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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 13, 2010 2:00pm-2:59pm EST

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hello, i'm fredricka whitfield in the cnn newsroom. first an event you've been hearing about. the first full airing of the new video for the haitian quake relief fund, "we are the world." here is jamie fox. >> i'm jamie fox. 25 years ago quincy jones
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created "we are the world." i am proud to share a new video of that song. two weeks ago we found ourselves surrounded by a dazzling array of artists of all ages, backgrounds and genres. all of whom share a common commitment to take action to help haiti rise from the rubble and rebuild. as artists, we hope you enjoy the video and join us in a rare simulcast to millions around the world, as we ask you to please do more than just watch. reach deep onto your hearts and give anything you can as we have for haiti. whatever you have, no matter how big or how small, it all counts. thank you so much. enjoy the video.
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♪ there comes a time when we heed a certain call ♪ when the world must come together as one ♪ there are people dying and it's time to learn a hand to life ♪ the greatest gift of all ♪ we cant go on pretending day by day ♪ that someone somehow ♪ will soon make a change ♪ we are all a part of god's great big family
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♪ and the truth you know ♪ love is all we need ♪ we are the world ♪ we are the children ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day ♪ so let's start giving ♪ there's a choice we're making ♪ we're saving our own lives ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ send them your heart ♪ so they know that someone cares ♪ so their cries for help will not be in vain ♪ we can't let them suffer ♪ no we cannot turn away ♪ right now ♪ they need a helping hand
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♪ we are the world ♪ we are the children ♪ we are the ones ♪ who make a brighter day ♪ so let's start giving ♪ there's a choice we're making ♪ we're saving our own lives ♪ it's true ♪ we make a better day ♪ just you and me ♪ when you're down and out and there seems no hope at all but if you just believe there's no way we can fall ♪ ♪ oh no no no no let us realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one ♪ ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪
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♪ we are the children ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ let us start giving ♪ there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we're making
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we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ we all need somebody ♪ we can lean on ♪ when you see that your dreams gone ♪ when the earthquake ♪ help to make you through a storm ♪ to make a magic carpet to stand on ♪ we are a world united by love so strong ♪ when you can hear the song ♪ shine a light on the dark ♪ what you walking on
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♪ when you find your hope's gone ♪ someone to help remove the obstacles you stumble on ♪ someone to help you rebuild when there is a storm ♪ we are connected by a common bond ♪ love ♪ the whole planet is singing along ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪ everyday citizens ♪ everybody pitching in ♪ you and i ♪ 12 days no water ♪ with the will to live
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♪ everybody find the love ♪ watch it multiply ♪ we can make the world win ♪ like a dream of africa ♪ indonesia ♪ how haiti needs us ♪ they need us ♪ they now need us ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving ♪ ♪ there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives ♪ ♪ it's true we'll make a better day just you and me ♪
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>> wow. thank you for watching, everybody. we need to see what we can do to help our fellow man. haiti is in need of our desperate help and only you can help them. do what you can. haiti needs your help now. >> we aired that new version of "we are the world" 25 years later because this is the new rendition, haiti quake fund-raising effort. this was aired simultaneously on many networks across the country. you got a chance to see it first in its entirety here on cnn. you can download the song at itunes or give $10 by texting the word "world" to 50555 or log on to we'll have much more news straight ahead here in the newsroom. a u.s. marine and british soldier died in a major nato offensive in southern afghanistan.
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afghan and note forces, including nearly 5,000 u.s. marines launched the operation early today in marjah. the city is a tell ban stronghold so dominated by drug money it's called the heroin breadbasket of afghanistan. an unusual sight in the deep south. a winter storm. there is much of the region under several inches of snow. this was atlanta yesterday. it snowed hard there for several hours, creating a rush hour mess. snow and ice are still on the ground, forcing atlanta to shut down bus services today. we'll have more on these stories in just a moment. advisor:... ms. davis, this is onstar. i've received a signal you've been in a crash... i'm contacting emergency services... 911 dispatch:...onstar reporting a front end crash... on wakefield road... chevy malibu... fire/ems:...air bags deployed... ...injuries reported... advisor: ma'am, help is on the way...ok. and i'll stay on the line with you until they get there.
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for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. whoo hoo! welcome back to the newsroom. more on that major offensive going on in southern afghanistan. nato troops, including u.s. marines are moving into the city of marjah. the at least two coalition troops have been killed. a u.s. marine and british soldier. nato commanders say the mission is going as well as planned. they are trying to rid the city of the taliban, which at the moment is said to be confused and disoriented. let's get straight to fred pliken in afghanistan's capital. >> reporter: it's a huge fighting force that descended on that area of marjah. some 15,000 troops are involved in that offensive. why nato is saying this is going the way it has planned it is
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apparently troops have been able to achieve some of the key objectives already. a lot of that is taking back key infrastructure, police stations, taking back key bridges, key roads so they do have a foothold in that territory and are slowly, but surely increasing that foothold as they go on. it is a dangerous area, not least of which, because it was held for such a long time by the taliban and the taliban have had time to prepare for this offensive, booby-trapped large parts of the area. this offensive started in the early morning hours. it started under the cover of darkness with air assaults into the area. also ground assaults going on there. very, very tough going from what we are hearing from our teams on the ground again because the area is so heavily booby-trapped. the marines are using very heavy breaching equipment to move forward any way they can. one thing that is very important to the success of this operation is to minimize civilian
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casualties at all costs. one thing, fredericka, everyone is keeping an eye on what are the taliban going to do. you were saying nato saying they are disoriented. will they mount a counterattack right now? what we are hearing from nato is there are pockets of resistance, but it seems more like this noncoordinated hit-and-run tactics rather than something that would be a larger coordinated attack. >> thank you so much, coming to us from kabul. the southeast slowed by snow, digging out from yet another winter storm. jacqui jeras is tracking that in the weather center. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro.
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checking our top stories right now. biology professor at the university of alabama in huntsville is charged with murder. 45-year-old amy bishop anderson shot and killed three colleagues yesterday and wounded three others. investigators won't rule out the idea others might have been involved somehow. a huntsville television station reports the suspect was upset because she was denied tenure.
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a protest against iran's government is under way in washington. organizers of the solidarity committee to protect the iranian's people will say they are protesting iran's continuing clampdown on human rights. this march and rally comes days, this is a live shot right now actually in washington. this comes days after the anniversary of the 1979 iranian revolution. another problem for toyota. this one with four-wheel drive pick-ups. there is now a voluntary recall of about 8,000 tacoma trucks in north america. toyota says there is a potential problem in the front drive shaft of some 2010 models. if you have one, repairs won't cost you anything. okay, so the kids are happy about it and some grown-ups, too, me included. snow, snow, snow and more snow? >> south getting a dose of what it feels like up north. check out shots from georgia and
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north carolina. schools were closed, commutes slower than usual. atlanta's airport had more than 1,000 flights canceled yesterday. it's been a while since we had snow of that magnitude. i don't ever remember it being that pretty in the time that i've been here in atlanta. >> did you love it? >> love it. it's gorgeous. >> it really is. it's not bad out there today. take a look at some of these totals we had across parts of the south from yesterday's storm. 3.6 in atlanta, 2 inches in macon. birmingham, 4 inches for you. over 4 in jackson and columbia south carolina, 5 inches of snow. we are dry today. we still have some concern. here is why. those temperatures this afternoon are well above that freezing mark. we are in the mid to upper 30s, even pushing 40 degrees for some of you in some of these areas. when that happens, obviously, we are getting a lot of melting
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which takes place. all that snow and ice are going to make the streets wet. tonight, the temperatures are going to be dropping down here. 27, atlanta, 25 in d.c., 24 in new york. close to freezing in the memphis area. as everything melts during the day, temperatures drop below freezing. it freezes at night time. we've seen some advisories issued here into the carolinas for black ice. i've never seen that happen before. we don't have a new system coming into the carolinas tonight but winter weather advisories because we expect that black ice to be developing. when the sun goes down be aware of that. that will be the problem tomorrow morning. we've got than approaching weather system here from the west. this is a weak one. there is not a lot of moisture with it. the snowfall accumulations you are going to see here for st. louis over towards mount vernon, illinois, paducah, kentucky,
2:22 pm
that's it. cold air behind it. we can see a mix late sunday, early monday. that will affect the mid-atlantic states. check this out. high pressure coming in from canada bringing that blast of cold air back behind it. the eastern 2/3 of the country will be feeling much colder temperatures as we kick off the workweek next week. >> you know, it's not so bad when you have cold temperatures if you have a blast of snow. that gives some relevance to the cold. when it's just cold for the heck of it, that i don't like. >> and it makes it look pretty, like you said. >> jacqui jeras, thank you. the winter olympics well under way in vancouver. they get insight from a two-time olympic silver medalists and three-time ice skater. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
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time for a tune-up? come to meineke now for maintenance tune-ups... starting at $39.95. at meineke, you're always the driver. going on in southern afghanistan.
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our pentagon correspondent barbara starr keeping close tabs on it. we are hearing so far, so good, from commanders. what do they mean? >> reporter: hi, fred. we've been talking to officials in afghanistan all day long trying to get a sense of what exactly is going on and why they're so optimistic right now. we have now a bit of a lay down of how the battle unfolded. first, let's look at helmand province here. this is the key area. as we zoom into the region we've been talking about, marjah, let's pause the map for a minute and tell people what unfolded overnight. what we now know is british and afghan forces moved in from the northeast, about 37 helicopters putting 1,200 men on the ground in two hours overnight with no injuries. quite a substantial air assault mission. at the same time u.s. marines, perhaps as many as 4,500 of them
2:27 pm
moving into the southwest. all told across marjah, 60 helicopters dropping off thousands of afghan, u.s. and nato forces. now they have taken several key objectives, they tell us, major arteries, roads, junctions, some of these irrigation canals and bridges we've been hearing so much about, moving through this area trying to root out the taliban. what are their concerns? ieds. still the number one concern. the feeling now is that the area is riddled with ieds. we know they are using some heavy equipment to punch through these mine fields to avoid casualties for coalition forces. a lot of continuing concern about that, and a lot of concern that now is when the hard work will begin getting the afghan government to move in and provide the long-term security to these people so the taliban can't come back. fred? >> barbara, any thought about the advantage that perhaps
2:28 pm
taliban had on placing those ieds? did they have an advantage because the pentagon and publically it has been talked about this operation was under way? >> right. i think most commanders will tell you it was a bit of of a trade-off. yes, by signaling this, they might have given the tell ban time to plant these ieds, but they know the taliban are a savvy lot. they have their own intelligence network down in this region. they saw the preparations coming. perhaps the real objective of general mccrystal was to signal the afghan people, the citizens in this region about what was about to unfold, the fighting that was going to take place. to get them on the side of nato and afghan forces so they would begin to warn the troops about where the ieds are and they would buy into this notion that their afghan government is there to protect them. again, that's the real challenge ahead, making the afghan
2:29 pm
government move in and take charge of this very volatile region, fred. >> barbara starr, thanks so much, from washington. perhaps you're looking for ways to save money. we've got tips on how to slash that monthly cell phone bill, for example.
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the celebration at the opening of the winter olympic games in vancouver was tempered by a luge accident.
2:31 pm
that killed a young money. elvis strojko is a former olympic figure skater. once an money, always olympian. he is in vancouver. elvis, i want to talk to you about a whole lot of things. i wonder as you have this strategy that has unfolded involving the luge before the opening ceremonies, as an olympian, how are others trying not to be distracted by that tragedy and staying on point with their own competitions? >> well, i haven't had a chance to talk to anybody specific. i know yesterday there was, when the accident happened and it got word down from whistler down here, it took the wind out of so many people. it's such a tragedy. especially here and before the opening ceremonies. for an athlete to get up for that, it's really tragic. my heart goes out to the family and the competitors and the
2:32 pm
people of the country of georgia. >> it is really tough. i know the luge or sliding center is still open for business, so to speak. they will continue on course with this, but surely it will be on the minds of many people, especially when they take to that ice. let's talk about ice skating. that's your forte. what are you looking forward to as the individual skating, dance pairs, all that gets under way? who should we keep our eyes out for? >> there are so many great skaters in each event. starting off even with the pairs event we have hung bo xha. they are the favorites. the russian team, the canadian team, there is a big group there. in the dance they have the american team. i know our canadian team is strong, as well.
2:33 pm
in the men's, there is talk about plushenko coming back. i was in the nationals, a very strong team, jeremy abbott. evan lysacek. and it makes for a good competition. you can predict all you want, but in our subjective sport of figure skating, you never know what's going to happen. >> is it tough for you to sit back and watch. do you look at this or anticipate looking at this saying, darn, why am i not on the ice right now? or do you feel the butterflies you felt before your competition? >> well, sorry, police are going by here. i've been out for one olympics
2:34 pm
in '06. watching it from home, you still get those kind of butterflies and kind of want to be out there. also being here in my home country, it does make it a little bit tough. once a competitor, always a competitor. you still want to get out there and do your thing. working with yahoo here has been often. i get to write some columns and do a little bit of play by play a little bit here, which is great. it gets me to be part of it and part of the sport i love so much. >> hopefully you can hear me. as a canadian, canada wants to bring home a gold during these winter games. do you have any predictions on who that might be? what sport it might be? >> well, a lot of talk in the skiing event, you have a strong team there with the short track. i know the americans have a strong team there. and the chinese and koreans. we are talking in the men's event, dance event, we have
2:35 pm
patrick chan who is very strong. the ladies' event will be tough. joennie rochette, and there are shots at gold and definitely some hardware in silver and third. it depends on the day and with the pressure being at home country, you never know what's going to happen. >> the pressure and the enthusiasm by being in home country. elvis strojko, thank you so much. we'll be checking with you again over the next couple of weeks as the olympic games are under way. good to see you. >> great. thank you. you have probably seen the commercials, right? cell phone prices going down, but your monthly bill could actually go up. it's what some are calling the phone company's dirty little secret. joining us from new york, jerry willis. good to see you this lovie saturday. >> good to see you, too, fred. this is crazy.
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they are saying they are saving you money, but down the road they think you are going to pay more and more for data plans, right? they think your bill is going to go up and up and up. they are trying to entice you with low voice rate. the dirty little secret from the consumer's point of view, people overbuy. 2/3 of cell users use half of their minutes. you are overpaying from the get-go for your plan. most important thing is to match your usage with your plan. you can do that at they match you up with a plan cheapest for you. if do you experience a month for personal reasons, maybe you have a baby or death in your family, you want to up those minutes for a short period of time. you can do that. say i have a problem, i need a few more minutes. i'm willing to pay that bill, but only temporarily. that it's big deal there. people buy too many minutes. >> you have to know before you go into it what kind of plan
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would be best for you. let's talk about cars now. everyone wants to get a better deal on buying something preowned or used. when you are buying preowned or used and say it's a toyota, how do you make sure it was fixed as a result of all these recalls? how do you know that previous owner took it in and took care of things? >> that is a great question. at the end of the's the consumer's responsibility to do that. frankly, 30% of the time consumers don't do it. so there are cars on the road with all kinds of recalls on them that have never been fixed. if you are going to buy a second-hand toyota you need to figure out if it does have a problem. get that vin number, vehicle identification number off the dash. then take that number to toyota or actually call nhtsa or go on their website and they have information on what vin numbers
2:38 pm
have been recalled. that will help you know if the car has been fixed. you can call toyota directly. you can still take it to toyota and get it fixed. one piece of advice here that i think is critical a lot of people don't know about. the big deal with this is there were lots of complaints and people weren't able to -- there was no recall. the recall only followed slowly. go to it will help you know what complaints are out there by consumers against your car, your make and model sitting in your driveway right now. >> let's talk taxes. around the corner we need to file our taxes. right now everyone is gathering their receipts. how can i trust reaching out to some business is the best route for me? how do i pick the right tax planner? >> there is no better place to go than the irs, right?
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if you make $57,000 or less you can have the irs do your taxes for you. what they do is give you free software. you answer questions, it's a q&a format. you get your money back, refund from the government right into your checking account. it's free for you. there's also another program if you don't want to do the computer thing, you're afraid of the software, you can get a human being to do it for you. it's called the volunteer taxpayer stance program, free for people earning $47,000 or less. there are the software programs that will cost you $100 to $300 out there. turbo tax, tax cut and dirty little secret if you go to h&r block, they are typically using this software. you just don't see it. that's an easy thing to do. you can also hire a cpa. that's the most expensive route to go. if you have complicated taxes, say you have a blended family,
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own two or three properties, maybe you own your own business. it might make sense to hire a professional to do it for you. you can go to and find out about their track record. >> great tips, great variety on getting help on those taxes. gerri willis, good to see you. happy valentine's weekend in your beautiful red. you're ready and raring to go. >> thank you, fred. great to see you. let's talk love in the new age. has social networking changed the rule for this valentine's day?
2:41 pm
2:42 pm
olympic officials say the luge track is safe. although the speeds are faster than they expected, 21-year-old nodar kumaritashvili of the republic of georgia died on the track during a training run. the track is now open. we could be looking at a higher death toll from the h1n1 virus. new estimates by the centers for disease control and prevention put that number close to 17,000. that's just in the united states. so far only about 3,000 confirmed deaths are linked to h1n1. relief supplies continue to pour into haiti. much more is needed. the u.s. state department officials say they plan to ask congress for more money for more aid. what about other relief programs for other nations? the white house officials say they'll work with congress to make sure those programs also get their fair share. right now, there's a nurse saving a life in baltimore.
2:43 pm
20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle.
2:44 pm
later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference
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♪ can't help myself ♪ how does it feel ♪ to know that i love you baby ♪ >> love is in the air. yes, valentine's day is tomorrow. a subtle reminder to all of you. with the new decade, we've got new rules romancing that someone special. joining us from new york is heather cabot. how has this whole social networking thing changed it owl, facebook, twitter, your mobile phone, how is that impacting romance these days? >> well, i think number one we are going to see many more virtual valentine's and virtual gifts. on facebook there are all kinds of xlixs where you can send virtual goodies like chocolates and flowers. the virtual gift industry is
2:47 pm
huge. some reports are they put in $1 billion a year. that is an easy way for people to quickly express their sentiments. >> is that satisfying? why do i want a virtual bouquet of flowers? i want to eat chose chocolates. >> you're right. me, too. most people do, too. yahoo did a survey a couple of months ago where they asked people about their attitudes regarding relationships in the digital age. people agree. they say it's not necessarily appropriate to wish a significant other a happy birthday or happy anniversary or happy valentine's day using social media. they prefer you do it in person and give a real thing. i think the point is that these virtual gifts couldn't necessarily take the place of the romantic dinner or flowers or the chocolate, but perhaps it's an enhancement or a preview. >> just a kutsy way of complimenting all the other
2:48 pm
things you plan to be doing for your sweetheart? >> i think so. maybe among younger people it may be more acceptable to express your feelings this way. our survey showed younger people more involved with social media are maybe more comfortable with it. i think among most people it doesn't take the place. >> are we saying these younger people find it is acceptable to get that virtual bouquet of flowers, that it's okay to electronically break up with somebody? now it's okay to break up via e-mailing or texting, too? >> interestingly enough, when it comes to breaking up, only 1 in 10 people said they thought that was appropriate. when you look at other ways of breaking up, whether it's via text or instant message, you have some of the numbers up there, a small percentage of the people think that it's okay. i think that perhaps that's good news. we haven't gone so far into this digital age that we still feel
2:49 pm
that having that one-on-one in person conversation, or at least picking up the phone, that that is more appropriate. >> that is the indicator. if somebody is breaking up with you via internet or e-mail, you didn't need that person any way. >> i'm with you definitely. >> what about sending romantic messages online, people certainly do do it. how acceptable has that become? >> i think it's very acceptable. again, if we are talking about a significant other, it doesn't take the place of that romantic dinner or maybe the night out or the flowers, but certainly on yahoo just for example today we are seeing top searches for valentine ecards. the number two search in the last hour has been for valentine e-cards. people are looking for love quotes on yahoo, looking for flowers, valentine gifts, love poems and also roses. it's nice to see people are looking for quotes. >> that is sweet.
2:50 pm
bring the romance back, especially after the whole idea of texting some kind of interesting messages or valentine wishes. why not bring back romance in some other way, shape or form? >> certainly. >> heather cabot, thanks so much. happy valentine's to you. hopefully it's the real thing. time to share a few of our favorite stories from the water cooler this week starting with a dog mugging in brooklyn a woman tied up her westy named lexi outside a market, ran in for two minutes to get milk. when she came back the dog was still there, but her $25 green wool and leather coat was gone. and this from britain's "daily mail." in a survey of 2,000 male customers at a chain of british perfume stores, 6 in 10 believe they knew just about everything
2:51 pm
about their mate. when questioned, 12% didn't know her eye color. 10% didn't know her birthday. 8% didn't know her natural hair color. 11% didn't know her job title. 12% didn't know the name of her best friend. jacqui jeras, let's bring you into the mix. it sounds that perhaps the person just didn't know them at all. >> if you think about it, if you look at those numbers, 6 in 10 say they knew their spouse really well, right? you would think it would be like 40% of people didn't know the color of their spouses or mates' eyes, right? 10%? that's not so bad. out of 100 people? >> i don't know. maybe the it depends on how long you've been with that person. i hope you remember the color of the eyes, favorite color, what they do for a living, real hair color. maybe the real hair color thing,
2:52 pm
i'll let that slide. >> especially if the answer is gray. >> that's the real deal. >> speaking of colors of things, let's talk about the white stuff, shall we? this is my favorite thing of the day, by the way. this is the snow cover we have across the continental united states. it doesn't include alaska or hawaii, but every single one of the contiguous united states has snow on the ground. you've got the mountains across parts of the west, a little in the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. plenty of snow across the northern tier. then our southern snow. louisiana and florida did not have snow earlier this week. now parts of those states have it on the ground. alaska, of course, does have snow. hawaii, they are supposed to have snow at the peaks of the volcanos this time of year, but it's my understanding they do not right now. that is something we'll be watching. how about that?
2:53 pm
49 out of 50 states you got the snow, guys. we'll continue to play catch-up trying to melt some of this off. a few flurries across the appalachians. one concern we have across the south today is that the temperatures here are now above freezing. we've got 40 in charlotte, 36 in atlanta, 35 in jackson. all these places have snow on the ground now. we are getting some melting taking place which is great news. tonight temperatures are dropping down below the freezing mark. everything that melted today and remains wet on the street will ice up. we'll start to see some of that black ice beginning to develop across the area. after the sun goes down for tonight, you are going to have to be russian. don't travel if you don't have to. this is something i can't recall ever seeing before, by the way. take a look at that. these are winter weather advisories, raleigh, charlotte, anderson, south carolina, for
2:54 pm
black ice. there is nothing coming down. they issued those advisories. some people having a good time in the snow. check out this time lapse from one of our i-reporters. kind of fun. this is james' atlanta home. look at that. it starts out naked. as time goes on, look at all that snowfall. 3.6 officially in atlanta. a little more south of town. good thing it happened into the weekend. >> there he goes. the roof finally turns white. it was a beautiful sight as you woke up this morning. >> it was nice. >> thanks, jacqui. getting online to follow the mission in afghanistan, josh levs has that. >> we have one commander in nato told his troops before they told his troops before they embarked on this new operation. but it can't have... can't have about half a
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
a historic mission. that is what a nato commander says about the major new operation under way in afghanistan. our josh levs joins with us that and how you at home can actually
2:58 pm
follow the war online. this is extraordinary, josh. >> it is. it's a complicated war, in general. a lot of people with a lot of questions all the time. what we are doing at is breaking it down step by step. what's interesting as we look at this is partly what people are saying about it on the ground right now. i want to start by setting the scene, which is something we do here. you have google animation. this will bring you back to the area where the operation is happening. we are zooming all the way into marjah. we give you a lot of information on our website about it. we show you some of these photos from the defense department, the military, that they were sending out to us about what was being done in advance. military was doing a lot to get the word out. they put these online and a lot of other photos online, too. we share a lot of these with you at the web. military up and moving, getting ready. this is all in advance of the
2:59 pm
official beginning of it. something else that struck me as i've been looking through the materials we are getting was the words of a commander inside nato. in this case it is a british commander who is talking to his troops. he addressed them and told them what to expect. take a look. >> on this mission is a historic mission. we are really at a point, a tipping point in the future of the campaign. i'm absolutely convinced of the necessity for this mission. because by doing things and clearing this particular area, we will ensure we have government of afghanistan influence right the way through central helmand. >> you can see some of his troops there to whom he was talking. it's laying out for the world because this was immediately released by nato, laying out in the world the way troops inside nato understand what they are doing. the historic nature of it, the hopes, everything at stake in this operation right now in


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