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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  February 10, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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rules even without a ruler. >> coming to me. >> reporter: jeanne moose, cnn, new york. >> that's all for now. "larry king live" starts right now. tonight, vice president joe biden sits down with me to talk money. and jobs. >> net creation of jobs. >> larry: and what the future holds for every american. and plus, senator john kerry and teresa heinz kerry exclusive on
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the private outbreak they are making public, her battle with cancer. and that it brought us we are the world. and making history again for the people of haiti. quincy jones and lionel richie take us behind the scenes of the new version. we have a preview of what the planet will see in two days next on "larry king live." >> larry: great pleasure to welcome to "larry king live" joe biden, the vice president of the united states. it will be hard to call you mr. vice president. we go back a long ways. that's the rules. let ice begin from the get go. johns. so many people out of work. people angry. what do you have the president do to turn this around? >> the first thing we do is keep us from going off a cliff and we
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went out there and everyone acknowledges we created between 1.6 and 2.4 million jobs. but 7 million people lost their jobs this year. and what we are doing now is focusing on job creation, and small business because everyone wants to create job and offer tax credit for highing new employees and moving in the new direction of future oriented things. it's not just enough to create the job. and the primary responsibility. but to lay the foundation for creating good, decent jobs. the green economy. and dealing with the -- everything from broadband to making sure that we have a new system of energy produrks in this country. >> it seems overwhelming. does it wear on you? >> well, you know, larry, i'm vice president and not
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president. i give a lot of advice and get responsibility. and the guy that makes the decisions is the president. and it's remarkable how centered he is. he gets up in the morning, know what is he is able to do, and does it. seems unfazed. >> larry: you runway cently swore in the new senator from massachusetts. the republican scott brown. and after he is sworn in, he walking outside and says this, watch. >> the last stimulus bill didn't create one new job. and some states, the money hasn't been used yet. >> didn't create one new job? >> that's right. we lost 85,000 jobs last month. >> larry: you just told me -- >> well, i don't know whether -- let me just say what facts are. the facts are -- >> larry: you are shocked that? >> no, i'm not. he's a new guy.
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he ran on two things. we are not handling the economy well and health care. that is part of the shtick. i hope he doesn't believe that. you go to massachusetts and see the thousands of teachers that have jobs and the firefighters and police officers and the new technologies and the like. again, i don't know one single serious model from the conservatives to to the liberals who acknowledge that recreated a minimum of 1.6 million jobs and the estimates that really, as you know, the goal standard, no democrat or republican questions, says we created over 2 million jobs. >> larry: how about, mr. vice president, all you spent to save them? >> we are half way there. it's a two-year program. it wasn't just kraeting jobs, larry. a third went to tax cuts. a third went to tax cuts, bases and individuals.
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everybody who collected a paycheck, and people don't know this. if they collected a paycheck and have tax out of it stlarks $60 to $80 less. they with more a month in the paycheck in the last year. that was billions of dollars pushed into the economy in their pockets. they went out and spent that money from a hair cut to help pay for the electric bill and that impacted the economy. secondly, we made sure that we invested in not just tax cuts by countercyclical help. and we provided help from the states, and the poeople gets hk. and lost their job and got medicaid, those state woulds haven't been football provide
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mitt a lot of it misunderstood. >> it's one year since the recovery act. go fast? >> i made sure making sure there are no big boondoggles. no one said they wasted $50 million here or $90 million there. that dog never bit. i'm proud of the way we have done it. i talked to every single governor at least once or twice for a half hour. once a week i'm on the phone with five governors to seven governorses or 7 to 12 mayors and i have yet to have one say thank you for the help. >> larry: more on the economy and the woman what wanted his job, sarah palin. see how he responds right after this. ♪
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in this economic back and forth, you are going to get bipartisanship? >> well, we met yesterday, larry, the president and myself. we met with the republican leadership and the democratic leadership and the house of senate. and i think there is a realization that we have to do something about jobs, for example. there is an agreement. we support no capital gains for taxes for small bases. we think the health care system is broken, has to be fixed.
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so it's the first time any of that has occurred. do i think there will be the kind of bipartisanship i'm used to from my years in the senate? not likely. but there is a dual message being sent out there. it's not that people, the massachusetts election wasn't just about dps. it was about washington not working. and i don't think that republican leadership is going to continue to conclude the way they win is if the country loses. >> larry: you're the majority party. >> we are wlk you have all the balls in your court. >> i was a senator when i was 29 years old. i have been three seven presidents, eight now. and i have never seen a time when the operating norm to get anything passed was a super majority of 60 votes. no matter what it is, it's
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filibustered. you can't rule by a super majority. you can't govern and it's been abused, the idea of a filibuster. and i think the public is taking it out -- the congress as a whole, republicans and democrats are extremely low in the polls and congress. and i hope it's sinking in to everyone that the american public sent us here to solve certain problems. and it's like the middle east, everybody knows. we have to change the energy policy. we have to change the education policy. >> larry: are you optimistic about the jobs bill? >> i am optimistic now. i think the jobs bill will be less than is needed but it will be helpful. the house already passed a jobs
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bill. i think the senate will pass a jobs by. and by the spring, people will begin to have more confidence after the v of the policies in place, and i think you are going to see -- ns not going to be 7 million jobs in the next months. but will you move from we lost 20,000 jobs to -- i'm making a number up, 50,000 jobs or 100. when you sit of the your kitchen table in the neighborhoods grew up in and you don't have a job and you are about to lose your job and the company is about to go under and you can't pay the mortgage on your house, that is a depression for you. and my grand pop used to have an expression. the guy when he is out of work, it's an economic slow down. when your brother-in-law sout of work it's a slow down and when you are out of work, it's a depression. and it's a depression for
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millions of americans. and we took this job knowing we were facing a gigantic hole we were falling into we inherited it. and we can argue, the proof of the pudding is the in the eating. >> larry: more with the vice president in 60 seconds. well, maybe it should be tuna helper day. mmmm... fish delish, yes? i'll take it. sold! tuna helper. one tasty meal. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for mem÷$y and concentration. plus support for heart health. ( crowd roars ) that's a great call. one a day men's.
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>> larry: let's rat atat a bunch of things here bhi we have time. did the president waste too much time on health? >> no. no, look, you cannot get control of the deficits unless you deal with entime-outments. and 47 cents on every dollar on health care is spent by the government. the cost curve is going up. the only way to do that is reform health care. >> do you think will you get a bill? >> i think so. i really do. >> larry: you don't think i republicans will start from the beginning again? >> i don't care what it does. as long as its bends a cost
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curve so it doesn't go up 40% a decade. make sure there is a fighting chance for people who don't have sthourns get it. three, make sure those who have it are not there for and the blue cross announced an increase in health care. and four, make sure there is a circumstance where people are not able to be whip sawed by the insurance companies. imagine if we went through our health problems and we lost your jobs, how to you get insurance with the pre-existing condition. >> larry: we share that club. all i have to do is say a name, sarah palin. >> i like her. she is a great personality. i don't agree with what she said and i think some of the things she says are not -- well, i -- >> larry: what were you going to say? >> it's like some of the
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comments made are just so far out there, i just don't know where they come from. but she -- if you met her, she is an engaging person. >> larry: do you fear her in a sense politically fear her? >> no, i have not done as much of the raw politician as i used to. this job, i'm given assignments, iraq this, at set ra, so i'm not able to give you the poll numbers but sar ras appeals, governor palin appeals to a number of people who are frustrated, file disenfranchised, are very conservatives. >> larry: tea party people. >> but beyond that. she has appeal beyond thats a well. i don't it's anything they approaching a significant part of the population.
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>> larry: you mentioned iraq. iraq, iran, pakistan. what worries you most? >> what worries me the most is pakistan. you heard me say that for ten years. it's a big country. it has nuclear weapons it has a radicalized population. it is not a completely functional democracy in the suns we think about it. that is my greatest concern. i'm very optimistic about iraq. i think it will be one of the greatest achievements-you will see 90,000 troops marching home this summer. and a government in iraq moving to to a representative government. i go there about every two months, three months.
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i know every one of the major players and all the segments of that society. it's impressed me. i have been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process to settle they differences. >> larry: iran? worry? >> a concern. not in the sense that something can happen tomorrow or in the near term. but what i worry most about with regrd to iran, if they continue of the path, i worry about what that does. you know the middle east, what pressure it puts on saudi arabia, egypt, to eye quire nuclear weapons. >> larry: last week on terrorism, the heads on the major u.s. agencies told dianne feinstein that another attack on the united states is coming certainly. in the next few months. what do you make of that? >> look, let me put it this way.
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the idea of there being a massive attack in the united states like 9/11 is unlikely in my view. but if see what is what happening, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, they have moved in a direction of small and devastatingly frightening attacks. >> larry: detroit. >> what you see is a dorn us, is you will see -- the concern relates to something like a shoe bomber, the understo pants bomb the christmas day afact, or someone strapping on and blowing up -- >> larry: that's going to happen? >> think there will be attempts. i have been really impressed. i have been through eight presidents. oi yus chairman of the foreign relations committee. i have been really impressed with the success we had building
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on the last administration and dealing with these. >> larry: running out of the time, condolences on your mom. >> thanks, buddy. you were her favorite. there was not a night you could walk in her sfwligts see you. >> larry: thanks. we have a prime time exclusive. john kerry and his wife teresa heinz on a personal crisis and how they are getting through it. that's next.
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we welcome senator john kerry a senior senator from massachusetts and teresa heinz kerry back to l "larry king live." they have been married al 15 years, here to share some of their personal challenges. how did you learn? >> routine mammogram. >> larry: who told you? >> my doctor. >> larry: how did he tell you? >> she. >> larry: she. >> she looked at it with an ultrasound. and i know her well. she has been a doctor for a long time. and she said, hmm. and i said, is it another cyst. and he is matter of a fact and said, let's do a needle biopsy.
9:24 pm
and sent it to pathology and i said, tell me why you think it's not just a cyst. and she said, you know what a cyst looks like. and she said, there is a speck of white. >> larry: did she use the word cancer? >> well, when it came back. i knew -- >> larry: you knew? >> she said, i think this is cancer. so we're going to do a bigger biopsy. and he did that and she cleaned out and cleaned out and put it in a jar and said, okay, can i look at the little bottle with the cancer? and she said, sure. and i look and it's interesting. and made it this is part of my body and it's not behaving well and it's mine. and i looked at it and i wasn't frightened. >> larry: how did you find out?
9:25 pm
>> about her or me? >> larry: her. >> well, teresa told me. she called me and, you know, actually, i was there for one part of it. not the initial part of it. she was told me. she said this is what happened. i have this. >> larry: first reaction? >> well, first is always one of fear and concern. is it in the nodes? has it mat it's a sized. and she was calm and matter of a fact. and her friends tell her dr. t. she knows more about medicine than aloft doctors. >> larry: for the layman, how are they treating it? >> you have choices as you know.
9:26 pm
and i hoped that i would be in a situation where i didn't have to do chemotherapy if possible. i have a hard time processes drug. we us lucky. >> larry: how did they treat it? >> radiation, both breasts. and they will probably -- >> and lumpectomies. >> larry: were you scared? >> i wasn't scared because i'm very analytical about things like this. and i guess a little fatalistic. and i knew it was small. i knew it was stage one. i knew that i take good care of myself generally. my fear was having to do chemo because of my own personal situation. >> larry: you are surgery for your prostate, right? >> correct.
9:27 pm
>> larry: that was serious. >> you have choices, again, and you got make them. and now you have a robotic process for surgery. you have the open surgery. you have seeds. you have weight and watch. >> larry: you took the big deal. >> i did, larry, for a number of reasons. one, my father died of prostate kans interhe started out with a wait and watch and it got ate head of him. i didn't -- i just had a sense, i wanted it out of me. secreta secondly, i just started the presidential campaign. and i felt if i was going to held myself out to the american people and be president, i had to be cancer free. >> larry: more with the kerrys after this. in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me
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>> larry: we're back with senator john kerry and teresa heinz kerry. mammograms are important. are you urging people, women to get them? >> yes. i think that preventive medicine of all kinds pays in the long run, in terms of the health of the woman and the prospects of
9:31 pm
long geoffty and costs. >> larry: what age should you get it? >> that is debatable. for sure, 40-year-olds. good doctors say whether you should do it annually or not? >> larry: what do you think? >> if i didn't do mine it would have been stage two. >> larry: do you know what caused it? >> estrogen. i have high estrogen breast tissue. >> larry: are you scared for her? >> until we knew -- i tell you, her doctor was terrific and her doctor was so reassuring about how early and really controllable. and i think that gave me a sense of comfort. i don't know how much it gave teresa initially. but i think her diagnosis, her
9:32 pm
manner was -- instilled a lot of confidence. the answer was, once we knew it wasn't in the nodes and it was a controllable stage, we confident. >> larry: have you talked to a lot of women about it? >> i didn't talk to almost anyone for months except three friends. i had to process what i was doing and being quite was the way to do it. >> larry: now? >> i did make this op-ed, i wrote this op-ed for the pittsburgh papers when the mammogram issue came up and i was quite angry and said this is not write. >> larry: the issue not to get them? >> yeah, 40-year-olds. that was my coming out that stunned a lot of people. i didn't want to do it until i was ready to do it.
9:33 pm
>> larry: have you spoke ton elizabeth edwards? >> no. >> larry: do you plan to? >> i have spoken to her. i talked to her very recently. and she sent great, best wishes to teresa and said she wanted to be in touch with her. and we talked just about general things. >> larry: what do you make of the whole thing with john? >> what can you make? it's a tragedy. >> larry: are you shocked? >> yes, and obviously disappointed. but i think everybody just feels awful about it in terms of their family, the relationship, and everybody saw it publicly. the promise, the hope. you know, and obviously capable career and -- >> larry: have you spoken to him? >> i have not. i called their home, not knowing who would answer. >> larry: what do you make -- you got friendly with her.
9:34 pm
>> i got some what. we were in different ships. we was in one part of the country and she was in another. >> larry: what do you make of the press she is getting? >> we reached a stage where we don't read it or watch and it pay attention to it? >> larry: why not? >> we are focused on trying to get things done. and -- >> it hurts. >> a lot of people, there is too much of it in politics. the politics are celebrity-oriented. and it's interesting. i know to this isn't the top you can of night because i came back from a security conference in germany last weekend and it's interesting to hear people talking about the ways in which the world is changing and we're missing a lot of it. china is moving forquard ward a
9:35 pm
india, and we're stuck. we are very stuck right now and i have huge empathy for the president's struggle to try to get over the partisanship and try to find a way for us to make real decisions that are critical to the nation. and if we don't, we are sliding backwards at a time when every moment counts. >> larry: lots more to talk about. we will talk about john kerry and the new senator from massachusetts. i know exactly what you love, don't i? - [ barks ] - mmm. aromas like rotisserie chicken. and filet mignon. yeah, that's what inspired a very special dry dog food. [ woman ] introducing chef michael's canine creations. so tasty and nutritious it's hard to believe it's dry dog food. chef-inspired. chef michael's canine creations.
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we're talking with teresa heinz kerry about breast cancer and her fight against it. you are going to beat it. >> that's whey what they say. >> larry: and senator john kerry. what do you make of scott brown's election and ted kennedy? >> very understandable. it is. honestly. if you are up in in massachusetts as i was and you can feel the ang interfrustration in washington and what is not happening here. the thing i just talked about. scott brown tapped into that. he presented a refreshing alternative in that regard. and i think all of us need to respect that part of it. i wouldn't overinterpret what happened there. it was a close race.
9:39 pm
be maybe it could have been a different outcome. what is important all of us in washington ought to throw away the party labels and find real solutions to big problems, larry. we're not doing health care because it's -- >> larry: what about jobs? >> the biggest issue on the table. we have to create jobs. we need -- happen to believe the energy climate initiatives we have staring us in the face have little to do with climate you and everything to do with the consideration of jobs, with america's energy independence and putting america into the next generation of competitive capacity you. >> larry: do you expect senator brun to be bipartisan? >> i do. i hope so. i think others have prepared to be. i think we need -- we need to just press the leadership on both sides, needs to don't press
9:40 pm
our able tie to find a meeting point. and we will all pay a heavy price if we don't. >> larry: do you like him? senator brown? >> i do. and i know his wife as a role as a reporter in massachusetts. we have sat together now a couple times. we are going to work for massachusetts. we are going to work for the country. we are going to try to find the common bround. we are going to work hard to do it. >> larry: you are disappointed in the election? >> i was in massachusetts when that thing was going on from the beginning of january until when ever, the 18th, 19th. i had a chance to see the debates and the campaigning. and he is an appealing figure. we have a bright, capable attorney general who doesn't
9:41 pm
have that appeal. and john said, the patience, and this and that, and think it was important. >> larry: talking about division what do you make of the tea party? that is from your neck of the woods, the boston tea party? >> entirely understandable. >> larry: really? >> are you kidding. it's enormous deficits. i completely understand it. you bet. and none of us should presume that you can just oppose things and have a strategy of obstruction and not suffer consequences. i think the american people sent us here to do a serious job and we need to get it done. and there are real answers to these things. this is not as complicated.
9:42 pm
maybe we can't go as far as fast to be the -- to reach as many people who don't have insurance. we have stop having people lose insurance the minute they get sick or not get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. and pain and reduced cost. we can do these things. the question is, is there a will to do it in that is the toast do it. the loss of 60 votes. it is the republicans now are responsible for governing again. >> larry: i want to ask teresa about the cost of cancer after this.
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tonight on 360, we are live in port-au-prince. we will show you the perotic work on the blocks as haitians try to recover their dead before the earthquake damaged buildings are destroyed. we are bring you the latest in the ten missionaries being hold for kidnapping children. is a deal in the works? we will take a look at what we learned. and who broke haiti? who stole haiti's money for generations and we take to you the wild weather on the east
9:46 pm
coast. all ha and more ahead. >> larry: talk with the kerrys. you going to get a jobs bill? if you are not sening $100 billion, $20 billion in the mideast, if we use the gas for the heavy trucks, we are going to create a lot of jobs here in america. >> larry: you didn't pay for it, right? >> paid some but i have insurance. and. >> larry: how many people who have what you have and don't have insurance? we don't know. >> i don't know that. >> about 50 million people don't have insurance. 47 million. >> one of things they tried to do the women's health bill, is to cover all women for mammograms and. >> larry: now they are not
9:47 pm
covered. >> not all women, no. there are free clinics and buss and places where you can go in and get it done. i mean, i like the bernie saners community health care. he wanted $10 billion for the community centers and i visited a lot of them in iowa and louisiana has amazing community health centers and they are very intimate, good personal plays where local people can go for. >> larry: a long way to go though. >> they pay for your drugs almost completely. >> larry: are you concerned about sar ras palin? >> concerned? no. no. >> larry: what do you make of her? >> she is interesting. she represents some of the tran
9:48 pm
formation of american politics and entertainment. if you koom up with a phrase, how do you like to hope-y, change-y stuff, it's a good phrase. it's more of the hot button politics than it is the real answers where we are go. i have a feeling as we go through the next year, i think american politics is going to change a bit. it's never static. and no election is where you think it is today. that is know for a serenity. as we come sbo the fall and go to 2012, we will go in a tran formation, maybe i am getting older but i still believe that accomplishment and ideas and thinking and a report makes something of a difference. and i don't see -- >> larry: for the better? >> yes, for the bet.
9:49 pm
>> larry: did you get senator kennedy's office? >> no, i have a terrific office where i want to be. >> larry: who gets it? >> right now, scott brown is temporarily in the office. what i did get is ted kennedy's desk, which was held previously, it's the desk that jack kennedy had. it's a massachusetts treasure if you will. >> you didn't tell me. >> just got it yesterday. >> larry: teresa, thank you so much. >> thanks to you. >> larry: they know everyone in the music business. brought them together if help haiti. the men behind "we are the world" next. well, maybe it should be tuna helper day. mmmm... fish delish, yes? i'll take it. sold! tuna helper. one tasty meal. upbeat rock ♪ so i could hear myself myseas a ringtone ♪hone ♪ sold! ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪
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>> larry: welcome back. quincy jones and lionel richie are two of the biggest names in the music business and they created "we are the world" in 1985 and are working on a second version who will benefit the people of haiti. it debuts this friday during the opening of the olympics.
9:53 pm
here are some of the just more than 70, yes, more than 70 superstars taking part. celine dion, barbra streisand, miley cyrus, nick jonas, josh groban, the black eyed peas, pink, snoop dogg, jennifer hudson, usher, jeff bridges, jamie foxx, harry connick jr. and tony bennett. i'm so excited. quincy, how did you put this all together? >> he says to me every day, quincy, if you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans and you just have to let go. aim carefully, the diversity of whatever, you know and aim carefully and let go. i would say a sign that says leave some space for god to walk through a room and it will really happen. >> divine guidance this trip, larry. i tell you what was happen the most was to see the enthusiasm on so many of the people's faces there, because they, of course, 25 years ago they weren't old enough, some weren't even here
9:54 pm
to be around to be in this. the enthusiasm of having the next generation of wanting with to be part of this was just mind blowing. >> larry: lionel, none of the people in this one were in the last one, right? >> exactly right. we wanted to pass the baton to the next generation and empower them to give them an opportunity to understand their social awareness and to give them a chance to be a part of history. i mean this is wonderful for them. of course, i was inspired to see, again, my daughter, 5 years old, came to me and she said, dad, we learned a brand new song in school, "we are the world" much i understand you wrote it with michael jackson. i fell out laughing. at that point, i realized there is going to come a time we have to pass this wonderful legacy on to the next generation. >> it happens automatically. >> larry: quincy, how did you get all those egos to be nice to each other and work together and sullimate the ego? >> well, the artists were pretty
9:55 pm
cool. we had some problems. i was ready to bring my sign become out, but i decided not to. check your ego at the door. >> you know what it was though, once they all got in the room and realized that it is not about us, as we said in the first one it is not about us it is the people. once you see those imams on the wall of those kids standing out there in the middle of nothing, the families completely lost with everything, at that time, your ego shrinks to a point you understand what your mission is. >> larry: some of the students from haiti shot the video of "we are the world." let's take a look. ♪ we are the world, we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day ♪ ♪ so let's start giving ♪ there's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true, we make a better day, just you and me ♪
9:56 pm
>> quincy, who decide who had would do solos? >> it was a mixture of emergency and circumstances. some people didn't show up and some other people showed up and so you have -- that's where it is good to have been a jazz musician. jazz musician's mind was wide open. and you can roll and turn on a dime. >> exactly right. >> it was very important. >> how long did it take -- how long does it take to edit this thing to get it ready for friday night, lionel? >> longer than this it does to record it, about three times to record it. >> this particular time around was interesting because think about it, we started out with four cameras on the first "we are the world." this time around, everybody had a cell phone. everybody can had a cell phone, everybody was myspace, yourspace, herspace, theirspace, it was streaming before we got to the second was quite magical to see how much technology was in that room while we were trying to record
9:57 pm
this thing. by a way, a secret this record was not going to be. >> larry: did you imbibe michael jackson in any way, quincy? >> yes. >> yes. >> at his mother's request and our desire. >> our desire, yes. >> we kept michael's -- when michael did the last one, we requested him to be right there after the ama's, 10:00, to be on the mike to sing a lead as a demo for the rest of the people. he was there right on time and he did it. he doubled it. now we have got janet singing with him. >> but to have his voice in there, i must tell you, to have his presence, i was -- i must admit, he was missed last night just in body. but i must tell you, to have his voice in there was just inspiring. >> what about -- >> larry: what about having rappers instead of rockers? >> we got all of them. >> the funny thing -- >> we had everything this time but also, going to put it on the back of the record, a fantastic poem that was requested by a
9:58 pm
doctor michael's mother written by maya angelou. it is incredible. it ends with "we are, you are, we are the world." . right. >> so organically connected. as i said again, lionel says, there is a lot of divine intervention there. >> yeah. >> larry: lionel there were 88 people involved in this. i understand there were half of that some years ago. is that more of a problem, having more people? >> i don't know whether we had too many artists in the building or too many film crew. i'm telling you, technology we have now, this on -- what is it, 3-d, pan nah vision are. we had every imaginable, every imaginable kind of camera filming this. and so, the visual on this is far greater than it was the first time around. but it is just incredible. we will make cuts where the kids in haiti will be singing along with us on the video.
9:59 pm
it is brilliant. >> larry: the benefits all go to help haiti, right, quincy? >> absolutely. we are -- all the organizations new york names to deal with those 30 and 40% operation overhead. we have a very good friend who used to be a ambassador to colombia. he is head of world bank now, 31 countries in latin america and take the advice of absolute experts where to aim because lots of things like power generators, we have been -- people have submitted power generators and just some amazing giving. >> salute you both. quincy jones, lionel richie, "we are the world" it is going to open the olympics friday night. all the proceeds, when it goes on sale, will to go help haiti. we mentioned celine dion is one of the singers. she will be a guest right here monday night. before we go, "american idol" fans, chec


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