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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  June 30, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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feel happy. >> reporter: jason carroll, cnn, detroit. >> building up america. that does it for this edition of "360." thanks for watching. >> 25 years ago by sat cross him for the first broadcast of "larry king live". and decades later i talked to
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the guys at cnn and i told them i would like to and "larry king live," then i'll show that this fall on cnn they have accepted. giving me more time for my wife and i to get to the kids little league games. i will still be a part of the cnn family hosting several larry king specials on major national and international subjects. and we will be here for a lot of time until replacement is found. we will be here in 2-fold. tomorrow night, elizabeth edwards will be our special guest. i am incredibly proud that recently made the guinness part of world records for having the longest-running show with the same host and the tames time slot on the same network. i am looking to the future, what my next chapter will bring. for now, for here, it is time to hang up the nightly suspenders. until then, we have more shows to do and who knows what the future will bring. bill morrissey and renominated
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host of real time with bill more on hbo. stand-up comic, best-selling author, we called him and asked him if he would come as an old friend. key will be performing in the new orleans shon in las vegas on the 17th and 18th of july and that the aerostar casino in kansas city on july 30th. thank you. >> i am honored you ask me to take over the desk. i am ready to step down on a moment's notice. >> you are making an announcement tonight to? >> this was tough. it was time. 5 is ready to do it. the cnn folks agreed to it. we sat down and we will do specials. more time with the family. i want to explain that. 01 to do other things that i want to do. >> my father said this the day mickey mantle retired. say it isn't so.
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mickey mantle, you are the mickey mantle of broadcasters. he played 18 seasons and you played more than that. i know some people out there will say it is inappropriate to say too soon for a man who is in his 70s, but it is too soon. i hope your doing this of their own volition and not because of what the media says. >> no pressure from cnn, did not pay attention to that. i love what i do. it was time. >> as long as it is coming from meal and not dictated by "the new york times." >> i did the 25th anniversary week. plus mac i am flying home from a week, and i'm thinking to myself. i have done a 50,000 interviews. i am never going to talk this. i want to go out on new horizons
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and try other things. i would like to stay in some way with cnn. this will thing was put together an four or five days. and i am here and ready to carry on. i will be on tomorrow night. >> he did not understand her. who understands her? >> i liked her. >> who else gets her to come on the show? i never saw or anywhere else. >> we got you a lot. >> i saw her wearing an aquarium on her head. i never saw our state to another human being. i have no idea what she was like before she talked with you. >> i want the staff to retain their jobs, but more time with the wife, more time with the kids and more time to do other things. and other words, i can do things now i was not able to do before. it is nice, there is a freedom. everybody is talking at me.
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>> i think i speak for a lot of people in america who say i will miss you terribly at this hour. there is nobody who does what you do because you had a style, a minimalist style that is gone from television and you are taking it with you. >> except for the specials. >> they called me and i said i have been on vacation for the last two weeks. i am not prepared. larry's style was always over prepare because he wanted to be in the mind of did you are a needed enlightenment. i said if he is not prepared and i am not prepared, that is to that people sitting around staring at each other. >> i used to come on the nighttime radio show, those were the days of arlington, virginia. we go back along way. i will be here every night for quite a while yet. and then i will be free and i will be doing great specials which we will be telling the public about. and this great staff.
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>> glad you are not being fired about your comments. that was it. >> let's get into the news of the day because you never leave. petraeus, he is the new eisenhower. >> he has that kind of reputation. he is an impressive guy. so is mcchrystal, by the way. i know that his comments in the "rolling stone" were inappropriate or whenever. i am not a fan of our policy in afghanistan. it bothered me that if i like mcchrystal who literally does more before 9:00 and i do all day, when they say that slogan, that pertains to me. he does more before 9:00 a.m. that i do all month. he has to go because he fought off the record, maybe he does not have time to follow as we do what goes on in the culture, and the civilian culture.
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and what i read was that part of the reason why they got so much access was because of the volcano and they were stuck in the airport and they could not leave. they had nothing to do but talk to each other. that here is a guide, and they do not agree with the policy but that is not his job. he is a soldier. he is doing incredible things before 9:00 a.m. and he has to leave that job because of some gossipy level the yes. it bothers me. he and the president agree on a policy you disagree with. and everybody off the record talks about everybody else. >> that is not new. you are not doing it in front of the "rolling stone" guy. >> when we get off the air, we will gossip. but there is not a reporter around. and you are leaving.
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and we will take a break on that note. lots more to talk about. why he thinks afghanistan is wrong. after this.
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on the air every night. and i am indebted to them. always will be. what do you see our job in afghanistan has been? >> that could have been any control room. let's be honest. that could have been on "american idol." they all look the same. the question, afghanistan. what about? i do not think we should be there. i have said it. >> larry: but obama said he favored it. get the taliban out. >> this is part of the problem. i have said many times on your show is that it is funny. people talk a lot about how polarized this country is. actually, the problem is the opposite. we are not polarized. we are homogenized. we at two party is that one policy.
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we do not have enough difference between the two parties. >> larry: fighting over health care, the supreme court. >> both parties where for drilling. obama came out for that. both parties do not bite and control. do not fight for gun control. i can name and number of issues and afghanistan, both parties believe that terrorism has a solution from our military. we do not have a party who stands up for the other point did you. >> larry: which is? >> i think at this point, they would be saying to themselves we are creating more terrace and we're killing. we just had the times square ballmer. the guy who locked himself out of his car bomb. the al qaeda, the christmas day bomber could not blow up his hands. he did not make gasoline
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explode. let's spend a trillion dollars and 2/3 of our military fighting these people. i do not understand that you of it. john kerry said it well in the 2004 election when he ran on this idea that terrorism is best what with law enforcement. with spy agencies. that is how you fight this. you do not fight it with an army. and has been disappointing that this president>> larry: why do you think he supports it so much? >> he feels he is pulling out of iraq and the democrats are seen as the party that is soft on war and soft on the macho stuff. he has to have some work going. to say we're going to double down on this but we are pulling out any yearpeerk these people and afghanistan, they have
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outlasted the invaders for hundreds of years, thousands of years. teacake alexander the great out of there. they defeated the british. the idea we are staying there one more year is instilling a fear in them? >> larry: he said it was russia's biggest mistake to ever get involved in. fighting rocks, caves. >> he said the people who stormed the beaches at normandy were not trying to win any buddies hearts and minds. you know, either we are in that to win it or we are not. >> larry: longer than vietnam. where does it go, do you think? what does happen? what happens? >> we have said what happens. we are pulling out in a year. what is the point of the people who are going to die between now and year later? that is the question. that is the john kerry question. how you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake.
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>> larry: was he right to fire mcchrystal? >> i think here is a guy that is trying his hardest to implement the policy that may not be as. i hate to see a guy taken down for gossip. i think the way to fight this is not the way they are doing it. i look at the terrace and the plots we have stopped in recent years. i think they are home grown. obama's policy is really not that different than bush's policy. he used to say we are fighting them over there and we will fight them over here. redneck it. obama is just the tenor of two deals. it is the same policy. he may enunciated better but it is the same thing. they are ready here. we do not have to fight them over there. the times square bomber, he was an account. >> larry: something else big will happen. are you saying you cannot be
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terrorism? >> they are here and are incited to violence. >> larry: how do you feet terrorism? >> you do not defeated. it is not a war, robbery does not and, you contain it and fight it as best it can. >> larry: no victory day. >> went to listen to what the terrorists who have tried to attack us say, they are mad that we are in afghanistan, that we are in iraq. it is american foreign policy. to make an analogy to the oil which is the only thing i can think of these days, the terrorist genie is out of the bottle. the oil is gushing and now the problem is how we stop it from getting to the shore. hataway stop the terrace from launching their attacks because they are trying to. luckily they are idiots. >> larry: luckily. they cannot all be its. we will talk about the supreme
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>> larry: and our special guest on what is our special night. the confirmation hearing. last night, the panel when they were not talking on each other, they said it is baloney. they go to the motions and the senators make speeches and she will be confirmed. to you share that you? >> i think she will. it is especially bologna with this nominee because she is a blank slate. it is not like she has a long history of controversial
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decisions. >> larry: she had the support of presidents. she is the solicitor general. >> compared to other nominees in the past to have something to go off of? she is completely qualify. she has done nothing controversial. we are in a state, and i am contradicting myself, where there is available of partisanship that is just ridiculous. whatever the blue team does, the red team will be against. >> larry: when the conservative was nominated, the blue team was that. is all the same pair>> this was started by the democrats. before they opposed, the first one where before that, supreme court nominees, the president won the election. is his. >> larry: no confirmation hearings. >> you see it with bp.
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weather republican congressman came out defending bp, this was an astounding. it shows they are so insane about barack obama. whatever he is for, they will be against. even if that matters, if it means there a long political destruction. who would defend bp? at obama came out tomorrow and said i have a cure for cancer, the macaulay press, say, hold on. we are not sure this is the right thing to do. we get a lot of money from the cancer people and we are, this could affect jobs. what about the people who care cancer and what about the people who operate on people. they would find some argument to be pro cancer. >> larry: if she is confirmed, all nine justices will be graduates of ivy league law schools. any concern over that? they're all supposedly
12:23 am
brilliant. >> they should all be from pace college? >> larry: remember that guy that said we should have mediocrity? >> that does not bother me. we want people from our elite institutions of higher learning. ely is a bad word but i happen to like ely people who are really in their fields. if i have heart trouble, i want an elite dr. there you go. what worries me is that there are now, as always have been in the past, no acs on the court. >> larry: no buddhists, no agnostics, the justices will either be catholic or jewish. >> it does not matter to me, they are all believers. when the issue of separation of church and state comes up, the issue is slightly loaded for them. >> larry: they are believers. >> so what? is 15% is not.
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>> larry: you are calling for an atheist on the court. >> i rationalist, someone who does not believe in magic. tom paine. that is right. when: back dresses up as tom paine, he is obviously never read the book. >> larry: i do not think he would agree with him. >> not even a little bit. they think the founding fathers were elitistspeerk they were intellectuals. there were european. they were thinking everything they were not. the founding fathers would not have lunch with him. we will try to draw him out in the next segment. every time, it is hard with this. writing the easy road. you're watching "larry king live." we will be right back. get out o. then...well, i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating,
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>> larry: we're getting great messages and thank you for your
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kind words. i do not want to toot my own horn. >> you do not want to tweak your own horn. i just checked my tweek and they're asking me to ask you some questions. they are saying this is your night. we were talking on the break about your love, and you loved sports. tell them what you just told me about why it is great to get up in the morning. >> larry: if you are not a sports fan, most of your day is predictable. most every day. but to the sports fan, if you are a baseball fan, when i get up this morning, my god. 14 games. and ucla is playing. >> it is predictable. >> larry: no its not, who is going to win? is not boring care>> i had a writer who said if baseball was any slower it would be farming.
12:29 am
>> larry: but baseball is athletic chess. no one has ever hit .500. is the most difficult game to play. when you are into baseball, those causes are part of it. >> i cannot imagine you being happy. what is the diversion from. you are a creature of routine care cakes breakfast at the same place every day. you get up, you come here. without that. >> larry: there have to be other things to do. i need diversity. >> what is the first thing you want to do? professionally? >> larry: i will do what comes along. i do not know. i can do anything i want. i like making speeches and doing, he. he saw me do a comedy. i like making people laugh. >> you will not be standing in the gulf like anderson cooper? scrubbing of an acreage. >> larry: i might do an hbo comedy special. i would like to do that.
12:30 am
let's get today 70 of the oil disaster. what do you make of this? >> i was at a bp station today, and when i finished filling my tank, i left the compound running. and i think everyone should do that until the sense. after you fill-up, leave the compound running. it is poetic justice. i have never been as depressed about a story. i have not been at this quite as long as you. i have a television show for 18 years, i have covered a lot of stories. i am an animal lover and an art lover. i know there are people that think the earth is a hoax, but i think it is real. i would like to keep it. it is just pressing. and what the press is made more than anything else is it does not look like even with this level of catastrophe it is changing anybody's behavior.
12:31 am
they are still calling for more drilling. people like senator of louisiana said it the president stops drilling, this could potentially be devastating for louisiana. as opposed to what it is, which is actually devastating pair are you kidding? what has to happen before people change? >> larry: it gobbles up oil. are you going to get people to stop driving? >> i have an electric car. i have been driving hybris for years. we could change. if we have started to change will we should have in the '70s, we will all be driving electric cars. >> larry: bp did not do this deliberately. this is a major accident. would you stop airplane flying a plane crash? >> now. first of all, they shouldn't have a contingency plan. it cannot excuse them for that,
12:32 am
kenya? >> larry: but you can't criticize the president on the moratorium. you can say of course, something bad happens 1 place, you stop at every hour? >> we should not be drilling offshore oil. the president that voted for should not be for that. before the well-i thought that was a horrible decision he made. >> larry: when he increased it. >> when we began drilling. where is the other party? where is the person that represents me and the millions of people like me. if he is for drilling and for afghanistan, where do i go? i do not have the tea party on the left. >> larry: you were surprised that he was not angry. when i interviewed him he said he was angry, but it was later in the game. he said what he wanted to do? you want him to jump up and down? >> i am not one of those people who complains he is not emotional. cradling and aigrette going why? that is silly. people do not want the law
12:33 am
professor. they want him, i pity the full. who will soil the speech. i like it that if he is. i cannot fault him terribly on how we handled this but the fact that he came out for drilling before this, you have to look at the big picture. the environment, as an issue, consistently ranks dead last in polls when they ask the american people what is important to you. >> larry: you know -- >> how old are your kids? what do you think the world will be like when they are middle-aged? they are part of the cleanup committee. >> larry: the great author wrote and i had an opportunity to interview him. he said when you talk to a man about generations not yet born,
12:34 am
it doesn't mean a thing. >> except those generations are born. they say in 50 years there will be no fish in the ocean. we will have finished and out. there was a magazine story this sunday about the and of the bluefin tuna. we were talking about this today on the show i was telling you about, that i am producing, the science pilot. it is in mankind's nature not to change to forestall disaster but just to let it happen and then adapt. i think that is what people do. in 50 years, if there is no fishing we have killed all the animals, the only thing that will be left as cockroaches and jellyfish. and people will eat that. they will be like, it is not as good as the burgers and chicken i used have and the tuna was delicious. but bring it on. i had the jellyfish and a cockroach and we shot up an ally in meeting it. is how people adopt in prison.
12:35 am
if i went to prison, i would kill myself that people don't. they are like, i am not homosexual but i am here. i am querulous get used to it. >> larry: for someone not prepared to not, your honor all. i guess is bill marr. gerri weintraub is here friday night. it is a riot. a great book out. and this is, friday night. and the wailing dogs, you're going to like them thursdaypeerk they stop the people who kill whales. the whale worse. they go out and stop the japanese killing whales they are here thursday. now we will be right back with bill markair cannot go away. just got better. - good stuff, craig. - we're dating. [ announcer ] snapple. the best stuff on earth just got better. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ]
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>> larry: what is the great title? >> hdl will think i put you up to that. we were talking on the break. >> larry: they are our sister network. before we get to the ruling of the court on gun control, your reaction to the new vanity fair pole. 24% of americans do not believe obama was born in the united
12:39 am
states. 24%. >> i have read hire, that 24%. that never resonates with me because i have seen that statistics other times before. 24% is the number i saw people who think jesus will return in their lifetime. in their lifetime care before they canceled gossip coral. jesus will come back here which i find egotistical. he is going to want to come back while i am around. just for mepeerk it is also the number 24% that i saw in a poll recently about obama who said he might be the antichrist. might be. so i think that 24%, i think 1 up for americans is just a total that case, larry. i have no hope for these people. but when you look at some of these numbers, especially within the republican party, 67% in the poll i saw recently of republicans think he is a
12:40 am
socialist. even though his top tax rate is did do 1 points below what eisenhower's was. eisenhower -->>larry: he thought he was an agent to the communist party. >> he was the equivalent of the tea party. very far right. back in the day they got there and out of the party. william f. buckley said, we do not have a place for them in the republican party. now it is the reverse not it is down to take over the republican party in if you do not agree with them, you get purged. for a party that talks a lot about how the opposition resembles fascists. they do a lot of pershing. >> larry: is russia a t back.
12:41 am
>> the addition will take care of this. that is what he said. he thinks it is natural. oil is natural. >> larry: you can have again in chicago. >> the republican party sometimes it seems they do nothing but think of new places where you can have a gun. churches, bars, and in arizona. arizona, mike ferris state. should remit self. in arizona, guns in a bar. i cannot begin to formulate a routine because it is too easy. >> translator: the right to bear. >> the second amendment does not
12:42 am
talk about individuals. we lost that battle a long time ago. ever since al gore, they say lost the 2000 election because of his stance on gun control, lost his home state of tennessee, no democrat has had the guts to come out. another issue where we do not have to back policies. two parties and one policies. we loved guns. >> larry: why do we love guns? >> having said that, i have again and i am not giving up. there are too many other nuts out there with guns. that is the thing. that is understandable. is a case of no going back. we are such a gun culture and so many people already have guns that you do not want to be in your home if somebody breaks and then they have guns. >> larry: i interviewed an inspector once and he could not believe that anybody would have guns. it was beyond his sense of belief.
12:43 am
>> but in england which is to be no guns is becoming americanized. >> larry: this guy in chicago was a street guy who he did stuff that obama used to do. he wanted a gun because he lives in a neighborhood where he is scared. that is the case that 1 pair>> the idea that you can take this in public, where we can have a wherever we go because in case there is a criminal has again and he starts firing, you want to have a gun to protect yourself or maybe your children because what protects children better than "crossfire". remember "crossfire"? >> larry: de ole miss "crossfire"? >> no, but i miss you already. >> larry: i will be here for awhile. maximum, november. but then i will be doing specials and you will see me and
12:44 am
other places. i am free. >> to do you want to sit there after you go? if you had your druthers. >> larry: i cannot be objected because they do not know his feelings or his interest in politics but ryan c. kraus to his on his way to paris right now. he is interesting, he is likable. >> maybe he is interested in politics. isn't that a key part of a job? >> larry: he has a great interest in politics, i would recommend him. i am sure there is a ton of people who would do it. it is q&a. >> it is deceptively easy if i make another analogy. he said it is easy but it is not. >> larry: we will be right back with bill more. do not go away.
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what's up tonight, anderson. >> i will get to that and a moment. i heard the news that you are scaling back and hang up the suspenders. i am stunned and i am said. >> we will be around awhile. i want to do other things and move on. there will always be, a question for anderson? >> i know your kids and your wife will be happy to have your around to go to ball games a lot more. do you have a question for anderson cooper? >> due to engineer this? i am here in the gulf, i have been here six weeks.
12:49 am
>> larry: thanks for your comments, anderson. what is really. >> we are at audubon aquatics center outside new orleans weather and a dolphin, sea turtles that have been rescued from the oil. the sea turtles here have been rescued from the oil. we will show you how these sea turtles are being saved. hurricane alex, bad news for cleanup efforts in the gulf. skimming has stopped and the coast guard says boats will remain in port until the weather calms. blogger updates throughout the hour and a tropical storm is not the only thing slowing down the efforts. the local paper reporting that for everybody out there skimming a little, there are another format available in the united states not being used by bp. against alleging they are slowing it down on purpose to save money. we are keeping them honest. live from the gulf. on 360. >> larry: joining us on the phone, maybe the most beloved
12:50 am
lady in america, the former first lady, nancy reagan. thank you for calling in. >> how nice of you without my calling you. you didn't call me and ask my permission. >> larry: you know, that's the way she was. if i was in office, i wouldn't have been allowed to do this. nancy said, bang, and you don't do it. you check with nancy, don't you? >> i asked her to read the charts. >> larry: nancy, you're awfully sweet. we'll get the whole gang together, the wife and everybody and we'll do lunch. >> okay. >> larry: nothing is forever. but it's -- there's new things ahead. >> yeah. you're -- you haven't planned anything else, have you? or if you did, you wouldn't tell me. >> larry: what did you say? >> she said you haven't planned anything else. >> larry: no, but i feel open to so many things. >> yeah. >> larry: life will be better. >> well, good. as long as it's better. that's fine. >> larry: thank you, nancy. >> but lots of luck, larry.
12:51 am
>> larry: thank you. you're a doll. >> i'll miss you. >> larry: i'll miss you, too. well, i'll see you. nancy, she's a super lady. thanks, nancy. >> i think it's great that you're so forward-looking. this country is so youth oriented and we forget that even people over 30 have lives and can continue to have lives. and that you don't get stuck in one thing. >> larry: speaking of older, you know who's on the phone? regis philbin is on the phone. >> what an intro for regis. speaking of senility, regis is on the phone. >> larry, i'm totally surprised by this. for some reason, i feel very badly about it. >> larry: no, don't. >> there's always been a larry king. all of a sudden, i can't believe that we're not going to see you on during the week at night in the fall. >> larry: well, it will be some time in the fall. i'll be doing specials. i'll pop up elsewhere. when are you going to leave the daily grind? >> well, i feel like leaving the same time you do at this point.
12:52 am
but i think the -- i think bill maher is totally responsible for this. >> no, no. not at all. >> larry: in what way, regis? >> just by being there. bill maher has cast his spell on you. >> no. i -- i would do anything to keep larry in this chair. >> so would i, bill. i'm only kidding. >> i know. >> it's like i said, larry king has always been there, always been there. i'm going to miss you terribly, larry, because, frankly, you're one of a kind. >> larry: well, so are you, reg. >> i'll miss your suspenders, i'll miss your voice, i'll miss everything. >> larry: i'm not going away. >> okay. that's what i want to hear. that's why i called. i want to make sure you're not going away. >> larry: you're a doll, regis. i'll see you in new york. >> good night, bill. take care, guys. >> good night. >> that was not regis. that was an impressionist, but he did a fantastic regis. >> larry: did you see the guy at
12:53 am
the mirage in vegas? >> what guy? fred ganz? >> larry: no, the impressionist. not the -- the ventriloquist. the ventriloquist. i'm going to -- never mind. >> edgar bergen. that's the last ventriloquist i can remember. is anyone in the age of the internet and wifi still doing ventriloquism? >> larry: the guy at the mirage in vegas. terry fater. have you seen him? >> i've never heard of him. >> larry: he has a ten-year contract at $10 million a year from the mirage. i saw him once at this cancer event they do that i emcee every year. jay leno was the comic and jay brought him on. he appears in the room. he's the greatest ventriloquist ever. he has 132 puppets. >> sort of like saying he's the tallest midget, but okay. i'm not a big fan of
12:54 am
ventriloquism, but okay. i'll go, larry. let's get tickets. we'll get nancy reagan and we'll go out there together. you, me, anderson cooper and nancy reagan will all be out there to see the tallest midget. whatever. we have time to do it now. >> larry: i'll be back. we're losing control. we're losing control. we'll be right back.
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
definitely will. i just want to say, larry, what a monument of vitality you have built for all of us.
12:58 am
and i cannot wait to see your specials because everybody in the world wants to talk to you, and to see you do them in a concentrated way when you choose to do them is going to be a thrill. >> larry: thank you, diane. when we do the last week of "larry king live," we hope you'll come on as one of the guests that week. >> i will definitely be there. put me down in ink. >> larry: congratulations on the anchoring. that's a great gig for you. >> thank you. thank you. and, again, we -- we love and honor you. >> larry: thank you. nice lady. >> yeah. she does a great job anchoring the news. >> larry: terrific talent. >> she's really easy to take. that's what that job is, someone that's really smart, credible, easy on the eyes, like you, larry. >> larry: okay, bill. we've got about a minute left. >> apparently a minute too much. >> larry: give me a forecast on the elections. >> you know what? >> larry: how many republicans pick up how many house seats? >> i don't know. you know, it looks tough for obama right now, but when you look at -- of course they
12:59 am
haven't really made their case yet, but he probably did stave off a depression. you know, when he came into office, the economy was heading right over a cliff. they'll make that case. he got health care, which no president has been able to accomplish and all have tried in the last 60 years. he got this financial reform package. i mean, it's not perfect. none of it is perfect, but politics is the art of the possible. look, i climb up on his ass every time i can because that's my job too, keep him honest and push him more to the left. but you know what? objectively, it's a pretty successful first term. and it's only half over. i think they could run on that. if the democrats do what they don't usually, do which is make their case, i think they can do a lot better than people think. >> thanks, bill. thanks for doing this. >> thanks, larry. >> larry: stop. the last night do this. bill, i'm here. >> larry. don't go. larry.


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