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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  December 16, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EST

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coming out. >> there you have it. >> that's good stuff. that's good stuff. be sure to tip your waitresses. >> tom, thanks for filling in tonight. we appreciate it. that's it for 360. larry king starts now. >> larry: tonight the all-star cast of the golden globe nominated "nine." kate hudson, nicole kidman -- >> don't kiss me. i might bite you. >> larry: daniel day-lewis, penelope cruz, judi dench. >> i was asked to have a coffee. >> larry: marion cotillard, fergie and sophia loren, next on "larry king live."
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good evening. "nine" opens this friday in new york and los angeles. and across the country on christmas day. it's been nominated a record ten times by the broadcast film critics association including nods for best picture, best supporting actress and best ensemble. it was voted for nine golden globes, best comedy and best song. joining us is the cast. kate hudson, academy award nominated actress, this is going to sound repetitive, nicole kidman, academy award winning actress, penelope cruz academy award winning actress and golden glam nominee, dame judi dench, academy award winning actress, daniel day-lewis two-time academy award winner and golden globe nominee, marion cotillard, fergie, the grammy
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winning recording artist, rob marshall, the academy award nominated director and from geneva, sophia loren, the academy award winning actress. we are out of time so good night. before we get into our discussion with this talented bunch, let's take a look at the film everyone is talking about. here is a segment from "nine." ♪ ♪ >> larry: i was fortunate enough to see "nine" last week.
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my quote is "nine" is a ten. it's director is rob marshall. how did you assemble in cast? >> oh, gosh. i guess piece by piece. i never would have imagine we would have this cast. this is a dream cast for me. every single one of them. it was joyous to work with them every day. >> larry: who was the hardest to get? >> the man in the middle. >> larry: did you resist it, daniel? >> you can't resist him. he is irresistible. >> larry: did you like this from the get-go? >> yes. it wasn't -- at the time it was when he found me we had just finished -- my wife just finished making a film in the states. it wasn't a good moment for me to transplant everyone somewhere else. >> larry: so why did you succumb? >> him. and these lovely ladies. >> larry: and the script. kate, how did they get you?
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>> i auditioned for rob. i sang first and it was kind of old school. i sang and i got a call back. and i danced and then i got another call back. and i sang and i danced and i got another call back. it was a process. >> larry: did you think you would get it? >> to be honest i just wanted to sing and dance for rob. of course, i hoped that i would be able to be part of such an incredible film. i was more just trying -- >> larry: you got it. fergie, how did they get you? >> i auditioned as well. everyone else had been cast. >> larry: last one? >> yeah. i was the last one. i wanted it so badly and i came in and i did my makeup. i contoured my nose. i had this big burmp on my nose and tried to make everything
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look bigger. >> larry: everything? >> everything, larry. and, yeah. and a few weeks went by and i was hoping, hoping. every day i would think about it. i basically gave up on it. i let it go. i would have heard by now. i guess i didn't get it. about a week later i got a call from harvey, and i screamed. >> larry: harvey weinstein. nicole, how did they get you for "nine"? >> rob told me -- i think we had lunch or coffee or something and he said anthony magilla had written the role for me. >> larry: he wrote it for you? >> yeah. >> larry: you had to. >> i had to because i wanted to work with rob and anthony was one of my dearest friends. >> larry: marion, how did they get you? >> i auditioned, too. >> larry: you had to audition. >> first audition was singing. >> for judi's role. >> yeah. it was for judi's role actually.
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i sang claudia's song. >> exactly. we cast -- we were casting before we started writing so we weren't sure exactly who was going to play what. >> lilli is french. >> we thought maybe that. >> larry: the star had to audition? >> i didn't know she had to sing or dance. >> it was such before. >> larry: wait a minute. kate auditioned. >> they wouldn't have, but i didn't know if they could sing or dance. nicole did not because i knew her work. judi i didn't addition either. >> larry: penelope, how did you come to "nine"? >> i auditioned for three different parts. my first meeting with rob was 2 1/2 years ago. i knew i wanted to be part of this movie. i said to him i don't care which character. have me on the set cleaning the floors just to learn because i admired him so much.
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he called me and said i decided i want you to be carla. >> larry: judi, do you have to say dame? >> no. you don't have to say dame. it is a bone of contention because nicole was asked to have lunch and to do the part. i was just asked to have a coffee. but, you see, same magic. how can you resist him? >> larry: glad you did it? >> oh, you bet. i'm resentful i'm not in all the other dances. >> larry: sophia in geneva, how did you get to do "nine"? how did you come to do the part? >> well, i got a phone call from rob marshall. one phone call and i said yes right away. it is very short, my story. but, no, no, no. there is also another reason.
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is that the film was involved of course the life of fellini. many times, of course, before he died i was very, very close to do a film with him but as it happens in films, it never happened. so i was very happy to be involved in the life of fellini and beside the phone call from rob, which i adore, it's because i was very moved to be closer to my dearest friend fellini, which i think is the best -- he was the best director in town in the world you know. >> larry: great story. we are just getting started with the cast of "nine." much more right after the break.
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>> i'm sorry if i have given you a shock. >> if you can't change it, leave it. >> the only man i ever killed was for a memory. >> what are you going to do about it?
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>> i thank god he's dead. >> comes to the showdown. >> don't mind him. he used to be an irishman. >> larry: that was daniel day-lewis before he became guido in "nine." we will show you star turns from each of our guests in the hour. did you know you could sing? >> i certainly didn't. i don't think he did either. he managed to convince me he knew that. but i think i insisted on at least trying to sing. >> yes. i think you were one to audition himself. >> it was hopeless, larry, and he still managed -- >> no. it was beautiful. >> larry: what was it like as a distinguished actor, many consider you the best actor in the world today. what was it like to sing? >> i don't -- i think maybe we all secretly hope we have a voice in us that one day somebody will help us to discover. it always looks when, you know,
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when you see somebody expressing themselves through music it looks as though it must be so satisfying. >> larry: was it? >> yes. with all the frustrations you go through beforehand, but very, very -- >> larry: fergie, how good was he? >> he did a great job. he was spectacular. he was the first person i met on set flying and being intimidated walking on to the set and the first person i see is daniel. great. rob, 15 minutes later pulls me over to the piano and says why don't you just sing along. we'll do a piano version right here. daniel is singing right there in the corner. i'm going, okay. those fears had to go out the window really quick. they did. everyone here is very down to earth. i find the more people who are very successful and talented at what they do tend to be the nicest because they are not trying to prove anything to you. it made it very comfortable. >> larry: were you at all, rob, intimidated by daniel day? >> i was thrilled.
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i was thrilled to work with the greatest actor in the world. >> i agree. >> every day for me was thrilling. imagine the call sheet, larry. daniel day-lewis in a scene with judi dench and nicole kidman and penelope cruz. >> larry: were you able to say to these stars, no, let's do it that way? >> yes. >> well, i think of it as a collaboration in a way. i never feel like i'm instructing them to do certain things. i feel like it is something we are creating together. these are the best in the world because they work so hard. it's not because there is some magic thing that happens. it is because of the work ethic. >> larry: was it nervous for you, kate? >> i was thrilled. i was, you know, nervous when i heard the song for the first time because it was very challenging, it is a very
12:15 am
challenging song and i got intimidated by the actual song that they wrote. but the thing about rob is that he provides this amazing, you know, sort of safety net around you so you -- it helps you build your confidence that i think in order to be able to perform those things when it is not your everyday, you know -- >> larry: it's not? >> no. >> larry: marion, this is a very different kind of musical. did you enjoy doing it? >> it was my dream to do a musical, an american musical. to have the opportunity to do one with rob was magical, really. and i more than enjoyed working with all these amazing gifted people. >> larry: you are not bad yourself. >> sorry? >> larry: you're not bad yourself. >> yeah. >> well, thank you.
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and rob's team, john deluca and all the dancers and paul begave. he was our singing guide. >> larry: a couple of st transformed themselves for the film. back in 60 seconds with the cast of "nine." ughout our lives, we encounter new opportunities. at the hartford, we help you pursue them with confidence. by preparing you for tomorrow. while protecting what you have today. you've counted on us for 200 years. let's embrace tomorrow. and with the hartford behind you, achieve what's ahead of you.
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>> larry: we're talking with the trifically talented cast of "nine." daniel day-lewis plays guido contini struggling to make his next movie.
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the character played by penelope cruz is his mistress. >> that is not what i meant. where are you going to? >> i have to go to work. i can't breathe. >> let me come with you. >> it is impossible. >> why? >> it is impossible. >> why is it impossible? everybody knows about me. why, why won't you let me near you? >> it is not fair to your husband. it is not fair to my wife. >> please let me come with you. >> no. >> i'll be waiting for you with my legs open. >> larry: you like doing love scenes penelope? >> what. >> larry: you like doing love scenes. >> no. >> larry: no? >> it's always a very strange thing. i mean, we had the best director and i was in the best possible company but it's always something strange, right? daniel?
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>> we had a laugh. >> we laugh a lot together because you have to bring humor to those situations. >> larry: with a cast this big there had to be behind-the-scenes drama. was there? we'll ask after the break. at the first sign of a cold...
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it's going to be a wonderful show. ♪
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>> i pulled the trigger. >> nothing more. >> perhaps we might take a walk. >> larry: nicole, is a musical harder to do? >> no. no. i don't think so. >> larry: even though you prerecord the music and have to lip sync over it. >> yeah. except as an actress that is what you want to do. you want to do it all. have a chance to sing and act and dance. that's what they used to do. >> larry: you had the chance in "moulin rouge." let's take a look at nicole and daniel. she plays guido's muse. see why she's so important to him in "nine."
12:23 am
>> muses the incredible women who have made italy what it is today. a country run by men themselves run by women whether they know it or not. >> so i am the women behind the great men? >> the great women. in a way, yes. >> the muses, they fall in love with the man? >> exactly. they fall in love with them. >> i'd rather be the man. >> what? >> i'd rather be the man. >> larry: what it's like to work with this cast? >> wonderful. i mean, it was one of these things -- >> larry: you are all stars. was there a diva issue or are you all workers? >> i think when you get to, as fergie said when you get a place in your career everyone is there because they are hard workers. wouldn't you agree with that? >> yes.
12:24 am
>> we love what we do and the craft of it. >> larry: do you like musical, judi? >> yes, i love them. i loved being in a musical on stage when an orchestra starts and you suddenly hear all that music and it is a huge support. all you have to do is get on and do your bit. >> larry: sophia, have you seen the finished product? >> no. i've not seen the film because i have in mind to see the film with my children. i want to enjoy the whole film with my children because this film is very important to me because being italian i've always wanted to be in a musical and now that i have this chance, even though my role is camille, i think it is a good start. while the shooting i enjoyed every moment of it. so i want to see it finished and
12:25 am
i want to see it with my family. >> larry: you will love it. what was she like to direct, rob? >> oh, my god. i mean, that is almost impossible to explain for me. there was a sequence i remember very clearly shooting in rome with daniel and sophia in a little italian sports car and everything is set in the '60s. there is sophia in a '60s italian sports car. i thought i died and gone to heaven. i couldn't quite believe i was there. this kid from pittsburgh is there directing this iconic major actor and daniel, i couldn't believe it. >> larry: what was it like for you, daniel, to work with one of the grand dames? >> i shall treasure it forever. every single moment i spent with that wonderful woman i will treasure it. we would go around in circles pretty much all day long. and a huge crowd turned out to see sophia.
12:26 am
she turned to me at one point and said all these people think that the reason we're doing it again and again is because we are so stupid that we just can't get it right. [ speaking italian ] >> larry: do you ever get used, penelope, doing it again and again? let's do another take? let's do another take. >> i always get thrown out of the set asking for too many takes. >> larry: you like takes? >> i have a problem with that. i cannot let go. okay, now we can stop and move to the next thing. >> we had to call security. >> i drive everybody crazy. i always want to do one more. >> larry: penelope's sexy rope dance. she suffered for her art. we'll talk about if ahead.
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♪ >> that's romantic. >> most men don't like that.
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>> larry: of course, one of the great screen performances ever. did you know you were going to win? >> i didn't want to think about it. i really tried to stay in the present time all this -- sorry. >> larry: when you are sitting there. >> all the way long. >> larry: opening the envelope? >> no. it was two or three months of amazing adventure, amazing meetings with people i admire so much and the way in america you share movies with actors. we don't do that in france. you have to talk about your work with people who know what you are talking about. it was -- it was so amazing that i really wanted to keep it out of the fantasy, out of thinking, oh, if this happens, if that happens.
12:31 am
so i really am being nominated with cate blanchett was something huge for me. so i really wanted to enjoy the present time and to enjoy it you don't have to think about what could happen. >> larry: well said. penelope, that dance that we showed. >> mm-hmm. >> larry: what was that like to do? >> it was amazing. amazing to learn it from them and to be able to train for three months. i had until i showed it. and to see how every day you can get a little farther and the feeling of freedom you get when you get to do the entire number without stopping. it's been a great experience for me. >> larry: you think that is the biggest turn on moment of the movie? >> oh, gosh. i think all these -- i think penelope is -- >> larry: there are many sexy scenes but that's --
12:32 am
>> that is a particularly sexy scene. all these ladies have their moments of beauty and sex in this film. every single one of them. >> larry: fergie, did you all get along? >> larry: come on. >> oh, yeah. i'm serious. we would have lunch together. i didn't know what to expect coming on with all those academy award winners and nominees. >> larry: you are a grammy winner. >> exactly. i got to have something. but i didn't know what to expect. i didn't know if i was going to sit in a corner and let everybody do their thing. >> fergie attacked this like an actor. >> yeah. we all got along really well. >> we had fun. >> we had a good time. >> it is very exciting doing a musical. it is a joyous experience. this is a tough musical, more sophisticated in a way and sort of tread some different
12:33 am
territory, but there is a joy to making musicals. the dancers are spectacular to be around. the discipline, amazing. >> larry: you grew up in show business, kate. >> yeah. >> larry: has your mother seen it yet? >> no. she is my date to the premiere. i'm really excited about that. this movie for the first time i feel like -- my mom was a dancer. that's how she started her career. for me to work with rob for my generation, the choreographer to look up to, for me to have that connection with my mother and be able to bring her to the movie tonight, it's kind of -- it's pretty amazing. >> larry: are you a good dancer, rob? >> i was a dancer. >> he is amazing. >> reporter: a lot of great choreographers are not great dancers. >> john deluca and i are dancers. we started in the chorus and
12:34 am
ensemble. there we were. >> almost everything in the film rob can dance it. >> he can do my routine way better than i can. >> the only way i can choreograph is do it and feel it and try it. >> larry: as we go to break, a look at kate hudson's greatest hits. >> it's me. ♪ >> i'm going to make you wish you were dead. >> my hair's blue. it's blue! ♪
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>> larry: we're back. "nine" opens in los angeles and new york friday night. and then we'll open wide on christmas day. it is a great movie. fergie worked hard for this part. she plays a prostitute from guido's past and sings "nine"'s signature song you may be singing when you see the movie. here is fergie in action. ♪ the italian ♪ lives today as if it may become your last ♪ >> larry: you can applaud. >> we were trying to decide what pose would be the grand ending pose. >> we came up with 100. >> rob was getting on the chair
12:39 am
and doing these different ones. >> larry: she is a singer, right? >> it was amazing to see her come from that side. the challenge was huge for her. everybody has a huge mountain to climb. hers was different. i was so impressed every day with how fergie attacked to role like an animal. she wanted to feel it. she wanted to believe it. >> yeah. >> the first day of shootage was the black and white footage. >> really? >> it was the first day of filming. it was freezing cold water. you were in there and you wouldn't leave. >> the realist scenes. it is interesting for me because the song is so big and, you know, performing when you have dance moves is projecting, be extroverted but on the reality side of the film it was so much fun to go inside and be still and keep it about the thoughts, what i'm seeing and about the reality of the situation with
12:40 am
guido and her relationship with him and how that all works and how that started, that spark in his brain of that naughty, naughty, all those naughty thoughts that guido has. looking at daniel day-lewis, i have to basically look at him as a child. that was kind of weird for me. i let him do his thing and stayed away. it is awkward looking at that guy as an 8-year-old. >> larry: daniel, did you like guido? >> i don't think i -- i didn't like or dislike him. i didn't really look at him in that way. i didn't relate to him as a separate being i suppose? >> larry: you became him? >> i kidded him.
12:41 am
>> larry: what is he like to work with, nicole? >> oh, very difficult. >> larry: finally we are getting somewhere. >> he lifts your game. i think that's the thing. when you are working with somebody like daniel it makes you want to be better. >> larry: judi, what was it like for you with him? >> we go back a long way. i was his mother 20 years ago in "hamlet." >> larry: on the stage in london? >> yes. the national. the thing about daniel is you are meant to be, you come to -- you are meant to be doing a scene with this person. this person is not daniel. this person is standing in front of you. it is an all-embracing thing. daniel's way of working doesn't exclude you. it includes you. >> larry: how good a hamlet was he? >> oh, he was wonderful. >> larry: that is the hardest
12:42 am
role in theater, isn't it? >> i don't think you can get harder than that. >> i sent her a note when we started "nine" saying i promise not to run out on you this time. >> larry: we will be back and check in with sophia. back with the cast of "nine" in 60 seconds. here is a look at penelope cruz and some of her acclaimed performances. we've got a lot of them. >> open your eyes. >> you are in trouble. >> they said i was a genius, right? ♪ >> you're too damaged. >> and you love that.
12:43 am
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>> larry: two screen legends, oscar winner sophia loren and dame judi dench have portrayed all kinds of characters on film. you might not think of them as singers, this isn't the first time they have carried a tune in movies. watch. >> too late. too late. one must not let vanity overrule up with's appetite. ♪ would you pay the price >> who the hell are you? ♪ what would you do >> and how did you find out where i lived.
12:45 am
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>> larry: sophia, tell us what is life like now? what are you doing? >> i just made a film on the life of my mother, which is a fiction for television that is going on for two nights and then i'm preparing something else to do in films in italy. >> larry: thank you so much, dear. give our love to everyone. we love you, sophia. >> thank you. merry christmas to everybody. bye-bye. >> bye. >> ciao, rob. >> ciao. >> larry: sophia loren, we lose the satellite. the rest of the cast remains to us. nicole gave birth to her daughter weeks before "nine" became filming. she brought her baby to the set. we're going to talk about kids and families next.
12:47 am
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god, i'm lost. which way is me? i guess i have to do everything. [ gasps ] [ angelic voices vocalizing ] on sale at bookstores everywhere. we're back in new york with the cast of "nine." what's with the baby? >> what do you mean? >> larry: you brought the baby to the set. >> what's with the baby? >> she was six weeks old and everyone was really nice to her. >> it was beautiful. >> showered her with love. >> they've seen her grow up now. >> larry: she is how old now? >> 17 months. atlantic what was it like having a baby around the set, rob? >> it was part of the whole family extense. i loved it.
12:50 am
>> he's going to be 6 in january. rider russell ror binson. >> larry: did you take him to the world series? >> actually, no, no. i didn't. he was with his father, but he got to enjoy a lot of great baseball games. >> larry: how is a-rod, by the way? >> good, really good. >> larry: are you into baseball now? >> i've always been into baseball. my dad, kurt, played baseball, and my cousin played pro ball. baseball has been around my family for a while. yeah. >> larry: you have an older daughter, right? >> 17. 17 now. what's her name? >> bella. >> larry: great name. penelope, what is your family grouping? >> my parents and my brother and sister. i don't have kids yet.
12:51 am
>> larry: do you have grown children? >> i have an actress daughter here to see the premiere, and she has a son sammy, my grandson, who is 12 and who is in love with fergie. this film has changed his -- >> we've had a few dates. >> speechless. >> three boys. >> larry: ages? >> 14, 11, and 7. >> larry: any want to act? >> i don't think so. >> larry: do they watch their father a lot? >> never. >> larry: they don't watch their father? >> no. they have other things to do. >> larry: you're not married, right? >> no. no kids. >> larry: do you want children? >> of course. >> larry: fergie? >> i have two furry dogs that i remind them i suffered for nine months for each of them. if they get out of line, they get in trouble. >> larry: rob. >> i have he a dog as well and john, of course. >> gilley was on the set. >> yes. >> gilley he's great.
12:52 am
>> he's our mascot. >> larry: this was all really this happy? >> yes. we're still squeezing the last remaining time that we can, which is lovely that you invited us all to be together in this way. we rarely have a chance to be together now. >> larry: you all go off and do different things now? >> i didn't do anything but miss these people. >> one of the great things about doing this event tonight, for instance, is just being together. because we knew how special what we were doing was. i think it rarely happens like this. >> larry: anthony quinn told me once the saddest day you make a movie is the last day. you've all played these parts, and you go off into another world. >> it's true. i got to sit with them in a room and look at them and spend time with them during the editing process, which was beautiful for me. i always feel it's my job to serve them. >> larry: fergie is famous, of course, as a member of the black
12:53 am
eyed peas. here she is doing what she knows best. let's get it started. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ >> here we go. ♪ the smell of your skin lingers on me now ♪ >> are you okay? you can build walls that separate people from people, but it is impossible to build a wall that separates a man from his freedom. because freedom always finds a path... to build peace. this film is dedicated to aung san suu kyi, still prisoner in burma.
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wlnz. >> larry: let's look at judi and
12:56 am
daniel talking about how easy directing a movie is. >> what else do you do? nothing. more extras? yes. yes no, yes, no. that's directing. >> that's right. that's directing. it doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference finding what the answer is. >> so, please, guido, yes or no, do you want any costumes in this film? >> yes. >> you see. simple. >> larry: a great last word in this movie, action. i love that ending, and the entire premiere audience stood up and applauded. what's next, kate? >> christmas. christmas shopping. i'm trying to wrap my head around that and the family. but for work i start a film in january. i start a film where i play a girl dying of cancer. >> larry: rob, what's next?
12:57 am
>> don't know yet. still debating and a few things of -- mostly a rest would be lovely. >> here here. >> nicole, what's next? >> i just produced my first film, and we're going to release that called "rabbit hole." and i'm going to play a transexual in a film. >> larry: you're a transexual? >> yeah. >> larry: fergie? >> i am going to be on tour all year next year. so "the end" with the black eyed peas and designing my shoe line and doing that. i'll be in the tour bus a lot. >> larry: penelope? >> i think i'm going to take a little bit of time for myself away from the set, because i've been traveling a lot promoting "nine" and "broken embraces" at the same time. so i've been going around the world, and i just want to take a little bit of time. >> larry: here or back home?
12:58 am
>> both. mainly back home. >> larry: what's next? >> i want to travel. i'm going to africa, and i'm going to go to peru and i want to -- i want to do a documentary about the forest, deforestation and all the amazing projects about reforestation, so i want to spend time in the forest. >> larry: dame. >> i am -- i did a midsummer night he's dream on stage in 1962, and i'm going to do it again. >> i'll be there, too. >> larry: and daniel day? >> no plans. just to spend time with the family, catching up on things. >> larry: you work sparingly, don't you? >> i do. >> larry: you do a film every three years? >> two or three. >> larry: why? >> i think i -- i find that the time that i spend away from working, which is a great luxury, of course, to be able to
12:59 am
spend that time away from it, gives me what i he need to be able to do the work. it's very much part of the same thing. >> larry: so no chosen script yet? >> no. >> larry: rob, do you expect some academy -- obviously, you're getting academy award nominations. are you expecting a lot? >> i think we all go like this, because those are gifts really. so dangerous to think in terms of that. i think we're just so happy with the product and the process of what we did. i think that's what you must do. >> larry: do you like the idea of ten nominations for best movies this year? >> that's an interesting question. i he memean, i like it includest of different kinds of films hopefully. i like the variety. on the other hand you think the five has always been that, or at least had for the most recent past. >> larry: hard to change. >> yeah, yeah. >> larry: let's hear from kate, nicole, marion, fergie,


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