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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 28, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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warning now, but that storm moving through lexington, could make your way maybe in another 30 minutes or some the winds are strong. so a lot of shaking continuing to go on the let's show on the map to get you better perspective this is greens bore row, one storm over here but this one down here we are going to be watching for you. now into south carolina, greenville this time around, you are under a severe thunderstorm warning and these storms have been producing some large hail about quarter-sized hail and you certainly don't want to be outside. and something to keep in mind, by the way, too, is that our warning criteria this year has changed for severe thunderstorm warning so it has been up. the storm has to be a little stronger before the national weather service will issue a warning on them. so you really need to take these seriously, you don't want to be outside in this, and this is greenville. there, you can see those wet streets and the pavement and there you can see some of the low-hanging clouds, not sure but i might have just seen a lightning strike there in the distance.
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severe thunderstorm warning there for greenville, south carolina. so we will continue to track this tornado as we get any damage reports or any ground truth, meaning actual tornado on the ground but one could pop down at any given time, we will break in and continue bringing that information. of course, i'm trying to tweet, jacqui jeras is my handle, per se, on there send me your tweets and i will send them to you. i got one included on, says she is on the phone with her sister in the charlotte area, the storm is moving north toward the piedmont triad area, watch out greensboro. just what you are saying there from jess jeff. thank you for sending that. jacqui, we will check back with you. thank you very much. other breaking news we are following here as well. we are talking about president obama springs a big surprise, slipping out of the country to make his first visit to afghanistan as commander in chief. fresh off the major victory on health care. the president is returning home on air force one with. the secret journey again in the middle of the night with the president leaving camp david and flying out, soon after touching down, he met with afghan leader
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hamid karzai, then military officials at bagram air base and spoke to a crowd of about 2,000 u.s. and allied troops. >> make no mistake this fight matters to us. it matters to us it matters our allies it matters to the afghan people, al qaeda and the violent extremists who you are fighting against want to destroy but all of you want to build and that is something essential about america. they have got no respect for human life. you see dignity in every human being. that's part of what we value as americans. they want to drive races and regions and religions apart, want to bring people together and see the world move forward together. thy offer fear, in other words, and you offer hope. and that's why it is so important that you know the entire country stands behind you. that's you why put on that uniform, because in an uncertain world, the united states of america will always stand up to
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the security of nations and the dignity of human beings. that's who we are. that is what we do. >> the president got in and out quickly. the entire visit lasted just a few hours. president obama's meeting with president karzai lasted about half an hour at the presidential palace in kabul. our correspondent is in kabul tonight and she is joining us from there. what went on during this meeting? >> well, it was a very short meeting, don t is said that they were talking about various things and a way forward when it comes to afghanistan, including president karzai stamping out the core runs that has plagued his government, the cabinets of both president obama's administration and president karzai's administration met discussing afghanistan, discussion the u.s. efforts in afghanistan, the international community's efforts in afghanistan and what exact lit afghan government's role will be when it comes to afghanistan, because president obama himself has said time and time again
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that the u.s. will be involved in afghanistan. in fact, even raising the troop level by 30,000 additional troops but he also says that there will be a time where the u.s. will have to withdraw and what they need is a strong afghan government and strong afghan security forces to actually lift the burden off the international community's shoulders, but that being said, it was about a 30-minute meeting, not enough time to discuss exactly what needed to be done but what did happen is president obama invited president karzai to washington on may 12th. what's interesting about that date is that's just ten days after a planned peace meeting that president karzai has planned here in kabul where he wants to talk to taliban commanders and issuing a way forward in afghanistan, making some kind of peace deal to bring some kind of security, peace to the afghan people. >> thank you very much for that, atia. as we said, the president is
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aboard air force one now, on his way back to the united states, to washington. and our own dan lothian is standing by in washington, live at the white house. the president is coming off perhaps his most successful week. as we said with health care reform, victory. so why afghanistan? why now? >> senior administration official says this is something that the president has wanted to do for quite some time and believed this is really a critical moment, coming off what they say was a successful effort in pushing the taliban mback in marjah and focusing in kandahar, also trying to push back on taliban. they believe that they need to get a viable partner there on the ground. the president wanted to sit down with hamid karzai there but the president said the reason he wanted to go there was meet directly with u.s. troops and thank them for the sacrifice. take a listen. >> i know that sometimes when you are watching tv, the
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politics back home may look a little messy, people yelling and hollering, democrats this and republicans that i want you to understand this, there's no daylight when it comes to support of all of you. there's no daylight when it comes to supporting our troops. >> now, in summarizing the meetings there, u.s. officials traveling with the president say that the meetings were productive and useful and trying to set stage for what happens next and that both sides have agreed that they need to continue to work together, don. so, a very short meeting there underground but something that the president has wanted to do for quite some time, giving a boost to the u.s. troops shall as he pointed out, sacrifice for their country. >> dan lothian at the white house. thank you very much. he knows washington, he knows politics. tonight, he is with me right here in atlanta there he is. he is the man, mark preston joins me to talk about the president's trip to afghanistan. he is working over there with our rob harbor on the story in a bit. check your mail. it is time again for the u.s.
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it's another thing to back it up.
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the chevy 5-year/100,000 mile transferable powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. the u.s. is fight war in afghanistan as a direct result of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. the rugged muslim country is the home turf of the taliban and also al qaeda it is worth remembering exactly what the u.s. is up against. here is what the u.s. is up against. afghanistan is a land-locked country slightly smaller than texas, sandwiched between pakistan and iran t is about 30 million people. the u.s. must deal with about 35% jobless rate on one hand there and lucrative drug trade on the other hand. afghanistan is the number one producer of opium, the raw material for heroin. money from narcotics helps fund the insurgency. as of today, 83,000 u.s. forces
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in afghanistan and by the end of the year that number is to jump to 98,000 n addition there are about 39,000 troops from other countries another 10,000 to follow. 1,022 u.s. troops have lost their lives in combat in afghanistan since 9/11. 83 of those deaths were just this year. the administration's new strategy is having a measurable effect on public opinion. last november, only 32% believed the afghan war was going well. now, that number has spiked to 55%. great perspective to know what we are up against. mark preston here to talk politics with us. mark, good to see you in person. i see you in person all the time go to d.c., good to have you here in atlanta. so health care, taking a huge amount of the president's time but today we see foreign policy in the menu here in afghanistan. so, i want you to listen to what the president said to the troops and then we will talk. . we did not choose this war. this was not an act of america
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wanting to expand its influence, of us wanting to meddle in somebody else's business. they were attacked viciously on 9/11. thousands of our fellow countrymen and women were killed. this is a region were where the person trirts of that crime, al qaeda, still base their leadership. plots against our homeland, plots against our allies, plots again the afghan and pakistani people are taking place as we speak. >> he had to go to afghanistan. when rein for president, he talked about how president bush was not focusing enough on afghanistan. he had to go. this was his first visit. very much like health kay, the american public is divided. let's look at this poll out from cnn opinion research corporation.
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paints a picture for us. >> split down the middle. >> very much like health care. toad get that trip over there because foreign policy has been pretty much been put on the back burner. >> that is how the american people feel about the war but how do they feel about the president's handling of afghanistan? that is play nothing this as well why he went there? >> sure, good news of that the fact is, afghanistan has been on the back burner so focused on health care so focused on the economy. let's look at these numbers out of the cnn research opinion corporation poll. it shows that his -- the american public's opinion of his increased by 13 point its the past couple of months, now at 55%. let's go back to what we are talking about here, talking about sending young americans over to afghanistan, some of them are not going to come home. this is very much his work. >> his war, some not come home. talked about being three, four
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tours of duty over there. real quickly, people are writing in about this. he did address that and that is real a lot of people in the country feel the way this woman does about sending people, especially loved ones over to afghanistan. >> sure. again, president obama came under a lot of criticism for not having a cohesive strategy until last year and announced he was send 0,000 additional troops were did he do it? west point. made the point there to him. i wouldn't send you in harm's way unless i thought that we needed to do. this we heard that again today when he was in afghanistan. >> interesting, talking so much about health care reform and this may be a return to at least some foreign issues instead of domestic issues, the on the president's plate. even more. people saying don't push the president, he can only do so much. he is the president.
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and the buck stops with him. >> buck stops with him the fact is he can't be a one-trick pony. has to deal with health care, those deal with the economy and foreign policy. remember, a lot going on beyond our borders. >> see you back here at 10? >> absolutely. >> good to see you. thank you very much, mark preston. the child sex abuse scandal rears its head at the vatican's palm sunday service. tell you what the pope said to parishionerers about the waning public opinion of the catholic church. and the southeast, awash in severe weather, creating conditions favorable for tornadoes. live pictures now, greensboro, north carolina, a tornado warning just announced. live pictures on the right. radar there on the left. jacqui jeras will join us a bit. if you are in that area, please be safe. go to a safe place and get your noaa weather radio, as our meteorologists say. breaking news version bad weather rollinging through. stay tuned to cnn. the latest moments away. throug stay tuned to cnn. the latest moments away.
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breaking news on cnn this is serious, pay attention, especially if you are in this area, the charlotte area, in the carolinas. jackie jeras, i will let you take it away. i think the pictures, live pictures on the radar tell us a story. >> we have confirmation now that a tornado we have been tracking now well over an hour is back on the ground and this time it is over welcome, north carolina. this is about eight miles north of the lexington area and here you can see it let's put it in perspective for you. here's high point. here is the greensboro area. so, that storm is just southwest of you. so, the tornado warning has now been about extended from davidson county to also include randolph, gilford and forsythe
7:20 pm
counties. the storm is moving quickly to the north and the east. this has been seen by local law enforcement. also, getting reports that the hail could be as large as baseball to tennis ball size. that in and of itself can cause a tremendous amount of damage. the winds coming down too, 7 mile percent hour, stay inside to the lowest level of your home away from doors and windows until this storm has passed it is going to be probably, you know, maybe 20 minutes-plus before this thing moves toward greensboro and more likely to be impacting the western side of the city than the eastern side. so we will continue to track that storm as we get more of these reports from law enforcement as well as our spotters. continue to bring that along to you. let's go ahead and show what you else is happening here. one thing i want to mention too, quick, before we pull out of this area. the red box here, that is the tornado watch. notice where we have got the actual tornado right now is just outside of the watch so this is
7:21 pm
a good example of how, if you are even near the watch, these storms can certainly be impacting you as well. here is charlotte. everything is doing just fine in charlotte at this time, take you toward greenville, spartanburg, a tornado warning for spartanburg, looks like just east of the downtown area, i-85, along hate. -85 corridor where these storms have been developing and tracking and pushing eastward. we know the storm has already been producing hail, at least the size of quarters and now, doppler radar indicating tornado on the southern part of this storm, moving east northeast along i-85. so you folks need to be taking shelter as well. greenville, you are doing okay. over toward simpson val, we have heavy rain and probably hail in there there you can see live lightning strikes which continue to happen. we will continue to monitor the situation. >> jacqui -- >> tornado watch until 11:00. >> wanted to make you aware of something, information coming out, show the the photos so
7:22 pm
jacqui and i can talk about it national desk is getting this in, from rhonda thomas, in the charlotte area. so you can see how strong the winds are. this happened just moments ago, according to our desk. this is again, not sure if it san ireporter, yjacqui. >> western belmont, a mobile home damage in mecklenburg no word of injuries associated with that. quite a few power lines and fleece western parts of the county as well. >> okay. thank you, jacqui. just starting to come in. make sure you stay tune here to cnn. our meteorologist jacqui jeras on top of it. go to a safe place, as jacqui said. this is serious. lives are saved when do you that when do you what our meteorologists tell you. thank you, jacqui. see you in a bit. meantime, other news here on cnn. it includes this store ray christian militia group raided on several fronts by the feds much the detroit news reports at least seven arrests in three states, including michigan who who and indiana.
7:23 pm
militia members describe themselves as christian soldiers who are preparing to battle the anti-christ. at the moment it is not clear what they are accused of. the fbi, homeland security and joint terrorism task force had a hand in the raids. pope benedict xvi urged christians today not to be intimidated by the chatter of public opinion. the pope has been the target of witt withering criticism over reports linking him to a german priest convicted of child abuse. the new york types says benedict, while head of the munich archdiocese, was told the priest was returning to his duties despite being treated for immediate feel ya. former first lady barbara bush is undergoing routine tests at texas hospital. mrs. bush was admitted to methodist hospital in houston yesterday. she hasn't been feeling well for about a week. a spokesperson for her husband says mrs. bush is expected to leave the hospital in a day or two. afghanistan rolls out the red carpet for president barack obama as he makes a secret trip
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all right. at this hour, president barack obama is on air force one. he is flying home from a surprise trip to afghanistan. he took off the suit jacket and donned the bomber jacket, you see the video from afghanistan and kabul. he spoke to about 2,000 u.s. and allied troops at bagram air base. before that, he met with afghan president car mid karzai to reaffirm the partnership between the two countries. president karzai began with some words of things. take a listen. >> welcoming president barack obama to afghanistan with pleasure and once again expressing my gratitude to the american people for giving
7:28 pm
afghanistan the taxpayers money for the rebuilding and refurbishing the institutions in afghanistan. >> i want to send a strong message that partnership between the united states and afghanistan is going to continue. we have seen already progress with respect to military campaign against -- good governance, rule of law. all the things resulting in an afghanistan that is more
7:29 pm
prosperous, pure, independent, not subject to meddling by its neighbors, a transition will be able to occur so that more and more security efforts are made by this. >> some are calling the site obama's war, right? senior international correspondent nic robertson joins us from london. a little bit of guidance we are getting from our people in washington to talk about the president's visit. he stopped at a hospital, quick meeting about 15 minutes with ambassador eikenberry and general mcchrystal and then goes on and on and also talks about his meeting with car mid karzai. the question is here, is the president trying to send a message to mr. karzai about corruption and what's going on in the country? >> absolutely. everything is at ache for book here, afghanistan, his biggest foreign policy issue and all raids on president karzai. if president karzai can't deliverer on corruption, can't
7:30 pm
help instigate a strong national police force, a strong afghan national army there is no hope of a true reduction in afghanistan and this will have a direct impact on how u.s. troops can perform and how quickly they can get out of the country. one of the key things for president karzai to do is engaging with moderate taliban. really what that means is building confidence across the whole country. president karzai has had a collapse in confidence through -- in the southern and eastern parts of the country, places where the taliban is strong. if president obama can't convince him to make the chances that will make that happen, this will dr. have a direct impact, one can see, on president obama's own re-election chances if afghanistan isn't working out for him. >> let's talk about the afghan president, hamid karzai meeting with the iranian president, mahmoud anna maria this weekend. coincidence, nic? >> certainly iran knows it has a
7:31 pm
huge amount to play. over the past couple of years, anyone you talked to in kabul will say that the iranians have had perhaps the most active diplomatic core of any nation, other states have got tens of thousands of troops in the country, building small clinics, building small educational facilities around the country, but you look in the capital, kabul, the iranians spending a huge amount of money, a huge religious seminary, a religious school, trying to stamp their own influence in the country.we hear reports that they are supplying the taliban. this has been going on a number of years now. iran has a stake in the outcome, political outcome in afghanistan, as does pakistan. pakistan people will tell you play their hand through the prox soifts tall bachbl the iranians played their hand in their way, too. so it is by no coincidence at all i think what we are beginning to here is is the beginning, perhaps, of a diplomatic track, when everyone,
7:32 pm
everyone starts coming in and putting on the table what they are following settle for in kabul, pakistan is one of the stronger pashtun influence. the iranians will have their own influence as well. she used to sport the northern alliance militarily against the taliban. all the country also a long-term engage n afghanistan. no coincidence the iranians are getting diplomatically involved a much higher level than the past years. >> senior correspondent nic robertson, nick nic we appreciate it. did you know the u.s. census asking americans to identify their ray including this one, negro. you will be surprised what else is on the census form. we are going to talk about it in just a little bit. we have some analysts, some guests going to interview. and as you automaker today says good-bye to another famous name plate, a brand synonymous with europe will soon call asia home. my eyes water. but with new zyrtec® liquid gels,
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the u.s. census is supposed to be a simple counting of all americans, right? in reality, questions about race are causing some anger and confusion. question eight focuses on hispanics, but prohibits anyone from claiming hispanic as a race. question nine goes further and includes the outdated term, some think it is outdated, negro, which most african-americans find extremely offensive and many feel long-time racial classifications are no longer accurate or appropriate. filmmaker raquel zapata asked new yorkers to look over the census form. i want you to listen to their responses, then we will talk about all of this. take a look. >> where are you from? >> i'm from the bronx. >> oh, really, born and raised? >> yeah, born and raised. my parents are honduras. different story, different time. >> under the person's race, not
7:37 pm
ethnicity but race what will you pick from white, black, american indian -- >> i put african-american. >> you are african-american? >> yeah. >> cool. >> you talking about after i put hispanic? >> after you identify -- >> yeah. yeah. i put african-american. >> are you at all confused by the racial categories that are offered to latinos in the census? >> absolutely. because there are a lot of african and there are a lot of black that are latino and hispanic. what i also see very interesting is underneath hispanic, latino or spanish origin, you have a mexican, chicano, puerto rican and cuban slot. i was born in puerto rico, all my family is cuban. on top of that i'm white. >> you know if you notice this, but they reintroduced the term negro to the black category. >> knowing greed or negro. negro in english?
7:38 pm
exactly. exactly. >> negroid? >> knowing joe on there right there. >> why would negro be there? it should be african-american. >> you hear the word negro, what do you think? >> slave. it is all politically correct that is what you got to think about you try to include everybody from negro to black or to whatever. >> you think that -- would you choose negro before african-american? >> i wouldn't choose negro. >> would you choose african-american, right? >> yeah, but then you know, called negros before called black and then jumped into black. >> east kwles category is white why is it so easy? white have ethnic versions. >> i wonder why we are all grouped together as white, i wouldn't necessarily know where i am. where i do belong? i got indian in there, too. one drop indian doesn't make me indian, i'm still classified as white. >> do you think that that's fair? do you think the racial categories represent the true
7:39 pm
composition of america today? >> no. >> no. >> do you think that these categories represent the true composition of what america is today? >> i think there are so many people who have so many different races in them that, no, because you're just saying, what are you, very yet ma'am knee, all vietnamese or part? it is like putting you in a box. >> all right. so pass fighting face fault natoing in the census, joining me from new york are raquel who shot that piece that you saw for us, very good stuff. and an editor for the onion and co-founder of jack and jill, jack and jill really good, author of the forthcoming book, how to be black in los angeles. and kristen lander, all the over "stuff white people like." so listen, i'm going to start -- let me start with you, baratunde. you -- i don't know, i never
7:40 pm
thought about it got my census form here and i saw negro, some reason, old school or didn't think about it, i didn't think twice about it. it didn't offend me. >> it's actual any a similar boat. it didn't offend me in the same way that the term 8-track doesn't offend me but feels outdated, somebody were to come over and say let's listen to music and say 8-tracks, think are you in the wrong decade sniffs watching c-span and saw a caller call in and emotionally upset by that because it reminded her of her childhood in the south when that term was used really negatively and the census department's response was, look, we have studied how people have written in answers to this question and trying to be as inclusive as possible. and attempt to be very unklice sive, they have actually upset a fair number of people at the same time. not really offensive to me. it did say black, african-american or negro. and i know some older african-americans who still say negro i'm just saying, sometimes -- just saying. listen.
7:41 pm
that was a great piece, so christian, what did you -- what did you think when you first saw the census form? >> i saw it checked white and sent it in, i would say from watching that segment, shouldn't let white check partially native american because every single white american thinks they are partially native american. >> i know a lot of african-americans who think they are part of native american as well. we are supposedly this big melting pot, right, all different races and different back growns in my family, i have to say, raquel, even though, you know, my grandmother may be caucasian or may be other people see me see they me as an african-american man, sort of how the world sees, you how america sees you, the workplace sees you did you take that into account when you were shooting the film? >> i was offend from a late
7:42 pm
latino perspective. the civil rights movement, i hear and see the term negro it take mess back to the jim crow era. i don't think it was really cool. i was offended by that and people typically describe african-american or black own doesn't mean you are only african-american or black, you can embrace everything that you are. we live in america. you can embrace being native american, even if you are while. embusiness are whoever and whatever you are. >> well, i think it is interesting, i meet people and you find out, you know, because your eye sees one thing and you never know what sun is and they can look, especially if you go down south, see african-americans who look really white and my aunt had blue eyes and some of my cousins have blonde hair but still, they are african-american. and i agree. i think maybe the term maybe outdated. the census saying it is not going to put term, especially knowing groerk the next census the next time around. maybe they are learning there is always a kur much. so, listen what were people's responses, i will stick with you this just on this question,
7:43 pm
raquel, what were people's responses in general about the cent you did they -- did they understand how serious it was to the country or what it means to the country or just taken aback by the language? >> i think because we live in an extremely racialized community, people couldn't get past what the census, participating in the census does for the community. they were taken aback and offended by the inclusion of the term negro and how confusion all this latinos. i'm a latina i'm going to check off the hispanic latino and/or spanish origin, i'm not a spanish origin but racially, it's confusion. i don't think they took the time out to really help people fill out the form, explain you can check more than one box. the people that i spoke to were just stuck on the whole race, race issue and confusion behind to talk about anything else. >> listen, christian, how do we -- everyone says you are color blind, i don't bow live in color blind, i think people see
7:44 pm
people's color and that is part of what is good about america, we are all different and people see each other's color and you don't straight, you welcome differences, right? so what's the solution here as far as acknowledging race without sort of being labeled racist? >> a tough thing. i sought census form and sought words in there negro, african-american or black, i was confused. as a white person, we are desperate to have a black person tell us what to say and we will say it forever but completely confused as well. as far as the solution goes, you know to say something like i don't see color is ridiculous. that is to say you don't recognize this person has a heritage this person hasn't had a different experience in america and that is completely ridiculous. the same time, fail to recognize that person as a human being is a huge mistake and where racism comes from. >> i will ask the same question, listen, i think the thing is here, the -- the question i'm trying to get at is that let's not let this be a distraction or
7:45 pm
is it a distraction because of this one or two words that's on the census form, the greater good that comes out of the census may be overshadowed by just this one issue? >> well, and that greater good is important for people watching this to keep in mind, over $400 billion in federal money are allocated based on census information. redistricting is coming up in a number of states and a number of representatives that folks get in the house of reps will be determined by the census that is real money, real policy implications. i think this it is always going to be a challenge to take a static snapshot that captured everyone in a fluid environment of race. this country was sort of formed in fire of race and our future likely lies in it in some way but no single simple form can really appeal to and respect everyone's different perspective. two latinos or latinas will have a different idea two black people or a black person and a negro are going to have a different idea and i just -- i hope in the next version of this, they keep that in mind but i hope we also recognize the whole art is really imperfect
7:46 pm
and certainly not a science. >> i thank you is incumbent upon us as a people, not a form to do that thank you, bertunde, christian, raquel. appreciate it good to see all of you. president barack obama is returning from a surprise trip to afghanistan. he met with afghan president hamid karzai and reaffirmed the partisanship between the two countries. he also met with military officials at bagram air base and he spoke to a crowd of about 2,000 u.s. and allied troops. the president told them their service is vital u.s. to interests. the coast guard is calling it a noncredible threat but security teams scrambled overnight after reported bomb square on this cruise ship. carnival "sensation" was returning from a three-day trip to the bahamas when the threat caused the ship to stop just off of port canaveral, florida. the coast guard searched the ship and gave it the all-clear by 10 a.m.
7:47 pm
ford motor company is saying good-bye to the volvo name. volvo, which will still be based in sweden will be sold for nearly $2 billion to a company based in china. that's considerably less than the more than $6 billion ford paid for the company just a decade ago. republicans and democrats find something to agree about in mississippi m mississippi, shedding pounds and setting an example for one of the fattest states in the nation. no-charge, scheduled, carefree maintenance. so, what's this punchdub days about? you know, where you punch someone in the arm every time you see a volkswagen. red one. [ baby crying ] test drive? [ male announcer ] with great deals on all 13 models, it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. ♪ it feels like a liner, but protects like a pad. because it absorbs 10 times more. there's nothing quite like it.
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eat right. exercise. garlique. mississippi is one decided something about it. not with legislation, but by hitting the gym themselves. 12 weeks ago, 100 lawmakers began a fit for change mississippi challenge, republican, democrats, and governors' staffers are taking part of it. two of the lawmakers how much weight they've lost. they were pumped too. >> i lost 76 pounds in the paula cox program.
7:51 pm
>> i lost 37. >> all together, we cleared over 1300 pounds. >> why did you do it? why did you decide to do this? >> i got involved because they were going to donate money back to our local school district and i wanted to take the money back home for the students. i have been blessed by being one of the largest losers of weight. it was ant opportunity to say i care about my community and in turn cared about me. >> what about you, representative hinds. >> mine is similar to that. great name in mississippi state university so it's a real easy factor to be a part of what he's doing. and i was overweight and lazy and eating habits were terrible. this was a way to join our colleagues in friendly competition and showed the state and the nation that we're not just fat, we're friendly. we're trying to do something about it.
7:52 pm
>> is this really -- you know, we've been hearing so much about bipartisan not being able to work together, this is an example of bipartisanship, don't you think? in a different way? >> in a different way, we're not in it. we're friends. we can see the other side of the hall sometimes. but it really brought us together. the great time to be a leader. the team leader on my side was a great captain for the city. it was fun, hard work. but when you're sweating together, you have a purpose. >> what are you going to do -- >> for me -- >> what are you going to do, mr. hinds, to celebrate once you're done. >> well, i'm going to go back and run around the weight room with a huge white handkerchief say i surrender. i gave it up. i'm extremely happy that i had the opportunity to spend some weight. i want to spend a lot of time
7:53 pm
with paul trying to help his program. i want to spend a lot of time talking to children about making quality choices. i want to really invest in african-american males because we really don't understand the importance of being in shape and having a healthy life style. it is my dream that we can work for mississippi that will allow us to not be laughed at but celebrated. >> what are you going to do to celebrate? >> i already started celebrating. my own personal goal, i wanted to lose between 25 and 30. so i set that way by eating greatly last night. we had some pork chops. >> better watch those pork chops. hopefully he'll enjoy the pork chops in moderation from now on. the course is almost over and it wraps up with a -k run on tuesday. good luck to them, we wish them well. we talk about social media here.
7:54 pm
we ask for your comments. and this is proof that we appreciate them. the discovery of wreckage of a world war ii bomber like this one prompts a viewer to send me a message on facebook. i tell you about it next. also -- looking at severe weather happening in the south here. and our jacqui jeras is on top of it as well. we want to see if the threat is over. it may not be. jacqui will tell us in a few minutes. don't go away. at sharp, our goal
7:55 pm
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all right, let's get to jacqui jer rals. jacqui, you said the threat isn't over, it's still going on. >> multiple warnings, a new tornado watch that's been issued and extended across parts of
7:58 pm
north carolina, raleigh durham in that threat area. show you the one we're concerned about continues north of the greensboro area right here. we've got reports now when this thing moved through lexington back here, there were multiple mobile homes which were overturned and one confirmed injury reported. this was near the lynnwood area. and in addition to that, when it moved through high point, it was reported a large tornado on the ground near green street baptist church. that cons to move to the northeast, rotating right now. a new tornado warning here for davidson county. this includes you in lexington. that's the next storm that's going to go through for you. and go down to greenberg, spartanburg. still under a tornado warning. continue to get these storms that pop up and move on through. they're going to continue through the next several hours at least through this evening, we could see some action here overnight.
7:59 pm
>> very serious stuff. thank you so much. jacqui, stick around. you may want to talk about this. we got contacted from the bureau. not this one, but something else we'll do later. anyone who got married at the cactus rose wedding chapel in arizona over the last 30 years, they had their ceremony by a convicted murderer by dryman. he served 15 years for murder. a private investigator found dryman living under an alias and if you were married by him, your wedding is still legal. a military bomber that's missing, missing more than 60 years. it's identified as a curtis sb2c hell diver which vanished in a routine flight in august of


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