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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 14, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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from now. >> larry: you're going to have two very busy little twins. >> i'm really looking forward to this, and -- and they inspire me. they inspire me to become a better person. >> larry: great seeing you again, ricky. >> likewise, larry. >> larry: ricky martin. the book is "me." hey, if you want to interview me right here enter our be the king contest. go to for details. on the rundown tonight, for your week ahead, a vacation nightmare. a resort hotel loaded with tourists explodes. people are dead. the pictures from the scene unbelievable. what caused the catastrophic accident? the interview that everyone is talking about. the mega church pastor who came out of cloth closet in front of his congregation, and now the world, my candid interview with him in just moments and a superstar in the music world speaks only to me about the release of the human rights
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hero. bono on aung san suu kyi's first days of freedom. it's a cnn exclusive. we begin tonight with a developing story. a mystery that grows stranger by the minute. an entire family just vanishes. then during a police raid they find the 13-year-old from the family still alive but bound and gagged in the basement of a strange man's home, but still no sign of the girl's mother, brother and a family friend. this is all unfolding in mount vernon, ohio, where early this morning a police s.w.a.t. team moved in on the suspect's home. a neighbor and the sheriff pick up the story from there. >> larry: squad team came and then they blasted the boor and went in, and, you know, i heard the guy was sleeping on the couch and they found one of the girls that was missing tied up in the basement. >> in the house with her at the time that she was located was an individual from mount vernon. he is now in the knox county
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jail, currently charged with kidnapping. >> the family disappeared on wednesday night, and now the entire community has organized a massive search effort to try to find them. the 13-year-old, her name is sarah maynard. she's now resting in a hospital. police are still searching for her mother. her name tina herrmann. her 10-year-old brother and a family friend. police have arrested 30-year-old matthew hoffman on kidnapping charges in this case. the maynard family has set up a facebook page tonight. we're told it's called pray for the maynard kids. pray for the maynard kids, and that's where people can leave tips if they have them. again, this story is still developing, and we'll have more information as it becomes available for you. also developing tonight, near cancun, mexico. at least seven people, including a child, were killed today by a powerful blast at a caribbean resort. state media is reporting four of the dead are canadians. another 20 people hurt,
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including two americans. investigators also say the explosion appears to have come from a gas leak, possibly a stove. the resort is the grand riveria princess of the yucatan peninsula. a british couple is savoring their freedom tonight after more than a year under the control of pirat pirates. paul and rachel chandler landed in kenya one week and three weeks after somali pirates kidnapped them from their yacht. the family will not speak about the details of how the chandlers were freed, but somali elders tell cnn a $750,000 ransom was paid. "time" magazine reports the family hired a private hostage negotiate team after the british government held to its policy of not responding to ransom demands. let's talk about congress because it's returning to d.c. for a lame duck session beginning tomorrow. it has to pass a spending bill, and that's to prevent the government from shutting down next month, and it faces a handful of congressional legislative items and controversial ones as well, but
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agenda could be overshadowed by a trial that also starts tomorrow, so let's bring in cnn's political editor mr. mark preston. you know what i'm talking about, talking about congressman charlie rangel. he has to face the music on monday, doesn't he? >> he has to face the music. the trial we've all been waiting for. faces charges of breaking house ethic rules, did he not properly report income from a rental property, did he use the power of his office to raise money for a center that would bear his name in new york. tomorrow morning we'll hear it all, right here on capitol hill behind me. >> mark, here's the thing. he's representing himself in this. is that smart because everything he says will be on the record and if it does go over to some sort of criminal proceeding that's going to be on the record. is that smart of him to represent himself even though he knows these people. >> that's the big question. who knows if he'll show up with a lawyer in tow or whether he'll be representing himself before this body. even if he doesn't show up with a lawyer tomorrow, i can
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guarantee you this. he has enough friends and colleagues who i'm sure have given him enough advice. he's not going into this hearing cold. >> you'll be surprise federal he shows up by himself tomorrow. >> i'd be surprised if he shows up by himself and, b, whether he makes a big gaffe. >> let's move on now. this is what everybody is talking about. a lot of people out of work. the economy not great. congress has to deal with, starting with we call the bush tax cuts. >> yeah. the big showdown. so we'll find out over the next week oar two whether there will be an agreement on the tax cuts. will democrats give in a little bit? will republicans give in a little bit? i will tell you president obama just a few hours ago, on his way back to the white house from his nine-day trip, is really seeming to try to call the republican bluff. he wants republicans to try to explain to him why tax cuts for people above $250,000 a year should continue, and that will be the big showdown the next couple of weeks. >> there was some movement on don't ask, don't tell last week with the courts, and then there was a dig demonstration today i
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know. is don't ask, don't tell going to come up next week? >> certainly going to come up, and there will be a lot of discussion. the fact is will congress be able to approve something to repeal it, and i'll tell you the fact that the pentagon has not approved or released its report about what to do on this, it's very unlikely that don't ask, don't tell will be passed in this session. >> yeah, because if it doesn't, republicans in the majority and the house, it's going to be very difficult in the coming term, correct? >> yeah, no question. no question about that. >> let's talk about the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty. is there a new s.t.a.r.t. treaty? >> well, i'm sure the obama administration hopes that something can start. you know, out of all the legislative items there's a possibility that this could get done, and really what this would do is help reduce the stockpile of nuclear weapons from the russians and from the u.s. there's a little bit of a hangup right now in the senate. however, president obama, again, expressed some hope on his way back here to the u.s. that in fact they can get over that, so we might see some progress on that. >> we've been seeing the former president bush out a lot. he said nuclear and you say it as well, mark, with your boston
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accent. >> texas, boston, it goes together. >> thank you, mark. have a good evening. we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. still ahead here on cnn, my exclusive interview with one of the biggest names in music. what bono has to say about the release of nobel laureate aung san suu kyi. plus, a mega church pastor announces he's gay. >> the other thing, and i wouldn't have known what to call it tet, was my sexual orientation. i know a lot of straight people think that orientation is a choice. i want to tell you that it certainly is not, and let me explain to you -- >> i'm going to talk with the pastor about his decision to come out. it's a controversial interview, and it's getting a lot of traction online. don't just sit there. be part of the conversation, for sure. any one of those sites send us a message. check out our blog at and check in with us on foursquare, our own page, ♪ another dollar
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she survived more than a decade of confinement alone, but today aung san suu kyi says she needs the help of others to bring democracy to the country once known as burma. she says she also supports national reconciliation. myanmar's military regime released the 65-year-old freedom fighter from house arrest on saturday. peace activists around the world celebrated, including rock star bono. he told me in an exclusive interview how she reminds him of another iconic political prisoner. >> really. she's a character of great grace. maybe that's what she has in common with -- with nelson mandela. her struggle has become a symbol of what's best about our
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humanity and worse. >> aung san suu kyi says the ruling generals treated her well, but they need to return the country to, quote, the rule of law. open enrollment season is officially under way, and a lot of people thought their health care insurance costs would be going down with the passage of health care reform, but our stephanie elam says the reality could be -- couldn't be more different. >> reporter: hey there. that's absolutely right. most rate increases were put into place before health care reform, meaning costs were already going up. the average family increase for 2011 will be about 14% or $4,000 for the year versus just a 3% rise in the total bill, meaning that you, not your employer, are footing the majority of the jump. so what can you do as an employee to lower your costs? well, first of course, pay attention and choose the right plan for your family. ppos are insurance plans that allow you to go out of network but usually with higher costs than hmos that restrict your
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coverage to only in-network doctors f.seeing a doctor out of network is important or at least knowing you have the option to do so, make sure you understand your potential costs, including deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. younger, healthy people may want to consider a high-deductible plan if available. these plans are less expensive, but if you get sick, you'll be responsible for the full cost up to that high deductible amount. next, see if your employer offers any programs to stay healthy or for preventive care. this could mean big savings on your health care premiums, but more importantly it's good for your health, and for goodness sake, don't waste money. many employers offer flexible spending accounts, and these are yet another smart way to put away tax-free money for your health care and as our good friend andrew rubin always tells us, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. your doctor has unlimited flexibility on services and coverage. >> negotiate. stephanie, thank you very much. coming up here on cnn, one police officer called the scene devastating. we'll have the late on a deadly
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accident in california that killed at least five people. plus, the power goes out at the new meadowlands stadium in new york leaving nfl players and fans in the dark. we're going to have the details for you. what went on. when it comes to investing, no one person has all the answers. so td ameritrade doesn't give me just one person. questions about retirement? i talk to their retirement account specialists. bonds? grab the phone. fixed-income specialist. td ameritrade knows investors sometimes need real, live help. not just one broker... a whole team there to help... to help me decide what's right for me. people with answers at td ameritrade. get up to $500 when you open an account.
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when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. your headlines right now on
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cnn. police in southern california are searching for a driver they say fled the scene after causing a deadly motorcycle pile-up. just look at that video. they say a gold honda tried to pass a dozen motorcycles on a two-lane highway east of san diego. an oncoming car swerved into the bikers. four motorcyclists were killed there. a passenger in the second car also died. the driver that have vehicle has been arrested for suspected ddui, but police don't think he is responsible for the accident. late results from election day. arizona officials have determined that prop 203 which permits medical marijuana has passed by about 4,300 votes. the no votes had been leading the arizona republic reports, until counting provisional ballots. arizona becomes the 15th state to allow medical marijuana. a surprise in today's nfl game between the dallas cowboys and the new york giants. it wasn't the score there. two power outages at new
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jersey's new meadowlands stadium tim airline halted play during the third quarter when both power feeders went down. after 12 minutes, power was restored. the score, by the way, cowboys 33, giants 20.
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take a look now at what the week ahead will bring from politics to business to hollywood. these are the stories that will grab the headlines this coming week. we begin tonight with what's on the horizon for the president. >> i'm ed henry in yokohama, japan, where president obama is wrapping up a nine-day tour of asia. once he returns to washington, it's right back to domestic politics. he's hosting a meeting with democratic and republican congressional leaders at the white house to try and work out thorny issues such as whether to extend all of the bush tax cuts. then he heads back overseas to lisbon where he's going to a nato summit where afghanistan is front and center. >> i'm dana bash on capitol hill where congress returns this week
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for its lame duck session, and there is a lot they are going to try to squeeze in on their agenda, everything from keeping the government running to food safety legislation, to how to deal with that thorny issue of extending bush-era tax cuts. now, on monday two new democratic senators who won special elections will actually be sworn in, and on the house side, about 100 newly elected members of the house will going to be descending on the capitol for orientation and get a glimpse of what life will be like as a member of congress. >> i'm paul steinhauser at the cnn political desk. the counting of the write-in ballots goes into overtime in ilass can a this week. a presidential hopeful heads to iowa as former speaker newt gingrich goes to the state as part of a tour for his new book and republican governors and governors-elect will be in the spotlight when they team up in san diego for an annual conference. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york.
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wall street is gearing up for a pretty big week. on monday retail sales, followed by earnings by walmart and home depot on tuesday. also on tuesday, the senate banking committee will hold a hearing on foreclosures. that will be a minimum wager focus for the big banks, and on wednesday the latest housing starts and building permits report is released. we'll look for any signs of a rebound in the sector and this week wrappings up with earnings from target, dell and gap. we'll track it all for you on cnn money. >> i'm "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer. here's what we're watching this week. the stars of "the color purple" reuniting on oprah 25 years after the move came out. that should be pretty cool and barbra streisand gives a rare sit-down interview and halle berry tells all to ellen. "showbiz tonight" is live at 11:00 p.m. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. now the international desk editor is here. some interesting stories. the pictures from the hajj are always amazing. >> brett taking, don. nearly 2.5 million muslims have
10:21 pm
already gathered in mecca, saudi arabia, to partake in the largest pilgrimage, the hajj. it's islam's fifth pillar and over the course of the week they will follow in the footsteps taken by the prophet muhammad. >> how many muslims in the world? >> 1.8 billion and growing. >> okay. let's talk about this incredible jewel to say the least and expensive, and probably giant. >> huge. >> this diamond is called the fancy and intense pink diamond and how much do you think it's going for? >> way more than i'm sure you or i could afford. >> how much? >> between 27 million and $38
10:22 pm
million. pocket change. >> is that the actual ring right there? >> that's it. >> when you talk about carats like that, you would think it's as big as a blackberry. >> who would wear that around? >> if i had the money. >> don't wear that on the subway. >> have a great week. appreciate it. >> you know what we know about outsourcing, but what about bringing jobs back from the u.s. from overseas and getting vaccinating without a needle. here's this week's "getting down to business." >> reporter: president obama just wrapped up his tour of asia and says he's bringing home a souvenir for americans. more jobs. the president announced deals with indian companies that could create more than 50,000 new jobs in the u.s. we'll get the latest unemployment numbers this thursday. it should be good news that foreclosures fell in october, but, unfortunately, that's only half the story. the drop is instead because banks have been freezing foreclosures to review loan
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documents. this could mean higher prices in the short term, but a slower recovery in the long term. new housing numbers are released on wednesday. flu season is back again which means time for those shots, but if you're afraid of needles, there may be another option at a clinic near you. a needle-free injector from pharmajet delivers a spring-loaded stream directly into the skin. the new injectors have the big potential of preventing the spread of disease around the world. that's this week's getting down to business. >> up next here on cnn, he has been married twice and has four kids, but pastor jim swilley has just announced that he is gay. when we come back, i'll talk to him about his decision to come out of closet now. >> here's what i want to do. [ manager ] you know...
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praiser: it's just biful, thank u so much for brinit i woman: unbelievable appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. you know, it is an interview you all have been tweeting about and commenting on. the pastor of a georgia megachurch telling the congregation the secret that he's been holding all of his life, that he is gay. i want to play you some of the highlights from my in-depth conversation with him. listen.
10:27 pm
>> after i knew that devon was going to divorce me and we had to say something about it and i was neither denying nor confirming anything that people were speculating, and people started asking me about certain things. they heard rumors that i left her for a man or there was some scandal. there wasn't. still, i just -- as a matter of fact, she encouraged me a long time ago to say something about it and i said, look, these words will never come out of my mouth, but when the -- something about there was like four or five, six suicides right in a matter of days, and the young man that you mentioned, for some reason his situation was kind of the tipping point with me. >> there's something that is very -- i know that you have said this, and it's the hardest part for you was your wife thinking she wasn't attractive. >> well, that's -- that's something we had to make sure that she understood, and she knows that. >> and you guys talked about it. what -- tell me about it. >> i said, look, you're a beautiful woman. there's nothing wrong with you. you're a desirable woman, and, you know, the part of me that's
10:28 pm
her husband wants to still feel like, all right, you're my wife. you shouldn't be with anybody else. the part of me that is her friend wants her to be happy in a way that she's known for some time i could not provide that for her. we have a great mutual respect, a great synergy and working together, but there comes a point in your life where you say how much time do we have left in our lives? are we going to be authentic or not? >> i want to read viewer comments. let's go to twitter and if we can go through these really quickly. someone says ask him about eddie long. >> and the next one would be? >> you don't want to talk about that? >> i don't really -- what are you asking? i mean, i don't -- i know bishop long. i've known him for a long time. he's always been very gracious to me and his staff very nice to me >> i think what they are meaning is ask about eddie long because of proximity, not only in time but in space. and place. i mean, you guys are basically in the atlanta area and he, you know, he's been accused. >> right. >> of using his influence over
10:29 pm
gay men. >> i've known him for many years, but i wouldn't consider we're close friends. i've never discussed this with him and don't have anything to say about it. >> but you don't think the two have anything to do with each other? >> no, not at all. i'm not trying to make myself look good. i'm saying my situation is completely different. >> okay. someone says ask him what makes a man want to be with another man. where is that in the bible? >> oh, man. you didn't prepare me for these. you know, when it comes to people bringing up bible stuff, i love the scriptures. i believe they are inspired. the bible says a lot of things about a lot of things that people don't have answers for, everything from paul supporting slavery, which none of us would support that now, to many things. the scripture says if you're given to gluttony put a knife to your throat. we seem to be fine with fat christians in the church and people don't really say a lot about that. >> and talks about children. >> and all kinds of things. if you have a -- deuteronomy says if you have a son that doesn't work for a living and is rebellious, to take him by the
10:30 pm
hand and lead him by the elders of the city and let them stone him with stones until he's dead. we don't support that. if you have an unemployed son you don't kill him but that's what the bible says. >> my thanks to pastor jim twillie and for all of your comments for making that story number within on if you want to see the entire interview go to thank you so much for watching. i'll see you back here next weekend. have a good night and a great week. she is getting $15,000 to run out to them. if the police are told, they will kill her children and the husband. she is petrified. >> a vicious crime in a tranquil connecticut suburb. >> it is evil incarnate.
10:31 pm
>> two suspects whose actions were beyond brutal. >> he swung the bat as hard as he could. before they tied anybody up, before the fire was set. joshua tried to kill dr. pettitte on the couch. >> i'm randi kaye in chesire, connecticut. tonight, a cnn special report. what happened to a wife, a husband and their two daughters in a home that became a house of horrors and terror. "pure evil, the killings in connecticut." for the pettitte family in this quiet connecticut suburb, there was never any hint of the violence that was to come. >> the epitome of the all-american family, a beautiful
10:32 pm
mother and two beautiful daughters. >> never any clue their vibrant home on sorghum mill drive in the town of chesire would soon become a house of horrors. their last day together as a family was a classic summer sunday. dr. william petit, a prominent connecticut doctor, a leading expert in the field of diabetes, played golf with his dad. earlier that day, his wife of 22 years, jennifer hawke-petit, and her daughter michaela, 11, gone grocery shopping at this stop & shop supermarket. >> the younger daughter michaela was going to make a special dinner for her family so she and mrs. petit went to the stop & shop here in town. the older daughter haley, 17, had just graduated from miss porter school, a prestigious prep school. she wanted to be a doctor, like her dad. as jennifer hawke-petit, a
10:33 pm
pediatric nurse, drove back from the supermarket, she had no idea she was being watched. watched, police say, by two career criminals paroled from prison just weeks before. within hours their worlds would collide. >> i often liken it to what marauding armies do to countries when they take over, raping and pillaging, and that's kind of what happened in that house. >> the two men allegedly watching mrs. hawke-petit and her daughter are joshua co komisarjevsky and steven hayes. between them they have been arrested nearly 50 times. on hayes' rap sheet, illegal possession of a firearm, burglary and forgery. combs jovanovski 30 has a criminal past that includes 30 arrests for burglary and larceny. a connecticut judge once called
10:34 pm
him a cold, calculating predator. he started breaking into homes at 13 but rarely stole anything. reportedly just listened to the sounds of the sleeping family and paged through family photos. "true crime" author brian mcdonald wrote a book about this case and received 20 letters from komisarjevsky. >> his parents are fervent christians, and everything about his early life was about his christianity. he was part of this -- the christian brigade which is like the boy scouts, but yet very early on in his life, 13, there was this evil side of him that had to be nurtured or explored. >> komisarjevsky grew up on a 65-acre estate less than two miles from the petit family. he was adopted as an infant. as a young boy, he says he was brutally raped by another foster
10:35 pm
child taken in by his family. >> he said that he was forcibly raped. he made it absolutely clear in his letters to me that it wasn't, you know, exposing or fondling or anything like that, that it was i believe he said merciless rape that made him think that all of this religious dogma he was being force fed was all garbage. >> in this letter mcdonald says komisarjevsky sent him he details the alleged assault. these are my first memories. i was 5 going on 6. month upon month my personal hell went unnoticed at the hands of an older foster kid. >> humanity is cruel. >> mcdonald reads from the letter where komisarjevsky refers to himself as this child. >> this child, raped of his innocence, guilty of silence, dripping in sin, learned at an early age the art of repression. god is all-knowing, all powerful and did nothing to protect this
10:36 pm
child. >> comb jovanovski and hayes, who both have a history of drugs, first met a year and a half before the crime, here at the suleman halfway house in hartford, connecticut. they were roommates for four months. they had gone their separate ways for a while until police say hayes called komisarjevsky. he needed help stealing money. komisarjevsky, who mcdonald says has an obsession with young girls, spotted 11-year-old michaela petit in the grocery store parking lot with her mother and chose them as their next robbery target. they followed them to learn where they lived and then went home. hours later komisarjevsky was giving his daughter a bath and reading her a bedtime story. police say hayes then texted him. i'm chomping at the bit to get started. need a margarita soon, hayes
10:37 pm
wrote. komisarjevsky responded. i'm putting kid to bed. hold your horses. hayes. dude, the horses want to get loose. lol. >> what kind of fantasies did they have before this? was this the playing out of some kind of fantasies that they have had during their life? >> around 3:00 a.m. the morning of july 23rd, 2007, investigators say komisarjevsky and hayes enter the petit's home through an unlocked door. dr. petit is asleep in a chair downstairs in the sun room. komisarjevsky beats him bloody with a baseball bat before both suspects secure his by the hands and feet and tied him to a pole in the basement. >> he told me he swung the bat as hard as he could. he tried to kill this man before anything else happened in the
10:38 pm
house. >> dr. petit's wife and daughters are next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil®.
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it's the middle of the night, july 23rd, 2007. suspect steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky are inside the petit home. police say komisarjevsky goes upstairs, surprises the girls and their mother, tying them to their beds. they then search the house for money. around 7:00 a.m., four hours after they entered the house, steven hayes leaves to buy a few judges of gasoline. that's him paying for it, captured on this security camera video at this gas station about four miles from the house. "in session" reporter, beth karas, a former new york city prosecutor, followed the case. >> they had already planned to do something with the guess lean or hayes wouldn't have been sent out to get four gallons of
10:42 pm
gasoline. >> when hayes returns, police say both men find a checkbook reportedly showing more than a $20,000 balance. with threats, they force mrs. hawke-petit to drive to the bank. you're watching a wife, a mother in a desperate attempt to save her family. that's jennifer hawke-petit on this bank security camera video in a small town of chesire, connecticut. her husband beaten, bound and gagged, is being held hostage along with her two daughters, michaela 11 and haley 17. mrs. hawke-petit tells the bank teller she needs to withdraw $15,000, ransom money. it is 9:17 a.m. she tries to remain calm. one of the two suspects, steven hayes, is waiting outside. the teller alerts the bank manager who quietly calls 911. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her
10:43 pm
husband and children are being held at their house. the people are in a car outside the bank. she is getting $15,000, that if the police are told they will kill the children and her husband. she is petrified. >> minutes later mrs. hawke-petit leaves the bank with the ransom money. >> they told her that they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back there with the money. she believes them. i think she's walking out now. she's walking out now. >> police are dispatched to surround the house. they are ordered not to approach the house. it's protocol in a hostage situation, police will explain later. they will also say they had no reason to believe anyone was in immediate danger. >> i think they get criticized either way, and i know that this is something that's going to haunt them for the rest of their lives. >> what police don't know is that joshua komisarjevsky has
10:44 pm
already sexually assaulted the youngest daughter, michaela. "true crime" author brian mcdonald received letters from komisarjevsky after the attack. >> he said that he mast baited on her, and he said that he took her clothes off and masterbat ed. >> of the two men, the picture has been painted that we know of that komisarjevsky was the one who did it more for a thrill. >> when hayes returns from the bank with michaela's mother, investigators say komisarjevsky insist hayes, quote, get his hands dirty by sexually assaulting mrs. hawke-petit. while police are outside he rapes and strangles her. by now it's nearly 10:00 a.m. seven hours of terror.
10:45 pm
dr. petit recalls a sinister voice shouting in the basement. don't worry. it's all going to be over in a couple of minutes. in a burst of adrenaline the desperate husband and father frees himself from his basement prison. he crawls to a neighbor's driveway, bleeding badly and calls out for help. by now nearly 40 minutes have passed since the bank manager called 911. remember the gasoline hayes was seen buying earlier that morning. investigators say the suspects used it to douse the home with the girls tied to their beds. what they do next, according to investigators, is pure evil, nearly impossible to comprehend for the officers outside. >> they hear some screams, and then the place goes up in flames.
10:46 pm
>> hayes and komisarjevsky attempt to get away in the family's suv. they smash right into the waiting police cruisers. inside police find jennifer hawke-petit's body on the living room floor, haley's body is at the top of the stairs and she managed to free herself but collapsed from the smoke. michaela's body was still tied to her bed. >> when you look at how this happened and why and the torment that this family went through and the way they died at the end, in my 24 years in the criminal justice system, this is one of the few cases that gave me a nightmare. >> after seven horrific hours inside the petit's home, joshua komisarjevsky and steven hayes are finally taken into custody, charged with sexual assault and murder. dr. william petit, the only
10:47 pm
survivor has lost his beautiful wife and his two girls. soon he will face the men accused of killing his family.
10:48 pm
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joshua komisarjevsky and steven hayes face the death penalty for capital murder. in the home invasion of the petit family where jennifer hawke-petit was strangled and her daughters left to die in a fir
10:51 pm
fire police say the suspects set. komisarjevsky and hayes may have been partners in crime, but they are to be tried separately in new haven superior court. steven hayes first. hayes' lawyer is trying to spare him the death penalty. >> hayes always said that komisarjevsky injected violence into this, that they were just going to get -- get some money, get some jewelry. >> public defender thomas ullman concedes in his opening statement is what is known is that steven hayes kills and assaults mrs. petit adding no one was supposed to be hurt. >> jennifer hawke-petit wanted to believe that these men who had been holding her and her children and husband hostage for about six hours at that point, from 3:00 in the morning till 9:00 when the bank opened, that they were not going to hurt them. >> in court, dr. william petit, the only survivor, comes face-to-face with one of his family's alleged killers.
10:52 pm
>> i think my testimony stands as truthful testimony and beyond that i really don't want to dignify the rafgs of a sociopath who appears to be a pathological liar as well. >> dr. petit recounts waking up blood gushing from his head. i felt something warm running down the front of my face, he tells jurors. he told the court the two suspects had a gun, that one said to the other, quote, if he moves, put two bullets in him. next, investigators share what they found on cokomisarjevsky's cell phone, images of the sexual assault on petit's youngest daughter. some jurors begin to weep. dr. petit leaves the courtroom. "true crime" author brian mcdonald received 20 letters from yorkia komisarjevsky in
10:53 pm
prison and interviewed him three times. >> did he talk to you about taking photos of michaela? >> yes. >> what did he tell you about what he did to her? >> he said he took very suggestive pictures of michaela and he said he was going to use them to blackmail dr. bekit. >> on the stand investigators play out victims' final hours. some of the most gripping testimony comes from an investigator who testifies hayes had sex with mrs. hawke-petit after he killed her. >> i still can't wrap my head around this. it is evil incarnate. >> steven hayes' defense lawyer tries to convince the jury his client killed hawke-petit at the request of komisarjevsky, but pages from komisarjevsky's prison diary, misspellings and all, presented in court seemed
10:54 pm
to suggest otherwise. komisarjevsky writes when steve took the life of mrs. petit he brought boast us who a whole different level. this was no longer just a simple robbery. and in a surreal passage, komisarjevsky called dr. petit a coward who ran away when he felt his own life was threatened and left his wife and children to die at the hands of madmen. >> his comments about dr. petit are quite interesting and inflammatory. some commentators have suggested that they really are an attempt to traumatize the last person left in the house, to retraumatize them in some way and he can still assert control over him. >> if the self-described madmen did kill three members of the petit family, the question is why? >> i think he saw michaela that day in the stop & shop get into the mother's suv.
10:55 pm
i think he followed her home because of that. i think he marked that house because of that. >> you think she was the target? >> yeah. >> in closing, hayes' defense team to the jury things just got out of control. a psychologist testified that hayes was so filled with remorse after the murders he wanted the state to kill him. after deliberating for four days a jury gave him his wish and a spent dr. william petit met with reporters. >> michaela was an 11-year-old little girl, you know? tortured and killed in her own bedroom, you know, surrounded by stuffed animals and haley had a great future. >> in court, steven hayes was silent as the death penalty was read. komisarjevsky is scheduled to go to trial in january.
10:56 pm
the house at soaringual mill drive is gone now, razed by dr. petit about a year ago after the killings and the fire. in its place, a memorial garden tended year round with loving care. the physical reminders of what happened here are gone, but the memories remain of acts so vicious that many call them "pure evil."
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters. other are your headlines this hour. a powerful blast as a mexican resort near cancun has killed seven people, including a child. state media reports four of the dead are canadians. another 20 people were hurt, including two americans. investigators say the explosion may have been caused by a gas leak, possibly a stove. the resort is the grand riveria princess on the yucatan peninsula. an up


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