that was $12,000 a car pet that the former president trump has. >> okay. thank you very much. let's talk to our panel now. let's start with the obvious, the reason why ukrainian company or a chinese company would hire hunter biden, the reason why foreign governments would give gifts to the trump kids, it's all the same reason, right? >> i mean. >> presumably. >> honestly, i think part of the issue is first of all, we don't really know what the objective was. because, i mean,
2:35 pm
you could sort of make the implication that influence in a general term is what they were after, but, what kind of influence is what is not there. and, on top of that, i think the questions that you are raising, not you, personally, but, that republicans are raising about the bidens certainly can be raised about trump's family specifically, jarred kushner who worked in the white house, and since leaving the white house has engaged in business dealings that touch on things that he did as a white house employee. all of that aside, though, the real issue here is president biden himself. right? republicans say they want to prove that biden was aware of you know, misdeeds which were going on as it relates to his family. they have not proven that. and if they are able to prove it, so be it. but, so far, the evidence is not there and they've acknowledged that.
2:36 pm
>> that's an important point that you need, jarred kushner and ivanka were members of the administration. they were officials of the administration and not just the children of. and by the way, we don't have to go with the democrats memo, how about kellyanne conway saying that jarred kushner, in her mind, ended up with billions during the trump administration. this is the hypocrisy of these committees. and it feels like this is more about taking innuendo and conspiracy theory and creating click bait and reasons to get money and reasons to get onto tucker carlson's show. and not serious allegations of what happened. >> i think it's unfair to call it a conspiracy theory when these are legitimate records that prove large amounts of money were paid to the biden family. they want to know what services were provided to receive that kind of compensation. and while it's
2:37 pm
fair to look into, um, jarred kushner and how it's profiting, post leaving the white house, he was someone who worked in the trump white house, i think that, the question here is that, is this a conflict of interest that biden's family members were receiving these types of, um, payments when he was in office as vice-president. and what he knew then when he was vice-president, which, i will say, the laptop appears to prove that he did know some sort of idea of the business dealings, there are text messages, there are emails, alluding to that he knew. and one of hunter biden's associates came out on record saying that biden was aware of hunter's business dealings. >> if you remember the first impeachment hearing by the house there was testimony by a former state attorney member saying
2:38 pm
that while biden was vice-president. people were uncomfortable that hunter was being paid by. >> the evidence. >> let's watch some of that hype, sheer's james comer who has been on fox a lot talking about this investigation. take a look. >> it's as bad as we thought, maria, it's concerning it does show a pattern that the biden family was receiving money directly from china. >> it looks like it was influence peddling, and if so, it was illegal. >> every american should be concerned about this, it's an issue of national security. >> this shows how deep the biden family was involved. >> the white house were saying this isn't true, it was a witch hunt and the republicans were digging. and now we have evidence. >> there's a lot of concern
2:39 pm
where joe biden has done things in order for his family to receive this massive amount of money from adversaries around the world. >> sorry, one of our producers went through a lot of trouble to make that. >> he's been hyping it a lot with very little evidence. at some point in one of the clips, one of the anchors says it's been five years so far in terms of the investigation and looking into it, and so far, there's very little evidence. there might be evidence, they're obviously undertaking these investigations now. but, i don't think a comber being out there all the time using phrases like the biden crime family. it might sound good on the far right, but in terms of proving hunter biden is not right. >> there's no evidence, that that in any way shape or form impacted american foreign policy with regard to china. they're still looking but after five
2:40 pm
years there has been nothing. and they're not holding the trump kids. if that's our new rule, then, let's make that the rule for everybody. >> i think that should be the standard and i think it's a conflict of interest for members of the family to receive any money from adversaries of ours. president biden said on record that he had no idea of hunter's business dealings, but the laptop seems to prove that's not true. >> former president trump posted on facebook, since early 2021, he was gone and now he's back. he wrote in all capped letters, "i'm back". in the clip, he says "sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business. complicated". so, there you go. >> this also is the same day that he's allowed back on youtube as well, this is about the money. they need to raise a lot of money using facebook,
2:41 pm
using social media platforms. >> the trump campaign does? >> the trump campaign does. and so, this is a necessary step as he launches his 2024 campaign, they're really gearing up here for what will be a pitched battle against the florida governor ron desantis, and they know they need as much money as possible. and this is a huge part of the picture, trump had to swallow his pride a bit, i think his investors on truth social probably wanted him to stay away longer but it's about politics and raising money. >> and it's about connecting with that base of voters who love him and trying to figure out where he need to be in the race against ron desantis and others. it's like he's testing lines on these facebook and platforms. it's good for him to get back in the arena and get a sense of what his people want to hear. >> we'll see if he uses it the way he uses it. i thought that
2:42 pm
tweet today was almost like somebody else wrote it. but, if we start to see trump tweet the way he did while he was president. that's different. >> i'm not sure about this ron de sanctimonous. >> i think this his nicknames in 2016 were more effective. >> little marco. >> it does seem like he lost his mojo, he's concerned about ron desantis, but, perhaps he should consider a new nickname. >> don't miss abby phillips, on "inside politics" this sunday morning at 8 eastern on cnn. here's more coming up. still ahead what we're learning about the idaho college murders from
2:43 pm
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in our national lead, new court documents reveal how police are conducting a very complicated investigation into the man accused of killing four university of idaho students last year. a knife sheath found at the scene of the crime could be critical to getting justice for the victims, kaylee goncalves and madison mogen, xana kernodle and ethan chapin. police do not have a murder weapon, so, what do the new court documents tell us on how they're trying to build a case against the suss epect. >> the returns on 35. posted to the website. now, there are redactions, so, there are mysteries here. but, i think
2:48 pm
first and foremost, it was one week after the murders took place that they got a search warrant for walmart incorporated. and they asked them for all of their business records in regard to purchases of a kay bar sheath and knife. they wanted all documentation of whatever they could find. and they asked for a particularly sheath and a straight edged knife. which is the knife that kay bar, this is the knife they're known for. if you remember the probably cause affidavit showed the wounds they believe from from a straight edged blade. i spoke to the attorney who said they believed they wanted a knife. the one they believed was the missing murder weapon to see if it matched at that point in time,
2:49 pm
one week after the murdersious the wounds. now, one week later, they went to the company itself asking for all of their business records of all of the purchasers of those knives from january 1st, of 2022, to the present. which would have been november of 2022. and they go onto ask for surveillance video from a bank that is one mile away from the crime scene of the murders in the hours surrounding when those murders took place. why they want that surveillance video? we don't know. but, they asked for it. they also asked for ups truck video, the delivery truck, ups, in pullman, washington where brian coalberger lived and that would have been in november, surrounding the days of the murders, why? they have to have probable cause to get each and every warrant, jake. and they go on all the social media sites, all of the computers, the
2:50 pm
forensics, and ask for all of that, also, from every company. and every company that i'm reading, complied with those search warranties. >> all right, jean, with the latest. thank you so much. coming up, turn on the fluxcapscitors we're going to go back in time up next. the subway serieies. the greatest menu of allll tim. lily! welcome to our third bark-ery. oh, i can tell business is going through the “woof”. but seriously we need a reliable way to help keep everyone connecd from wrever we go. well at at&t we'll help you find thright wireless plan for you. so, you can stay connected to all your drivers and stores on america's most reliable 5g network. that sounds just paw-fect. terrier-iffic i labra-dore you round of a-paws at&t 5g is fast, reliable and secure for your business. can we even afford this house? maybe jacob can finally get a job.
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capacitor >> before we go today, we wanted to red wind the clock a little bit. tomorrow marks ten years ago that this happened. >> man, it's still got that new set smell and i'm jake tapper. this is the lead. >> man, what the the hell? >> that was our very first day. now a decade late terry lead may look a little different. i may have a few more gray hairs and glasses but the show our mission remains the same. we are trying to ignore the
2:55 pm
noise and bring you the facts on the stories that matter most with the leaders of country, while interviews with lawmakers often make the most headlines sometimes it's been talking to ordinary americans who have extraordinary stories that have had the most impact and meant the most, trevor read and his family after high was released from a russian prison, the brother of the capitol hill police officer that died after being pepper trade, this is just some of the people whose stories i've had the privilege to share with all you and of course you see me but behind every show is an amazing team that makes all this possible from the studio crew making sure the cameras and be mics are ready to the control room team executeing the show live to the reporters the
2:56 pm
editors the bookers producers who helped develop questions ideas and guests, thank you thanks to all of you. you all make the show possible and of course most importantly to you our viewers the ones we worked hard to serve. thank you. it has been an honor. i look forward to continuing to bring the news long as you'll have me. i'll be back sunday for state of the union arizona senator mark kelly joins need and unanimous governor crisp sununu. until then follow my on facebook or twitter jake tapper and listen to the lead from where you get your podcast, sitting right there. coverage continues with wolf blitzer in the situation room. i will see you on sunday
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