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  State of the Union  CNN  April 17, 2011 9:42am-9:55am EDT

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we begin or conversation donald trump talking about one of his favorite punching bags -- oil producing nations in the middle east. >> oil is a big part of the economy. when we're paying $110 a barrel, you're going to have problems like you've never had before. and it happened before, three years ago. it got up to $150. then it all almost collapsed in its entirety. i mean it was a disaster. okay? it's going to happen again. oil at $110 is unsustainable and it is going up higher because we don't have anybody saying what's going on. here's the thing. there's so much oil. it's all over the place. >> and do what? i mean how do we get more oil without paying -- >> there's so much oil. i just said. these analysts were saying they didn't know why the price wasn't going down because they said it is so much, there is so much oil coming out from all different sores. one guy said the ships are
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loaded, they don't know where to dump it. they say we don't understand why it's not coming down. it's not coming down because epeck sets the price. >> but we can't stop opec -- >> oh, we could do it so easily. we have such pow fer we know how to use it. >> give me one way to get opec to lower the prices. >> brain power. we don't use our brain power. we need one thing -- brain power. >> okay. what would be your one big idea to get opec to stop price gouging. >> candy, it is the messenger. i can send two executives into a room. they can say the same thing. one guy comes home with the bacon and the other one doesn't. i've seen it a thousand times. it is the messenger. we don't have the right messenger. obama is not the right messenger. we have not a respected nation anymore. the world is laughing at us. you tell opec, fellows, that price is going down. let me tell you, it will go down if you say it properly. >> why do you think the world is laughing? what's your -- what leads to you
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believe that? i get you thinking. >> excuse me. lib lo look at libya. look at this mess. we go in, he should be removed, he shouldn't be removed, we don't want to touch him but he should be removed. nobody knows what they're doing on gadhafi. then we're back into rebels, oh gee, whiz, maybe we can't, because they're backed by iran. if somebody said what would be your theory or what would you could in terms of libya, i'd do one thing. either i go in an take the oil or i don't go in at all. we can't be the policemen for the world. >> just take their oil? >> absolutely. i'd take the oil, give them plenty so they can live very happily. i'd take the oil. >> wait, we can't go -- >> candy. candy. in the old days when you have a war and you win, that nation's yours. this country is a laughingstock throughout the world. it's being ripped off by every country. if you look at what china's doing, they're stealing our jobs, they're taking our money, they're then loaning our money back -- it is amazing, they're making all of our products and
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they're doing this by manipulating there are currency. they are so manipulating the currency that it makes it almost impossible for hour companies to compete with china. >> we've tried to get them to stop. i mean the president and certainly negotiators zblsh he's been trying to get them to stop ever since he's been president. we are trying to get them to stop. then he has a state dinner for the president of the china at the white house, the most gorgeous dinner that you've ever seen. i wasn't invited, but that's okay. the most gorgeous dinner that you've ever seen for the president of china who's ripping us off. you don't have dinner for people that are ripping you off, candy. so -- >> so cold shoulder? don't deal with him? >> no, you deal with him very easily. we have all the cards. china doesn't have the cards, we have the cards. because if we stopped doing business with china or if we taxed china, meaning the products coming in from china, china would be in such an economic problem you have no
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idea. we are rebuilding china. i don't know if you know it. they're building bridges. they're building airports. they're building cities, brand-new cities. when was the last time you saw a bridge being built in the united states? we don't have bridges being built. we have bridges that are falling down. when was the last time you saw a great airport being built? we used to build them in the '40s or '50s? >> are we a second rate nation? >> we're becoming absolutely a third world nation. you land your plane at laguardia airport, it is like a third world airport. you go over to saudi arabia, qatar, abu dhabi, china, a lot of other places, a lot of it done with our money. meaning the money that they made from us. you know that this year klein will make -- aside from taking a lot of our jobs -- will make $300 billion -- call it profit -- on the united states. $300 billion. next, donald trump on presidential politics and his
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let me ask you in terms of a possible presidential bid. what makes you preferable to mitt romney? why would republicanss prefer you to, say, mitt romney? >> well, mitt romney is basically a small business guy, if you think about it. he was a hedge fund. he was a fund guy. he walked away with some money from a very good company that he didn't create. he worked there. he didn't create. >> he did create companies though. >> well, but, look, he would buy companies, close companies, get rid of the jobs. i bought a great company and one of the beauties of, frankly, if and when i announce sometime prior to june you will see how bigamy company is because it's
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much bigger and more powerful than anyone knows. you will see how big it is, how strong it is. it's a big strong company that i built. i have thousands and thousands of jobs i have created over the world. >> you're a better businessman you think? that's a selling point for you over romney? >> i have a much bigger net worth. my net worth is many, many, many times mitt romney and i don't know mitt romney. i'm not saying good or bad. i know some of the other candidates. i don't know mitt romney, but i built a very big net worth and i would like to -- i have always had an ability to do that. i would like to put that ability perhaps, if i decide to go, perhaps i would lo to put that ability to work for this country. so i don't do it for myself. i will be doing it for the country and, guess what, that's what this country needs. >> i have two quick questions. there was an article out the
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other day talking about the top 400 gross income folks. it was in blumberg paying 17% personal income tax while those who made less than them were paying 23%. what percent of your personal income do you do? >> sure, it's substantial. i would have to check. >> higher than 17? >> i will be reporting certain things. assuming i run and there is a good possibility. assuming i run, in about two months you will know that information. >> and that's my last question. >> with what's happening to our country. we are laughed at. we are a whipping post for the world. china is taking our money. i love my life.
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i love what i'm doing and i said it before, if i had my choice of our president, if we had a president that was great our current president, obama, president obama, if he were great that would be my first choice but he's not great and he won't be great. >> you think he's weak. >> i think he's ineffective. our country is in trouble. i wish i didn't have to do it because i'm enjoying my life. i have a great company, a very successful show, all of that stuff, right? i wish i didn't have to do it. i would prefer not doing it, but i love this country and if you ask me what are the odds, i will let you know prior to june. but i am givings i serious thought annual id i'm honored b polls. people agree with what i am saying. i am honored by the polls. >> and they know your name.
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they recognize your name. >> do you know why? because of success. that's why they know my name essentially. >> and you can stir the pot. >> well, i'm not doing it for any particular reason. i'm stirring the pot. i don't know what that is. china's ripping us off and saudi arabia is ripping us off. excuse me. the arab league? saudi arabia, abu dhabi, the richs nations in the world tell us to go into libya. they tell us to go in. france leads the way. that's the beauty. france is the leader. forget that. the arab league is so wealthy, they have so much money they have cash pouring out of their ears and they tell us and we're a debtor nation. they tell us to go in and take out gadhafi. why aren't they paying us? when they said that you should have said, we'll go in. we want $5 billion. we have already spent $1.5 billion on fighting gadhafi. we want $5 billion right now and we'll go in. you know what?
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that's peanuts to them. they'd give you a check in two seconds. they'd go boom, boom, boom, thank you very much. we don't have the mentality that thinks to ask for it. >> it's a businessm mentality. >> i think it's common sense. thank you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your doing this. i do. >> thank you very much, candy. >> friday, we asked trump's office if they were able to check up on what percent he's paying on his personal income