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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 9, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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see you right back here next week. you ready now? >> still had my badge on. i guess it's aparpt i wore it here. >> sometimes you forget who you are. that's betty, though. that is betty nguyen. i'm t.j. holmes. this is cnn saturday morning for january 9th. glad you could be here with us. >> it's 10:00 a.m. in atlanta, 7:00 a.m. in seattle, washington. so, you know, while you were sleeping there's been a disturbing new development in the suicide attack that killed seven cia workers in afghanistan last month. before the attack, the suspected bomber made a tape detailing his motives.
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we'll have a live report on that in just a minute. also, terrorism on the minds of people here at home, as well. the suspect in that christmas day bombing attempt aboard a northwest airplane had his day in court yesterday. we've got the details on that appearance. and also where we're going now in this case. and then, of course, there is the sound that no driver ever wants to hear. oh. right there. wrecks like this all across the south thanks to a wicked streak of icy, frigid weather. just part of the damage sweeping the country in this deep freeze and we're going to get more on these temperatures because, listen up, folks, they are still going down. it is not over. we're going to bring you the latest from the weather center coming right up. we want to start this morning with new video. we are just getting a look at this morning. this comes from the taliban in pakistan. a jordanian doctor believed to have carried out a suicide attack that killed seven cia employees in afghanistan claims revenge is the motive. take a look.
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>> we'll never forget the blood of our leader, baitullah mehsud. may god have mercy on his soul. we will take revenge for his death in america and outside america. there's a curse on every person. >> you hear them making references to baitullah mehsud, the former leader of the taliban in pakistan. he was killed last summer. nic robertson had been talking with malawi, his family, in amman, jordan. nic, hello to you. it leaves a lot of people scratching their heads that the family is not denying it, not necessarily saying he didn't do it. instead, some are actually proud of it. >> reporter: his wife has said she is proud of him. i spoke to his father a little while ago. he said he was very upset. he said he was upset about the people that had done this to his son. he implied people intentionally
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brainwashed him. but when we asked him, you know, who do you mean here specifically, he seems to be implying that he thinks the intelligence agencies who were trying to run his son as an agent to get inside al qaeda are responsible for what happened. he was asked whether or not what he thought about the fact that people were killed by his son. he said if there were civilians killed then i would be absolutely angry about it. that's not the way i brought up my son. but they were people in essentially military operations officers and for that reason he says he's not going to criticize his son. but he was nevertheless a father still in distress because until now they've never really known for sure exactly what happened. they've heard a lot of different stories. now they've actually heard directly from the son who was also very clear in this statement as warning intelligence agencies just how hard it is to get into al qaeda because the son is saying it doesn't matter how much money we're offered, we're not going
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to break our faith with god. the cia and the jordanian intelligence running him in pakistan. >> nic robertson, thank you. the young nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a northwest flight over michigan on christmas day has pleaded not guilty. security was tight in detroit at the plea hearing yesterday for umar farouk abdulmutallab. at least three police dogs were inside that courtroom. security guards covered the doors. the hearing, though, took less than ten minutes. would you believe a hug and a kiss can lead to an arrest? it led new jersey police to arrest a 28-year-old grad student from china in connection with sunday's breach of security at newark airport. take a look at the video here of the suspect. this is him being taken into custody at his home in new jersey. this was yesterday. he now faces a charge of defying officials. he walked the wrong way through an airport security exit to greet a woman. the man's roommate told cnn he
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was excited to see his girlfriend. that incident, though, prompted authorities to shut down a terminal for hours and rescreen all the passengers there. well, freezing temperatures are getting blamed for at least nine deaths so far this week. these pictures from nebraska, where people are being warned to stay indoors. the fear there the hypothermia because temperatures are staying around zero today. and it is snowing in florida this morning near tampa. the low temperatures are causing millions of dollars of damage to crops. and check out the conditions in atlanta, georgia. boom. not what you want to see or experience on the roadways here. icy streets all over causing all kinds of problems, in fact, for drivers. let's get the latest on the wintry weather mix that it seems like most all of us are feeling except for a few lucky folks who are below freezing at this
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point. hi, betty and t.j. you have to go to southern california to find some warm temperatures, but, you know, when you look at those pictures of those cars over in roswell, georgia, the photographer that shot that just perched his camera and just waited because that particular stretch of road is known to really kind of wipe out when there's ice on the road. and i think that southern drivers were just not used to seeing ice-covered roads and snow. wow. just very scary when you're in that sort of situation. another place that's not used to wintry weather is ocala, florida. and i was on twitter, like i always am, early this morning and i found this picture, snow in ocala. this is from green eyed gem on twitter. it looks like she wrote it in the sand, which is something you'd probably see in florida, but snow in ocala, that's ice pellets or snowflakes on a windshield. thanks for sharing our twit pick for us on twitter. certainly appreciate that. let's check out the latest conditions in florida now because as of the observation we have around 9:00 this morning, we do have sleet falling in
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daytona beach, florida. the temperature has been hovering in the mid-30s. down in orlando, where they're running a half marathon right now, the temperatures also brutally cold. these numbers are about 30 degrees below where it's supposed to be in florida this time of year, so this is not at all typical weather. we have some good news. we are anticipating some changes on the way. while the southeast and parts of the midwest are experiencing temperatures 10 to 30 degrees below normal through the weekend, i have some good news and it's probably the first time you heard that out of a weather person all week. less cold by monday. this big ridge of high pressure, notice the dip in the jet stream, what's happening is we're seeing warm air come in from the west and slide to the east. slowly but surely. only 5 to 10 degrees below normal as we go through the forecast for sunday into mopd. we are going to see those changes emerge. in fact, when we take a closer look at the numbers, watch what happens. right now we're looking at temperatures for saturday. for today mainly in the single digits or into the 20s, but
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changes on the way for monday. watch this. as we advance this into just 48 hours' time, you'll see that the warm-up is here. so 43 degrees in memphis after a bitter cold number of 26 today, up to 41 in atlanta, and 59 in tampa. that's a major improvement because we do have snow and sleet falling right now 40 miles just north of tampa, florida, in brooksville, more of a sleet situation, not sticking too much, of course, because the temperatures are a little mild for accumulation, but how unusual is that to see that sort of wintry weather in and around the florida area. now just to let you know what this looks like not just for florida, the warm-up will also happen across the midwest. and it's a warm-up relatively speaking. so for today in kansas city, flurries, 11 degrees, up to tuesday, 36, and 43 on wednesday. that'll be like a heat wave for the midwest. >> yeah. who knew that the 40s were going to feel so warm outside. >> definitely. >> thank you, bonnie. >> thanks, bonnie. the cold hard on a lot of folks. a lot of people complaining
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about how cold they are. but a lot of times you might have to just walk from your house to your car or your car into the office. imagine living in it. the homeless are exposed tho these elements. catherine callaway joins us live from the gateway shelter here in atlanta. good morning. i can't imagine what a lot of people are having to go through out there, trying to find somewhere to stay warm outside. >> reporter: it's definitely the hardest for those who not only are homeless but also, t.j., may be living someplace that is not adequately heated. they don't have all the facilities they need to stay safe in this type of -- it was 15 degrees when we drove up this morning, and we are here at the gateway center. and as you can see, it is packed and has been since we arrived this morning. they were able to have a nice breakfast, and now they're just staying here because of the weather. as you can see behind me, lots of families here, unfortunately. you see these adorable children. they're actually playing with -- the volunteers are playing with them. there are sfrefrl out of state working in the center.
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i'll tell you more about that in a moment. we'll pan over here to where a lot of the people are just huddled together here watching television, cnn, of course, and trying to stay warm. it's just not safe out there when the windchill factor is where it is right now. we are seeing about 500 people here, and right now i'm going to bring in vince smith. he is the executive director of the gateway center. 500 people, but this morning we had much more than that. you're seeing quite an increase in this, not only because of the economy, but this cold weather is bringing in people that you normally wouldn't have here. >> absolutely. we've seen a 20% increase just due to the cold. and individuals that would find themselves in places that most of us would say aren't meant for habitation have gravitated to the gateway center and shared in the wonderful breakfast this morning provided by volunteers and other services. >> reporter: we should mention that this facility is not just one floor. there are several floors. we have a family center next door. there's many people there today. but you said bad situation, bad,
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perfect storm combination of economy tanking, many people out of jobs they had a year or so ago, now this freezing cold weather. but you're trying to make lemonade out of lemons. tell us what you mean by that. >> this cold weather gives us an opportunity to deepen our relationship, build a relationship with individuals and help them to focus on how they can get out of their homelessness. we have more time with the homeless, and that opportunity gives us a wonderful privilege to talk with them about programs and services that are offered here that move people out of homelessness. >> reporter: thank you so much, mr. smith. they not only provide a warm place to rest and food, showers, but they have many programs to try to get people out of the situation that they're in. and t.j. and betty, they're able with this cold weather to spend more time with them. normally they're in and they're out, but they're able to actually move them into another part of the building that they're able to talk with them more, show them what's available to try to get them back on the road to not be homeless. and want to tell you before i go the people in the green
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headbands that you see here were here to work on another mission but because of the cold weather were diverted here to the gateway center to help with the familie families. >> we can see that help going on. maybe some good will come out of it. like you said, they get to spend more time there. everybody in the newsroom just lit up. that little girl behind you playing with the volunteer's hair. the cutest little thing. we're watching her back there. >> she moved on to another one. it's beauty shop in the building. >> that is the cutest little thing we've been watching there. catherine, thank you so much. some good certainly coming out of what's happening. >> a career in the making for that little one. right? cutest little face. coming up here, we're going to be sharing with you some gadgets, some new things. >> these are cool. >> yeah. we've been looking at some of this stuff. we're going to be buying in the future. >> one of them, you may not want t.j. to have if he's your neighbor. we'll explain in a little bit. josh levs, here's a look at it.
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>> like -- >> like what? >> away from your computer. look, i'm no expert at this. why are you asking me these questions? josh levs is here with the latest on the greatest electronics that are out there on the market. hey, josh. i like that. like where? i'll show you how it works. take a look at this. everyone is talking about it. this is a consumer electronics show in las vegas. this is it. the whole world is talking about it now. the ar drone from a french company called paret. you can play games with it. off controller that comes along with it. but you can also sync it to your iphone or to another phone and control it that way. there are various ways to use this. one thing you can do with it is mount a camera on it, also mount listening twices adevices and p talking about the big brotherishness of it all. you can do things with advanced cameras, but there are more fun and innocent ways to use it like fun and games with your friends. not available in stores yet, but when it is this summer they're saying it will cost less than
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$500, which means we'll get away with one of those. the next thing, the 3d tv. we have some video of that. we have some prices on this for you, as well. mitsubishi is talking about having one out that's $5,000. and our folks at cnn money are saying it's possible that there could be an 82-inch 3d tv set this year that falls below the $3,000 mark. so becoming more affordable to people who would want that in the first place. of course there aren't that many 3d programs yet but networks are apparently building more. and one more video. this is from lenovo. it's a laptop in which you can remove monitor. you're able to take that with you, and it becomes a touch screen. a lot you can do with it as a tablet, then a computer and the price under $1,000 when this goes on sale. so a lot of these in the more affordable range, not that people have thousands of bucks sitting around but people are still spending on technology, even in this economy.
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let me show you how you can see that and more. and folks at have put together a great spread here. this is what betty and t.j. were talking about. most portable keyboard ever. see the hand, how it looks like it's touching keys? there's actually nothing there. this is a laser system right here. it projects a keyboard, and wherever you are, you can project it onto a surface, potentially someday you could project it into the air. this is one thing they unveiled at the ces this year. you don't need a keyboard. if this works, you can move your fingers around and the laser reads your fingers and you're typing without touching anything in the real world. this phone from google might allow you to make video calls. could be out late they are year. look at your friends at the same time. we can end on this one. live tv in your car. t.j., i bet you like that. they're coming up with a special broadcast service that will send games and other programming directly to this kind of a device so you don't lose it while you're traveling.
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you can see continuously. all that stuff for you, >> it's not enough, betty, that i pete atweet and e-mail and on phone while driving. >> now you can watch live television. >> not while you're driving. >> there is that, of course. let's get back to the drone because can you imagine once the paparazzi gets a hold of these? they are going to be swarming all over l.a. >> i'm wondering if they'll make one strong enough that you can put your hands on it and fly. >> oh, my goodness. that's for next year's consumer electronics show. >> 2011 ces. there are more cases of airline passengers behaving badly. >> not just one, not just two. we have several but a cup until particular we'll focus on and tell you about. we'll tell you what happened and where. also, she is a trucker, an attorney, and now a cnn hero. the meeting went great! they loved the presentation! judy, great job on the printing!
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checking our top stories right now, there is some new video from the taliban in pakistan. take a look at it right there. and what it shows is the suicide bomber believed to have killed seven cia employees last month
10:23 am
in afghanistan. the guy's name is imam al balawi, and what he's doing on this tape is vowing revenge for the killing of a taliban leader in pakistan. he died in a missile strike last august. we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you the latest. well, it seems we are seeing more and more incidents of airline passengers behaving badly. on wednesday, officials detained one passenger on board a hawaiian airlines plane whose behavior got so bad the plane was forced to return to portland. you're seeing some video of one of the passengers took, a couple passengers, seeing the guy there. the federal complaint said the man gave threatening note to an airline attendant. he is expected to surrender to airline authorities on monday. yesterday, a plane was rerouted after another incident with a passenger. an airline spokesman said the man got mad, appeared to be drunk and refused to leave the bathroom. both planes were escorted back by military jets. vice president joe biden's mother has died. catherine you gina finegan died
10:24 am
yesterday. she was 92. it was a short stint for president obama as the model for the weather-proof garment company. have you heard this story? there was a big billboard, an ad, put up at times square, there it is. this is the weather-proof garment company. this was their advertisement. it was up earlier this week. the company licensed the photo of the president, who was wearing one of their jackets. they got the pi dprshgs the ap and planned to leave the ad up for some months along with the second one many midtown manhattan. but yesterday a spokesman said after a cordial chat with the white house counsel the ads will be removed in, quote, expeditious manner. nothing like a chat with the white house counsel. >> a cordial chat. apparently that's the way you get it done, and quickly, right? yeah. i'd like to have heard that phone call. well, for three years we've been proud to introduce you to cnn heroes, everyday people making a world of difference.
10:25 am
our first cnn hero in 2010 is a trucker turned lawyer helping domestic abuse victims in vermont. her motto -- have justice, will travel. >> when i was growing up on a rural back road, family violence was an accepted way of life. this is my mother, and i'm the baby here. my father and my brother, richard, and my sister, pauline. my father would commonly abuse all of us. he raped me and beat my mother and my other siblings. when the neighbors heard screaming coming from our home, they just turned their heads. for domestic violence victims in rural areas, it can be very devastating. they're out there on these back roads with no access to in-town services. many of them do not have telephones. some of them do not have driver's licenses or an
10:26 am
automobile. so we go to them. my name is winona ward. the turning point for me was when a child in my family revealed that she had been abused by my father and my brother. i just said this has to stop. when i graduated from law school i was 48 years old. good morning, my dear. i go to people's homes, give them in-home consultation, provide them with free legal services and transportation to and from court hearings. i don't want children to have to go through what i did as a child. i want to see my clients become empowered. i can understand them, and they know that i will be there to protect them. >> and cnn hero nominations are open now for 2010. so if you know someone who is protecting the powerless or defending the planet, let us know. fill out a nomination form online at
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parents in california now have more power when it comes to their kids education and who's doing the teaching. they now have a greater say on firing the teachers if they're not making the the grade. >> yes. take it to a whole different level. we're going to be talking about that. also, two men are arrested and charged with planning terror in new york. one of them appearing in court today. right now, there's a nurse saving a life in baltimore. 20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference
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good morning, everybody, on this saturday. i'm sure it's quite cold where you are unless you're in southern california. i'm betty nguyen. >> i'm t.j. holmes. just out this morning, a new
10:31 am
video from the taliban in pakistan. it shows the suicide bomber believed to have killed seven cia employees last month in afghanistan. and on this tape imam al balawi vows revenge for the killing of a taliban leader in pakistan. his brother confirms to cnn that the man seen in this video is, indeed, him. two men are under arrest in connection with a new york terror plot. one of them is a new york city cabdriver. the other is a bosnian immigrant expected in court today. he was caught after a traffic incident. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti with the story. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say he crashed into another car while the task force was tailing him. the sources say he was going faster and faster before he rear ended another car. just before the wreck, sources tell cnn he inexplicably called 911. before the accident, the fbi had
10:32 am
served a search warrant at his home. after the fbi left, his family says he took off. agents were following him. his attorney says he does not know why authorities moved against his client. do you have any idea why they wanteded to seize his passport now? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say after he was treated for minor injuries, he agreed to questioning. hours later, he was arrested. >> this is not a joke. this is not something to look the other way when basic constitutional rights are violated. it was a despicable display of what is going on in this country by certain people, not everybody. in this case, shame on them. >> after he was taken into custody, another man, new york cabdriver was arrested. law enforcement sources describe
10:33 am
both men as friends of najibullah zazi. he tried to blow up a new york area target. it's been called the biggest post-9/11 terror investigation. last fall the homes of both men were searched and his attorney says he was questioned for 14 hours. agents made no secret they were following the two men. sources say the surveillance never stopped. >> the very nature of anti-terrorism investigation is that there is long-term surveillance of people under suspicion. often that leads to nothing. sometimes it can lead to a mother lode of evidence that people were up to no good. >> reporter: the man's attorney says he has nothing to hide. >> he denied being involved in any terrorist activities. he spoke to them for countless hours explaining his relationships and that he's not involved in terror. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cnn he is expected to be indicted on a conspiracy
10:34 am
count and receiving military training from a foreign terrorist organization. his arraignment is scheduled for saturday. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. up next, parents in california now with more power when it comes to their kids' education, including who is doing the teaching. >> right. think now have a greater say on the firing teachers if they don't make the grade. also, we'll explain the ugly side of a website meant for very pretty people. @@@@@@@@@
10:35 am
welcome back, everybody. parents in california now have more power when it comes to their children's education thanks to new legislation passed by governor schwarzenegger, it
10:36 am
not only increases the state's eligibility for federal grants, but listen to this, parents can now transfer their children out of schools, petition changes, which includes getting teachers and principals fired. teachers' unions and groups are highly opposed to this. our education contributor, steve perry. i know you have an opinion with this so let me start with yours. is this legislation a good idea? >> it's absolutely a good idea. it comes out of the race to the top effort that the president's making. he's right on with that. we need to give parents more power. the only people who are ever opposed to any progress are the teachers' unions. are we surprised that they're against parents have manager say as to what happens to their children? if the parents don't have say, then who should? >> but isn't it also the parents' responsibility, too? should all of this fall solely on the teacher and the principal to which they could be fired if the grades don't come home and is not what the parents' want them to be? >> i don't think we're necessarily talking about grades, as or bs but overall
10:37 am
performance on standardized texts and other measures of performance. the principal is the most important public employee the child will ever meet, followed by the teacher. too many of our schools are run by people who can't run schools. they're sorry principals. they don't have the capacity to lead an organization, specifically a building, so what happens is the building languishes and the children's performance suffers. we don't have any more time, we don't have any more children to lose. we've lost almost an entire generation because we have schools that are horrible. at some point, somebody has to be held accountable. we can say parent, parent, parent, but the parents are not employed by the community. the parents are there. we cannot take their children away from them. we can, however, take the opportunity to work in public schools away from people who can't do the job. >> doesn't this, steve, open the door to say a parent who doesn't like a particular way of teaching or a particular teacher or principal to say you know what, i'm going to get that person fired? what kind of recourse do teachers and principals have under this? >> it absolutely does, and nothing should be done in a
10:38 am
capricious manner. there should be a method that is identified and accepted by all parties and then go forward from there. a school should have a board that has members of the community, some of the faculty as well as the parents who are there and they're making these decisions. these are public schools with public money, and our children in them. the public should have a say. >> let's talk about that money for just a second because i want to read you something from the california teachers' union. it says if it was not for the money that you are chasing in this onetime application, speaking to the governor, would you have seriously considered taking such an expeditious, such a short-circuited and ill-considered approach? that's from patricia rucker of the california teachers' association. so, steve, is this really all about money? >> we're talking about money, not money to build him a bigger pad. we're talking about money to run schools more effectively. so, yeah, he should go after it. this is grant money, title i money, money that's used to run the school, to pay their salaries so they can live in the
10:39 am
suburbs and teach in the hood. this is the money that's essential to the organization itself. so, yes, he should have made these decisions. and if they don't want to always be the ones who were coming after them, they should come in under the tent and they should come up with some solutions as opposed to always reacting to the solutions that the community comes up with. >> speaking of that money, california stands to get as much as $700 million from the obama administration. >> yeah. he should definitely chase that money, all day. >> steve perry, breaking it down like you always do. we appreciate it. thank you, steve. >> my pleasure. >> we got to find a way to get steve to open up a little bit. >> come out of his shell. >> he's still a little shy. still falling into the role of cnn contributor. that's okay. he'll figure it out. >> takes a little time. >> he's a good friend of ours so we give him a hard time. always great. coming up next, an nba star, this whole controversy started out light, and now it's serious business. >> and now his teammates got stuck in a situation, as well. yes, i hear progressive has
10:40 am
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10:42 am
is accused of planting a bomb in new york on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. president obama talking health in his weekly message to themphasizing changes to insurance plans. insurance plans will be required to offer free preventative care to their customers so we can start catching preventable diseases and illnesses on the front end. they'll no longer be allowed to impose restrictive annual limits on the amount of coverage you receive or lifetime limbs on the amount of benefits you receive. they'll be prohibited from dropping your coverage when you get sick and need it most. and there will be a new independent appeals process for anyone who feels they were unfairly denied a claim by their insurance company. >> president obama also said reform will mean costs for health care will come down for families, businesses, and state governments. if the president gets his way, the most sweeping change to the country's medical system could be law by next month. well, we don't need to tell you about the increased scrutiny passengers are being subjected to when they fly. you already know that. many of you flying lots these
10:43 am
days. but do you know that your feet are being subjected -- or what they're being subjected to when you go through the airport security? well, we have some tips on how to put your best foot forward when you are "on the go." >> reporter: you know the drill. before going through security at the airport, you have to remove your shoes. but it may be risky. >> i certainly have concerns about being barefoot at the security terminals at the airports. >> reporter: podiatrists say some foot problems can be passed from one person to another. >> there are so many things that could happen with somebody walking barefoot around those terminals, conditions such as athlete's foot, bacterial infections, warts. >> reporter: dr. julian says cover your feet. >> i think as long as there are some barriers, certainly a thicker sock would be better, but even nylon hose is better. >> reporter: and walking around shoeless exposes your feet to other hazards. >> my biggest concern, somebody
10:44 am
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all right. surely you've heard this story by now. gilbert arenas, an nba all-star, superstar in the league with a $100 million-plus contract has been suspended indefinitely after some kind of altercation he got into in his locker room with one of his teammates in which he brandished guns. he apparently brought the guns to the locker room unloaded but still brought them there. now, he is under investigation by all kinds of folks -- the police, the feds -- about the guns and, again, he has been suspended indefinitely without pay. we're going to get some insight on this, some legal insight and also some inside knowledge, if you will, as well, from a couple guys here. let me show you who we've got here. you'll recognize both of them.
10:48 am
one, kenny "the jet "smith, who knows arena from covering basketball all these years and avery freedman with us, one of our legal analysts. we'll get to you in a second on legal questions. >> okay. >> kenny, you know just about all these guys from covering the league and being in the league so long. he is known as being kind of a quirky guy, kind of a little different, a little off, but still fun and certainly a jokester. but what he has done since all this came out about him having guns, have you been surprised by some of his behavior since? >> well, i think i'm surprised at the behavior because it shows a lack of -- being insensitive and being a little immature. but it also makes me laugh when these stories become big because people don't realize or they think that because you're in a certain income bracket, because you can catch a pass or catch a basketball or shoot a basketball
10:49 am
that you are alleviated from all the ills of society, guns, teen pregnancy or infidelity. it doesn't stop when it hits the arena, those social issues that go on outside of the arena. >> do you think sometimes people rightly or wrongly still hold athletes and these guys, these stars, to a standard that sometimes you think maybe is unreasonable? >> well, if you don't change who you are when you're able to get a big contract or you're able to shoot a basketball. it just gives you more access to who you are and what you want to do. it really doesn't change your character that much at all or at all. i think the one thing that we have to understand is that. what he did was immature. it was reckless because it's kind of like drunk driving. it's not what happened and what could have happened by bringing those guns into the arena. >> so what's going to happen or what should happen to this young fella? and is he in a position now where david stern has another issue -- the last thing you want
10:50 am
in a sentence is nba and guns if you're the nba commissioner. is he going to have to come down so hard on this young fella? i mean, what can you imagine the punishment will be beyond this indefinite suspension? >> well, i think there's definitely going to be big consequences, but i think also in regard to gilbert, i they lot of times the nba -- i don't know if it's fair or unfair -- kind of gets lump in together when there's one player that does something wrong. i think in other sports, you think about the plaxico incident in the nfl, it was a plaxico incident, really wasn't an nfl with guns. so i think that the nba fairly or unfairly gets treated that way, but in the same sense he needs to come down and there's going to be some serious consequences and deservedly so. >> also you think because it's lumped in, but we've seen several incidents -- it's a smaller club certainly than the nfl, but sebastian telfair, jayson williams, stephen
10:51 am
jackson, so many of them and such a smaller group of guys, some people think it's some kind of a mentality in the nba. you tell me as a former player -- and you hear players say this -- when we go out, we are targets. do you buy that? is that the truth, that some of these guys feel the need they have to protect themselves when they go out? >> well, let's be honest. most of these young guys are one degree of separation from wealth. so their friends, their associates, their family still don't live in the same neighborhoods or have the same social standards that they have or have to live by. so i can imagine, yes, they do feel like they're a target. but there's a responsibility. there's nothing wrong with carrying -- nothing illegal about carrying a registered handgun. but bringing it to your workplace and pulling it out in the locker room with your teammates, that's immaturity, and that's something wrong with that. so you can't separate the two because, yes, you can feel like a target but you have to be responsible when you feel that way. >> and avery, i hear you trying to get in here.
10:52 am
so it doesn't matter the intent, malicious intent or not, with the guns. he still did something stupid. but you're saying he did something illegal. what are the rules there in d.c. for having handguns after the supreme court essentially struck down the handgun ban there a few years ago? >> well, they struck down part of it, t.j., but actually kenny teed up the very issue that you're asking, and that is -- and you can go to the computer -- 4504 of the d.c. code makes it a misdemeanor if you bring a gun in if you don't have a license -- if you have a license. if you don't have a license, t.j., that is a felony, and the most serious thing we're looking at right now, four guns, four felonies, maximum 20 years in the penitentiary. so you're not getting around that. >> each gun is a separate felony? >> each gun is a separate felony under d.c. code. this is an enormous -- as serious as a heart attack, t.j. there's no getting around it. >> how can you go about it?
10:53 am
he admitted he made a mistake, stored the guns there. is there any way around it? is he going to have to go to jail? >> i hope not, but the fact is the release came out from his attorney who's a former united states attorney for the district of columbia. there's damage control. the problem is especially complicated, t.j., because gilbert has a former -- or a previous weapons conviction which fits into the formula. he may be looking at jail. i think it's very, very serious. >> your prediction -- last thing, your prediction from what you know of this case. what's going to happen to this young fella? >> he's got a problem. might be looking at jail. >> avery freedman, civil rights attorney, one of our legal analysts, always good to have you on. >> good to be with you, t.j. >> kenny, look forward to seeing you back on tnt. you were off this week. right? >> we're back next week. the bowl game was last week, but we'll be back. >> gentlemen, appreciate it. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
i'll just start the story like that. beautiful people. >> yes. >> showing their ugly side. now, this is just odd anyway. a lot of people have heard this. and these are self-proclaimed beautiful folks, by the way. but there's a website, a dating
10:57 am
website, called >> enticing. >> i tried to get on this thing. i was rejected. >> didn't pass? >> i didn't. >> to keep up appearances they're getting rid of what they consider to be dead weight, a.k.a., 5,000 member who is picked up shall we say a few pounds over the holidays. jeanne moos has the skinny on this. >> reporter: sure you can tell everyone where to stand. getting kids to stand still, good luck. >> i'm still driven by the same passions. >> reporter: we were more interested in what senator chris dodd's daughter was whispering. >> so many years ago. >> reporter: than we were in his speech. 4-year-old christine had her hand on dad's shoulder. >> wishing that i could have seen -- >> reporter: and on mom's nose. >> the political shape of my career. >> reporter: and check out the older daughter going ga ga at the mention of her name. >> these young children of mine, grace, who's 8 -- >> reporter: when her dad kisses her, she wipes it off. judging from her parting words,
10:58 am
grace would rather be saying grace. >> i'm starving. i'm starving. i'm starving. >> reporter: but the man voters picked to be new jersey's next governor wasn't the only thing picked at his acceptance speech. >> to fix every problem. they just want to give a hand up. >> reporter: we've seen enough of the lieutenant governor elect's son getting hiss hand up. remember chief justice john roberts' son? he made the papers for escaping his mom's clutches and crawling around as the president introduced his dad. >> he's an honor's graduate of harvard college and harvard law school. >> reporter: young jack graduated to hand signals and fancy footwork. >> after he was nominated for the court of appeals in 2001 -- >> reporter: eventually, jack had to be marched off the stage. >> i received good advice from republicans and democrats. >> reporter: even older kids can't stand still. letterman made this kid famous. >> worried about the quality of the place in which you live. we stand for the fair treatment
10:59 am
of faith-based groups receiving federal support -- >> reporter: of course there was rudy giuliani's son, all grown up now, but will he ever live down his dad's swearing in as mayor? blowing kisses, joining in the oath. you know, it's one thing when your kids steal the show, but how about when it's a couple of koalas? tennis star andy roddick was talking to reporters at an australian koala sanctuary -- >> fighting about a 35-mile-an-hour cross wind. >> reporter: who cares about the tennis court when you can watch koalas courting? ♪ hold me in your arms hold me in your arms ♪ >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> where do we begin? that obviously was not the right piece about the beautiful people and the website. we're going to try to get that for you. not being told exactly when that will come, but in all


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