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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 9, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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brain and it can change and that is so exciting. >> larry: cara? >> the real holy grail is how does consciousness, how does, you know, our mind come from brain and that's so fascinating. >> larry: thanks to all of you for a great hour. right now on cnn, drugs for sex. that's what police say happened to a dozen women at a college party. at least one suspect caught in the act when the cops arrive. update from police and the university moment as way. you know, time is running out in a good way for those 33 miners trapped for months. late today we learned their freedom may only be days away, even sooner than expected. we're live tonight in chile. a dating website like none other. it caters to not so pretty people, the so-called ugly schmucks. it's having a lot of success for
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users who say they are lonely no more. but we're going to begin in north korea, the reclusive secretive country is right now holding a huge and unprecedented public spectacle in the capital. north korea's only the size of mississippi, but it is a nuclear power with one of the largest militaries in the world. more than 1 million people in uniform. pyongyang is constantly a thorn in washington's side. cnn is there live which is extremely rare. alina cho joins us live. this is all about the success of power from kim jong-il to his son kim jong-un. what's happening now. >> reporter: you're right. good morning from pyongyang, north korea, in the center of kim il-sung square named for the founder. what you are witnessing behind
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me is what's being billed as the largest military parade in that country's history. it is officially the 65th anniversary of the founding of the ruling workers party of north korea. it is also a national holiday. but in effect what this really is is an elaborate coming out party for the man, the heir apparent, the man who will become the next leader of north key kim jong-un, the young son of kim jong-il. security is incredibly tight. there were numerous checkpoints. even our government mighters were checked. my notebook and pen were checked so security is tight. you're not allowed into this square without an invitation from the government but having said that, this is an extraordinary site here in pyongyang. there is no other way to describe it. some 100,000 people, members of
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the elite north korean society, are here as well. there is an international delegation and it is extraordinary to see some of the western faces in the crowd, as well. but most important, the two most important guests here today are kim jong-il, the leader of north korea and his son to my right and above me, extraordinary site in pyongyang today. >> alina, can you describe for our viewers what it was like before kim and his son arrived? we have been watching your feed and fascinated by this. it was dead silence, wasn't it? >> reporter: it is an extraordinary site here. i have to tell you, don, in the west, we have seen a video over the years of military parades but to actually witness it here in person, i must tell you is
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quite a sight. it is just perfectly choreographed. the troops, men and will, all branches of the military marching in lockstep, goose stepping if you will. an incredible sight and what you see behind me is a show of the military might in terms of hardware, if you will, the missiles rolling behind me, the tanks, the shoulder-fired rockets. it is just an incredible site. keep in mind north korea is the site the size of the state of mississippi and yet it has one of the largest standing armies in the world. a population of just 24 million people and a million of them, more than a million of them are in the army. so just an extraordinary site, don. what is so extraordinary as well about this time in north korean history is that we're witnessing what will eventually be a transition of the power.
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for the first time in communist history we will see the torch passed, if you will, from first grandfather to his son kim john ill and then from kim john ill to the third generation kim j n jong-un and we don't even know his age. he is said to be somewhere between 27 and 28 years old. we believe he was schooled for a time as a teen in switzerland and that he knows some english, german and french and said to have a fondness for basketball and michael jordan, james bond and jean-claude van damme. but will that translate into western policies? will north korea open up, if you will, under his rule? by all accounts the answer to that question is no. he will be watched very closely by elders in the government, regents, if you will but he is also said to be a chip off the old block, a spitting image of
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his grandfather, kim il-sung and very similar in body and personality to his father, so a lot of questions remain about what north korea will look like under his rule but clearly, don, a very important time in north korean history. >> alone know cho with a rare live broadcast. thank you. i'll tell our viewers to stay tuned. make sure you stay tuned. to another developing story out of chile where officials are saying wednesday could be the day, could be the day when the first of 33 trapped miners returns to the surface. our karl penhaul describes the joy when the drill finally broke through. >> reporter: the bell sounds the moment. 8:05 a.m. the time countdown to the time they'll be reunited with their loved ones. "they must be happy just look at
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us up here. imagine how they must feel" this miner's wife says. 8-year-old brian hugsry flag dedicated to his miner granddad he stephan rojas. i shouted, god, why has this happened to me. i have been a good boy. i didn't deserve this. he didn't think there was any hope but the bell stirs new hope inside of bryan. he has the words to welcome granddad home. "i love you, papito," he says. bryan's grandma is celebrating too. when the mine caved in on august 5th, no one knew if the 33 were alive. but 17 days later, a test probe located them. it came back to the surface with this letter from mario gomez to his wife.
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"dear lila, i'm okay, thanks to god. i hope to get out soon. be patient and have faith. we will make it out. we will be happy forever with our family. we will see one another again soon. good-bye, my darling, a kiss." mario gomez and his 32 comrades from fulfilled that promise against all the odds they survived. and soon they'll be coming home. >> and cnn karl penhaul joins us live from the mine site. the digging is done so why respect rescuers going in there right away? >> reporter: well, really we heard this a couple of hours ago, in fact, from the mines,
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and what he says is the rescuers have got to first of all encase the first 100 yards or so of that rescue shaft because at the top of that rescue shaft there is a risk of some rock fall lower down, though, he says the good news is that rescue shaft is absolutely solid. so no problems. they'll then have to test a little bit more the rescue capsule, the so-called phoenix capsule and then what they've got to do can move across some heavy lifting gear, some pulleys over that and want to go show to make sure everything is absolutely right and so he says about a day and a half to put a casing in. he says about two days to put the winches and pulleys in and that takes us to wednesday and that will be the day that the first phoenix capsule goes down and the first miner comes back up, don. >> all right, cnn's karl penhaul live for us in chile. thank you for that. following a developing story out of washington tate tonight where nearly a dozen young women
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were hospitalized after overdosing at a party. police are now investigating whether they were targeted for sexual assault. plus, as midterm elections get closer, campaign ads are getting nastier and nastier. a closer look at some of them and whether they work. don't just sit there. you'll be a part of the conversation and join us on twitter and check out our blog or look for me on, as well. we want to hear from you. announcer: if we all lived here we wouldn't have to worry about what's in our water. but most of us live here. so we need the brita pitcher. for healthier, clean tasting water.
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a house party with underage people leads to 12 overdose victims an a possible sexual assault. someone might have tyke spiked the drifks. it happened in this house in
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rosalyn. about 50 people showed up. most of them students from central washington university. the politician chief says the victims, all female except for one, did not take enough alcohol to cause their drunken and unconscious states. >> well, what made it sexual is the officers were sweeping the house for additional victims. one of the members of the sheriff's department and observed an individual, male individual engaged in sexual activity with a semi unconscious female. that's where the sexual assault had occurred. >> that was the only person believed to be sexually assaulted or were the other victims believed to be -- >> no indication of any other situations or incidents similar to that, no. >> witnesses tell our affiliate komo the people who got sick all used the same bodle of vodka. the person who threw the party, police say, is a student at central washington. >> it happened in our school and
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makes us look so bad. like so many other colleges in washington are just people are dying and people are doing [ bleep ]. we don't want our school to look like that at all. >> well, only one of the overdose victims remains in the hospital and that person is conscious. earlier this week. we caught up with christine o'donnell. it wasser first interview, in fact, since she vowed not to speak to the national media. among other things he asked her about sarah palin. why don't you take a listen. >> is sarah palin qualified to be president? >> is she running for president? >> i don't know. you tell me. >> again, hypotheticals. >> i've heard you talk on the tone to you. does she advise your pain. >> she does not. >> she gives you advice. >> she gives me you go girl -- >> does she know you speak through fox news. >> she didn't tell me personally but i heard her say something like that on o'reilly.
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if anybody knows about the politics of personal destruction it's women candidates and women politicians like sarah palin. >> well, the rise of delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell is one of the big stories of this year's political season and she's been a hot topic for the hosts of cnn's newest program "parker switzer" which airs right here on cnn. >> i think when we look at the substance of what she says here a lot of people will say, you know what, we're not so sure. >> i feel for the girl a little bit. she was a sweet girl when she was on "the bill maher show." she was 20 years old. she had a lot of personality enspunky and cute and saying things i don't think she intended to be taken seriously. >> i think that's not only fair to her and accurate but i even defended her with that crazy ad i'm not a witch because she's trying to defuse a tough situation but when you step back
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and get closer you say, wait a minute, there are some serious issues here. i don't think she passes that threshold. >> there are a lot of people who are cute and spunky who i don't want running the country. >> watch her go toe to toe with chris coons. it will be wednesday night. coming up on cnn, the "n" word. many say it but do they understand the source of its controversial. >> well it would bother me when kwoupg kids using it it's kids as young as 5 or 6. they had no concept of civil rights or slavery. >> coming up, how one man is on a mission to educate young people on this demeaning word. ♪
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my money. my choice. my meineke. a spotlight on the "n" word. this report contains language some people may find offensive. s that a warning. jared mathis goes into community centers in fork and holds workshops. educating young blacks about the "n" word and why they should stop using it. tony harris has more on his mission.
10:20 pm
>> i just wanted to start us off talking about the "n" word, the word nigger. >> reporter: it is uncomfortable to talk about but jared mathis is on a mission to change it. >> a lot of this stuff is tough material. >> reporter: it is his goal to talk about the origins of the "n" word through education and empowerment. >> good job. i became sort of frustrated with i think the lack of consciousness among black youth. before slavery we were kings and queens. >> reporter: he channeled his frustration into what started out as a college project to empower ourselves now, a series of workshops to encourage dialogue by young people by closely examining elements out of handbooks. >> this man's arm is cut off and people are standing around smiling. what would bother me when i heard young kids using the "n"
10:21 pm
words they were 5 or 6. they had no concept of civil rights, to concept of slavery. >> i'm not going to lie to you. i never used the word. i see people getting hanged and laughing and calling them niggers and stuff like it's cool and got me to a point that i would never want to let the word pass my mouth again. >> pictures of people getting hung and having a party about it. horrible. >> can someone tell me what the word dehumanizes? >> reporter: they can be candid. something that jared foster is letting participants -- >> less than what they are. >> a lot of kids who experience the workshop argue it's just a part of the language but then i argue that the word is so negative and it was so retched and such an integral part of dehumanizing our people that you can't take something so negative
10:22 pm
and turn it into a positive. >> very interesting. in addition to holding workshops matthis produced a 75-minute documentary he posted online available for free for students and teachers. a dating website for ugly people. yep, we'll hear from the founder and one of its members. [ female announcer ] during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can have something decadent with something grilled. then something crunchy, then something new -- like parmesan shrimp in a buttery garlic sauce. and after that, you can do it all again. it's endless shrimp. indulge in endless servings of your favorite shrimp dishes. all for just $15.99. come in now for the best value of the year. at red lobster.
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time to check top stories. after eight arrests police in new york are now hunting for the last suspect in a series of brutal anti-gay hate crimes against several men. the suspects are accused of holding and beating three men in a vacant apartment before sodomizing two of them. new york mayor michael bloomberg
10:26 pm
described the crime as "torture." bank of america is putting the brakes on foreclosure sales. the bank says it will stop those sales as part of a widening investigation into flaws in the process. there are reports that some mortgage lenders seized homes without proper documentation. foreclosure freeze is expected to last several weeks. a dating website for ugly people? it might sound like a gimmick but supporters say it's all honest intentions behind ug well it launched about three weeks ago here and in canada and its creator joe deluca told me he's had great response and member achille wheeler why she joined. >> i'm looking inwards. the people i want to meet, i find beauty is within the soul and besides that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so i leave that up to each person to decide. >> what do you think on the
10:27 pm
traditional websites they were too focused on beauties and bodies and you decided to do this. >> uh-huh. not only focus on beauty but also on material possessions, your income, you know, things like that that are irrelevant to me. >> it's a unique idea. so far we have had 2,000 registered members on the site. but we've only been out. we've been only been live for about a month now. >> well, joe is making sure membership stays exclusive. members can vote a person off if they think the dater is too attractive for ugly schmucks. ten votes will get a person booted. but so far no one has been rejected. i'm don lemon. see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 and 10:00. what the week with pete dominic is next.
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prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. it's bishops six days since the u.s. told americans to think twice before traveling to europe. four days since christine o'donnell told voters i'm not a witch. i'm you and one week since i became a skwaurter in this time
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slot on cnn. buckle up kids welcome to "what the week." there's a fine line between news and noise. i'm pete dominick. i'm not interested in celebrity gossip. i'm interested in the stories and issue that is hit home. so i'm taking the camera to the streets to hear what americans really think of the news that shaped the week. time now to catch up on the week that was. hit it. >> formal travel advisory for all americans traveling to europe. >> the state department says avoid places where incidents may occur. >> torched fuel trucked heads to afghanistan. the u.s. sent missiles into waziristan. >> steven hayes is convicted of murder and rape. >> it doesn't bring them back.
10:32 pm
>> a plant burst today. >> a toxic tsunami. it is so caustic it burns through clothes. >> roy halladay threw a no-hitter. >> hamid karzai will find a way to end the war. >> jim jones is going to be stepping down. >> the replacement is going to be tom donilon. >> the unemployment rate is 9.6%. >> what was undercover? a couple of things. number one, the honeybee killer has been found, 20 to 46% of colonies have collapsed but the u.s. discovered a fungus killing off the bees. well, here's why so what. honeybees don't just make honey but pollenate our crop making them critical to the food we
10:33 pm
eat. a french court ruled the law banning the burqa in public places is legal. it's going to take effect this spring. but our undercover story of the week, the war in afghanistan. you may be thinking, what? i heard about it all week about the anniversary. well, it's still not enough. if you gave the average american a pop quiz on the war the vast majority would fail miserableably. where is the country? what language do they speak and what's the mission? i went lunch crashing on the ninth anniversary this week to find out. this is a globe. can you find afghanistan? i'll give you ten seconds. >> find afghanistan. go ahead. can you just try to find afghanistan on the globe for me? no. you got ten seconds to find afghanistan. what are you laughing at? find it, afghanistan. >> right there. >> how did you do that? >> i know it's this way. >> want to phone a friend. put your ipad down. i got an ipad.
10:34 pm
can you find afghanistan? >> of course, i can. >> cool. why do you say of course. have you been there? >> no, but i watch lots of cnn and you guys are really, really informati informative. >> iran -- >> i wasn't even -- >> you were in canada. i'm switching to fox news now. >> you have ten seconds to find afghanistan. you're so close you nailed it. do you know how long the u.s. military has been in afghanistan? >> about ten years i believe. >> that's right. do you think we should have gone to afghanistan in the first place after september 11th with such a large military contingent. >> i wish we had focused on afghanistan and iraq was -- i don't know what that was. >> you guys are former military. how do you define the mission in afghanistan? >> world peace to me. >> world peace. >> stupidity. >> why do you say that. >> i don't think we should be over there. >> why not? >> we need to worry about our country instead of somebody else's.
10:35 pm
>> do you think you can define why we're there? >> i guess they're still looking for -- >> i'd say probably still looking for osama bin laden. >> i don't know. >> over $300 billion, 10 years, 1,307 lives to find one guy. is it worth it. >> well, one guy killed over 3,000 people. >> can you define the mission in afghanistan? >> originally to catch someone. >> we could stand another history lesson on a war entering its tenth year. this is my friend joey. joey is 9 years old and lives in columbus, ohio. we've been fighting this war his whole life. the president promises to begin drawing down troop levels in july 2011 if conditions permit but whether we begin to withdraw by next summer or not, for most
10:36 pm
of us we don't directly feel it. the weight of the war will still be carried by our military families and communities they live n they are athe ones sacrificing everything for this mission. give me 60 seconds to remind you what the mission is about. fact, 1, 07 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan. since the war started on october 7th, 001, that was just four weeks after the twin towers fell. the taliban collapsed two months after u.s. boots hit the ground. it felt like victory but after attention shifted the taliban began to rebuild. and by 200 of the situation in afghanistan had deteriorated. the news since has just felt like a near con strapts stream of suicide bombings and deadly attacks. after three months of deliberation, president obama heeded the advice of his top military advisers and he went all-in. he ramped up troop levels sending thousands more into the war zone in an effort to stabilize the fragile afghan
10:37 pm
government and prepare security forces for self-reliance. this year is already the bloodiest for nato troops since the war began and public support is slipping. according to the most recent cnn cran polling, 58% of americans now oppose the war. that's where we are today. nine years later. you want to learn more, stay engaged. pay attention. read this book, steve cole's "ghost wars." read ahmed rashid's "descent into chaos" and support gold star military families at and keep watching this show because i'm not going to stop talking about this war until it's over. well, from the war in afghanistan to the war on drugs, is california about to call for a cease-fire in the battle over marijuana? we'll hash it out next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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in california a vote comes up in november on prop 19. that would legalize regulate and tax marijuana under california law. not federal law, have you. a poll out this week suggests most voters in that state are cool with legalizing pot, but support is slipping a little so who would be hardest hit by 19b
10:41 pm
being shot down? those who truly need it for medicinal purposes and the makers of snack foods. those for it see this as a way to drum up tax revenue. others see pot as a gateway to harder drugs. i hit the treats to see what the buzz was on the plant with many a name. >> reefer. >> herb. >> mary jane. >> salad. >> that's what my dad calls it. >> pot. >> i'm here in an unnamed city in an unnamed store where they have a section that sells products solely for smoking tobacco. show of hands who knows what pop 19 is? does that ring a bell. would you vote to legalize marijuana. >> probably not. >> i probably would be against it. >> a study says it will save $8.7 billion in law enforcement. >> it's silly how many people we have in prison because of that. >> everybody does it. >> might as well legalize
10:42 pm
everything and let these people do it. >> tax it. people will want to do what they want to do anyway >> that's crazy. because people are smoking it that's no excuse to continue to do wrong. >> marijuana messes up your brain for two or three days. i worked for the railroad. >> please don't smoke marijuana ever if you're driving a choo-krchlth hoo. >> it's a leaf. what does america look like if the whole country legalized, regulated, taxed marijuana. >> again, i think it would be better. >> i don't think we need to legalize any intoxicant. our bodies are so mar lousily made by the creator that we don't need to create anything else into our bodies anyway. >> god says he gives every green bearing seed to mankind which means every seed. >> what else does god say.
10:43 pm
can you give me anything else that he has to say that doesn't have to do with it? >> yeah. >> what's the spanish word for marijuana. >> marijuana. >> "forbes" calls her the pose powerful woman, arianna huffington and todd swillic. a washington correspondent for the public radio international. guy, thanks for joining us. arianna, you're familiar with california. it is cash strapped. let's look at the economic reasons for regulating and taxing marijuana. >> well, the economic reasons, absolutely, it's not just the over $8 billion that it would be saving in law enforcement, it's also the over $8 billion that we would be making by taxing marijuana but beyond that it's what someone else, one of your -- one of the other people you asked about it told you, which is that we are filling our jails with nonviolent drug owe fenders predominantly young
10:44 pm
predominantly african-american. that's another big reason and the third one it's a great beyond left and right issue. it has support across the political spectrum and also the support of the majority of the american people. >> todd swillic, you're a great political analyst and look at numbers. what do you think happens? will it pass and a lot are saying this is the democrats' ballot initiative. gay marriage and social issues got republicans to the ballot back in 2004. does this get democrats to vote this issue in california. >> look, i think this election will still be about jobs and the economy. it makes sense democrats are looking for ways to get people out to the polls that aren't necessarily about jobs in the economy because if they're in power and the economy is in the tank it's not going to look good for them from the washington perspective. look, i don't know if this is necessarily a democrat or republican issue. those polls have tightened in recent weeks and have 56% of californians saying they're for
10:45 pm
this. you know, the savings, the $8.2 billion savings that's estimated, i think the actual numbers if marijuana were legalized in california would probably be somewhat less than that. look, the actual percentage of people would are incarcerated in california for marijuana charges is really only 1%. now, you could argue that's 1% too many if you think that marijuana is a relatively benign substance compared to alcohol or compared to cocaine or harder substances but it's not like half the people in california are there for marijuana charges and the police in california from what i've been reading and gathering from the press there say that most of the marijuana charges come up come up pursuant to other charges, driving charges. >> i should say that's a study from it kato institute. let's talk about our political plague of the week.
10:46 pm
this week we're examining a disorder of intestinal fortitude when candidates stop taking questions and don't debate their owe posts and instead of running to the cameras they're running from them. we're calling it irritable broadcast syndrome, ibs. will this trend continue and will politicians with ibs pull off victories in 2010 and 2012 caught taking questions and debating? it's a time-honored condition if you're the front-runner not to make a mistake, to the to debate but arianna, is this different this year? >> it is different because this year the front-runners are those running against the incumbents because there's such anger at all establishments that provided you're not the person who is now in charge, you have a good chance of winning, so that means that as long as sharron angle and christine o'donnell does not actually step on a land mine of her own making by saying
10:47 pm
something which will basically haunt her until the election and they've both said plenty of those things but anymore, they may have a chance, sharron angle obviously much more than christine o'donnell of winning because in sharron angle's case -- that's all people are voting for. clearly not voting for her position. she's not even clear ma they are positions are. in christine o'donnell's case i think she's made the additional problem of doing too much already with these ads which are being satirized about i'm not a witch. >> are you a witch, arianna? i ask -- >> i'm a white witch. >> todd, i know this is maybe a stupid question but -- not a stupid question but doesn't it hurt the democratic process if we're not having them answer the questions and debate. anything we can do to force them. >> of course, it hurts the democratic process. hearing candidates' positions on issues and that matter to us as
10:48 pm
voters are pocketbooks, our towns and streets, our two war that are going on are of supreme importance. this electric, every district is different, pete. we all know that but the 30,000 view is that arianna mentioned it about anger and emotion. if you're running on anger at the incumbent, why would you debate. all you can do is step on a land mine and let that ride. it doesn't benefit any of us to have it. >> arianna and todd, i love having you on. thanks so much for joining me. thanks for coming on. >> always a pleasure, pete. >> thank you. he was a quiet -- he kept to himself. how often have you heard that after a criminal was busted? how a father of two living in suburban connecticut plots to blow up times square? right after the break. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
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luckily they weren't very good or he wasn't a very good student because there's his bomb that didn't go off. thanks to a couple of good samaritans who saw that smoking, they saw something and said something, wow, it worked. that's great and about two days later faisal shahzad was on an
10:54 pm
airplane trying to get out of the country but was nabbed by the police and feds who did great work. he waives his rights apparently and sings like a bird. gave actual intelligence to the authorities and about a month and a half later faisal shahzad finds himself not here, i'm sorry. this is it. i get confused with these beautiful paintings finds himself pleaing guilty to all ten counts against him in a federal court. the system worked. he is in prison for the rest of his life without a chance for parole. good-bye, faisal shahzad. >> well, next, politician, well, they need your attention, don't they? i do too. if they want your vote, politicians need your attention so what happens when they get the attention though of late night comedians? coming up, the subject of our coming up, the subject of our "roasted" segment. boss: thanks
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andered a scholarship to harvard and is the director of brain tumor surgery at johns hopkins. when i was in college i just wanted to be the best resident assistant in my dorm. dr. q, you are way better tan man. this is alex darro, this week he started a website to raise money to fight diseaseness childrenment when i was 16 i just wanted to get my license and two days after i did i drove into a ditch. alex daro, you're much better than i was when i was 16. this guy, well, i don't know he's not very good. he's eating a doughnut. victor perez is our next contestant. he is the unemployed california man rescued an 8-year-old girl abducted outside her home. a total real life hero honored by governor schwarzenegger. you're much better than me. lastly these two guys are professors from england won the nobel prize for physics by creating the thinnest strongest material known to mankind.
10:59 pm
this week, i actually created this right here, a jack-o'-lantern with my daughters but burnt my hand when i put the candle in so all these guys are way better than me. you think comedy is just fun and games? not if you're a politician. each week we highlight the lahr shallest political commentary from late night television. one well delivered punch line and a candidate's best laid talking points can be totally knocked out by laughter. we call it "roasted." nobody seems to have been roasted harder than christine o'donnell. did you catch her newest political ad? >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> i'm you. that's the message she was trying to get out but here's what happened when the comedians got a hold of it. >> this christine o'donnell, she has a new campaign ad where says she is not a witch. yeah.


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