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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  January 9, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EST

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hello there, everybody. from the cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. happy new year to you. it's january 9th. this is my first time -- >> your first day back at a work, you're saying happy new year. we've enjoyed the new year so far. we're about a week or so into it. thanks for coming back. we appreciate it. >> i'm t.j. >> happy new year. hello, everybody, i'm betty nguyen. a chilling tape from the suspected suicide bomber who killed seven cia workers in afghanistan. we want to take you straight to that. >> it's very eerie to hear the tape. but this is by the man believed
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to be behind that suicide bombing that killed seven cia a operatives and also a jordanian. it appears he carried out the attack as retaliation for a missile attack that killed a taliban leader last summer. the video appeared on arabic news channel a few hours ago. we're going to show a portion of it to you now. take a listen. >> translator: we will never forget the blood of our leader, may god have mercy on his soul. it will remain that we take revenge for his death for america and outside america. it is a trust on every person who left everything for the sake of god that he supported. >> you heard him refer to a couple of times, the head of the taliban that was killed last summer in an attack. a drone attack. now, we're going to have a live report from our senior international reporter nic robertson on this.
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and he is a couple minutes away. well, the young man authorities say tried to blow up a northwest airlines plane on christmas day says he is not guilty. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a plane in detroit. >> the 23-year-old new york jig faces federal charges. more on the suspect's brief court aappearance. >> arriving at federal court, abdulmutallab walked into the courtroom slowly and with apparent difficulty. the alleged christmas day suicide bomber having suffered second and third-degree lap burns after detonating explosives hidden in his underwear. standing borrow the judge, his feet were shackled, his white t-shirt and khaki pants too big for his thin frame. the public defender for the 23-year-old new york yeigerinig
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plea out november guilty. his lawyers saying despite that, abdulmutallab understands the charges against him. they include attempting to blow up a u.s. jet liner and kill some 290 people on board. on northwest flight 253 from amsterdam sitting six rows in front of abdulmutallab. she said it was important for her to see the proceedings firsthand. >> it looked the same, but he had a little bit more actions. when i saw him on the plane, he was very blank. he didn't move, he didn't struggle. >> reporter: several dozen people came to protest against the alleged bomber holding signs that read islam is not terrorism. abdulmutallab is being represented by detroit's chief federal defender myriam cifer. the hearing took less than ten minutes. when it was over, abdulmutallab was led from the courtroom surrounded by u.s. marshalmarsh.
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cnn, detroit, michigan. >> we will continue our coverage of this story live from detroit from that courthouse in the top of next hour. abdulmutallab disappeared in yemen for more than two months before boarding that plane. and paula newton is in yemen's capital. what do we know, in fact, about abdulmutallab and what he was doing there? >> reporter: well, the main problem here is no one even knew he was in the country. so now yemenese officials have to retrace their steps for more than two months. a country that's known to have more than several hundred al qaeda operatives. they want to know where he was and what he was doing while in this country and how it relates to flight 253. we did try and retrace some of his steps.
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some people speculate that he might have gravitated towards a university right here in the capital. take a look. umar farouk abdulmutallab disappeared somewhere in yemen for more than two months just before the christmas day attack. investigators want to know did he heed the call to prayer coming from the hills above yemen's capital? the prayers at the university. the islamic haven has helped yemen earn its reputation as an incubator of extremism. but those say it's been made a scapegoat and what abdulmutallab is accused of doing is wrong. it's against islam, they say, those thoughts go against islam. the leader is al zadani, a cleric with a flaming beard.
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to the u.s., he's a terrorist accused in 2004 of supplying weapons to al qaeda. in yemen, he is a free and very influential man. he has denied our request for an interview, but has aallowed us to come here and basically get a sense of what the university was like. he's built it from the ground up from the 90s. every year, thousands of students from africa, yemen, and around the world are sheltered. made a public plea that millions of young men should be recruited to fight jihad against israel. was abdulmutallab here? the answer is, we don't think so, but more telling still -- did they come here to investigate after the attack? >> translator: to my knowledge, no security and no investigation teams came here. nobody thought that abdulmutallab was here.
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>> reporter: yemeni authorities have taken an approach. it won't be easy for investigators to find out if abdulmutallab was here during those mysterious two months. and that's really key here. retracing these steps of abdulmutallab means a lot. not just for the prosecution in the united states, but also for intelligence officials trying to figure out if there are more like him here in yemen or elsewhere. >> yeah. sounds like it's going to be difficult, though. paula newton joining us live. thank you. we want to get back to a breaking story we told you about at the top of the hour. this tape we're now getting a look at left behind by the double agent who is suspected of blowing himself up and killing several cia operatives and jordanians in khost in afghanistan, nic robertson live.
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nic, hello to you. where is this tape coming from? why is the world getting a chance to look at this now? >> reporter: well, it's been disseminated by the pakistani taliban. the leader of the pakistani taliban is sitting next to the alleged bomber and killer of the cia operatives in afghanistan. we've talked to the family. they say it is definitely him. but the message is a direct putdown to jordanian intelligence and the cia because the doctor felt directly that he is not about to sell his faith. and this is a clear indication that perhaps these intelligence agencies have thought they'd bought him off. he's telling them that's not the case. what's very interesting here is that according to the family, the doctor had become very angry and radicalized, if you will, over what had happened in gaza. yet here we see him on this videotape saying that the bombing act is about to carry out is an act of vengeance for
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the u.s. drone strike and killing of the pakistani taliban leader last year. it seems quite strange. but that's what he says in this video. >> translator: we will never forget the blood of our leader. may god have mercy on his soul. it will remain we take revenge for his death on america and outside of america. it is a trust on a person who left everything to the sake of god who he supported. >> reporter: but, of course, this video is going to raise a lot more questions than it answer as here. because it gives this clear indication that the jordanian intelligence and the cia thought they had an influence over al-balawi. >> a lot of questions there and
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it raises some scary stuff to think of how sophisticated an operation that they were running when, in fact, they were the ones with the double agent, if you will, when the cia thought they had somebody. we're going to be checking in with you again. our senior international correspondent nic robertson, we appreciate you. well, the mother of the suicide bomber who killed seven cia officers in afghanistan describes him as a "loner" since childhood. it was a jordanian doctor recruited as a counterterrorism intelligent source. his wife, though, says she was shocked to hear what he had done. but proud of her husband's suicide mission. >> translator: in fact, i'm proud of my husband. my husband accomplished a very big operation in such a war. if he's a martyr, may god accept it. >> they thought he'd been rehabilitated and he was being used to hunt down al qaeda's number two man. well, weather, another big
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story that we are talking about today. a lot of you feeling it already. it's been icy outside, snowy in many parts and seems like some of it's not going to let up. >> any time soon. pretty cold out there. oregon, they're having some issues with the cold, as well. but they're also having issues with the wind. take a look. >> i'm sorry. we've done it, we've all done it, out in it, but not to that extent. it's funny to watch them out there with the wind gauges. all you have to do is look outside to know it's windy. >> is that necessary. >> we're going to get the story behind these reporters and their live shots. these are actually live reporting right here, folks, when this was happening and she got blown away. but we're going to get the story behind that. also the story behind the cold temperatures from our bonnie schneider. >> good morning, bonnie. >> that's like reynolds, i could see him out there hanging on.
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well, we are definitely looking at more cold. in fact, even colder weather is ahead for parts of the south this weekend. some of the coldest air yet. plus we're watching for the chance of snow. that's right, snow. in central florida. doesn't happen very often, but it could happen this morning. i'll have a look at that, plus finally when relief is on the way from this big cold snap is all coming up. i eat yoplus. it has the great taste of yoplait, plus antioxidants, plus fiber and probiotics, plus calcium and vitamin d. new yoplus. the proactive nutrition yogurt. announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet.
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you know, sometimes they say you've got to see it for yourself to believe it. well, a reporter out in oregon did just that. and she took a tumble because of it. >> she's a kgw reporter. she and her crew were out there trying to do their thing. always out there. sometimes you're live, trying to tape. but you're out there reporting. take a look at what happens when they're trying to report about the weather, and in particular, the wind. >> sustained wind blowing 60 to 70 miles per hour out here. the windchill, it is just painful. >> my goodness. but if you notice, maybe this will be on loop, the people standing around watching towards the top right hand part of the screen, they're just kind of just standing there. maybe they're blocked by the building, i don't know. >> they didn't have any problems. >> no, no problems at all. poor thing.
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see them right there. yeah, they've got to be blocked -- they're probably going what is this lady doing? >> now, apparently she's okay. no reports of any damage or anything, nobody hurt out there except the reporter maybe. but you do what you're trying to do. get into the story and give the people at a home a good accurate depiction of what's going on out there. >> hey, it was windy. i got it. snow could hit parts of florida, exactly what they don't need. >> bonnie schneider in with us this weekend in for reynolds. hello, bonnie, everybody's talking about the cold, is that going to continue to be the story? >> for the next two days, absolutely. in florida, the story is going to grow and grow because, yes, we are getting reports of sleet mixing in with some snow flurries and rain in central florida at 5:45 this morning. we're watching for it on radar and icy roads. i want to show you what it looks like in atlanta. we've had a lot of ice here and it's caused extreme accidents on the road because it snows in
6:16 am
atlanta, but the problem was the temperature stayed so cold it never melted. look at the cars on the side of the road there. terrible driving conditions. this was on friday. i can tell you, though, driving in this morning, there's still a lot of ice out there. be careful if you're heading out. the current temperature in atlanta is 13 degrees. the current temperature down in orlando is 33. it's 37 in lakeland, florida, and central florida, and that's one of the places we're watching for this wintery weather to continue. the windchill factor is also going to be a huge story in the southeast. right now it's negative one in atlanta. and in the 20s, that's the windchill factor this morning across most of florida. and it's important to note that sunday night we're expecting the temperatures through central and even parts of south florida to get down into the upper 20s. this is very bad news for the citrus crops in the region. because once that temperature drops to 28, the fruit freezes. so we're watching for that for even colder air as we look toward sunday night. here's what's interesting. you're looking at the radar picture across florida, and it
6:17 am
looks like it is snowing across much of northern florida right now with some sleet in the center and rain south of tampa. i can tell you that the atmosphere is so dry that as this moisture falls from the sky, it evaporates above the surface. so while it might look like it's snowing, we're getting a little bit of snow/sleet mixing in. nothing is heavy as it looks right now, but certainly something to keep an eye on as we go through the day. and yes, we are looking for more cold air this weekend, temperatures are frigid and we're expecting the temperatures to really plummet 10 to 20 degrees below normal. i'll have more on that coming up. >> bring it. and bring it fast. >> i know. we need it. >> thank you. which government agencies are working to keep us safe? >> hopefully all of them. >> all of them. >> but josh levs is looking through some of the red tape for us. >> that is a nice way to think of it. it should be all of them. we keep hearing about the department of homeland security. i'm about to show you at last how it works and which critical agencies are not part of it. to worry about tonight.
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looking at our top stories right now, the suicide bomber believed to have killed seven cia employees and contractors last month apparently did it as an act of revenge. al balawi.
6:20 am
well, it could have been a lot better or a lot worse, as well. companies slashed more jobs than expected last month. about 85,000 jobs were lost. despite this disappointing news, the president says the economy, however, is moving in the right direction. >> job losses for the last quarter of 2009 were 1/10 of what we were experiencing in the first quarter. in fact, in november, we saw the first gain in jobs in nearly two years. last month, however, we slipped back, losing more jobs than we gained. so the overall trend of job loss is still pointing in the right direction. what this underscores, though, is we have to continue to explore every avenue to accelerate the return to hiring. >> the president also outlined an initiative that would create tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs. a new york cab driver pleads not guilty in connection with an alleged terror plot.
6:21 am
he was indicted for lying to a federal agent. he was arrested in new york on friday along with a second man also expected to be indicted. authorities believe they are both linked to zazi who is accused of planning to bomb new york on the anniversary of the september 11th attack. weather seems to have been a big story for the last couple of weeks. a lot of drivers having issues around the country, atlanta, as well. but we weren't the only ones. >> at your house? >> some of the side streets were worse. >> not like this. these cars slipping and sliding out there. this is tennessee. drivers -- look at that guy out there in shorts. that always cracks me up. definitely a southern state when you're not used to that kind of weather. but look at those cars trying to make it up the hill. some of them decided, it's not worth it. i'm going to take a detour here. we'll get you the latest on the weather and the conditions outside after this. uncomfortab. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena moisture wrap body lotion goes deep to heal dry skin at the source.
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president obama promising to do all of the takes to make sure information is shared at in the many agencies aimed at keeping the country safe. >> part of that means that napolitano tackling a massive
6:25 am
web of agencies all with different roles. our josh levs is here to show us how that works. >> hey, this is something i keep hearing from lawmakers. they complain the dhs is too huge, not sharing enough information. i want you to see this first. i want you to get a sense of how massive it is. ignore the words, everything on your screen is a different agency. all of it part of dhs. it's huge, i have it on screen behind me. take a look, i want you to see this for a second. again, you don't need to know the words. the office of the secretary of dhs, all of this over here is a different agency. the way it works is not this layer reports to this layer, which would usually be the case. instead every single thing here reports directly to the office of the secretary. so what's happening here is you have this massive web of agencies and that office of the dhs, the secretary of the dhs hears directly from all of these agencies. check out these numbers. i want everyone to have a sense of what this is. first of all, the number of
6:26 am
employees, 87,000 federal, state, and local jurisdictions are involved in the dhs. a total of more than 230,000 employees and just reporting to the secretary alone, you've got more than two dozen officials that she hears from directly about their various agencies. let's take a look at a handful at what goes into the dhs there. the tsa, customs and border protection, citizen and immigration services, immigration and customs enforcement, which is different from the other one. you've also got the secret service, fema, and the coast guard. just a handful of what gets packed into the dhs. when we hear a massive web of agencies, it's important to understand how it works. all of the different agencies are tossing their own information at the office of the secretary. and it's up to that little office right here to take everything coming in from this big web, find ways to put it together in such a way, betty and t.j., to do what it takes to keep us safe. so, folks, when you hear about this and the concerns people have about security, that's the sense that we're dealing with.
6:27 am
and that is the web right here from you >> some of these key government agencies are not part of dhs, that seemed a little surprising. >> yes, i'm glad you said that. because a lot of people think everything homeland security as being part of the department of homeland security. but you know what's not? the cia, fbi, the major intelligence agencies are not part of dhs. not only to keep us safe does the dhs need to pull everything together here, they need to cooperate with the cia and fbi and all of the other government agencies. that's why when we hear president obama say it's a big task ahead to make sure everything gets shared, you can see right here how incredibly huge it is. you get all this plus the other agencies. good luck with that. but ultimately that's the goal. >> and you say good luck with that. >> we've got to do it, right? it's critical. imagine this. living without heat or power for a year, especially with winter weather like we've had lately. >> a lot of people can't imagine that. but some people are. a lot of families.
6:28 am
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hello, everybody, welcome back on the saturday morning. i'm betty nguyen. >> and i'm t.j. holmes. glad you could start your day with us. we start -- we're talking about weather. we've been talking that a lot in the past couple of days and weeks. and take a look at this. have you been in this ice rink
6:31 am
yet? a lot of people didn't know we have one of these in atlanta. >> one that's manmade and one that is made by mother nature. it's really not that bad. the streets in some areas are a bit icy. you've got some black ice on some patches. but, for the most part, it's quite pretty. >> that makes you appreciate this town. atlanta, the capital of the south, a lot of people say. but that's a gorgeous shot. and this town has a lot to offer. and that's just gorgeous, that's a good picture. >> yes, it is. >> right outside where we sit in downtown atlanta. >> we'll keep you posted on the weather. also want to get you up to date on the top stories we've been following for you. just out this morning, a new video from the suicide bomber believed to have killed seven cia employees and contractors last month. on the tape, al balawi vows revenge for the killing of a taliban leader. well, police have arrested a man they believe is responsible
6:32 am
for security breach at newark's airport. you remember that big mess we saw a few days ago. he faces a charge of defiant trespass. seeing some video of him taken into custody. he was taken into custody yesterday. you see him there, he ducks under that security breach there. he ducks under that partition. security ropes there. he's there to greet a woman, so not really nefarious intent nobody is saying here, but still, you can't do that. police say the suspect defied the orders to stay back but then he saw an opening and went for it. the incident forced authorities to shut down a terminal for hours and rescreen thousands of passengers. well, authorities in china, they are investigating a deadly coal mine fire. the associated press reports 12 people were killed after becoming trapped. government officials say the fire appears to have been started by underground cables that short circuited. poor safety is blamed for many
6:33 am
of china's mine accidents. all right. let's get you some weather now. much of the nation feeling effects from this deep freeze, especially on the roadways. seeing lots of cars slipping and sliding out there, tons of accidents. cnn i-reporters are out there taking it in, as well. >> this is tennessee we were showing you seconds ago. this was friday afternoon. this is on a hill here. and some of them just gave up. you see others trying to make it and it didn't go so well. and we've recognized this guy here. >> short. >> tennessee volunteer. >> just checking it out. >> love it here in the south. >> the thing about that. when cars start to slip and slide and you're the person behind them or in front of them, you're going, oh, my goodness, i'm a sitting duck and whatever's going to happen is going to happen. oh, my goodness. and you see this red -- see the car behind them is thinking oh, my goodness -- and he tries to back up a little bit and it becomes a bit of a chain
6:34 am
reaction. that's so classic. you know, it's not much better in indiana, they are breaking out the shovels and snowplows, states slammed with about 3 to 6 inches of snow. temperatures are expected to stay frigid over the weekend. and more snow to hit parts of florida, that's citrus crop down there is something of a big concern right now. >> bonnie schneider in with us this weekend. and we're not used to hearing snow and florida in the same sentence. >> not at all. but yesterday, early this morning, we had some sleet reported in pensacola. and our i-reporter was on the scene capturing these images. i want to show you what it looks like because it's very unusual to see icy conditions over in pensacola. james says it's so cold there that this is the first time he's seen ice collect on the sea walls of the bay. 25 years ago it did get cold enough to do that, but this is the worst thing he's ever seen. and there was some snow mixing with sleet at times in the
6:35 am
panhandle of florida. thank you so much for sending in those pictures. and this morning, if you see any snow out there in florida, send it to we'll get those on the air for you. we've got a lot to cover here. as we look at the current temperatures, right now it is 33 degrees in orlando. the temperature is certainly cold, but the windchill factor makes it feel colder. we are looking for brutally cold conditions in the forecast as you can see across the board. the windchill factor right now is in the 20s. and we'll be watching for it to feel even worse. there's the rain/snow line. but the problem is, if you're looking to get snow, we're actually not seeing anything really hit the ground because the air is so dry. if the air gets a little bit more moist at that dew point rises, it is cold enough to support some snow flakes mixing in with rain. look at the current temperature in gainesville, florida, hovering at below freezing at 28 or 29 degrees. then it's all rain south of
6:36 am
tampa. you're not seeing snow flurries mixing in there, but you could see it through the day. we showed you that nice picture of atlanta, georgia, a little icy this morning. but i do have good news. it's the first time we can say that in the weather department all week. change is coming and it's for the better. we are going to warm up. and i think this looks really good. h 42 on monday, 45 on tuesday, the warmer air for monday's forecast, and not just for the south, but for the midwest. it's all relative, of course. warming up to 42 on wednesday, that'll be like a heat wave for st. louis where the windchill factor has been below zero for most of the week. >> we'll brace ourselves for more of it. the cold weather is taking a toll on crops throughout the south. but in florida as i mentioned earlier, it's not just the oranges that are freezing in the trees. oh, goodness, you have to watch this. i'm sorry. that shouldn't be funny. they're alive and everything is
6:37 am
okay. >> they weren't hurt in the taping of this video. when it gets below 40 degrees, they are non-native reptiles and they go into instant hibernation. and no matter how high up, they're going to fall a. >> you think that would wake them up. >> apparently they keep snoozing. some people are heavy sleepers and they are. >> could you imagine if humans had that same syndrome. oh, it's 50 degrees in here. too bad. >> some people get sleepy enough that they pass out like that. but i'm amazed by that. they say they're okay and they wake up with headaches maybe but they're okay. >> a bump on the head or two. it's all right. nothing you can't sleep off, right? >> but a consequence of the cold weather. we'll continue our coverage throughout the morning with bonnie schneider. we do have a couple more incidents to tell you about in the past week that have forced airplanes to land before
6:38 am
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checking our top stories right now, a new video message from the taliban in pakistan shows a suicide bomber believed to have killed seven cia operatives. al balawi claims responsibility for a missile strike last august. it's more than predicted. the economy did lose jobs last month, about 85,000 were lost. that's a lot more than than some of the economists were
6:42 am
expecting. now, despite this disappointing news, the president says the economy still moving in the right direction. >> the job losses for the last quarter of 2009 were 1/10 of what we were experiencing in the first quarter. in fact, in november, we saw the first gain in jobs in nearly two years. last month, however, we slipped back, losing more jobs than we gained. though the overall trend still pointing in the right direction. what this underzoscores, though we have to explore every avenue to accelerate to the return to hiring. >> also yesterday the president outlined an initiative that would create tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs. a new york cab driver pleads not guilty in connection with to a terror plot. he was indicted on allegations he lied to a federal agent. police arrested him in on friday in new york along with a second man.
6:43 am
authorities believe they're both linked to najibullah zazi. you know, it's a bad time to be worried about keeping your heat on. but it is a big concern for many, especially those in memphis, tennessee. >> that's where our rob marciano did some reporting in the last couple of days. he met some people struggling to make it through the economy and also the winter. >> reporter: betty, t.j., we told you about a woman who had her power and heat out for almost a year because she couldn't pay the bills. she's one of people here in memphis who are struggling to survive. we caught up with a single mom who has her home and her heat on at least for now. >> i'm making $34,000 a year to barely making $14,000. it's a big jump. it's been really down for me. and finding a job memphis, tennessee, it's not one of the easiest things to do. >> reporter: like many americans, danielle is
6:44 am
struggling to make ends meet. her unemployment checks add to up less than half of what she earned when she was working, making each day a challenge for her to provide for her 6-year-old daughter. >> cereal, sometimes i have to rotate. depends on how much milk. it may not be cereal, may go with just waffles or instant oatmeal. something -- provide something to fill her stomach for school. >> right now you have a roof over your head, the heat is on, and is there a possibility of you losing that? >> there's always a possibility because i'm on $1,200 a month income. and my rent here isn't cheap. and it's always a possibility you're going to lose it. >> i try not to think how close i am because then i'm going to get scared. >> according to the memphis mayor, 1 in 5 people are trapped living in a state of poverty here. with so many people like danielle living check to check, one surprise, like a medical
6:45 am
emergency is all it takes to sink into a deeper hole. when she recently needed 23 x-rays after an accident playing, danielle received the bills and panicked. >> i don't have health insurance and she doesn't either and the state isn't providing it because i get unemployment they state i'm over the income for getting any health insurance. she broke her elbow back in october, so now on top of not having a job and have to pay rent and your car insurance, i have to pay medical bills. >> with the ongoing recession continuing to hurt the memphis economy, danielle hopes she can find the money to go back to school to study psychology to help increase her chances of finding work. >> it's a lot of pressure. sometimes you wake up like you don't know what this day is going to bring. and you're basically living check to check. and unemployment is not much to live off of. so it gets hard. >> in the midst of this bitter
6:46 am
cold snap, danielle knows no matter what she has to make ends meet to pay the bills. betty, t.j.? >> we'll be watching the weather outside and the situation with the economy. but also want to tell you about this. is jay leno moving time slots? there's been a lot of feathers ruffled this week. >> this is crazy just to think all of the hubbub just a couple of months ago about him changing time slots. what the fellow late night talk show host conan o'brien has to say about this. and amid the controversy, they keep it funny. big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages... so you breathe even better. and now get two free samples... and experience a better night's sleep for yourself. go to to try new breathe right extra.
6:47 am
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6:49 am
i love some bill whithers. i'm an old soul. i was listening to this stuff when i was a kid. >> great wake-up music too. >> it is a lovely cold day here in atlanta. >> you may want to ease on into today. >> yes. but good morning to you wherever you may be. it's probably cold. >> probably in some places a whole lot colder than here in atlanta. but two comics, one network, one coveted time slot. who will be left standing at 11:30 on nbc? >> the late night battle for so many years seemed to be between letterman and leno, instead you've got two guys working for the same network where the bat m seems to be brewing.
6:50 am
that's leno and conan o'brien. there's rumors that they're bringing leno back to his old time slot, which is 11:35 eastern. both comics are mining the situation with a few laughs. >> a lot of rumors swirls around about the "tonight show," the jay leno show and the rest of the late night lineup. and there's a lot of speculation out there. and i wanted to go over just some of the rumors that have been flying around. just check these out. the jay leno show is going to be canceled is one, jay is moving back to 11:30, i'm moving to midnight, both will be running simultaneously in split screen, the "tonight show" will be an iphone app, jay and i are quitting and starring in a new show called "koe coand the chimp." i'm pregnant with jay's baby, jay's pregnant with my baby, nbc is going to throw me and jay in a pit, the one who crawls out
6:51 am
alive gets to leave nbc. >> not stay, but leave. >> now, this is a really sticky and serious situation. they are both making light of. but my goodness, can you imagine if they shake this up again? well, a lot of people say it looks like it's going to happen. jay leno's ratings haven't been what they hoped for at that 10:00 slot. a lot of local affiliates are saying you're giving us a horrible lead-in, hurting our bottom line when our news comes in and conan's been kiting killed by letterman. >> it's all a ratings game. and while it seems funny and all that on tv, i would like to be a fly on the wall in some of those meetings. can you imagine what's going on behind the scenes? >> and poor conan in a lot of ways. he's got to feel like the stepchild in a lot of ways to get that spot. we will see what happens. and something is going to happen. >> there may be a coco and the chin show. >> all right. well, no ticket, no problem for the d.c. socialites who
6:52 am
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6:55 am
well, a not guilty plea from a man who is accused of trying to blow-up flight 253 on christmas day. his name is umar farouk abdulmutallab. he was in federal court in detroit yesterday. the 23-year-old nigerian now facing six federal charges. >> there are a lot of arguments over how this could have been prevented. and this week's gop address released this morning calls for a new legislation to keep things like this from happening again. >> one of the first things we need to do is pass the keep terrorists out of america act. a common sense bill, republicans have proposed to prevent terrorists from being brought on to our soil. this would help stop the misguided plan to put khalid shaikh mohammed and others in the united states. there's a good reason why the government has had such a hard
6:56 am
time transferring these terrorist detainees to other countries. they are the worst of the worst. no one should want them. that's why we should put in place a process by which these terrorists should be held and tried as enemy combatants by military commissions. to keep terrorists out of america act will also help to ensure that we're treating terrorism as what it is, a war crime, not a law enforcement issue. >> well, president obama has said that a series of mistakes kept investigators from uncovering the attempt on flight 253. >> investigators had been tracking this guy's path from nigeria to detroit. there is, however, a period of time where he is simply unaccounted for. >> investigators especially want to know where abdulmutallab was and doing during a two-month period when he was in yemen. our international security correspondent is in yemen's capital and looking into this. >> reporter: betty, t.j., american officials said here on the ground in the days after the
6:57 am
christmas day attack they received good intelligence from yemeni official, but now the difficult part begins. abdulmutallab was here for more than two months, went missing from the radar in yemen. it's important they piece together who he spoke to, what he was doing, and that is crucial in order to find out if there are more like him here in this country. now, we have been digging around as much as we can. the problem you find though very quickly is very blunt. we went to an islamic university here within the capital. he's known for his extremism. but even there, the authorities have not bothered to go and try to check out why abdulmutallab went there. the reason, this becomes highly inflammatory. going to this university right in the capital walls a lot of those al qaeda operatives outside the capital are now g getting sanctuary from tribal
6:58 am
leaders. and they have control over huge pieces of territory in yemen. trying to figure out how strong al qaeda is here, what its capability is, and if there are any more suspected bombers here in yemen is going to continue to be a very difficult task. betty, t.j.? let's turn to those white house party crashers now. got some more trouble for these two. >> the associated press says a grand jury is looking into whether tairk and mikhail salahi snuck into the party. >> two hair stylists who spent hours with the couple that day have been subpoenaed to testify on tuesday. >> the house homeland security has subpoenaed or voted to subpoena tsalahis themselves. the salahis have claimed they were, in fact, invited.
6:59 am
hey there, everybody. from the cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning for january 9th. i'm still going to say it, betty. happy new year. my first day back on the air in the new year. so hello, i'm t.j. if you might not have remembered. >> i'm glad you're enjoying the new year. happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> merry christmas to you. >> there's that. hello, everybody, i'm betty nguyen. there's been a disturbing development we want to tell you. the suicide attack that killed seven cia workers last month. before the attack the suspected bomber made a tape detailing his motives. and we'll have a live report on that in just a second. also terrorism could hit a lot closer to home. this attempted bombing certainly was thwarted. but the suspect in that christmas day bombing attempt aboard a northwest airplane, he
7:00 am
had his day in court yesterday. we had details on that appearance and the latest on this case moving forward. then the sound that no driver ever wants to hear. oh, goodness. wrecks like that all across the south thanks to a wicked streak of icy frigid weather. just part of the damage sweeping the country in this deep freeze. and get this, the temperatures are still going down. we'll bring you the weather stories from the worst hit areas coming up. >> oh, my goodness. well, we will turn to that suicide bombing that killed seven cia operatives. a lot of people been wondering about answers about this alleged suicide bomber, this double agent. well, we're getting some answers now from the very man believed to have carried out that attack. we've got a newly released video we're just seeing this morning. and it's claiming revenge as the motive. take a listen. >> translator: we will never forget the blood of our leader mehsud, may god have mercy on
7:01 am
his soul. it will remain we take revenge for his death in america and outside america. it is a trust on every person who lost everything for the sake of god whom mehsud supported. >> and to get some answers on what we're seeing here. i want to bring in our senior international correspondent nic robertson. he joins us now live from jordan. and i'll let you first tackle the motive here, nic. we heard mehsud. so explain why it is this man was so important that in the video now they're claiming this man and his death is a motive for this revenge. >> reporter: t.j., mehsud was the head of the pakistani taliban. and the estimates of fighters under his command range up to the tens of thousands in that border region between pakistan and afghanistan. he was killed by a u.s. drone last year.
7:02 am
and that's what the jordanian doctor is saying that this attack is in revenge for his death. it is slightly -- i would say, slightly out of context if you will because we heard from this jordanian doctor that had been radicalized and made angry by what was happening in gaza, not pakistan. but nevertheless, intelligence said he'd gone to pakistan, contacted them, offered to put them in touch with al qaeda. but very clearly in this message now, he lays out that he double crossed the cia, double crossed jordanian intelligence and tells them very clearly that he is not about to sell out on his faith to god for the millions of dollars he says that he was offered to provide information on al qaeda. a very clear indication that jord jordanian intelligence and the cia miscalculated with this agent, it appears. >> and, nic, give us the significance. you might need to rely on some
7:03 am
historical context just why we are seeing this video, where it's coming from, and also the significance of who he's appearing in this video with. >> reporter: yeah, it is a little strange here, t.j. he's sitting next to mehsud who is the new commander of the pakistani taliban. took over when mehsud was killed last year. he's sitting there very symbolically with an operation being run by the pakistani taliban. and again, when you think of this normally, a doctor coming from the arab part of the world would've gone, you would have thought, to join up with al qaeda, core al qaeda in afghanistan, pakistan, perform whatever operation he was going to do under them, al qaeda would've claimed it he was one of theirs. but here he is, a doctor from jordan and the arab world teaming up with the pakistani taliban. and when you look at the details of how these groups operate, it really sort of shows you this
7:04 am
greater symbiosis, the connectivity, and the way that the pakistani taliban are teaming up with what al qaeda and their supporters can offer them, t.j. i think for intelligence analysts this is really going to give them big insights into how these two groups are teaming up there. >> nic robertson for us in jordan, we appreciate you. welm, the mother of the suspected suicide bomber who killed seven cia officers in afghanistan describes him as a "loner" since childhood. now his wife says she was shocked to hear what he'd done but that she was proud of her husband's suicide mission. >> translator: in fact, i'm proud of my husband. my husband accomplished a very big operation in such a war. if he is a martyr, may god accept it. >> jordanian officials say they thought he'd been rehabilitated
7:05 am
from his extremist views and he was being used to hunt down al qaeda's number two man. the man authorities say tried to blow up a plane on christmas day has pled not guilty. he's accused of setting off an explosive device as the plane approached detroit's airport. at the federal courthouse in detroit. deb, give us a breakdown on what happened. >> reporter: well, betty, this was an arraignment. he heard the charges against him. he entered that plea of not guilty. it was his lawyer who did that on his behalf. very interesting to see him so up close to face to face. very thin man. the clothes he was wearing, the white t-shirt, khaki pants, way too big for his thin frame. he walked with great difficulty. clearly suffering from injuries he self-inflicted when he detonated the device that was hidden in his underwear. he did suffer second and third-degree burns for that.
7:06 am
and he told the judge he is taking pain pills. still, he told the judge he understood the charges against him and waved the reading of those charges and took about ten minutes start to finish and he was sent back to jail. >> any idea, deborah, if there were family members with him? we know his father was the one who tried to tip off authorities about a possible plot. >> reporter: well, that's right. there had been a lot of speculation that, in fact, the dad was going to fly in from nigeria. the state department had not confirmed whether he was going to be arriving. but the family did send someone, somebody who described herself as being there for the family, but not authorized to speak on behalf of the family. there are about six men from the nigerian embassy. they too were in court, plus one woman, a passenger on the plane. she's that lawyer, she said it was really important for her to come and see him face to face. she's a muslim and she was just trying to sort of put the dots
7:07 am
together. she's very emotional since this whole thing happened, clearly, which not only sends the lives of the passengers into sort of a question, but all of the people who now travel using the airports, betty. >> deborah, thank you for that. on to the big story of the day today. weather, the big story for the past couple of weeks. you'll be able to see temperatures and delays at the bottom of the screen. >> watch out for the ice out there, causing all kinds of accidents here in atlanta and -- oh, out there in the southwest. that is the worst too. oh, goodness. hopefully everybody's okay in those fender benders. bonnie schneider is also tracking the ice storm. this is what you don't want to see, bonnie, but sometimes people have got to get to and from and the roads have become treacherous. >> they have and they still are. take it easy on the roads this morning. i have to tell you something very exciting happening right now that you don't often see. it is snowing in florida.
7:08 am
we have reports of snow flurries. and in florida, that's 60 miles just to the north of tampa. we're tracking that plus extreme weather. i'll have more coming up on cnn saturday morning. so i am ready to get back out there. alright. that's great. i want to personally thank you for 100 calorie hearty chicken rotini. well, it's not just me. you're so funny. i like you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the great taste of splenda® no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet!
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sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda® with fiber. you must be looking for motorcycle insurance. you're good. thanks. so is our bike insurance. all the coverage you need at a great price. hold on, cowboy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than a dollar a month, you also get 24/7 roadside assistance. right on. yeah, vroom-vroom! sounds like you ran a 500. more like a 900 v-twin. excuse me. well, you're excused. the right insurance for your ride. now, that's progressive. call or click today. okay. so after a week or so of this, it's probably no surprise that you should keep off the roads in some of these tricky areas, especially in some of the southern states where the ice is on the roadways and a lot of
7:10 am
folks not really sure how to handle that slipping and sliding. and that's when we get this. and this one is -- can you imagine just slipping right into a tree? >> that's a serious accident. and people wonder how do the stations -- how do we know with this video? it's because you can go to the same spots year after year and set up a camera and you know people are going to be coming through driving too fast and you'll be able to catch this time and time again. >> and this is georgia we're watching some of these accidents take place. almost a 360, did you see that? >> and it's scary stuff, and bonnie is here to tell us about the weather. it can be tricky out there. they call that the black ice and certainly in the dark and some of the side streets are worse than some of the highways. but just sometimes -- oh, the lessons have to be learned the hard way. >> absolutely. and here in georgia, a lot of people say well, it's just 1/2 inch of snow or ice, it's not so bad. but we don't have the salt
7:11 am
trucks or plows to treat it. that's the difference -- >> it's not our driving per se? >> we don't take it slow either, apparently. that's a good point, you've got to take it slow. this morning too, more ice on the roads. enough to make a difference. i've heard reports of a lot of people saying their driveways and walkways are very icy. you can slip and fall very easily. so just be careful out there. our i-reporters on the scene tracking this severe weather. cnn i-reporter. the snow does linger. well, there are the kids enjoying a nice snowball fight and they have great pictures of making snow angels. that's show much fun because it doesn't snow that often in the southeast. but when it does, at least the kids have the day off from school so they got to enjoy the snow. and i'll tell you somewhere else we are tracking some snow in a place that really hardly ever sees snow. that's right, in florida. just now, i checked the latest observations in florida that's 60 miles north of tampa and
7:12 am
there are snow flurries falling. in gainesville, the temperature as you can see is 28 degrees maybe 30 driveways, but it's really more in this area that we're seeing the snow hitting the ground. and if you're wondering why, it has to do with the dew point. when the air is so dry as it is in florida right now the snow that's falling evaporates before it hits the ground. and that's why we are seeing not so much falling from the sky and maybe more rain than snow, but big changes are on the way. when we are looking at very cold conditions. look at what's happening monday. less cold, so we are going to see some better weather and that means even here in atlanta warming up to 45 degrees on tuesday. notice i say warming up. i think that sounds great. >> hey, we all need to warm up, especially after all of this snow and ice and wintery mix we've been getting. thank you, bonnie, we appreciate a little bit of sunshine. well, you wouldn't think of the economy as being a laughing matter. >> not at all. but we've got a story of a guy, josh levs is going to bring us a
7:13 am
guy who turned the recession into a routine. >> yeah, it surprised me too. he's calling himself the first ever stand-up economist. he's the new comedian on the scene. you have to see the kind of responses he's getting.
7:14 am
7:15 am
all right. so when times are tough, sometimes you need a good laugh. sometimes it's better to laugh than cry? >> yeah, laughter -- got to laugh to keep from crying. our josh levs has a guy who is turning the economy into comedy goal. >> americans are eating cheap, unhealthy fatty foods. >> sure the late night kings can joke about the economy -- >> so apparently the recession started in 1957. >> reporter: but who can do this? >> you might be an economist if you're an expert on money and you dress like a flood victim. if you refuse to sell your children because you think they might be worth more later. you might be an economist. >> reporter: he declares himself the world's first and only stand-up economist. while his fellow number crunchers have been busy processing the effects of the recession, he shows up at meetings and conventions to lighten the mood. >> my dad told me i'm crazy.
7:16 am
he said you can't be a stand-up economist, there's no demand. >> how did you start doing this? where did it come from? >> while i was in graduate school, i wrote a parody of an economics textbook and then i started performing it live and one thing led to another, it kind of developed. >> i only have a couple things going for me and one of them is a low expectations. >> it takes them a little bit to loosen up. and it's hard, they don't drink a lot necessarily. so that's another disadvantage. but you try. and there's -- because they don't get so many opportunities to laugh. i think it's easier to make them laugh when you try. >> microeconomists are people who are wrong about specific things. >> reporter: can also help make fun and sense of economics for the rest of us. >> the macroeconomics has the exact same translation maybe bla, bla, bla. >> reporter: you remember jokes a lot longer than you remember
7:17 am
diagrams, equations, lectures. that's why his new book is packed with his kind of humor. >> the economists go into chinese restaurants and open up their fortune cookies and they put at the margin at the end of their fortune cookies. that's a geeky joke. it's kind of like what the treasury department has been doing for the last year and a half. keep trying things until you find something that works. >> reporter: and he isn't afraid of bombing on stage. >> people are always asking me if i'm afraid of failure. and i'm like, afraid of failure? i used to teach introductory microeconomics at 8:00 in the morning. in washington. >> if half the audience is still awake at the end, yeah, i killed them. >> well, josh levs is here. is this a living for this guy,
7:18 am
josh? >> it's taken off for him. more and more people are booking him. he's getting a lot of good gigs out there. he calls it a significant minority income. but the book is doing pretty well and he's getting bookings, and we met him at a convention of 8,000 that took place here in atlanta. and it's quite possible he has a future ahead of him as, indeed, the nation's first ever stand-up economist. we're going to keep an eye on that guy. >> it's a market that's growing, appare apparently. thank you, josh. and still on the economy front here. the housing market was really, really hot five years ago, and you weren't hearing the term short sale that much. >> no, but we are certainly hearing it now. clyde anderson has more on this exit strategy that could close the door on your credit. he sure is working up an appetite up there. bet you guys are, too. how about some hamburger helper? cheeseburger mac... how 'bout some after the show?
7:19 am
hamburger helper. one pound. one pan. one tasty meal.
7:20 am
checking our top stories right now. there is new video, in fact, new video message from the taliban in pakistan. the suicide bomber believed to are have killed seven cia operatives. what he's doing on this video is vowing revenge on the tape for the killing of a taliban leader in pakistan in the missile strike last august. we'll continue to follow this story for you. well, a hug and a kiss leads to an arrest. but let me explain. police have arrested a man they
7:21 am
believe is responsible for a security breach at newark's airport. the 28-year-old graduate student, you see him there. he is from china, he's now facing charges of defiant trespass. he's taken into custody at his new jersey home yesterday. now the surveillance video. this is from the airport. this was last weekend's incident. you can see the man, police say is him, is the suspect. he dips under the security ropes and then he greets a woman, gives her a little hug and what not. he does it after a guard leaves his post. police say the suspect defied orders to stay back. the incident forced authorities to shut down the terminal for hours and rescreen thousands of passengers. well, the mother of vice president joe biden has died. mrs. biden died yesterday. she was surrounded by her friends and family members. she was 92 years old. >> all right. coming up in a few minutes, we've got a new show with the same old guy. >> new name.
7:22 am
>> dr. sanjay gupta. it was "house call," he didn't think that was good enough the good doctor. and wanted his name more prominently featured. >> we're going to call it like s. i now it is "sanjay gupta m.d." we have a new name for our show too. >> what's that? >> "betty t.j., o.m.g." you don't want to miss that. $$$$
7:23 am
all right. you can call it the perfect storm. your property value has
7:24 am
plummeted. you can no longer make your medical repo mortgage payments on time, so if you file for bankruptcy and end up in foreclosure, it'll be years before you can get another home loan. what do you do? well, millions of americans are trying something called a short sale. but it's an answer to a mixed bag of problems per se. finance specialist clyde anderson joins us to sort it all out for you. and really what we first want to do for those who are trying to figure out how do i go about this. define what a short sale is? >> when you can sell your property for less than you owe on the property. >> not ideal. >> not ideal, but the bank allows you to not take a hit for it. >> why is that beneficial? >> right now it's beneficial because most of us have lost money on our homes. the property values have depreciated. so we're in a situation where if you need to move, you're not going to have the value. depending on when you bought your home, it's not there. you're going to need a way to get out of that house and banks are really doing this as an option instead of foreclosure. and this is a lot better than
7:25 am
foreclosure. >> will this affect your credit in any way? >> your credit's already hit. and when you're in a situation if you're behind or you know you're going to be behind and you're going to have late payments, that's going to hurt your credit a lot. but now when you get out of this house, a lot of times they're going to forgive that deficiency balance. if you sold your house for $300,000 but you owe $200,000, that $100,000 deficiency, the banks will forgive it. >> are the banks more willing to accept a short sale? because a lot of people still owe the bank for their house? >> a lot of them are now because, again, they save so much money as opposed to going to foreclosure. this is a great alternative for banks, but the problem is it's taken a lot of time. you didn't hear about them several years ago, now this is a popular term. add that on top of loan modifications, you've got an interesting recipe. >> which is interesting too because back in the day before the recession, a short sale was something you absolutely did not want to do unless, perhaps, can
7:26 am
you take a tax write-off for what you lost in the home? >> well, what happens a lot of times in the past you would get a 1099 for the capital gain because you've got that difference there that the bank is writing it off, you earned that, look at it as earned income, but now since the capital law gains have changed, you don't have to worry habit that if you make $250,000 for an individual or $500,000 for a couple, you don't have to pay that. >> say your home is worth $100,000 and you had to sell it for $80,000. you get a $20,000 loss, can you count that as something that you can get back in your taxes for that loss? >> well, it really depends on the situation. i would say talk to your tax representative or your tax accountant to really find out for sure. depending on the situation you're in because you've got that $20,000 there that if you sell it and you're saying it you're selling it at a $20,000 loss. so the bank lost too. so the bank is the one that took the lost and you've got to see how they're going to look at that.
7:27 am
>> if you own it out right -- >> oh, yeah, then you can look at that as a loss, definitely. >> that's maybe another area. >> talk to your accountant. >> a little bit of the bright side. clyde, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> it's always a pleasure, betty. >> t.j.? >> and i need to be talking to clyde. i need some housing adadvice. thanks so much. we've got a quick break and we're right back. doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. [ female announcer ] trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, get $2 in coupons at to get out of those tubs? when we want. when we're in the mood. it's our choice. announcer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity.
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don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. announcer: today you have options, 36-hour cialis or cialis for daily use. ask your doctor about cialis today so when the moment is right, you can be ready.
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of course, we will have more of your top


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