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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and check me out on facebook, as well and send us some of your information that way. so we'll be doing this throughout the weekend into next weekend, so no matter what day you're traveling, you can give us some valuable information. >> folks need little tips like this all the time, because it asounds me that people stand in line with a bottle of lotion. i'm like, you're not going through with this. thanks so much, jacqui. the president of the united states calls the nato summit in lisbon a success with a new agreement settled obscurity in afghanistan. and a bombshell dropped in a new book on the pope. could the pontiff really be indicating a change of view on condom use? and how to avoid the sickies
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around you this holiday season. stay well. you're in the cnn newsroom. live this saturday, november 20th, i'm fredricka whitfield. security procedures at the nation's airports are tighter than ever these days. nearly 70 airports have those full-body scanners that you may have heard about. security patdowns are being criticized as too innovative. still, at least one public opinion shows most americans don't mind the new added security measures. cnn's kate bolduan joins us now from washington's reagan national airport. reagan is one of those airports with the full body scanner. so let's go through this. if you clear a metal detector, you're simply clear to fly? >> that's one scenario. as you come to the airport and you go through security, that is one scenario. you can clear the detector and off you go. but today with the new security procedures, there are the
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additional technologies that have raised a lot of eyebrows and criticism. specifically talking about the enhanced patdowns. not everyone will be subjected to these patdowns. some people are calling them more groping than patdown. but you will be subjected to them if you opt out of the full body scanner, if you just refuse to go for whatever reason. or if you go through a metal detector and an alarm goes off, indicating a secondary screening or additional screening is needed. also, there are -- you can be randomly selected for these enhanced patdowns. so those are the scenarios that would put someone in the position of being subjected to these enhanced patdowns. tsa says that's a small percentage of the flying public daily, about 2 million people fly and tsa says that's a small percentage of the people that are subjected to those patdowns. but president obama even himself was talking about the new tsa
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security measures today from portugal. he was asked about it at a press conference, and the president himself said that he understands the frustration of the flying public, but also said that it's a very tough situation, those are his words, for both tsa and the passengers. listen to a little bit from president obama. >> at this point, tsa, in consultation with our counterterrorism experts, have indicated to me that the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the christmas day bomber. but i'm going to -- every week i meet with my counterterrorism team, and i'm constantly asking them whether is what we're doing absolutely necessary, have we thought it through, are there other ways of accomplishing it that meet the same objectives?
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>> and for its part, the tsa administrator says these policies are not changing. they defend these procedures saying they're safe and necessary in keeping the flying public safe. you were talking about it earlier as we are now heading into that favorite time of year, the busy holiday travel season. >> thanks, kate bolduan at reagan national airport in d.c. reacting to concerns and complaints from airline pilot unions. the tsa is making immediate changes to screening pilots, traveling in uniform. they will now be allowed to bypass airport security by presenting their i.d.s. but the tsa says there still could be some random screenings even for them. so john pistol, the head of the
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tsa will be on tomorrow morning with candy crowley right here on cnn. the changing mission in afghanistan took center stage at the nato summit in portugal today. nato is making a long-term commitment to keep troops there, even after u.s. troops withdraw and change roles in 2014. president obama talked about transition plans in afghanistan at the lisbon conference where we find our chris lawrence. chris? >> reporter: fredricka, what all this means is basically if you're sitting at home and thinking that american troops would be on their way home in the very near future, doesn't look like that's going to happen. earlier this year, all we heard was the year 2011, july 2011. that's when some american troops start to come home. but everything we're hearing is that any troops that would come home next year by july would be more of a symbolic in number,
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not substantial large numbers of troops and some of the provinces that will be turned over to the afghans early on is where there are few troops there. basically the u.s. has agreed and nato has agreed to keep a combat presence in afghanistan through at least 2014. but when we asked a senior u.s. official whether the u.s. had decided that as a drop dead date, he made it clear that the president has not made that decision yet, that the u.s. combat role could very well extend beyond 2014. fredricka? >> chris lawrence in lisbon, thanks so much for that update on that. a new book is out on the pope and the catholic church, including comments the pontiff reportedly made on condom use. many are wondering if kkd
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present a shift on. >> this interview is that in a limited number of case where is the purpose of condoms is to prevent disease and in particular, to prevent the transmission of hiv-aids, that they could be morally acceptable. it should be said that this is an informal interview with a journalist, so it doesn't make this catholic teaching, but it suggests the pope is open to it and that is interesting indeed. >> the book where those comments are from is called "the light of the world: the pope, the church and the sign of the times." the catholic church has long frowned at condom use. it is considered an artificial form of contraception. russell simmons has made a lot of money and given plenty back and is committed to making positive social change. hear how the hip-hop pioneer is
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russell simmons' accomplishments are as numerous as they are varied. he co-founded one of the first hip-hop labels, made millions in the fashion and communications industry, headlines a new reality tv show and has authored several books including "super rich" due out this january. i talked face to face with the business mogul and discovered he's also involved in philanthropy, including several of his own charities. it's a mission he says he never could have imagined, taking up as a troubled youth. giving is at the root of who you are. has it always been there? >> no, i was in a gang. i sold drugs. i was in a gang. i'm very lucky to be here. >> what was the epiphany? >> i found something i was passionate about, music. and over a period of time, i evolved some. when i was 30, i became -- i'm
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53. so i became sober at 30, and 10, 11 years, i stopped eating animals. 15 years ago i started to practice yoga. i ran my first charity 15 years ago. it was kind of the thing to do. and i started to fall in love with giving and seeing the results of my work in the people's faces. and i found that my resources and i started to help other celebrities use their celebrity and build charities around them and with them and this life work is more fun. >> do you feel like there's one big resonating moment in your business interactions? your business enterprises that you're most proud of, that you feel has really cemented who you are and what your intention is all about? >> i wish i could answer that question properly.
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i don't really carry a lot of pride, and i don't really have one moment over the next that's so great. i'm lucky enough to enjoy what's in front of me. i have a rabbi helping and i know that's a ground breaking thing and i want to have more dialogue between people instead of less. i get research, and this country, for the first time in ten years, is going the wrong way. >> what concerns you about the displays of intolerance in this country and how, in the view of so many, it has become exacerbated? >> well, it's not good. one minute it's okay to start saying things that you couldn't have said a year ago, racial or islamic phobic, anti-semitic things, you couldn't say only a
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year ago. and the next minute anything can happen. we're not so conscious of our actions and we need to be -- for me, i want to be one of the people that can ring a bell, say it in a way that people can digest it and maybe make them think about their actions a little differently. >> earlier this month, simmons' group, the foundation for ethnic understanding, held an interfaith program bringing together members of 200 mosques and synagogues in 22 countries for a dialogue. for more information on the organization, logon to the website. and next week, face-to-face with the highly acclaimed author, who is out with a new children's book, living a public life again after spending a decade in hiding. it was the result of a fatwa put
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out on his life for writing the satanic verses in 1989. how does one go into seclusion, go into hiding for a period of time and then emerge? >> it was tough. i wouldn't recommend it. if you can avoid being sentenced to death, avoid it if you can. >> did you have a lot of security? >> there was security, for nine years. i've talked to a lot of people who had to enter that world of security, including politicians and public figures. the thing that's worse about it is the loss of correspondent theyty. -- spontaneity. all right, is it really the beginning of the end? the first of the final two harry potter fantasy films opened this weekend. movie reviews, up next. what's around the corner is one of life's great questions.
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harry potter sweeps into a theater near you. we have the weekend box office reviewing. but first, a look at the top stories. president obama is defending controversial new air travel screening procedures. he says the tsa is under enormous pressure to make sure attackers don't slip onto a plane. the tsa is under fire for enhanced screening procedures that include patdowns and full body scans. president obama attending a nato summit in lisbon, portugal. he called today's meetings extremely productive. at a news conference, mr. obama cited progress in several key
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areas, including afghanistan. nato leaders envision a gradual transition of security operations to afghan forces by 2014. but they also promise a long-term presence in the war-torn country. a federal judge in california has given the green light to a class action lawsuit against toyota. it's the first major civil action suit since toyota recalled millions of vehicles for sudden acceleration and brake problems. in the suit, toyota owners say their vehicles lost value as a result of the recall, and subsequent federal investigation. let's talk about the movies now. movie magic and suspense take over the theaters this weekend. jean hammond joins us this weekend from los angeles. so harry potter fans are very excited about this, or maybe they're in mourning, because isn't this the -- i guess the part one of a two-part finale?
4:21 pm
>> yeah, exactly. >> okay. so let's take a quick peek. >> it's part one. >> we're going to take a quick look right now and i'll get your thoughts afterwards. >> no, no, this is different. >> everyone here is of age, potter. >> fair warning. tastes like goblin piss. >> lots of experience with that, do you? just trying to defuse the tension. >> okay, i was about to say this is looking way too normal until that moment.
4:22 pm
thoughts? >> well, here's the thing. part of the problem is, it is part one, and it is really long. it's 2 1/2 hours, and it's only half of the book. look, anything i say here doesn't matter. the fans are going to go crazy for it. it's already breaking every imaginable record. but it is very, very slow and very, very dark. i'm just looking forward to the more emotional core that will obviously come in part two, because it's completely missing from this one. >> so you read the books and you kind of know what's coming? >> yeah. you know, the harry potter movies are faithful to her books, and that may be part of the problem, too. i wish they would take a little more liberty with the films here. but it's fun to see these kids grow up and we've watched it for the last ten years. it's good, but it's not great. it's not my favorite harry potter by any means.
4:23 pm
where's hogwarts? it's not even in this movie. we'll see in july. >> what's your grade on this one? >> a b minus, but anything i say, doesn't matter. fans will love it. >> the heck with what you say, right? let's talk about the "next three days." russel crowe, liam niecen. let's take a peek. >> you'll need a passport, a license and social security number. and money. you'll need enough to last at least five, six years. you run out of money, you run out of friends. but before you do anything, you have to ask yourself if you can do it. and if you can't, don't start, because you'll just get someone killed. >> two very intense actors in liam and russell.
4:24 pm
what is this about? >> he plays a community college professor whose wife is thrown into a life sentence for murder in prison, and he decides that he can't live without her, so he finds a way to break her out of prison, and it's really a nifty little adult thriller. it's based on a french movie, and russel crowe is great, because it's not robin hood or "gladiator." he's playing this professor who goes to the criminal life to get his wife out. and it's really well cast. he's terrific in it, by the way. >> and your grade? >> my grade is a b plus. it's for adults. it's count programming to harry potter. >> i like russel crowe. i know he'll never be that "gladiator" character in this, because that put him over the top in my view.
4:25 pm
>> go out and see it. it's good. >> pete, thanks so much and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, too. >> fantastic. appreciate it. coming to us from l.a. today. all right, harry potter fans, they are turning out in force this weekend for that new movie. but for people who have no idea what a kittic is -- i know i didn't say that right. what is that? >> when you see this clip -- let's do this. take a look at the video and you'll know what it is. it's from harry potter, where the kids have this sport, that's complicated, filled with all these rules, they fly around on
4:26 pm
broom sticks. they have to do all these things. believe it or not, dozens of colleges around the country are taking that concept and grounding it with their own quidditch teams. and this is university of georgia where i went yesterday where they've taken their own version and they have all these funky rules going on with a dodge ball and frisbee. i ask the founders -- you'll see what happened. take a look. >> talk to me here. why create a game of quidditch. you can't actually do what's in the movie. >> like you said, we grew up with harry potter, we're the harry potter generation. so we always liked doing weird things, so we're liquk like qui,
4:27 pm
let's make it happen. >> schools have different ways of doing it. and there are some schools where kids are running around with broom sticks between their legs and using flying helicopters. the university of georgia, they went low tech. take a look. there he is, folks. this is the snitch. basically you hide somewhere on campus and they chase you for a while? >> yeah, there's a defined area around the field where we play. the seekers look for me. once they see me, it books a footrace to snatch the ball off my back. >> the last thing is a video of them attempting to teach me how to play. honestly, it would take hours to understand the rules. you have to have one foot in place and if you get hit with a dodge ball, you have to spin five times.
4:28 pm
it's a lot of fun, though. >> so in between those classes, there's time for quidditch. >> well done, fred. and lots of information on facebook and twitter. you want to know how kids are playing, you can learn right there. and hey, go ahead and send fred some pointers. >> quidditch, that looks too complicated. for now. >> i hear you. >> josh, thanks so much. appreciate it. holiday travelers, they may want to listen up before heading to the airport. some of the screening and security guidelines have changed. you need to know how and why and what to do. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, t, as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance...
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for anyone traveling by plane this holiday, it's understandable that you may be worried about the new screening techniques. let's brick in our jacqui jeras. how can you get through that airport security quick and easy, or at least in the quickest, easiest fashion possible? this is a very huge travel season. >> that's right. because sometimes no matter how much you plan ahead, you know, it is out of your control. there's so many more people trying to get through security in a shorter amount of time than normally when you travel. so some of those key things are to get there a little bit early. if you pack carey-ones and you know the procedures, it will be a little easier for you. the holiday season is the busiest time of the year to travel and it can be stressful. the rules and regulations have changed, so unless you're a seasoned traveler, you need to pay attention to some guidelines to help you get through security a little faster. these are all by tsa.
4:33 pm
liquids is one of the biggest concerns. follow the 311 rule. all liquids must be in a 3.4 ounce container, in one bag, and that needs to be one quart in size, and it has to be see-through. so all of your shampoos and liquid makeup, toothpaste, everything must be in this bag. now, what about electronics? any laptops, dvd players that you might be bringing with you, they need to be taken out of their cases and put through that security gate. if you're traveling with children, things like carriers, as well as strollers, stuffed animals, they all need to go on the conveyer belt. keep that in mind. that will keep things going faster. formula for babies, prescription medication, you have to declare
4:34 pm
them. so make sure you let the security people know about it and they should let you pass through. let's talk about your shoes. everybody has to take their shoes off. tsa recommends wearing slip-ones. so they're easy to get on and off. in you don't wear socks, i would recommend bringing some booties with you. think of all those bare feet. yuck! hopefully those tips will help you get through just a little faster. more information is on if you need more information. >> hopefully that will help you get through the holidays a little more smoothly. cnn is your travel holiday head quarters and we want to help you get through the holidays easier. go to, that's where you're going to find more information there. you can also follow us on twitter, cnn travel is our code there. and also tweet us. we want to hear how long your
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security wait time was. we want to know how conditions were on the interstate. and send us your pictures at ireport at just remember to pack your patience, as well. among those traveling quite a bit out there, jacqui, our own wolf blitzer. you know he gets around the word and he was just recently in atlanta, as well. he was making some headlines on stage. he was a special guest of doug e. fresh on the soul train musical awards. i'm going to show you that and i'm going to show you a little conversation that wolf blitzer had with doug e. fresh had in "the situation room." take a look from yesterday's
4:36 pm
show on "the situation room." it also takes you back to the soul train music awards. >> can we get a little dougy music right now? i want to see a little "soul train" dancers. ♪ let's bring fred in. you don't see that every day in "the situation room," that kind of live reporting going on. you believe what you see, though. >> real reporter involvement. you have taken that to the next level, too. >> it was a lot of fun. i got to tell you when i was in atlanta a couple weeks ago, i went to the "soul train" awards and it went on and on. a week from sunday, on a sunday night on b.e.t., people will watch it and see the whole nine yards. they're going to enjoy it. you know what i loved the most,
4:37 pm
fred? >> what's that? >> it's great music and entertainers going back to the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, all the way back. there's a lot of great stuff for everyone. >> oh, my gosh. i cannot wait. of course, i can't wait to see you do the dougy. wolf blitzer is just too cool for school. >> he pulls it off, doesn't he? >> you remember seeing him on "ellen" when he danced on stage with ellen, and i guess it caught the eye of the producers at "soul train" and they had to get him on there. all right, just in case you want to see more of wolf blitzer with doug e. fresh, tune in to the "soul train" music awards. the show airs 9:00 p.m. november 28th on b.e.t. and tdon't want o miss that. this is the time of year
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when people get illnesses. straight ahead, tips on how to stay healthy.
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after more than a decade, great relief nor african-american farmers who were discriminated against by the agricultural department. the u.s. senate approved a $1 billion settlement yesterday. the house has to take up the funding measure after the trfg break. it is expected to have an easy passage there. the estranged wife of the man accused of kidnapping elizabeth smart testified he manipulated her into going along with the plan for fear of "eternal consequences." wanda barzee is serving up to 15 years as part of her plea great in the case. tune in for a cnn special "taken" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. dutch authorities could have results as early as today on whether a bone found in aruba could block to natalee holloway.
4:43 pm
they have to determine if it's animal or human. the holloway family has already sent her dental records to the netherlands. the holiday season is kicking off into high gear now, but some of the things that make the holidays fun can also make them hazardous if your health. dr. kimberly manning is an assistant professor at emery university's medical school here in atlanta with some tips on keeping us very healthy during the holiday season, because we're all in each other's company, we're sharing food, utensils, so how do we keep all those little yucky yucks away? >> a lot of things are simple. it's a good time to be reminded of them. first and foremost, hand washing, hand washing, hand washing. we start off with prevention of any kind of illness. so if you have any hand signtizer in your house, that's
4:44 pm
fantastic. if your hands aren't cracking from hand sanitizer, it means you aren't using enough. teach your kids to cough into the crook of their arm. >> this is the time when everyone gets together but we're all in close quarters, sharing things. and that's exactly what can put a real drag on the holiday. does it mean there are also a lot more food borne illnesses where you're not cooking something all the way or you're mixing vegetables with meat products, et cetera. >> one of the real issues is there's so many potluck dinners that food sits out. we cook and leave things out. so the big issue becomes sometimes bacteria can multifly when things that are supposed to be hot don't stay hot enough.
4:45 pm
so if you are serving groups of people, you really want to have those chafing dishes heating food up. take that food, close it up and put it away when you're done with it. >> also, when you refrigerate certain items too soon when they're still hot, that too can create -- i don't know what kind of bacteria that grow, but it can make you sick. >> they can multiply and some bacteria create toxins which start to attack the body and cause everybody in the house to get sick. >> things like say pork or meat items. if they're hot, you shouldn't frimg rate them right away. >> and watch out for things with mayonnaise. we know during the summertime to be careful, but when you have a house full of people and the room gets warm or there's a fire going that can be too warm.
4:46 pm
>> if you're not getting enough sleep, sleep deprivation absolutely attacks the immune system. we know there's plenty of studies that support that. the average american does not get enough rest, but over the holidays it's much worse. >> especially you're up all night doing the cooking, you're up at the crack of dawn, checking on the turkey and some of the other signs. so remember yourself to try and get a little snooze here and there. >> you do. >> thanks so much, happy holidays. >> same to you. and we'll be right back with much more after this. right into my desktop. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say. as i jump back, streaming video news confirms what i thought.
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and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. hello. back to the "newsroom." in about 11 minutes, more of the newsroom but this time hosted by don lemon. we're here talking about what's coming up next. all things interesting on radar. >> we're just hanging out, reading the newspaper. >> what you've got coming up?
4:50 pm
you've got a lot going on here. >> we're going to be talking -- this is our lead story. the lady who went through the airport and she had prosthetic breasts and had to go into another room and had to show it and take it off. when i was talking with our team members, i was like, can you imagine -- let's be honest, women have breasts and if you don't, it's because you had they can taken off because of cancer. so imagine all the women who may have to go through that with these new screening processes. as a woman -- >> well, i think everyone is being subjected to these much more intense screening processes. but i think it sounds like that's an anomaly. there hasn't been a whole lot of people who have shared that same story. but there are other stories that people say they felt security measures went a little too far.
4:51 pm
and others who are also saying we think this is just fine. there is a recent poll that says three out of four people believe that these more intense measures of scrutiny are okay. >> everybody wants to be safe. but what do you do? you feel powerless? i go to the airport and it's like, there was a picture of a guy walking through the airport in underwear and a t-shirt because he feels it's so invasive when he goes in. but you almost feel like you're getting naked when you go through the security line. what do you do? you feel powerless because you don't have any control over it. >> what do you do? follow the instructions otherwise you're not going to be flying. >> but do you want someone looking at your private area, as a woman? >> at this juncture, if it's a matter of safety and these are some of the measures that we have to go through, then -- >> then that's it? >> yeah. >> but we're goinging to ta ini
4:52 pm
talking with a psychologist about that. >> there are a number of people who have been able to articulate they've had the same experience, then probably the dialogue -- >> there are other people saying i felt like it was sexual molestation. any other case, this could have been criminal charges. so we're going to be talking about that. i also want to tell people, we're going to give the tsa response. okay, ready for this? i know you're married, i know your husband and your kid. nearly 4 in 10 people think that marriage is becoming obsolete. >> i heard that study. that's what the study says. i'm not part of that study. i'm married happily. but that's based on the fact that fewer people are choosing marriage, not because they don't believe in marriage, but because
4:53 pm
lifestyles are such that sometimes people are waiting later and they're also deciding maybe i don't want to know. >> and there are social media, all this other stuff. okay, fred, you can't hear, but i know you got to go. thank you. >> we'll see you coming up at the top of the hour. see you soon. talk more about the tsa employees and how many of them have come under fire recently for a lot of those new patdown procedures, some of which we were talking about with don here. some people have even timed lawsuits. what about doing away with the tsa overall? our susan candiotti reports. that's working out just fine for some airports in particular. >> reporter: denver, colorado, international airport screeners. and their counterparts in rochester, new york. they look the same, but in rochester, the people checking you through security work for a private company. it's been in place for eight years. >> i think it's a win-win for an
4:54 pm
airport operator. >> reporter: out of 450 airports nationwide, 16 applied for and won tsa approval to privatize inspect inspectors. rochester, new york is one of them. stanford airport near orlando has been considering it. but with growing frustration, others may too. proponents say it could improve efficiency and customer service. in rochester where they handle 2.5 million passengers a year, they say it also makes it easier to get rid of problem employees. >> if we get complaints of screeners being rude or maybe screeners just not performing in a professional manner, right away we're able to reach out to that contractor and say listen, this is what we expect, and they respond immediately. >> reporter: tsa stands behind its screeners and remains
4:55 pm
neutral about privatization. but republican john micah says change is needed. >> it's a massive blow to bureaucracy. it needs to be trimmed and tamed. >> reporter: micah says studies show private screeners do a better job than tsa but details are classified. a former tsa official during the bush administration says there is no difference. >> the studies we did, both provided the same degree of security performance. >> reporter: above all, there is no difference in screening procedures. body scans or patdowns can make anyone comfortable. those rules remain the same, whether the person checking you out is wearing a tsa patch or one from xyz security company. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> time for cnn equals politics. here's what's crossing the ticker.
4:56 pm
donald trump says he's being pressured more than ever to run for president of the united states. he says that he is considering a run in 2012, but admits he really would rather not. and next week's ethics trial for california congresswoman maxine waters has been called off because of new information in the case. she allegedly steered bailout money to a bank that her husband has ties to and she denies any wrong doing. sand barbara bush is taking a jab at sarah palin. speaking about palin with cnn's larry king, the former first lady said "she's very happy in alaska and i hope she'll stale there." you can see larry king's interview with journal h.w. bush and barbara monday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. for the latest political news, go to cnn i'm fredricka whit mooeld. don lemon is coming your way.
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