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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 5, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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wrong. >> straight ahead here on cnn, more of our special report, the casey anthony trial. what would you do if your child was missing. a prosecution whons met casey of a her daughter went missing paints a picture far different from what you might expect. >> what do you recall about meeting ms. anthony on that date? >> she seemed like a fun party girl. somebody that would probably get along with with our group of friends. >> that's ahead in the next hour of the cnn newsroom, which starts right now. and we begin with this developing story. some of the largest wildfires in arizona fistry, right now are spreading thick smoke over parts of the state. a total of 266,000 acres have burned over the past week. one of the biggest is a fire in northeast arizona. it's zero percent contained and covers 180,000 acres. one person who has had to evacuate is brenda jensen and she joins us now by phone from
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springerville, arizona. brenda, so sorry about that. you were evacuated on thursday. how close is the fire to your home. do you even know? >> you know, i don't know. i would say that maybe a mile, two miles. i haven't been there. so i don't know. >> how did you decide? who how did people decide it is important to evacuate? what is the critical point? do they come in and get you or do you decide for yourself? >> well, they give you a 12 to 24-hour timeframe. and then you know, you get your stuff together and then you evacuate. some people choose not to. if you choose not to, then you are legally bound to stay on your property. but with the way the smoke is, you know, how thick it is, it is really an good idea to hang around. >> you said, then you gather your stuff, how do you even decide what to take?
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>> well, your going to take your most important papers. you're going to take clothes. you're going to take pictures. medicine. i suggest people take quarters in case wherever you go you have to do laundry. and also, take some ready-to-eat food. then of a you do that be then go back to your house and looks like things that are irreplaceable. >> brenda, tell people what you are going through, what thousands of people are going through, what's this like? >> it can be stressful at times. it can be really stressful. oftentimes people's emotions are really high. we all have those me, me, me moments at times. but we have to stop and think about you know, all those firefighters that are out there on the line breathing in this smoke. and they don't know us. they don't know who we are. and they are battling to save our homes. so you know, we have to take
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that time to reflect and you know, at be thankful that these people care enough and come here to do their job. >> brenda jensen has had to evacuate. our thoughts are with you. all the best, okay? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. in the nation's heartland, powerful thunderstorms are whipping up dust storms across the prairies. people in central illinois had no problem seeing the lightning. witnesses say the dust storms stretch from springfield to decatur. winds as strong as 50 miles per hour also beat up trees and property. levees and central south dakota are the only thing keeping back the rising water from inundating communities along the missouri river. heavy spring rains and winter snow are feeding the river and threatening towns along the missouri. one resident described why she was slow to react to the floods. >> denial. that's what got me a slow start
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in the first place. i can't believe this is happening. even i can't believe all the activity that is going on, is like two different worlds. i have a sister that lives on the north of town and everything is normal. everybody is mowing their grass, washing their cars. and everything down here is army trucks and dump trucks. and the red cross with their vans. >> you know the danger won't be over until later this week when the amount of water released from a dam is to reach its peak. so as these fires, the floods and all of it go on, will the upcoming weather hurt or help efforts to get them under control. let's turn to the cnn severe weather center. man, a lot of people are inundated by all this stuff. >> yeah. we will start with the fire. unfortunately the news there isn't good. that's that the weather will be hurting the situation
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particularly as we head into tomorrow. you will see, this is where we have fire weather watches in effect. we have storm system here in california. this will be approaching the area. this will be increasing winds. they could be gusting as much as 30 to 45 miles per hour. the ground here is still so very dry. the humidity extremely low. even though we get lift in the atmosphere as that system approaches, they are going to produce thunderstorms but dry thunderstorms. there won't be any rain with them but there will be lightning. that can cause fears of new fires potentially starting and the winds here will stay drop strong. we think at least through wednesday before we see any improvements there. let's talk about the flood situation across the missouri river. this is going to be going on for weeks. in fact we are talking until july for some people before that river is back within its banks. this whole system here from montana. that's where the snow is still taking place an running down the river and through the streams. the amount of flow wsh the
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pressure in that water moving down stream within it's never been this high before. so the damn system really hasn't been tested and hasn't seen these types of conditions. so we are hopeful things will hold. the weather looks good for though there though, not a lot of rain in upcoming days. >> you're a mom, so look at this. three bounce houses blew away, with the kids, jackie, inside of them. they blew around like a plastic bag in the breeze. 13 people were hurt but the injuries were not serious. man, it happened saturday at a tournament hosted by the oceanside united soccer club. >> the wind blew everything down. >> just felt like it was dragging me. >> i was getting hot dogs and i
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happened to turn around and i saw the slide blowing in the wind. and i just couldn't believe it. like something out of a movie. >> oh, poor kids. poor parents. no criminal charges are expected here. but that video is unbelievable. on cnn, more on the casey anthony trial. she is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. what would you do if your child was missing? a prosecution witness who met casey anthony of a her daut irwas missing paints a picture far different from what you might expect. >> what do you recall about meeting ms. anthony on that date? >> she seemed like a fun party girl. somebody that would probably get along with well with our group of friends. a couple decades ag, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years,
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providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
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>> female announcer: sandals luxury included resorts now include a once-in-a-lifetime offer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. >> during the time period she was living with you, did she ever tell that you her daughter was missing? >> no. >> did she ever tell you that her daughter had been kidnapped? >> no. >> did she ever tell you that while you were out and you were in classes that she was out looking for her daughter. >> no. >> did she ever ask you for help looking for her daughter? >> no. >> was there a ever a time you were at fusion with the defendant she participated in a contest. >> yes, sir. >> what type of contest was that? >> it was a lot body contest -- a hot body contest. >> the night you were at fusion
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with the defendant, what can you tell the jury about her overall demeaner? >> she was partying and having a good time. >> when you say partying, are you talking about drinking? >> yes, sir. >> is she dancing? >> yes, sir. >> did she ever display any emotion to you that would indicate she was upset about anything? >> no. >> did she appear happy? >> yes. >> having since found out that caylee was dead during this time? >> yes, i have. >> joining me now, holly hughs criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. wendi walsh, human behavior expert. drew petremoux orlando reporter for wbdo radio. drew, is he a credible witness on the stand when you saw him? >> are you talking about her
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friends? well, the prosecution really rolled out a parade of her friend at the beginning of this trial and all of them had the same message that casey anthony had no sign anything was wrong during month her daughter hadn't been seen. she was going out to bars, partying, sleepovers, presenting movies with her boyfriend. going to a 4th of july celebration. really not letting on at all that anything was wrong. of course that's kind of what defense theory is. that she has been so sexually abused, so physically and mentally abused that she stashes her pain deep back in the back of her head and can act like everything is okay. >> jim cle meanty -- go ahead. >> in my behavior that is something completely different. what it is, is she is in a position where she is finally free. she released the burden of the one thing she couldn't get rid of legally, which was her daughter. and the fact that the daughter was now gone, she could go out
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and party unhindered by her responsibilities in life. >> go ahead, wendi. >> don, it is very common with motheres who kill their child who t.o. have a kind of idealized fantasy life in their mind, that they want to lead. there have been reports that during time she got a tattoo that said beautiful life. we just heard she entered a hot body contest. she lived the life of a party girl, living a lie about where she was living and working, lying through her teeth on everything but living an idealized life that she wanted free from her daughter. >> that's right. i got to jump in here. the night we saw her daughter going missing, june 16, 2008, that anyone lasts sees her. what does she do? she goes to tony lazaro, she moves in. and she doesn't go home of that. her mother has to literally track her down, through her friend amy, have amy take her to the new boyfriend's house and
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drag her out of there and say, you're not going anywhere until you tell me where that baby is. you're coming home right now. the day the baby went missing she moved in with tony lazaro. that was her brand new life. her freedom. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say that amy was a key witness for the prosecution because she said they had these conversations, her and casey, where casey would complain that she couldn't have the social life that she wanted to have because she had to stay home with caylee. prosecutors wanted to point that out, that it could be a possible motive for what she is doing. >> let's talk about this. casey anthony, a good looking woman. you see the dress there. everything that makes a good story. let's just be quite honest. she is a white woman. >> answerly absolutely, that's true. >> there are thousands of kids who go missing. >> everyday. horrifying. >> i was just sitting here thinking, don, at the risk of
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being the skunk at the garden party here with all due difference to what is obviously a singular tragedy, if caylee had been named shaniqua and was a black girl, if caylee was a boy of any race or living anywhere, we would not be having this discussion and this story would not be the international sensation that it is. it simply won. >> i agree. don, i totally agree. i also want to add, i was a news reporter during the o.j. simpson trial. it reminds me a lot of of the so j simpson trial. had he not been an athlete. had his wife had been a beautiful blonde. had there not been domestic violence. the media wonlt have been excited about it. but the fact we have nightclub pictures of a beautiful girl and a there is a race piece be a beautiful white girl at a club in florida. partying and a parade of
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boyfriends and an illusion of promiscuity. these are the details that make america riveted to the story. >> lie after lie is what we are learning casey anthony told family, friends, even investigators. jurors heard several hours of police interviews. >> everything you told us is a lie, every single thing. you can't keep sitting here telling the the same thing and getting over and over and gefr again, you are telling us you lied to us. you tell us you gave us misinformation. everything you are telling us. this needs to end. there's a whole world missing when you search on orbitz.
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like every single american airlines flight. orbitz doesn't have them. but you'll find all 3,400 of them at every day.
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>> detectives are tired of casey's lies. >> i know that everything you tell me is a lie. >> it is recorded. the jury, all of us, got to hear it. >> she is out there somewhere and her rotten body is starting to decompose. >> that's some of the best evidence that prosecution has so far. >> police busted casey on the fictional zany the nanny. >> this is something about zany, it is not true. >> another lie. >> universal studios she took them there. >> up to the security gate with two hands officers in tow. >> put her hands in her pocket and said, i don't work her. >> what would inspire her to lie. >> so many lies, folks. >> i can't figure it out. >> great coverage by our sister networks, hln and in session. on true tv.
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so leonard pits, you are making a point before the break. go ahead. >> i'm just making a point, this is what i call the damsal in distress syndrome. we are not only talking about a racial bias but a gender bias. we look at this case in the larger con tex of similar cases. there is also a sexism thing going on. the only thing we see the huge spotlight of national international coverage is with a young white woman perceived as being danger. it reinforces the stereotype of the damsal in distress, the helpless woman. >> this is the victim. the beautiful little face right there, the little girl. we shouldn't forget that. >> not the only victim, don. when you look at the grandparents on the stand. when you look at george and cindy anthony. you hear george talk about, she call me joe joe. i helped change her diapers. i helped raise her.
7:21 pm
>> when you see cindy anthony fall apart on the stand. she cannot even hold herself up physically, her body is racked with sobs, they are victims too. whenever you think of them, whatever they did or didn't do to help the investigation, these are grieving grandparents. they raised that little girl. she lived in hire house. that beautiful little 2-year-old girl singing, you are my sunshine, that's their baby. >> jim cle meanty, you worked on this case. i know there are certain things you cannot reveal about it. but what do you think of casey anthony and where do you think this will end? >> that is for the jury to decide in the end. she is innocent until proven guilty. however when you look at her leading her parents, investigators on a wild goose chase. looking up chloroform. the incredible lies that she told. false job. false nan nanny.
7:22 pm
false allegations of child abduction. the hair and smell in her car. all those things are very, very damming. but her behavior screams out, her behavior during this entire time, screams out it is consistent with innocent behavior. >> again, i will ask you again because i know you know about this case and again as i said there are certain things you can't -- but is she, for lack of a better term, toast here? >> let me just tell you, don, the investigators who work this case directly and investigators that work all child abduction cases dove into it 24/7 for the entire time until they realized that she was actually killed by her mother. they did everything they could to find this little girl. unfortunately, wasted resources because obviously casey was leading them on a wild goose chase even by her own admissions now. so it wasted a lot of resources.
7:23 pm
lr other kids out there that actually were missing at the same time. that whole time period, it took resources away from them. >> don, can i jump in here and answer your question. >> go for it. >> is she toast? get out the butter an jam. and th is way y. she said it best. one of her girl friends testified last week. they are driving in the car. casey gets a phone call. she says, no, i can't go out with you. car is broke down. she throws her phone dawn. she tells her friend, i am such a good liar. i would love to have seen the jury's face to hear the defendant bragging about lying. this is not something she did because she is was sexually abused, she is proud of this skill. butter it up, baby. >> the fascination of this case.
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>> what in the world is going on? holly hughs is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutors. wendi walsh is in l.a. she is a human behavior expert. jim cle meanty is in l.a. retired fbi amgant. drew petremoeaux is from wbdo radio and jim pits be winning the pulitzer prize for commentary. drew, i don't know if you have been able to witness any of this. but obviously the judge does not allow that to happen in court. >> people have been very well behaved inside the courtroom but
7:28 pm
what we have learned in this trial is that there is an intense interest on what is happening inside the courtroom. arguments back and forth between lawyers. we have seen the local tv stations go wall to wall and broadcast the entire precedings that happened. there have been no outbursts in court. judge perry runes a very tight ship inside the courtroom and promised anyone that does any outbursts about 180 days in jail. people have been well behaved inside. there is an intense interest on this case here. >> former fbi special interest, jim clemente, what is the fascination with this? do you find anything different with this particular trial. >> i've worked literally hundreds of child abduction cases. this fits a certain stereo typical type. jonbenet ramsay. elizabeth smart. these are cases that garnered
7:29 pm
international interest in the media. it is the media response that causes, i think, these people to respond in such an amazingly ridiculous inappropriate way. . i think it doesn't happen inside the courtroom. that's not what justice is all about. but outside, we're seeing this kind of media built up frenzy. >> that's good question for leonard pitts. is it will tail wagging the dog here? is it will media causing this? what what is going on here? >> i think the media is exacerbating it. i think the movie is creating be what i called be a movie of the week syndrome. we have this idea of what entertainment is. it used to be someone singing or dancing or telling a joke or some dramatic acting. now we have come to the point where entertainment is those things perhaps but also the trials & and tragedies like this. from a lindsay lohan with her drunk driving problems. a paris hilton.
7:30 pm
to something more significant like this. it is not just viewed as a tragedy that we want to stay up-to-date on, it is a celebrity thing. it is an act of entertainment. something we want to follow in that way. i think that says a lot about media. frankly, i think it says a lot about us as american people. >> i'm going toe ask you this, holly, because there are people taking their vacations to go down to this trial. and it is mostly women. you see them high-fiving each other. high-fiving reach other. this is a real life -- this is a tragedy. but do them, it is spectator. >> it is like back in the day with public lynchings and beheadings in the square. >> it is the same thing. >> something in us likes that train wreck. like rubber necking in a accident. >> i wouldn't blame the media. they are the ticket to the calling card that lets you know where the show is playing.
7:31 pm
remember we're not far from hunters and gathers. it is acted out in our games and movies and safeways. but just like holly said, this is like watching a public hanging from the middle ages. there is this attraction -- the trial here, i don't think, is about whether she did it or not. it is about whether she gets the death penalty or life. >> i was going to say, that aagree the impulse exists within us as human beings. i think that media exploits it and frankly for commercial gain. that sort of becomes this thing that self per petates. and makes it worse all the time. you know, this is bottom. you talk about women high-fiving -- >> i want to get our viewers in here real quick. this is for jim. or whoever can answer this. the casey anthony, this is from domar on twitter. did casey discuss incest or does
7:32 pm
he think it is just a poor tactic? that's for you, jim. >> when the defense made that statement in court, it was the first time anyone said anything about that. >> why would a molested child leave her own daughter alone with this quote evil grandpa then praise him, greatest dad ever, please. >> that's exactly right. it makes no sense. to bag charge just a minute, if you listen to the opening, we heard horrible allegations but no proof. no witness names. no evidence. >> thanks to holly, thanks to wendi. drew, and leonard. very interesting discussion. i appreciate you all joining us. make sure to join us tonight at 10 p.m. eastern. we will have plor on the casey anthony trial and more developing news. coming up, after a massive tornado levelled neighborhoods in joplin, missouri, a story of survival. family who thought their puppy was gone forever, they find him. you won't believe where he was.
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>> time to get you up-to-date on today's top stories. embattled country of yemen is a step closer to peace after a
7:36 pm
truce agreement was reached today. a tribal leader wanling war against the government agreed to talk with the interim president. he is asking to halt all fighting in the capitol. protesters celebrated the news that ali abdullah sal ais gone. the government insists they will be began after treatment. first the mississippi river is flooding parts of the midwest and southeast. now the missouri river is expected to overflow and hit people in the dakotas. this reporter from business mark north dakota says 4,000 people have been displaced. residents are hoping the levees will keep the flooding contained. a touching story from the scene after devastation in massachusetts. a puppy was sucked out of its home by a tornado last week. he's cute, too.
7:37 pm
look at that. a straight trooper found him alive under the wreckage of a house. one person described the terror of watching the puppy being torn away from them. >> i could hear his nails being drugged on the floor. you could hear him hitting the walls. you could hear him being drug out of the house. it just broke my heart. >> the puppy is a miraculous story. it was unharmed. he was a gift for the family's daughter who is in remission from cancer. a happy story. we like that. defense secretary robert gates is making his final stop in afghanistan. he gave the troops an emotional send off. gates says he feels responsible for the troops'well-being and noted he signed the papers that put them in harm's way. >> i just want you to know i think about you everyday. i feel your hardship and your sacrifice and your burden.
7:38 pm
and that of your families. more than you can possibly know. you are, i believe, the best our country has to offer. and you will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday for the rest of my life. thank you. >> mr. gates very emotional right there. asked for the plan withdraw of u.s. troops. gates said he expects it to be a mix of combat and support elements. in his words, i have confidence we'll strike the right balance. it is a question that's been floating around far while when it comes to sarah palin. will she or won't she make a run for the white house? straight ahead, we'll check in with our political editor, mark preston, for the latest. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada,
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fuel economy based on epa estimates. and there's a great selection of inventory available now at your chevy dealer. count on chevy for more out of every mile. >> sarah palin hits the road with the media in tow and john edwards get indicted. let's bring in senior political editor, mark preston. mark, i can't believe it. we haven't seen you on this show in months. we thought you gave up. did you decide you love this show again? >> there is always a lot of
7:42 pm
love. we will see each other during the cnn presidential debates. i'm looking forward to that. >> that will be fun. i'll buy you a beer. let's talk about john edwards, first, mark. he was a rising star, now he is facing criminal charges. you have new information. what can you tell us? >> we do. cnn's kevin has been following this case very closely right now has confirmed that the john edwards defense team and the department of justice lawyers literally went up to the 11th hour to try to strike a deal so that former vice presidential nominee would not actually be indicted. in fact, that's what did happen on friday. what had happened is that the edwards defense team realized that the department of justice was going to insist that john edwards serve some jail time. now in return he would not have faced any felony charges. it would have been misdemeanors. it was reported on by the raleigh newsroom observer ease kevin vaughn confirmed that.
7:43 pm
goes on to say a source close to the talk says that reason why john edwards decided not to take the deal and serve jail time is because he is the primary care giver to his children and he did not want to spend an extended amount of time away from them. what could colorado have been a deal reached in not have seen six indictments charged against against john edwards on friday is now likely to turn into a long case between the department of justice and john edwards as they fight this one out. >> mark preston with the new developments on john edwards. good stuff, mark, thank you very much. can we turn to the campaign trail -- i guess the campaign trail. i want to talk to you about sarah palin. she is not running, she says, but it looks like she is. >> she talked on fox news where she is a contributor. she talked abt the failures, in her mind, about the obama administration. she said he is not doing enough
7:44 pm
on and she talked about foreign policy. she just came off the east coast bus trip and her colleague, chris wallace, asked her, are you any closer to running. this is what she had to say. >> on a the spectrum of 0 is absolutely not and a hundred percent is, i'm in the race, where are you now? >> still right there in the middle, chris. >> 50? >> trying to figure out what the lay of the land will be as these weeks and months go by. >>. >> there you go right there, sarah palin continuing to tease us. not telling us whether she will run for president or not. this morning she sounded like a presidential candidate but she is very unpredictable and we don't quite know what she is going to do. >> that is called beicoy. playing the media. a quick reminder, i will be reporting live anchoring this show from new hampshire as we begin our coverage of the republican candidates debate. be sure it watch the debate a week from monday.
7:45 pm
republicans square off at 8 eastern, live right here on cnn. >> it has been a tough week for new york congressman nooen anthony weiner has been on the defensive ever since a lewd photo was sent from list twitter account. some twitter dos and don'ts to save you from the same embarrassment from our senior tech whiz, katie. if you are are looking to buy a car, the month of june isn't starting out to your favor. but there is good news, and we have this week's "getting down to business". >> the u.s. job market takes an unexpected hit. the economy adding just 54,000 jobs in may, it is a sharp drop from the month before when 232,000 jobs were created. . the unemployment rate also unexpectedly inched up to 9.1%. that means almost 14 million
7:46 pm
americans can't find work. car shoppers get a dose of disappointment to start the month as well. if you are in the market for new wheels, it will cost you more than ever. the average price after new car is up 2.1% from last year. with an average price tag just shy of $30,000. finally, move over, friends. the u.s. is now the world's top wine drinker. america sipped almost 30 million cases of wine last year, surpassing the french for the first time. the wine industry is sure to raise a glass to retail sales climbing in 2010. according to san francisco's wine institute. that's this week's getting down to business. cnn, new york. [ wind howling ] [ technician ] are you busy?
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so they can focus on building amazing bikes. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
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>> made it very cleary did not send picture that my twitter account had been hacked and this prank apparently has been successful but after hours, almost 11 hours of answering questions, today i have to get
7:50 pm
back to work, doing the job that i'm paid to do. >> hey, big reason. social media is so popular is that they are incredibly easy to use. they will also get you into big trouble in a hurry. just ask congressman anthony weiner. we still don't know the whole story about the lewd photos sent it a young woman photos sent from his twitter account. he says his account was hacked but he won't deny the photo is of him. let's talk about this. katie says there are important rules to follow to your twitter account doesn't end your career. katie, i've got to ask you this. seems like a no-brainer but some people don't seem to understand the technology. walk us through. here's the thing, it's -- like have i this camera. where am i? which camera? okay. i have this camera on my phone and it can go -- you know, it can go each side. so, you can click the wrong thing. i've actually almost sent the wrong picture on twitter.
7:51 pm
not that i have any to get me in trouble. fy didn't have a preview, i would have sent the wrong thing. >> i know. i actually have to agree with you. that's almost happened with me as well. it's actually really easy to make a mistake on a social networking platform like twitter. this week we learned only 13% of online adult americans use twitter. if you're thinking about joining and adding to that statistic, i want to provide you with some twitter rules of engagement. rule number one, understand the technology and how it works. before you dive right in. perfect example of this is a girl, this actually happened a few years back but goes to show you that if you do something impulsive, it can digitally last forever. a girl sent a tweet after receiving a job at cisco and she says, cisco offered me a job. now have i to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to san jose and hating the job. well, she thought she only sent that to her friends and her tweets were private and
7:52 pm
protected. they weren't. she sent it to the public and cisco quickly responded saying, who's the hiring manager? i'm sure they would love to know you will hate the work. we here at cisco are well versed in the web. so, a perfect example of understanding how the technology works and who it goes out to. one of my favorite examples and that is an ongoing example, 77-year-old senator chuck grassley. you got to hand it to him. he's older, trying to stay ahead of the curve but you don't want to end up on one of the most popular tech websites as the worst twitter user in the united states of america. let me tell you the reason for this is, he likes to cram short story novels into 140 characters. making it look like he has no idea what he is saying. it's incredibly confusing. so, understand the technology and understand what you are putting out there before you do it. rule number one, don. >> we're running out of time here. let's go to rule number two. we've only got probably 15
7:53 pm
second. rule number two, fix mistakes quickly. >> yes. rule number two, if you make mistake, fix it quickly and recover quickly. we have to remember twitter is happening in real time. i'm going to fly this. >> rule -- >> red cross puts -- >> we have to go -- let's go to rule three. know the difference between professional and personal. >> i want to talk about rashard mendenhall, a member of the steals, his opinions and tweets on bin laden actually cost him endorsement deal at champion and had the president of the club art rooney go off to the steelers website and have to respond. to his comments. keep professional and personal twitter use separate. >> i'm sorry, we are to run, but you know what i want to ask you, down know if you're doing it, i'm starting to write now like i'm on twitter. instead of y-o-u i right "u" and it's like, what am i doing? >> i right formal papers like that in text speech. don't feel bad.
7:54 pm
happens to all of us. >> thanks. i'll see you next week. jaw-dropping video from a new york soccer tournament. heavy wind sent three bounce houses tumbling through the air and there were kids inside of them. we'll tell you what happened to them. first, bill gates called kon academy the start of a revolution. provides more than 2,000 video tutorials from calculus for free. steve perry introduces us to the pioneer in today's "perry's principles ". in a small silicon valley office simon khan is using simple illustrations and lingo. >> if this does not blow your mind, then you have no emotion. >> the 10 to 20-minute tutorials are free to anyone anywhere. >> you've opened up the world of learning to the world. >> the best way to get at the core of most issues, whether
7:55 pm
it's poverty, health care, whatever is -- even democracy is making sure you have an educated population. >> you got 31, negative 31? >> dean uses khan academy as a tool for home schooling his two children. >> what i like about it and the kids like about it is you can work at your own pace. they can pause it, rewind it, watch it multiple times. >> with khan you have to master all the material before moving on with only hint to help you. >> if you're struggling with something in a regular school and you don't get it but you take the test and you get -- >> a c. >> a c on the test. >> can't move on with a c here. >> that's right. >> this fifth grade teacher uses khan video in math class. the software tracks each student's progress. >> that allows the teachers to know their students very well, their strengths, weaknesses. >> kchlit's backed by bill gated google. >> you're doing this for free,
7:56 pm
partner. what gives? >> you know, if khan academy is for profit it would limit the number of kids who would use it. hopefully when i'm 80 i can say there are a billion kids that will use it and continue to use it. >> steve perry, mountainview, california. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way.
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learn more at >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever.
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to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. in headlines right now, massive wildfires in arizona are foreing thousands to flee their homes tonight. more than a quarter million acres have burned over the past week. one of the largest in state history is the wallow fire in northeastern arizona. the cause of the blaze, which has scorched 180,000 acres, still under investigation. >> oh, my god. oh, my god! >> 13 people were hurt when a gust of wind wlu away three bounce houses in oceanside, new york. it happened at


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