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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 3, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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are coming from. many from inner cities. i don't think that's an excuse they're from inner cities. lots of people from inner cities don't carry guns. go tar hill says some get caught up in the tough guy image, others grow up around violence and can escape their past. past is just the past. move along. leave it behind. get help if you need it. that's it. twitter, myspace, facebook, you can always get us there. we appreciate your comments. we're going to talk about air travel as we know it. it's about to change. we're following new developments from the white house tonight as the tsa outlines stricter security measures for international flights in the wake of the failed christmas day airline bombing. starting at midnight all travelers flying into the u.s. from abroad will be subject to stricter random screenings. if you're flying from a terrorism-prone country every single passenger can expect a tough security check. a statement released just a few hours ago reads, quote, tsa is
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mandating that every individual flying into the u.s. from anywhere in the world traveling from or through nations that are state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through enhanced screenings. those countries identified by the state department of sponsors of terrorism are cuba, sudan, syria and iran. the other countries of interest the tsa alludes to include pakistan, yemen and nigeria. these are big changes to airport protocol. let's get perspective on this now from a former fbi assistant director joining us live by phone from fairfax, virginia, outside of washington, d.c. tom, thanks for joining us. how much will these new measures help if at all? >> hi, dan. it seems to me these new measures are very inadequate and very arbitrary. tsa seems to be coming up with a new security policy every other
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day since the incident happened. and to list the countries that they've put on for enhanced screening right now seems to be completely inadequate. they're not taking into account that these are just a fraction of the countries where al qaeda has a very strong presence and when they list countries of interest and airports of interest they're going to have to list places really throughout europe because al qaeda members in europe that have been radicalized have european passports that do not require a visa to come to the united states and they're going to be coming from airports london, paris, madrid, frankfort, brussels, rome, copenhagen. you have countries in asia that have had terrorist cells, al qaeda cells like sydney, australia, had several sets of rest. they fly nonstop into l.a. toronto 18 in 2006 direct access to the u.s. -- >> tom, are these all part -- these are all going to be added? that was part of my next question then.
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if the tsa alluded to that partial list of countries where 100% of the passengers traveling through will have to go through enhanced screenings. are you saying these countries you're mentioning, you're talking about asia and europe, is that going to -- everyone? >> tsa hasn't said that those countries and airports are going to be included. they're talking about other countries of interest. >> do you think it will be updated? >> i'm just saying those are only a fraction of the countries that have people that pose a threat, and what about the u.s. airports? we haven't talked about the five virginians that went to pakistan. we had subjects from minneapolis, new york, denver, boston, dallas, springfield, illinois, chicago, raleigh, north carolina, buffalo, new york, that have all had al qaeda either direct members or sympathetic members to an al qaeda affiliate. >> what are you saying? you think it's overkill? it's too much? >> i'm saying it's not enough. it's not going to be adequate.
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you're talking that the threat is everywhere from all of these countries that have cells that have conducted major attacks, all of these cities have had cells that have been arrested or neutralized through law enforcement and intelligence efforts. >> how do you do all of this? that's a huge undertaking. >> exactly right. it's a huge undertaking. until the undertaking occurs you're going to have a vulnerability. there's no two ways around it. until passengers from everywhere that could pose a threat, and that's everywhere, much greater number of countries than what we have listed here. until that happens you're taking your chances. think that -- i think that's what has to be addressed. nobody wants to really say that out loud, but that's the truth. >> yeah. you know, i want to hang with this a little bit longer. tom, this is good information you're giving. we talked yesterday a lot about civil rights when it comes to these screenings and protecting people and these puffer machines and these airport screening machines. do you think that would help,
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mr. fuentes, if they allowed those machines to go online? >> absolutely it would help. the question here is you have several challenges with the imp implymenation. do we impose that through diplomatic and other means around the world for the flights coming to the united states? it's been mentioned, a former secretary chertoff was on tv talking about the eu having restrictions of privacy, not wanting european airports to implement the use of intrusive screening devices. the problem is that the areas that need the most examination are absolutely the most private areas of your body and you're not going to want people in a machine where you're virtually naked or a bomb-sniffing dog or someone physically touching you in the case of a hand search in those areas of your body. it's going to be the most intrusive search possible. that's where the explosives are
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going to be hidden and were in this particular case in detroit. that's the political issue. then you get to the second issue of is it practical? houma sheen w many machines wil? the lines of people waiting to be searched are going to go out the doors at many airports and down the sidewalk. that might be fine in miami in january. that's not going to be fine in minneapolis when it's 40 below zero and people are outside for an hour and a half with little children. >> that's why i asked if it was overkilled. what i meant by that, is it practical to do all this when you're trying to get people through? we want to keep people safe. i saw that particular interview you're talking about. the former secretary chertoff was -- is also a consultant for one of these screening companies as well and talked about his particular machine. here's the thing, if people are hiding those particular devices in those areas then i don't understand why not do it? i wouldn't mind if someone screened me in that area if it
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was going to keep hundreds of other people behind me on an airplane safe. >> here's the problem now. even if we all decide collectively, politically, administratively, operationally, to do it, how long to get the machines in place, in force to where it can be adequately and effectively utilized? >> how many of those machines you have to have to get people through. >> how many you have to have worldwide in many countries that are poor. not even to mention the united states. how many examiners, how much training, how long it will take. how many companies make the machines, how quickly they can fill the orders. >> let's say that's an overwhelming task that people can't imagine to get online quickly. what about targeting certain people? i asked this question yesterday. we look at israel. israel hasn't had a major attack for quite some time. they say they know who's coming through their airports. if the research shows, i've heard some say the research is not accurate, that 90% of the people committing these sorts of
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acts of terrorists or trying to terrorism are of a certain decent or background, then why not look at those people? >> because the members that either are members of al qaeda or sympathetic to al qaeda are from every country, every race, every ethnic background at this point. it would be -- if you zero in on one group you're going to exclude another, and, you know, there's just many other possibilities of why somebody might want to do something or carry a dangerous item on an aircraft even if they're not members of al qaeda. what if the little old grandmother is told we're holding your grandchildren hostage and going to torture and kill them if you don't carry this bag on the plane for us? those are possibilities that exist and have to be thought out when they come with policies. >> former fbi assistant director. so much more to talk here. great information. thank you so much, sir. charles schumer has his own plan for tightening airport safety. he says u.s.-based airlines should threaten to stop flying to airports with lack security.
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the new york democrat wrote to the heads of major airlines today asking them to report security issues at foreign airports and he says those problems aren't fixed, we should stop landing there. schumer is asking the state department to double check all travel visas for people who have been added to a terrorist database. it is the most dramatic evidence that yemen is emerging as a serious terror concern for the united states and the west. the u.s. government closed its embassy in yemen's capital city citing security threats and continued possibility of terrorist violence. britain shut down its embassy as well. cnn's samantha hayes has more from washington tonight. >> reporter: on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen, where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on, according to a senior u.s. military official. now, the u.s. and british
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embassies have been closed because of continued threats in the area. >> there are indications al qaeda is planning to carry out an attack against target inside sanad, possibly our embassy. >> reporter: president barack obama in his weekly address tied al qaeda operatives in yemen to the attempted bombing of a northwest jet christmas day. the suspect, a 23-year-old nigerian, abdulmutallab, received training. a lack of coordination among u.s. government agencies failed to keep him off the plane. >> there is no smoking gun piece of intelligence out there that said he was a terrorist, going to carry out this attack against that aircraft. we had bits and pieces of information. >> reporter: information about underwear bombs like the ones used on the northwest flight was already known, according to fran townsend, cnn contributor and former homeland security adviser
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to george bush. >> john brennan this morning said that he did get a brief on the underwear bomb from the prince, the head of the saudi security service. >> reporter: senator joe lieberman says former al qaeda prisoners held at the guantanamo bay prison may also be to blame. >> one of the shocking facts about al qaeda in yemen is some of its leaders are people that we had previously captured and were holding at guantanamo. we released them back to the saudis for rehabilitation. they were sent back to yemen. >> reporter: six more yemeni detainees are scheduled to be sent back to yemen. although brennan refused to say when. >> before he was a bombing suspect, umar farouk abdulmutallab was reportedly a student of extremism known by british intelligence for radical ties while at school in london. senior british official tells the associated press that the nigerian man started making contact with extremists under surveillance about a year after
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arriving in the uk. the official says no one considered him enough of a threat to alert american authorities. with evidence of a growing terrorist threat in yemen some lawmakers say now is not the time to close the prison at guantanamo bay. critics say once that happens former detainees will be back fighting against the u.s. president obama's top counterterrorism adviser says the failed terrorist attack isn't going to change plans to close gitmo. >> i have been in constant dialogue with the yemenis about the arrangements in place. several of those individuals were put into custody as soon as they returned to yemen so we are making sure we don't do anything that's going to put american citizens, whether yemen or here in the states, at risk. >> it would be irresponsible to take any of the yemeni detainees in guantanamo and send them back to yemen. we know from past experience that some of them will be back in the fight against us. president obama had originally planned to close the
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facility by the end of last year. no new deadline as been set. nba player admits to having a gun in the locker room. it's not part of the story that he didn't talk about that everyone else is talking about. and we've been covering the violence against students in chicago for a while, and it is not ending. two more high school students killed in just the past week including one in this video right here. police need your help and we're talking to the head of the chicago police department. we want to know what's on your mind. if you want to comment about that story or others on cnn, log on to those sites. would you like a pony ? yeah ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww ! that's fun ! you didn't say i could have a real one. well, you didn't ask. even kids know when it's wrong to hold out on somebody. why don't banks ? we're ally, a new bank that alerts you when your money could be working harder and earning more.
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now to a story everyone is talking at. it goes beyond the sports world. nba star gilbert arenas said he used bad judgment in taking guns into the washington wizards locker room. an alleged locker room showdown between two players. our national correspondent susan candiotti has the latest. >> reporter: washington wizards guard gilbert arenas is an all star but alleged locker room gun antics could get him into serious trouble legally. >> i'm a jokester. >> reporter: it's no joke. the d.c. police, u.s. attorneys office, and national basketball association all say they're investigating. the "new york post" reports arenas and teammate kritenton
7:17 pm
drew guns on each other in the locker room over a gambling debt. >> i can't speak on that. if you've known me, you've been here, i never did anything violent. anything i do is funny to me. >> reporter: team owner says arenas kept weapons in his locker with no ammo. quote, guns have absolutely no place in a workplace environment and we will take further steps to ensure this never happens again. >> i agree. that's bad judgment on my part storing them here. i take responsibility for that. >> reporter: when players are working there's a great deal of security, but away from the spotlight, it's a whole new ball game. some professional athletes own or carry guns saying they consider themselves potential targets and need protection. protection from attacks like that suffered by washington redskins defensive back sean taylor who was murdered in his miami home during a robbery. carrying a gun can be costly, even for a celebrity. ex-new york giants wide receiver
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plaxico burris is serving a two-year prison sentence for illegal possession of a gun after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a nightclub. megastars like lebron james and shaquille o'neal create fan frenzy when they hit the court. in postgame fans get up close and personal with their heroes. shaq, who works with police in his spare time, declined to talk about the arenas incident. neither did lebron james but he did talk about security in general. >> i live in akron, ohio, which is my hometown, so i don't need security. i don't travel with security. only thing i do is continue to make sure my family's always safe. so we did a segment in the 6:00 hour on this story with steven a. smith and it was a pretty interesting segment. he had been responding on twitter and we're going to tell you, he's responded within the last five minutes on twitter
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about we believe it is this segment. we'll play it for you. what are the league rules in all this? nba bans employees and players from handling guns on property time and recommends against it for personal protection. the discussion now is whether teams should or could write a gun clause into player contracts similar to banning car racing or sky diving or other dangerous activities. this is in response to the steven a. smith segment. that idea of pro basketball players might be bringing weapons into their locker rooms is hard to believe. nba analyst steven a. smith told me last hour he thinks a lot of secondary issues including race, african-american players, male players in general is all a part of this story. take a listen and we're going to talk about the tweets after this. >> you have quite a few players, it's not the majority but the actions of a few taint the many. you have the actions of a few acting like prisoners in a
7:20 pm
prison yard or something. >> what do you mean about african-americans? what do you mean -- explain that. >> i'm talking about the arrest of african-american players in the nfl, talking about the behavior of some players on the nba level of african-american decent. something that hasn't been talked about quite enough. >> you think it's cultural? >> i think you can make the argument it's cultural right now because you look at the way guys act and the way some guys are conducting themselves. it has been a problem that has been lamented by league commissioners for quite some time. they don't go to that level where they point out it's occurring in the african-american community because they don't want to go there. i'm on national tv with you and i am going there. >> if you look at -- >> that's what we're saying. >> okay. so that was steven a. smith in our last hour. i want to make it -- gilbert arenas has been tweeting. stopped tweeting 2:30 this morning. after the segment on cnn he started tweeting again. i asked followers to tweet him and tell him to get in touch.
7:21 pm
he said, why do people try to make me look bad? i can do that all by myself. lol and i'm out. need to put some jump shots up. that's what he said. gilbert, if you're there, tweet me or get in touch with us at cnn. we'd like to hear the reason why you brought the gun in and what's going on with the nba and if you agree with steven a. smith. is there an issue among african-american professional athletes when it comes to guns, violence and the culture of thuggism as they call it? we're going to continue to update the story throughout the evening on cnn. some of the worst flooding one australian town has seen since 1971. hundreds of people an animals doing what they can to get to higher ground. another blast of winter on the way in the u.s. jacqui jeras, what do you have for us? >> as if this weekend wasn't bad enough, right, don? arctic blast heading toward the nation's midsection going to be impacting a lot of people. plus your holiday travel today really brutal. will that carry into the workweek? we'll let you know.
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the worst flooding in nearly 40 years is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes in australia. ten days of heavy rain all but submerged new south wales
7:25 pm
northwest of sydney. while the worst of the rain is over, rivers and reservoirs overflowing with extra water. a problem here, rain on the coast, possibly flooding, right, yesterday on the coast? it's snow and freezing temperatures? >> yeah. it was the coastal flooding. so it's the wind that pushes the wave up on the coast, and, you know, covers up some of the roadways and some homes. it caused damage. it was a lot worse in the canadian maritimes due to this system which was a backwards mover. normally we see these pull out this way. this one's been sneaking back in. we think it's going to pull out by tomorrow. we'll watch for improving conditions along the northeastern corridor. travel delays ugly today. apologies for folks who have been at the airports in the northeast. delays over an hour and a half at boston. two hours at jfk. laguardia, hour and a half. over two hours at new york and teterboro. we think you're going to continue to have problems probably through tomorrow morning. now, behind the system we have
7:26 pm
that cold arctic air. record lows yesterday across the upper midwest. cold air blowing every the warmer lake waters. we've been getting decent lake-effect snows. look at that. east of cleveland. around the buffalo area. check out the pictures for you out of buffalo today. 14 degrees in your temperature right now. it feels like it's zero. you've had about 15 inches of snow since the beginning. the lake-effect snow warnings have been extended. now until midnight. we could see some of those heavier bands move in up to an inch an hour. windchills tonight hovering down between about zero to negative 5. we'll see those lake-effect snows really continue throughout much of the week unfortunately. another blast of arctic air moves in by the middle of the week. temperatures are going to be dangerously cold, again, on average for the eastern two-thirds of the country 10 to 20 degrees below normal. that's the latest on your forecast. don is going to be back in the newsroom. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes.
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time to check the top stories. u.s. closed embassy in yemen citing the threat of a potential terrorist attack. britain closed its embassy there as well. president obama's top adviser for counterterrorism tells cnn there are indications al qaeda might launch an attack in yemen's capital possibly against the u.s. embassy. no word on when the embassy might re-open. man suspected of trying to bomb an airliner christmas day was already on the radar of british intelligence agents. a senior british official tells the associated press that umar farouk abdulmutallab was known for his radical ties with a school in london. now, the nigerian man first caught the attention of the government agents about a year after arrivie ining in the u.s. he started making contacts with extremists under surveillance but he wasn't considered a serious threat. boarding a flight bound for the u.s., are you? starting at midnight the tsa is amping up its international
7:31 pm
security in the wake of the botched christmas airline bombing. so if you're coming from a high-risk nation you'll be patted down and car yi on will be searched as well. those nations have been identified by the state department at cuba, sudan, syria and iran. counterterrorism official tells other countries -- says other countries of interest include pakistan, yemen and nigeria. the tsa says all u.s.-bound travelers could be subjected to stricter random searches. modesty may be a thing of the past at london's heathrow airport. full-body scanners introduced in the wake of that failed christmas day airliner bombing right here in the u.s. prime minister gordon brown announced the policy earlier today. brown tells bbc all airport security will be increased all across britain. at ben guerron airport in israel it's always a matter of security over privacy. and many say as a result it's one of the safest airports international.
7:32 pm
why american officials are taking notice. >> reporter: it's considered one of the safest airports in the world. israel's airport has much of the latest technology and sophisticated machinery. american security officials came to visit a few years ago to watch and learn. in israel, there is also a human element. almost every passenger is questioned, sometimes by more than one security officer, some are strip searched. no matter how distasteful it may be to civil liberty groups, israel actively profiles passengers and makes no apology for it. >> good profiling is distinction, not a discrimination. and i think you should profile. if you don't profile you waste time, you waste money, and you might miss what you're looking for because you're searching it on the wrong people. >> reporter: he says profiling needs to be based not simply on
7:33 pm
ethnicity but also on behavior, intelligence gathering and statistics. >> the concept, as i see, is that you should impose 90% of the efforts toward, let's say, 10% of the public. >> reporter: what if you find yourself on the wrong side of profiling? palestinian human rights lawyer deals with many cases of what he calls discrimination of arabs at the airport. saying he, himself, has been a victim. >> we're talking about 1.2 million palestinians who are citizens of the state of israel. they cannot be treated as a security threat. the whole collective, more than 1 million citizens are to be treated as a suspect. >> reporter: israel knows it has be enemies it has to protect itself from. inconveniencing passengers comes with the territory. up until today no airplane that has left his airport has ever
7:34 pm
been hijacked. israel's national carrier is probably one of the safest if not the safest in the world. paula hancocks, cnn, ben gurion airport. new video and strong words today adding to the powder keg there. you're looking at amateur video believed to be from last weekend's bloody street battles that left eight opposition protesters dead. government officials had been saying that no guns were used, but this tape appears to show a man in black firing several shots. new today, iran's interior minister threatened to take a harder line saying police are under orders to show no leniency to protesters. this comes one day after mousavi said he's willing to die for his cause. human rights democracy and peak of the press, the demands
7:35 pm
of iranian protesters brought to president obama's front door. about 100 people rallied just outside the white house today and they say the world is looking for answers from president obama. >> if obama doesn't speak up and condemn more strongly the human rights violations and also lend his support more overtly to the green movement, the government will feel further empowered to continue with the rape and torture and killing on the streets. >> the world has watched this on youtube, on facebook. foreign journalists are not allowed to go there. all of these videos has come to us. we've seen how the government has crushed down this movement. >> we've been writing letters to the white house and i think that's the most effective. we've also been doing protests because i feel like if we do protest and it's on video the people in iran will have a little more hope knowing we're with them at the same time. a lot of those protesters are talking about how that amateur video is really
7:36 pm
resonating around the globe. cnn is manning the iran desk at our world headquarters in atlanta. i'm told you have new video to show us at this hour. >> yeah, don. very interesting and rare taped telephone conversation we're going to play you in a few seconds. we've heard a lot of analysts weigh in on what's happening in iran, post-election turmoil and where things are headed. rarely have we spoken to the supporters of the opposition movement. two reasons, one because of the strict media restrictions and two, many of the people are afraid. they're convinced iran security officials are listening in on their phone conversations. a few hours ago we managed to tape record a conversation with a supporter of the opposition movement. he's a 28-year-old university researcher who participated in many of these demonstrations including the one last sunday when he said he was attacked by security forces. remember, people have died in these protests. people have been detained without charge.
7:37 pm
certainly they have been hurt, so we asked, are you afraid for your safety and why do you keep going out there? here's what he had to say. >> i'm afraid, but i don't have any chance -- not a good way just to see it. and do nothing. i want to change the condition. i want to have a better life. yes, maybe it's a dangerous condition. maybe i would be attacked, maybe i would be shot. maybe i would be killed, maybe arrested. all of them could happen. i, myself, i do my job. >> what do you and your fellow protesters want from these demonstrations? what will make you say, okay, i'm not going to protest anymore? i'm satisfied. >> we need a democracy -- freedom of speech and human rights that minorities and
7:38 pm
everything that is common and universal in most of the democracy of the world. >> don, that's what you hear most oftens from members of this opposition movement, call for true democracy. they'll keep going out there until they get it. we have breaking news to tell you about out of the new york city area. newark airport. >> we have been finding this out from the transportation security administration, tsa, in fact, there is a lockdown at terminal c at newark international airport happening at this hour. here's what they say is happening. a man walked through one of the security checkpoints from the public side to the sterile side and right now they are looking for that individual. apparently at this time they're not sure whether this person was once on the other side. the sterile side and came back through security or whether he wasn't properly checked to begin
7:39 pm
with. at this hour tsa is not only looking for this person, they're also reviewing their security tapes from that checkpoint. at the present time they are not allowing any flights that are currently scheduled to leave from terminal c to depart the airport. again, at this time, lockdown at terminal c at newark international airport until they try to figure out exactly what happened with this individual. whether he was properly checked or not, to determine whether there was a security breach. at this moment they're trying to settle things. >> stand by with me for a little bit. getting more guidance. they're looking for this individual inside the airport because they're on the sterile side. they have no idea now if, you know, if anyone is in any harm. they're saying they happened to get to the other side. >> as a precaution, that's right. we don't know at this time whether the person had carry-on luggage with him or whether they did not. whether it was checked or wasn't it checked. i also have heard back from the
7:40 pm
fbi at newark and they are telling me that they so far have no information about any of this. we have a full round of calls out. >> terminal c is continental airlines. that terminal is operated by continental airlines. we're looking at terminal c there. in many airports, a, b, c, d will have certain airlines attached to it. this one is continental. we don't have guidance as to who exactly this passenger is because they have not found this -- we don't know if it's a man or a woman. >> we know it's a man. it is a man and also know, of course, as everyone knows, newark is an extremely, extremely busy airport. very tight security there under normal circumstances. and we have been receiving a lot of twitter traffic about this from people who are watching us and wanting to know what is going on. because they're at the airport, they can see something isn't quite right. so that is why we've been, of course, alerted to this and reaching out and so far we're
7:41 pm
staying in touch with tsa on exactly what is happening out there. >> susan has been here speaking to our desk here, our new york desk, who's on top of this. what i'm wondering here is that lockdown, again, it's just for terminal c? no flights are taking off? do we know if they're landing in terminal c? >> the tsa did not say flights are not being allowed to land but right now they're not letting any flights go out. that would stand to reason because if, in fact, there was a security breach then they wouldn't want anyone to leave. >> it's very interesting, especially on this day, very busy travel day. lot of people are coming back from christmas and new year holiday. not only dealing with travel delays because of the weather, now having to deal with this. these things can have a domino effect. close one terminal that backs everything up and goes and goes and goes. our new york desk is behind us. they're all over it. we're glad to have susan candiotti who knows the area as well. she's here check on this.
7:42 pm
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all right. breaking news on cnn. i'm don lemon. reporting tonight from new york city. in the new york city area at newark airport, there's a security lockdown. we're just getting new information in here to cnn. i'm here joined by my colleague susan candiotti, our national correspondent. susan, there's a map of terminal c there where this problem is happening. take us through it. >> let's give you the latest first. there is a lockdown at terminal c, and we have this update from the transportation security administration spokes person. her name is ann davis. she tells us this. they are, in fact, clearing terminal c. this does not mean they are not evacuating. let's make it really clear. >> evacuation would mean people would go outside. >> they're not doing that. what they are doing is they are moving everyone who has gone through the security checkpoints at terminal c from the public side through to the gate area and they're moving everyone back
7:46 pm
out to the area before you go through security. so back out to where the ticket counters are and all of that. they're moving them from the sterile side to the public side. >> you're looking at just that shot, susan, as we have it up there. that is looking across the river at newark airport from one of our tower cams here into the city. it's pretty tough to see, but again, as susan said, there are no flights that are leaving, right? that are leaving terminal c at this point because they're looking for a person who came from the outside on the inside. i would imagine what they're doing is checking all the passengers and flights that are still there at those gates. if they're on the runway they may possibly be bringing them back. just to give you a little bit more information, susan, before we go on, located near the north area of new york's liberty international airport. serves z fewest airlines. terminal c contains the most retail shops and restaurants of the three terminals there. it's a still sizable terminal there. the airline served by terminal c, continental, express jet, also operated by continental,
7:47 pm
fly british european, a number of shops and restaurants and also with wi-fi internet service. if you're in terminal c, get us here, reach me on twitter or call us at cnn or e-mail us. susan, you have information from a spokesperson? >> to recap here, this was started because a man went through security, says tsa, and they're not quite sure whether this person was thoroughly checked. they think he went from the public side to the sterile side. they're not really sure whether he was just on the sterile side and then came back through to the main ticket counter area. so what they're doing is to make perfectly sure what happened, they're looking for this man. they are also reviewing security tapes. everything is on camera when you go through tsa security. they are also moving everyone that has already gone through security, they're down at the gate areas, shops, whatever else might be past the security gate area and bringing them back to
7:48 pm
the other side of security so they can rescreen them. >> yeah. big problem here. we're going to continue to update you on this. delays more than two hours i'm told by jacqui jeras due to weather and wind. this is in addition to the security issue that jacqui jeras just told us about. two-hour delays on arrivals there. already have this. it's causing big, big problems. we're going to stay on top of this story for you. susan candiotti on top of it for you. national desk and resources of cnn. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get more information. again, we don't have any indication there's foul play here. in the meantime, only the third day of the new year and already at least two new violent crime investigations in chicago. my conversation with chicago police superintendent in just a few minutes here on cnn.
7:49 pm
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for those of you regulars of this particular program, our program here on the weekends, you know we have been paying attention to the violence in chicago. spent a greater part of 2009 focusing on problems possible solutions. and three days into the new year the police are already investigating at least two violent crimes. jody weis, he joins us tonight, chicago police superintendent, he joins us. thank you, sir. it is, police septembeuperinten did i say school superintendent. thank you for joining us. there were two shot within a week, another student was shot, but survived. this 16-year-old, fred couch, shot and didn't make it. what is going on there? >> well, first let me extend my condolences to his family. they went through a tragedy that no family should have to endure.
7:53 pm
but you have a situation, which gets back to the gangs, guns and drugs. we have been successful this year in reducing the number of incidents involving cps students, down 26%. anytime you have a shooting, anytime you have a homicide that is one too many. i think this is strong testimony to the fact, any type of affiliation with gangs usually two things are going to happen, imprisonment, and in this case a tragic death. my condolences go out to his family. but this should reinforce our message. please kids have to find an alternative to the gang life that unfortunately infects so many of our communities. >> so, listen, superintendent, we have that video up there. this was -- happened at 8:15 wednesday night. the week of just after christmas. at 333 west 119th street in west pulman neighborhood. i don't know if you can see this
7:54 pm
videotape. it was caught on tape. can you guide us through this, tell us what is going on in the videotape, superintendent. >> don, unfortunately i don't have the capability here. i am not able to see the video at all. >> the video shows the kid walking appears to be in a parking lot, somewhere on a sidewalk. cars are parking, red barricades had come up. then he falls. and i would imagine that is from the gunshot. he tries to stand up and falls again. then people around him see what is happening they all rush to him. again i think it was at a convenience store. but again, you know, someone from the police department spoke out and said we are reminded once again dangers of guns, gangs, drugs, deputy chief dana alexander, area two patrol there. i know this student and other students, possibly have some issues, you know they have records, or they had run-ins before. but it is still, doesn't mean they need to beguned down on the street, just because they, might have a record or they got off to
7:55 pm
a bad start? >> right. it's -- it's very senseless. unfortunately it's a problem that's -- that's outside the scope solely of law enforcement. i think it is critical for all parts of the community to come together and try to give the alternative. it boils down to they have to learn how to deal with anger management and conflict resolution and they need to learn the life skills. if they're not getting it at home, you know, the black churches and ministers have tremendous, tremendous power and tremendous influence in the communities. >> to help out with this. hate to cut you off, superintendent. we have this breaking news. the gunman ran off got into a gray vehicle that fled the scene. you are asking for help, what do they need, how do they get in touch? >> dial area two detective division. call our main number. we'll be glad to take any tips we can. >> appreciate you coming on sunday night for this story. happy new year to you. hope you guys get a handle on this and catch this guy. the superintendent of the chicago police department jody
7:56 pm
we weis. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> the latest developments in the lockdown at newark international airport. when we return. hey, who's this? oh, that's kyle. he aced his fifth grade geography class. you see, now that we're using fedex to ship globally, i have to learn all the countries again, so i brought in kyle as a consultant. did you know that we have customers in czechoslovakia? actually, it's called the czech republic. yes, kyle, you're a lifesaver. without kyle, i never would have heard of that new country called buttheadistan. shh. [ male announcer ] we understand. you want to grow internationally. fedex serves over 220 countries and territories.
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we're following breaking
7:59 pm
news on cnn. there has been a security lockdown at newark international airport. i am joined by our national correspondent, susan candiotti, on top of the story, we are told this is only terminal c and only continental flights there. can you tell us, continental flights only, ground stop is for terminal c only. want to make sure we get that clear. take us behind this. someone got through security, what happened? >> that's what started all this. a man got through a security checkpoint in terminal c. this is a terminal that is largely serviced by continental and a few others. he got through security. they don't know if he wasn't checked properly or if he got through security once and then came back and went through without being rechecked. that's unclear. so, right now, tsa is reviewing its security video to see if they can spot this person. they are looking for the person. and what they have done in an abundance of caution is they have moved everyone who has already gone through


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