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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  November 13, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EST

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now, it appears it has happened. she has been released. expectation freedom is no guarantee. there is always the possibility, a very real possibility that the military dictatorship and now the -- now the democratic elected government, if you like, they could still pick her up. the u.s. audience will be leaving us. thanks to our partners at cnn national. back here, thank you for joining us. i'm t.j. holmes. we are going to pick up on the story out of mine mor. we are talking about aung san suu kyi. this is the see kretive military state of myanmar.
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she's the one voice, the most prominant voice of democracy for years and years and years. there's a picture of her. for the past 20 years she has been under house arrest for various reasons. this morning, we are getting word that she has now been released. officially released. i'm not saying she's officially left her house, but she can leave. she's free to move around. this is the word we are getting now. she's been officially released. this is a nobel peace prize winner. she won back in 1991. her party, the national league of democracy which opposed the military rule in myanmar for years and years. she won. her party won the election back in 1990, the last time they had elections there. that was the last time her party won. but, the military wouldn't allow
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her to take control. she has been under house arrest for the past 21 years. myanmar did hold elections just a week ago, on sunday. that was viewed by many around the world, especially in the west as a front, a facade, put on a front as if they have a democratic state there. nobody thought it was free and fair elections. this is a country that's been ruled by the military for 40 years, going back to 1962, that's when the military took control. 50 years since the military has been in charge in myanmar. pro-democracy forces have been allowed. they have been a presence in myanmar, but haven't been able to greak through. the leader of the movement for the past sefl decades has been suu kyi. she has been under house arrest
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for the past 15 of 21 years. she was scheduled to be released last year, some 18 months ago. remember a strange incident where an american man swam to her home. he wasn't invited. she took him in to help him. that gave them reason to extend her house arrest. today was the day. a lot of people were holding their breath if, in fact, the military would go through with it. just getting word a half hour ago she has been released. the video you are seeing is her supporters. a lot of pro-democracy people in myanmar. they have been pushing for her. they have been waiting, anticipating the moment she be released. a lot of people held their breath to see if the military
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would go through with it. now president obama and other leaders across the west have called for the military to release this woman. it has happened. we do have a reporter there. we will not be telling you the name of the reporter in myanmar because they wouldn't let outside journalists come in to cover the elections. however, we do have someone there. we will not be naming for security reasons. that reporter is on the line with me now. hello to you. you are there. a lot of people were holding their breath to see if this would happen. it appears it has. we are not hearing our reporter. forgive me, we have someone on the ground we are trying to get on the line, on the telephone. it did drop out on us. it is a challenge trying to report out of this country, a
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secretive country, under a lot of rule, not a lot of openness or allowing reporters to come in, observers to come in and cover the elections that took place on sunday. they are the first elections to happen in 20 years. most people from the outside say thear a facade, a front to give the impression of democracy, to try to give legitimacy to the government. however, most of the seats that were won in the election on sunday and you could guess, were won by the military. now, the military, a lot of people with will tell you, they feel they have a stronghold and they can say they won democratically. a lot of people consider it a front and it was not a free and fair election. the reporter we have on the ground, we will not name for security reasons. we have the reporter back on the line with me. again, tell us. a lot of people were holding
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their breath wondering if the military would go through with the release. it appears they have. >> reporter: it certainly does, t.j., appear they have. we know from our person right there at the compound that she has now emerged from that place. it was about 15 minutes ago that she came out of her house and greeted her supporters and all the other people who were waiting there at that place. before that happened, what happened is the military and police started clearing barricades away in front of her house that essentially presented people from getting there. it was a tense situation in the area where more and more supporters came to the house. it was numbered in the thousands and more and more riot police showed up. their posture was more and more threatening. in the end, they were yielding rifles. after spending the past -- after spending 15 of the past 21 years
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under house arrest, after spending 7.5 years under house arrest, she is in release. we do believe she is going to go to her party headquarters, the national league for democracy where she's expected to take the reigns and many expect her to strengthen and unite the opposition. >> what do we expect from the military, they won so many seats in the election. releasing her now, she is still a powerful threat to their rule. >> reporter: yeah. you are absolutely right. everybody here knows the military and this ruler are very much afraid and wary of them. you can see that from the pictures as well. she is the only opposition figure able to mobilize a lot of people. when she's released, people show
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up with t-shirts bearing her name saying i stand by aungspsz san su,kyi. she is someone who really brings out a lot of courage in people. there are a lot of people who put hope in her. as i said, they want her to go back into politics. they want her to take the reigns of the political party and unite the opposition. really, what we are expecting from the military, the general, is to watch this very closely. some believe they might try to find reasons to put her back under house arrest. it's something they have done in the past. she holds international press conference. that could be a reason. if she goes campaigning. in the past, they have been reasons to put her back under house arrest. she is certainly treading on very, very delicate ground. at the same time, it's no secret
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the military hunta was worried about releasing her and should be nervous at this point and time. >> thank you to our reporter on the ground. thank you so much. we are not naming our correspondent on the ground because this secretive state not allowing journalists in to cover this story or the election that is happened a week ago. we have someone there on the ground. for security reasons, we are not saying the name of the correspondent. we will continue here on cnn saturday morning in a moment. a remind ore, you are looking at the picture and stories of what you are following. democracy is at stake here and the leader of the pro-democracy movement. it's been a repressive state, a secretive state of myanmar under
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military rule. the leader, aungsansuukyi has been released from house arrest where she has been for 15 of 21 years under house arrest. just getting word she has finally been released. a big story with international implications. a lot of people kept an eye on it for years and years. she appears to have been released. we'll continue to follow that for you this morning. a whole lot more after the break. now we have a solution for wrinkles. neutrogena anti wrinkle with retinol sa smoothes even deep wrinkles. it works...beautifully. neutrogena.
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at 11 minutes past the hour, we'll tell you about the president's trip. he's nearing the end of his ten-day trip. he's involved in trade talks now. he's attending a working dinner with the apec group. earlier, he met with several dignitaries. the president encouraging them to work together on trade matters. he held talks with leaders of australia and japan. he commented on washington's close relationship with japan. >> as allies for half a century, the partnership between japan and the united states has been the foundation for our security and prosperity, not only for our two countries but for the
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region. >> this class photo you heard about. they wear the traditional clothing from the host country. japanese officials told world leaders they would give them a break. they didn't have to dress up in anything that was going to get them made fun of. they made a smart, casual look. not the traditional japanese look. i'm share it with you later. to give you an idea of what they had to go through in previous years. check this out. this was president bush in '08. next, he was in sydney australia looking like he's ready to ride in the outback. '07, clinton in the 1999 class photo. here's one more for you, president clinton wearing flowing white shirt in manila in 1996. he hosts in honolulu. he jokes about everyone wearing
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flowered shirts and grass skirts. those were his words, not mine. we are still trying to figure this race in alaska. the senate race is still not settled. we might know the winner by the end of the weekend. lisa murkowski was a write-in candidate after losing to joe miller backed by the tea party. miller is challenging a lot of ballots right now about the spelling of murkowski's name. murkowski accusing miller of trying to disenfranchise voters and calling it an act of desperation. the fbi called in a plumber to help in the investigation of a maryland government official. agents say the wife of prince george's county executor raced to find a $100,000 check to
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flush it down the toilet by the time they showed up. she stuffed nearly $80,000 of cash in her underwear. they have been charged with tampering of evidence and destruction of records. >> i'm innocent of the charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> jack johnson has been the chief executive since 2002. it's 15 minutes past the hour. stick around with us on this cnn saturday morning. ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think,
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16 minutes past the hour now. every golfer knows, you hit some good ones, but you hit bad ones, wanting to put it back in the bag for good. this was in melbourne. he tees off. looks pretty good. where is the sucker going? it goes over the fairway and into the crowd. look at that. it literally takes somebody out. a spectator got hit in the head. you can see him collapsing there, right there on the fairway. they say it knocked the guy out. he had to be carted out.
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he had to be revived. as far as the shot goes, even though it seemed like a bad shot, he still parred the hole. see it one more time. let's go one more time. you can see the shot. he thought it was pretty good. it wednesday awry. you can see the guy go down. you hear the commentator react to what happened. let's turn to an auction going on today. it's happening at the louisville slugger museum. a baseball autographed by babe ruth. he hit a home run with that ball. it's expected to get between $50,000 and $100,000. also, a picture of a blond. not just any blond, the blond. it's marilyn monroe. it's said to be one of joe dimaggio's favorites.
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it's expected to bring in some $40,000. a little probasketball. shaquille o'neal has done just about everything. >> the big cactus. shaquille o'neal. you playing for the celtics and your last name is o'neal. >> that is correct. >> are you irish? >> i don't think so. >> this guy is great. no matter what you think about him, he's an entertainer and gets what he's supposed to be doing. he's a great entertainer on and off the court. this is "double take" where celebrities candidly entertain themselves. this is the humorous side of one of basketball's biggest clowns. he pokes fun about himself.
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his latest nickname in boston, the big shack rock. we'll be right back.
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a lot of people are talking about the show today. a lot of reactions and it's all playing out on television. take a look. >> it was great to see conan back on the air. >> i squirmed a lot in my seat. i didn't pass out. >> it's gory. >> he's drunk, cursing, naked. >> reminded me of barbara bush. >> it reminds me of my husband who is no longer alive, so i keep coming back. [ cheers and applause ] >> some very perspectives. >> if you hadn't noticed, conan o'brien is back. people are watching his late night show. the first week was this week. he averaged 1.5 million viewers
6:24 am
ages 18-34. overall, the show had 3 million viewers a night. it's pretty good. he is getting the younger viewers much younger than leno and letterman. i'll give you an update about actress zsa zsa gabor. she was rushed to the hospital, again. her doctor diagnosed her with a massive blood clot in her left leg. it could move from her leg to her heart. she was in the hospital a lot over the summer, hip replacement in july. she's 93 years old. ♪ the simpsons >> you know that music. even if you are not a fan of the show, you know what this show is about, know how it opens. they are going to renew the
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simpsons for a 23rd season. it's the longest running comedy. it will hit 515 episodes by the end of next season. congratulations to them. we'll be right back.
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good morning to you all. beautiful shot behind me of atlanta, georgia, downtown atlanta at cnn world headquarters. we are 5:30 in fayetteville, 3:30 on the west coast. a lot of people are not up, yet. a lot of people not getting enough shut-eye these days. a high school decided the best
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way to improve student performance is to let them sleep longer. take a look at this school. it's not like the school i went to in west memphis. this is state of the art stuff here. the school day, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. a lot of the students, they get to sleep in as late as 8:00, sometimes 9:00. they get to school well-rested. it's the idea, at least. it was influenced by research suggesting they have a bilogical predisposition to go to bed late and get up late. they perform better. the kids are loving it. parents not sold on it, just yet. now, the school, we are going to let you hear from a parent. the school says attendance is up. math, english test scores are up as well. pancakes! ♪ from dawn 'til sunset, i'll never walk away ♪
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bottom of the hour here on cnn saturday morning. thank you for being here. i'm t.j. holmes, watching a breaking story out of myanmar where aung san suu kyi has been released. she has been under detention, house arrest for the past 15 of the past 21 years.
6:31 am
she has been a pro-democracy figure for decades now. actually won elections. her party won elections back in 1990 overwhelmingly, the pro-democracy group. the ruling military hunta annulled the results of the election and put her under house arrest where she's been for 15 of the past 21 years. he won the nobel peace prize in 1991. a lot of people have been following her, her story. this military hunta has been in charge since 1962. there have been times over the past several years where they might release her, had conditional releases set up. time and time again found reasons to put her back under house arrest. that's where she has been 15 of the last 21 years. her father was big in the
6:32 am
pro-democracy rule as well and played a big role in myanmar. since 1962, the military hunta ruled and ruled in a repressive action. pro-democracy has been silenced. they have a lot of political leaders in prison. she has continued her movement. she has a huge following there. elections were held on sunday, a week ago in myanmar. it's the first time we have seen elections in some 20 years. for most observers from the outside, the western world considered those a front to democracy and to give the facade of being under a democratic system of government. most of the seats won were by the military. many people don't believe it. a lot of people put hopes on the fact that aung san suu kyi has
6:33 am
now been released. this could mean the start of her pro-democracy movement. it's difficult for us at cnn and other news organizations to cover the story because international media was not allowed in to cover the elections or now to cover aung san suu kyi and her release. we do, however have a reporter on the grounld. we will not name the reporter. we will get news out about her. another way the news flies is on the social media. josh levs is keeping an eye on this. sometimes we see the most information or the best information is from social media. i know people are talking already. >> they are. it's the top topic on twitter. if you are just waking up now, starting the day with us, for hours throughout the night, millions of people had their fingers crossed, were on edge hoping the news would break. over the past hour, we have been seeing millions of people around
6:34 am
the world celebrating this news. it's 2010. how do you find out where people all around the world are celebrating? online. we are getting tons of tweets. it's too small to see on your screen. i want to tell you the messages we are getting. today is a great day for women. aung san suu kyi of burma is free after 20 years house arrest. she's free at last! it's the kind of thing many people are writing. i pulled up tweets from different countries. brilliant news aung san suu kyi is free. aung san suu kyi is free. free at last, free at last, thank god almighty she is free at last. this is burma 2010. she's free and so many people are celebrating. people cannot wait. they are talking about the cheering and how many people
6:35 am
lined up. i was tweeting with people and got an interesting one from laurie. amazing and breathtaking news. hope is on thin ice. there's a site called 64 for suu. it's where people all over the world put together 64 word messages for aung san suu kyi. they are dignitaryties. we have word from the queen majesty of jordan. officials in greece writing on here. paul mccartney. all of these before the news of her release. we are following these and everything on social immediate yao. t.j., people all over the world are seeing and hearing throughout myanmar and holding on to hope it will last. >> thank you. we will keep a close eye on the story. you need to put it in
6:36 am
perspective, exactly who she is and what she means in myanmar and what she could mean for democracy going forward. we are going to take a quick break, then get a look from dan lothian.
6:37 am
at 37 minutes past the hour, i want to get a check on the weather. if we can call this severe. we are that graphic. it's dramatic, but this is dramatic stuff going on. >> it is dramatic having heavy snowfall affecting minneapolis, st. paul and omaha. it's going to be a wet, heavy snow. you will be shoveling it out.
6:38 am
it was warm earlier this week. the temperature in minneapolis is just teetering on the freezing mark. cold enough to sustain snow for sure. in omaha, it's working to the north and east. in advance of it, heavy rain across green bay. you will see snow in wisconsin as well. let's take a closer look and i'll show you what's happening. it will bring measurable snow, possibly eight to ten inches on the high side. snowfall accumulations are expected to pile up. you may find yourself dealing with snow drifts that are going to be intense. to the north, snow in places like duluth. this is going to be a tough storm to deal with as we go into the evening hours. part of the reason, as well, has to do with the fact it's going to be windy out there. with blowing and drifting snow, the winds could get as strong as 25 miles per hour, gusts higher than that.
6:39 am
elsewhere in the country, rain in the midwest and heavy rain in advance of the system. it's going to impact travel in a big way. it's a busy saturday, of course, closer to thanksgiving. a lot of people doing traveling. we have no delays. with the wet snow and windy weather i'm anticipating here from the west coast to los angeles and sacramento, we are looking at delays. there is a bright spot in this, if you are getting a head start and heading to new york to see the tree at rockefeller center, it's just going up. they shattered a record, 65 degrees. more nice weather as we go to the north and east. we are looking for pleasant conditions. temperatures soaring into the 60s, as far north as boston. unusual for this time of year in many places. that's a look at your forecast. stay tuned we have a lot more coming up on cnn saturday morning. ♪
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sxz well, 41 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. the president is nearing the end of his ten-day trip. he is talking security and aid at the apec summit. according to a lot of folks back in the u.s., they are saying this trip isn't necessarily a good thing for the president. let's talk to dan lothian with the president. dan, hello to you. is the white house aware of, of course they are aware of, but are they respondsing to a lot of the criticism of the trip, that the president hasn't been able to deliver much? >> reporter: that's right. if you have been reading the newspapers you see headlines, disappointment, setback because of not getting movement on the currency issues with china, not able to lock in a trade deal with south korea. senior administration officials are saying the deals are complicated, they take time, there will be steps that have to
6:43 am
take place before you have success in the end and saying all the talk and narrative that this has been a disappointing trip for the president in asia is exaggerated. >> how are they selling it? what do they say at the administration that has been the success of the trip? >> reporter: they will point to the beginning of the trip when the president was in india and talking about $10 billion deals creating 50,000 jobs at home and more deals beyond the aircraft that will be bought by the air force in india. that is what they are pointing to as the success and the public relations success that the president and first lady were able to mingle with real people, if you will. the president was able to go back to the place where he spent
6:44 am
time as a child in indonesia, the narrative, coming back as president, seeing a vibrant city expanding in ja car da. that's the positive side of it. to the other side, where they were not able to get the deals done, go back to what i was saying. they believe they are making progress. it's not moving quickly like everyone may have expected it on the trade deal. the president is hoping it will not take months, but weeks. >> last thing, what is left for the president before he heads back? >> reporter: well, of course, we are getting these pictures of the president and all the other world leaders, what we call the funny shirt picture, a family picture of a class photo. this year, they don't have the funny shirts. they all came out in blazers and white shirts. the big deal tomorrow is the president is meeting with the
6:45 am
russian president. it's something on the president's agenda and they will have to deal with that in the days ahead. that's before he heads back to washington. then, we know what the president will be doing there, sitting down with republicans to deal with the issue of tax cuts for the middle class. dan lothian, thank you so much. coming up, we have a new african king to introduce you to. this one is quite special. we'll introduce you to her. you heard me right. that's after the break. until one of the guys brought in some fresh bread that he'd made from our pale ale. and from that first bite, i knew my business would never be the same. [ male announcer ] when businesses see an opportunity to grow, the hartford is there. protecting their property and helping them plan their employees' retirement. ♪ beer or bread?
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turns shaving into gliding. and skeptics into believers. new fusion proglide. (announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. all right. we are 12 minutes to the top of the hour. women generally don't get to be king. it's kind of a general rule and common sense. a woman is not king, she's
6:49 am
queen. not in ghana. king peggy is the first woman to get that title. she's an american living and working in washington. she runs a small town more than 5,000 miles away over the fun and during vacation. nadya is here to explain that one. how can a woman be king? >> peggy got a phone call one morning. she lives in d.c. she was born in ghana from her uncle who lives in ghana. he says peggy you have been nominated as king of our small fishing village. she was in disbelief. this was around two years ago it happened. they did a ceremony of libati s libations. her name came up. in that moment there was vapor. they did it three times. >> okay. >> much like they nominate the
6:50 am
pope. it was decided she would be king, not queen, king meaning head of the village. she said are you sure you don't mean queen mother. they said, no, you are the leader. you have been ordained. >> how did she get nominated in the first place? >> they suggested -- she visited the village. they knew she had great leadership. she became the king. she's done wonderful things. we speak of women and contributions. one of the things is all though they have taps, the wells have dried up. she's had great initiative to bring the wells closer so the children aren't going so far. she's trying to get a high school in ghana and all kind of things to develop the fishing village. >> how is she able to run it in washington? >> she's a capable woman. she works at the embassy.
6:51 am
sometimes, some of the men might disagree with her and she goes, now you have nominated me. i am in charge, you will listen to me. having lived in america for so many years, there's a certain empowerment that comes with dealing with men. >> any chance of her moving or going back? how often does she get to go back now? >> a couple times a year. the reality is finance. she needs to earn a living. unless somebody donates a lot of money, she's done so much for the village. there was corruption. she's worked hard to create a better place in ghana. >> how long will she have the reign as king? >> probably until, like her uncle, she is deceased. there's a wonderful blog she does with new york times best selling author and it's a blog that shows pictures and really beautifully written and a great
6:52 am
party nership between the two of them. i learned a word in ghana for happy thanksgiving, happy new year and for anyone listening -- so many african-americans have roots in ghana. that was the grand outpost of slavery. >> let me reveal this to you. i did one of those african ancestry things. my roots were traced back to a tribe in ghana. she might be my king. i need to look that up. >> she might be. to you, [ speaking foreign language ] . >> i have to get nadya to teach me of my african roots. thank you. my african king -- >> king peggy. >> thank you. coming up here. a lot of people are going to be
6:53 am
traveling, getting into the business time. body scanners. people are not feeling these things at the airports. including a lot of pilots and the pilots unions telling them to avoid these things. how is that going to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible. everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. ♪ everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn.
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we are getting close to the top of the hour and the anger continues to build over what you have to go through when you go to the airport. we have the full body scanners in place at the airports across the u.s. you may have seen these things. the pilots union for u.s. airways they are urging their pilots to avoid the scanners.
6:57 am
they are siting health risks from exposure to the radiation and the privacy concerns. they represent 16,000 pilots. they are asked to request the private patdowns instead of scanners. people have problems with the patdowns as well. the fight is waged in court. a consumer privacy activist found a lawsuit demanding they pull the machines from the u.s. airports. >> there are a lot of objections here. there are health concerns, privacy concerns. we are working with religious groups that think it's offensive. i think the american public has become frustrated. we can't let the tsa decide the legal authority. it's a decision that the court has to decide. >> there's question on how effective they are. could it have defected the bomb
6:58 am
from christmas day? >> if we thought it was effective, that it would guarantee the safety of travelers, we would have a different view. before we filed the lawsuit, we filed another under the freedom of information act and obtained the technical specifications for the devices. we looked at the specifications and we all reached the same conclusion. they are not designed to detect the type of powder explozive, the petn that was used by him and others. in other words, they are not the right technology to deal with the current threats. that, i think, is one of the most important points about this program. >> now, also there's an online campaign to rally all air travelers against the full body scanners. various groups are asking flyers to refuse the scans on november
6:59 am
24th. you know what that day is, the day before thanksgiving. one of the busiest travel days here. if you refuse to do the full body scanner, you can opt for the patdown. a few years back, tsa changed the patdowns to be much more intrusive. it's more of a rub down and they will rub your private parts. a lot of people think you don't have a lot of good options now. we are going to turn to the top of the hour and a breaking story we are keeping a close, close eye out. hello to you all. we welcome you all. a breaking story out of myanmar. it's the release of the pro-democracy activist, aung san suu kyi. her release was about an hour or so ago. myanmar, a country in southeast asia, that has been ruled by a military hunta since 1962, a
7:00 am
repressive government. now, after elections on sunday, the military government was able to pick upmost of the seats. they have now released aung san suu kyi, this nobel peace prize winner she's been on house arrest for 15 of the last 21 years. she won elections back in 1991 overwhelmingly there in myanmar. the ruling military hunta would not allow her and her party to take control. they put her under house arrest where she's been for 15 of the past 21 years. many leaders across the country, excuse me, across the world, including president obama have been calling fer her release over the years. she's seen as a threat to the military hunta there. her house arrest expired today.
7:01 am
they said they would honor the release. they went through with it. a lot of people were holding their breath. now, she still is seen as some kind of threat to the ruling military there. a threat because it appears she is going to start right up where she left off, to continue her movement for democracy in that country. myanmar, a small country rich in resources but people have been oppressed for some years now by this military hunta. she is out. we are seeing video of what's been happening for several days. people have been collecting at her home and collecting at the offices of her democratic party. now, it appears she is out and we understand she is going to once again start up with some of her campaigning for democratic reforms in that country. we have reaction coming in from all over the world. josh levs is keeping an eye on
7:02 am
that. take it away. >> thank you. if you are just starting your day with us, what you have been seeing there has gotten the attention of millions of people all over the world who spent hours and hours of the night waiting and hoping and praying that this would happen. that this release would take place. now, an hour and a half ago, the celebrations began. we have been seeing it all over the world. we are seeing it from an organization called the elders. it's an independent group brought together by nelson mandela. while we stay on the pictures, i'm going to read a statement i have from desmond tutu. she offers hope to the people of burma facing uncertain times following the elections. she's a global cymbal of courage. she make as transition from a long period under house arrest. we are, of course, absolutely
7:03 am
delighted she is free and stand ready to assist her and the people of burma any way we can. there continues to be skepticism about whether this will last and how much it means for potential change inside myanmar, about whether it begins some sort of process toward actual democracy. this group, the elders has a statement from the women who is a top organizer. she says it's a very important gesture, this is mary robinson. she's of course delighted. it should not detract attention from 2000 others who remain incarcerated. there are a lot of questions about the elections and just in general. the elections, the first of 1990 could not be described as free and fair. look, a lot of questions remain about what's ahead. in the meantime, i'm following
7:04 am
twitter and facebook. so many people around the world. she is now the number one topic on twitter. it says something, in 2010, a lot of people celebrating and repeating the phrase free at last, free at last. a lot of people in many languages. i have messages in japanese, hebrew, chinese. this moment is tremendous and can signal a change for myanmar and for the world. certainly international reaction pouring in quickly. we will stay all over it. >> thank you. speaking of the international reaction, the president, president obama called for her release. in recent days, leading up to the moment where she would be released. a lot of people standing by waiting for it to happen. we have reaction from the president as he's on his ten-day asian trip. he's in japan. i'm going to look at it here and read from the statement. this is from the president.
7:05 am
while the burmese regime has gone to the strard lengths to isolate and silence aung san suu kyi, she has continued -- the united states welcomes her long, overdue release. i'll continue one more line here. whether aung san suu kyi is living in the prison of her house or the prison of her country, it does not change the fact they have been systematically silenced, incarcerated to engage in political processes that could change burma. it is time for the regime to release all political prisoners, not just one. you have heard her name pop up here and there as far as coverage goes here in the u.s. she's a huge international figure and has been for years. we talked about her plenty over the years when there are big
7:06 am
moments including last year when an american man swam across a lake, uninvited to her home where she was under house arrest. she took him in to take care of him. he needed medical attention, needed food. she took him in as a humanitarian gesture. it got her an extended 18 months of house arrest. this woman, again, has been under house arrest for 15 of the past 21 years. not allowed to go out. limited contact with the outside world. not able to continue her pro-democracy fight that is in her blood. her dad was a pro-democracy fighter in that country. he had a lot to do with myanmar getting their political independence. they have ruled that place. it's a repressive government. they are rich in people and resources there and a lot of people believe if the military
7:07 am
hunta, if there could be a democratic leader, democratic reform of government, it could change the direction around for the people of myanmar and the country itself. that is what she means to myanmar. it's what she could mean for democracy in that region. we will continue to keep a close on. a lot of people excited about her release, but skepticism of what it could mean going forward. another story we are keeping an eye on this morning, strange details of a man telling his wife, the feds are at the door, could you flush the $100,000 check down the toilet and stuff that $80,000 cash in your under wear for me? it's what a d.c. official is accused of telling his wife. stay here.
7:08 am
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[ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. ten minutes past the hour. the president is nearing the end
7:11 am
of his ten-day asia trip. cooperation over trade and security. he went to a working dinner in japan. he's also attended a retreat with leaders of other asian countries. he talked about leadership with japan. >> as allies for half a century, the partnership with japan and the united states has been for security and prosperity for the region. >> now, it's been a tradition at the apec summits the so-called class photo, with the funny shirts, they wear the traditional wear of the country. we don't have it yet, i believe. they wanted to do a smart-casual look so they don't have to do the casual japanese dress.
7:12 am
this is a reminder from previous years. president bush back in 2008 in peru. you can see what we mean by the funny shirt picture. it's the class photo. here is the president in sydney, australia in '07. we have clinton here. he was along with other asian leaders in 1999. not sure what that was. not sure what this is, either. this suz 1996, checking it out, admiring it in manila. >> president obama is going to host next year's summit in honolulu. he joked he can't wait to see them in flowered shirts and grass skirts. another story having us turn our heads. the fbi had to call in a plumber to help in the investigation of a maryland government official. agents say the wife of prince george's county executive raced to find a $100,000 check for a
7:13 am
kickback to flush it down the toilet when the feds showed up. she stuffed $80,000 in her underwear. how exactly do you do that. 80 grand is a lot of cash. they have been charged with tampering of evidence and records. >> i'm innocent of these charges and i just can't wait for the facts to come out. when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> jack johnson has been the chief executive of prince george's county since 2002. there's a lot of fast food out there. as a general rule, it's not good for you. there's a lot your kids want to eat. would you believe there might be healthy fast food choices? we'll show you the healthiest ones.
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7:17 am
in the happy meal. remember this legislation that would ban toys in kids meals unless they meet strict nutritional standards? he did veto the law. the veto might not mean a thing. the ban is likely to still become law. why? because the board of supervisors passed the ordinance with the veto-proof majority. city officials expect a legal challenge from mcdonalds. this applies to any restaurant that has these toys that go along with meals. also, the board has to vote, again, they have to vote once again to override the veto. initially, they had enough votes to override the veto. we are talking fast food. kids love the stuff. there are healthier choices out there on the fast food menu. would you believe that.
7:18 am
elizabeth cohen takes a look at the empowered patient report. >> with billions spent an advertising the high-fat, high sugarry foods on tv, parents respond. according to research from yale university, 84% of parents take kids to fast food at least once a week. these researchers at yale sat down and decided to take a look at how many of the kids meals actually meet the nutritional requirements for a preschooler, 2 or 3 years old. they looked at 3,000 meals. only 12 met nutritional requirements for pre-schoolers. we're going to share them with you so you know. take a look at this one at subway. the roast beef sandwich with wheat bred, apple slices and
7:19 am
without the cheese is 335 calories. here is another healthier option. burger king has macaroni and cheese with apples, no dipping sauce and milk. kfc has a grilled chicken drumstick, corn on the cob and a cheese stick. it's 270 calories. here is the first part, knowing what to get. the second part is convincing them to get the healthier choice. it's not always easy. in this weeks column, we have a couple tips for how to get your child to eat the healthier foods without making a scene and embarrassing everything at the restaurant. for empowered patient, i'm elizabeth cohen. i want to turn to the story out of myanmar about the story
7:20 am
of aung san suu kyi. new pictures of her after her release. this is a woman who spent 15 of the past 21 years in detention under house arrest by the ruling military hunta there. she has been released a couple hours ago. her detention was lifted. she was released. it looks like by the pictures and reports she is going to pick upright where she left off with her pro-democracy movement. this is at a rally. crowds formed outside her home and crowds formed outside the offices of her democratic party. here she is, already. just released and greeting supporters and crowds. we have seen cheering and crying. people so happy she is out. we will continue to follow and monitor as best we can. myanmar in its oppressive government there that has held
7:21 am
political prisoners, anyone who doesn't agree with them. they will tell you, their voices have been stomped down. she is one voice they have not been able to silence and now she has been released. it looks like she is starting to already pick up where she left off with the pro-democracy movement. we'll keep a close eye on that story. 20 minutes after the hour here on cnn saturday morning.
7:22 am
well, 22 minutes past the hour. i want to bring in clyde anderson. tough economic times. bankruptcy is thrown around a
7:23 am
lot. >> yes. yes. >> what is, first of all, a couple different types. get us clear there. >> there's two different types. chapter 7 or chapter 13 for personal. chapter 13 is the restructuring of debt. you can restructure and get on a payment plan to pay off your debt in three to five years. chapter 7 is a wipe-out. you don't have to be responsible for it anymore. >> how is it going to wipe out your credit? seriously. >> it is. it's going to hurt your credit drastically. i tell people, if you get to the point where you are debating bankruptcy, you are looking at coming back on the other side. people look at it so negative, but it's not. >> you said chapter 7, it wipes out the debt. >> yes. >> are we talking everything? >> not things like student loans. taxes. back taxes or interest paid or penalties occurred during that time. debts that are con selled are
7:24 am
non-exempt things they cannot take from you like your home sometimes. generally, they won't take your home. they won't take your car. if you have a second car or second home, they can take those things. >> chapter 7 wipes it out. your credit got hit. are you free and clear, you are done with the debts and you can roll on? >> for the majority, you are done. the thing is, you can't take the bad habits with you on the other side. you will say, hey, i cannot pay these things. you have to rebuild. it's going to stay on there ten years if you do a chapter 7. >> all the bills are gone. >> they are gone. >> okay. that can be helpful, i suppose. who would take that option? >> somebody that's gotten behind. maybe you lost your job and you had so many debts. credit card bills and things that backed up on you and you
7:25 am
can't handle it anymore. with the mortgage thing going on, a lot of people are behind on their mortgage. chapter 13 will give you time to restructure, not to wipe out the mortgage, but to give you the time. >> we have 15 to 20 seconds here. how expensive is it. >> i recommend you get an attorney to do it. on a chapter 7, it can be $600 to $1500 or $3500, depending on the lawyer you get. on chapter 13, more like $1500 to start. you are dealing with a trustee and it's over a long period of time. >> we hate anyone has to go that option, but a lot of stuff to consider. we had to zip through them. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. ♪
7:26 am
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everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. we helped keep your skin clear. now we have a solution for wrinkles. neutrogena anti wrinkle with retinol sa smoothes even deep wrinkles. it works...beautifully. neutrogena. welcome back. i want to bring in our colleague from cnn sports, joe carter. biggest story in college sports right now, unfortunately, is a bad one in a lot of ways.
7:29 am
what's going to happen. is he going to play? >> as of now, yeah. cam newton is the face of college football. this kid dazzled people on the field. front runner for the heisman trophy. there's major controversy surrounding him. his father, possibly sought big-time money. allegations of $100,000 to $180,000 during they recruitment from mississippi state. he signed with auburn. if this is true, he's ineligible. they are 10-0. they are in a great position to contend for a national title. if he's ineligible, gone are the wins -- >> the whole season is gone. >> they could come down hard with penalties. >> tell me this, even if no one


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