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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  December 13, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EST

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perry, recent guest on this show. we hope you find comfort in the fact that you did your mama very, very proud. >> larry: jermaine, marlon, tito, they're all here. >> there you go. >> larry: forget it. they'll tell us how the family dynasty is doing since michael's death, now five months ago. what his kids are up to, and how they're moving on in the face of tragedy. >> they're doing as best as you can expect when you lose a parent. >> larry: next, on "larry king
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live." good evening. weualcome jermaine, jackie, tito, and marlon jackson. the brothers' new realities story premieres on a&e this saturday night. the only member of the jackson 5 not here is brother michael. five months, so quick, five months since he died. where is randy? >> randy is in monaco, where we should be right now. k >> larry: is there any reason he's not a part of the reality show? >> he's still taking care of things with the estate and still just being randy. he's welcome. we love him. >> at the time, he would like to not participate, so we respect his decision, but he's still our brother, and -- >> larry: tito, you make an
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appearance down the line? >> i'm hoping he'll make an appearance. he's with us on the music and records. he's a little shy about the camera thing. >> we're waiting for that to happen. >> larry: how are you all doing? it's five months. does it seem like five months, marlon? >> no, it doesn't seem like five months. and the thing about it is i think for myself, and i can only speak for myself, i'm learning to deal with my brother's passing, and i say, i can't believe my brother's not here. >> larry: where were you when he died? >> i was in georgia. >> larry: and they phoned you? >> no, i got a call from a friend of mine. he said is your brother all right? i said what are you talking about? my daughter said uncle michael is dead.
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>> larry: that had to be unbelievable. where where you, tito? o >> i was at home, and one of my sons said is it true, what we're hearing about urngal michael? i said what are you hearing? they said, they just rushed him to the hospital. i tried to tune into cmn headline news, and i learned on the way -- i called my mom and she said you guyed better get down here. on the way, janet had called me and said, tito, are you driving? i said, yes, i am. she said, pull over. i knew something was drastically wrong, i pulled over and she broke the news to me. >> larry: jackie, how did you lea learn? >> i was at the venetian hotel where michael shops for his luggage and souvenirs. i was looking, and all of a
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sudden someone passed me and said michael jackson died. i said no way. i walked outside and got a phone call from my mom. she told me it's true. >> larry: and jermaine, i know we have asked you before, but just for the benefit of those who didn't see it, where were you? >> i was on the other side of pasadena, my first phone call was you guys. >> larry: you found out from cnn? >> i found out from cnn. i said i'm going to call my mother right away. she said she was on her way to the hospital. within 45 minutes, i spoke to janet and i spoke to our attorney, and the next thing i know, i call my mother back. to hear her voice, she was at the hospital. she said he's dead with just a horrible tone in her voice. >> larry: wiere you all very close, jackie? >> yes, despite michael travels a lot and does his own thing, we're all close, very close.
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>> larry: and despite his fame, there was no jealousy? >> none whatsoever because we're brothers and we're in this together. >> he was a jackson 5 platform that launched all of the individual careers, michael's, janet's, ours, the jackset 5. >> the camaraderie began in the early '60s before we came to motown, our traveling to the apollo in our truck with our equipment, and there was a bound born amongst the brothers because we were striving, trying to make things happen. >> larry: we'll askuct the reality series in a moment, but the group left motown for cbs in 1976 except for jermaine. he stayed at motown. here is a clip at the "jacksons
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a family dynasty" about breakup. >> the reason why i stay ed -- this really hurts. >> don't wry about it. >> the reason i stayed in motown, because motown introd e introduced us to the world. as the jackson 5. and to be told that you're going to go to cbs and we're going to make you like the beatles, we're the jackson 5, and that's all i wanted. so the fact that we started the there, it's loyalty, just being loyal to where we started. >> when you came back to the group, it was one of the best, favorable memories of my life. really. >> give me some love. >> larry: you seem you're still
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bitter over that, sad? >> it was sad because being alone and not knowing where they were and not having that connection. then the fans were treating me different by saying you left the group, we don't want your autograph and all that stuff, but the love i have for them and they had for me has never changed. >> larry: how did the brother -- how did this whole thing come about, this reality show? whose idea was this, who put it together? >> jermaine came to us and said there's a reality show on the table for us. and we didn't know whether we wanted to do it or not because it's a reality show. we have never done a reality show. >> jackie was very tough to convince. tough to sell. >> i didn't want to do it, but jermaine said it was something we must do, give a chance for the world to see what we do. >> larry: do they follow you around as a group or
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individually? >> a little bit of both. i told them it's all fine as long as they don't catch me coming in and out the shower. >> larry: you glad you did it, marlon? >> yes, i'm glad, but as you know, a little apprehensive about doing something of this nature because there's a private side of your life that i strongly feel that the public is not entitled to. that not just with our family. that's with any family. there's a private side. >> larry: do you have control of the edit? >> absolutely. >> larry: we'll take a break and come back. lots to talk about. this show will premier on sunday night, december 13th on a&e. we'll be right back.
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happy birthday, janet -- >> i just got a dog for my birthday -- i got a french bulldog, a female. >> you did? >> yeah. and i'm getting ready to go to the movies with austin. >> oh, okay. well, happy birthday. >> we just wanted to say happy birthday. we love you. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, guys. i love you. >> take care. >> love you, janet. >> love you, bye-bye. >> larry: who were you talking to? >> janet. >> that was janet. >> larry: little janet? >> yes. >> larry: by the way, i've got to check on this, how are michael's three kids doing, marlon? >> they're doing great, doing
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fine. they're doing as best as you can expect when you lose a parent. that's in any family, you deal with it. but now they're with all the nieces and nephews around there. they're all doing fine. >> larry: you see them a lot? >> oh, yes, every time we go to our mom's house, they're there having fun with the other kids and family. >> larry: how's your mom, jermaine, dealing with all of that? she's not the youngest person in the world to have three little ones around. >> no, but she loves the children being around, because all the kids are there -- we're all there all the time and my kids are there and the rest of the generation, they come by. she loves the noise. it kind of reminds her of when we were young. so she loves it. >> and there's help there too. >> lots of help. >> larry: do they go to school without being bothered, jackie? >> they have home studies there at home. >> larry: they do? >> school is wonderful there. they have great teachers and they learn a lot there. they're having a good time. it's good. >> larry: were the jacksons always a family that got together, kids with kids? >> yes.
12:13 am
we got together with my kids, tito's kids hung out together. >> family day. >> yes, we had family day. so we're no different than any other family. >> larry: and you had a decision to make about this reality series, and you may have been the most hesitant, jackie, of giving up your privacy. i think you were the most hesitant. >> i'm a pretty private person. >> larry: i could tell that. >> yeah. i'm very private, very quiet. i like it that way. i don't like to be in the spotlight, you know, i like to be behind the scenes, more or less. >> larry: so? >> jermaine loves the spotlight. >> no, i don't. >> he loves it. >> no, no, no. >> but that's a good thing. >> larry: needs someone to love it. >> it's a good thing. he is what he is. >> i don't like the spotlight, larry. you know that. the light just finds me. >> see, see! >> larry: you opened your refrigerator those ten minutes. tito, do you get into the swing
12:14 am
of it, forget cameras are there? >> pretty much. after a while, it was a little rough in the beginning, knowing there's a camera zooming in on you all your moments of the day. now i'm pretty used to it. >> larry: how long are you committed to it for? >> i'm sorry? >> larry: how long are you committed to the show? >> we did the five episodes, the five one-hour episodes. >> larry: that's all it's going to be? >> right now. >> larry: what if they want more? >> then we have to sit down and talk. see with the brothers, sit down and talk with the family. >> back to the drawing board. >> larry: oh, good luck. we've got another clip from "the jacksons: a family dynasty." this deals with the aftermath of michael's death. watch. >> a great experience of carrying my brother and all the brothers carrying him. if i had to carry him for like 100 miles, i would do it, you know. >> whether you're feeling good or bad, you start thinking about that he's not here and it just overwhelms you with sorrow.
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>> i don't think people will ever understand the loss of michael as a brother for me versus a pop star. losing a sibling is devastating. >> michael was a bright light that's been shining our whole lives and we don't feel that the light is turned off, we just feel that the light is brighter, really, because the legacy lives on and his spirit is very much alive. >> larry: how many children do you guys have? how many do you have, jermaine? >> ask marlon first. >> jermaine has a nursery. >> larry: how many do you have, marlon? >> i have three kids and two grandkids. >> larry: you're a grandfather? >> yes, i'm a grandfather. >> larry: you look like a kid. you have three. all right. tito? >> three and three grandkids as well. >> larry: jackie? >> two kids. >> larry: jermaine? >> three plus four. >> larry: three plus four, that's seven. seven or five?
12:16 am
>> seven. >> that he know of. >> larry: so there's 15 kids. do they all get along? >> yes -- our kids? yes. >> larry: randy has kids as well. >> larry: and randy has kid. >> right. >> larry: there's a lot of jacksons. >> a whole lot of jacksons. >> larry: do a lot of them have talent? >> oh, yes. >> larry: we're going to be hearing from the jacksons forever? >> forever. thank you. >> larry: we'll be back in 60 seconds with the jacksons. alright, so this tylenol 8-hour lasts 8 hours...
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>> tell you what, let's erase that. let's erase it. >> i would do that. okay. you want to start over? >> let's erase it and start over. >> jackie say kill it. let's go to lunch, jackie. i'm not saying nothing. >> remember what we did before lunch? >> yeah, jackie told me to start a new session -- >> who?! >> we scratched everything. >> who told you to do what? >> jackie told me to do that. >> you mean you erased everything? >> yeah. >> marlon, what happened? >> what do you mean what happened? >> what happened with jackie? >> ask your brother. >> you sat right here -- >> why did you let him do that? >> to be honest with you all, the track ain't happening. i'm not even feeling the track. >> from what i heard, it was great, and jermaine, you sounded good singing it, but it didn't sound like the jackson five. it sounded like a solo record. it didn't have that jackson five magic. >> larry: boy, i love this. this is going to be a hit.
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new dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture. i was just in town for a few days, and i was wondering if i could say hi to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. ♪ time is right for you and me to be alone finally ♪ >> the energy level is poor. hey, you guys got to listen to me. you ain't going to get it right because i hear what you guys are doing. i'm just telling you. do you want me to produce you or what? you ain't even listening. >> tito's a pain in the ass. he's so tough. he's tough. >> it sounds like the supremes instead of the jacksons.
12:22 am
>> what? what? what? what? >> you guys sound like the supremes in there. >> shut up. >> larry: this show can't miss. marlon, does your mother have anything to do with the show? >> no, my mom does not have anything to do with the show. she's going to do an appearance on the show, but -- >> larry: she will? we'll actually see kathleen? >> yes, she made some appearances on the show. >> larry: you taped it already? >> yes. >> larry: what about your dad? >> the hulk -- >> larry: that's what you call him? >> yes. >> larry: he does not appear on the show? >> he does not. >> not yet. >> larry: we have an e-mail question from sarah in green castle, indiana. she asks, "will the jackson family reality show feature footage from the family's private services for michael? or will you give us more details about what happened at that private service?" >> we can give you more details, but it was basically just a private ceremony for the immediate family.
12:23 am
but we're not going to reveal any of that on the reality show, no. >> larry: was it very emotional, jackie? >> very, very emotional. to see your brother there in the casket, very emotional. >> larry: were there any other people there other than family? >> we had some close friends there, yes. >> larry: was it hard for you, marlon? >> it was hard for me, because you never expect to, actually, you know, bury your brother. >> larry: that don't happen. >> no, it just doesn't happen. >> larry: in an interview last month on abc, your sister, janet, spoke about michael's problems with drugs and the family's efforts to do something about it. watch and we'll get your comment. >> was there a time as a family where you thought, we need to do something here? did you do anything? >> of course. that's what you do. those are the things that you do when you love someone. you can't just let them continue on that way.
12:24 am
and we did, a few times. we weren't very successful. >> larry: tito, do you think you could have done more? >> well, you would always like to think that you could have done more. and we did all we could. >> larry: did you always know that he had a problem, marlon? >> no. being, you know, with the prescription drugs and doctors that did those things, no, we did not know that. >> larry: were you surprised when you learned it? >> very surprised to find that out. right away, we tried to comfort him and tried to support him on that, but it was kind of difficult, too. >> larry: any, at all, honestly, jermaine, guilt that you ever say to yourself, we should have done more? >> no. there's no guilt. i don't like the word "drugs." i think marlon said it best, without the drugs, there were prescriptions that weren't good
12:25 am
for him. i just dislike the word "drugs." it's so vague, so broad. there's all types of drugs, but i'll say that michael's in safe keepings now. there was nothing that we could do. >> larry: do you have any anger at the doctors, marlon? must have some, i guess? >> there's an ongoing investigation, ongoing investigation, and until they know exactly what took place. but yes, because i strongly feel that some of these doctors just do things, you know, for themselves. >> larry, i'm -- i'll just say this. i'm very upset to hear that this doctor is able to go back and practice medicine. >> larry: so far, no charges. >> no charges. >> larry: so far. >> and to take our brother's life and one of the biggest names in the world and he can go -- who is he going to practice on? he's been marked. but i'm just saying that i'm very disappointed, and they are too.
12:26 am
he should not be where he is. he should be charged. >> larry: how's your mother feel about that? >> she's very devastated over it. you can see it in her face, constantly, all over again. she's torn apart over it. this was her son. >> i don't think any parent ever feels like they would live to see one of their siblings pass. >> larry: it's not supposed to happen. >> it's not supposed to happen. >> but as you and i know, tomorrow's not promised to any one at this table. >> larry: we don't get it owed to us. >> right. >> larry: for the record, dr. murray who's at the center of the ongoing michael jackson investigation told us that, "everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we're waiting for concrete facts to come from the lapd." we'll be right back with the jackson's reality series, premieres sunday night on a&e don't go away. . don't go away. ♪
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♪ take a second look ♪ oh, baby, give me one more chance ♪ ♪ won't you please let me back into your heart ♪ ♪ i want you back yes i do now ♪ ♪ i want you back ♪ ooh, ooh baby >> larry: what goes through you, jackie, when you see that? >> it just brings back a lot of great memories.
12:30 am
how hard we rehearsed for that. just to do that show. and it was a lot of fun. a lot of hard work. we worked hard, every single day. it was hard work. >> larry: what does it do when you see it? >> well, it brings back the same for jackie, old memories of all the hard work and effort and our dreams to accomplish them today, it makes me feel really good. >> larry: marlon? >> i think about we were doing it, because we loved doing it. we didn't realize exactly where it was going to take us. we enjoyed it. we all enjoyed doing it. we rehearsed relentlessly, but we enjoyed rehearsing. >> larry: jermaine, did you realize how much talent that little kid had? >> yes, yes. we realized it when we used to do live shows before this and michael used to do the splits and just do all kinds of things, just spontaneously, right. way back in indiana. >> larry: they've got a museum for him now in gary, indiana. your father, joe, has suggested that michael's death involved
12:31 am
foul play. your sister, la toya, voiced a similar opinion. here was la toya on "the view" in mid-september. >> i thought it was homicide. that he had been murdered. yes, absolutely. michael, continuously told me, latoya, if i die i'm going to be killed, they'll kill me over my publishing. and he was afraid of that. >> larry: what do you make of that, marlon? >> well, i think if you ask each one of the brothers or the sisters their opinion, you might get a different answer for everybody. >> larry: what's yours? >> i want to sit back and let them do the investigation and let them come out exactly what took place. i don't want to form an opinion. and one of the other brothers might have a totally different opinion. >> larry: do you think la toya may have made an opinion too soon? >> she may have, yes. >> larry: is that the way the family feels about it? and joe, too, then spoke too soon? >> yes. >> larry: was there jealousy of michael? >> no. >> never. >> larry: well, it's logical to think that.
12:32 am
brothers always fight. >> why? >> a lot of people say that, ask us all the time. when i see my brother doing that, it makes me so proud of him, being one of the biggest artists in the world. breaking all records, the record sales, i'm so proud of him for doing that. that's hard to do, larry. that's hard work. his last name is jackson, right? >> that's right. >> as jermaine stated earlier on the show, the jackson five was the foundation. we worked relentlessly to build this name, to brand this name internationally. and as michael branched off and continued to even take it to another level with the last name, it just continued to brand the name, jackson. so, no, it's like a machine, we're all working together and some pieces just excel beyond others. >> larry: even when he got jermaine so famous. i mean, he went beyond fame. >> larry, that's our brother. we're happy. he was going to go further. and we were going to be more proud. he was going to go further. absolutely. >> larry: another surprising thing, we were with you the
12:33 am
night of the premiere of the film is what that film shows, and anyone who sees it would say this, what a great guy he was. >> he was, larry. >> larry: how encouraging he was of other talent. when that girl was kind of unsure of herself, he never makes her feel bad. >> he hates to hurt people's feelings. always feels love. >> that's who he was. >> who he was. >> larry: and also, pretty bright. marlon, i mean, this was not just a walk in the park. >> right. no. one of the things that the brothers had mentioned is that my mother and my father, at the time, the things that my father put us through as youngsters, we didn't realize -- >> larry: he was rough, right? >> he was rough. but think about it, six boys, you know, and in gary, indiana, where there's gangs and things of that nature. he made sure we stayed busy when he was away. we never realized what he was doing until we got older. and all those things that took place in gary, indiana, as you get older, you draw back on those things and there's some
12:34 am
type of balance in your life. and so, i feel that i'm no different than anybody else of my brothers, and i give my father credit for that. >> larry: were you ever resentful of your father, tito? >> never. because i think my father, he's not -- he didn't just prepare us for music, he prepared us for manhood, for life, and the things that he had us do at a child's age, you know, that was only a short period. but we're adults the rest of our lives. so he prepared me. >> larry: was he rougher on michael than the others, jackie? >> no, he wasn't. he could never catch michael. he was so fast michael goes under the bed and never comes out for about 15 minutes. and he would laugh at him. >> larry: so even though he was not a spare the rod, spoil the child kind of guy, right, you appreciated what he did then for you? >> absolutely. that's why we're here today. absolutely. we appreciate -- >> it was tough love. that's what it was. >> none of our friends from gary isn't with us today. >> larry: it's a tough town.
12:35 am
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>> larry: we're back with the jacksons. the reality show starts sunday night. they've done five of them, but from the way it looks to me, we're going to be seeing this for a long time, i think. going to be renewed for probably more money. >> i like that. >> larry: i just have that hint. you know, when you get a hit, you have the edge when you only did five, and you're not guaranteed to do more, right? >> no. >> larry: more money.
12:38 am
let's take a look at the jackson -- trust me. let's take a look at the jackson five in action back in the days when all of us were a lot younger. watch. ♪ ♪ abc, easy as 123 ♪ baby you and me ♪ easy as 1, 2, 3 ♪ do re mi ♪ abc, 1, 2, 3 ♪ baby you and me girl >> larry: let's look at memories here, this is memory lane here. what kind of kid, marlon, was your brother? >> michael and i were closest in age, the two youngest of the group and we hung out all the time and we used to play practical jokes on everybody.
12:39 am
we used to get in the golf carts when our road manager and others would go play golf, we would wreck the golf carts. we just had so much fun. jermaine and michael used to put ice in people's shoes when they would leave them out. back in those days you could leave your shoes out and get them polished, shined up, and we would leave ice in them. >> larry: would you say he was a good kid, tito? >> he was an excellent kid. full of fun, love, and very musical, and his whole thing was bringing people together, giving to the world, and trying to change the world, make the world a better place. that's what michael -- >> larry: he started to think that he was young, too? >> yes, even as a young man, even the songs he had written as a teenager, a young teenager, were all about changing the world and bringing people together. >> he studied walt disney. >> larry: he did? >> loved him. read all the books about walt disney. that's why he had an amusement park. he told me when he was 10 years old, i'm going to have a disney
12:40 am
land in my backyard. he told me that, and he did. >> larry: did the jackson five ever work disneyland? >> we played on the ship, pirates of the caribbean. >> we did a special with sandy duncan on the show, pirates of the caribbean. >> larry: that must have been a hoot for him, then, huh? >> a hoot for all of us. >> he was a big dreamer, michael was. >> larry: what's going to happen to neverland, by the way? >> what we're planning on doing is keeping it exactly the way it was and just maybe, we have other plans for it, but we're going to keep what he did, because that was his tomorrowland. >> larry: but it's not -- you're not going to let it just sit there, right? >> no, no. we've get some great ideas. >> larry: the most beautiful piece of property. >> oh, yeah, you saw it. >> larry: with you. we did that show there. >> it's gorgeous. >> larry: and you can't just let that lie there, right, marlon? >> no. it's not. i think there are some ideas that people have been working on to bring neverland back to life. >> larry: what was the worst
12:41 am
part? was there any downside to being famous early? >> for myself, i think one of the things, and motown prepared us for this, but everybody wanted a piece of you, everybody wanted to know your private life. and i think that was probably the worst part for myself. you know, being famous at an early age. >> larry: what was for you, jermaine? >> the downside? >> larry: nothing's perfect, so what was the downside? >> i don't remember any downside. we were prepared. we were taught to -- i mean, they all did an incredible job. >> just waking up so early in the morning. >> for jackie. >> preparing yourself, packing your luggage. sometimes you leave stuff. right? >> in hotel rooms. >> larry: did you tour a lot? >> oh, you kidding me? >> larry: a lot of one-night tours. ever forget what town you're in? >> all the time. >> jackie used to go and say,
12:42 am
hello, detroit. we'll be in chicago. 4r67 back with more of the jacksons. the show premieres sunday. don't go away.
12:43 am
>> larry: according to sony pictures, the michael jackson rehearsal film "this is it" has raked in more than $250 million in worldwide ticket sales. here's a clip. ♪ ♪ >> larry: was that hard to look at, tito? >> actually, this is the first i've seen of anything of the film, and that wasn't too bad,
12:44 am
because it's michael's musical. >> larry: was it hard for you marlon? >> it's hard for me. >> larry: he died soon after, right? >> yes. you look at it and -- >> larry: he looked so good. >> i'm sorry? >> larry: he looked so good. >> he looks great. you can't believe he's not here with you anymore. >> larry: was it hard for you, jackie? >> i enjoy every bit of it. just seeing him doing his thing in the film. >> larry: you, jermaine? >> i was excited about seeing him preparing for what was going to be the most incredible show and just to say he wasn't giving 30%, he was just going through the motions and make sure everybody else knew what they were supposed to do. >> larry: you mean, we didn't see the best? >> oh, no. >> no. >> no, no. >> just go through the motions. when you hit the stage, that's when you give the 2,000%. >> larry: that's the amazing thing about him. he was very shy, except when the light hit him, on stage. nothing shy. >> yes. >> larry: we'll be back with
12:45 am
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>> larry: we're back and we have an e-mail question from brooke in west palm beach, florida. she asks, if you could pick one song that you think best defines the jackson five as a group, what would it be and why? we'll start with marlon. >> i would pick "2300 jackson street." >> come on. >> come on. that's not what you would pick, jackie? because it tells the whole story, what really took place and the camaraderie between family members. things of that nature. >> larry: tito? >> i was going to agree with him, but i'm going to go with "can you feel it." actually it speaks about what we are about, about love and peace and harmony for the world.
12:48 am
all these things. >> larry: jackie? >> "2300 jackson street" because we had the whole family in on the record. it shows family harmony. >> larry: ever get back there? >> yes, we get back -- no, i didn't go back. jermaine went back. >> it's tito and i that went back to gary. >> larry: jermaine, what's your favorite song? >> probably, "never can say good-bye." the lyrical content has nothing to do with what we're speaking about, but it was just those -- during that time when that song was out. >> larry: what did "2300 jackson street" sound like? ♪ 2300 jackson street >> larry: i want to hear it from the four of you. ♪ 2300 jackson street ♪ always home >> larry: give me a little. >> got to do this. >> larry: give me a little. i'll do it. >> you're doing the wrong beat. you got, one --
12:49 am
♪ 2300 jackson street >> larry: ah, forget it. stop that. all right, something happened, jermaine, an upcoming episode of "the jacksons," we've got our spies. your commitment to the group's reunion is questioned after you failed to show up for a major photo shoot. what happened? >> well, what happened was, i was in vienna and i was working so hard. on a tribute, the tribute, and i got so exhausted that i got -- my eyes were as red as that band you have on your wrist there. they thought that i wasn't telling the truth. of course, the brothers didn't believe me, so they went on and did -- they went on and did the session. >> larry: photo session without you? >> yeah. i did mine out here pretty much. >> larry: you dubbed it in? >> yeah, yeah.
12:50 am
>> larry: were you mad at him? >> no. he said he was working hard. he was hardly work. >> then we finally did it together. >> larry: were you mad, tito? >> no. it's all good. >> larry: were you mad? >> no, i was not mad at him. >> larry: who is the leader of the group? >> me. you don't ask it out openly. you say, jackie, are you the leader, tito, you the leader? >> larry: let's put it this way. >> i got the final word. >> larry: let's say a financer comes along and he wants to build a jackson museum in dubuque. who does he talk to? >> jermaine. >> he talks to all of us. >> we'd sit down and talk about it amongst ourselves. if we all agreed -- >> larry: what if you vote and it's 2-2? >> no, but there's randy, too. >> larry: oh, yeah. >> you're going to have the swing vote.
12:51 am
>> larry: are janet and la toya just as close to you as you are to you? >> of course, of course. >> absolutely. >> so the sisters are close? >> absolutely. >> larry: the tie is strongest to the mom, right? tell me about katherine. i spoke to her on the phone once. >> she should be the mother of mothers around the world. she's an incredible human being and so nice, and we get all that niceness from her. sometimes we hate it -- >> we don't speak up for ourselves. >> my mother was the type of woman, she couldn't fire a made. >> larry: how old is she now? >> she's 72. >> no. she's -- she's in her late 70s, i believe. let's put it that way. >> larry: healthy? >> very healthy. >> larry: we'll be back with our remaining moments with the jacksons after this. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back.
12:52 am
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for me the gift of the music has been a blessing from god since the time i was a child. i would like to thank my parents that gave me that gift. >> larry: one more clip. from the jacksons, a family dynasty. it demonstrates that even though joe jackson may not be around, his influence is still felt. watch. >> tito, don't be real hard. just be normal. don't say do it ten times. >> i'm always hard? >> yeah, man. >> you all got to get this right. people are paying money for this music, you know? >> you're like joe jackson. >> i can't help it. i look like him. >> that's a jackson boy right there. >> just warming up. make sure you do a good job. do it just like i taught you. >> tito. >> larry: is that your father's impact on all of you? >> you just heard the boss speaking. >> larry: all right.
12:56 am
are your parents anxious to see these, this series? they haven't seen it yet? >> they haven't seen it yet. >> they're seeing more now. >> this is my first time seeing some of the clips on the show. >> larry: it's your first time for everything, your first time seeing the movie, the first time with the show. where have you been, marlon? before we leave you, a lot of emotional moments during the public ceremony for michael jackson on july 7th at staples center. one of the most incredible afternoons of my life, probably the most touching, of course, when michael's daughter paris spoke about her father. watch. >> i just want to say ever since i was born daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just want to say i love him.
12:57 am
so much. >> larry: what did that do to all of you? >> it just breaks my heart. >> the it stabbed me right here. >> larry: you didn't know she was going to speak? >> no, we didn't. >> larry: how is she doing? >> she's doing great. she's doing fine. they're holding up. >> larry: who is the boss of the three? is it -- >> probably prince. >> larry: prince is. he's the oldest, right? >> he's wonderful. he loves computers. >> larry: what a family bond this is. the four of you ought to feel so -- i don't want to put words in your mouth. what are your feelings? are you excited about this show? >> we're very excited, because we get a chance to sort of show who we are off-stage, and they know us on stage. we feel it's a lesson to be shown and for people to see how we really are.
12:58 am
>> not only that, with the various projects that the brothers have, this is the most time we've spent together in a long time. i tell you, they're not too bad to hang around with sometimes. >> larry: how about the story that you were going to bring a show to vegas? >> well, it's -- there's so many opportunities. there's so many -- >> larry: do you get offers every day? >> many opportunity for us, larry. >> isn't vegas logical? it's close to where you live. it's good money and great attention. you pack them in. what's more logical than michael jackson's brothers working vegas? >> we want to go out there and hit the road and hurt them, right, marlon? we want to put it on them. >> larry: you want to tour? >> he loves the one-nighters. >> just go out there and jam to a different city. see a different setting. vegas is wonderful. we can always go there. we still have some touring to do, right, guys?
12:59 am
>> that's right. >> jackie lives in vegas. that's why he's not saying right. >> for 40 years we had great, great support from our fans around the world, and i think we should give them a great tour around the world. >> larry: how far off is this? >> well, i don't know. you know, there's been some talk about some things. there's a lot of work that goes into putting the type of show we want to put together. >> larry: the same people going to put it together that put the jackson tour to london together? >> we haven't decided. >> larry: you haven't picked a produc producer, but it is going to happen? the jacksons are going to tour? >> we'll bring you with us, larry. >> larry: i'll intro you. i'll going around and intro you. what do you pay opening acts? okay. i love to do one swing with you. you know, just make one week and do every night to see what it's like.


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