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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 8, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i'm drew griffin in for don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. we're getting a look at new videos seized from bin laden's hideout. he was the world's most wanted terrorist.
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each has southern removed to remove spreading bin laden's words. some are surprisingly candid. one video shows bin laden watching himself on tv holding a remote control. another said to be message to the u.s., recorded last october or november. they are just part of the treasure trove of intelligence gathered from that compound in abbottabad, pakistan. barbara starr was called in for a special briefing when intelligence officials released these videos. she's walks us through the images you're about to see. >> reporter: the osama bin laden you've never seen, huddled in front of a television, and i modestly furnished room, intently watching broadcasts of himself. this is bin laden obsessed with monitoring and controlling this image a u.s. intelligence official told us. in formal tapes he died his beard black projecting the image
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he wanted to see the feared leader of al qaeda. >> the u.s. government picked these very deliberately to show they are in control. bin laden was vein. not in very good circumstances. they are now in control of his image. >> reporter: the u.s. government distributed a portion of five videos taken from the compound. the u.s. stripped off the audio, the officials said the u.s. doesn't want to be broadcasting bin laden messages. the official said the videos, thumb drives, disks and documents taken from the compound make up the single largest collection of terrorist materials ever seized. it's all being analyzed for clues for new threats. releasing the video was part of obama's administration's effort to show material that were taken from the raid. this was identified as being inside the compound. if some doubt he is dead the
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administration says the dna match had a one in 11.8 quadrillion chance of being wrong. this title begins with the title from bin laden to the american people. they believe it was made between october 9th and november 5th of last year, around the time of the american mid-are term elections. in it bin laden criticize the u.s.. the u.s. conclusion of bin laden, the al qaeda leader was far from a figure head in the weeks and months before he was killed. the u.s. intelligence official noted that quote, he was an active player, making the recent operation even more essential for our nation's security. >> clearly he had views on operational ideas, operational plans, and he was about trying to send these thumb drives that were captured to send his ideas back to operatives who execute those plans.
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>> reporter: for an american audience at threat of videos show osama bin laden's vulnerability. a wrinkled sheet for a background. a missed cue during a taping. a room with hanging wires and few furnishings where an old man stares at a television. so what happens next? a u.s. official says they do believe al qaeda has been damaged by the killing of osama bin laden. but they are watching very carefully to see who emerges as the next leader of the terrorist network. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> how are these videotapes being perceived in pakistan's capital? we go to islamabad. >> reporter: the newly released images of osama bin laden aired on pakistani tv late saturday night. some of these images could certainly convince some skeptics here in pakistan that osama bin laden is dead.
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but will they convince everyone? some here in pakistan already pointing to the one video clip that purportedly shows osama bin laden sitting on the floor, covered by a blanket, remote control in hand, flipping through a television set. that particular image only shows a partial profile and some here could say that they cannot conclude definitively that's indeed osama bin laden. it's a sign of the dep trust many here in pakistan have for planes coming out of washington and the u.s. government. in the mean time the pakistan security establishment cannot be thrilled with the publicity that continues to surround osama bin laden's death and the raid on this compound. the pakistani army, of course, behind the scene, the most powerful institution in pakistan, an institution that is rarely questioned by the public here, but not only is pakistan's security establishment being questioned, globally by senior firms in washington but now the
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pakistani public is questioning pakistan's spy agencies, and the army here asking how is it possible that osama bin laden managed for years to hide out and i compound right under the noses of the pakistani military? the army doing some damage control over the past few days, insisting they had no idea that osama bin laden was in this compound. but not everyone here in pakistan is convinced. drew. >> thank you. coming up next two muslim imams removed from an atlantic southwest airlines flight. there's conflicting reports whether passengers said they were uncomfortable with them being on the plane or the pilot. the two men join us next with their story. also ahead we'll talk with an arab-american comedian to use humor to make a serious point. [ mom ] something... ♪ mexican. [ female announcer ] thinking mexican tonight?
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this is the breaking news, the lease of u.s. intelligence officials of five videotapes of osama bin laden, tapes taken from his compound after he was killed, tapes removed by navy s.e.a.l.s as we've been analyzing them. we got some news of an incident that happened in this country. last night a southwest airlines jet on the tarmac about to take off when it turn around and returned to the gate. why? so tsa agents could remove two muslim men on board. it happened in memphis. the flight scheduled to go to charlotte, north carolina. the men are imams.
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they were told at the time that other passengers were uncomfortable with them being on board. imams join me now live from charlotte along with their attorney. why don't you just describe for us what actually happened? you were on the plane, you were going out to the runway. and i guess from what i'm hearing the pilot made an announcement? >> yeah. the pilot made an announcement that i had to take the plane back to the gate. he came back to the gate. the delta agent and some tsa agent came to us and said, sir, we have to check you again. and they are very polite. they were very helpful. and we help them. we let them check our stuff, our luggage, our bag, our body. then they said okay, you guys are good. you can go.
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when we were entering the plane, the supervisor, mr. russell, he said, i'm sorry, i was telling the pilot to let you go on this trip. but he is not allowing you to go. i said can you state the reason. he said, okay, i'm asking him the reason but he's not giving any reason. i can ask him again. he went again. and he was, you know, agreeing with him maybe more than ten minutes he came back again, he said i'm sorry, he's not giving me any reason. >> so this was the pilot's decision. i just want to ask you, because in other times we've had two sides of this kind of story when we had similar things in the past. was there anything, imam, that you did or could have been mistakenly construed suspicious. were you overtly praying on the
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tarmac. were you changing seats or doing anything that can you think of that drew attention to you and your friend? >> nothing. nothing. we're okay. tsa people and agent was very happy and appreciated us by our conduct. >> just to add to that, there was no additional -- any kind of action that could have been misconstrued that took place in the previous case out in minneapolis back in 2006. the imams were not praying. they western chanting. they weren't saying anything. >> let me talk about this particular case. where were you guys seated? this was a small plane. >> they were in rows 10 and 5. >> 10 and 5. so separate rows? >> let me read you atlantic southeast airline has a
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statement out tonight talking about this. saying basically you were taken back to the gate for additional screening of a passenger and passenger's companion, that's you two guys. we take security and safety very seriously and the event is currently one investigation. compensation and re-accommodation on the next available flight were immediately offered to the passenger and passenger's traveling companion. we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. >> do you accept the apology? >> that's not the case. the supervisor of delta airline, he went and he asked pilot for more than ten minutes, he didn't give him any reason and he said, i'm sorry, pilot is not giving any reason other than mr. russell said what can we do? we can call our manager, he was called and coming and pilot left the gate. he called the pilot back to the gate and pilot came to the gate
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and mr. john went to him and mr. john was talking to him more than a couple of minutes. >> so you think it's this pilot. you had nothing do with this other passengers, it was this pilot that kept you from flying last night? >> yeah. when mr. john came out and his face is red and upset and he said i apologize, you guys, i'm watching you from beginning to end, you are very polite, very nice, very cooperative, very helpful. we appreciate your patience. and we appreciate them. and they were very good with us. their conduct, they were professional. he said pilot is not allowing you to go. >> okay. listen, guys, we want to thank you so much for talking with us. we want to just mention to our viewers that your friend doesn't speak very good english and was only participating visually.
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will you be seeking legal action? >> at this point, we're keeping all options open. we are going to be -- we have contacted delta and atlantic southeast. we haven't gotten a response back from them. we'll keep all options open. we do want to make sure there is accountability, drew. want to make sure that pilot is held accountable for his actions and delta and atlantic implement those. >> guys, thank you all very much. good luck. i understand you're at an islamophobia conference in charlotte. we'll continue to follow this story. thanks for joining us. the mississippi river floods, neighborhoods and towns with levels not seen in more than 70 years. this is big news. report news from memories. jacqui jeras here where the latest on the forecast. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel.
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1,000 homes in memphis, tennessee have been ordered evacuated because of the rising mississippi river. the water there not expected to crest until wednesday, and it could be historic. cnn david mattingly has the latest as that city braces for the worst. >> reporter: just a little over a day ago i would have been standing here on dry land. but now this area along the mississippi river in memphis, completely under water, as the water continues to rise. memphis now is one big city trying to hold off one very big flood.
4:19 am
city parks already flooded and water creeping closer to houses by the day. people in memphis watch the rising mississippi river and wonder. >> how high will the water get? you know, who is most at risk? which land sits lower. >> reporter: the mississippi river floods of 2011 are expected to break records to the north of memphis this weekend. and then. continue setting high water marks as far south baton rouge. in 1937 city officials tell me the river rose all the way to here where i'm standing which is four blocks away from the river banks. but there have since been big changes. a school flood walls, gates and levees developed since the 1950s should keep the city dry.
4:20 am
but it's a system that's never been hit with this much water. >> they never been tested. but all of the experts are telling us we can have a high confidence level. >> reporter: army corps of engineers blowing levees to divert floodwaters into missouri farmland slowed the flood's arrival down river. officials around memphis are using the time to prepare. a call has gone out the volunteers to fill sand bags for government buildings and hospitals. the hope is they won't be needed. the greatest concern around memphis isn't for areas like this that are right up next to the river but rather the rivers that are around memphis, the tributaries that flow into the mississippi. water is backing up through those rivers as well now and flooding communities along there. officials now today will be going to individual property owners saying this could be the time that you want to pack up.
4:21 am
you don't want to wait for this river to be in your front yard before you make a decision to move. >> david mattingly today in memphis. when the mississippi river does crest next week it's expected to be 14 feet above flood stage. and jacqui jeras, it's not just memphis, not just tennessee but everything up and down the mississippi. >> this is really widespread. this will be ongoing all the way down the river in the weeks and even in the months ahead, believe it or not. now the river has crested in new madrid. that happened fresh this weekend. we got all this way to go down that mississippi river before all is said and done and that's likely not going happen until sometime in june. take a look at some of the pictures we have. these are aerials to give you a better idea how wide and extensive this is. the mississippi river, north of mem cities about two miles wide. that's way out of its banks. this is impacting people, their homes. impacting businesses.
4:22 am
a huge impact on agriculture and part of the navigation channels had to be shut down yesterday. they are opened very restricted but they are open so this is really very widespread. now down river from memphis we're also watching those waters rise in mississippi. this is video to show you out of tunica, where they have casinos in the area, nine of them all of which had to shut down. they expect to be closed for the next three to six weeks. today you got lucky in terms of the rainfall. the next five days we're looking at the potential for another one to two inches on top of what you already have. that could potentially aggravate that flood situation. take a look at some of the crests that were expected and when they are going to be down the line. memphis, we're looking at tuesday night or wednesday, 14 feet above flood stage. vicksburg on the 20th about 15 feet above flood stage. natchez, 16 feet about flood stage. many of these rivers, drew, are
4:23 am
going to be staying in flood for at least seven to ten days. that's at the high crest level and slowly recede for weeks beyond that. they are talking about opening up the spillways. they will likely be opening the spillway on monday morning down near new orleans to help relieve a little pressure there. >> thank so you much. arab-american pokes fun at . but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. pure... and also delicious. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious.
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when a disaster strikes, you don't really know what you're going to need. that's why we packaged up four tractor-trailers, loaded with just about every type of tool and gear and piece of equipment. we got the generator running. we're going to power up this search. we roll those rigs all across this country. we decided to come to rainbow, georgia because it's a small community and most likely they didn't have the resources that they would need. all these homes were completely destroyed. my team has been to about 38 mega storms at this point but we've never seen anything like this before. it's all gone almost like the whole city went through a
4:27 am
blender. when we first got here we started powering up the shelter, clearing the roads and we wanted to just help stabilize the situation. we'll come straight in and grab these trees off these two stones right here. >> they went over and cleared the cemetery. that's why i'm able to bury my father today. >> we'll keep working until this is done. >> then he came over and offered his services again. >> we joined with the family members looking for things. more photos in here. >> we found a wedding picture of my mom and dad. these guys are angels. thank so you much. >> when we see people suffering and struggling it's our responsibility to come and help. this is part of being human. to see a need and to do something about it. he's a 2008 cnn hero.
4:28 am
he has responded to 39 communities all over the world, bringing their services free of charge. that's what makes him a hero. if you want to nominate somebody who is making a big difference in your community, go to the big news today was the release of the videos of osama bin laden and those releases remind us that he had multiple titles. leader of al qaeda, the mastermind of 9/11, the fbi's most wanted fugitive. here's one you haven't heard. osama bin laden, the father of american islamophobia. that's the label arab-american comedian gave him in an opinion piece he wrote for got a lot of attention. he explains that bin laden's actions on september 11th made people see abdullah as an arab first and an american second. he joins us live. why do you call bin laden the father of islamophobia. >> he's the master mine of 9/11. that's the event that set the whole chain of motion where we are today. islamophobia is part of the norm
4:29 am
jam discourse of conversation. can you have candidates running for office dehumanizing muslims and there's not a backlash. it raises them in the polls. gets them more visibility. don't forget, we had an attack in 1993. america didn't turn to what it is today. i look at bin laden and i hold him responsible for that action and people in our community despise him for that. >> when you look at him today, when we saw those tapes released today, this man who really changed your life on september 11th, what was your reaction to how he was portraying himself and how he was using these videotapes to try to get his message out? >> well, again as a comedian you can't help to look at him a little differently. i looked at it first and i saw him with the video of gray hair and gray beard and then black hair and it looked ache a just for men commercial. thank goodness a sex tape didn't
4:30 am
come out. he could trade himself as a leader of a great movement. yet living in relative squalo watching an old tube top tv. that was the reality where he was living. you know certainly not in the low person in the world to dye his beard. many americans dye their hair and beard. but this sense of machismo was undermine by that video. >> let me read a response we got to your op ed piece. bin laden himself 9/11 alone made me wary about the arab world, nine out of ten times for the last 30 years when you hear of an act of terrorism it's a muslim. it's also the way they treat women, honor killings, violent behavior, nonacceptance of anything other than exactly what they believe. that is what makes me wary of them.
4:31 am
what would you like to say to the person who wrote that? >> i would have to only ask if they have an open mind and hear us out. i hope this is a reset time. we have a chance to build some bridges. i can understand people thinking that. if you look at the facts and recently i was at peter king's hearing where the sheriff testified that last year there were 20 terrorist attacks by nonmuslims and ten terrorist threats by nonmuslims and ten by muslims in america. the numbers are going down. in fact the numbers show the threat is coming from nonmuslims in america against us. it will take time. there's nothing in the koran in any way whatsoever sanctions honor killing. it's wrong. they are murderers. every muslim-american has said that. notion nor killings are justified at all in islam. it's education. we have to go out there. i'm hoping people now give us a chance to have this dialogue. let's take this time where we're
4:32 am
unified to work together. >> this guy is dead. does it now improve? does it have to improve? >> i hope it does. i mean i really hope it's closer to 9/11. i fear this 10th anniversary of 9/11. maybe the death of bin laden will give us a chance over the next few months to network. let's stand against al qaeda, against any terrorist regardless of their religion or faith. we're all americans, muslim, jewish, christian, atheist. we're americans first and we treasure what we have in this country. my father came here for a better life in america. no muslim i know has come to america and said i love america but you know what would make it better more laws like afghanistan. we have no intent to impose sharia law. nobody in the american-muslim community advocating that. only people on the right that raise this phantom men nays. >> dean, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it.
4:33 am
see you around. revelations from the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. we'll show you more of the never before seen tapes of the former al qaeda leader. ♪ [ female announcer ] the irresistible taste of cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel.
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we're going to bring you up to date with osama bin laden videos. u.s. government releasing five tapes confiscated by the navy s.e.a.l.s on their raid on osama bin laden's compound. this wasn't meant for the public release. it shows taik leader old, gray hair, watching a tv that's
4:36 am
showing pictures of himself. there were others as well, like this one that showed bin laden in a pose intended for broadcast. u.s. government edited these videos for release today. deleted the audio. we're told to avoid spreading any al qaeda message they may have contained. other headlines today. at least six people killed, 120 injured, clashes between muslims and christians in cairo, egypt. witnesses said muslims attacked a christian church trying to free a christian women they said was being held against her will because she wanted to convert to islam. a parish priest said those killed were members of the saint ma mana coptic church. >> people formed a human chain trying to block soldiers. security force opened fire.
4:37 am
at least four women killed several others injured when they demanded the release of family members who had been arrested in syria. the sports world mourning one of the greatest players in modern golf, spaniard seve ballesteros has died from complications of brain cancer. he's also credited with reviving the ryder cup competition. dead at the age of 54. we knew the winner of the kentucky derby would come from the animal kingdom. did you know it was named animal kingdom. yep. the name of the horse the 20-1 long shot ran in the middle of the pack for most of the race. then it happened. animal kingdom won his previous start on a synthetic surface but today's race was his first start
4:38 am
ever on a dirt course. the father of an american soldier captured in afghanistan is speaking out by way of home video and making a direct appeal to his son's cantors. ed lavandera has more and why the soldier's father decided to go public with his comments. >> reporter: the family of army special bowe is make an appeal for their son's safe return. he was captured by the afghan taliban almost two years ago. his family has kept a quiet silent vigil in idaho, never speaking out about their son's capture in hopes he would be returned safely. but now the family is speaking out, making a direct appeal to the head of the pakistani military and to the head of the pakistani intelligence agency asking for their son's safe return. this is significant because it comes just days after the death of osama bin laden, and on the same day that al qaeda is vowing revenge for bin laden's dead. >> we know our son is a prisoner and at the same time a guest in your home.
4:39 am
we understand the rationale the islamic em ira te has made through its videos. no family in the united states understands the detainee issue like ours. our son's safe return will only heighten public awareness of this. that said, our son is being exploited. it's pastime for bowe and the others to come home. round you heard in the statement that eluded to the group that's in pakistan, loosely believed to be affiliated with the afghan taliban. the belief here possibly is that bowe bergdahl was moved around among these groups and could be in pakistan. that's why the family is making an appeal to the pakistani military. robert bergdahl end the statement by saying we have been quiet in public but not quiet behind-the-scenes.
4:40 am
continue to be patient and kind to those around you. that was a message from robert bergdahl to his son who has been missing and captured for almost two years. you've heard a lot about navy s.e.a.l.s. we'll look at a ship being commissioned by the u.s. navy and how they are honoring one of their own. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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while we may never know of the name of the man who took down osama bin laden, the navy is making sure another man's name will live on. >> he gave his all. >> reporter: it's a distinction rarely bestowed on someone so young. dedicating a ship in the name of 29-year-old navy s.e.a.l. lieutenant michael murphy. what do you think your son would say to you and his mother about this honor? >> michael would say would you cut it out and stop it. >> reporter: his parents are as proud of their son as he was
4:44 am
humble. lieutenant murphy and two members ever his team were fatally ambushed in afghanistan in 2005. despite two bullets in his back, under heavy enemy fire he tried to save his fellow s.e.a.l.s by running into a clearing calling for help. his final calm words to his command were, thank you, sir. 16 other would be rescuers also died in that operation. it remains the worst single day loss in the s.e.a.l.s history. murphy's parents received a medal of honor on behalf of their sign 2007, the nation's highest award for valor. now a 500-foot long five story high navy destroyer is named the uss michael murphy. the ship's dedication comes during the same week another elite s.e.a.l. team killed osama bin laden. >> this was payback time. without a doubt. >> reporter: an air force flight surgeon who recovered murphy's body in the mountains couldn't
4:45 am
miss this day. >> it's an honor. i'm humbled to be a part of it. >> reporter: his devotion to the s.e.a.l.s is expected to mean something special to sailors. >> he was taking care of his teammates. that's what will really resonate with the ship's crew. >> reporter: for murphy's parents seeing their son's name on the ship's stern was overwhelming. >> started to cry. i started to shake. and it -- it hit both of us. you know, just right in the heart. just kind of, mom, dad, i'm still here. and i'm still leading the fight. and i'm still out there protecting people. >> reporter: a tribute to his generation and those to come. susan candiotti, maine.
4:46 am
elementary students learn mandarin not as a second language, bath third language. does that sound like a failing school to you? federal guidelines say it is. we'll tell you why. [ woman ] welcome back, jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage, while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most.
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you know, when it comes to education these days the very definition of success and failure are up for debate. education secretary aren'ty duncan says 82% of the nation's public schools will soon be categorized as filing under the no child left behind law. the critics say definition of failure is what's flawed. allan chernoff traveled to stanford, connecticut where officials say the law that's glaring flaws. >> reporter: third graders learning mandarin, chinese. it's their third language. they also take spanish. it's a member of the prestigious international baccaleaurate program. academic performance here is on
4:50 am
the rise, with double digit gains in math, reading, and writing proficiency test. according to the way the federal government reads those exams this is a failing school. >> it's pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: the superintendent says rogers international epitomizes the distortions of no child left behind. why? because some studio audience, particularly students of immigrants have not shown enough improvement in reading and i we ig. the no child left behind grades the school is f. >> it's important but shouldn't be annual and it shouldn't be the sole measure of whether or not a school is serving its children. >> reporter: no children left behind is called on every public school to achieve 100% proficiency in math and english by 2014. an idealistic goal that the obama administration intends to ditch. >> so much is broken with the
4:51 am
current law. far too punitive. >> reporter: education secretary wants to put less emphasis on standardized tests, though they would still measure teachers. that could spell for troubles at stanford's stark elementary school. they are working hard to raise performance on standardized tests. >> i've had children come here 9 years old, they don't know any english and they have received no formal education. but the expectation still is to bring them up to snuff. >> reporter: unrealistic one say stanford educators. >> there's no one size fits all. >> reporter: allan chernoff, cnn, stanford, connecticut. >> soledad o'brien will be examining this in a special report called "don't fail me, education in america, premiering may 15th at 8:00 p.m.
4:52 am
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american college students amanda knox went to italy in 2007 to study and immerse herself in italian culture. instead she became embroiled and i shock murder that made headlines. doubts about the case surfaced almost immediately.
4:55 am
with her conviction now being appealed, i went to italy to review the evidence for myself. almost immediately after police say she confessed to her crime, amanda knox recants. she tells her parents she broke under stress. in court she would tell jurors how a police officer struck her from behind. how she was denied water, food, a translator. and how she says under pressure by police, she was asked repeatedly to dream up, imagine scenarios for how it could have happened. in a rare interview, the prosecutor of amanda knox agrees to sit down for an extensive on camera discussion of the evidence. it was an interview he later appeared to regret. nobody hit her? >> translator: no. absolutely not.
4:56 am
>> was she asked to imagine scenarios? so she's lying? >> translator: absolutely. you either see the person or not. i can't ask a person what he or she imagines. this question would make no sense. >> that's not all that wouldn't make sense. because it turns out virtually everything amanda knox told her interrogators the night of her so-called confession was a lie. amanda knox in this statement told police she was in the house the night of the murder. and saw her boss, nightclub owner and meredith go into meredith's room. her statement adds i'm very confused. i imagine what could have happened. police apparently didn't bother to check the facts. they immediately arrested amanda knox, rafael and patrick for the murder of meredith. police announcing to the public
4:57 am
case solved. the prosecutor admitted to us, even without any evidence, he knew almost the moment he arrived and laid eyes on amanda and rafael, they were involved in the murder. prior to the forensic investigation, prior to everything, really, your intuition or your detective knowledge led you to amanda knox and rafael? >> translator: after the first few weeks we were convinced because of the behavior of the two people and especially amanda, that they were both involved in a crime. >> but almost immediately after the arrests, there was a problem. the third suspect, patrick had an air tight alibi. he was in his crowded bar that night.
4:58 am
company not have been involved. then, the actual forensic tests came back. >> when i looked at it, i was horrified. >> you can watch the entire special murder abroad the amanda knox story tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. checking our top stories ney none bigger than this one new images of osama bin laden seized from his hideout in abbottabad, pakistan. five different videos of the man who was the most wanted terrorist released today by u.s. intelligence officials. each of them with the southern removed to avoid spreading bin laden's words. at least six people have been killed and 120 injured in clashes between muslims and christians in cairo, egypt. muslims attacked a church trying to retrieve a christian woman who they say she wanted to convert to muslim. protests turned deadly in syria.
4:59 am
today government tanks and troops stormed a town. people formed a human chain. witnesses say security forces opened fire. at least four women were kill and several others injured when they demanded release of family members who had been arrested. and an atlantic southeast jet was about to take off last night in memphis, tennessee when two muslim men were removed from the flight. earlier this hour, one of the men told me the pilot refused to accept him and his companion, another imam. but an airline official would not explain why. they were wearing muslim clothing and heading to a conference on islamophobia in charlotte, north carolina. lantic southeast airlines has apologized and tells us they are investigating. >> i'm drew griffin. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 6:00 and 10:00 eastern time.


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