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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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picking up leaves. >> then why did you want to become a citizen? >> well, that's what you do when you're a citizen. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. here is what is going on right now. an 11-year-old boy is facing murder charges in martinsville, indiana. police say the boy fatally shot his 6-year-old brother in the head. no word on why the boys were at home alone and with a gun. his aunt says the boys actually got along. >> they got along just fine, all normal, nothing out of the ordinary to suggest that anything would happen. >> i was crushed. i cried all night. my kids didn't know what was going on. it's hard. >> a hearing is scheduled for the 11-year-old shooting suspect on wednesday.
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a new georgia law aimed at illegal immigrants inspired between 10 and 15,000 people to protest in atlanta. a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against parts of the law, a provision authorizing 15-year prison sentences for workers convicted of using phony ids to get jobs went into effect friday. a day of pomp and pageantry in canada today. the duke and duchess of cambridge are on day four of their first official tour since their wedding. last hour the royal couple attended a affair in quebec. they shook hands with a group of children dressed up as regimental soldiers. next hour, they head to prince edward island. and on to london now. england. a new wimbledon men's champion celebrates on center court with that victory right there. novak djokovic earned the world's number one ranking, beating defending champ rafael
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nadal in today's men's final. djokovic came into the tournament as the second seed. he has lost just one match all yearlong. and now to orlando, florida, where attorneys in the murder trial of casey anthony have been summing up their cases all day. our david mattingly is at the courthouse in orlando. these closing arguments are not without a bit more drama, david. >> that's right, fredricka. things got a little heated and everything ground to a sudden halt when during the closing arguments by jose baez, the defense attorney, he was talking about how the duct tape belonged to casey anthony's father. and while he was trying to make a point about that, he looked over and saw prosecutor jeff ashton sitting there apparently smiling. and this is what happened. watch. >> we're not talking about fantasy forensics anymore. we're talking about cold hard
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evidence, evidence that points to one person and one person only. he can get up here and lie all he wants and dance around the truth. but the truth is the truth, and depending on who is asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy right here or whether it's myself -- >> objection. >> approach the bench. >> and there it is. that was the end of what they were going through at the moment. they went into a recess. the judge came back and said look, i have rules here. i know you know what they are. why won't you follow them? he seemed rather exasperated about it, and warned if anything like that happened again, that whoever was smirking or whoever had an outburst in court was going to be ejected from the courtroom, expelled from these further proceedings. well, earlier today, things were a lot calmer. the prosecution was on the floor talking to the jury. they were looking at all the pieces of evidence that they have in this circumstantial case, trying to craft a
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compelling story together about what they believed happened. and they say it came down to this. that casey anthony was a young mother who longed for a different life. and sh sacrificed her young daughter to get that life. and here is prosecutor jeff ashton talking about just that. >> as hard as it is for anyone to imagine she had to choose between two -- sacrificing two things. the first was her dreams and the life she wanted. and second was her child. and we submit to you the evidence in this case shows that the choice she made was her child. >> now fredricka, we are back on track now. jose baez, the defense attorney is back in front of the jury, continuing to knock down a lot
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of the assertions by the prosecution, everything from duct tape to chloroform to computer records. he is hitting everything he possibly can to instill that feeling of reasonable doubt within this jury. fredricka? >> so david, the expectation this court would remain in session until about 6:00 eastern time, just about 55 minutes away, are they still on schedule for that? >> well, after that brief interruption that we had, the judge came back and said it looks like we're going to charge the jury tomorrow. so it's looks like they're going to wrap up with their closing arguments today, let the jury spend the night thinking about it, and then the judge will call them back tomorrow morning and charge them, tell them what they should be thinking about, how they should go about their deliberations and then put it natural their hands as they determine the fate of casey anthony. >> all right, david mattingly, thank you so much in orlando. appreciate that. so let's bring in our legal experts. on the phone from cleveland, avery friedman, and from las
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vegas richard herman. richard, you first. is the behavior of the attorneys upstaging the closing arguments for today? >> i'll tell you, fred, i've been watching this trial every single day. and i would challenge this judge to review the videotape because at every single tape, you can see ashton in the background either laughing or smirking or shaking his head no. and that goes from day one from the baez opening. he shakes his head no. he is in full view of the jury. handy is absolutely going to turn off some jurors with that conduct. >> so that's a big no-no. how influential would that be? >> he was certainly in the heat of the moment, fred. a crescendo in his summation. he turns around, and there is ashton smiling again. so he was inappropriate. the judge halted the proceedings. it hurt baez a little bit. but i really believe, avery, i believe some of those jurors will really be emboldened by that.
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they will like baez for his tenacity. he is fighting for his client with whatever he has. and he is bringing everything he has here. >> avery, you agree with that? >> well, you know what? i hate to do it, i do. i mean i think that jeff ashton did a tremendous job at the beginning in closing argument. david mattingly talked about the breakup. but what happened back there is judge perry admonished both lawyers, both jeff ashton and jose baez with a fairly serious sanction here. and i think those sort of ant s antics, smiling and gesturing and shaking your heads, generally don't do those sort of things. look. what jose baez did in referring to ashton as laughing boy or something like that was inappropriate. and, you know, this is no johnnie cochran. but baez, to his credit, has gotten a couple of points
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across. i think the phrase "fantasy of forensics" will stick with the jury. i think he's had a couple of very powerful points, fredricka. and the bottom line is that he has been going for a little bit over two hours. i think richard and i agree that we're not going see very much more. >> yeah. >> and then at that point we're probably looking at least another two hours. so when judge perry says instructions the charges will be tomorrow, that's right. the question is how long the rebuttal is going to be by prosecution. and i have a hunch we're probably talking about another two hours after jose baez gets done. >> oh my goodness. okay, so gentlemen, let's revisit the prosecution. early this morning they were first up in their closing statements. this is some of what was said. >> the only way casey's lies work is if caylee isn't talking. caylee is 2 1/2, almost 3. she is starting to become verbal. she is starting to talk.
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caylee is not going to cooperate. she can't. she doesn't know enough to lie. at some point, caylee is going to say something. >> so richard, jeff ashton has to hope that these are the words that are going to stick with jurors. not the behavior, not that exchange between he and baez. >> yeah. i thought that was probably the most powerful point he made in his summation with respect to premeditation and the fact that the entire casey fantasy world would now crumble because caylee would not go along with it. she would be too young and innocent, and she would expose the fact that she is hanging out with casey every single day. i thought that was very powerful. but again, on the other hand, fred, baez i believe is bringing everything he has to show reasonable doubt.
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and i am truly -- i am believing it's going to be a hung jury on the first-degree murder. second-degree murder, they're not going to get it. not with the evidence in this case. >> and real quick, avery. your predictions on this. >> ashton is going to get his conviction. baez, to his credit, has done a lot better than a lot of people expected. the bottom line, i think the jury gets it. i think we're looking for a conviction first degree. >> thank you so much. avery friedman, richard herman, appreciate your insights. >> thanks a lot. >> of course, tonight a comprehensive special report on the casey anthony murder trial at 10:00 eastern time on the closing arguments of the day. all right. the high profile case involving dominique strauss-kahn may be crumbling. but as far as his fellow french are concerned, he still has some explaining to do about his lifestyle in new york. >> all this going around with the restaurants, the new life, and all this money which has been spent. these people are shocked.
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>> all right. my interview with a french journalist still ahead. and sealing it with a kiss. a royal couple's fairy tale wedding in monaco. could it have upstaged the other royal wedding of this year? oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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syrian tanks loaded on to syrian military trucks. witnesses say syrian forces are solidifying positions in cities outside of damascus, where large demonstrations are being compared to those in egypt that pushed a president from power. and now to the philippines, where political argument got rather physical, as you can see right there. very physical, right in front of the television cameras. take a look. oh my goodness. and throwing that punch, that woman is the mayor.
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the target of her anger is a court sheriff. she lashed out after he reportedly ignored her order to postpone the demolition of a shantytown until she arrived. the mayor has since apologized. the incident is now under investigation. and the votes are in, and enough of them counted to make it official. thailand will have its first woman prime minister. she is the younger sister of a former prime minister who was thrown out of power in a military coup. and other international news right now. it is a real royal weekend. ooh, don't say that too fast. william and catherine are trekking through canada, and a certain crown prince tied the knot inmo monte carlo. here he is with his new princess. they have a very interesting story. we'll get to them and that story in a moment. but here from cnn international yesterday, we were talking about that impending election and what
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could be news, history-making. >> prime minister in thailand possibly. >> way ahead of the game. so now let's talk about something else, which had a lot of folks interested and analyzing this, the prince of monaco. >> basically there is this connection to american royalty. his mother is grace kelly, the hollywood actress. so finally he gets to tie the knot. he is 53 years old. they had almost given up hope. >> a bachelor for a long time. >> a bachelor. and he has really sown his wild oats there is still no heir to the throne. this is his first wedding for his bride, south african olympic swimmer. she participated in the sydney olympics in 2000. he is also an olympian bobsled. >> an olympic couple. >> they actually met at an
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olympic event in monaco in 2000. that's how they met. >> interesting. why is this pairing a little controversial? there is a little bit of talk around the fringes about how this wedding came to be, and those who are kind of analyzing the body language of the two during the wedding. why is there all this chat? >> well, we tried to find confirmation of rumors, reports that have appeared in the british press that basically the bride tried to run away a few days before. and that happened right after there was this paternity test that supposedly prince albert has another challenge, another paternity test coming up. so these are things we were not able to confirm. cnn cannot confirm them. but this was something that came up. >> ah-ha. >> but they got married. she was very emotional. we saw the pictures there of her. she shed a tear after the ceremony. very beautiful. the dress by armani.
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i was reading there are hundreds of pearls, hundreds of crystals. >> several different types of silk apparently. >> it's just gorgeous, gorgeous. >> you would expect nothing less for a princess. >> that's right. >> let's talk about the other royal company that people love to watch. they're in canada right now. and for the most part, quite the fanfare. a lot of people are showing their great support for. >> yes, prince william and catherine. their first official visit, they chose canada. and they were very warmly welcomed on friday, first in ottawa. however, this is the trickiest part of their trip. and that's in quebec. that's when there was just a small but vocal anti-monarchist protest. but it was all handled very well. they hardly saw them, barely heard them. but there is this very big protection of identity there in quebec. the french under the french language. and prince william is very well aware of that. he addressed the people there in french. >> scored some points. >> 80% of the people there speak
5:18 pm
french. so he had to. >> smart. >> and listen a little bit to what he had to say and how he speaks french. >> mais oui. [ speaking french ] >> there are those who say his french is not very good. and he himself apologized to the people and acknowledged his weak skills. but he was trying. >> he sounded great. >> there is no other choice. in quebec only 10% of the people speak english. if he wanted to be heard and understood, he had to. he tried. >> good for him. a for effort. you got to give it to him on that one. all right. they actually look like they're very comfortable in this role. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and it's just the first. >> and it's just the first. >> abroad. >> all right, thank you so much. appreciate it. good to see you. >> good to see you too. no doubt you have seen a police officer directing traffic somewhere in a city near you, right? how about in this way?
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a little boogie woogie. he is a traffic-directing sensation, and he is in our chat room. ♪ also up next, spectacular fireworks and the fourth of july. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms. [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease. hospitalization and rarely death have been reported in patients who wore more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects of exelon patch are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. the likelihood and severity of these side effects may increase as the dose increases. patients may experience loss of appetite or weight. patients who weigh less than 110 pounds may experience more side effects. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor because serious stomach problems
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such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. ♪ >> all right. that will get you in the spirit. across america, in fact, the night skylights up as big cities and small towns celebrate the country's 235th birthday. a spectacular display taking place over madison, wisconsin right there last night. the fireworks show in wisconsin's capital city is the biggest in the midwest. and then check out this awesome display in provo, utah. pretty too. a stadium of fire literally.
5:21 pm
this fireworks show last night was held at the football stadium at brigham young university. everybody always loves the fireworks show. how about you, karen? >> love it. love it. >> it's always a lot of fun. >> tomorrow is the peachtree road race in atlanta. >> will you be out there? >> are you? >> no, no. i haven't done that one yet. >> it was great, great fun. people cheer you on and you're breathing heavy. >> they work out for that all yearlong getting prepared. >> yeah. >> and i think people hang on in the hour too for this moment, the chat room. this is when we go for the lighter side of things, including you saw that tape earlier of the traffic cop. >> i did see that. >> kind of dancing a little bit. >> this in the philippines. you have probably seen this somewhere in a city near you, right? every now and then there is an interesting story about a traffic cop that is putting the grooves into the moves. he is 54 years old. and he is out there, busting a move.
5:22 pm
and looking pretty good. >> i know. he is doing really well there. and the traffic is still flowing. that's the good thing there. it doesn't seem to stand in the way. you know, of traffic. that taking place in manila. he apparently is the most famous traffic police there. >> i can see why. >> i know. all right. that's cool stuff. where are we off to next? france? >> yes. a france. >> france. >> a roller skater. >> i didn't realize he was using roller skates. he i think has set a record. it's his second record. >> oh my goodness. >> and he rolled along and he even beat the previous record. he went 79 feet. >> oh my goodness. >> see, the ending is really the most grand part. >> that one where he wiped out? >> he crawls out from underneath the bag. >> that's like the highest point
5:23 pm
of paris. >> aren't you good? >> it's a beautiful spot in the city. and usual they is the area. do you remember the quintessential pictures of the artist painting outside the montre mart area. >> head over heels. >> he is pretty fierce. who could beat that? that's pretty impressive stuff. are you into harry potter? >> you know, i love to watch rafe fiennes. anything he is in i'm going to watch. i can't believe there have been seven harry potter films. >> i owe. there is yet another to be rolled out. it's already harry potter mania taking place. let's take a look at those images right there. oh my goodness. a lot of folks turning out, getting ready for this next part. this is kind of a marathon showing of all the harry potter movies. just as they get ready for yet another release. >> it's quite the franchise. >> i know. >> and of course the moviegoers
5:24 pm
were encouraged to dress up like the characters. of course that's going to happen. and people did in all sorts, shapes, and sizes. all right. lots of fun. you wouldn't be able to name all the films, would you? >> ooh -- >> me neither. just a little precursor for those who are trying to get ready. >> the phoenix, the deathly hallows. >> it's all there you know it. >> yeah. >> karen, thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. back to the newsroom now after our little moment in the chat room. now to a different kind of marathon. this one on the racetrack. stamina, of course is very critical for nascar drivers who race for hours at a time around the track, sometimes 200 times, laps. as demanding as the sport, number 38, jason leffler tells me face-to-face that he isn't interested in slowing down at all. >> might be a day when i move back to indiana and go dirt track racing full time and call it my retirement.
5:25 pm
but i'm going to drive for a listening, long time. >> and i believe it. next leffler and fellow nascar driver joey logano talk about their careers, and if they want their children to follow in their footsteps on the track.
5:26 pm
hello. i'm pfc jeffreys from iraq, and i'd like to say happy fourth of july to my mommy and my daddy, the jeffreys family, and my beautiful daughter in grand prairie, texas. i love you guys, and have a great fourth of july. a marine corps officer badly wounded by a sniper's bullet in iraq is now dedicating his professional life to helping other troops returning from the
5:27 pm
war. justin constantine was shot through the head and survived. instead of retiring, he actively lobbies for warriors rights on capitol hill. and he runs a charity for veterans, iraq and i talked to him right here yesterday. >> i was shot behind the ear by a sniper. my head, i've had probably 25 or 30 surgeries since then. so my head was a disaster for several years. when we would go out, people would clearly look and wonder what the heck happened. we were at the beach and we went to a t-shirt shop and made a shirt like this one, iraq and back so people would know okay, this is kind of what can happen. and i thought it would just answer some of those unasked questions what happened that cause people to come out and say thank you and welcome home and all sorts of great things. and my wife and i thought wow, why can't we make a sure that all can wear with pride. >> justin constantine is still recovering from the wounds he suffered five years ago.
5:28 pm
this is his charity t-shirt site that you're seeing on the screen there, iraq and it's been a huge july 4th weekend for nascar, and for drivers jason leffler, number 38, and joey logano, number 20. logano won a nation wilde series race at daytona friday and jason came in second. last night at the coke 400 sprint series race, logano finished third in a pool of more than 40 drivers. recently face-to-face i was the passenger and leffler was behind the wheel on the charlotte motor speedway. it doesn't look like it, but we went about 170 miles an hour, and then we slowed it all down, talking face-to-face with leffler and logano at the nascar hall of fame about how long they'll actually be in the race.
5:29 pm
>> you've got a 3-year-old son charlie. we talked a little bit on the racetrack about what would happen if he says, you know, i want to do this. or do you expect that your 3-year-old is naturally going to want to be a race car driver like dad? >> you know, i don't expect it. if he wants it, like i said, we'll give him that opportunity. but i want him to want to do it. >> i guess it's kind of a hard question to answer because he's not there yet. but it's like jason said. i have raced against kids that were pushed by their parents to race. and i remember running quarter midgets. and you know, i i'd win all the time. and i beat this kid. and his father would yell and scream at him. and i started to feel bad i beat him, you know. but i still beat them anyway. >> you feel bad for a little bit. >> the poor kid is crying and we're 6 and 7 years old, the father yelling because he made a mistake on the track and this and that. this is supposed to be fun.
5:30 pm
we have plenty of time to make this serious when we get to this level, you know. the thing is when you're young, you just want to have fun with it. you're a kid. be a kid. >> want to tighten it. >> yeah, ready. >> how long do you see yourself driving? is this something that, you know, you say i'm going to do this until i'm, you know, in my 50s or 60s or is this something that has kind of like a stopping point because of the toll it take on your body? >> yeah, i see myself driving for a long time. i don't know in what series or what class. if the opportunities still come and the rides are competitive, i'll keep going. might be a day when i move back to indiana and go dirt track racing full time and call it my retirement. but, you know, i'm going to drive for a long, long time.
5:31 pm
>> you know, i think i've been doing this for a long time. i like the red farmer, been racing forever. i think he is 79, 80. i'm not really sure. he is still racing. he's runs dirt races. >> there is only 43 of us every weekend that are able to do it. and, you know, it's hard. it's probably tougher now than it's ever been because of the economy and hard to get sponsors. when you get a good sponsor like the home depot or game stop, you really want to do everything you can to please them and keep them as happy as you can. >> so now what is this feeling, here we are in this nascar hall of fame in charlotte. and you look around and see these cars. you see the drivers who are honored. what are your hopes of one day being inducted into the hall of fame, jason? >> i'd like to be. but first, you got to do something special. this place is, this is the elite
5:32 pm
here. so you got to make yourself part of that elite group. win a lot of races, win championships. you never know. you never know in this business. still always looking for that next big thing. >> do you have aspirations of one day being in the hall of fame? >> doesn't everybody want to be in the hall of fame some sort? there is only ten drivers in this -- not just drivers, there is other people in here that are in the racing sport that are in the hall of fame. you know, so i say we race against the best of the best, that's the best of the best of the best, you know. it's really, really impressive just to be sitting here and looking at the cars they used to race. i think it's so cool. >> all right. they may not be inducted as of yet in the nascar hall of fame, but there is no denying that logano and leffler are huge successes on the track. coming up, the top drivers will reveal their keys to their greatness. and just two months ago, dominique strauss-kahn was a likely candidate for president of france.
5:33 pm
now that the sexual assault case against the former imf chief appears to be crumbling, what are the french saying? my interview with a popular french television journalist, next. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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get your first full prescription free and save on refills at soft! hard! [ male announcer ] how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. we could learn this week whether prosecutors will drop charges against dominique strauss-kahn, the former international monetary fund chief was released on his own recognizance friday amid allegations the sexual assault case against him may be falling
5:36 pm
apart. the prosecution says there are credibility problems with the accuser. but a source tells cnn there is no decision yet on the fate of the case. so before his arrest, dominique strauss-kahn was widely expected to be the french socialist party's candidate for president. well, now what? i spoke with french television journalist christian malard about how the french public is reacting to the latest news that the case against him is crumbling. what is the reaction from the french? is this an "i told you so" moment? >> today i have to give you two polls. this morning in paris, in france, we get a polls asking the french do you want dsk to be back as soon as possible to france? the answer, 49% say we favor his return as soon as possible, and 45% are against. but if you go deeper into the analysis, into the poll we have another poll about the socialist voters, the socialist electorate.
5:37 pm
and 55%, 55% say they would like him to be back and to participate through the primaries, which date of registration is normally over on the 13th. of july. >> does it mean that there is some wiggle room, that there is a possibility that this deadline could be extended so that dominique strauss-kahn could actually pursue still a run for presidency? >> what they say openly, quote, we wait to hear dominique strauss-kahn. does he want or not to participate. >> now that he is about to move around as freely with his wife here in the united states, is there this feeling, or have the french been watching him in terms of how he has displayed dignity, or how he has composed himself throughout all this? does he in any way kind of score points with the general public the way he has handled this? >> the french are mad at the u.s. justice right now.
5:38 pm
does he have more sympathy in the country in france? it's split again. a lot of people think that he has been ill-treated and he deserves better treatment after what happens and seeing the latest development, but at the same time there are two things the french are shocked by strauss-kahn's behavior, attitude. first we know that he has a problem with women. the way he has been treating women, it's not new. some people think it's a pathologic problem. at the same time, the french and especially the socialist voters, the workers and all that who vote socialist have been shocked by the way the luxury has been spent in new york, all the money spent to rent this 600 square meters apartment downtown manhattan. and all this going around with the restaurants, the new life, and all this money which has been spent. these people are shocked.
5:39 pm
>> christian malard is a senior foreign analyst for france 3 tv. more newsroom after this. boring potato chip decoy bag.x now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting.
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nascar drivers joey logano and jason leffler are on top of the sport, dominating racetracks across the u.s. i asked them face-to-face to reveal their keys to greatness.
5:42 pm
>> if there were three things that you think are the keys to your greatness, what would they be? or three things you know you needed to have or things you continue to hold on to, those three keys to your greatness. >> passion, number one. i think you have to have a passion for it. opportunity. whether that means, you know, the opportunity your parents provided for you, the opportunity you got down the road. the third one, you can't be fearful. you've got to be brave. >> like i said, the will to win, you know, keeps you focused, which lesson number two is being focused. being focused again, i think there is that much into that. really, really wanting to do this. and doing all that, you know, and finding a way to have fun, you know. enjoy the moment that you're in, because not many people can sit in these shoes or sit in this seat today that i am in. so find a way to have fun with
5:43 pm
it and enjoy it, because you never know when it's going to end. >> joey logano, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jason leffler, i thank you so much. and if you want to see more of my face-to-face interviews with nascar greats joey logano and jason leffler, just visit my facebook page or log on to if you have a question you can tweet me at f. whitfield. all right. when a recession hits, it's often more work and less pay. that is if you have a job at all. and that of course can lead to stress. up next, the author of where do we go from here with tip on how to reduce that stress. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving.
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okay. if you are in almost any workplace, you have probably heard about it. more work, less pay, smaller staff, smaller raises. if any raises at all. lots of complaints in a lot of work spaces. all right. valorie burton, the author of "where will you go from here" says quit the complaining. i've got answers for you. i'm speaking on her behalf in today's "reclaim your career." be glad in large part you still have a job. yes, a lot of companies are downsizing, which means we're not hiring anymore, but we are going to ask that you do more to work. >> yes. >> so how does one manage that? >> it is stressful for a lot of people. and it's something that people ask me about a lot. there is more on their plate because it's the other side of downsizing. there are fewer people so now i'm doing two or three jobs. so how is it i deal with the stress of that, because people are afraid really to complain. >> so i'm really oversimplifying
5:47 pm
it. you say look, it is difficult on everyone. but one, you've got to embrace that this is kind of the new normal. >> it is the new normal. resenting it, being angry, being frustrated is really not going to get you anywhere. make a decision i'm going to accept this new normal, or i'm going to look for other options. and that's possible, but it's more difficult, of course, than it was a few years ago. >> number one, you need to make some adjustments. >> you want to ask yourself what is causing me the most stress? so people are feeling really stressed out. whether there is too much work. perhaps you need to have that simple conversation about extending some deadlines. maybe you need to delegate more. some people are perfectionists. and right now it's not the time to be a perfectionist. you need to let some of that work go and allow other people to chip in and help. >> it's a time management. >> it's rejuggling things. i've got a lot more to do, but i have to figure out how to fit the puzzle pieces together. >> and it's at home as well as at work. sometimes you need to delegate at home too. >> and of course you're working a lot more, which means you say
5:48 pm
you need to play harder too. >> that's right, that's right. but if you're working harder, you have less time. when can you play? >> you know what? you to play hard. there is actually research to back it up there. is a researcher down at the university of north carolina, barbara frederickson who talks a lot about positive emotion. one of the thing known is positive emotion expands your ability to deal with adversity and stress. and it builds up over time almost like a cushion when you're having a a lot of stress. find the things you enjoy and make sure you make time for them. >> set some boundaries as it pertains to work and play. >> yes. so set boundaries. that means you're going to have some nonnegotiables. it might be dinnertime. only 28% of americans eat dinner together anymore. make that one of your nonnegotiables. and if you're a high performer you, have you a lot more negotiating power to do that. >> all right. i like it. thank you so much. i always feel like have i gone to church with you. allow inspiration here. >> good.
5:49 pm
that's my job. >> i know. you're doing it well. valorie burton, thank you so much. author of "where will you go from here." she just told you this. is where you go now. thank you so much, valorie. >> thanks, fred. t minus five days and counting to the end of an era as nasa gets ready to end the space shuttle program, was it a success or failure? we'll take an in-depth look. utu? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technology is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet. even those we don't use yet. because when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer a future-proof hybrid system. you engineer amazing. ♪ carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am.
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space shuttle "atlantis" is set to lift off friday on nasa's last shuttle flight. nasa is pulling the plug on the shuttle program after 135 missions. why now? and was the program considered successful? our john zarrella asks the experts. ♪ >> reporter: from the beginning it was a marvelous machine, releasing from its cargo bay deep space probes like ulysses that went to jupiter. astronauts ventured out untethered. >> the trip estimated to take ten minutes. >> to capture and retrieve failed satellites, dead in space, dangerous feats unheard of before shuttle. >> houston, i think we got a satellite. >> reporter: the great observatory hubble dazzles with breath taking images of the universe and it's ability to see galaxies born nearly at the
5:53 pm
beginning of time. hubble was launched, repaired an serviced from shuttle. every major building block of the football field-long space station was carried up and assembled from shuttle. before becoming nasa's head man, charlie boldin was an astronaut. he flew four shuttle flights including the hubble launch. >> i defy anybody, and i will argue with my apollo comrades, the accomplishments, the achievements, the record of performance, the spinoffs, the capabilities that have been developed. what we did in shuttle over 30 years dwarfed what was done in the apollo era. >> we can build spacecraft. we can guild hardware. we can build boosters, but there's no goal or no mission. we are wandering in the desert in space today. period. >> reporter: so why now? why call it quits now?
5:54 pm
from the time of its inception 40 years ago until the shuttles are retired, the program will have cost the american taxpayers just shy of $115 billion. that's less than $4 billion a year, a drop, if that, in the federal budget. still the problem is money. >> there's just not enough money in nasa to continue the existing programs and start a new program at the same time. >> reporter: was it time? >> yes, it was time. it has been time for some time to phase out of shuttle and go back to exploration. ♪ >> reporter: whether you hated it or hailed it, whether you felt it a waste or worth it, the shuttle was an iconic flying machine that symbolized america's inspiration and ingenuity. >> roger roll.
5:55 pm
>> in advance of next week's final shuttle launch, cnn presents "beyond atlantis" the next frontier. remember, cnn is your place to watch the final shuttle launch. it is set for this friday. our coverage of that begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. all right. straight ahead, much more of the newsro newsroom. >> we always keep our fingers crossed and are watching as it launches. >> right? >> and as it comes back to earth as it lands. i remember covering the "columbia" explosion. there it is right there. i remember going to cover the landing, and then the news organization i was working with at the time, nbc news, said get there fast. you have to get there fast. boy, oh boy, every time we see one -- it's been amazing.
5:56 pm
>> it's extraordinary to watch a launch, any time you get a chance to see that. this will be probably the most watched because people are not quite sure what the future holds for space exploration. >> yeah. i can't believe it's coming to an end. also coming up this hour, listen to this -- ♪ you see his flag-draped coffin being carried by his fellow members of his troop. the story of andrew wilford. he was killed in afghanistan, fred. here is video of his comrades honoring him. he was openly gay. his parents are now fighting for same-sex marriage in their homestate of minnesota, they're doing it despite a state senator proposing this new law, and the family, of course they're very outspoken about it. the senator as well. we will speak to both of them.
5:57 pm
you will hear from both sides coming up. >> all right. we'll look forward to that don lemon, more of you and the rest of what the newsroom has to offer minutes away. thank you very much. good to see you. happy fourth. >> happy fourth to you since i won't see you tomorrow. rock on. >> all right. >> where is your red, white and blue? your nails. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven
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