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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 8, 2011 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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good sunday morning. well, they were screened, then screened again, but still not allowed to fly. two muslim men telling cnn now about being kicked off a commercial flight without explanation. also, yes, it is mother's day, and on this mother's day a u.s. soldier in afghanistan will get to see her children who are in jacksonville, florida. how? we're going to hook them up right here on our newscast, and you'll see it. hello to you all on this sunday. i'm t.j. holmes, happy mother's day and a special hello to our military men and women watching us on the armed forces network around the world. let's start now new videos of osama bin laden, fascinating stuff we are starting to get to see, they are part, these videos
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of the large amount of materials, information taken from that compound after his death. unlike the pictures of a dead osama bin laden that the u.s. government did not want out, the u.s. government is sharing these images with the world. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr takes us through the new images and the message the white house is sending with this video release. >> reporter: t.j., the message is osama bin laden is dead and this is what he really was like. it's the osama bin laden you've never seen, huddled in front of a television in a modestly furnished room, intently watching broadcasts of himself. this is bin laden, obsessed with monitoring and controlling his image, a u.s. intelligence official told reporters. in more formal tapes he dyed his beard black projecting the image he wanted the world to see, the feared leader of al qaeda. >> i think the overall message is the u.s. government picked
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these very carefully, very deliberately to show they're in control and that bin laden was vain, he was not in very good circumstances, and that they are now in control of his image. >> reporter: the u.s. government distributed a portion of five videos taken from the compound. the u.s. stripped off the audio. the official said the u.s. doesn't want to be broadcasting bin laden messages. the official said the videos, thumb drives, disks and documents taken from the compound make up the single largest collection of terrorist materials ever seized. it's all being analyzed for clues about new threats. releasing them is showing material that could have only been taken from the tape. the armoire identified as being from inside the compound. if some doubt he is dead the administration says the it, na match had a 1 in 11.8
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quadrillion chance of being wrong. this is "from osama bin laden to the american people." the u.s. believes this was made last year around the time of the american midterm elections. in it bin laden criticizes the u.s. the u.s. conclusion about bin laden, the al qaeda leader was far from a figure head in the weeks and months before he was killed. the u.s. intelligence official noticed "he was an active player making the recent operation even more essential for our nation's security." >> clearly he had views on operational ideas and operational plans and he was about trying to send, use these couriers and thumb drives that were captured in order to send his directions, his ideas back to operatives who would actually execute those plans. >> reporter: for an american audience at least the videos show osama bin laden's vulnerability, a wrinkled sheet for a background, a missed cue
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during a taping and a room with hanging wires and few furni furnishin furnishings, where an old man stares at a television. so what's next? a u.s. official says they do believe that al qaeda has been damaged by the death of osama bin laden, but they are carefully watching to see who emerges as the next leader of the terrorist net work. t.j.? >> thanks to our barbara starr. who could be the next leader? it may be this man, ayman al zawahiri, known as osama bin laden's top lieutenant. he's often seen next to bin laden in videos but his whereabouts at this point still unknown. he's presumed to be still alive and perhaps best positioned to take over leadership of al qaeda. we turn now to that flooding we have been seeing all along the mississippi wherever. the flood gates are all closed in memphis. let me explain the significance of that. the city has 30 of those flood gates to protect it from rising
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floodwaters. in its history memphis has only closed one of the 30 flood gates. now they're all closed. firefighters called into a mobile home park to help residents there evacuate as the water continues to rise. right now the water is just about 18 inches short of hitting the high water mark. that mark set back in 1937. now we are hearing that the crest is coming sooner than originally expected. they thought it was going to be wednesday. now we're told it's tuesday. that means they've got less time to get ready. memphis has been a focal point, but it's a small part of the overall story. states to the north also underwater and the surge is moving south and more cities in harm's way. there is a plan to head off some of the water in louisiana. let's say hello to alexandra steele in the weather center.
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is this one going to work? >> let's talk about the old plan, last week, we talked about cairo, illinois. the plan was flood cairo, illinois, of 2,800 residents or flood 130,000 acres of farm lantd. that was a plan what to do with the water flooding farther north. we're downstream now from the mississippi. this is the mississippi here, this is the gulf of mexico. this is the morganza floodway and the bonacarry spillway. you can see the tentacles of the water. this is the plan. the morganza floodway and the spill zwrn way, th spillway, floodway, spillway, any way to move the water and prevent flooding. that's the plan. you're driving on the highway,
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you take an exit off. this is an exit ramp to move the water in one direction. opening the floodway, whether to do it or not to do it. it's been done once before but not for this reason. so this morganza floodway designed for flood control, going to lower the river along baton rouge and new orleans, but it will fool other areas in cairo. if it doesn't, it will be half a foot from the top of the floodwalls. t.j. it's a lesser of two evils, whether to do it or not to do it and regardless, someone will be impacted. >> a lot of bad choices for folks along the mississippi. alexandra, good to have you with us. eight minutes past the hour, it is mother's day, a lot of
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people going to go out and seb grating, having a nice lunch, bunch or dinner, spending family time together. in the south a little different for a lot of folks. some folks are having to spend this day in shelters, slims victims of the devastating tornadoes that tore through the south a little over a week ago. reynolds wolf is in a neighborhood of birmingham, alabama. it's one thing if the mother has to spend the day in the shelter but can you imagine this being your first mother's day and spending it in a shelter? >> reporter: yes t is a very gloomy prospect indeed. at the same time there are a lot of things going on, a lot of people that happen to be in the shelters. they still have their families intact, they're certainly happy about that. where we happen to be this morning is pratt city, alabama,
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ravaged by the monstrous tornado that came through. despite the wreckage we have behind me and throughout this part of the world, some fema shelters are popping up, this was established earlier this week, now up. people across the region are not only going to this one, 50,000 are seeking federal assistance and one is a new mother, a lady by the name of alicia fairchild, she has a new son, 9 weeks old and she's celebrating her first mother's day with mixed emotions. >> i look and i seen the tornado out the door, and we got rain and dove under the sink and the whole house lifted up and started to go with the wind and we were praying to god the whole time. all i could think about bass my baby. before the tornado is over i'm up, the house all down the hill, i'm trying to see my mom's house, trying to see if it's still there and the whole roof
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is gone and windows are busted. christian, christian! >> you were not around the baby during the tornado? >> no. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? >> all i could think is my son, i got to get to my son. i had to run through my house, we had to climb over a huge tree that done landed our our house that was blocking the door. i had to climb over the tree, determined to get to my son. >> reporter: pretty good mother's day present. >> it really is. he's a blessing. i get to tell him, you lived through a tornado when i was 8 weeks old. >> reporter: now you're home for mother's day. what is that like? >> it's kind of hard, because i've pictured mother's day at home with his father, and happy and everything, and it's not. it's far from happy. i'm in a shelter.
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>> reporter: she has applied for federal assistance and when the money comes in, what is she going to get? things she needs most of all, first and foremost a car, she needs transportation to take her son to the hospital for checkups. another thing she needs is the home, all material possessions are gone. the most important thing she has is her fam pli and son so certainly many blessings no question. >> reynolds, one more thing, you've been down there for awhile essentially since the storms hit, almost a week and a half now. do you see if progress is even the right word now so soon but still activity and movement and help coming in and people getting what they need and we're startinging to see real work being done? >> reporter: absolutely. in tuscaloosa many of the storefronts you have tarps up, roads are passable in many elections. again this is something that's not going to happen in days or
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weeks, some could take some locations months even years. there's renewed spirit, they are determined, know they're going to rebuild. the state will certainly rebuild parts of the region but it is going to take some time. it's kind of patient but really determined. >> reynolds thanks as always for bringing the stories of some folks needing help and attention for some time. >> reporter: you bet. two muslim men who were kicked off their flight, now in 60 seconds i'll explain, they say it's not really the passengers who were uncomfortable with them being on that plane. [ woman ] jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze.
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but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. sp 13 minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." happy mother's day to you all. a story we were follow for you yesterday on "cnn saturday
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morning," the story of two muslim men who were kicked off of a flight leaving memphis and heading to charlotte because they were told someones with uncomfortable with them being on the plane. we are hearing from the two men, two imams actually, imam rockman and imam sagul, they were greeted by their attorney friday night, hours after their original flight that they were kicked off of, supposed to land there, had to take another flight. both men were taken off the initial flight, apparently by the order of the pilot. >> pilot made an announcement that i have to take back the plane to the gate and he came to the gate after then, the delta agent and tsa agent came to us and said "sir, we have to check you again, "and they are very polite, very helpful and we helped them, and we let them check our stuff, our luggage,
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bag, boldy, in a few minutes and they said you guys are good, you can go. when we are entering into the plane, the supervisor, mr. russell, he said mr. raman, sorry, i was pleading to the pilot to let us go with us, in this flight, but he is not allowing you to go. i said, can you say the reason, what is the reason? he said okay, i am asking him the reason but he is not giving any reason. i can ask him again. he went in again and he was going with him maybe more than ten minutes. he came back again and said "he's not giving me any reason." >> it just so happens the imams are in charlotte, traveling there for a conference that focused on islamaphobia. southeast airlines put out a statement. it says, "we take security and
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safety very seriously and the event is currently under investigation. we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. at 8:30 eastern time we'll focus on our faces of faith and getting reaction to this story and the killing of osama bin laden from the muslim american editor of "i speak for myself," a new book that chronicles the story of muslim american women. the mississippi river topping its banks, thousands of people in tennessee rush to save their problems and just upstream mothers are coming home to a total loss. >> i don't want to go inside but i need to. >> we'll take you on one man's journey as he finally returns home.
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mitt romney, you ran a loss in 2008. what makes you think you have a chance this time in. >> people say a lot of things about mitt romney, they say i'm rich and disconnected and a dead fish, they say i look like a villain in a lifetime movie.
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>> the important thing for people to know is i'll be running for president every four years for the rest of my life. it's my olympics and i intend to win a whole bunch of silvers. >> all right, that was from "snl" spoofing the no shows at last thursday's gop presidential debate. you might have seen it or might not have seen it, a lot of the bigger names did not show up. we'll hear more in the coming weeks. paul steinhauser has more on the week ahead. >> good morning, t.j. a new fight in the battle over health care reform. tuesday the first of the lawsuits against the new measure makes its way to the federal appeals court level. the case will be heard in richmond, virginia. the legal war over the controversial law is expected to eventually end up in the supreme court. the same day president obama heads to el paso texas to fix what it calls the nation's
6:20 am
broken immigration system. >> i'm doing great in new hampshire. >> that's where donald trump will be on wednesday, he makes his second trip of the past couple weeks to the state that holds the first primary for the house. trump says he'll decide in june and expect newt beginning witch to make some news. a spokesman said by the time gung rich speaks at the george convention friday he'll be a candidate for president. t.j.? >> thanks to our paul steinhauser. history in the making. everybody is a horsing fan one day of the year. a 20:1 long shot in louisville by the name of animal kingdom, made it to the winner's circle. always an extraordinary story at the kentucky derby, john
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velasquez who jockeyed the horse was supposed to ride uncle mo. he was then asked to ride animal kingdom because the person who was supposed to ride that horse ended up with an injury and had to scratch and doesn't be a part of it so it all worked out in the end but 20:1 long shot, animal kingdom made a few nice moves, ended up in the winner's circle. also exciting stuff last night, kind of, sort of, maybe. man manny pacquiao got rid of mosley, he had a car accident hours before the fight. he was shaken up after his suv was hit from behind. of course it didn't bother him that much, he won pretty much every round of the fight, it did go the distance, a unanimous
6:22 am
decision and he keeps his welterweight title. it seems the boston celtics have some light in them but it was a scary moment, that's their point guard who went down with a dislocated elbow. if you are squeamish, the left arm goes a direction it's not supposed to go. here's the thing. he went back, got some treatment, came back in and plays essentially with one arm for the rest of the game. now the celtics have pulled even, excuse me, don't let me get ahead of myself, now down 2-1 in the series, boston winning the game last night but have ground to catch up with the heat. seemed like he hit his groove in toronto. justin verlander pitched the second no-hitter of his career yesterday. could have been even better. he came within inches of a perfect game. he walked one batter in the eighth inning in detroit's 9-0
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win over the toronto blue jays. did you see these images this week, an image of that top secret stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid of osama bin laden's compound, but if it didn't crash we might have never known it even existed. the story behind the secret aircraft after the break. ield r. and our product development staff. we know military lives are different. we've been there. that's why our commitment to serve the financial needs of our military, veterans, and their families is without equal. and why, we'll always be there for you... both here... and here. usaa. for insurance, banking, investments, retirement and advice. we know what it means to serve. let us serve you.
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all right, 26 minutes past the hour on this "cnn sunday morning." when that navy s.e.a.l. team that took out osama bin laden left the compound, they had to leave behind the wreckage of a special helicopter, one we'd never seen before. a state-of-the-art stealth black hawk but doing that could come back to haunt the military. here now is cnn's chris lawrence. >> one of the most shocking things to come out of the attack
6:27 am
on bin laden's compound was the existence of this secret stealth black hawk that no one new xaisexais existed. unlike normal black hawks it's not painted olive green but infrared suppression gray and some of the lines are more reminiscent of an f-22. radar waves can't bounce back. finally there's sort of a hub cap on the back of its tail rotor that would help suppress its sound. what happens was when the seal pz were coming coming into the compound it hit, landed on part of the wall. part of it fell into the compound. the back half fell over the wall. the s.e.a.l.s bombed and blew up the main portion but part of it got left behind in order to rush
6:28 am
it out. now that the tail part is still there and the technology is in the hands of the pakistanis, there is some worry the pakistanis because of a slightly frayed relationship with the u.s. right now could pass that technology on to a third party, say russia or china were to get their hands on it, it could do two things, not only do they adapt it to their own aircraft but come up with ways to defeat that technology and make that stealth capability useless. >> thanks to chris lawrence at the pentagon. coming up, revelations from the raid on osama bin laden's home in pakistan. also heard a lot about navy s.e.a.l.s in the past few days? one is getting a rare honor. details just ahead. them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks
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[♪...] >> male announcer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. good morning once again, everybody. welcome back to this "cnn sunday morning" on mother's day. happy mother's day to you all.
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here is the latest on the new videos we are getting of osama bin laden before his death, just one week ago the u.s. government released five videotapes of the former al qaeda leader. in some of them you can see bin laden practicing in front of a camera, and you can see in the videos he had dyed his beard black but take a look at another one, this one is getting a lot of attention, it shows a visibly gray bin laden watching himself on tv. you see him in a small room huddled on the floor, has bare walls all around him. the government did not want to broadcast his message. these tapes are part of the information found at the bin laden compound. how are the new videos playing out in pakistan where bin laden had apparently been
6:33 am
hiding for years? rezza sayah. >> reporter: this man certainly had a significant impact on the lives of millions of pakistani and these images started airing late saturday night in pakistan and they are convincing. some are skeptic bin laden has been killed. throughout the week, across the border and afghanistan many were creptical that bin laden had been killed in the raid. they wanted to see hard evidence. the obama administration wrestled with the idea of releasing pictures of the remains, they decided against that for fear of a violent reprisal. this appears to be a safer way
6:34 am
of convincing some in pakistan that win laden is dead no not everyone is convinced. some have questions. some are painting to the particular image where we see bin laden sitting on the floor, blanket wrapped around him. they say it shows a partial profile and difficult to conclude that indeed it is him so again that's something that really highlights and underscores the deep mistrust that exists in pakistan for the u.s. government. you're starting to see people more convinced and also helps is the fact al qaeda condemned the raid and vowed preveng for bin laden's killing. >> rega sayeh we appreciate your views as always. headlines in egypt, ten people are dead and 186 more
6:35 am
injured in sectarian clashes outside of cairo cop tick christian church. the blood shed began over rumones that a christian woman who converted to ms. lamb was being held inside that church against her will. also to lippia, rebel forces trying to drive moammar da gadhafi from libya have suffered a setback. in maine in the u.s. a warship dedicated to navy s.e.a.l. opportunity michael murphy was christened by his mother. he was killed in the mountains of afghanistan in 2005. yesterday would have been murphy's 35th birthday. back to the severe weather now, the swollen waters of the mississippi river gushing downstream bringing flooding and
6:36 am
misery to residents farther south. memphis is the next major city in its path. it's expected to crest tuesday night, 14 feet above flood stage, a day earlier than initially predicted. thousands have been told to evacuate. in some parts of tennessee entire neighborhoods are under water. many homes didn't have flood insurance or flood damage is not enough for federal aid, it's a tough spot to be in. affiliate wpsd caught up with one man in kentucky when he got the first sight of his damaged home. >> wow. i mean that's just devastating. i really didn't expect it to get this high and now that i'm here it's -- it's almost breathtaking you know. i worked three years to build that car and just got it finished two weeks before the flood.
6:37 am
man, i don't want to go inside but i need to. see what happens here. didn't get inside i guess. that's insulation back here. i'm not leaving. this is home for me. >> all right, i want to bring in meteorologist alexandra steele here with us this weekend on "cnn saturday morning" and "cnn sunday morning." tough to see. some folks got it worse than he did. can you imagine walking into your home seeing that? >> as you walk you hear the swishing of the water. it's like this wall of water heading downstream, south along the mississippi. what that man was experiencing so many of you will. we talked about memphis. the expectation was for the river to crest wednesday. an earlier date now is tuesday. the crest is 48 feet so give you perspective.
6:38 am
major flood stage is at 46. the record from 1937. one thing about the flooding is in most people's lifetime they have never seen water like that, so many since 1937 so we may just stay under that. to give you perspective the flood gates around memphis can handle 51 feet, awfully close. memphis coming in on tuesday so we're watching this wall of water go south, right? as it does it's cresting as it moves south and the water behind it lowers and crests. here's a delineation of when we'll see it will happen. this is where memphis is, it's expected to be tuesday. what we'll see on the 10th, 20th and through may 22nd we'll go from memphis to vicksburg and naches and we'll watch it as it moves. there's nowhere else for this water to go.
6:39 am
more on the flooding coming up. >> alexandra we appreciate you as always. check in with you again shortly. as our viewers know it is mother's day. a lot of people spending time with mom today but impossible to do when mom is serving in afghanistan. what we're going to do in two minutes is hook up mom and kids. mom in afghanistan, kids in florida. you'll see it right here. stay with me. to those who'd climb mountains or sail across seas for the perfect vanilla or honey from bees. to the lovers of orchards where simple is grown, who treat every bite as a world of its own. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel. haagen-dazs. we devote every second of every day figuring out how to give our clients a better mortgage.
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my mommy is the best at cooking dinner. >> i like all the stuff. >> my mommy is the best. >> my mom is so special because she abouts my sumi. >> welcome back to this "cnn sunday morning" on this mother's day and the u.s. has thousands
6:42 am
of military moms serving in every branch of the service. they're trying to balance service and service to family and all of them deserve certainly a big thank you today. many mothers do all across the country. right now we want to give a chance to say thank you to a mom serving in afghanistan. i'll bring in her 16-year-old and 14-year-old, larobert mimn and raven mims. good morning to you guys. how are you doing? >> good. >> you've been without mom now for the past five months. do i have that right? i'll start with you, raven. how tough has the past five months been? >> it's not that bad i guess but i still miss her. >> larobert, would you agree, "it's not that bad" and if so, why would you say that? your mom wouldn't want to hear you can make it just fine
6:43 am
without her. >> we're used to her being deployed. it's still hard because that's our mother, but we try to get through it as best we can. >> for you guys, either one can jump in, raven, it sounds like and again you have military in your family. i think generations really of military in your family. is this something that makes it a little easier, because quite frankly, raven, you're kind of used to it right now. >> it's not easy. i just try not to think about it a lot, so i won't tense up, i guess. >> larobert, what is it, i guess, day in and day out. you know how to cope and you can cope, but what is it day in and day out that you find yourself sometimes that you are missing, maybe it's just you can't pick up the phone and call so easily, maybe you miss something she cooks but what is it day in and day out that certainly gets to you? >> i miss her waking me up in
6:44 am
the morning. usually she wakes me up in the morning every day but now my sister does. >> does raven, i guess somebody has to pick up the slack and playing that motherly role, sometimes can include knocking you upside the head and waking you up. raven have you filled some of that role? you're staying with your aunt while your mom is away. who fills that maternal role in the house, raven is it you sometimes? >> sometimes it's me cause i clean up and when my auntie has to work sometimes i cook and i wake robert up in the morning and make sure everything's going well i guess. >> and larobert one more thing to you here now, is today different though? i know you're used to it and you all are talking about how you adjusted to the life without mom but is today a little different and feel a little different
6:45 am
because it is in fact mother's day? >> yes, because my mom is away, so there's not much i can do for appreciation for mother's day but when she comes back that's when i'll be able to do that. >> i'm going to take a quick two-minute break and for our viewers we have been watching the signal of their mother trying to hook them up on the air but we are having some serious technical difficulties. she is in kabul, afghanistan. we are working on it and working on it hard. we're taking a two-minute break hoping now we can get mom up and ready to go to talk to the kids here on this mother's day, live on the air. stay with us. >> my mommy rocks because she takes care of me all the time and she gives me food and she drives me to school. my mommy smiles when i help her
6:46 am
wash the dishes and fold clothes. >> my mommy smiles when i give her a hug.
6:47 am
taking a look now at stories making headlines across the country. nadia bilchik going to join me in a second. you don't want to miss what she has. a good mother's day addition here. >> i do. >> a quick tease. >> the most expensive chocolate you have ever heard or tasted and it's for mom, or dad. >> or dad. let's take a quick trip across
6:48 am
country. northeast nevada, find a woman missing for more than seven weeks but unfortunately they haven't found her husband. authorities say rita and albert of british columbia, khan ta were last seen march 19th traveling to las vegas. she was found yesterday in nevada in the couple's van. she told them she was in there for weeks munching on trail mix and eating snow. she hasn't seen her husband since he left looking for help. also today mother's day, cindy miller roach, one she is never to forget, her biological son she gave up for adoption nearly 40 years ago reunited in missouri friday, he said it's the best day of his life and his adoptive family has been vae
6:49 am
supportive. friday wasn't a bad day for bob connor either. spent his 85th birthday with his 92-year-old buddy, both taking a long awaited skydive. i always want to ask people this question. why do you all do this? >> i joined the marine corps in 1942 and wanted to join the paratroopers and they wouldn't let me because i wasn't old enough so since 1942. >> reporter: why did you wait so long? >> i didn't have the money. i had kids. >> nothing like taking care of unfinished business. happy birthday to him. you might say don't break anything. he didn't. he was just fine. as we are saying and celebrating today, it is mother's day. did you do something nice for your mom, send flowers, maybe a card? how about buying her breakfast? how about $1,000 on an omelet? your mom probably taught you
6:50 am
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about seven minutes to the top of the hour. it is mother's day. >> yes. >> nadia bilchik joining me here. a lot of people send flowers, cards. >> make breakfast for mom in bed. >> great gifts. >> i don't know how many people do this, spend $1,000 on an omelet. now why it's so expensive, it has an entire lobster and the rarest kind of caviar, but i wanted to tell you the best part about this omelet. if you make it at home you can do it for $700. >> so it's the caviar that makes the difference. >> the caviar and the lobster and the way it's made and the elusive amiencbienceambience. you can also give your mom truffles, it takes a confluence of circumstances to create them and you can find truffles for around $1,350 a pound.
6:54 am
>> would you think moms would appreciate this? >> not the moms that maybe you and i know. in fact the moms you and i know might kill us. let's go on to other rare forms of gifts you could buy. caviar, the world's most expensive caviar, i learned something myself, beluga stu sturgeon are so expensive because there are only 100 fish caught a year. you could also put a tea bag on your mother's tray but what about a $9,000 tea bag. >> stop, nadia. >> it's diamond encrusted, for procter & gamble's 75th anniversary. >> what do you do? >> maybe you wear it, i'm not quite sure. i wouldn't be putting it into any hot water. now the piece de resistance is
6:55 am
chocolate. would you pay $2,600 for a pound of knipshielt chocolate? why, because it's got truffle oil in the ganache and creme and vanilla and $250 per chocolate and inside is a rare truffle. >> is it actually good, though? >> personally, i am not sure that i do the chocolate truffle thing and i will tell you knipshielt make chocolate and my children would probably get choked if they gave me that. i'll leave here today and get breakfast in bed and it will be priceless. >> it's the effort and thought put into the gifts. this is mom's day so you all enjoy it. you don't have to spend a lot but if you can, knock yourself out. [ robin ] my name is robin.
6:56 am
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we are getting close to the top of the hour here. we have been trying to get this set up so we could bring this to
6:59 am
you on this mother's day. we know a lot of families are going to be spending time together but thousands of military moms are not going to be able to be with their kids today and it's tough trying to balance service, trying to balance family and we do have now, i told you earlier we were going to get this for you, finally got some of the technical kinks worked out, finally joining us from kabul, afghanistan, petty officer first class tiffany mccormick of the u.s. navy. we finally have her up and we were talking to her kids, larobert and raven still here with us as well. before i let you talk to them, tiffany, i want to ask just you, how difficult is it and is it pretty much impossible to be a mom from that distance no matter how hard you try? >> yes, it's hard, because i'm used to waking up, going to church with my kids and going to dinner. >> well, ms. mccormick, tell me
7:00 am
as well how do you try your best? those are things you can't do day in and day out. from a distance do you still try to get on them about homework? about friends? what part are you able to still do from a distance? >> i try to do as much as i can, i call them, checking onto their grades. i can logon to the computer and see their grades, just making sure they're doing what they're supposed to do. >> larobert and raven i'll give you a chance on this mother's day, this day is a little different, getting a chance to see her and talk to her so you go right ahead, larobert and raven, you know we have a little bit of a delay so say what ud lae like to say on this mother's day and you'd better make it good. >> hey, mom, happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day.
7:01 am
>> hello, thank you. i love you. >> we love you, too. >> now i told you all to make it good. is that all you could come up with? i'm just kidding. you're 16 and 14 and doing a little tv here this morning, i know everybody's a little nervous. let me bring you back in here, tiffany, for just a second. is today though a little different? i know the day in, day out can be difficult, but what is the mood like there of maybe your fellow military moms that you're there with. does this day feel different, a different tone to everybody today? >> yes, it's different. we're all used to being with our kids, opening up our gifts or reading our cards with our kids there, so it's a little hard but we are here to support each other, so we try to make the best of it. >> and something else that people might not know is i believe your family, you have a line of military people in your family, so you no he what
7:02 am
military life is about. you have been in service now for some 12 years, i do believe. i guess, ma'am, what is it about the service that makes you want to keep going, given the strain it has put on your life, your family's life and your ability to be that mom that you'd like to be? >> can you repeat that please? >> yes, my question is what is it about the service? you've been in for a while now. what is it about military service that keeps you in, even though it takes you away from family and takes you away from being the kind of mother you'd like to be? >> because i love my country and i love my kids and i want to have the best for them. >> you know, that's a quick and concise answer right there. and that says it all. i will let you all wrap it,
7:03 am
larobert and raven i'll go but let you say anything you like to on this mother's day. >> we miss you mom. can't wait until you get back. >> i miss you, too. >> all right, and raven clearly the quiet child of the two. raven mims and larobert mims, 16 and 14-year-old kids of tiffany mccormick serving in afghanistan, thank you all for spending some time with us this morning and sharing your moment with the rest of the country, just a nice moment to pause to salute the military and moms. guys thank you so much and tiffany we'll see you when you get back. we're a few minutes past the top of the hour. we want to get back to another military related story. the military is celebrating a victory, we know about the killing of osama bin laden and now we get a new view of him
7:04 am
from videos taken of his compound in afghanistan. this is a bin laden behind the scenes look of him. some of the videos you can see bin laden practicing in front of the camera, and you can also see he has dyed his beard black. the government released the tapes without any audio because they do not want people to hear his message, but take a closer look at a particular video. shows a visibly gray bin lad be watching himself on a small tv, sitting on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, bare walls, the tapes are part of the larger amount of materials, all of the information taken from bin laden's compound, there were computer, dvd stz, thumb drives, cia and fbi are pouring over all of the materials. tom fuentes joibsz me to talk
7:05 am
about what we are seeing this week. good to see you as always. >> good morning to you. >> these videos what you've been able to see would you go as far as to say part of the goal was to try to embarrass bin laden? >> not just to embarrass him but i think to change the stock footage the video shows. for the last 15 years another audiotape you see the stock footage of him walking in the mountains in afghanistan, ak-47 in hand, fighting off the mujahadin, that in and of itself has been a tremendous recruiting tool for him. young teenage boys throughout the world looking up to him as his version of the lone ranger. now hopefully from here to forever the stock footage will be of the decrepit old man
7:06 am
watching the tell advice of himself. >> is there something you didn't assume and how he might be living and looking? >> not necessarily. somehow being an international fugitive has a tendency to make you look bad. you recall saddam hussein the dapper dictator, impeccable suits, firing shotguns from his balcony. when he was pulled out of the rat hole in iraq he was a disheveled, straggly old man. the same thing with bin laden, macho man in the mountains is hud willinged over a television set in his quarters. being a fugitive and possibly trying to conceal your whereabouts and your identify takes its toll on someone. >> is this the first time you can remember that the u.s. has been able to control and shape the message coming from bin laden? they could pick and choose
7:07 am
exactly what they wanted to release it. it seems to many times in the past the u.s. has no control what he says and how he does it. >> i think that's exactly right. the media controls it and bin laden has been in control in the past. he puts out a message that's replayed a video shown on television along with the stock footage i mentioned earlier. his new press agent is the united states government and they're putting out what they want to put out about him and change the narrative and image and change the recruiting capabilities, not just of him but al qaeda itself. i think it was a deliberate attempt on the part of the u.s. government to change the narrative and stock footage of what he looks like on television to a billion people around the worl world. >> this is a treasure trove of data, there were on the ground some 40 minutes to do all of
7:08 am
this. how long would you say they had to go through there and find information from the time they get in there, they do the killing that needs to get done, how much time did they have to really get comfortable in that compound and go through and pull out as much information as they could? >> they didn't get comfortable. the whole raid took 40 minutes. they didn't stop to read it and open up computers and wait for them to boot up. they took the material with them so they could be looked at experts later. i think that's about the standard amount of time to go through a couple of rooms or that sized mansion, if you will, with a number of operators that the s.e.a.l. team had to pull that equipment out and take it with them and let experts elsewhere look at it. >> we are just seeing a portion
7:09 am
of it, apparently that was a treasure trove of information, they were able to grab everything we should, they'll decipher what they got later. tom fuentes you enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> you too, thank you. how are the new videos playing out in pakistan where bin laden had been hiding for years? reza rayeh looks at that. >> reporter: the newly releaseded video of osama bin laden aired on pakistani tv late saturday night, some images could convince some skeptics in pakistan that osama bin laden is dead but will they convince everyone. somebody in pakistan pointing to the one video clip that purportedry shows osama bin laden sitting on the floor recovered by a blanket, remote
7:10 am
control in hand flipping through a television set, that particular image only shows a martial profile and some say they could not conclude that is osama bin laden, it's a sign of the deep mistrust many in pakistan have more claims coming out of washington and the u.s. government. in the wheen time pakistan usually establishment cannot be thrilled with the publicity is listens to surround osama bin laden's death and the raid on this compound. the pakistani army behind the scenes most paur half institution in pakistan and an institution rarely questioned by the public here but not only is pakistan's security establishment being questioned globally but now the pakistani government is questioning pakistan's spy agencies and the army asking how is it possible that osama bin laden managed to hide out in a compound right
7:11 am
under the noses of the pakistani military, the army doing damage control over the past few days, insisting they had no idea that osama bin laden was in this compound, but not everyone here in pakistan is convinced. reza sayeh, cnn, islamabad. the two muslim clerics taken off of a plane friday night are talking about their experience. imam rockman and imam sagul, when they finally got to their destination, charlotte, north carolina, friday night, aurz after their originally scheduled arrival, both men taken off of their initial flight from memphis apparently by order of the pilot. cnn spoke to both of them as well as their attorney. >> when mr. john came out and he faces red and upset, i apologize, you guys, i'm watching you from the beginning to the end, you are very polite,
7:12 am
nice, cooperative, helpful. we appreciate your patient and some lady appreciated your patience in tsa and they are good with us. their conduct, they are professional but he said you know the pilot is not allowing you to go. >> just so happens the imams are in charlotte, making their way for a conference focusing on islamaphobia. the attorney has not decided whether or not they will take action but they want to make sure the pilot is held account football for his actions. "we take secure and safety very seriously and the event is currently under investigation. we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. a lot of people along the mississippi river are watching the water rise and rise this morning. where is this floodwater headed next? the answers coming next. also in alabama our reynolds
7:13 am
wolf is there spending this mother's day with tornado advise. tough way to spend the day, reynolds. >> reporter: i'm telling you what, it is still a mess, we're here in pratt city and as far as the eye can see it's damage everywhere. we've got new information about a new fema system where people can get federal assistance and a mother's day story you won't believe. you're watching "cnn sunday morning." -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks. -crows feet... -belong on birds. [ female announcer ] roc multi-correxion. correct what ages you. -aging... -bring it on.
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17 minutes past the hour. we are watching this historic flooding across the midwest, making its way down south in memphis, tennessee, in particular flood gates are closed. what exactly does that mean? it gives you an idea how serious it is because the city has 30 of those flood gates to try to control floodwaters but in its history the city has only ever closed one of them. again all 30 closed right now. we're also hearing the crest is coming sooner than originally expected, tuesday instead of wednesday, that means people will have less time to get ready. also pictures to show you out of lauderdale county, tennessee, up the river from memphis, homes flooded here with the water up near the roof of some homes, one of many communities devastated by floodwaters. today mother's day. a lot of mothers don't have a lot of time to stop and celebrate anything because
7:18 am
they're trying to pick up their lives and get their families back together after the tornadoes that hit the south last week. reynolds wolf is in pratt city in the neighborhood of birmingham, alabama, this morning. how are they trying to deal on this morning, mother's day? >> reporter: a tough road. here in pratt city we've been focus on tuscaloosa and alabama, pat chicago is one place that shouldn't be forgotten. dave rust, photojournalist is behind the camera. let's zoom around and show people what has happened, utter devastation from the trees to the houses themselves. you see wreckage everywhere. it's hard to believe you've got this spread for hundreds of miles across parts of alabama and longer than that when you think of the tornadoes that came here over a week or so ago. it's heart wrenching to see and a lot of families have lost everything. a lot of moms having a tough time on a day like today.
7:19 am
as we come back to me, i have to tell you about an amazing person i met yesterday at a red cross disaster relief center. this person, t.j., was alicia fairchild, had her first child, the kid is now just a handsome baby boy by the name of christian, 9 weeks old and she's spending her first mother's day in a shelter with obviously mixed emotions and an incredible story. >> i look outed door and seen the tornado, i said tornado! we just ran and we dove under the sink, and the whole house lifted up. it started to go the wind and we were praying to god, all i could think about was my baby. before the tornado is over i'm up, the house down the hill, i'm trying to see my mom's house if it's still there and i look and the whole roof is gone and the windows are busted. meerks my god, christian!
7:20 am
>> what was going through your mind? >> all i could think i've got to get to my son. they pulled nails out of my feet where i had to run through my house. he had to climb over a huge tree that done landed over my house that was blocking my son. i was determined to get to my son. >> pretty good mother's day present. >> it really is. he's a blessing. i get to tell him you lived through a tornado when you were 8 weeks ago. >> you're home for mother's day. what is that like? >> it's kind offard because i've pictured mother' day at home with his father and happy and everything, and it's not. it's far from happy. i'm in a shelter. >> reporter: t.j., she has applied for federal aid and when she gets her check first she
7:21 am
plans on getting a car and home and helping life get back to normal. the fema help she's requesting around the same many people are taking across the area. one fema center opening here in pratt city. back to you t.j. >> we appreciate you telling the stories in the south. we'll check in with reynolds throughout the morning. a story i want to tell you about out of california. in three minutes, folks. it has a lot of people scratching their heads, a grave, a cemetery out in california where the grave stones have the "n" word on them, but white people are buried there. hey, dad, think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪
7:22 am
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7:25 am
a story i was just telling you about before the break, out in el dorado, california. more than 50 years, for more than 50 years a forgotten cemetery there has disgraced the bodies buried beneath with offensive grave stones, graves moved from a town called negro hill, but the word "negro" was changed when the army corps of engineers moved the graves, they now have the "n" word instead of "negro" carved in the stone. >> unbelievable why this hasn't been done long before now and i appreciate the way the army corps of engineers stepped up and said there has been a wrong committed and we need to fix this. >> i think the common reaction was it's pretty degrading what they did on the tombstones and not a very good show of class to us, and we're going to try to
7:26 am
make it better. >> inmates at fulsom prison say they'll do the job for free. a lot of people are asking why wasn't this done already? the army corps of engineers are not responsible for the cemetery anymore, they say talk to the county. they say you need to talk to the corps. they say a legal study needs to be done. listen to this interesting fact. a local boy scout group raise the $20,000 a few years ago to get it fixed but abandoned the plan because no one knew who could get the go ahead. negro hill is near folsum, california, after an african immigrant who struck gold in the 1800s. in the '50s the town was abandoned. the dam was built in 1955 and now twhafs once negro hill is at the bottom of the lake.
7:27 am
a local newspaper checked out the records, the graves mostly filled by white men and women. quick break and we'll be right back. it's true. you never forget your first subaru. at a university with 20 years of experience combining classroom and online teaching. and a 15 to 1 student to faculty ratio... to make learning more... personal. today, she runs a thriving tutoring company that offers kids the same individualized attention she had. my name is beatrice hair,
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