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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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kyra, back to you. >> for all the latest political news, go to our website, we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. it is a happy morning. enjoy that golf swing, kyra. >> let's talk about yours. maybe you should talk to keegan bradley. >> we're moving on. let's get you up to speed on this monday, shall we? president obama trying to grab some of that spotlight after the game-changing weekend in iowa. the president's town hall is in the next hour. it will be in cannon falls, minnesota. gappul's poll shows the digs functional ways have cut the president's rating to 39%. that is an all-time new low. the president's town hall is scheduled for 12:45 eastern. that's a little fuzzy coming out
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of our white house. dow stocks are going for three wins in a row. right now, the dow seems to be up. i am reading without any glasses. 136 points. a merger boosted markets today. google is going to buy motorola. $12 billion is that price tag. please join in a moment of silence for all of those that were impacted. >> and that happened this morning as the indiana state fair reopened. a moment of silence marking five people who were killed saturday night when winds as high as 70 miles per hour brought down a concert stage. unbelievable video there. a structural engineer is going to comb through the ska foaling today to see if anything glaring
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went wrong, potential problems there. authorities are asking if this was anything but a freak accident. a witness described a rush of adrenaline. >> a lot of the men, though, had rushed the stage and rushed the scaffolding to try to get it to lift it up, but there was almost nothing that they could do to try to lift it. but a lot of people were just standing there in shock and were unsure what to do at that point. >> the accident injured dozens of people. several are in critical condition, some of them with life threatening injuries. angry crowds outside a cairo courthouse today. take a look. these are both supporters and opponents of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. they threw rocks at each other. security forces caught in the middle. mubarak was placed in a defendant's cage. the judge ruled television
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cameras will be turned off going forward. mubarak charged with ordering security forces to fire on tan tie government protesters last winter. moammar gadhafi calling on libyans to crush the, quote/unquote traitors, that's his word for rebels. the rebels claim control of several cities. that cuts critical supply lines from tunisia. still, gadhafi remains confident. >> translator: it is a great thing that you gather every night during ram ma dan despite the air strikes. the end of colonization is school. the end of the wrath is also soon. they are running from one house to another as the people chase them away. >> all right. that's what he said. all this as gadhafi's prime minister turned up in cairo
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today. his affection, if that's what it is, has not been confirmed. there's been a wave of bombs exploding across all corners of iraq killing at least 69 people. the deadliest attack took place in the city of kuut. most of today's coordinated bombings targeted iraqi security forces. protesters are hoping to disrupt the ride home for san francisco subway commuters. the bay area rapid transit system, known as b.a.r.t., had its website hacked on sunday, hacked by the group announcement which said it did it because b.a.r.t. cut cell service at some stations last week. b.a.r.t. took that step to keep protesters from coordinating their activities. and the persed meteor showers happened in case you
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missed it. certainly the closest and maybe clear of view came from space. an astronaut aboard tinter national space station tweeted this picture of the meador shower. here is your chaps. talk back on one of the big issues of the today. today's question, what does president obama need to tell middle america? carol costello jones us from new york. carol. >> i'm already getting an earful, joe, thanks. president obama knows all too well that most americans have had it with washington. today he kicks off a bus tour of the heartland. it's worth noting he will be visiting minnesota, illinois and iowa, states he won handily in 2008, but he won't visit ohio or indiana, swing states he won by the skin of his teeth. in the lead up to the 2008
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election, obama spent 29 days campaigning in ohio. >> young families can compete against anybody. got the best workers. there's no reason why we can't compete with anybody if you guys have the support that you need. >> fast forward to today. ohio is mired like the rest of the country in high unemployment. youngstown university professor paul wrath says there's clearly a perception in middle america that president obama does not feel their pain. to win over the rust belt, mr. obama has to do more than deliver a stump pooem speech. nerds, less talking and more listening. what does president obama need to tell middle america? i'll read your comments later this hour.
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>> can't wait, carol. you better get ready. >> and here is a run down. i'll spooe speak live with south carolina congressman james clyburn. he's charged with finding $1.5 trillion in budget savings. also, will it be another roller coaster week for stocks? hear from a trader about the move up there in wall street. and the trial of egypt's former president, hosni mubarak will now take place behind closed doors. why? we'll find out. and later, how to complain to customer service and actually get results. also, san francisco's b.a.r.t. train system warning riders of another possible protest. meanwhile, hackers disrupt the website, leaving these wild messages behind. >> make no mistake about it. again, this is criminal. but the people who are doing this are very smart. they know where the vulnerabilities are. and your question, can they be stopped? well, at this point, the answer is no.
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. call them the gang of 12, the 12 lawmakers on the debt super committee have a monumental job ahead of them. they have to find way toes slash the deficit by $1.5 trillion. to add to the pressure, if they don't agree on a plan or it doesn't pass congress, across the board spending cuts kick in. james clyburn of south carolina is one of the six democrats on the panel. congressman clyburn, this panel seems like it has built in gridlock. it's six versus six, six
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republicans, six democrats. we've seen congress try to solve this before and fail. why is this going to be any different? >> well, thank you so much for having me. well, i don't know that it will be any different, but i hope that it will be. i think that all of us are united as americans and i think we should remember that as we go forward with our discussions. we're trying to get our country moving again. we're trying to get our country back to work. we're trying to provide a future for our children and our grandchildren. and we cannot do that if we meyer ourselves down in controversy rather than trying to find compromises. i think the way he run any kind of government is to get the best ideas from people irrespective of backgrounds and experiences, irrespective of party affiliations and see what can work in the best interest of all
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americans going forward. that's what i would like to see us do. >> but i certainly understand that, but we've given this task over to entrenched politicians mired in an election cycle where there has been a history of gridlock. and i'm wondering, representative clyburn, why didn't the president take the lead on this and all the economic geniuses that we're told are in the white house? why doesn't the president come forward with a plan ask bring it to congress that you guys can debate on? why is it always congress who has to come up with these plans when we know that congress is mired in this kind of political partisanship that goes on up there? >> because we are a difference in body. we are the deliberative body. and i think that that is how it should be. remember, the president wab involved in these negotiations. this 12-member committee comes out of the comp mooigz mize that was met when they did the first cut. they created this committee to
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do the second cut. so the president was involved in that. and i do believe that those of us who were elected from all across the country, 12 heads, to me, with better than one in this instance. and maybe we can do something that we'll find favorable with the majority of both sides of the capital when we're finished. if we don't, to be secure, it's already been in that there will be some automatic cuts coming on both satellitement side and the defense side. and i'm one that's particularly interested in these cuts being surgical, not allowing the triggers to be pulled because i don't want to see any undue damage done to entitlements and i certainly don't want to see any undue damage done to the fist benders. i'm in south carolina next door to ft. jackson. my hometown of sumter has gotten a nice air force base,
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headquarters there -- >> i understand all that. i just -- >> i want to protect all those things. >> and everybody on this panel is going to want to protect their individual things, which is why i guess i'm asking where is the hard line leadership that's going to come from 12 partisan politicians in a group of 12 that are squared off six and six rather than have some kind of leader coming forward and presenting the plan that we have to deal with these very serious troubles? >> we will be meeting with our leadership. i think the president is going to be involved in this. i think that the leadership on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the capital are going to be involved in this. we would not come into this room without the benefits of input
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from members of our parties and i'm sure the speaker will be involved, both leads on the senate side are going to be involved. i know leader pelosi will be involved in this and i think the white house will be involved, as well. we won't be working in isolation, by any means. >> when is your first meeting? >> we have not set our first meeting today. i will have a conference call with my leadership on the democratic side tomorrow. and i would hope that our staff, we're now working all that out. i respect the staff sometime between now and labor day. and i think the members will start meeting immediately thereafter. >> good luck, man, good luck. >> thank you. we're going to need it. >> i know you will. talking about the president, president obama talks jobs.
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the president holds a town hall meeting in cannon halls, minnesota, in the next hour. we'll take you there live. the town hall is the first stop on the three-day bus tour of minnesota, iowa and illinois. some republicans criticizing it as a campaign trip through swing states. what kind of mood are traders in this week? i'll talk to one live next.
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here is a sign of the times. sales of safes and vaults are soaring in america. sales have gone up anywhere from 30% to 300% in the last month. the companies say desperate times typically lead to an increase in staff and wealthy
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consumers are more likely to protect valuables from burglars and previously trustworthy housekeepers. california based company says their sales started increasing three months ago. are we likely to see a roller coaster week on wall street? alabama alison kosik is live on wall street. >> the dow is up about 100 points. i'm here with ken perry. he says it could be the calm before the storm. how can that be? this could be our third session in the green. >> it is the third session in the green. but the fact is, we had some really negative macro numbers this morning. manufacturing is off the charts and the markets aren't paying attention to it. why? because i think the market is focused on the google deal, on the bank of america deal, on the time warner deal. there's a sense that maybe credits spring up and they're
11:20 am
focusing on the positive. they're eliminating the negative. there was some positive news out of japan this morning. it was less bad than they thought. they're trying to put a positive spin on it. we've got low volumes today, not anything like it was last week. we don't have the volatility. but yet i think the market will come back and start to pay attention, once again, to the larger macro pictures. it's a big week this week in terms of the macro data. >> but the mood has clearly changed. >> the mood feels less nervous than it did last week. volumes have subsided. we're not getting that wimpy volatility than we did last week. it's more a sense of calm. but i think once again, once the market starts to digest the macro reports, and today is not good at all, that it's going to start to revalue ate. we've seen the market fell off and correct in the last 30 minutes. that's very slow, but i think people are starting to be more aware. >> and you're talking about the empire manufacturing state index. why are you especially concerned about that? >> well, you know, that's a manufacturing index for what's
11:21 am
going on in the northeast, right? it's one of the many manufacturing indexes that are reported throughout the month. so this one talks about new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts. therefore, the fact that it's way off the charts says nothing about the quality of manufacturing. >> and when you're talking about off the charts, he means that it's stalling contraction. so what ken is saying is that as they reports come out during the week, we might see more volatility. >> alison, thank you very much. it's time to go across the country for stories that are being covered. teens in philadelphia, the police are getting extra police to enforce that 9:00 p.m. ku few. los angeles investigators revealing hotel surveillance video for clues who who stole a rembrandt from an art exhibit. the sheriff calls it a well
11:22 am
planned theft. his pen and ink drawing was stolen as the curator was distracted. in worthington, ohio, look what someone found blanketing her backyard. a 128 foot blimp. it broke away from its morings. >> he said, well, don't be surprised if you see a lot of policemen in your backyard. and i said, oh, what's going on? and he said, well, you have a blimp in your backyard. >> blimp in the backyard. wind storm apparently brought that blimp down. we are sizing up the republican race for president. find out who is in and who is out after the gop faced a field of candidates. hi there!
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first, though, republican politician candidates coming off a big race. we have the latest on who is in, who is out and who came out on top. congresswoman michele bachmann's campaign gained momentum after her win in the ames iowa straw poll. bachmann edged out ron paul to finish in first place. she was fresh off her victory when she spoke to a hometown crowd in waterloo, iowa, last night. >> and my speech has been so restored. in the 50 days since we made our announcement, we've been to all four corners of iowa beginning here in waterloo. we've been to all cities in between, event after event after event and it's been restoring my faith in knowing that we will take the country back. i know that it's going to happen. >> iowa proved to be the end of the road for former candidate
11:27 am
tim pawlenty. pawlenty spent a lot of time campaigning in that state. he says his campaign needed a boost in the straw poll and it just didn't get it. >> we didn't do well and we weren't going to have the fuel to keep the car going down the road. but also, for me, what i brought forward i thought was a rational, credible record of results based on experienced governing a two-term blue state and i think the audience was looking for something different. >> so pawlenty is out, put another governor in. rick perry campaigns in the next hour. he was working the crowd in waterloo last night after officially kicking off his campaign on saturday. perry spoke at the same republican dinner attended by michele bachmann. now perry is hoping to position himself as the reference who can ameal to christian conservatives and challenge president obama on
11:28 am
job creation. >> are we going to take the reigns of our future over the next 15 months? are we truly going to work together and come together? we may have issued that separate us. but bringing those diverse groups together and making sure that we have a candidate that can beat barack obama in november is the most important thing that we do and it has to be somebody that understands and knows how and has had job creation experience in their background. >> we want to take a closer look at the republican race now that rick perry is in and pawlenty is out. we're going to talk about the significance of bachmann's straw poll win. joining us from new york is john avalon, news contributor for the daily beast. let's talk about perry first. how does he shake things up? >> he fundamentally shakes things up. very quickly, this rate will
11:29 am
come between mitt romney, the de facto front-runner right now, rick perry and then candidates like michele bachmann and ron paul. he's going to soak up a lot of the enthuse. a of both the tea party and evangelicals. >> does bachmann's win mean anything in the iowa straw poll? >> it means enough to have tim pawlenty to drop out. straw polls are not direct indicators of support, but they are broad gauges of enthusiasm. what you see here is a republican party where the activist faction is turning out in particular for bachmann and for ron paul, a very strong second place showing. tim pawlenty had gone all in. he was supposed to have a great ground game. for the republican party, it does raise a real question. when a two-term governor of a swing state who has made the republican party appeal to the middle class, effectively is forced to drop out after a straw
11:30 am
poll and a candidate who like michele bachmann is really able to get the enthusiasm but is less of a credible candidate because of her lack of experience and history of making rad county comments, that is something they're going to have to confront. >> who pick up pawlenty's people? >> too soon to say. tim pawlenty was asked a question. he flinched. i think there's a sense that a governor of a swing state or a blue-leaning state who is trying to make a campaign based on the establishment support sent credible rationale r wards yesterday, that there's an affinity around mitt romney. but right now, he's going to trench and leverage the support he already has to gain some sort
11:31 am
of place in a future republican administration, possibly placed on a ticket. >> john, you talked about bachmann's lack of executive experience. the person who is now in the white house who had no executive experience is coming back out to the campaign trail, it looks like to a lot of people. 39% approval rating for president obama. is he getting nervous? >> he absolutely should be nervous. we know already the electoral map and the electoral map is tougher for president obama this time around than it was in 2008. a lot of swing states he won are going to be very difficult for him to recapture. then there's the huge milk stone of the economy and high unemployment. and the region party will need a candidate who can win over crossover votes and win over independents and connect with moderates and the middle class. that's how elections are won and lost in middle america. it will be incumbent upon them to nominate a candidate who
11:32 am
doesn't just appeal to the base. you said lack of executive experience becomes key. historically in america, we elect governors. there have only been three nonelect governs, warren harding, john f. kennedy and barack obama. it makes it more difficult to nominate a candidate without executive experience. >> john, thanks a lot. unbelievable we're talking about this so early, but we are, indeed. president obama does talk jobs today. the president holding a town hall meeting in cannon falls, minute mip. it's happening next hour, scheduled to begin at 12:45 eastern. we're going to cover that live. this guy ruled with an iron fist for decades, and now he's ousted and being held in a cage.
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looking live there at air force one, currently parked i believe in st. paul, minnesota. as the president is beginning to start hig bus tour of the midwest. he's due to have a town hall meeting there that we're going to cover live at 12:45. it looks like the president is on schedule and we'll keep an eye on that door as the president makes his arrival there. in our news, the pakistani police have made little headway in the kid name off warren winestein. he was taken tr his fortified home in pakistan on friday. former egyptian president hosni mubarak was back in court
11:37 am
this morning, standing trial for the deaths of hundreds of protesters killed in the revolution that knocked him out of power. mubarak was wheeled in the courtroom again and placed in an iron cage. mohammed jong jun is following this story for us. as bizarre as this scene is, it looks like it's going to end before most of the public. they're going to turn off the camera. >> that's right. really the biggest development is proper matters of how the trial would proceed. the judge said the cameras would not be allowed in the courtroom any more. this is a decision that sparked a lot of route rage. a lot of activists saying this is unacceptable, that the judiciary hearing has promised that this trial would take place with full transparency and the fact that those tv cameras were in that courtroom was a way to show the public here that it
11:38 am
would be done in that fashion. the fact that now tv cameras will be barred from the courtroom angered a lot of people. on the other hand, there are some activists who say, in fact, this has been more of a show trial and this has been a good decision. journalists will still be allowed in the courtroom, but at the same time, egyptians and the egyptian society here will focus on more important issue like the upcoming election and making sure that social issues that need to be addressed are getting addressed. >> i want to ask you what happened outside the courtroom. i didn't quite understand it. there were protesters both for and against him throwing rocks at each other. who is still supporting mubarak? >> that is the interesting thing. there are still supporters of the former president, they say the way this is happening, the way the former president is being treated is quite undig
11:39 am
phied. he's done a lot for this country, that he should not be in that courtroom being treated as a common criminal. and having said that, there are many who are against him. outside the courtroom both today and when the trial started on august 1st, you had different factions. not a huge crowd. the clashes weren't extremely violent, but at times on both of those days, you have riots going at one another. trying to make sure that the people outside the police academy were focusing their attention on the big screen showing proceedings inside the courtroom. emotions running high here outside that courtroom. on both sides of the fence, a lot of people want to express their opinion and angry for opinions that they disagree with. >> and real quickly, this is a very serious trial. being linked to 800 deaths out in the streets there. how quickly can we expect to see a verdict in this trial? and if he is found guilty of these crimes, what kind of sentencing can we expect?
11:40 am
>> drew, many of those that we've spoken with that were hoping for a speedy trial, their homes were dashed today. the judicial system moves at a glacial pace on the best of days. off judicial system that is set up, this is an unprecedented type of trial. so many people want to be involved. it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon. you have defense attorneys asking the judge to allow 1,600 witnesses in this case. if that happens, it could drag on for years. at the same time, you have a government who says it will be extradited. we just don't know. >> mohammed, thanks a lot. i home you get a break. thanks. the man expected of gunning down 69 people in norway last month has now returned to the scene of the crime as parts of an investigation. anders breivik showed
11:41 am
investigators how the attack went down in gruesome detail. if you look at the video, you can see him making out a gun with his hands at one point. breivik is accused of killing eight people at the bombing that same day in oslo. trying to reach a real person on the phone when you have a customer complaint is nearly impossible. ahead, some tiptoes make your voice heard and get some results. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses,
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we've been following the president. there he is in minneapolis just a little while ago, i guess. or no, this is live. this is live. heading for his bus. it's a bus tour.
11:44 am
everybody in the midwest these days that's a politician has a bus. the president is on his way to a town hall meeting. that happens next in cannon falls, minnesota. he's going to be focusing on jobs. scheduled to begin at 12:45 eastern and we're going to take you there live. the town hall is the first stop on a three-day bus tour of the president from minnesota, iowa and illinois. that's the arrival is there in minnesota just a few minutes ago. >> perfect segue here. it's summertime and a lot of folks are taking road trips, including our politicians. joe johns, part of the best mrig team on television. joe, there's so much trouble going on in washington, what's the president doing out of the road? >> well, you saw it right there. that presidential bus tour is the thing he's doing. and, of course, he's getting a lot of republican pushback. he's going to cannon falls, iowa. -- or minnesota, that first
11:45 am
stop. then on to iowa. he's also going to his home state of illinois. the white house says this is not a political trip, of course. republicans beg to differ. he's actually getting quite a bit of pushback on this trip, as a matter of fact, drew. the republicans put out, among other things, a mock briefing book, if you will, saying the president would rather be campaigning than solving the nation's problems on the economy. mitt romney, of course, went after him, too. we have to remeend one though, this is a couple days after the ames straw poll, so republicans had their day in the sun in iowa, as well, drew. >> speaking of days in the sun in iowa and road warriors on buses, sarah palin is out there, nearly stealing the show on friday when her bus pulled up in iowa. she's not running for anything yet. >> and you're right. she's not running for anything. she went out to see the cattle there at the iowa state fair,
11:46 am
got a lot of questions from a lot of people. among the questions, what does she think about the other republicans who are now in the presidential race, had nothing but kind words for them, including rick perry, the texas governor who just got into the game, so to speak. so sarah palin is still mum, of course, on whether she's going to run. she has a great organization of volunteers who are sort of helping her on the ground there in iowa. and if she were to get into the race, it's pretty clear she would have a lot of help, drew. >> joe, i want yao opinion real quick. there's a little speculation out there, people saying she would be a good vp candidate for this one or that one. i don't think she's in the vp game any more, do you? she's in all or nothing. >> been there, done that. she ran with john mccain one time. if she were to get in, everybody is thinking she ought to run for president. there are a lot of conservatives who have said again and again for all the big name and the
11:47 am
celebrity status, basically all over the world, they don't really know exactly what she staidz stands for on some of the critical issues. take judges, for example, she really hasn't weighed in on some of those issues that are very important to social conservatives. they would like to see what she said about that. >> joe johns, appreciate it, joe. thank you so much. for the latest mrit political news, you know where to go, everybody has their customer service horror stories. alison kosik is here with today's top tips on how to complain and get the results you want, alison. >> if you're anything like me, it's frustrating when you call the customer service line to hear all those automated options and you can't reach a live representative. consumer reports has a few time savers that they recommend. they recommend dialing and get where they list customer service numbers and what numbers to hit to reach
11:48 am
a real person. there's, there's an app for that on the iphone. at android, it's called fast customer. the app call aes phone tree to get a live person and it rings you back with a live representative. it saves the average person 60 hours on hold every year. not bad, drew. >> if you get put on hold, it's difficult to keep your cool. if you're getting a run around, tell the agent you want to escalate your complaint. that's guaranteed because many agents are criticized for giving too many problems high up. also, keep a list of when you've called, who you've spoken with, homts you were put on hold and how long you waited and the
11:49 am
answer that you were given. many are actually turning to social media to vent. consumer reports points out that companies can hide your comments on facebook, but they can't do that on twitter. so use hashtags with the company's names or the word "customer service" to make it more serveble on twitter. many companies have service agents dedicated to scanning facebook or twitter. if you have a question or complaint, you may get a an an back in a few minutes, drew. >> but before you go ranting and raving on the web, be careful how you tweet. we'll have more on how to tweet your complaint effectively. [ male announcer ] the network --
11:50 am
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11:52 am
you have a complaint about a product or service and want to hear it's actually heard. alison kosik has ways to vent your frustration online. alison? >> the last tip is from consumer reports saying you have to think about what you are going to say off-line and wait a day before you unleash your anger on the web if you go to social media to complain. keep your complaint brief, let them know the good and the bad. and consumer reports warns businesses can sometimes sue critics for their comments even though there's little chance of overcoming a free speech defense. go to the public participation project site, but if a company resolves your complaint, go ahead and update your original post with the good news. it's once in a blue moon they
11:53 am
actually help you out, isn't it, drew? >> seems to me, have not tried the social media, but maybe i will. >> sounds like a good outlet. you have been sounding off to the "talk back" question. what does president obama need to tell middle america? carol costello is here with your responses. carol? >> i don't think the president needs to go out on the bus tour, but he needs to listen to cnn right now. here it goes. this is from frank. he said this is what the president needs to hear. he needs to say he is sorry for not helping us out. and obama needs to tell middle america that hyperpartisan politicians care more about playing politics than the people that elect them. and this from david, the days of trickle down economics are over. the tax code will be reformed to bring in more revenue.
11:54 am
and this from mike, something like i am sorry i haven't raised taxes on the wealthy sooner. we could be in a little bit less of a pickle, but because i did not push congress hard enough when we had both houses, you are will take the brunt of the recession again. please keep the comments coming, if you know about the bart system, you may have just been hacked. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
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11:57 am
the hacking group anonymous strikes again, this time targeting b.a.r.t.'s san francisco bay area rapid transit system. the names and phone numbers were hacked from the b.a.r.t. website and posted online. the group took credit for the breach in a youtube message. >> we have been watching the communication of cell phone desizes unacceptable. and they decided blocking cellular communication is the correct way to scare off protesters. >> dan simon covering the story for us in san francisco. i do not understand what anonymous is so ticked off about here. >> well, this is what anonymous likes to do. they like to target
11:58 am
organizations who they perceive are limiting free speech. there was a situation last week where b.a.r.t. shut down the cell phone communication for all the riders and passengers in the san francisco bay area, and the reason why they did that is there was supposed to be a protest last week. b.a.r.t. has been battling an image problem for sometime. there are people that believe the police department has been over zealous and there were a couple high profile incidents, and b.a.r.t. police shot and killed a homeless man that was allegedly wielding a knife. people feel b.a.r.t. has gone overboard, and to thwart the protest b.a.r.t. shut down the cell phone communication for all of the passengers and that ticked off anonymous, and they hacked into the website. >> what kind of information has been released because of that? >> well, this was an external website, and not the main
11:59 am
b.a.r.t. website where people have log-in information and people set up accounts. they went into that website, and it's called they published all the users e-mails and phone numbers, and no financial information compromised. but if you have an account it may aggravate you to see your name and e-mail address and phone number up on a public venue. >> there is a warning for riders today? >> well, anonymous said we want to have a protest, so today at 5:00 it asked everybody who was upset about this, about shutting down the cell phones to show up at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station at 5:00, and their goal is to try and disrupt service for commuters. b.a.r.t. obviously is concerned about this, and they have not announced their plans to prevent
12:00 pm
the protest and keep everything running on time, and nonetheless there will be a protest at 5:00 local time in san francisco, so stay tuned. >> we will. thanks a lot, dan. appreciate that. interesting story. it is the top of the hour. i am drew grifen in for suzanne malveaux. president obama is on the road getting ready to talk with every day americans about the nation's problems, and he may get his ear chewed off. he begins a three-day bus tour in canyon falls, minnesota. he also has a stop in iowa, and on wednesday he will go to illinois. gallup's daily tracking poll shows the economy and washington's dysfunctional ways has cut the president's job approval rating down to 39%. that is an all-time low. "cnn newsroom" plans to show the
12:01 pm
live show 45 minutes for now. join in the silence for all of those impacted. >> these are people remembering the dead as the indiana state ferry opened today. if you missed it, five concertgoers were killed saturday night when a strong burst of wind did this to a stage. structural engineers plan to get a look at the stage scaffolding today. it appears to be nothing beyond a tragic accident. the crowd knew a thunderstorm was coming. >> they came on the stage and let us know there was severe weather coming our way and they were going to try and proceed with the concert and gave us an evacuation plan, and they said to hang tight and they would try to continue on and sugarland
12:02 pm
would try to start in a few minutes, and then as they started to evacuate, it took the stage and swayed it to the right and crashed right all over the pay area and the people on the track. >> along with five people dead, several people injured, and they remain in critical condition today. some of them with life-threatening injuries. angry crowd outside a cairo courthouse today in egypt. supporters and opponents of former egyptian president through rocks. mubarak arrived on a gurney again, and stayed in the cage. television cameras will be turned off from now on. he is charged with ordering forces to fire on protesters killing 800 people last winter.
12:03 pm
more trouble in syria. forces there shelled residential areas for the third straight day. opposition groups say attacks by tanks and navy gun ships killed 24 people on sunday. syrian president continues a butte annual city by city crackdown trying to crush a popular up rising against his regime. back in the u.s., the doherty gang siblings are in court today in pueblo, colorado. the two brothers and their sister are charged with trying to kill a police officer during a high speed chase that led to their capture. they eluded authorities for eight days after they went on a crime spree in georgia and florida. the risk among autism among brothers and sisters may be higher than anybody thought. a study today found babies with an autistic sibling have a 19% chance of developing the
12:04 pm
disorder by age three. this study is an update from the last studies in the past ten years or so that put the recurrence rate of siblings at 3% to 10%. so this number of 19% is a lot higher than previous reported. >> researchers add this. genetic and environmental factors had to be considered and many of those are yet unknown. gas prices have been falling since the out look on the global economy turned pessimistic. and gas prices dropped almost a dime over the last three weeks due to falling demand. the national average stands at $3.61 a gallon. billionaire investor, warren buffett, said the rich should
12:05 pm
pay taxes as a matter of fairness, and now he is getting specific. he says while the poor and middle class fight for u.s. in afghanistan and while most americans struggle to make ends meet, we continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks. we have been coddled long enough by a billionaire-friendly congress. alison kosik joins us now. what did he pay in taxes last year? >> well, drew, he paid almost $7 million in taxes to the federal government last year, and yes, he says, you know, it should be more. he made similar claims in the past. the latest effort is coming in this new york times opt ed that came in, and he points out he paid a tax rate of 17.4%, and that's lower than upper middle class americans pay. opponents of higher taxes, they note that less than 1% of the top earners in this country
12:06 pm
account for 20% of total taxes paid to the federal government last year. that's a big chunk. of course, warren buffett disagrees, and he says it's a matter of fairness. >> buffet could voluntary to pay more, but what is he suggesting should be done? >> well, the reason buffet and people like him pay lower tax rates is because of something called the capital gains taxes, and these are paid on dividends and other investments, and they are taxed at 15%. that is slated to rise next year and not just on wealthy americans. when that capital gains tax rises it will rise on average americans too that vest on wall street. in buffet's case he makes most of his money from his investments, so the bulk of his income is taxed at 15%. but if you make over $1 billion in income, that should be taxed at a higher rate regardless of how you make the money. if it's above $10 million, it
12:07 pm
should be higher. and buffet is calling on congress to make the changes, of course. go to interesting stuff there. >> and he is also criticized because he is getting paid basically in dividends, and a lot of people argue the dividends have come from money already taxed once by the government. so it's sort of an interesting argument. >> yep. yes. it is. >> thank you. >> i will keep my mouth shut on this one. >> up 113? >> yes, we are holding on to the gains. we have deal making going on. it's giving a little inspiration to the market. we will see if we can hold the gains until the close of the day, drew. >> alison, thanks. here is your chance to talk back on one of the stories today. it's a whopper.
12:08 pm
what does president obama need to tell middle america, carol costello? i need to talk slower. >> we get your drift, drew. no problem. what does president obama need to tell middle america? that's the question today. president obama knows all too well most americans have had it with washington, so he is leaving, just temporarily, of course. he kicks off a bus tour of the heartland. the white house says it's so he can hear from americans about their economic struggles. not ohio or indiana. swing states he won by the skin of his teeth. in the leadup to the 2008 election, candidate obama spent 29 days campaigning in ohio, and last year he stopped at a yungztown steal plant that created jobs thanks in part to a federal stimulus problem. >> youngstown can compete
12:09 pm
against anybody. there's no reason why we can't compete with everybody if you have the support that you need. >> fast-forward to today. ohio is mired like the rest of the country in high unemployment, and isn't exactly full of love. youngstown university professor says there's a perception in middle america that president obama does not feel their pain. to win over the rust belt, president obama has to do more than give a stump speech, in other words, less talking and more listening. so the "talk back" question today, what does president obama need to tell middle america? i will read your comments later this hour. >> thank you, and we'll see you in a little bit. here is a rundown of the stories we're covering this next hour. we will take you live to the president's town hall later this hour. where is the best place to
12:10 pm
live in america. we have the top ten list, and these are not big cities. and then the truth-o-meter test statements from michele bachmann to harry reid. and then not everybody is happy for the tribute to the late king of pop. i will talk to michael jackson's mom, katherine, and she will explain what is going on there. and later a. woman is about to be reunited with the adoption controversy. [ man ] behind every business is a "what if."
12:11 pm
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12:13 pm
hall meeting in cannon falls, minnesota. we will take you there live when it happens. the town hall, the first stop of the three-day bus tour of minnesota, iowa and illinois. this is a tough job, but somebody has to do it, but the question is can they? can the six democrats and six republicans come up with a way to slash the deficit by $1.5 trillion. we spoke with them about the monumental task they are facing. >> i do believe those of us elected from all across the country, 12 heads to me are better than one in this instance, and maybe we can do something that will find favor with a majority of both sides of the capitol when we finish. if we don't, to be sure it's already built in there will be
12:14 pm
automatic cuts coming on both sides. i for one am particularly interested in these cuts being surgical, and not allowing the triggers to be pulled because i don't want to see any undo damage done to entitlements and no damage done to defense spending. i am in south carolina, next door to ft. jackson. my hometown has got the ninth air force base headquarters is there -- >> i understand that. >> i want to protect all those things. >> and everybody on the panel will want to protect their individual things, which is why i am asking where is the hard line leadership that is going to come from 12 partisan politicians in a group of 12 that are squared off six and six rather than have some kind of leader coming forward and presenting a plan that we have to deal with these very serious troubles? >> well, i don't think that we will be working in isolation.
12:15 pm
between meetings, we will be meeting with our leadership. i think the president is going to be involved in this. i think the leadership on both sides of the aisle and in both sides of the capital are going to be involved in this. >> meantime, here is a guy that wants to lead the country. rick perry of texas. the latest republican to jump into the race for president. they call this the soapbox, but i think he is standing on a bunch of hay bails around there. >> this is an obscene and crazy regulation. they want to make -- if you are a tractor driver, if you drive your tractor across a public road, you are going to have to have a commercial driver's
12:16 pm
license. how identi howied yachtic is that? i heard in the last two days they were going to put that type of regulation in place, and you are the united states senator sitting at the table said that is right, and i said what were they thinking, senator? he said, they weren't. there is rick perry speaking to the crowd in iowa. an iowa targeted conversation, talking about tractors and roads and commercial licenses. we will continue to monitor and if he says anything you should know about. can we believe what politicians are saying, and it's time to bring our guests. they have been putting the politician comments to the truth-o-meter tests and joins us with the results.
12:17 pm
bill that was interesting. i think we need to have a political chat on what he just said there. >> yeah, and we're already working on it. perry said that yesterday, and our colleagues pointed it out. so we will be putting that one to the truth-o-meter. >> let's get what we have on the truth-o-meter now. michele bachmann said when standard & poor's dropped our credit rating what they said is we don't have our ability to pay the debt, and i was proved right in my position. >> that one got a false. the reason is that's not what standard & poor's said. if you look at the report, there were two main points, and one is the debt is large and a big important thing for the country to deal with, but more importantly, their main point was that the political system seems unable to deal with it, so
12:18 pm
the report didn't say what she said, so she earns a false for that one. >> all right. michele bachmann gets a false. here is a quote from another candidate, john huntsman, republican. he says, and again, he was governor of utah. we create add flat tax in the staft utah. a truth or false? >> that got a mostly true on the truth-o-meter. the reason is it's flatter, but not quite flat. a flat tax would have just one rate, and the utah system has one rate but it also has credits that allow people to take deductions, and so people don't actually pay that flat rate for the most part, they pay the -- the rate is 5%, and instead they pay 4 or 3%. so mostly true on that one. >> and then finally, a statement from harry reid, the democrat, blaming the big job losses on the busch years.
12:19 pm
he says there was a loss of 8 million jobs during the bush eight years. sit true or false? >> that one is so false it gets our lowest rating, pants on fire. the reason is, in fact if you look at the net job gain or loss under bush, there actually was a net gain of about 1 million jobs. the loss of 8 million is if you take the last year of the bush presidency and the first year of the obama presidency, really when the recession was at its worst, and there was indeed a loss of 8 million at that point, but you can't blame it all on bush. read gets a pants on fire on that one. >> i look forward to the big answer on the tractors crossing roads. do you wonder if where you live measures up? we have the list of the best small towns in america.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
lots of politics and politicians on the road this morning. this is mitt romney in new hampshire speaking. let's take a listen to what he has to say. >> a strong central government, a king, if you will, that told americans how they would live their lives and what they would live and what they do and how they would get paid, and instead, they said we want the american people to choose their own course in life, and by virtue of america becoming a land of not just a political liberty, but an economic liberty, and people from all over the world came here, and this was the land for pioneers
12:23 pm
and innovators. these men and women matched our mountains and challenges, so to speak. that built the nation which is the envy of the world. economically, and today militarily, and hopefully spiritually at points in our history as well. and now we face some real challenges. i think we have a president that we did not know very well. we elected a guy that did not have a track record. who had never worked in the private sector and did not understand in some respect how the economy worked and took the reigns of the country at a critical time. i think he was over his head. i don't think he understands what it takes to take an economy work because he had not worked an economy like ours. he went about his job, but unfortunately what he did has not worked, and it has failed us. you have today 25 million americans. that's a number that is unthinkable.
12:24 pm
25 million americans out of work, and stopped wur kinlg for work, and part time jobs that needful time work. home values still going down. three years into the president's fo four-year-term. the president was on the "today" show after getting elected, he said if i cannot get the economy turned around in three years, it's a one term presidency for me, and i agree and i am here to collect. >> he will be speaking in minnesota, soon. that's where you find briana keeler standing by. this is in cannon falls, minnesota. hi, brianna. >> reporter: hi, drew. we are in cannon falls awaiting the president's arrival at the town hall style event, one of five he will be doing in the next three days. folks gathered around picnic tables where the president will be talking to them.
12:25 pm
a lot of this is going to be listening. the president listening to the concerns of people in this community. he will be talking about accelerating and hiring and job growth, but we're not really expecting him to layout any new proposals, and certainly some of the things that he and the white house had been pushing before, extending unemployment benefits, and the payroll tax cut, extending that as well, and a few other ideas. nothing particularly new. that's where the criticism is coming in from republicans like mitt romney that you just heard who are calling this a no jobs tour. the president and the white house stressing that this is a chance for the president to get out of washington and get on the road, and listen to people, and the communities, these five communities, drew, that he will be visiting here over the next few days, they actually have lower unemployment than the national average, and all of them ranging somewhere between 4.8% and up into the upper 6s.
12:26 pm
white house press secretary said one of the things the president wants to do is get ideas from folks where the unemployment is lower, and see how they have been able to deal with the situation in a way that other parts of the country haven't, drew. >> i did see that. it was interesting that he picked these areas where the unemployment is much, much lower than the rest of the country. so many events are staged, and people are selected who is going to ask a question. do we know anything about the staging of this? is this likely to have the president facing some people with real concerns and real criticisms of what has been going on in the country? >> reporter: you know, of course it is yet to be determined, but it appears he may because we spoke with a woman in the audience that said she we to get a ticket at city hall yesterday, and it was first come first serve. obviously, if that's the case,
12:27 pm
then there would be a chance who have frustrations to voice their frustrations, and you are certainly hearing that from republican presidential contenders who are hitting the president very much and saying he is on a campaign event and no doubt this region has been helpful to the president and was helpful to the president in 2008, and this event has a campaign sort of feel. you can expect the president to make unscheduled stops, but the white house emphasizing from their point of view that this is the president getting out on the ground and getting away from washington and talking to real americans who, you know, maybe less so here, but are struggling certainly with the economic woes everybody in the country is facing. >> we understand the president might arrive early, and we will have you stand by and we will join you and the president as he arrives there in cannon falls, minnesota. michael jackson, even in death, the king of pop still sparking controversy. we will tell you about the massive tribute show that at
12:28 pm
least two of his brothers don't want to see happen yet. s armies of snowmen masseuse, who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a 5-dollar coupon.
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
it's being billed as a mass
12:31 pm
yifr tribute concert for michael jackson featuring some of the biggest names in pop music all paying their respect to the fallen king of pop. but like most things involving michael jackson, controversy erupting over the event, especially the timing. we are joined by katherine jackson, michael jackson's mom, and along with those producing the show. thank you so much for joining us. there is always two groups in the country always seems to be gridlocked, congress and the jackson family. they say the timing is wrong because of the criminal trial going on surrounding michael's death. this is what they posted on twitter. there will come a time and place for a tribute to michael but we feel the most important tribute we can give to our brother at this time is to seek justice in his name. you are the mom of all three of these guys.
12:32 pm
are they right? >> i can understand how they feel. i feel sort of the same way, but at the same time it has been two years, and the court has to do what they have to do. but this is a tribute to my son, and i support it. >> what do you want this tribute to be? what do you want for the world to take away from this concert? >> well, i just want them to remember michael, and this concert is going to be a very good concert. that's why i join with my partner here to support it. >> where is the investigation as far as michael's death? do you feel like justice is being served? >> now, we're here only to talk about the tribute concert, please. >> let's talk about the tribute concert, please. >> paul, is that you. the idea of this show, what is it all about? >> well, we want to take a
12:33 pm
saturday in whales to celebrate michael's legacy. we will raise money for the charities that he was passionate about when he was alive, and to just have a very positive moment around the world. >> chris, this show is going to sellout fast. how can fans get tickets to the show? >> okay. well, we're holding a preregistration period which is now open, so people can register on the website. they will be able to choose a price band and register for a ticket and this period will be open for a few days. the reason we are doing this is to stop the rush, and people will come from different countries and time zones, and we didn't want to make it so it was easier for people in one country than another to take part. once they registered they have a chance to make a charity pledge. they don't have to, and there's
12:34 pm
nothing obliging them to do so and they don't get a worse chance of getting a ticket if they don't register, and after a few days we will let people know what tickets they have got and take it from there. we hope people will make a contribution, and there are two charities involved both supported fby michael in his lifetime. >> i want to ask you about the acts. you have incredible acts booked. what aut the money? somebody must be making money on this, right? this is not all going to charity? >> we prefer not to lose money on it, but we're not expecting to make very much. >> what acts you have booked? >> well, to date we already announced a number of acts, christina aguilera, leona lewis, and smoky robinson, and craig david, not to mention various
12:35 pm
members of the jackson family, including three t, and also today i want to announce a few more and katherine may have something to add to this. from the uk, two young pop stars, alexandra burke who has a international career, and the street dancing sensation, diversity who will do their own unique kind of tribute to michael jackson. >> mrs. jackson, if i can ask you, you said it was two years, and is it difficult planning this as the mother for michael jackson, planning all the details to try and make this a concert that he would like? >> i am sure he would like it. that's why i am supporting it. it hasn't been hard, because -- what is your name? >> well, we are trying to make sure that this is going to be something that michael would have been very, very happy
12:36 pm
about. we're trying to pick artists and do things that are through michael's eyes. i think that in the end, the fans are going to be very, very happy with the result. >> mrs. jackson, real quickly, how are michael's children doing? >> they are doing fine. thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us. good luck with the concert. and mrs. jackson, good luck with managing that family. it's always interesting, and certainly a talented family you have had throughout the decades. thank you so much. >> if i could add quickly, we did want to announce kiss is joining the artist performing, and we're exciting about it. it will be amazing to watch them do michael's music. >> terrific, and that will be interesting. thank you so much, guys. well the president gets ready to take questions from everyday americans, americans angry over unemployment and hyperpartisanship in washington. his town hall is a few minutes away and we will have it here in
12:37 pm
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12:40 pm
just a reminder that we expect to hear from the president very shortly up on the stage. he is holding a town hall meeting in cannon falls, minnesota. the topic is jobs, scheduled to begin at 12:45 eastern, and we hear he could be early and we'll break in and let you know when that's about to happen. right now we are going in depth. who would not want to live in the best town in america, but what makes up such a great place. here are some of the things americans care about, job opportunities and quality schools and safe streets and a place with lots of things to do. money magazine and cnn money came out with their annual list of the best small places to live. cnn's poppy harlow is here with a look at the top three. poppy, what are they? >> hold towns between 8,500 and
12:41 pm
15,000. they have pretty unemployment rates. number three, solon, ohio. you know it for the cleveland clinic, that world renowned clinic creates a lot of jobs and brings a lot of folks to solon, ohio. they were voted the best school system in the entire state. and then number two, milton, massachusetts. outside of boston. population, 27,000. their unemployment rate, better, 7.6%. and their homes have not decreased in value too much, and you can barely say that for any city out there right now. they have a top notch school system. and the only downside is they have high taxes. it's all about jobs and education in these towns. >> yeah, usually school
12:42 pm
districts involved with towns that have not lost home value. what is number one? >> right. this is a place that i have never been, but it sounds beautiful. louisville, colorado. 18,000 people live there. their unemployment rate, 6.3%. a lot of jobs in tech, aerospace, and home prices have not been hit by the housing crisis. they have among the lowest crime rate in colorado. look at it. who would not want to live there? it's picturesque. it's near boulder, and it looks like a little slice of heaven to me, but i never see grass because i live in the concrete jungle. i want to point you to something fun that we have on the site. for the first year, you can see the whole list on cnn and people are taking pictures of their favorite local foods and then sending them in and people are voting on the best
12:43 pm
small town food. you have been sounding off on the "talk back" question, what does president obama need to tell middle america? carol costello is here with your responses. >> we're giving him a preview. this from toi. the truth. and another says he will do the country a big favor by not running for re-election. i realize he can only do as much as congress will let him, but at least we will know he has ideas and it will put an onus on his opponents to do the same. tyler says he needs to tell america what his plan is, and business owners can decide what their budget will be. please keep the conversation
12:44 pm
flowing. facebo and then will he convince voters in the key states he is traveling around in. the president, his interview tomorrow will be at 5:00 p.m. eastern with wolf. that should be good. well, she was stolen in guatemala, and brought to missouri by an adoption agency, and now her adoptive parents have to let her go. rafael romo has this little girl's heartbreaking story. on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c.,
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just a reminder, we're at a live event here. we're in cannon falls, minnesota. we will go there live. it's the first stop of the president's three-day bus tour. rafael, they gave me a heads up, it's a minute away or two, but we will try to get the story in about a little girl kidnapped by an adoption agency. now she is going home. rafael romo has that story. >> reporter: she broke down in tears after hearing the decision. for the first time the judge in guatemala, is giving her the possibility of seeing the daughter who was kidnapped. >> i have fought so hard for this, and it has been five years and the surprising ruling makes me happen. >> reporter: it happened almost five years ago. she arriving home with her three
12:48 pm
children when a woman grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and got into a waiting taxi. the girl who is now 4 years old was apparently sold to an international adoption agency, and eventually adopted by an american couple in liberty city. >> all i want to tell them is to return my girl. i don't feel anything against them, because perhaps they took my daughter without knowing she was stolen for me. >> she posted flyers and staged a hunger strike at one point. they say this is an emblematic case. >> it's an absolute tragedy. if something like this is what it takes for them to be real reform and oversight over the international adoption process, that portion is a good result. but i would never wish this on anybody. >> the american couple apparently had no idea the girl
12:49 pm
they were adopting was kidnapped. they had no comment when a local station in missouri asked for an interview. >> i would just have to think about, like, what if the situation was reversed and my own child was kidnapped. it's sad to know somebody in our community is going through that. >> and rafael joins me now. the adoptive parents had been quiet until now. >> very quite. a half hour ago the family spokesman issued a statement and the statement says the family will continue to advocate for the safety and best interest of her legally adopted child. they remain committed from protecting their daughter from additional trauma as they pursue the truth of her past through the appropriate legal channels. it's so tranlgic, because this family did not know anything about the girl's past. they trusted the adoption agency, and apparently the adoption agency somehow bought this girl after she was kidnapped and that's the problem, because you have a family in guatemala, who is in
12:50 pm
this situation. they did not deserve this. you have a family in america who is also brokenhearted because of this. >> what about the adoption agency? are their charges being pressed or an investigation going on? >> yes, there are a number of people already prosecuted in guatemala. guatemala has had many problems. adoptions have been suspended in guatemala because of cases like the one we're talking about. it remains to be seen how many other cases we see in the investigations. >> the judge says she has to be reunited within two months. what we don't know at this point is how legally binding his decision is in the united states. again, it's -- the international
12:51 pm
law, there's not a lot of precedent here. >> and got in the middle is a 6-year-old girl wondering who is my mom? >> exactly. >> thank you, and we appreciate that. there was a moment of silence to start the indiana state fair today. it happened after this over the weekend. if you had not seen this. it's incredible. a gust of wind from a thunderstorm bringing the stage down and crushing people and killing five people. our meteorologist, chad myers, is going to try and explain what caused this deadly accident. we will continue to follow the president as he will hold his town hall meeting. we will be back right after this. dle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a 5-dollar coupon.
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well, the most anticipated
12:54 pm
town hall meeting ever, it seems, is about to be held in cannon falls, minnesota, with the president. we're expecting it to start anytime we're told. it's the first stop on president obama's three-day bus tour of minnesota, iowa, and illinois. the indiana state ferry opened today with a moment of silence. >> please join in the moment of silence for all of those that were impacted. >> that was held as a memorial to the five people killed saturday night when winds as high as 70 miles per hour did this to a concert stage. structural engineers will try to see why the scaffolding collapsed. so far there's nothing we're told to indicate it was nothing but a freak accident. a witness said people ran towards the stands to help.
12:55 pm
>> a lot of the men, though, had rushed the stage and rushed the scaffolding to try and get it to lift it up. but there was almost nothing they could do to try and lift it. but a lot of people were just standing there in shock and were unsure what to do at that point. >> they knew the storm was coming and there were warnings signs ahead of the storm. and meteorologist chad meyers had a look at the wind gust. >> simply, the stage was not made for the 70-mile-per-hour gusts. there was so much weight on top of it it was unable to hold itself up with the sticks on the side. it came down because of the gust front. it was not raining. there was a warning, and clearly a severe thunderstorm warning out a few miles just to the west of here, and they had a 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts, and that 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts came out of the bottom of the
12:56 pm
thunderstorm and it's not unlike the exact situation that happened with the dust storm in phoenix not that many weeks ago, we showed you that dust storm video. rain comes down and wind comes down and hits the ground, and cannot go anywhere else, but out. it's like spilling a pail of water on the ground. it starts going down and out. the wind gusts was well ahead of the rain and that's the problem. the warning came out at 8:39, and the warning went to the stage six minutes later. maybe that's why you need to have an app on your phone that will give you the warnings on time and not havehe six-minute delay. it was not even raining. i will give adot. right there, that was the stage. here is the storm well out to the west. you don't see anything on the rain, but now come over here on this side. i want to show you the same dot, and show you this is doppler radar, and it's why america spent millions, if not billions
12:57 pm
of dollars on doppler radar in the '80s. that line is the gust front. it's the air blowing out ahead of the storm making the wind gusts that knocked that thing down and killed those five people. >> chad, thanks a lot for the explanation. we're right about on top of the town hall meeting in cannon falls, minnesota. [ waves crashing ] [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together
12:58 pm
at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] chevrolet is honored to celebrate the unveiling of the washington, d.c., martin luther king jr. memorial. take your seat at the table on august 28th.
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