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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 3, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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wouldn't my wife mind if i went out with charlize theron. she would probably be thrilled. very nice to meet you. >> thank you. right now on cnn, on the eve of closing arguments with the verdict drawing ever so near, live pictures of a candlelight picture for young caylee an they across the street from where her body was found. court was in recess today but wul be back in session on sunday. holly hughes is on the set with me in atlanta. in orlando, jane velez-mitchell and drew petrimeau, and jim clemente. we'll tell you all the information you need to know before the court battle begins tonight. also tonight, fellow
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soldiers honor one of their own. he was lost in combat, in afghanistan. he was serving as an openly gay soldier. his parents are honoring his memory by fighting for same-sex marriage in minnesota. watch this. >> when you enter the military, you have to take an oath to protect and defend the constitution, and it protects the country against foreign and domestic enemies. the enemy here is intolerance, misinformation, bigotry, probably greed. so as a soldier, that is what he was fighting for. >> i'll talk to them. and a lawmaker in the state who wants to outlaw gay marriage. plus -- the rochester new york woman videotaped for arresting police in our own yard gets the last laugh, but now she fears she's being targeted by the cops. those stories and much, much more, but first the news and a
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developing story. the former head of the international monetary fund is free from house arrest. dominique strauss-kahn left the manhattan townhouse where he had been staying. he was arrested in may for an alleged sexual assault on a housekeeper. but in recent days, the case seems to have unraveled because of the victim's own credibility problems. >> as dominique strauss-kahn waits to hear if the district attorney will pursue charges gents him or drop the case all together, there is new detail about credibility issue's involves dsk's accuser. >> for pl strauss-kahn's release on his own recognizance. >> a bombshell discovery came one day before prosecutors told the jury about the made's credibility issues. they tell cnn, the d.a.'s team got a translation from a jailhouse phone call recorded in minnesota. as told to the times, a source tells cnn that a call in the dialect of the native guinea was made between a maid and the
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boyfriend the day after the alleged sex attack. the source tells cnn the maid said, quote, something like she says she is fine and this person is rich and there's money to be made. investigators also discovered several bank accounts in the maid's name in different states. an account she didn't disclose on her own. >> quote, she was getting deposits of several thousands of dollars at a time, a source tells cn, from someone she knew, potentially someone who was a drug dealer. >> they want the case dismissed. a tragic holiday weekend for a family in yinld.
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one boy is dead and his older stepbrother now faces a murder charge. police arrived at the home on thursday. the 6-year-old had been shot in the head and later died. family and friends are still struggling to understand exactly what happened. >> they got along just fine, normal, nothing out of the ordinary to suggest anything would happen. >> i was crushed, i cried all night. my kids didn't know what was going on. it's hard. >> the 11-year-old stepbrother has a hearing next wednesday. he could be charged as an adult. a missouri man has been charged with felony sexual assault after allegedly raping an unconscious woman on a city sidewalk. 48-year-old vel melvin jackson told police he thought the woman was dead. >> this is a new one, not one i had seen come through. there were witnesses who saw this happening and stepped up and gave help to the woman. >> the alleged victim said she got dizzy after walking in the
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heat. after lying down, she lost consciousness. she awoke to a good samaritan shouting a the suspect to get off of her. he's in jail on a $50,000 bail. >> a grandfather and former cop has been charged with the murder of a little girl 54 years ago. 74-year-old jack mccullough was arrested in seattle, washington. he had been living with his wife in a retirement community where investigators say they were often with their grandchildren. they show he killed 7-year-old maria ritto in 1967. he was a suspect back then, but police lost track of him when he changed his name and joined the military. some of her family attended court today. >> that a child, and that's to be considered, and my uncle is a loving person 100%.
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>> mccullough didn't appear at today's hearing and a judge said he had been taken to a medical center for treatment. >> no more executions in illinois. 15 inmates have had their sentences commuted to life in prison. pat quinn signed the ban in march and it took note today. governor george ryan imposed the moratorium after it cleared more than a dozen condemned inmates. a moment in the casey anthony trial. the defense rested its case without calling casey anthony to the stand. >> mr. baez, do you intend to call any more live witnesses? >> no, sir, we do not. >> will the defend be testifying? >> no, sir. >> coming up, at in depth look at how this could affect her trial? >> i'm sorry, i'm standing in the front yard. >> and remember this video, video of this arrest went viral
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and now they have every reason to say in your face to the officer who handcuffed her. and many of you have been asking for information on social media. you can reach out it us on twitter, on facebook, and on foursquare, and check out my book about my life and journeys in journalism. arr available anywhere books are sold. >> all right, twitter world, look who i have here. >> hi, everybody. >> what's your name? >> what? >> what's your name? >> i have to say my name. >> >> yes, what is your name, who are you? >> stephen colbert. >> why are you here? >> i'm here to support don lemon's twitter account. >> which is -- >> don lemon@donlemon cnn. go to it. >> what are you doing in my green room? >> stealing your cheese platter.
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is it your decision not to testify based upon consultation with your counsel? >> yes, sir.
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>> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> and it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >> have you had ample time to discuss this matter with your attorney, that is the pros and cons of testifying or not testifying? >> yes, sir. >> and has anyone used any force or pressure in making you arrive at that decision? >> no, sir. >> then that decision is your decision freely and voluntarily? >> yes, sir. >> all right, so there you heard it. casey anthony declining to testify in her own defense. her sensational murder trial is now winding up and is going to go to the jury, as they say, soon. both the prosecution and defense have rested. there won't be any more testimony. the jury could get the case as early as sunday. the woman is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008.
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my panel is holly hughes, jim cemente who serves as an adviser to criminal minds, jane velez-mitchell, and drew petremeau. to my guests here in atlanta first. first, her not testifying, is it a done deal, holly? >> it is a done deal because what happened is we all know the prosecution has the burden of proof. defense doesn't have to do a thing, but jose baez said i'll show you evident. there's hard and fast evidence casey was molested by her father george, by her brother, lee. and by the way, this child was never missing. she drowned in the family's swimming pool on june 16th. they didn't do any of that. there's no evidence, and the order that is entered in every criminal case in the state of
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florida said you cannot argue in closing arguments anything that isn't presented to the jury. if it's not entered, you can't argue it. her not testifying to all of those things they promised promised,ilities it's big. jane, do you agree? you have been covering it since the beginning and you have been there the last couple weeks up close and personal. >> they can get in something that is based on a reasonable inference. i think that's going topy a source of contention. i think you're going to hear a lot of objection from the prosecution tomorrow becaus jose baez has a reputation of trying to sneak things in and he asks kwegings that are going to be objected to. but the rules are you cannot discuss rules not talked about in evident. he shoobt be able to say that little caylee drowned in the
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pool in opening statements, but he could saythenings like we saw evidence that she was capable of getting into the pool herself, and cindy testified that she believed that the ladder was left in a position that would allow her to go in and drown accidentally. the devil is in the details. it's going to be a lot of nuance and a lot of debate. >> drew, as a reporter and an observer, as you're watching the faces of the people on the jury, she's saying i'm not going to testify, i'm doing it under my own will, what are they doing? what's their reaction? >> there's really not been a lot of reaction from the jury. i think a lot of that is upon the instruction of the judge, but i think they have paid very close attention to testimony. i have noticed a lot of the jurors watch casey anthony a lot, which i think is very interesting. some of them take notes. some of them don't. i have also noticed throughout the trial, they have become friendy with each other. it will be interesting to see
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who is elected foreman and how the deliberations start going once they get the case. >> all right, now to jim clumeanty, former five profiler, when you have someone on trial like this and they don't testify and you're watching their behavior, what does it say to you about their guilt or innocence? >> one thing we're allowed to say for sure is the jury isn't allowed to draw an infrrns from that. it certainly leaves them with a gap and something they were promised in the opening statement. >> what do you mean, it leaves them with a gap? what does it do for the jury? >> well, they're going to ask these questions, why didn't she take the stand and explain what really happened? why couldn't see tell us the truth about what her father did or didn't do, and why she went out partying for a month after her daughter died? they're going to ask these questions. >> they found searches for
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chloroform on the home computer. investigators point the finger at anthony. her mother said she also searched for chloroform. now there's a new witness who says that's not true. >> march 17th, 2008. mm-hmm. let's say between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. eastern time, when user cmamphor, entering information into jen tva's work computer as a work station? >> yeah. >> who is telling the truth. we try to sort it all out for you, next.
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do you recall in march of 2008 you doing any type of searches for any items that might include chloroform? >> yes. >> mrs. anthony, is it your testimony that despite the fact that your work records show that you worked on mand march 17th of 2008, and friday march 21st of 2008, that you were home between the hours of 1:41 p.m. and 1:55 p.m. on march 17th of 2008. >> it's possible, yes. >> were you home on march 17th of 2008 between 1:43 and 1:55 p.m.? >> if the computer entries were made, then i made them. >> march 17th, 2008?
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>> yes. mm-hmm. >> we can say between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. when user bmanthon entering information into gentiva's immunity system at a work station? >> yes. >> let's discuss it all now with a panel of experts. holly hughes defense attorney and former proskoort. jim clemente who serves as an adviser to "criminal minds." jane velez-mitchell, host of jane velez-mitchell, and jim p erktremeau, reporter in atlanta. is it obvious that she's helping to daughter, and did she do so in the process of her testimony?
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>> i think in my opinion, her computer testimony is a desperate attempt to try to save her daughter's life. unfortunately, she was shut down with the facts. she could not have been at home making the surfaces when the surfaces were made. it's a real bonus for the prosecution because if cindy anthony, somebody would go to that length to actually lie about making the computer searches, if she actually knew that her husband george was a cheater and a child molesser, she would have been screaming on that stand, she would have swore up and down about it. she didn't do that because it's not true. >> jane i have to ask you because i'm sure other people had interactions with themering but you had a close interaction with cindy and i believe other members of the family on an elevator, and you drew your own assessment from that, talk to me about it. >> i saw them get into the elevator, i got in with them. this is after some of the most emotional testimony by this family, and they rode down together, and lee and cindy were talking to each other in an animated fashion.
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george turned and faced the wall of the elevator with his nose almost at the wall, not the door but the wall of the elevator. this hit me that this family is, a,en collaboration with one another. they're talking to one another so they know what to say since cindy has been taking notes on the entire trial, in an attempt to get casey off. the thing is it was proved pretty squarely that cindy was at work when these sinister searches were done for chloroform, for neck breaking, for acetone, for things that the prosecution says casey looked up in her plotting of the murder of the daughter, but think about this for a second because i was thinking about this today. it's 1 thing to say you looked up chloroform, even if they proved the casey did that. it's another thing to show that she actually went out and made chloroform. has the prosecution shown when
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she concocted the chloroform, how he did it, how she purchased the ingredients, i think there's a lot of unanswered questions here. if the jury which is going to be deliberating the deliberations on the fourth of july, want to get out early, i'm thinking they're going to throw a lot of that stuff out the window and say, you know, we might give her second degree murder, which is a dangerous act by a depraved mind with disregard for human life. i'm just saying, it's a possibility. and even it's going to go really fast or it could go for a long time. >> i'm going to go to holly because she's shaking her hand intently. and you called her spindy anthony instead of cindy anthony. >> it's pretty obvious to everyone that she lies. she committed perjury on the stand, and she did so to save her daughter's life.
4:24 am
we get that and understand, but why does cindy feel the need to lie to cover for her daughter? if these searches aren't sinister, if this chloroform wasn't used on this baby, if this is not part of how she died, why do you have to lie about it? why do you have to cover it up? and as for the holes, i brought you a present tonight, okay? i got this thing that i made up that i show to my jurors when doing a closing argument. as you can see, it is a puzzle. what is it a color of, don in. >> spiedy. yes, it's spiedy man. look closely at it and you'll see there's a piece missing here. there's a piece missing over here and eefrb and hereof. so the bottom line is although you don't know what every single little piece of the puzzle looks like, you know what the big picture looks like. therefore, i think what the jury
4:25 am
is going to do with those questions that jane just raised, they are going to think about it, but then they're going to go, you know what? in the grand scheme of things when i look at this entire puzzle, because this is what they're going to argue to them, you might not know every single piece, but when you step back and look at how i have put all these pieces together, you get the big picture. >> the big picture. drew, not to worry, we'll get you in the next block. a lot of he said she said after george an they's alleged mistress took the stand. >> he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control, but i was in shock, and by the time i looked up, his eyes were filled with tears. and i didn't elaborate. >> surprising claim from crystal holloway coming up. hear what else she had to say on the stand, and we'll also have the other big stories of the day coming up. stay with us.
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okay, you're caught up on headlines right now. dominic strauss-kahn and his wife left the manhattan townhouse for the first time since he was released from house arrest. he was accused of assaulting a hotel maid in may. in recent days, serious doubts have been raised about the alleged victim's credibility and truthfulness. moammar gadhafi is pledging revenge for bombings. the state department spokesman said the u.s. takes his threats seriously and will continue to
4:29 am
support nato's mission in liyeah. >> tex authority are urging americans to stay away from the border city. a violent drug cartel plans to target americans for robbery, drugs. >> there's news in iowa about a pair of republican hopefuls. michele bachmann is on a multi-city bus tour trying to build on her strong showing in a recent state-wide tour. iowa kicked off the season with the iowa caucus next year, and a shift in the iowa staff for republican herman kane. two top staffers have resigned.
4:30 am
he's downplaying the changes and insists new hires are coming on board. rhode island has legalized civil unions. it will give same-sex couples new breaks, health couple benefits, but it falls short of marriage. it fell through despite strong opposition. >> up next, jaw dropping testimony from the woman who said she had an affair with casey anthony's father in the weeks after little caylee went missing. >> do you get to know mr. anthony a little better? >> yes. >> did you develop a relationship with mr. anthony? >> we started to. >> and was it an intimate relationship? >> yes. >> what else did crystal holloway have to say? we'll hear that when we come back.
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did you develop a relationship with mr. anthony? >> we started. >> and was it an intimate relationship? >> yes. >> did you have a romantic relationship with her? >> no, sir, no. she made that -- that's very
4:34 am
funny. >> can you read the date of that text message to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury and then its context. >> tuesday, december 16th. >> what year? >> it doesn't say. >> okay. go on. >> from george anthony. just thinking about you. i need you in my life. >> did you at any time tell her not to say anything about your affair with her? >> sir, i never had a romantic affair with crystal holloway, rivercruise or whatever name she wanted to give you or the world. if i'm not mistaken, sir, she has a questionable past. >> i didn't think she could raise somebody that was capal of hurting her child. that's when he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. >> let's get back to my panel tonight. holly hoouls, jim clemente former fbi agent and now serves as an adviser to the show "criminal minds" in los angeles. jane velez-mitchell host of jane velez-mitchell on hln, and drew petrimeau, who is telling the truth, crystal holloway, george anthony? what is going on? >> i couldn't tell you, i honestly do not know, but it serves some surmss.
4:35 am
one, the defense is trying to show george is a liar. if he could lie about this, maybe he's lying about other things, too. obviously, she testified that george anthony told her that caylee died in an accident that snowballed out of control, so partly aiding prosecution's theory, puon cross, they got her to talk about the story changing when she was initially confronted by law enforcement. also, there's some tabloid money involved win the story, and she also said that while george said it was an accident, she didn't say that he knew it was an accident. it's not clear if he said it as it's what he was thinking in her head. she never came out and said that he came out and found her in the
4:36 am
pool. >> jane, there have been so many twists and turn, a left turn here and then a left turn there. where did crystal holloway come from? where did she come from? >> she was a volunteer who went there to presumably look for little caylee when it was believed that she was missing and taken by zani the nanny. prosecutors insinuated that she sought george out and that she was publicity hungry, and again, she sold her story to "the national enquirer" along with her sister for $400,000 so she has a reason to insinuate herself into this case, bt she seemed pretty believable to me, the old hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. where do think this helps the defense case that if the defense believes that cindy is a liar and george is a liar, doesn't it fit with the defense that this family is filled with toxic
4:37 am
secrets, that why she lied and went out and partied for 30 days instead of calling police and reporting her daughter's sdental drowning. >> when i was talking to drew and saying who is telling the truth, you were like --ia thought they had an affair. i'm with jane, and i find her credible. here is why, we have so much outside information the jury isn't getting. the day george anthen ea took the stand and denied having an affair with her, i was listening to the levi page radio sthoe, and she called in. she was hot. she was cussing like a salty sayler, okay. she was going on and on. and let me tell you something, she was credible. she's like, how dare he deny he slept with me, and she's giving out details that didn't come out in court. i do, i think there was an affair, but the jury is not going to go that knauz jeff aston on cross-examination did right what he always does, he went right to the bone.
4:38 am
he's not a dog with a bone, he's a dinosaur with a cow. >> what do you think when it comes to the verdict. >> first degree murder, no death penalty because they're going to want a partial blame out and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. no death penalty. >> you can do this as a reporter. do you care to take a shot at it? >> i can't. one of the key things we have to look at is see what the state says in the closing arguments. there are still a lot of unanswered questions. will they lay out the time, the police, how they think she was killed orleave that up to thejures or will they take it up. >> you're going to be reticent to say your mind. what do you predict? >> never predict what a jury will say because they don't hear the hull aballew, they'ane vacuum and they're experiencing the trial in a different way than you and i are. i'm not going to predict.
4:39 am
>> jim, you have seen them from start to finish and talked to many of them. what do you think? >> this is a difficult case. you could get a deal with the jury where you convict her of first degree murder but not the death penalty or get a lesser conviction. they're charged with looking at the evident and evaluaing it, and hopefully they take that responsibly and really weigh the evidence and not just look at arguments people are making. we're going to speak to all of you tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. who knows what turns will have happened then. and kum pleat coverage of closing aurms in the casey anthony trial begin tomorrow morning, sunday morning, 9:00 eastern. you can watch it in its entirety in our sister network, hln, and you watch jane velez-mitchell every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern on hln as well. political news breaking in the past few hours. another name running for
4:40 am
president, and this is the video that caused outrage when it went viral. new developments in the story we have been following, and the woman who shot the video is talking to us. >> you're arresting me! what is going on! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog.
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>> remember this video? emily good of rochester new york, recording police as she stood in her yard. then police put her under arrest causing an outrye that the officer oifrb stepped the authority. the prosecution turned to tears when the prosecution dropped the charges. she spoke with me earlier along with erica bryant. she said she's relieved the charges were dropped but is disturbed rochester police still find nothing wrong with her arrest. >> justice has not been done, and that officer has not yet been brought to justice. he still hasn't faced the reality that he committed an unlawful act. >> this week, i have to say the union, the rochester police locust club said your ebsode, emily, has created a defiant and different attitude. >> this is a message that has gone out to the public that you
4:44 am
have a right to interfere and question the actions of a police officer is irresponsible, and it is a danger to the officers, the individuals the officers are dealing with and any other bystanders. a simple street stop can turn deadly in seconds. >> emily, what is your response to that? >> if we don't have a right to question police officers, then we're living in a police state. if you are in a situation where you feel your rouths are being violated, you should stand up and say something. but the column that i ended up writing about this incident was myalize and i were talking about ms. good and how she stood her ground and how brave that was, but i said i wouldn't want my son to do that because i would fear for him due to cases like amado dialo where a man who was reaching for a wallet was
4:45 am
believed to have been thought to be reaching for a gun and was shot 41 times. >> emily, there have been otherish oo as with you and police. last week, police issued five complanlts. >> you don't think this is a complaint. >> you had the police come out? >> the officers brought out rulers showing how far some had parked from the curb. said some this was police retaliation. you also had a burglary in your home, and the ipod that was used to take the film was taken from the home, and police took time to respond to the home. what do you think happened? >> i do feel the burglary was suspicious concerning my ipod was the thing that was targeted. i can't speculate any further than that on the burglary. i feel like the meeting of my
4:46 am
supporters in which four uniformed police officers showed up in four patrol cars and issued tickets is clearly a case of intimidation. >> emily good said she plans to sue. we asked to interview the officer involved, and rochester police officials and leaders declined or didn't respond to our requests. well let's talk politics now. add a new name to the republican presidential candidates, michigan congressman th mccottr he announced his candidacy today. he's a five-term congressman who started his own practice. he's also the tenth republican and third member of the house to join the presidential race. meanwhile, congress woman michele bachmann in is iowa, and ms. travis caught up with her at a diner.
4:47 am
he was the only reporter to talk to her in iowa. he sked why it's so important. >> iowa is the first in the nation. it's important to be here and have a presence here because of the values and the opinions that people have in iowa count. they count for the nation. it's important that we come here. this the the bread bask of the world for a reez. this is where the food is grown, we have the best farmers in the world here in iowa. rr important to come and listen to what people have to say here in iowa and then take that message back to washington, d.c. >> michele bachmann has been on a roll recently, joining mitt romney at the front of the presidential field in a recent poll. she officially kicked off her campaign in iowa just last month. and more changes for republican hope fell herman kane. two top staffers resigned. one plamed kane's lack of commitment to winning an upcoming straw poll, which is also considered an early test of iowa sport. they're downplaying the changes and insist new hires are coming onboard in iowa and other key states.
4:48 am
a mother and father who lost their son when he was fighting in afghanistan are taking on a fight of their own here for same-sex marriage rights. coming up. hear why this cause is so important to them.
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that flag-draped coffin holds the remains of andrew willford. he was killed by an ied in february while on patrol in afghanistan. since he died, some unusual things have hanned. his parents have become very active in the gay community, especially defending same-sex marriage. he served openly and proudly with his unit without a problem. lee was the first openly gay service member killed since the repeal of don't ask don't tell. now a state legislator wants to amend the constulation. his parents say that is wrong. he deserves it right to marry just as much as anyone else. earlier, i spoke to warren ballard, who defends the rights of a man to marry a woman.
4:52 am
i asked him why he does not want gay people to marry each other. >> i believe that marriage should be defined between one man and one woman. that law is being challenged in the court. it could be decided by one judge rather than a reflection of the value system that is reflective of our entire society in in minnesota. the people of minnesota should have a right, and it's their right to define the moral code, the value code that goes into their law. and given this decision to the public to decide in the next election is absolutely the best way to do it. >> i also spoke with jeff and laurie willford about why they believe the ballot initiative is a mistake. >> we have a budget problem in minnesota, and all these people were elected to create jobs, balance the budget, they were not asked to legislate on gay
4:53 am
marriage and these guys pushed it through, pushed it through, and they aren't listening. yet, they want the people to vote. well, now the people are going to vote, and we're going to do whatever we can to -- to change this here in minnesota. >> there's money at play here. there are people being manipulated, i.e. politicians sxrk they're in the back pocket of these guys. this isn't really about a social issue, it's about driving the poll out. most minnesotaens are going to step into the voting booth and they're going to look at the ballot, which they have never considered theitutional implications of, and it shall read that minnesota defined the union of a man and a union, and they're going to reflectively vote yez because they're not going to consider the implications. the old younger generation is going to pay hel taking this out of the constitution.
4:54 am
it's a lot harder getting thises out. more from the family saturday night at 6:00 p.m. you can also learn more about corporal willford, how he livd and died on my blog. >> the world waded with anticipation for the wedding between prince william and catherine. no commemorative plates, but a big wedding today in monaco. we'll take you there for the nuptials.
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♪ >> prince albert of monaco married charline woodstock today one day after tying the knot in a civil ceremony. the bride, a former olympic swimmer, wore an armani gown. >> just before the top of the hour, let's get you caught up on the headlines. dominique strauss-kahn left the townhouse he was house arrested in for the first time. in recent days, serious doubts have been raised about her credibility. a warning from gadhafi to europe. he says the border of could be a target.
4:58 am
the u.s. takes his threat seriously, and he plans to support them. >> texas authorities are earning americans to stay away from laredo this weekend. they plan to rob americans for robbery, extortion, and car jackings. there's news from iowa about a pair of republican presidential hopefuls. congress woman michele bachmann is on a multicity bus tour, trying to build on her strong showing in a recent state-wide poll. iowa kicks off with the iowa caucuses earlier next year, and a shift in the iowa staff for republican herman kane. two top iowa staffers have
4:59 am
resigned. the cain campaign downplays the changes and insists new players are coming onboard. >> iowa has legalized civil unions. it will give same-sex couples a lot of tax breaks, health care benefits, and legal perks but it falls short of same-sex marriage. the bill sales through the state. the senate earlier this week despite strong opposition, and before we go, have you heard about this presidential sell-off? the side of the white house limousine, limousine of the white house limousine. this week as president obama headed to the philadelphia airport, even though the president's car is one of a kind, the seal is not. it's mag nephic, just like those nascar numbers and college team logos you see everywhere. a philly police officers later found the seal and returned it to the secret service. that would be kind of cool to drive around in a car with a seal on the side, don't you think? would you like that? yeah, i saw the logo find next to me. nice job, team. thank you. i'm don lemon.


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