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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  March 10, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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can't shut these websites down. if they are the source of radicalism, walk through that? >> we should have jeff toobin back on. it is called freedom of speech. they walk a fine line, the fbi says, between crossing that line of free speech. >> drew griffin for us tonight. appreciate it. that's it for us. follow my any time on twitter. "larry king" starts right now. >> larry: tonight, corey haim death exclusive. his best friend corey feldman is here and speaking publicly for the first time since his pal died early this morning. at the age of 38, did haim predict his demise on this show. >> i'm a chronic relapser for the rest of my life.
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>> larry: foyera faucet oscar snub. f fans demand an answer. her friend alana stewart tell us what she and ryan o'neal think, next on "larry king live." good evening. this is a sad day. corey feldman, the long time friend of corey haim is here tonight. they co-starred in several movies including "the lost boys" and "license to drive." they teamed up in the a & e reality series "the two coreys. they were both on this show together in july of 2007. corey haim passed away earlier today. how did you get the news? >> it was pretty terrible, larry, as these things always are. i was in bed. it was 8:00 this morning. my son had gone off to school.
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my assistant comes in early and takes him to school. she took him early because she knew what was going on. >> larry: she did and you didn't? >> right. everybody knew because it happened so early in morning and i'm not an early riser. i woke up to my door being pounded on. it was my sister's voice. i need to talk to you right away. it is an emergency. are you decent? i said, yeah, come in. her and my brother came in. they said something about my son. i popped up and said what is wrong. they said, no. it is corey haim. he's gone. >> larry: was he your best friend? >> yes. >> larry: how did you meet? >> working together in "lost boys." >> larry: you got booked together, worked together and became friends. >> there is more history. we were working simultaneously
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in the entertainment industry. we had parallel careers to some extent. he started receiving recognition for "silver bullet" and "lucas." some of his early work. i had been in the industry for about ten years at that point. what happened was a friend of ours, a mutual friend of ours who was a young actress started kind of dating him a little bit. she was my best friend at the time and she started dating him. she goes you should tell me about this kid corey and how cute and sweet he was. i started opening the teen magazine where i occupied a lot of space at the time and started seeing pictures of him next to a picture of me. i would go, who is this guy trying to steal my ink. >> larry: were you shocked? >> today? yes. yes. i was shocked.
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>> larry: you have spoken with his mom, right? >> i have spoken with his mom. i spent the afternoon with her. >> larry: she was with him? >> with close friends of his as well. she was with him in the final moments. >> larry: how is she handling it? >> as well as could be expected. i was surprised to see she had stability and had her wherewithal. >> larry: how about his father? >> i haven't spoken with his father. his mom is battling cancer. she is having radiation treatments. >> larry: when did you last talk to corey? >> probably about three or four days ago. >> larry: you spoke a lot, you were best friends. best friends talk a lot. what was he doing at that time? >> he was fine. he was giving me advice about something i was upset about. he was very positive. i had been getting him out
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recently. i had taken him up to the playboy mansion for the super bowl party. after that i set him up with a girlfriend of ours named daisy de la hoya. the two of them had dated. i was trying to make matchmaker. >> larry: police say, corey, there is no evidence of foul play. the assistant chief coroner of l.a. county made this statement about the case. >> corey got woke up around 1:30 this morning, became a little dizzy. he went to his knees in the bedroom. his mom assisted him into bed. he became unresponsive. that was around 1:30. she called paramedics. he was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced at 2:15. we found no illicit drugs however we did recover four of his prescription meds at the location. >> larry: the police have raised the possibility that given his history, drugs could have been
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involved in the death. what do you think? you can't know. but what do you think? >> first of all, let me say this, larry. in watching everything that's happened today and the reports that have come out, people need to stop. they need to stop jumping the gun. they need to stop saying it is a drug overdose. they need to stop saying their theories of what they think. until the coroner's report comes out and we have specific evidence and know what the toxicology reports say, nobody knows. nobody is going to know. we all are aware of the fact that corey haim had a long and detailed drug history and battled addiction for many, many years. i know it better than anybody because i have been the guy stuffing charcoal down his throat when he was it happened badly and intensely on many occasions. however, most recently he has
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been honestly in the best frame of mind he has ever been in in the past year. i would say with his mom battling cancer, he's really showed up. he's really become a man. he's been there for her, taking care or her. >> larry: did you have a problem? >> i have had a problem. years ago. 20 years ago. >> larry: doesn't he have movies coming out? >> he does have movies coming out. we were negotiating a deal to do our first movie together in nine years. >> larry: the two coreys spoke about drug addiction here. >> we took a break and we fell into our hard times. >> larry: that was what, drugs. >> you name it. >> larry: was this together or separately? >> both. >> larry: oh, we did some drugs together. >> larry: you were friends.
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he kind of went into his hard times separately. i got clean. he stayed out there for a while. he did more research -- >> larry: did you go to rehab? >> oh, yes. yes. yes. many times. >> larry: hard to look at him? >> it has been a hard day all around, larry. i'm still reeling. i'm still in shock. this has been pouring in. i'm trying to digest it. i don't think i have en come close. >> larry: let me get a break. corey feldman is with us. don't go away. of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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does your brother sleep a lot? >> yeah. all day. >> does the sunlight freak him out? >> he wears sun glasses in the house. >> bad breath, long fingernails. >> yeah. fingernails are a bit longer. he always had bad breath though. >> he's a vampire all right. here's what you do. get yourself a good sharp stick
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and drive it right through his heart. >> i can't do that. he's my brother. >> okay. we'll come over and do it for you. >> no. >> you better get a garlic t-shirt or it's your funeral. >> larry: that was the first film the coreys did together, the 1987 bit hit "the lost boys." that must be hard to watch, too. >> it is very hard. >> larry: you wanted to say something before we went to the break. >> we were talking about whether we feel it was drugs or not drugs. as i said nobody is going to have the answer on that for a while until everything comes back. i know he was fighting the good fight and at the end of the day i know that there were symptoms he was showing that expressed it could be a number of things. you know, this could have been a kidney failure, a heart failure. >> larry: was he on a lot of meds? >> well, he was. that's the thing.
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it could have been a mixture of drugs, a cocktail that is specific or the fact that your body shuts down after years of abuse. >> larry: do you know his doctor? >> i'm sorry. >> larry: do you know his m.d.? >> i know he was seeing a treatment specialist who was new in the mix. that treatment specialist put him on a new line of medications. i'm not going to go into what they were, they may not have corresponded with the medicat n medications he was taking. >> larry: we will have an answer. it takes a while. >> i appreciate the outpouring. the community is crying out and reaching out and extending their hand. but i'm very troubled today, larry. i'm angry, hurt and sad for all the same reasons a lot of people are. >> larry: troubled with what? >> the trouble for me, larry, is i appreciate the fact that everybody really cares and
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trying to show their expression of sorrow right now, but at the end of the day, larry, where were all these people the last ten years? the last 15 years of corey's life? corey was living in the oakwood apartments with his mom, very broke, very destitute. >> larry: it is a low-price rental? >> it is a month to month living. he doesn't have anything. where were all these people to lend a hand out. to reach out to him and say you are a legend. you are an amazingly talented wonderful person who has never gone out of hi way to hurt anybody other than himself. he was there for his mom. >> larry: what did you want people to do? >> you know, i don't have the answer to that. all i can say is in this entertainment industry we build people up as children and when we decide they are not marketable anymore we walk away and taunt them and tease them,
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tmz outlets where it is acceptable in society, it is okay for society as a whole to poke fun at, to point finger at, to laugh at us as human beings. why is it okay to kick somebody when they're down? i don't think it is. i don't think it should be tolerated anymore. i don't think it should be accepted anymore within our society, within the entertainment industry, within the world as a whole. >> larry: did he feel that way? >> very much felt that way. he had nobody to turn to. i was one of the few people left in his life. you see people making great staples and i hope they were there for the funeral and memorial, but where were they during his life? that is something everybody in this society needs to hold themselves accountable for. we need to think about every time we laugh at somebody the the tabloids or poke a finger and say they are a joke, they are fat, they are a drug addict,
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they are a loser, we need to look at ourselves and say who am i? >> larry: tell us about him. no one knew him better. what was he like? >> he was great. >> larry: was he funny? >> he was very funny. tremendously funny. >> larry: he was a good guest. >> he is the only person in my life that could make me laugh. we would get into it. just three weeks ago i sat at his apartment with him and we were talking about my divorce, of all things. sorry. he was talking about my ex-wife and i was talking about her and we started talking about wouldn't this be a great idea to have a third season of the two coreys. we could have you move back in with me and now my wife is out and you are in and everybody wanted to see us living together in a house. we riffed on it for an hour to the point we were rolling around on the floor laughing.
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>> larry: was he close with his dad? >> he was close to all his family. >> larry: were his parents together? >> no. they separated when he was young. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪
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off in some older jerk's car. humiliation. i know. i've bullpen through it. les, that thing in your wallet is not ordinary piece of paper. it is a driver's license. it is not only a driver's license. it is an automobile license. it is not only an automobile license. it is a license to live. a license to be free, to go wherever, whenever and with whomever you choose. >> larry: that is pretty good from 1988's "license to drive." back in 2008 you told people magazine you weren't going to speak to corey again until he got sober. you didn't feel he was a safe person to be around? what changed? >> he shaped up. he got his act together. he was doing so much better. his mom got very ill. when his mom got ill it was the first time i saw corey grow up. he was grown up, responsible, he
9:20 pm
was with her every day getting the chemotherapy and radiation. i picked them both up from the hospital and droef them back to their apartment because he didn't have a car. it was the first time in my life i had seen corey be that responsible, standup guy for somebody else. >> larry: did he have brothers and sisters? >> a sister and a little brother. >> larry: he wasn't close with them? >> the little brother was a half brother because after the divorce his father remarried. >> larry: you called him a tormented soul. what led to the torment? why was that kind of talent tormented? sfwhichlt because that talent was no longer allowed to express himself. his talent didn't go anything. >> larry: was he his own enemy? >> he was his own enemy. look, a lot of people who are artists tend to be their worst enemy because we are passionate people. we can't help it. it is why we are who we are and
9:21 pm
why we are and how we are. with that said, if we had the outlet to express our artistic integrity to put forth our passions, if we still have our platform with are able to dispel built up energy. corey is a guy, granted, burned a lot of bridges in the industry. he made a lot of mistakes. i took 20 years of rebuilding to get to the point where people take me seriously. corey made a lot of mistakes for many years longer than i did. it took him a lot longer to get to the point of recognition. however, once he got there nobody was left to pull him back up. >> larry: do you know about the funeral plans. >> so far there is nothing set in stone. we can't start to plan a funeral until we have the toxicology reports back. >> larry: there's automatically an autopsy? >> of course. we do want to plan a sizable memorial. i would like to see people in
9:22 pm
hollywood pay their respects for him for the work he's done. he's not a joke. look at "lucas." look at "lost boys." look at "blown away." >> larry: when is the next film due when he made? >> there was recently a series of screenings asve you seen it? >> i haven't seen it. >> larry: did he enjoy doing it? >> i heard he did an amazing performance. i was inspired. not only were we negotiating something to go. corey had a sequel "license to fly "to "license to drive." he would have been a writer. i would have been a producer. we wanted to do a trilogy. >> larry: before we close out, what is that hair coming down?
9:23 pm
is that a style? >> it's the strand. >> larry: i'm get used to it. >> thank you. thank you. it is not to make a fashion statement. it is a personal thing. i went through a hard year. i lost michael, i lost my grandfather. >> larry: michael jackson. >> michael jackson. >> i ended up going off after my divorce and doing "lost boys 3" in africa. i was there as a rebel, a lone soldier. this was the mark of the soldier in the movie. >> larry: how are we going to best remember corey haim? >> hopefully he is going be remembered as a beautiful, funny enigmatic character who brought nothing but life and light and entertainment and art to all of our lives. >> larry: i thank you for coming. i know this was hard. we appreciate you coming here. >> thank you, larry. thank you for doing him justice.
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you collect insects? >> no. to collect them you have to kill them.
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i just look at them. >> oh. >> where the hell are you from krip on the? >> phoenix, actually. lucky me we moved here. >> girls are always missed off guys don't want to commit. i want to commit. she won't let me. >> we are, in fact, going home. thanks for letting me crash. >> no problem. good night. >> good night. >> larry: joins us now from seattle is the late corey haim's agent, mark heislip. mark, how did you find out about this? larry, i was actually in bed this morning and the phone kept ringing at my house. i told my wife let it go to voicemail. it kept ringing and ringing and we looked at the caller i.d. and it was all the different news stations. finally, my wife woke up and said why is the news calling us. i looked at my cell phone and
9:28 pm
saw i had a lot of missed calls from julia, corey's mom. so i immediately called her and i got the news. she was trying to call me the whole night and i had my phone on vibrate. >> larry: you raised the possibility, mark, that corey's death could have been drug related. that is a speculation. you base that on what? >> i don't know if corey's -- i'm hoping it's not because corey was doing so good in his career. he was making his comeback. but also at the same time he was showing me he was clean on the phone. i don't get to see corey every day. i do a lot of talking to him on the phone because i'm out trying to get him another project. he was excited about his career. he was motivated. he was working out. he was sticking to his program. he wanted his career back. he showed no signs of that. i talked to his mom today about
9:29 pm
yesterday and there was no signs of him overdosing from what his mom was telling me. so i know he had a flu and he was running a 99 temperature to 101. he mentioned to his mother that he was having problems breathing late last night and his mom asked him to roll over on his side and he started feeling better and then pretty much they went back to sleep. everything was fine and he -- his mom heard someone walking around the room. she opened her eyes it was corey walking and stumbling and he fell straight to the floor and that's when all this happened. they called an ambulance and the ambulance came and from what i heard from the hospital he had a cardiac before he actually got there. >> larry: the magazine "in touch
9:30 pm
weekly" said dr. drew pinsky, a guest tomorrow night, confirmed that corey had been approached to participate in vh-1's celebrity rehab. is that true? >> not with me. not since i repped corey. i never got a phone call about dr. drew. >> larry: is it true he was approached to take part in the celebrity fit club? >> yes. i thought me being his agent. corey is a movie guy. we wanted to focus on movies. i always told him i will give him representation if he remains clean. i won't rep him otherwise. we put together a great program for him and he was doing well. he was starting to get movie after movie. he was actually starting to book up this whole year and he was excited. he actually had a chance to direct his first film this year. >> larry: when will we see american sunset? >> i'm hoping soon.
9:31 pm
i heard there was rumor with regal. i'm not sure. i put a call in so we are waiting on the film to get bought. >> larry: thank you, mark. we'll keep in constant touch and we extend our condolences. mark heaslip. thank you. >> thank you. >> larry: actress nicole eggert was very close to corey. she is grief stricken but here to speak with us next.
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i don't think you can live the american lifestyle without energy. we have all this energy here in the u.s. we have wind. we have solar, obviously. we have lots of oil. i think natural gas is part of the energy mix of the future. i think we have the can-do. we have the capability. we have the technology. the solutions are here. we just need to find them here.
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>> larry: nicole eggert and corey haim dated. she co-starred with him and corey feldman "blown away." she is on vh-1 celebrity fit club boot camp. she is upset. you probably best known her as summer quinn on "bay watch." how did you learn about corey's passing? >> i woke up at 6:00 and turn on the news and it was the first thing that i heard. i thought that maybe i heard wrong, you know. did some channel surfing and that's how -- then i turned my phone on -- >> larry: had you seen him or
9:35 pm
spoken to him recently? >> the last time i spoke with him was when he and corey were talking about doing "the two coreys." >> larry: how long did you date him >> well, we dated when we were very young. i met him right after he moved to los angeles after finishing the movie "lucas." we dated a few years off and on. we worked together in the late '80s, early '90s. >> larry: what was he like? >> he was -- he was fun. he was fun to be around. he was light spirited, believe it or not. he was never stressful or angry. always trying to have a good time. happy guy. friendly guy. >> larry: did you know about his drug problems. >> of course. yes. yeah. >> larry: was he having a tough time battling it? >> yeah. he was definitely struggling with a lot of demons. i spent a lot of -- a few nights
9:36 pm
in the emergency room with him. and, you know, it's just -- he just struggled most of his adult life. >> larry: what was it like to work with him? >> sometimes it was really great working with him. sometimes it was really hard because sometimes it would take him a while to come out of the trailer. sometimes he would be, you know, too intoxicated to work at times and we'd just have to wait. at the end of the day, it was always a good day with corey. >> larry: did you get angry? >> i didn't get angry. i got sad. frustrated at times. but i don't know if angry is the right word. >> larry: did he give you a ring? >> he did give me a ring. it was a time when he was in a really, really bad place and we were filming together and we would film all day and at night i would spend the nights with
9:37 pm
him in the emergency room hooked up to an i.v., begging doctors for a different prescription and going back to work the next day. i think he felt like i was really there for him. he was a hopeless romantic and such a lover. he was such a loving guy. at the end of the shoot he gave me a ring and requested me if i would marry him. >> larry: did you consider yourself engaged. >> no. no. i love him. i have always loved him and will continue to always love him but he is just battling too much. >> larry: so very hard on a relationship? >> very hard on a relationship, a friendship. when you love somebody you want to be there for them but at some point you can't sit there and watch it happen anymore. >> larry: you say you loved him. were you in love with him? >> i think there were times in my life i could maybe have been in love with him, but very
9:38 pm
young. i loved him deeply. >> larry: had he straightened out, could you have seen a life with him? >> i've known him -- i don't know. i don't know. i never thought about it like that because he had started at such a young age that it just never -- that was never a possibility. >> larry: his feelings kwr corey feldman were very strong? >> they're amazing. >> caller: corey was here earlier. it is very sad. >> it is sad. so many people have contacted me and so many people make statements. it is so nice that people are going to remember him this way because for the past few years i have heard snarky remarks and people more making jokes and, you know, not giving him any credibility. so today was kind of nice but a little late, you know. >> larry: that is what corey
9:39 pm
feldman said. >> if people realized he would have liked to have heard that, it could have made a difference. >> larry: thanks for coming, nicole. >> thank you for having me. >> larry: farrah fawcett, was she intentionally snubbed at the oscars? what ryan o'neal, jane fonda and others are saying about that next. outside. i can stream the movie airplane to my cell phone... at the airport. i can have a crystal-clear videoconference with my clients... ...muffin basket or something... ...while working offsite, or share five high-speed connections for online gaming... while enjoying the great outdoors. [ video game sound effects ] eat it, yoshi! what can you do with 4g? experience 4g from sprint. it's more than a wireless network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities it's a wireless revolution. acce well yesterday i had an apple turn over mmm hmm, i know it's sort of my weakness - i always keep it in the house well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, ya ya -
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>> larry: alana stewart is here, an actress, long time friend of farrah fawcett. best-selling author of "my journey with farrah." dick van patten, actor, farrah's good friend, author of "80 is not enough." candy spelling, the widow of producer/writer aaron spelling. among his many credits, of course, "charlie's angels" which made farrah fawcett a star. every year at the oscars they have the in memoriam list. many people were saluted. one of those not mentioned was
9:43 pm
farrah fawcett. jane fonda said where was farrah fawcett. she should have been included. alana, why do you think she wasn't included? >> i know why she wasn't. i thought it was a horrible oversight. it wasn't. they made a statement and i spoke to the director of the academy. they made a conscious decision not to include farrah because they felt she was more well known for her television show than her movie career. >> larry: bruce davis said she should be honored at the emmies. >> that's right. >> larry: he said they left gene barry off. >> i guess they didn't read her bio. farrah did 16 films. she did "the apostle." she has been a voting member of the academy for 30 years. >> larry: i forgot about "extremities." did you watch the academy
9:44 pm
awards. >> i was very upset. i was at hugh hefner's. 35 of us were in the screening room. the whole place said what about farrah fawcett? she was an icon. in the '30s it was jean harlow, in the '50s it was marilyn monroe, in the '80s it was farrah fawcett. >> larry: don't you think of farrah fawcett and think of television? >> she got very good reviews in the movies she did. i saw her in new york in a play. i forgot the play. >> "extremities." >> larry: candy were you surprised? >> i was surprised with jean barry and bea arthur. she was excluded. she was in at annie mame" lucille ball. not the original one. she did a film or two.
9:45 pm
because she was so well known as maude and "golden girls" they thought she was more television. >> larry: there is nothing you can say to people particularly family members within a day or two of the show that helps at all. they tend to be surprised and hurt. we understand that. we're sorry for it. do you take that as an apology? >> i think they are saying they are sorry that family members and friends are upset. it is not just family members and friends. it is millions of fans. the minute she was not part of that memorial it started on twitter. the e-mails i've gotten. people are outraged. >> larry: they can't make it up, dick? >> not to me they can't. it is unforgivable. >> larry: next year they are going to say something. >> it sun forgivable. >> larry: were you shocked, candy, it was not an overlook.
9:46 pm
it was deliberate. >> oh, yes. >> it was deliberate because the year aaron died he was also left off because they thought of him as television. he made over 20 motion pictures. "mr. mom" "soap dish." >> larry: and there were people on the list that very few people heard on. not that they didn't deserve to be on but they weren't as well known as farrah fawcett. >> michael jackson is a huge music icon and i believe he only did one movie. that's right. >> larry: the last movie. >> "the wiz." >> larry: we'll take a break. if you have thoughts you may ju want to call in. lobster and shrimpood-grild with parmesan scampi... our succulent lobster lover's dream,
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>> larry: anderson cooper is standing by. he will host "ac 360" at the top of the hour. >> hups of thousands around port-au-prince have heard nothing from the government.
9:50 pm
the rains are coming. a situation that can't get worse might do thought couldn't get worse. and also talk to actor sean penn, just got back from haiti and go back there in a couple of gates work she is doing. she calls herself jihad jane, and those that support her on the streets of new york. drew griffin with people preaching jihad against america here in america. and at 7-year-old boy who saved the day, called 911, broke up a home invasion. you will hear the 911 call and hear the little hero named carlos. starts at the top of the hour on 360. larry? >> larry: anderson cooper, "ac 360," 10 eastern, 7 pacific. we are back with alanna stewart, dick van patten and candy spelling. do you think you said during the break, you think they should apologize? >> oh, absolutely. i think they owe everyone, not just her family and her friends, but all the millions of fans
9:51 pm
that loved her, i really do think they owe everyone an apology. >> no way they can make it up, right? >> no. you know, you mentioned the racetrack before. you know, i have take an a lot of different celebrities to the racetrack and nobody says anything the next day. once about two years ago, i took farrah to the racetrack, the next day i couldn't -- that was farrah fawcett, when are you going to bring her again in the whole racetrack went crazy. i mean, she was really big. >> one thing, cap day, you point out, she only did one year of "charlie's angels." >> only one year of "charlie's angels" but the postthey're made her the phenomena. >> another one they left off, they left off maurice jerret, who wrote the music for zhivago. how did they miss him? >> i think they should make the memorial part a lot longer and take away some of those parts were we all go get something to
9:52 pm
eat, you know? >> you know, larry, i don't understand is that it's really still that snobbery of movies versus television and yet, this show that we watched was on television. that's where it's aired? it is on television. >> a good point. >> so, i don't understand. >> the michael jackson, you understand, although he made less films. >> yes. yes. >> if they left him off, people would have gone nuts. now there is a movement started about farrah, right? jane fonda leading it? are you surprised of that one? >> i am thrilled about it, i think everybody feels the same watch the gentleman who is driving me here tonight said everyone feels this way it is not just a few handful of people. >> what was special about her, dick? >> first of all, she was very smart. people don't realize how smart she was and she had a great sense of humor and she loved sports, she loved the sun. she was a sun worshipper. she used to come over to our
9:53 pm
house and bake in the sun. remember how she used to love the sun? >> loved it. >> she was fun to be with. a great sense of humor and she was smart. she could see through everybody. >> and the interesting thing is that you just said that she was so much fun. i mean, besides being a wonderful, loving, kind human being, and she was nice to everybody, but she actually was so much fun to be with. >> yeah. >> larry: ryan and tatum are very upset too, i understand? >> i'm looking at this clip you have on now, which happens to be my old ten his court. that's where we shot her. >> did you like hear lot as a person? >> i liked her a lot. she was a nice person. >> larry: there are people say people die as they live. and classy people die. how did she die? >> fearlessly. just the way she lived. she had that same fearless quality in her work, in her life
9:54 pm
and in her battle with cancer. >> larry: were you with her at the end? >> yes, i was. >> larry: was it peaceful? >> it was. it was very peaceful. >> larry: much pain? >> no. no. she didn't feel a lot of pain at all. and they kept her very medicated right at the end. >> larry: did she know she was dying? >> you know, she never talked about it. that was the interesting thing. we -- it was something that i think we were all in denial about, but she never really talked about. i remember her saying a couple times to me over the last couple of years, she said i just want to know when i have two months left so i can get all my affairs in order. but she never really had anybody tell her that because she took kind of a nosedive so quickly. >> larry: yeah you went to germany with her, right? >> many times, six times. >> larry: you talked to her a lot, dick? >> my wife was a very good friend of hers. so she was over at the house a lot. >> in germany together? >> yeah, that's right.
9:55 pm
>> larry: candy, you talked to her a lot? we will be back with our remaining moments on this edition of "larry king live." by the way, saturday night, aretha franklin. don't go away. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at
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>> larry: get a call n new york, hello? >> caller: yes, i would like to know alanna's feelings on the lack of coverage of farrah's death due to the fact that michael jackson passed so soon after and that just seemed to be the big news? you know, that overpowered her? >> larry: yeah, alanna, good question.
9:58 pm
>> i think it was unfortunate because it can did kind of overpower her death and it just happened so quickly afterwards, it was -- >> larry: understandable, wasn't it, dick? >> yeah. but she would have got an kick out of that she would have laughed. here he is taking -- >> you know what i said that, too, because she got so fed up with paparazzi chasing her, i thought she is up there going finally, looking at somebody else. >> larry: thought you were going to say something else. miami, hello? miami, hello? is miami there? how is she going to be remembered, dick? >> she was an icon. she is going to be remembered as a beauty that could also act. she was a wonderful actress and also beautiful and sometimes you can't have both but she had both. >> larry: she belied the dumb blonde theory? >> yes, that's right. >> larry: how do you think she
9:59 pm
will be remember candy? >> i think she will be the farrah phenomenon. >> larry: she was a talent, a phenomena higher than a talent. >> absolutely. and i think that that's good thing. did they spell my name right thing? >> larry: what a face. alanna how will we think offer? >> she was a golden girl. she was as nice as she was beautiful. >> larry: you were bonded at the hip, weren't? >> we were. we were both from the texas. one of the things everyone loved about her. she was so down home. >> larry: dick, you knew her for years, huh? >> nobody nicer, nobody prettier. >> lry


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