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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 7, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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thanks so much for being with us this morning. we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow. >> dark and early. yeah. a lot of people recovering from super bowl night. hand it over to kyra phillips. how was your super bowl night? >> as soon as i saw the packers make the second touchdown i said i'm happy. i'm going to bed. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. america online. it is buying the huffington post news and opinion website and the cost, $315 million. aol lost subscribers over the years. buying huff post could help it make a big player again in online media. gas prices, ouch. average price per gallon, $3.13.
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50 cents more than this time last year. just in case you haven't heard yet. green bay beat pittsburgh 31-25 in the super bowl. that's right. it's the pack's fourth super bowl win. today in egypt, the uprising hits it 14th day and the embattled government reaches a milestone. the country's new cabinet holds its first meeting. in the streets crowds are still milling about, smaller in number, more subdued in spirit, the violence is gone. banks are reopened. egypt's vice president met with key opposition groups. omar suleiman offered concessions. hosni mubarak refuses to step down immediately. opposition leaders not holding on to his promise of real
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reform. >> people don't get the feeling they are buying into change, into democracy. i mean, we haven't heard anything about the ability to establish new parties freely, the abolition of martial law. young people don't have a sense of credibility that these people mean what they say. >> cnn's ivan watson still in cairo. what is it like in the capital today? >> reporter: you may hear the sound of honking car horns, that is a sign egyptians are less afraid, out in the streets. the bridges over the nile are reopened. there are still tanks in the streets, army tanks posted. banks open, shops and storing back. schools are closed for another week. the egyptian stock market closed
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at least until sunday it has already been closed seven days. behind me the crowd is swelling in famous tahir square. it looks like people are showing up after they finish work. it is the afternoon here. last night there were a few moments of tension when a dispute erupted between protesters and egyptian army soldiers. take a look at this. [ gunshots ] that is a series of warning shots, kyra, fired by egyptian troops after a protester tried to pull away some barbed wire. there is increasing tension between the demonstrators and the soldiers. army generals have asked them to open the way for normal traffic. the demonstrators saying no way,
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not until hosni mubarak steps down. the demonstrators inside said that nobody representing them has gone in and engaged in those negotiations even though the egyptian government said some group that calls itself january 25th came in for talks representing the demonstrators. so you see a little bit the confusion. who represents the thousands and thousands of people gathering there every day and holding this sit-in in the heart of the egyptian capital. >> in addition, there is a google executive who has been missing for a week now. is there any word he might be released? there is talk it could be today? >> reporter: that's right. his family says he disappeared on january 28th after participating in opposition protests, after tweeting about it a lot. he disappeared. his family was frantic, going to
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hospitals, reaching out to the government, no answer. finally after an internet campaign, after google put out an official statement asking for information about his whereabouts last night on egyptian state tv there was an announcement that the prime minister of egypt said he would be released this afternoon. his brother says he has yet to see him. amnesty international says he faces serious risk of torture. he is one of dozens of people detain detained, journalists, activists and a sign of serious human rights violations in egypt. president obama remains optimistic that egypt can transition to a new government peacefully and efficiently. in an interview just before the start of the super bowl he told fox news the new government must represent all interests and he down played concerns about the
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muslim brotherhood gaining power in new egypt. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. they are well organized and there restrains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. here is the thing we have to understand, there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the fore as well. it is important for us not to say our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppressed egyptian people. >> you don't want the muslim brotherhood? >> what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence if egypt moves in an orderly transition process we will have a government in egypt we can work with as a partner. >> president obama says he has no idea what hosni mubarak plans to do.
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stay with cnn for continuing coverage for the uprising in egypt. piers morgan talks with queen noor. tonight 9:00 eastern on cnn. a short hiking adventure for three americans has become an 18-month ordeal. the trial of shane bauer and josh fattal has become an ordeal. they mistakingly crossed into iran while hiking in iraq. bauer and fattal pleaded not guilty. shourd was released in the fall because of a medical condition. the founder of the website wikileaks is asking a british court not to extradite him to sweden. julian assange appeared today. sweden wants assange for questions in allegation for sexual misconduct.
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wk wick released hundreds of thousands of pages of u.s. military and diplomatic documents. the snow in new england is causing a major headache for some schools. there are concerns about roofs collapsing. hartford, connecticut, firefighters are trying to clear snow off the roofs. officials are deciding not to take chances. robin, i know you have been tracking the storms, the weight of that snow unexpectedly causes roofs to cave in. >> in a lot of spots it is on the roofs all winter long especially in the northeast. we had a number of collapses where the winter weather has yet to let go. we have more wintry weather heading in the general direction of the northeast. this system and this system we'll deal with tomorrow this
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system will come tuesday and wednesday. across parts of the south, heavy rain moving into the florida panhandle. this could cause localized flooding here and there, briefly. we don't expect it to last long. through memphis, rain turning ove to snow. temperatures in the lower 30s. paducah, winter storm warnings have been posted for wet snow potentially falling. winter advisories and storm warnings up for the mid south. winter storm watches posted for parts of dallas. can you believe that? with these two systems that are going to come on. the northeast, tonight you see rain mixing with snow at times. might see a wet accumulation with one to two inches with this system as it moves to the northeast. we are watching this system for wednesday. winter storm watches are posted for dallas. it has been a crazy winter for them. we had the super bowl there last night. >> yeah.
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packers are used to that snow. >> they did well. >> one of many reasons why my pack won. >> they had a roof over their head. didn't collapse. they had structural issues. some people didn't get to see the celebration. >> just to reiterate, 31-25. saw the first part of the game. first quarter, two touchdowns. aaron rodgers named mvp. but, unfortunately, you know what everyone is talking about. >> yeah. the less accurate arm or vocal co cords of christina aguileraguil. she since the national anthem and screws it up. >> if you are in the stadium -- >> you were checking out how beautiful she was. not what she was saying. >> she looks fine and has some pipes on her. >> let's take a listen to the pipes.
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♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight what so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> so she forgot about the ramparts we watched gallantly streaming. everybody was still into it. >> she covered it up well. played around with the notes. >> let it all go together like when you don't know how to pronounce a word you say it real fast. >> if they ask you, i would suggest bring a kazoo. >> i will play my harmonica. she said i got so lost in the moment of the song i lost my
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place. i only hope everyone could feel my love for this country and the true spirit of its anthem still came through. she does have some pipes. >> i don't think anyone is upset. a lot of pressure. >> did i mention the packers won? >> you did mention that. congratulations. >> okay. aside from christina aguilera singing snafu, there was plenty of entertainment from dogs and babies and washed up actors. the best of the super bowl ads. plus national porn sunday coinciding with super bowl sunday. it is not what you think. pastors preaching the evils of pornography. we talk to one next and find out why he was preaching important on sunday. otion. only aveeno has an active naturals triple oat and shea butter formula that soothes, nourishes and restores moisture. women saw improvement in all five symptoms of winter skin in just one day.
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♪ monday morning you sure looked fine friday i have traveling on my mind ♪ >> and on this monday let's go cross country. northwestern ohio, residents finally allowed to return home after the fiery train derailment near arcadia. the blaze dying out could be fully extinguished by tomorrow. no one was hurt. to the greater boston area. the new home for one big baby. jonathan patrick rossi. he arrived friday, are you ready for this? 13 pounds. mom says it only took ten minutes to deliver him. out of omaha, maybe a future meal for the big babe, jonathan.
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the stellinator. six pattys, six eggs, draped with a dozen bacon strips, six slices of cheese, standard, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a glop of peanut butter for good measure. only two of the 60 customers who bellied up for it actually finished it. how about some seltzer for that dessert. all right. so when your pastor talks about love, what does he or she say, something like the famous passage in first kcorrikor corinthians. there is not one word about porn in there.
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one pastor says porn is an addictive home wrecker, it messes up the love process. it is time to start talking about it. why not start on super bowl sunday. he drafted pro football players to spread the message by talking about their own porn struggles. take a listen. >> no one knew that my problem was this bad. >> sex is an awesome thing god designed, but it is here how he designed it. >> i would go home and sit on the laptop and have a conversation and battle with not wanting to open it up and check e-mails because i knew where it might lead me. >> the pastor in sacramento was part of national porn sunday. pastor stephenson, you were one of 350 churches across the country to preach this. why did you decide to do it? >> well, porn is an issue that
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everyone has to deal with, from little kids to adults. especially in this day and age, two clicks away on my iphone i can have pornography for free. the church has been quiet about it too long. it is time to bring the secret into the light and expose it for what it is and give people the help they need. >> did you have a personal experience or conversation as a child or something that stuck in your mind that you thought, yes, we need to talk about it. >> i was exposed to it, the first magazine i ever saw was a "playboy" not understanding as a child. in high school magazines start getting traded around. you start with "playboy" and then you get to "penthouse" and you don't want the "playboy" and then you go to a "hustler."
9:19 am
it is like a drug. >> it is addictive? >> definitely. it gives you that high. chemical things are taking place in your mind. which i still can't get out of my mind. they are still there. instant access. that is the danger. it puts images and a falsity of what sexuality is about in our brains and that is competing with any real relationships we have. >> i'm going to stereotype, men porn, okay. you found as you were studying this that recently more women are getting into this. you found 30%. why is that? why does that concern you? >> well, 30% more like any industry you have to create more market. so the porn industry, not a bunch of guys in wife beater t-shirts trying to figure out how to get money smoking cigars.
9:20 am
this is an $80 billion a year industry worldwide. we have to create more market share so let's start targeting the women. that is an issue where, you know, from the novels, the romance novels, the movies that actually show these guys in different positions and catering to this need, i think within women, generally within everybody, this romance sex which god created, sex is a great thing, what a great thing god gave us, but it has that dark side. if i'm not getting my needs met i can go to a screen and get it with no commitment, no consequences. it is just done in private. who am i hurting? essentially i'm hurting myself. and so now the porn industry is aiming at let's get the women. they've been aiming at kids for a long time. that need within a woman.
9:21 am
that is what you are seeing the growth in that culture today. >> just quickly, why did you choose to get nfl players to back you and speak out? >> craig gross who started xxx for people who have issues with pornography. he recruited professional athletes who deal with this on a regular basis. what better time than super bowl sunday. here are real men, playing football, here are the issues they deal with and how did they -- what things did they put in place to help them get over that to protect themselves, protect their family and try to give people real help in dealing with this addiction. what protections can you put on your iphone. what protections can you put on your computer monitors that gives us very few clicks away some of the grossest things you want to see. triple x is a website
9:22 am
that gives you that protection. part of it is free, where a report is sent to your family members. i mean, my wife, i have a staff member who will get a report from my computer of everything i go viewing. that is accountability. that is the one thing we are trying to push. taking this secret out of the dark. let's bring some light on it and give some accountability to it. >> pastor tim stevenson. i would have loved to have been in the congregation and heard the whispers. tim, thanks so much. from rock stars to roseanne barr. the best, the worst and the down right confusing. ngredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. but afraid you can't afford it? well, look how much insurance many people can
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nobody gathers around the water cooler anymore, but all over e-mail and facebook and twitter, people are yammering about last night's super bowl ads. >> everybody has their favorite. 100 million people watched the super bowl. 15% tuned in strictly to see the commercials. overall, celebrities, kyra, and humor dominated. snickers tried to repeat the success of betty white's commercial.
9:26 am
roseanne barred as hungry loggers. >> my back hurts. now my front hurts. >> another fan favorite, a pug getting back at a man for taunting him with doritos. a wife calling the shots over her husband's diet and ozzie osbourne teaming up with justin bieber in a futuristic best buy commercial. >> it is bieber 6g fever. >> what is a 6g? >> what is a bieber? >> i don't know. actually looks like a girl. >> that was bieber in the beard. some didn't wait until game day to release their commercials. that is what volkswagen did. a boy dressed as darth vader trying to conjure up the force.
9:27 am
over 14 million views on youtube. >> that was one of the hits there you saw. there was some misses last night, too, kyra. groupon did a spot that didn't go over well with critics. timothy hutton is poking fun of the oppressed people of tibet. not one of the better moments. you saw the fan favorites, the budweiser spot, the etrade baby was there. some hits, some misses. what else are you going to expect from the ad bowl from last night. >> groupon, it doesn't matter if they have a good or bad commercial, they are making money hand over fist.
9:28 am
i don't know why they bought a commercial. there you go. thanks, jason. take a look at this video. why did it collapse? well, it crumbled under the weight of the snow. the fear of collapse is spreading from here in boston across to other states as well. they are getting the hardest hit by these recent winter storms. ♪ [ male announcer ] from jet engines that have fewer emissions, to new ways to charge electric cars, to renewable sources of clean energy, ecomagination from ge is advanced technology that's good for both the economy and the environment. ♪
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it's technology that makes the world work. [ squawking ] ♪
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wall street has had a pretty good run lately. friday's disappointing jobs report didn't get the averages down. major averages jumped 2% last week. hey,alson. >> hey, kyra. the bulls are taking charge. we have another higher open. analysts say we have a lot of bullish factors in the market, the global economy is improving. debt problems in europe appear to be contained and most corporate earnings and sales numbers beat estimates. we'll eventually see a pullback but the fundamentals still point to green lights on wall street. we don't have many major economic reports coming out today. we get a reading on consumer
9:32 am
credit, showing how much americans are buying. the dow up 21 points, nasdaq higher by four. the dow is up five days in a row. and kyra, the recession is over, so bottoms up. sales of super premium bourbon surged 18% last year. this is the priceyest category, aged the longest. to compare, total bourbon sales up 4%, so everyone is going for the expensive stuff. some say it is the retro effect from mad men. >> i think i'm going to have to wait another month and a half. until then i have to put a little in the baby's bottle. thanks, allison. >> yeah, i know. spicy. there has to be some way to keep them quiet. i'm talking twins.
9:33 am
crowds smaller on cairo's tahir square. protesters say they won't leave until mubarak steps down. aol says it is buying the huff post for 315 million bucks. the site's creator, ar yanna huffington will stay on. cheeseheads all over the world. the beloved green bay packers hoisting the lombardi trophy after defeating the pittsburgh steelers in the super bowl showdown. final score 31-25. packers qb aaron rodgers got the mvp award. i'll tell you what, that constant snow and the weight is causing headaches all over the country. new england and the midwest in particular have taken hit after hit after hit from monster
9:34 am
storms that have dumped massive amounts of snow. the snow is piling up. in many cases causing what you are about to see. this canopy collapsed at the indianapolis parking garage. a few rental cars took a beating from the falling ice and snow. the tulsa department store's roof collapsed. two employees inside at the time. they heard rumbling and ran out before the ceiling collapsed. that is nothing compared to this. we saw that last week in easton, massachusetts. luckily the people who worked there heard the creaks before it was too late. they got out before the roof and walls caved in. you can see why people in these areas are worried about heavy snow because they fear collapses
9:35 am
like this. over 30 schools in hartford, connecticut, remain closed. jen berinstein from wtic shows us why. >> reporter: it has been a long weekend for the vernon fire department and volunteers. they've spent the last four days on the roof of rockville high school, clearing, dumping and removing snow. the district was hoping enough would be done to open schools on monday. >> we tried very hard today and this past week. we are not going to make it. >> reporter: the national guard came in to help with snow removal. more work was needed on the building as well as at the district's lake street grade school. officials are taking another day. >> it seems like it hit really hard. we want to have a safe environment. >> rob marciano, let's talk about the physics of all this. shall we?
9:36 am
>> we have a lot of snow. >> bottom line. >> we get a period of one or two weeks where we get a melt a thaw, but we haven't seen that from chicago to boston. temperatures have been around the freezing mark even on warmer days. to highlight or illustrate a typical house in this part of the world. this has about a foot and a half of snow on it. a number of factors come into play. the flat roofs are most susceptible because you don't get any sloughing and you get the weight distributed differently. that will cause leaks the water melting, water getting in the structure and that will weaken it. light snow around the great lakes, the rocky mountains, light snow will be anywhere from five to ten pounds a cubic foot. that is easily light enough for
9:37 am
any roof to handle, but wet and old snow that's been sitting around for a while can be anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds per cubic foot. that is a ton of weight on a small area that in these cases has been sitting on these roofs for days and many cases weeks that is a lot of pressure. most residential houses about 30 to 40 pounds per square foot is what they allow for structurally in engineering. there are variations of that. schools and warehouses, they don't allow for this much weight. that is the main reason we are beginning to see this. too much snow for an area of time that hasn't been allowed to melt. i think next week we'll see a little bit of melting from this. until then we have some storms. roof rakes. you know what i'm talking about if you live in snow country and get the snow off the roofs as
9:38 am
safely as possible. >> thanks, rob. coming up, a very polite robber. he not only apologizes to the clerk, but promises to repay him if he ever gets the chance. has over 20,000 last minute deals every week. so i get a great deal, no matter how long i wait. yeah... i'm not very good at waiting... then we must train you to wait. [ bird squawks ] ♪ [ both scream ] it is time to book, grasshopper. [ male announcer ] now, it's ok to wait. get great deals. even at the last minute. be smart. book smart.
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here are some pictures that grabbed our attention. starting with this buzzer beater. california high school player marvin leftridge, as cool as his name. he makes a 90-foot shot. he says he practiced the shot before, but never made it. boom. this run on a soccer field doesn't end with a kick, but a punch.
9:41 am
a fight broke out in florida. police arrested the teen. a high school resource officer pepper sprayed those on the field including parents and fans that got in on the action. finally, a polite exchange turns into some very different. king tv has that story. >> he was a very polite guy. >> thank you and sir are words john henry, a church deacon has always tried to live by. >> anything else? >> no. that will do it. >> politeness is key when you run a convenience store even when a guy is buying just a cup of coffee. at least that is what it seemed like until john henry opened his cash register and politeness pulled a gun on him. >> can you do me a favor, can you empty that till for me, put it right here? >> what do you mean? >> empty the till? >> are you sure?
9:42 am
>> yes. i'm sure. >> i told him, you are a nice man. >> then the reluctant robber opened up. >> i know i am, sir, i realize that. i really am sorry to have to do this. i have kids. >> how about if i give you $40 and this is it. >> i can't do that, sir. i have rent to pay, i've got bills and the kids need to eat. >> a man robbed four times in the last five years, henry says this is the only one for whom he feels pity. >> if you want money, you can stand on the street and have a sign, i need help. you'll get some money, but doing this will put you in prison and you will not be able to help your family. >> reporter: you see, as a man robbed four times henry has the man and his car caught on a dozen surveillance cameras around the store. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it.
9:43 am
i really am sorry. if i ever get back on my feet again, sir, i'll bring it back. >> that is why henry ends the whole exchange with the politeness he reserves for paying customers. >> we'll follow that and see what happens. mississippi governor haley barbour looking like a presidential candidate. another court day for wikileaks founder julian assange. details ahead.
9:44 am
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9:46 am
egypt dominated the news this week w. a story of this magnitude it can be difficult to keep up which brings us to a segment called winners and losers. winner, anderson cooper. you might think he is a loser because he attacked by angry mobs twice in a week. but he still looks like this. you cannot punch the handsome off anderson cooper. loser, hosni mubarak. winner, hosni mubarak's face. egyptians are great at preserving things.
9:47 am
well, one likely presidential candidate may be looking to -- >> haley barbour is thinking of running for the republican nomination. he is in israel today. israel is the new hot spot on road to the white house. mitt romney was there last week and mike huckabee finished up a trip to the middle east right now. all three people considering a race for the white house. yeah. it beefs up their foreign policy chops, gives them media attention. we are talking about them, right. israel is the new iowa. iowa, that is where tim pawlenty will be. he speaks at a forum, a conference with a social conservative group there. the first of possible contenders coming to iowa to speak to the
9:48 am
social conservative crowd. they play a very important role in the caucus. president barack obama is speaking in an hour and a half to the u.s. chamber of commerce. kyra, some people say he is going into enemy territory. last year the chamber took a big role fighting against health care reform and wall street financial reform and were very active going against democrats who supported the president, helping oust democrats in the midterm elections. maybe everybody is trying to find common ground. kyra, back to you. >> common ground, wouldn't that be nice. your next political update in an hour. go to our website 24/7, cnn our nation east 40th president, he would have turned 100 this week. ♪ happy birthday to you
9:49 am
happy birthday to you happy birthday ♪ >> all kinds of family, friends, dignitaries, turned out sunday for the ronald reagan centennial celebration in simi valley, california. his wife nancy handled the ribbon cutting duties. ronald reagan, gone but never forgotten. australia dominated by disasters, now raging wildfires. flashback, the british invasion american teens welcomed with open arms, john, paul, george and ringo. marking the start of a beautiful cross atlantic musical love affair. ♪ she's got a ticket to ride
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what's the big news in priority mail flat rate boxes and envelopes from the postal service? over a billion used.
9:52 am
. well, australia dominated by disasters. just outside perth, raging fires threatening homes.
9:53 am
59 have been destroyed. 40-plus-mile-an-hour winds fanning the flames and causing worry as well. western australia's premier has declared much of the area surrounding perth a disaster. julian assange back in court fighting extradition to his native sweden. his attorneys argued their client could end up executed or in guantanamo bay should sweden have custody and they extradite him to u.s. espionage charges related to those thousands of government documents published by his whistle-blow be website. >> an update on abdel al megrahi. prime minister david cameron expected to comment on new revelations gleaned from wikileaks. it suggests that the former prime minister, gordon brown's administration helped orchestrate his release on
9:54 am
compassionate grounds with a projected three months to live back then. he is still alive in his native libya. family of the 270 people killed in that bombing call his release an outrage. we're following a lot of developments in the next hour of cnn newsroom. let's start the with ivan watson live in cairo. die 14 of the anti-egyptian government protests. >> reporter: we are going to bring you a story of an jiggs revolutionary, a man who fought and bled to defend the barricades and protect of revolution in tahrir square. i'm stephanie elam in new york, and i'm here to tell you there is a big old mouse trying to get into the crib with your babies. that may be the case with you and yours, kyra. i'll explain in the next hour. political vips were out in
9:55 am
simi, california for president ronald reagan's 100th birthday, and a top aide had a strong message for those serving here in washington. almost one year ago today, this man died after a practice run at the 2010 winter games. back then, the official reason given for his death, poor judgment, operator error, but now we've got our hands on some official documents that show there were actually warnings that that track was dangerous. we've got the developing story for you at the top of the hour. ♪
9:56 am
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sleep number stores nationwide. all right. green bay packer fans celebrate the team's super bowl win at vernon's bar and grill in dallas, texas. what a night that was. vernon's been a hangout for packers fans by the way for 24 years but the owners went all up for the super bowl putting up a tent for those who just couldn't squeeze inside. mark mckay covered the big game. joining us live just outside cowboys stadium. mark, after that first quarter, we knew who was going to take this bowl game. >> reporter: yeah, except, the steelers did make that run, didn't they? it's the morning after super bowl xlv here in arlington, kind
9:59 am
of quiet. wasn't so much inside cowboys stadium last night. let's take you back as ben roethlisberger and his steelers team. aaron rodgers making his own history. he passes to jordy nelson 29 yards down the slips, and green bay has the lead 7-0, and then roethlisberger, intercepted by nick collins, who takes it back 37 yards for the touchdown, and the packers lead 14-0. roethlisberger started a comeback before the half end. watch him move around and find hines ward in the corner for the touchdown. now the packers' advantage is 21-10. in the third quarter, rashard mendenhall runs up the middle from eight yards out and suddenly this is a 21-17 game.
10:00 am
green bay then would take control. aaron rodgers to greg jennings from eight yards out. three touchdown passes, 304 yards but that long lead would not last long. it is ben roethlisberger with a 25-yard touchdown pass to mike wallace, the two-point conversion made it a three-point game. the steelers need a first down to keep the game alive. roethlisberger incomplete to mike wallace, and that seals the deal for the green bay packers. they welcome the lombardi trophy back. the champions of super bowl xlv. hundreds of fans with tickets unable to get into the game. what the heck happened there? >> reporter: what a fumble that was on the part of the nfl, kyra. about an hour before game time temporary seating inside cowboys stadium was deemed unusable
10:01 am
leaving 1,200 fans out in the cold. 850 were taken care of, and 450 others had to wage the game on big screens. the nfl says they will refund the ticket up to three times the face value. this was an experience that was lost and quite an emotional scene for fans who this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see their teams in the super bowl. they went able to see it in person. 7:00 a.m. out west and 10:00 a.m. in arcadia. they finally get to go home. they had to leave after a trainload of ethanol went off the tracks. the fire is still burning. could be another day before it's out. gas prices, nationwide average priority 3.13, about 50 cents more than last year. america online buying the
10:02 am
huffington post website for $315 million. aol has lost subscribers. buying huffington post could make it a big player. are j-- ariana huffington still going to run the site. >> many of us couldn't forget about the one olympian athlete last year that didn't make it. final report out of vancouver says his georgian luger held onto curve 15 too long and died because of operator error but e-mails show that the top man at the vancouver olympics committee was worried that the track might be too fast and that someone could get badly hurt. obviously, he was right. paula newton in canada making calls on the story for us. paula let's go ahead and talk
10:03 am
about what set off the fire storm and then talk about the e-mails that have now been revealed. >> reporter: if you take yourself back a year to the olympics, talk about marring the beginning of the olympics. here you have a 21-year-old who was catapulted right out of the luge, the kind of accidents that, of course, are a risk in this kind of sport but you do not expect to see quite a tragedy. afterwards, they said it was unforeseeable, from the organizing committee and the international luge federation. now, though, kyra, we find out that, in fact, the luge federation had expressed concerned about the track, the pilots going 10 to 15 miles per hour during the test runs almost a year before the olympics, in plenty of time to do something about it. the vancouver organizing committee saw this report and saw these e-mails, and i want you to look at what john furlong, ceo of the vancouver
10:04 am
organizing committee says embedded in this note encrypted as it may be, is a warning that the track is too fast and could get someone badly hurt. an athlete gets badly injured or worse, and i think that the case could be made that we were warned and we did nothing. and, kyra, this goes counter to what everyone has said, not just the international luge federation but the organizes committee. john furlong has a brook coming out about his path to setting up the olympics. he said over and over again, he did not prepare for this. a lot of questions to be asked. we have a call in to john furlong. he says he will speak to this and try to clear all of this up. what's so interesting, kyra, is if you are a family, and you have a 21-year-old athlete catapulted out of the luge, they said from day one this might have been pilot error but this never should have happened, the
10:05 am
track too fast and the design perhaps flawed, and now finally more transparency and answers to the questions for that family. >> who can forget these pictures and the video as well. we are looking back at that moment, you know. so there were warnings. there were warnings from the body that monitors the luge tracks, lie you just said, and, it said to do this and do that, to fix this, fix that. so my question is, were those repairs ever made in vancouver? >> reporter: this is incredibly murky. it seems like out of six curves they were having trouble with, perhaps, perhaps two were fixed. this raises so many different questions. it is those international bodies that are there to ensure safety, things like a luge track, to make sure people are secure when they are competing. perhaps, how unwieldy have these olympic games become, and huge warnings for those setting up the next winter olympics and in london for the summer olympics.
10:06 am
it is very difficult for an organizing committee to try and oversee all of this and to ensure that the international bodies are doing their job. i took a special issue with the international body pointing out the experience of nodar himself, which his family took issue with, pointing out that perhaps he wasn't ranked at the top doesn't mean he's going to hurl down this luge track to his death and i think there are lots of lessons learned and continually saying it was unforeseeable, the cbc, has uncovered things, saying things could have been done perhaps if there was more vigilance on this track. this death could have been avoided. >> do you think that they will be protected, these athletes will be protected in the future, now that all of this is coming forward? >> reporter: again, you have no doubt that in the olympic organizing committees they have safety teams that try to ensure that due diligence. i think this is a real warning for people in socchi, and in
10:07 am
london to check out not just the luge track but so many sports to check out the dangers. these are huge games. they keep adding sports and take some away, but incredibly complicated to make sure everybody is on top of this. again, the family saying, he wasn't the best luger in the world but at the same time he was a professional athletes and had countless test runs in vancouver ahead of this as well. the track was not designed to be able to ensure he was safe on it, and from the pictures, this is heart breaking. this is a person who was catapulted right off the track. we have something to keep an eye on in the future. >> paula newton, thank you for keeping your eye on this. she used to travel the world for us and now is back in her home in canada. we couldn't think of a better person to cover the story. hiking adventure for three americans in iraq has become an
10:08 am
18 month ordeal. they were on trial today for charges of espionage and trespassing. they say they mistakenly crossed into iran in the summer while hiking in iraq. shourd who was released says they were lured off a hiking trail by an iranian soldier. >> when he started speaking in farcesy, he said iran and pointed to the ground and pointed to the trail we had been on and he said iraq. according to that soldier, we did not enter iran until he gestured for us to come off the trail. two people in custody in charge of a deadly shooting rampage near young stoun state university in ohio. the man was kicked out of a party and returned and opened fire. 12 people were shot. one a 25-year-old student who died at the scene.
10:09 am
>> all he wanted to do was finish school and live like any other student, be successful and come back to the community and help whoever he could help. >> ohio's governor traveling to the campus today to discuss the shootings with school officials and youngs town's mayor. in egypt, the uprising hits its 14th day, and the embattled government reaches a milestone. the country's new cabinet holds its first meeting but the story is in the street. crowds still mulling around tahrir square. smaller in number, more subdued in spirit. gone are the row tests marred by violence. yesterday's the new vice president meet with representatives of key opposition groups. omar suleiman delivered concessions but did not deliver the immediate resignation of hosni mubarak. opposition groups are very wary of a government now to uncover
10:10 am
corruption. let's get the latest from cairo. cnn's ivan watson. are things returning back to normal there in the capital? >> reporter: well, there are some signs of improvement, kyra. you hear honking traffic, bridges reopened but schools are closed even though shops are open. stock market closed until at least sunday, and curfew is still in effect. the thousands of demonstrators, the numbers growing as people come out of work. we will briv you a story about a revolutionary and why he fought and bled to protect this strategic piece of territory in the heart of the egyptian capital. morning for the men that barricaded tahrir square. cold, battle scarred and filthy, they fought and bled to protect this symbol of egyptian defiance. it was raining. >> yes. >> reporter: it was cold here last night. >> yes, yes, and all of that, we
10:11 am
stand and are tired and we will continue forever until that system is removed. >> reporter: this man suffered head wounds during last wednesday's furious battle between opposition demonstrators and president hosni mubarak's supporters. how did you feel fighting other egyptians? >> fighting other egyptians? >> reporter: yeah. >> they are not egyptians. they are criminals. >> reporter: he says he's fighting for his country's freedom. >> we want to make democracy systems with organizations. not a fascistic system subpoena we want to make it a democracy. >> reporter: he and his colleagues established improvised lines of security. >> anybody have to go inside, they have to make that check. >> reporter: and an alarm system of clangs and whistles that sounds at the first hint of a threat.
10:12 am
the result, an enclave in an egyptian capital that is largely out of state control. ♪ here, egyptians can sing, dance, give political speeches and even make street art. >> this is art, our art. >> reporter: anti-mubarak messages made from the stones protesters once hurled at the president's men. >> my friend is sleeps, abdul. >> reporter: this man is a father of two, an engineer who worked for an american i.t. company and a devout muslim. >> the muslim brothers is one organization. we have also christians. >> reporter: on sunday, egyptian christians stood shoulder to shoulder with muslims, holding a cross and the koran, demanding
10:13 am
mubarak's resignation. what do you call this? do you have a name for this? >> yes, revolution. >> reporter: a day earlier, these egyptian revolutionaries shifted their tactics tore avoid a far more dangerous threats. you have people sitting outside your barricades? >> the fear of the tanks. >> reporter: why do you have to face the tanks? they fear egyptian soldiers may use force to kill their revolution. to prevent that, they say they're ready to pay the ultimate price. and, kyra, as a sign of this new tension, last night we witnessed egyptian soldiers firing at least 40 rounds of automatic weapon fire and some of the protesters inside the square, fortunately nobody was injured but it shows that the tensions are building between the
10:14 am
demonstrators and the egyptian military. >> ivan watson in cairo, thanks. it's probably hard for a performer to remember all those lyrics, singer christina aguilera fumbled the words a little bit to the national anthem. we have to cut her a break, right? ooh, a brainteaser. how can expedia now save me even more on my hotel? well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad.
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basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. well, talk about a super bowl choke -- i'm not talking
10:17 am
about steelers's qb ben roethlisberger. christina aguilera flubbed the lines to the national anthem last night. a.j. hammer is here. she said everyone was watching, she got caught up in the moment. we have to cut her some slack. >> i kind of agree. it's an awful lot of pressure but she wasn't the only one that had a less than stellar performance. let's talk about the halftime show. the black eyed peas performed, but the responses that been mixed at most. if you're a fan of the peas, maybe you loved the shows, but a lot of people are complaining about the vocal quality of the show, the peas didn't deliver a good performance. one viewer called it a surprisingly stale medley but the real surprise came during the national anthem. let's lift ton christina aguilera's performance right now.
10:18 am
♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ what so producely we watched at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> oops. she missed a line there, forgetting the ramparts gallantly streaming. she was professional about it, kept going and finished the song. she said, i got so lost in the moment of the song that i lost my place. i can only hope that everyone can feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through. i think her voice sounded great. a lot of pressure on christina
10:19 am
last night. >> sure. she was a beautiful voice. how about slash's little appearance with the black eyed peas. saw the top hat, guns and roses with the black eyed peas. >> he's good for a popup. he's hanging out there below the stage all that time, doing what? >> exactly, on his blackberry. let's go up and do something something. the nation's cereal makers watching your children's waistlines. lucky charms not as sweet anymore. trix, either, fighting obesity. ♪ honey, sugar sugar [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action.
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10:22 am
stock market opening bell rang just about an hour ago. let's check the numbers right now, dow industrials up 70 points. the walt disney company looking to slip mickey mouse into the maternity ward. not mickey but someone from disney. stephanie elam joins us from new york with more on that. >> just in time for you when your little ones come along, you may be sitting there trying to figure out what just happened to me and you'll look around and there will be a representative from disney saying here's a cute cuddly. put your baby in there. it's bizarre because you are out of your mind. i remember that but disney is saying this is a massive market
10:23 am
out here. believe it or not, disney hasn't been promoting things for ambassador. they are doing body suits. getting them out and giving out about 200,000 by may and you will find 85 styles on sale at amazon, 9.$9.99 for two body sus and target. they are looking at targeting strollers and baby food, not just the clothing. also bath products, and they're doing this in 580 maternity wars. be prepared. if they come in, you know what's going on. >> don't kids look goofy enough, trying to get normal looking after their head is smooshed. >> cereal makers hearing the call about childhood obesity and doing something about it. >> a lot of big cereal makers
10:24 am
are working to bring their sugar levels down. general mills cut the sugar in all of its children's cereals to 9 grams or less per three-quarter serving. post did the same thing. they used to have 12 grams. it doesn't matter to the kids, and parents want to feed the kids something better so this is their way of hoping to keep the cereal in the kids' repertoire but keeping the parents happy. that's down the line for both of us. single in america, if it's been a while since your dating days, a lot of things have changed and we're talking about it in time for valentine's day. ♪ acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind designed to realign naturally with every blink so now, i'm seeing more clearly. [ male announcer ] learn more at
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if you're married, let's talk about how the dating scene has changed since you were single, okay? the dating world your kids live in. not the world that we lived in as we flashback through this super bowl pepsi commercial. >> i wonder how much money he makes? i wonder if he loves his mother? i wonder if he'll lose his hair? wonder if he wants kids? wonder if he is the one. >> i want to sleep with her, i want to sleep with her, i want to sleep with her. i want a pepsi max.
10:28 am
>> not a chance. >> dang. which one? >> pepsi max, zero calories. >> the new study has nothing to do with pepsi max but does suggest that the old order of dating and relationships, and those old cliches has definitely changed. women wanting more independence in her relationships than men. guys quicker to fall in love and want children and more than one-third of one night stands evolving into a relationship, stereotypes getting blown out of the water left and right. there was a study for, and we have an evolutionary biologist joining us from binghamton, new york. the study is full of all kinds of surprises. maybe we start with the part that says it's men that want marriage, kids and the white picture fence now. justin? >> hi.
10:29 am
you are absolutely right. this was a fascinating study. we found a lot of things that really debunk common myths, and thinking about the clip you showed from the commercial from yesterday, we found that 54% of men and 41% of women fell in love at first sight. what is neat about that is it was more men than women that had the instantaneous love at first sight, a higher proportion of men that we saw 50 years ago want that more traditional love style, that family values that we see, are really changing, the common myths about the genders are not as common as we actually thought. >> let's talk about the fact that women are looking for more independence versus getting hitched. did that surprise you? >> um, the numbers were surprise, i think, for all of us. more women really value independence in their relationships. they want to have time to go out with their female friends, often take vacations, have their own
10:30 am
bank akoints, and these are things that particularly as we have seen the importance of the feminist movement. they are important and women cherish them in relationships for obvious reasons as the sexual double standard becomes less disparity. is we are seeing that these things or important for women. i think it's a good thing. >> absolutely. also, you found that 71% of the people that you surveyed fell in love with somebody that they were not initially attracted to. >> this is a great valentine's month message. we found 49% of people after getting to know someone, becoming almost best friends, started to really fall in love with them, but 71% of single americans found that by mutual interest, good conversation, they really started to fall in love with someone. so sometimes those second dates,
10:31 am
those getting to know someone better was really important. >> also, 49% of the people you surveyed fell in love with their best friend. you always hear, you should marry your best friend because when it comes down to it, when the romance fades away, although you try to keep it going, that's what you want to have, your best friend. >> you are absolutely right because your best friends are people you know, and in a good, healthy long time relationship, we want our partner to be one of our best friends. you have mutual interests and understand each other. in this case, 49% of people became best friends and realized, wow, this could be a great partner, this could be someone that's really good for me to be with. other interesting numbers that we found in this study sponsored by is that only 20% 6 men and 28% of women said things like bying of the same ethnic
10:32 am
background were important. we are seeing that social change is really happening on the dating market. people are more likely to want to be -- things like being friends and being connected with their romantic partner is where the emphasis, and racial background and other traditional variables are less important and we are more focused on that partner being someone special we can connect with and attach with. >> before we let you go, ed peri, one of my fabulous writers is doing and he hasn't had much luck yet. can you give him advice. we have a picture on his site that might be part of the problem. do we have that carolyn? what's that? here we go. do we have it. there we go. it's a side profile kissing his dog. i don't know if that's the best choit to put in your match profile. it might send the wrong message. what's your advice, justin?
10:33 am
>> i think it's important that people be honest. so in your match profile, you want to be honest. if he's a dog lover, he should put it down. the best advice is it's valentine, don't give up. you'll find love. it is the most fundamental thing to human condition although it is kind of funny. >> don't put the dog first. half past the hour, let's check the hot stories. first, out of egypt, missing google executive has been released. no further details released. he was missing since january 27th. they began a public search for him. he is the head of marketing for the middle east and north africa region. president obama reaches out to the nation's business leaders with a speech from the u.s. chamber of commerce. some of the most influential business partners will be there. it's another sign of thawing between the administration and
10:34 am
the business communities. >> julian assange due in london in a courtroom today. he faces questions in a swedish sex case. his lawyers say if he is sent to sweden, the u.s. could nab him for secret and embarrassing 23467gs. . you think back to high school biology, and you remember learning about photosynthesis and dissecting a frog and learning about evolution but a new study says one in eight public high school biology teachers are teaching creationism, and more are anxious about teaching evolution than just avoid it. here's the textbook definition of creationism. a doctrine or theory holding that the various forms of life the world were created by god out of nothing and usually in the way described by genesis.
10:35 am
end quote. before we dive into why this is being taught in science lessons. let's get a history lesson. it's been 86 years since the mon ski trial, state of tennessee versus scopes, and the case that led to widespread acceptance of teaching evolution in public schools. we have steve perry here to talk about this. steve, let's talk about what's at issue here. >> what's at issue is the fact that in america, 72% of our fourth graders, 72 percent of the fourth graders are performing at a basic level in science. we need to understand that our children don't understand science, and we don't need to mix religious doctrine with academia. that doesn't mean we shouldn't teach it. we should teach it as part of many ideas out there that we want our children to learn more about but in and of itself, we wouldn't consider the bible or
10:36 am
koran or torah as scientific documents. religious, no doubt. >> you just mentioned it, the issue about our kids, according to the nation's report card that most of them are not proficient in science. why is that, and what do we need do about that? >> one of the reasons why our children are not proficient in science is technically we don't teach science until sixth grade. up to that point, we have one teacher, usually a woman, and her job is to teach math, science, social studies, history, how to go to potty and things the child's going to do in the early parts of academic experience. we need to break science out in the school day in the primary grades just like we do later so we can expose children earlier to science and have them participate in it because they have a natural cue yoft. many students, especially boys have an interest in pay 11ology and space and many girls have an
10:37 am
interest in becoming physicians and say they want to be pediatricians, but somewhere along the way, we let that go, and we wait until 12 years old to introduce them to the cell. that's not the way it is supposed to happen. >> we also have been talking about the article in "the washington post" about high schoolers and recess, and there's a lot of debate over whether it's a brain drain or it's beneficial. whatever happened to the idea that every minute of class time is valuable. you understand you need a break and got a release but when there is too much free time offered or free thinking, can it have the reverse effect? >> the school day is only 6 1/2 hours. for god's sake, folks, we need to stop raising such a soft generation of kids. we need to work the kids. they're going to get their breaks. they get plenty of breaks. they'll find a way to get a break. if they were working so hard that they needed a break, we would be doing better. we need to get them focused on
10:38 am
learning. >> steve perry, and that's the way it is. good to see you today. tracking big developments in egypt. the mubarak government opening talks with organizations. we will take you there and tell you what it it all means. annou] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched. this is a big step up from the leafblower. chevrolet volt. the 2011 north american car of the year.
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10:40 am
two weeks into the uprising in egypt, and we are slowly seeing signs of life returning to normal. egypt's vice president omar suleiman opened talks with six opposition groups including the
10:41 am
banned muslim brotherhood, a group who has no love for american, by the way. president obama is focusing on the need to keep negotiations moving forward. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. but they are well organized, and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. what i want is a representative government in egypt, and i have confidence that if egypt moving in an ordererly transition process, we'll have a government we can work with together as a partner. >> first, this is the scene at tahrir square right now. protesters filing through, but it's relatively peaceful, no molotov cocktails or rock-throwing. there were sense moments last night. take a listen to the warning shots apparently fired by the military.
10:42 am
[ gunshots ] now, again, we were told those are just warning shots over the heads of demonstrates. knob was hurt. banks and gas stations beginning to reopen. starting to look like life is getting back on track but a lot of egyptians are worried pbt about one in ten egyptians were unemployed, and all of the money brought in my tourism is a question mark now. here is fredrik pleitgen. >> reporter: one bank estimates that the crisis is costing egypt $300 million a day as the economy remains in a state of paralysis. 33 are losing money every day, and people fear the long-term consequences could be grave as investors lose their confidence and tourists start choosing other destinations. many business sectors are affected. some only now coming back to life. as shop owners slowly began
10:43 am
opening their doors on cairo's streets on sunday, banks serviced customers for the first time since the beginning of the crisis. to prevent investors from taking out cash, private withdrawals were limited to $10,000 or 50,000 egyptian pounds. >> things start to be turning the corner but what's next for the government? jill dougherty is covering that for us. let's talk about the meetings, jill. >> reporter: the meetings have been taking place between the vice president, mr. suleman, and a variety of different representatives from the opposition groups. the one that has caught the attention was the muslim brotherhood, and we heard what president obama said about that. there are other groups, and there are questions whether some of those groups, one in particular kind of a youth group from the square, is representative of the
10:44 am
demonstrators or some kind of a faux group created by the government. there is a lot of confusion, but i think you have to say on the part of the u.s. administration, what they want to see is a process that's going to lead to elections, and it's going to be fair and free, and, also, that there will be milestones that show there is real progress. hillary clinton did warn there are risks along the way. here's what she said. >> there are risks. there are risks with the transition to democracy. it can be chaotic. can can cause short-term instability. revolutions have overthrown dictators in the name of democracy only to see the political process hijacked by new autocrats who use violence, deception and rigged elections to stay in power or to advance an agenda of extremism. >> reporter: and that is one of the things that secretary
10:45 am
clinton was talking about. you know, kyra, she was talking with reporters yesterday and saying that the egyptians actually are beginning to ask for help in terms of how do you put together a credible election? how do you create real political parties that aren't just run by the people in charge? there are a lot of things, concrete things, now, that have to be put in place, and although they want to have it done as quickly as possible, they don't want it done so fast that it's not well done, and the structure isn't there, and then you end up with elections that don't really mean anything. >> jill dougherty, thank you very much. president obama's budget is calling for cuts to scores of federal programs now. we're going to check the highlights of that plan in our political ticker. but, first, packers, steelers, puppies, hard to compete with the super bowl. 47 dogs made a go of it. part of the annual puppy bowl in its seventh year on animal
10:46 am
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all right, cheeseheads all around the world, i know you're
10:49 am
smiling this morning. your packers hoisted that lombardi trophy with pride after defeating the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl showdown. final score, 31-25. aaron rodgers also got the mvp a award. how was your spread. this is the first family's menu, sausage sausages, wings, and then you get to the salad. not calorie friendly. what happened to the fight against obesity in the obama administration? didn't happen on super bowl sunday. president obama will send his budget proposal to congress next week. our senior political editor mark preston has the story. i guess, fighting childhood obesity went by the wayside on sunday. >> it did and for me as well.
10:50 am
just keep a tight shot on me, if you can. i ate a lot. >> got to have a grace day, mark, i guess. >> no doubt. the white house is now starting to reveal details of what president obama said when he was going to make some serious cuts to the federal budget. writing in the new york times yesterday, his white house budget director put out a couple examples of what will be proposed to be cut. the great lakes restoration initiative for $125 million and programs that fund housing, streets, stores and economic development are going to face a $650 million slash. these are going to draw the scorn of folks who are supportive of these programs but this is what we're going to see over the coming months as people try to figure out how best to reduce the deficit. yesterday on "state of the union," we had alan simpson, the co-chair of national commission on fiscal responsibility. what he said is that there are big programs that we need to
10:51 am
really focus on if we want to reduce the debt, medicare, medicaid, social security and defense. he said politicians who talk about doing other little things are not telling you the truth. listen to this quote. he said, anybody giving you anything different than that, you want to come out the door, stick your finger down your throat and give them the green wienie. i don't know what he means by the green wienie, but you can watch the video on line and make your own decision. >> okay. i'm not going to even go there. i'm going to move on to the weekend and the big celebration in simi vae in california. ronald reagan turned 100 this weekend. a lot of people out there celebrating his birthday. >> you know, there are a lot of people in simi valley celebrating the 100th birthday. the most interesting thing was advice given by james baker, a former top aide, treasury
10:52 am
secretary, chief of staff, and went on to become the secretary of state in george h.w. bush's administration. his was this advice for democrats and republicans in washington. we must relearn that as citizens of damp crazy, we have to voice our disagreements but come together to solve our problems rather than rely on them for partisan advantage. smart words for folks here on capitol hill and down here at the white house. try to come together and thinking things out as we figure out the deficit and host of other problems facing us. >> your next political update in an hour. you can always go to our website, ♪
10:53 am
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let's look at what stories are happen later today. an arizona state panel takes up a bill to deny citizenship to children born in the u.s. if parents are an illegal immigrant. they say the 14th amendmentment to the constitution was never meant to cover illegal immigrants. city officials go back to court. they allegedly miss appropriated
10:56 am
city funds. >> if you were watching "saturday night live" this weekend, you may have thought you flashed back to the early '90s. dana carvey hosted and it throwed a wayne's world reunion. >> it's oscar time so now we bring you our os score picks. ♪ wayne's world oscar picks >> all right, all right. what a year in film it's been. >> really? >> yes, a veritable feet for us. >> the best of all, this year there was a movie called "winter's bone." >> oh, yeah, wayne and garth, partying on all of the way until the oscars. that's the 27th, by the way. [ male announcer ] investing for yourself is a necessity.
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fabulous! they gave me this great idea. yea? we mail documents all over the country, so, what if there were priority mail flat rate... envelopes? yes! you could ship to any state... for a low flat rate? yes! a really low flat rate. like $4.95? yes! and it could look like a flat rate box... only flatter? like this? genius. priority mail flat rate envelopes. just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. for any expectant mother out there, brace yourself for our first stop cross country this morning. to the greater boston area we go for one big baby. this is jonathan patrick rossi. he arrived friday, 13 pounds. despite his size, he is also pretty quick, too. it only took him ten minutes to jump out of t


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