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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  March 1, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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>> i yield to congressman but i'm trying to find out, is that a yes or no? >> lost in translation, republicans and democrats are not the only ones having trouble communicating these days. thank you for watching "state of the union." we'll be back here next sunday and every sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern. i'm candy crowley. have a good night. >> larry: tonight bill maher is back telling it like it is as only he can. >> democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved into a mental hospital. >> larry: speaking out, sparing no one. sarah palin, dick cheney, president obama are all in his sights. a key to getting a good job. harvey mckay is with us and will unlock the secrets to success
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next on "larry king live." >> larry: one of the treats of doing this program is getting the chance to welcome bill maher back to "larry king live," the star of the hbo comedy special," but i'm not wrong." i saw it last week. it will be repeated many times throughout this month. you must see this. hysterical. the eighth time of "real time with bill maher" this friday night. thanks for coming back. a little grayer, but you look great. gray hair is just commenting on these times. >> you can't stop it, can you? >> larry: no, you can't. >> it's better than making fools of ourselves and having plastic surgery and hair replacement. we're happily old.
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>> larry: let's move right into things. senator evan bayh, latest democratic member to say good-bye. what do you make of senator bayh saying goodbye? >> i say good riddance. here's a guy that stood up there saying, i love serving the people of indiana but i don't like congress. i don't think he was serving the people. if you're talking about the common man, he was a corporatist. that's the problem. they say he's a centrist. he's not. he's a corporatist. he's not serving the common man, and the reason congress doesn't work is because of democrats like him. i assume that republicans are going to be obstructionists, but at one point there was only 40 of them. the reason they were able to block stuff is they were able to pick off democrats just like evan bayh. obama wanted to raise the amount of money that people making over $250,000 could declare as a tax deduction, just back to what reagan, that socialist, had it at. that would have paid for health care. well, evan bayh joined the republicans to block that.
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same thing with the estate tax. you know, they wanted to reinstate it for people. the top .2% of the wealthiest people. not 2%, .2%. well, that was too much for eva bayh. so for him to say he's working for the people of indiana, he's not working for the people of indiana, he's working for corporations. he'll become a lobbyist now, which is what he was before. >> larry: what do you make of cnn's poll that shows -- >> i understand he's a very nice guy. >> larry: he appreciates all the compliments. a new cnn poll shows only 34% think that most members of congress deserve re-election.
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51% say their own member deserves re-election. >> that's the problem, isn't it it. it's that everybody -- >> larry: they keep re-electing them. >> right. pork, we've got to get rid of that except for the project in my district. the politicians are no prize, but the people stink. they really do. >> larry: us? >> yes. not you and i, larry, and of course the people watching us, no, those are bright people. but i mean the others out there. yeah, because, you know -- >> larry: you said 70% of americans aren't crazy. you're saying 30% are. >> i don't know when i said that. >> larry: the people stink, 30% are crazy. what do you mean we stink? >> 70% sounds like the statistic we had during the clinton impeachment. 70% were behind clinton. >> larry: what do you mean?
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yes, we should cut, but not the defense department and not social security and not medicare. well, that's 80% of it. >> larry: what do they want, then? >> exactly. they want both. they want new jails and new schools and services, and they want to pay for it with tax cuts. you know, they just don't make any sense. jobs, why isn't the president getting us jobs? oh, so you want another stimulus bill? no, are you kidding? that's socialism, we can't have that. >> larry: the "wall street >> have you criticized obama. who you firmly supported. >> yes. >> what happened. >> he had a bad freshman year. as many of us did in college. i certainly hope that things are going to get better now. i think he sometimes believes that he is the kind of guy who can persuade people to do anything. i mean, during the campaign, the republicans did accuse him of that a number of times, of being the messiah and the one and believing in his own publicity.
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i don't know if that's -- i'm starting to believe it could be true, because if he thinks at this late date that he can get them in a room, it's going to change, we're going to put it on c-span, maybe some of that will change something, but, you know, it's the job of party b to block the agenda of party a. what he has to do, i think, is do what roosevelt did when he came in. he didn't want to be friends with anybody. he said about the bankers, i welcome their hatred. i welcome their hatred because they're not serving the interests of the american people. >> larry: so you want him to get tough? >> get tough -- well, of course, i do want him to get tough, and stop doing what democrats always do, which is try to curry favor with people who are never going to be behind them, anyway. for example, this spending freeze that he announced?
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what a typical democratic idea. it doesn't really solve the problem. it's not enough to put a dent in the problem because, of course, they're not going to touch the pentagon or anything like that. so it's not going to fix the problem. the republicans only laugh at it. it doesn't win any of them over, and it alienates his own base. the democrats never curry favor with their own base. a year ago, when he won the election, obama finally had a base of people. my god, he won indiana, he won north carolina, he won virginia, traditional red states. it's all gone now. those people are disillusioned. >> larry: you said it's not what you voted for. >> it's not. that's not what i stood in line at the voting booth for. i want my hour back. >> larry: do you think it might change? >> yes, i do. i think presidents have learning curves. kennedy certainly did. many of them do not have good first years. but what bothers me is that
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unlike certain presidents, reagan comes to mind, who in his first year took the pain. remember the economy the first year? >> larry: yep. >> it was not a good first year for him popularity-wise. >> larry: very low polls. >> right. take the pain in the first year. he should have done that. he talked about that the other day in an interview, i'd rather be a one-term president. to make that statement, you have to be doing some bold things. you can't make that statement, oh, i'm going to be a one-termer. i'll take that because i'm making the tough decisions. no, you're not. do some bold stuff and then you can talk about one term. >> larry: as you can tell, it's we will get to sarah palin and other issues and we will see how he skirts around that right after this.
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what do you make of this cheney/biden battle on sunday? >> i liked it. i like to see dick cheney exposed. chris matthews called him the troll that's under the bridge. >> larry: what's your read on him, on dick cheney? >> you know, i wish, as we were just talking about, i wish anybody in the democratic party had that sort of fortitude, that sort of perseverance to stick by what he thinks is right. i'm not questioning his sincerity. i question his intelligence. i don't think he reads things right, that we use the army to fight terrorism is just wrong. they don't have an army, they have exploding underwear. it's just not a wise decision. but he's also -- what i don't admire is he's a liar, you know. >> larry: whoa. >> yes, he is. joe biden had that correct.
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for him to go after the democrats for treating terrorists the exact same way his administration did. and, of course -- >> larry: treat who wrong? >> many of them. they were all tried in courts in america and all put away. if i was a criminal or terrorist, whatever you want to call them, yes, i would fear the most a prosecutor, a seasoned federal prosecutor in our system. you know, like eliot spitzer was, those kind of guys. giuliani himself, i think, was that. >> larry: tough. >> tough. there's a reason yes they put them all away. and the reason they will never get out of prison, because if there's one thing we can still do in this country is put people
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in prison and keep them there. >> larry: so you favor a civilian trial for the 9/11 in manhattan? >> yeah. >> larry: in manhattan where it happened? >> in manhattan. i don't understand -- >> larry: obama seems to be backing away from that. >> that's so typical of the democrats. as soon as anybody screams at all, one little squeak out of anybody, okay. sorry, you're right. we'll do the opposite. >> larry: schumer changed and bloomberg changed. >> what the democrats never understand is americans don't care what position you take. just stick with us. just be strong. they are not bright enough to really understand the issues. like an animal they can sense strength or weakness. they can smell it on you. when you back off a situation like that, you look week.
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weak. on top of which somebody who has to explain to me why the democratic position on this shouldn't really be the republican position? it seems like the republicans who are always the, you know, jack bauer "24" tough guys and macho, they should be the ones that want to try this guy in manhattan. that seems like the breast-beating macho position. yeah, we're going to try him right where the crime occurred. we're going to stick his nose right in it, as opposed to their argument he's going to mock us. mock us, really? that's cowardly to me to be afraid of it. >> larry: we have a blog question for bill maher. do you think it's socialism for the government to take over health care to make sure every american can afford to have it?
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do you think that's socialism? >> of course it's not socialism. oh, god. americans have no clue what socialism is, they just know it's something super terrible. no, first of all, you know, we have socialism already in this country, as does every modern dms. democracy. >> larry: social security is socialism. so >> of course it is and so is the marine corps and the mail. every modern industrialized western democracy is a hybrid with elements of socialism in it. it's not evil. again, the democrats have done a rotten job of selling health care. there is a lot of good stuff in that health care, but to have it be characterized -- to let people characterize it as socialism was a big mistake from the beginning. >> larry: will they get a weak bill, then, if they get a bill at all? >> the senate bill already passed is not that bad. yes, it's not what a lot of
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people would have liked, but it does cover 30 million more people. you can't get thrown off for a pre-existing condition. it saves money. it does reduce costs. medicare is solvent until 2026. that's not a bad start. you can't solve legislation usually in one fell swoop. there's usually a good start, then you go back and you get some more. why obama just doesn't, you know, make -- tell the house to adopt the senate bill, take it in to reconciliation and push this through instead of having this televised supposed love fest with the republicans. larry, they're just not into you. i keep telling them, they just are not that into you. >> larry: barry. if you have a message for bill, go to bill will weigh in on the late night wars, too. stay wit thinks, next. only caltrate delivers 1200 mg of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin d, in just two tablets. share some tlc. tender loving caltrate,
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cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out. sometimes i wonder if rush doesn't just spin a giant wheel of hate every morning to come up with whatever he's going to get the faithful all worked up about. mexicans, rrrrr. socialism, rrrr! van jones. i don't know who he is, but
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rrrrr! >> larry: that's, of course, from a previous "realtime with bill maher." live show debuts friday night, february 19 and they repeat it 1,132 times. if you missed it, you see it 6:00 a.m. thursday morning, 4:00 tuesday afternoon. it's a great show. i had a wonderful time guesting on it. >> people are still talking about it. >> larry: it was a great moment. what do you make of haiti? you got to be sad about that. >> of course. who isn't sad about haiti? yes, and, you know, i was happy to give money to my friend richard dawkins started a fund for non-believers. people say we don't care or we don't think it was an act of god or we wouldn't help out. of course we wouldn't and he raised a lot of money.
12:20 am
i thank god for him. i twittered something about i wish the media would cover something the week it had went on. i noticed, for example, the nightly news did only one story, and i said, you know, that's not right. the media is supposed to inform us. >> larry: cnn has done a hell of a job. you're talking about haiti? >> yeah. >> larry: you're saying we weren't informed? >> i'm saying we are overinformed. i'm saying the "nightly news," which is supposed to give you a variety of subjects for that day, gives you one story for three or power nights in a row. people aren't learning about haiti any more than they can. at a certain point you're just wallowing in it. it's just disaster porn. honestly. >> larry: disaster porn. you must admire sean penn who said you can't cover it enough. you should never stop. this tragedy is so immense. >> he's wrong. it's not the most immense. nicholas kristof did a great article a few weeks ago about what's going on in the congo. there is a war that's been raging in the congo for four a lot of years. it's killed 4 million people. haiti is awful. but when i twittered the thing about the media is covering haiti too much, i got responses like, why do you hate black people? if i hate black people because
12:21 am
i'm complaining about the media covering haiti too much, how do you feel about black people because you don't even know about what's going on in the congo where 5 million people have died? but when i twittered the thing about the media is covering haiti too much, i got responses like, why do you hate black people? if i hate black people because i'm complaining about the media covering haiti too much, how do you feel about black people because you don't even know about what's going on in the congo where 5 million people have died? the media just doesn't do a good job and the americans don't do a good job about getting on the case of things that are not immediate or completely easy to understand right away or have celebrities involved. you know? there's lots of issues that need
12:22 am
our attention. haiti was horrible, and i'm glad they're getting a lot of aid, but it wasn't the only thing that's going on in the world. >> larry: more with bill maher. we'll ask about sarah palin and other things and take your phone calls and have twitter questions as well. don't go away. hop up, i want you to come up here closer to me. [ children shouting ] [ birds chirping ] wow. did i ever tell you what it was like growing up with four sisters? that sounds fun. for them! [ male announcer ] chevy traverse. a consumers digest best buy, with 100,000-mile, powertrain warranty. it seats eight comfortably -- not that it always has to. mine too. my cut's all better. [ female announcer ] 'cause sara's mom discovered neosporin® with patented technology that heals cuts two days faster than store brands. neosporin®. heals faster than store brands. you have heel pressure. huh? you have high arches. really? (announcer) people everywhere are discovering what's really going on with their feet. you have flat feet. i do? (announcer) foot care scientists are behind
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code orange. when the fever is high enough to be a code orange, you need children's motrin. the brand pediatricians recommend most... to bring high fever down fast. children's motrin. a twitter question tweeted to kings things. do you worry that your jokes at sarah palin's expense play into her image as a media victim and actually make her more appealing to some voters?
12:25 am
>> i worry about it night and day, larry. it keeps me up. >> larry: i knew it did. >> of course not. anyone who is truly a fan of sarah palin is unreachable. that is an unreachable person. they must be written off. you can't reach them. because sarah palin is the most unserious person we've ever had on the national stage. >> larry: unserious. >> she makes joe the plumber look like aristopholes, are you kidding? dan quayle was leagues ahead of her, and he's not a bright man. but she does serve a purpose, which is, i think she allows so many americans to look down on someone. and we need that, larry. we need someone, even people who are not terribly bright can go, well, i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but i am smarter than that crazy lady. i don't have to write things on
12:26 am
my hand. >> larry: how do you explain the following that she has? >> well, first of all, i don't think it's that big a following. in america, you know, you get 12 agitated people and a camera in a room, it's an event. we don't really know what's a big following anymore. there is 20% of this country that will follow sarah palin, this is the hard-core, right-wing base. yes, i'm sure the tea baggers -- i'm sure there is that element. there's certainly not enough to win any elections. i don't think she is a threat to win any election in this country. i do not stay up at night worrying that sarah palin will be elected. >> larry: do you think she's a threat to be a nominee? >> no, i don't. i don't think the republicans are that crazy that they would ever nominate someone who is that unqualified. i have to think that if she got close that there are republicans, and we've seen this already, some republicans, have come forward to say, you know, this person is not serious, she's not qualified, we can't get behind sarah palin. >> larry: she's popular on talk radio, though, i hear. >> of course, but what is talk
12:27 am
radio? >> larry: i don't hear it anymore. i started it. >> exactly and it became a right wing thing. what does rush limbaugh do for a living? he scares the white man as they get into their truck at lunchtime. she's perfect for that. >> larry: why do you think mccain -- he didn't vet her well, right? >> no. that's so typical of mccain, but that's always who mccain was. reckless. how many planes did he crash? what? he crashed a number of planes. >> larry: you mean in training and finally in war? >> i'm not counting the one that was shot down, although i think people say that he -- i'm not going to speak out about that because i don't know my facts well enough, but i do know that
12:28 am
he crashed more than most people do and get to keep flying. anyone who knows him has always said, that is who he is. he is a riverboat gambler, he is reckless, fly by the seat of his pants and the idea that he would someone he didn't know anything about without any vetting when he just heard her name a couple days before, i think, is absolutely consistent with his character. >> larry: did you read "game change"? >> i read about it. >> larry: it's a heck of a book. they claim that lieberman was always his choice, but that the right wing forced him to make a last-minute decision that made him go to palin. >> what do you mean forced him? put pressure, forced? he's the man. this was his campaign, this was his turn. that's what the republicans do. you wait your turn and you get it. they gave it to bob dole, they gave it to goldwater. he could have made a different decision. it was his decision to make. what do you mean, they forced him? they held a gun to his head? this guy was tortured for 5 1/2 years, and we admire him a lot for that.
12:29 am
if he could withstand that, he couldn't withstand the pressure of them telling him to choose this nut from alaska? >> larry: in the next portion we'll try to get him to have an opinion. does the american political system suck? a member of the president's transition team says so. what does bill think? i'll ask. it's ahead. i'm george duran and this is the hunt's crash kitchen tour. these tomatoes are not my favorite. this, my friends, is what i am bringing to the table. hunt's flashsteams every tomato to keep that backyard garden fresh taste. isn't it time to take a fresh look at your tomatoes? compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue,
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>> larry: we're back with bill maher. don't forget his hbo comedy special "but i'm not wrong," and the eighth season of "real time with bill maher" debuts february 19th. it was john podesta that heads the center for american progress, chairing obama's transition team. he says that america's political system sucks. do you agree with that? >> i totally agree with that. i think most americans agree with that. i don't think people in his position usually use that word, maybe for comedians like me, but absolutely, it sucks. the main reason why nothing gets done is because the system is completely paralyzed. mostly because of this filibuster rule, because of this supermajority nonsense. >> larry: would you like to see another party come in? we don't support a three-party
12:33 am
system in america. >> no, we never have, because one of the two parties absorbs the other one, as what's going as what's going on with the tea baggers now. you know they're going to get absorbed into the republican tents. you have to look at the system. how the system works. >> what did you make of the whole leno/conan/let herbman thing? >> i made a lot of it. i liked conan a lot. i did his show in august. i didn't have anything to plug. there's month way, larry, a man can show another man affection greater than to do a show and you have nothing to plug. i did it just to say welcome to l.a. and i like you and, you know -- he is a good guy. i like him. i'm not crazy about team coco, however and what they have been
12:34 am
saying. these are the people that are so upset that conan lost "the tonight show". i did jay's show and got all these tweets and facebook messages. why did you do jay leno's show? he sucks. he's greedy, this and that. these people need to get a grip. you have no idea how show business works. in this case, it is not the different -- not that different than life in general. i did jay's show and got all these tweets and facebook messages. why did you do jay leno's show? he sucks. he's greedy, this and that. these people need to get a grip. you have no idea how show business works. in this case, it is not the different -- not that different
12:35 am
than life in general. okay. one guy wanted a job that another guy wanted. by the way, it is a very desirable job. you want to be on the top of the mountain, there's going to be other people that want to be there, too. and this idea that jay leno is greedy or selfish -- >> larry: they say he shouldn't have taken it back after conan was only there seven months. >> i saw jay with oprah. she asked him ten different ways, are you selfish? do you think you ruined conan's dream? why is it jay leno's job to be concerned about conan's dream? this is america. when leonardo dicaprio gets a part in the movie, i did say jake wanted this job, am i ruining his dream? we are going for a job somebody else wanted and we didn't say oh, gee, they want it. it will hurt that dream. bob in accounting would like this job. i should think about his dream. part in the movie, does he think jake gyllenhaal wanted this part
12:36 am
and -- >> you can have anything you want unless jay lynn owe wants pit p you're not a kid that had your ice cream knocked on the sidewalk. jay leno beat you for something because for whatever reason, jay leno has his pulse on the mainstream of america better than anybody. i'm not even close to that pulse, i don't even want to be. but these guys want to be. >> larry: good point. back with more of -- i almost said jay leno. you put him in the room. with bill maher. don't go away. i was shocked that letterman has been having affairs. ♪
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i was shocked that letterman has been having affairs. i had no idea he was even running for office. [ laughter ] >> and i just want to say, so you know here, i have never had sex with anyone on my staff. the guests, of course, yes, that's part of the job, but never the staff. >> larry: that's funny. bill maher is our guest. speaking of that, did you read the book "game change"? you said you read parts of it. you should read the whole thing. it's hard to believe who john edwards really is if this book is correct.
12:40 am
are you shocked? beyond just having sex with someone. other things. >> i'm shocked that it keeps going on. i'm shocked every week he's like the charlie sheen of politics. every week there's something else, you know. okay, he cheated and then he said, but it wasn't the baby. okay, it's the baby. once you lie and then say, okay, i was lying when i lied, then you have no credibility. >> larry: what do you make of it, though? >> then they said he hit her, and i'm beginning to think he's a little sleazy. it's a tragedy because he was such a talented politician. and i could tell you some great quote to this that still are true, like there are two americas. somebody in this country in politics needs to take up that mantle. that is one of our fundamental
12:41 am
problems, that there are two americas. >> larry: he cared about poverty. >> yeah, very much so. bob herbert wrote a great column recently that this great recession has been so uneven. in that top half, that one-half of america, we asked the question once on our show, why does it not look like there is a recession at the height of it when we were hearing such horrible numbers. because the places we drive through, there isn't one. but in this other america, it's like a depression. so two americas, that's a great quote. he also said we need to be patriotic about something other than war. so true. the people that are blocking
12:42 am
health care for the 45,000 americans who die every year because they're not covered, which is way more than we lose in iraq and afghanistan, is that really patriotic? so he was talented, he had some things to say. you know, some of these things that come out, hitting, you cannot accept that. that's horrible if that's true. but the idea that because he was unfaithful to his wife he's a monster, i've heard that term many times. elizabeth, i think, said it herself. i didn't want to know because i didn't want to feel like i was married to a monster. america has to get a grip about infidelity. simmer down. hannibal lecter was a monster. chemical ali was a monster. this is a middle-aged guy that got horny. that's not a monster. what? it's funny. >> larry: we'll be back with bill maher. nities inside. they factor in purchase price and operating costs. fuel economy and resale value. in short, they do what you do to test its quality. now get a low mileage lease on this 2010 malibu for around $199 a month for 39 months. call for details. see your local chevy dealer. who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way. intuit quickbooks online p9 organizes your business in one place, and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere.
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astrazeneca may be able to help.
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>> larry: great pleasure to introduce heart various mckay. "use your head to get your foot in the door." job search secrets no one else will tell you. there you see the cover. great to welcome you. why do people need this book? >> let's look at the stats. federal bureau labor statistics. 14.8 million people unemployed. 6.3 million of the 14.8 have been out of work for six months. at least. sad statistic. therefore, if they -- if they just -- all they have to do is practice the right concepts, correct concepts over a long -- not a short period of time, bingo, they will, i believe, have a job. >> are the jobs there for the getting. >> yes, yes. they are hiring without question. here's the bad stats. for every application of the job, six to eight different
12:46 am
people are being interviewed. and you can send send out resumes and talk about one interview for every 200 resumes. in other words, the hungry fighter, all right, fire in the belly, the focus, the practicing those concepts, i believe because i have been doing it for four years, a volunteer, head of -- 400, 500 people through the front door of mackay mitchell in indianapolis. >> larry: you own a big company. >> hiring and firing about 550 people on the payroll. lot of hiring and firing. >> larry: what would you say the biggest mistakes someone makes in job hunting? >> i would say the following. most people will go google a company, y, y, z corporation. say you were interviewing me. that's okay and they do a little built of homework. but people buy from other people because the likability. people buy because of selling skills. >> larry: selling yourself. >> if you are interviewing me before i get to the interview, i want to know about you. i want to know about the
12:47 am
interviewer. that's the biggs mistake people make. see, now you leveled the playing field. and you found some common ground. you dramatically changed the probability that you will get the job, all right. i can just give you a brief example. 20 tv stations yesterday. satellite tour. i wanted to know a little bit about every interviewer. already. i had four, five, six salient points. i'm not going to take you through all of them. just one. one is a dale carnegie graduate. i'm a proud dale carnegie graduate. we talked. schedule said ten minutes. he kept me on for 45 minutes. little things mean a lot. not true. little things mean everything. >> larry: reason this book is important and i wholeheartedly endorse it, harvey is not just a
12:48 am
good friend but terrific writer and he writes columns and syndicated columns, success for a long time. it is also key steps of how to keep your job. >> correct. you -- you don't go to school once for a lifetime. you are in school all of your life. i would hey to have a surgeon operate on meow of medical school and, you know, late '90s and didn't keep up with all of the technology. so you must continually enhance your skills. especially presentation skills because we are selling all of the time. selling ideas. all the time. if you are a good public speaker, makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? if you are talking to five people or 100 people, you are selling ideas. if i'm trying to get a job and you are the interviewer, i have to sell my ideas. >> larry: let's say you are already working. do you con to snow the boss?
12:49 am
>> no. well, of course, it is -- let's look at those stats. terrible. 70% of all americans hate, not dislike, hate their bosses according to "time" magazine. the gallup poll. 30%, you know, 30% have problems at work. mine, these are tough stats. i do believe, again, that if you practiced the right concepts over a long period of time, give you a brief little example, let's say you are out of work. recommend this to all of the viewers. immediately go with your heart and here is the pun. go with your heart. go with your passion. become a volunteer. that's just -- let's say it is united way, minneapolis salvation army. volunteer there. any kind of -- i want to tell what you happen pps they have three problems, every nonprofit, every charity. money, money, and money. so you have to go out and raise money. you have to knock on doors and make presentations. you are getting a lot of no's. you become a better salesperson. now you are ready for all the rejection out there in the job market and get this, larry. com become a better communicator
12:50 am
and better leader and all -- all these things. better network. >> larry: you are networking. you have a chapter entitled beat rejection before it beats you. >> correct. >> larry: elaborate. >> did you probably picked out the number one chapter and the number one word. rejection does not have to be permanent. it is only temporary. you are the one that decides. my last book was we got fired and it is the best thing that ever happened to us. lou holtz is a very close friend. joined at the hip. he gets fired from arkansas. he comes home to his wife and he says he's going sue the school, mad, angry. his wife talks him out of it. goes back and makes friends with frank who fired him. he wouldn't have had the notre dame job without frank. in other words, this is his quote, if you are going to -- okay, you better be a better good swimmer, damned good swimmer if you burn your bridges.
12:51 am
what you have to do is rejection, when you are down-and-out, all right, you must unequivocally, again, learn something from that experience. >> larry: harvey mackay, "use your head to get your foot in the job." it is on sale everywhere. we will be right back.
12:52 am
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12:54 am
one president. 17 republicans. maher has a book out and if lying is obviously a no-no, is fudging a little okay? >> a lot of people tell the truth, but only half the truth. and, no, i do not recommend that whatsoever. >> larry: never lie? >> no. never lie. now, people tell white lies. you know, i come out of the hospital. harvey, you look terrific. i know it's a white lie, too. no. tell the truth. be authentic all the time. short term you will get what you want by fudging. long term, from my perspective, no. there's five letters that count in life and employment and all relationships. t-r-u-s-t. if you don't have trust, you don't have anything. >> larry: a lot of people watching this show are over 50. >> yes. >> larry: isn't that harder to get a job when you're over 50?
12:55 am
>> what did you do, memorize the book? yes. you nailed it. baby boomers. all right? born between 1946 and 1964. tough. you don't stick around for 35, 40 years and collect the gold watch. my father was a writer, and he did that, larry, but the people have to know, you can't go from one job and go to the competitor and get another job. if you're one of those baby boomers, and it's critical, you must get retrained. you have to learn more skills. you must be a realist. you have to do it. no shortcuts. >> larry: got to -- whatever it takes. >> if you're a baby boomer in there, absolutely. you can't just switch companies and hope to get a job. will not work. >> larry: how do you network without being annoying? >> well, that's a real nice skill, but i think one little thing, and my father taught me this, if you can go around all of your life, and the minute i shake your hand and you introduce yourself to me, right to my brain bank what can i do for larry king? if you live your life that way, my father never made $10,000 a
12:56 am
year. he headed the associated press, writer, for 45 years. never made 10 thousands -- he lived like a millionaire because of his friends. and my point is this is what i try to do all of the time. in the job, you're interviewing me, i'm going to tell you how good i am, i'm a superstar, i'm going to exaggerate. i'm going to fudge a little bit. i want the job badly? no. in my brain i should be saying what can i do to bring it to your company, what can i do to help you? how can i solve your problems? what are the solutions? >> larry: should there be times when you don't take the job offer, even though you're out of work? >> that's a very tough one. find something you love to do, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. now, when you take a job, larry, that you don't like, guess what happens. you don't have a passion. there will be a hole in the resume. you will get fired or you will
12:57 am
quit. and there will be some holes in the resume. so unless you're destitute or really, i mean, back to the wall and -- >> larry: well, if you're out of work, you've got to take a job. >> absolutely. then you have to take a job temporarily. okay. but if you can hold off, next week might be the job that you ultimately will get. so only if your back is to the wall, take that job. economically. >> larry: can i ask you some larger things? do you see an end to this job problem in america? >> well, here's what we're talking about. against, federal -- these are all federal bureau of labor statistics. they predict every college graduate this coming june, average college graduate, will have 10 to 14 -- that's not a typo. 10 to 14 different job changes in his or her career and 3 to 5 career changes. now, that's what they're predicting. so, i mean, this is very, very
12:58 am
difficult. i say, you're not going to be sticking around for a long time. when you get a job, unfortunately, i hate to say this, but it's the truth. when you get a job, you have to start thinking about maybe what is even your next job? >> larry: when you first get the job? >> yes. that's what's going on in our country. the mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, downsizing, restructuring, right-sizing, which is a chapter all by itself. but i'll tell you, with the book, larry, i'm kind of prod that i guarantee in the back of the book it says "do not read this book." it says that on the back cover. study it. underline it. highlight it. use post-it notes. and after six months you don't have a job, then i personally -- and i sign it with the signature. i personally will give them their money back. that's how confident i am. even though they're tough jobs and tough sledding -- incidentally, "sharks" sold 5 million copies, and i fought with my publishers for at least six weeks before they printed. i think i was one of the first authors ever to do that. moneyback guarantee.
12:59 am
18 people asked for their money back out of 5 million. 7 of them -- >> larry: but follow the rules. >> 7 of them were my best friends. >> larry: you do things free on your website at harvey what do you get? >> you're going to get a book that i sell for $12.95. that's the rolodex network builder. it's a networking book. i think that is very solid and had rave reviews. you can't buy it anywhere. but you get it, no charge, just hit you're going to get all kinds of lists, my 66-question customer profile. definition of a secret, larry, is when one person knows. and there are many secrets on that website that aren't even in the book that will help you get a job. so there's a lot of things on the website if they go there. there's a tool bar that'll hook them up with all the libraries in the united states, all the newspapers in the united states. they will not be disappointed. >> larry: he's an amazing man. he's harvey mackay. you read him, you've seen him on television, heard him on the radio. this may be his most important book evesp


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