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tv   John King USA  CNN  September 17, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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me on "john king, usa" starts right now. big breaking news to close out an already dramatic week. i'm told that more cow ski of lak is planting to mount a write-in campaign in a long shot bid to keep her seat. just as her archrival in alaska politics is delivering a big speech in the presidential state iowa. they go well beyond the personal rivalry between more cow ski and palin. it's another eruption of the tea party and the establishment and it's the second big threat this week. let's begin tonight with the breaking news as we break down a big day and a big week in politics.
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joe klein is in the middle of a cross-country conversation with voters and he's in iowa. and james carville, i want to talk with you first in the sense of just with murkowski mounting a write-in bid, the tea party establishing tensions, what is in the water this year? >> well, you know, we have something that's bad and wars that overtime it produces great turmoil. we're seeing great turmoil in the system. look, the tea party and the republican party has more influence than organized labor and ave can americans combined. 48% of the republicans identify with them. so it's not that they -- they're hyler energized, and it's not surprising if you step back that ire doing well in these republican primaries and they're causing a lot of heart burn.
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>> but david gergen, she loses about three weeks ago. she's going to write a strong write-in campaign. you have to assume she knows the odds are incredibly long, and yet she wants to do this. >> it's a bizarre year, isn't it, john? and there's no question that if she gets in, it could easily split the republican vote and allow that seat to become a democratic seat. that would be a second potential major loss for republicans this week. so there is -- there's a -- from a republican standpoint just trying to gain seats, gain power in the senate, think this is a setback for the party overall. but it obviously reflected that this is a volatile year. she thinks she's got a clear and clearly there's something very personal about this, and there's a sense of hatfields versus mccoy. >> there is a hatfield versus mccoy. if you're sitting at home saying
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why do i care about an alaskan senate race, let me show you this in context. the republicans need ten seats. these are all democratically held right now. they hope they can win ten of the 13. if they don't hold them, then mitch mcconnell would be the majority leader. however, they do have a seat in florida now held by republicans, a three-way contest down there. some think it's a potential they could pick up a new hampshire seat. probably not fwhaurks one could be in play. and now alaska complicates things. lisa murkowski most republicans say she could win awright-in campaign. what if the tea party gets one slice of it and she gets another. then a democrat could win the seat. as a republican when you watch the tension between the tea party and the establishment and you watch the view of the
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republicans, the long shots of hopes of getting senate is getting away. >> are you trying to bait me by trying to call me a republican rather than a conservative? >> aren't you both? >> i am. look, it's all good. i hope murkowski doesn't do that. the reality is real. it's a good year for republicans, a good year for conservatives. this is a big party. this is what happens when you get big decisions. lisa's been there a while. there's a sense of entitlement of the murkowski seat, but this game came along and pushed her away. i hope we gain the senate but look at the larger context. this is going to be a big republican conservative wave. >> joe klein, you're in two great spots. number one, you're at a dipper where sarah palin will speak and you know as well as i do her
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blood feud with the murkowsk i feud. in a sense, you're looking at the ideological screaming match going on across the america between the parties and with the parties and a lot of them saying what about me. >> that's exactly right. now, you've got notice what bill bennett did. it's a very interesting and intelligent thing. the republicans throughout this year have been playing the stupidest politics mid election. they're claiming that they're going win the house or win the senate. they could win 38 seats in the house an it will be seen as a catastrophe because they didn't overcome. they could win as bill bennett said six or seven seats in the senate. excellent year, but it will be seen as a loss because they didn't take the majority. i've been around too long but i don't understand the republican strategy this year. as for the folks, the people i've been meeting with. they don't understand either the democrats or the republicans.
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they are not, you know, first-shaking tea-party angry, but they are very anxious and very concerned. they really don't like the bailouts. they're really confused about the stimulus. and who know as what this health care plan is about. but it's a really -- the public is in a very thoughtful intro expectative and interested mood right now, not too pleased with the obama administration but not too pleased with the republicans either, especially when you see ga games like the ones going on in alaska happening. >> so in the middle of this, voter, people who haven't made up their mind in the center of american politics like at this, today there was a fascinating display. the values voters summit in washington. usually it's a state for kristian conservatives who for so long had interest, overshadowed quite a bit this year by the tea party movement so today we saw what some thing of as a shotgun wedding of
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sorts. people teaching the value of a tea party. at center stage, christine o'donnell, who's been the big story all week because of her big upset. she's a tea party favorite, just won a republican delegation in delaware but she recently worked. listen to christine o'donnell speaking at this conference. >> the small elite don't get us. they call us whacky. they call us wing nuts. we call us we the people. we don't always agree. we don't always share the same strategy memos. we don't always endorse the same candidates or speak off the same talking points. we're loud, we're rowdy, we're passionate. >> is this, bill bennett, a shotgun wedding in the sense that if you go to tea party weddings a lot of them are conservative on the socialist issues but they're libertarian. they don't want congress
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debating the issues. if they're going to be debated they want them debated back at home, not by washington. >> there are a lot of people who are conservative, a lot of people identify themselves as conservative, 35%, and they would agree with the comments of christine o'donnell and the basic tenets of the pea partea movement. the bump per sticker i come up with and i appreciate joe klein's comments, lower expectations. it's not that people are greatly enthusiastic about us or conservatives but ha they're saying on the bumper sticker, not sure, but not this. they know they don't want what they've got now and we're the alternative. >> if you take away the anti-obama, am tie-democratic, anti-washington, antispending on the right, could they stay together if you didn't have the
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democrats. >> you're talking about such a huge force. if you take away that, i'm not sure what there is left this year. look, look. i think what's been interesting about this values conference today -- and i wasn't there. and by the way, think bill bennett's book was on sale there today. i'm sure it sold a lot. >> i'll be addressing it tomorrow. >> you've got a double hitter here. i think what's interesting, john, is the way they're squaring the argument. christine o'donnell has been doing that for days now and seeing her standing there, talk about palin 2.0, watching her on television, didn't that remind you of someone else? >> they've been squaring the economy by saying if you want a strong economy organization view to have strong family and issues. i don't know if they've driven that point well in the past. for them the stand up and join
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together, it was smart. this has been in many ways stupid republican mistakes here but on this issue, i thought they were showed some shrewdness. >> we need to work in a quick break. palin 2.0. that's christine o'donnell. we'll talk about her impact. the white house weighed in today. stay right there. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic. ♪ an accidental touch can turn ordinary into something more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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on a big night in politics. let's continue the conversation. i'm john king in washington. joe klein is in iowa. he's in a room where sarah palin will speak in a minute. it's the ronald reagan dinner. it was at a time when people said it was lost in the wilderness. is sarah palin, is that her goal now? robert gibbs seemed to think so. >> i have no doubt she is a formidable force in the republican party and may well be, in all honesty, the most formidable force in the
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republican party right now. >> bill klein as you're in that room to wait for sarah palin to speak tonight at the ronald reagan dinner, that that's what people think, she's there because she wants to say vote for me? >> they always think that. but think this room, this republican party is perfectly matched for sarah palin because it is a very religious conservative evangelical party. those sorts of people always do well in the iowa caucuses. so, you know, i don't know what she's going to do, but, you know, this is certainly the sort of thing that you see a politician who's running for president doing all the time. >> and, bill bennett, after the last presidential election people scoffed at the notion that sarah palin could come back, she didn't perform very well. but if you look at the terrain this year, what happened, the tea party success coast to coast, you have to say you counter at great risk.
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>> you do, certainly in terms of excitement and buzz and turning out in a crowd, which is what they want to do, and certainly other places that have invited sarah palin. i understand her national ratings aren't so good. she's a star, she sounds great, she presents herself well and she's emblematic of the excitement and passion and some of the resentment that e's goin on in washington that somany people feel. whether people would vote for her for president or not her message carries further than that. >> the question is can it change the dynamic in our discussion in politics? one reason to do it would be to keep the seat in delaware, not allow christine o'donnell to shock the system this week but again in november. chris coons is the democratic candidate the vice president of the united states was out campaigning with chris coons. it appears to me chris coons understands this is not last year's delaware and he, too, had better reach out to those tea party voters. >> we hear a lot of frustration,
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a lot of anxiety. folks agree with many that the administration has made great progress, but we have not yet gotten the chachbl we all voted for in 2008. >> james carville, standing next to the vice president of the united states saying we have not gotten the change we voted for in 2008. >> right. well, john, it's not fair. they get to talk about sarah palin, and i get to talk about chris coons. >> that's it. there we go. . think he recognized -- i think he's recognizing the reality, you know. the reality is one-track country now and he understands that, and i think what the guy said is effective. it makes sense. i mean you can't go out and -- we've been saying this. you can't go out and convince people that everything is working because they don't believe that. so, you know, you've got to draw some contrast. i think he'll do fine.
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>> david gergen and joe klein, if i can sneak you n quickly, i will. i want you to listen to bill clinton on jon stewart last night, the challenge he says that faces president obama. >> i don't think i did a very good job of explaining it, but what we had done, but we had a version of what he's facing now, which is we had done thing yet, that's true here on steroids. >> talking about his failure to break through in 1994 when the democrats lost, of course, both the house and the senate. >> he's absolutely right, but the people didn't see it -- how big the wave was that was coming. this time people see it. you know, it's been out there on the horizon for a long time now, but i think president clinton to this day feels the justification. helt care, he took a bath on, as you know. gun control, he took a bath on
7:18 pm
that, but he bounced back. i think president obama has got a much, much tougher road in how to bounce back on this and governor in the next two years. >> quickly, the people you're talking to, they don't feel the economy is getting better, do they? >> no, they're really worried about the economy. clinton was always great. obama should be sued. he gave 95% of the people a tax cut and none of the people know it. this is amateur hour. >> all right, joe klein, david gergen, james, bill bennett, thank you. a lot more coming up. you don't want to miss this. worried about your mortgage or your credit card rates keep going up? >> when we come back, one on one with elizabeth warn, with building the agency that's supposed to help you with consumer protection. you don't want to miss that. it's friday night. movie night. break out the popcorn. lumber jac and politics.
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welcome back. let's check in with joe johns for the latest news you need to know right now. >> hey, john. virginia's governor has just rejected a clemency request for a death row inmate for a woman to be scheduled for execution. teresa lewis is now set to die by lethal injection thursday evening. six men are under arrest in britain in connection with an alleged terrorist plot against
7:23 pm
pope benedict 16th. he is fine. today he became the first pope ever to pray in the westminster cathedral. there are two storms to keep an eye on. hurricane karl is expected to cause torrential flooding and mexico. in the atlantic hurricane igor could hit bermuda late sunday president obama sidestepped today by naming elizabeth warren. she'll set up the new government protection agency. >> from now on consumers will also have a powerful watchdog, a tough independent watchdogs who job it is is to stand up for their financial interests, for their families futures. >> john, it seemed like he avoided a side show. but sometimes, you know, avoiding the side show you end up getting a bitter side show. >> remember, there's a big fight over keeping the agency and then a fight over keeping the agency.
7:24 pm
i want to remind you what it's about and what they will do and what some say the banks are trying to circumvent the new law. when it is up and running it will be housed under the federal reserve. it's at the treasury temporarily as it gets started. the idea is to have a new powerhouse agency to regulate credit cards and mortgages. if you have a complaint, this is supposed to be the agency that helps you. now, what's happening though in the meantime, this law will take effect. all the financial industry knows it's coming. what do we see happening in the interim? annual fees, up 18%. balance transfer fees up 33%. penalty interest rates, up 3.4%. you get the picture. banks know this is coming, and so they're raising fees. we've also seen this. you maybe get this in your statement. bank of america raising fees for paper statements, citibank reevokable rebate offers. american suppress, professional
7:25 pm
card fees some of the banks are saying, look, where are the loopholes hourk can we increase our revenue before this new watchdog agency take effect. with all this shtick will they take pressure? when we come back, one on one with the woman protecting your money, elizabeth warren.
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president obama ordered her to take over, take charge in building this new consumer protection agency, elizabeth and i sat down. >> right off the bat, answer your friends out there, your allies who are highly suspicious of this. they think the president did this so you're not in it for the long haul or he did it because he didn't have the backbone to fight for your confirmation. >> you know, i spent a lot of time in conversation with the president over the last few weeks, and we see completely eye to eye on this consumer agency. and, remember, that's not new. this predates his becoming a senator that we have talked about this agency and what it can mean, and i am convinced that he has given me the tools needed to get the job done. so i'm going to pick them up and try to do that. >> does this mean taking the presidential appointment as a special adviser that under no circumstances would you actually be the nominee down the road or is that still the possibility?
7:29 pm
>> what it means is i'm going to focus on getting this job done starting right now. we really have the option -- and i should probably be candid about this. the nomination was on the table as something under discussion, but what nomination meant is that we spend a year and a lot of energy fighting and i don't get to talk, which bothers me, and i don't get to work and it delays that long investigated started on the agency. instead the law is clear on this point. i says the treasury has the power to get this agency up and running. you know, millions of american families are hemorrhaging money right now today and tomorrow and next week on tips an traps and credit products. we're going to fix that. that's what this agency is
7:30 pm
about. >> let me try one more time for those with the idea who would like you to ultimately be the director of this agency. is that a possibility or does this take that off the table? >> i'm sorry, but what i really want to say and what i amteling you and this is what the president and i talked about. i want to worry about monday. i want to worry about this week and the week after, about getting this thing started. that's what this is all about. that's what he asked me to do. he gave me the tools to do it. and listen to me. i am really glad to have the chance to do it. i want do this. >> students of government and conspiracy they're rifts of government always look at an appointment like this and follow the line of command. y the last part has your friends breathe a sigh of relief. they've seen you spar with secretary tear geithner. if you call three or four or five of your friends they will tell you that you've said things
7:31 pm
not completely complimentary of the treasury department. it tells me there's been a testy relationship there. can it work? >> i think it can. i came to washington as part of the congressional oversight panel to do a job, and that was to be -- to ask tough questions on behalf of the american public on how t.a.r.t. money was being spent and that's what i've done. now what the president of the united states has asked me is to join his team and try to work again on behalf of the american people to stand up this consumer agency. now, i should be clear here. i've had many conversations with secretary geithner about this. you know, no one should forget when we're talking about the consumer agency that not only has the president been deeply supportive about this from the beginning, the secretary tear of the treasury has been very
7:32 pm
supportive. he e never negotiated it away, he never tried to weaken it. he was in there for a strong consumer agency from start to finish. when you share that vision with the president, with the secretary of the treasury, myself, and they're willing to say here are the tools to get the job done, then i believe it's worth picking them up and giving it a try. >> why don't bankersi keought t. no? no. >> no. so all right, come on. i shouldn't be cute. there are bankers, sure, who don't like me. some of them haven't met me. some of them have seen enough. but the reality is it depends on where the problems are. there are some bankers who like me. people who want to put out good simple products that folks can understand, what the risks are, understand their risk of
7:33 pm
responsibility about whether they want to do it. those are bankers, i think, who are going to welcome this consumer agency because they're actually going to have a better shot in a competitive marketplace when they're not competing against bankers who figuring out how to make their profits on tricking people and trapping them. >> you talk about the importance of starting monday. >> mm-hmm. >> what's the most immediate thing? what's priority number one in terms of doing something that sends a signal to the industry and to the consumers who might be looking for help? >> there's going to be a meeting on tuesday to start to talk about mortgage disclosures and try to work on the kinds of information that consumers get before they make a choice among mortgages. that's the sort of thing that gets the market up and running. we're talking about tuesday. >> every time the law is passed it has a thing called an effective date, until that comes about it's funny to watch. now we're seeing some evidence of it since the financial
7:34 pm
overhaul law passed. do you see things out there that you believe the banks are dib ratley doing and others are drib lot lay doing to try to create new loop holes or create new fee structures and the like before you're in place? >> i turn to a study in the but charitable foundation in which they were studying the responses of the credit card companies to the new piece os lawful that have come in already in the changes and credit card rules and basically what they said are of all the new rules coming in, the industry had already figured out how to get around most of them by readjusting a little this way, moving a little that way. that is exactly why we have to have a consumer agency. we can't go through this business where you wreck ten fence posts out on the prairie and the banks try to run one way or the other. that's not the kind of relationship woe should have with the financial services,
7:35 pm
it's not good for the consumers or the business. what this is really going to be about is an agency that says let's think of a new way to do this, that makes the product simpler, no fine tricks, no traps, no get it out where people can read it, compare them, and may the best product win. >> someone who may have had a hard time with their credit card company and sees you in this new job, they may start to ask you this question, and it's this one, what's in your wallet. >> i have two credit cards and a driver's license and three pictures of my little granddaughters. >> have you ever had a fight with any of those credit companies? >> nope. didn't need to. >> one last question in closing. >> sure. >> something you wrote in your book a long time ago. you talked about how first lady hillary clinton was a great help to you and you were working with some bankruptcy laws back in the day but senator hillary clinton from new york, you said this.
7:36 pm
as new york's newest senator it seemed hillary could not afford such a big position. big banks were now part of her constituency. they wanted her support and she wanted theirs. is it that easy? is it that easy that congress is for sale? >> no, i don't think that congress is for sale. i think what's real is what the president said this afternoon in his remarks. you know, when he said that the big banks have had plenty of representatives in washington. they've been able to make their point of view heard loud and clear. what my appointment is about is to make sure the view of midd middle-class families is also heard loud and clear. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> elizabeth warren there. when we come back, eric and the tea party candidate in the alaskan race. tonight, the republican who lost will announce a write-in campaign. we'll get eric's take on that
7:37 pm
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let's talk about a big day in politics including with eric. he's at the red state conference in austin, texas. eric, good to see you. you were helpful to joe miller. he won the senate primary in alaska just a about three weeks ago. i'm told in a couple of hours, lisa murkowski will announce a write-in candidacy. not since 1954 has one written in. one can do the math. this could be a threat to joe miller and perhaps help elect a democrat.
7:41 pm
>> right. i'm wondering tonight if anybody named more low ski wants to run. yeah, she's going to write in. it's going to be understanding to sue how they respond. if she runs against the senate republican nominee i think the senate republicans need to strip her of her position on the energy committee. they could take her out of the commission but that's kind of miningless. they need her to lose the seat so she doesn't have that talking point. >> but is it evidence still of the tensions not just in alaska but in many states. we saw it in delaware this past week where the tea party and the establishment to win election in november -- you can win primaries but to win elections in november, in most places they'd better be on the same page. >> well, yeah. you know, it's interesting. if you look around the country, the story you usually hear is that the conservatives get very angry and they take their
7:42 pm
football and go home or go third party. this year you have bill mccolllum not wanting to endorse rick scott. charlie crist leaving the party. around the country, arlen specter jumping ship to the democrats. the establish guys from washington, whether they're republican or democrat flank are so intent on hanging only power they just can't get it when the voters tell them know. >> we have spent so much time. they have surprised them from coast to koecoast. party of the republican base for quite some time. a values summit here. i want you to listen to some of the perhaps future presidential contenders on the right appealing to the base. >> we will not be silent on the issue of the unborn and we will not be silent on the value of everybody human life from the moment of conception to the end of life. >> people are reclaiming our inalienable rights given to us by almighty god and they're
7:43 pm
desighting to alter their government. this is a wonderful gift. >> they're trying to fundamentally change the way america works, and we will not let them do it. >> the tea party movement has succeeded so far by focusing on spending and taxation and too much power in washington. is there any fear in the conservative movement at all that having a sharp focus these past couple of days on this conference on the social issues that don't play well among independents could be troublesome? >> no, not really. i know nrsg chairman mentioned the as well that independent voters aren't really social issues voters, but you know that's not on the forefront of voter this year. this is just talking to the base. the democrats do the same, whether they go to a union group or gay rights group or what have you. this is how democrats and republicans both talk to the base. largely it flies under the radar of the independents, and when these people get on the campaign
7:44 pm
trail they're still talking jobs. but you know you can't win an election with independents. i know we like to talk about wooing independents but yo have to get your base there first and fire up the base. >> give me a sense. you're with the base right there, people who follow your blogs, support red candidates you have supported and done quite well, but that was yesterday. what about from now to the election in the sense? what's the mood? >> you know, the issue i keep hearing over and over is can this energy be sustained, can the tea party be sustained. yes. people getting here for this conference are extremely excited about what's coming. the fear now is overconfidence, people wanting to sit at home thinking it's a done deal and it's not. the danger for the republicans is the danger we've seen for the incumbe incumbents. the guys in washington need to be careful. it's a fire. they can get burned. even the people -- frankly each people like me and jim deminude.
7:45 pm
there are lessons to be learned on both sides. how far out do you go, where do you go and what do you push? if they give up on those issues they're going to get burned. >> i appreciate your time tonight. i appreciate that lesson in history. we'll see you soon. when we come back, break out the pop governor. a damning new report about stimulus. here's why you need the popcorn. we'll also have a little friday night at the movies. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus
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it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. first we'll debate a little substance, then we'll have a little fun. joe johns, republican rich galen, he's publisher. all right. so the vice president today put out another one of his reports on the stimulus program of the recovery act as he likes to call
7:49 pm
it and he's talking about the top 100 projects often the country. the vice president was very happiful he said with recovery projects like this we're starting to turn the page on a decade of failed economic policies and rebuild our economy on a new foundation that created good middle-class jobs. they've been trying for months. the democratic controller of the city of los angeles issued add report. they said the city has received 111, $111 million in stimulus funding so far and has created # 55 jobs. this is a -- >> with the city of bell in california, that's about what they're make snog that's hard. 45, 46 days from an election when for this program it's huge to have a democratic official in a democratic city say we're not handling this very well. >> well, that's a little less than ideal, i would concur. >> a little less than ideal. >> i would say one thing which is in all seriousness. we've had republicans who talk
7:50 pm
about this, mark zandi who's done an overall plan and overall amount saying it really did save millions of jobs, and there can be criticism here and there. and really in all honesty, the president and the vice presiden president said at the beginning there would be issues here and there and there would be problems. overall we have to look at the entirety of the issue. >> it's one of america's biggest cities. $111 million. they do expect a couple hundred down the road. >> 100 million out of almost a trillion dollars. >> and it just makes the controll controller's case. you spent more money and you can't find the jobs. this cloud of we save jobs, the reality is that the administration is now in this huge box. they successfully got through this enormous package. and they've got nothing to show for it. zero. >> that story in a nutshell is
7:51 pm
really the administration's problem right now. you put all of this money out there. there's a sense there may be some waste to it or a whole lot of waste to it and you say you're going to create jobs but you're not really creating jobs. and that's the reason why they can't sell their programs because people are not seeing that the economy is improving at their house. >> in all fairness for every one story like this, there are 10, 12, 30 stories of new jobs being created at energy plants and -- >> people don't feel it. people don't feel it. >> these are government jobs. >> energy investment and -- >> if they could only do a census every three months, we would be in great shape. >> we've had so much breaking news this week we haven't been able to do something we like to do. we go through political ads when they come in and i sit in my office and watch them and detect
7:52 pm
themes across the country. it's friday night. have popcorn. it's good for you. generational politics. >> no beer? >> in the green room after. what about generation politics play out sometimes. i want to go to iowa. this is the democrat in an uphill race against chuck grassley. this is her clever way of saying he's been there too long. >> the year was 1975. the car was the ford pinto and the washington politician, chuck grassley. after 35 years washington still changed him. >> it's clever but not the first time somebody tried to say he's outdated. here's the barack obama ad against that guy, john mccain. >> 1982. john mccain goes to washington. things have changed in the last 26 years. but mccain hasn't. he admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer. can't send an e-mail.
7:53 pm
>> and so how does senator grassley respond to that ad calling him a ford pinto? this is pretty clever. >> i heard chuck grassley has a twitter. >> can it be cured? >> not that kind. i like to use technologies like twitter and facebook just to keep in touch. and meetings in 99 counties in every year. i'll tweet. i'll text. i'll do whatever it takes. i work for you. >> grassley works for us. >> i find that incredibly clever. we'll see who wins in iowa. i visit all 99 counties. starts off with seniors at the top with a joke and then a younger voter at the end tweeting and facebook. it's clever. >> i would say john mccain did lose so if you're going with track record of older versus younger, maybe it's not helpful to reemphasize that you are actually a much older person. >> you'll get a tweet from chuck
7:54 pm
grassley. >> i love the "saving private ryan" motorola phone. nice touch. >> the thing about chuck grassley is he used to have a 300 acre form in northeast iowa. that's his persona. he's going to win. >> i hope when he gets twitter thumb, it doesn't keep him from working. sean duffy is a republican candida candidate. he used to be in real world boston. look at this ad. >> i come from a long line of lumberjacks. my family has a proud heritage of swinging the ax. i've always been quick to take on a big piece of timber and i'm just as ready to tackle big spending in washington. our washington debt has gone sky high thanks to liberals in d.c. i'll work in congress to cut the
7:55 pm
spending and balance the budget. >> it looks like he's going to fall. >> do you want to have tea party guys or lumberjacks? >> paul bunyon caucus. >> i was worried he was going to fall off. >> here's the thing about those ads. at this stage what we all look for is did it move votes. it can be clever. if it didn't move votes it's useless. my guess is that did not. >> enjoy the popcorn. as we go to break here and i want you -- you laughed at my monty python reference. ladies and gentlemen -- >> i'm a lumberjack and i'm okay. i sleep all night and work all day. >> he's a lumberjack and he's okay. >> i cut down treeses. about how fusion is projected to hold its resale value better than camry. and has better quality than accord.
7:56 pm
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a couple minutes before the top of the hour and "rick's list" prime time. >> that woman that threw acid on her own face and blamed it on a black person. for the first time tonight we'll hear from her family. as you know, john, sarah palin is likely going to be speaking during our hour. will she give hints about
7:59 pm
running for presidency? you'll hear it here on "rick's list." back to you, john. >> all right. it's friday night. pete is out on the street. to be honest with you, i have no idea what he has in store for me. pete? >> john king, first question pretty simple. america wants to know your atm pin number. go ahead? >> my atm pin number, nice try. >> here's the serious question. obama and democrats want republicans to agree on that middle class tax cut. that's the strategy. why don't the republicans agree to that? why don't they compromise? >> if they have to vote they'll vote for middle class tax cuts. what they want is to extend all of the bush tax cuts for those families above $250,000 a year so republicans are trying to pressure democrats into extending all of them for two years. this one will play out for a while. >> we don't have time to show video, john. is derek jeter cheating or is that just part of baseball when he -- weot


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