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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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which way they vote. if indeed the verdict of murder is overturned, well, amanda knox will be returned to prison but certainly to pick up her things and then she would be allowed to return to seattle. more after this. just moments ago, american student, amanda knox, made a plea of innocence before an italian court. we'll play her last words before a judge for you. now, we wait for the jury to decide her fate. i saw the plane go down, down, i said, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> also this morning, a dangerous night for airline passengers, nearly 20 people are injured because of severe turbulence on two different flights. and another fall from grace
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for tiger woods, something we have not seen in 15 years. good morning to you, it is monday, october 3rd, this is your "a.m. wakeup call" i'm carol costello joining us live from new york. we begin with the breaking news on the amanda knox murder appeal trial in italy. the 24-year-old american could learn at any moment if she will be cleared of murder. now the murder of her british roommate, meredith kercher, which happened four years ago now. knox addressed the court just moments ago. >> translator: i want to go back home. i want to go back to my life. i don't want to be tarnished, to have my life, my future taken away from me for things i haven't committed. because i am innocent.
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i am innocent. raffaele is innocent. >> cnn's paula newton is live outside the prison where amanda knox will be held while the jury deliberates. she joins us live from thousand. paula, we heard amanda in her own words. now what's next? >> she will arrive at this prison in about 15, 20 minutes and what a day it will be for her. the judge has already said he does not a return back until at least 8:00 p.m. local tonight. 2:00 p.m. local our time back home. she got up and what was different this time carol, than other times, she didn't have a prepared statement, she might have, she perhaps discarded it, she perhaps committed it to memory. she was not composed enough to speak at first, she said, i am afraid. the judge said, you can sit down. she said basically no, i'll remain standing. she basically categorically underscored what she's been
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trying to tell jurors before her for four years now, i did not kill. i did not rape, i did not steal, i was not there. as we just heard, she underscored her innocence again. what was interesting here is this was more of a heartfelt emotional plea. she's made them before. but this time she seemed to go off-script and literally, plead for her life in front of this jury for what she says is something she did not do. carol? >> she was in tears for much of that statement. her italian was very fluent. she's much better at speaking of language. so it will be more effective. remind us what could happen, what the judge the or the jury rather, could decide. >> this is an appeals process. so either the last conviction will be upheld, which means she stays in jail for 26 years. so that appeal, it will be sustained, in the sense that they will reform it, they will exonerate her and throw it out
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and she goes home. in between, there's an option, is that her sentence will be reduced and she will be exonerated just for some crimes. she served almost four years, does that mean it will be time served? or it could be a sentence much more than that. a lot has been made of the fact that if she is ex onerated is that she is a flight risk. the italian justice system will continue to go on, i'm here for somethingdy not do, i just want to go home, i'm not running away from anything. >> as far as public opinion in perugia, italy, has it turned in her favor? do people think she's still guilty? >> i've been covering this for a few years now, and there are a couple of things. yes, definitely i've seen a turn in public opinion. and speaking to local journalists here. they say it's definitely there, that that's true. the problem, though, is that what's come out of this is basically an indictment of the italian justice system. what the defense lawyers call shoddy police work.
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prosecutors who made up fantasies about what happened in that room. and that's what many italians seem to be uncomfortable with. ey don't want to make it seem as if it's the italian justice system that's on the hook here. at the same time, many people are sympathetic to what amanda knox has been saying now and when they look at what's happened with the dna evidence. they said look, there's no trace of amanda even being in the room of where meredith kercher was murdered. quail? >> paula newton joining us from dwrout side the jail where amanda knox is returning to. she made her statement before the judge and the jury in that italian courtroom in perugia, italy. shoo was in tears, she said i am innocent. i just want to return to my life. and she also mentioned her roommate who had been so brutally raped and murdered. she said, i miss her, she was my best friend. we'll continue to monitor the jury deliberations in the amanda knox case. we'll bring you the decision live. but the decision not expected to
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come at least 2:00 p.m. eastern our time. another closely-watched trial, that's of michael jackson's doctor. today, jurors are expected to hear from two emergency room doctors, who tried to bring the pop icon back to life before declaring him dead. three of dr. conrad murray's girlfriends are also expected on the witness stand. they're expected to discuss their conversations with murray before he realized that jackson had stopped breathing. jackson's mother will not be in the los angeles courtroom today. she took jackson's three children to canada to attend last night's premiere of cirque du soleil's tribute to jackson. a source close to the family said she will not return until at least next monday. be glad you were not flying jetblue or lufthansa over the weekend. severe turbulence hit planes from both airlines yesterday. it happened to a jetblue airbus flying from puerto rico to boston. six passengers suffered back or neck injuries and one suffered a
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serious burn from coffee. >> i saw the plane go down, down, down, i said oh, my god. >> it was so scary, i thought, my god, this could be it. but it didn't last that long. it was quite a surprise. >> the lufthansa plane ran into rough air on a flight from charlotte, north carolina to munich, germany. it was diverted to boston with 11 injured passengers. no word on the extent of their injuries. what started as a protest against wall street and whatever is gaining steam nationwide. this melee erupted saturday when police arrested more than 700 demonstrators as they attempted to march across a bridge into lower manhattan. the demonstrators are part of the occupy wall street protest. they've been protesting everything from what they call wall street breed to high prices at the gas station and inadequate health insurance.
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their movement has inspired similar protests in several other cities, including chicago, los angeles and seattle. another setback of sorts for tiger woods. for the first time in 15 years, he is not listed as one of golf's top 50 players, according to the official world golf rankings, woods entered the weekend holding down the 50th spot. but was knocked out of it as another player moved ahead of him. so i guess now tiger woods is listed as 51. let's head to atlanta and yankees fan, rob marciano. did you hear that the tigers won game two yesterday? >> i forgot, i didn't see that part. i'm still wallowing in the victory of the yankees in game one. which was a two-day game, so it counts twice as much. >> but, no, it doesn't. good morning, rob. >> good morning, great weekend
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of baseball. and football as well. and it certainly felt like a fall weather, across much of the eastern third of the country. a chill in the air. we've got a couple of storms to deal with and maybe some travel delays in some spots as well. new york metro, the stubborn system going to create more in the way of unsettled weather today. we'll see delays of maybe an hour in new york and boston. and we're book-ending the country with a couple of storms, one of which will head into the northwest and san francisco. look at some of the temperatures this morning, into the 40s to start off your day. first week of the october. 47 in memphis. 46 degrees in atlanta. those peaches got a little bit of chicken skin going on as far as it being a little chilly this morning. there are your two storms, in the middle part of the country, it will be windy, but dry. this system out west is pretty impressive. look at the pinwheel making its way toward vancouver, canada. first winter storm watches up of
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the season. six to 12 inches of snow above 7,000 feet in the sierra nevadas. 76 in atlanta, 59 degrees in new york city. 85 in salt lake city. kind of out there. yellowstone national park, got a little ireport want to share with you. the grand geyser. some folks were out there hiking along and checking out the scene and there you go. look at the color popping, huh? nature at its finest there in yellowstone. i had a feeling that was taken, if not a few days ago, maybe a few weeks ago when the sun was a little high in the sky. but if you've never been to yellowstone, this is old faithful, it's a sight to behold. >> that picture, it looks fake. >> doesn't it in. >> quite honestly, i haven't checked it out that much, it might be. we have people for that. it's a gorgeous shot.
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good monday morning to you, carol. >> good morning to you, too, and thanks for sharing that beautiful photo. in the news today, we're going to go back to italy. matthew chance inside the courtroom for the amanda knox appeal trial. he sat through her entire statement before the judge and jury. we'll go back live to italy and talk with matthew chance, next. ♪ [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ] ♪ [ mechanical breathing ] [ engine turns over ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new volkswagen passat. a new force in the midsize category. ♪ i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] don't just moisturize, improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula goes beyond 24-hour moisture.
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american amanda knox pleading to an italian jury to overturn her murder conviction. her emotional statement came just a short time ago. cnn's senior international correspondent, matthew chance joins us now. he's outside the courthouse now. but he actually was inside and matthew, before we get to it, let's hear a bit of what amanda knox had to say before judge and jury. >> translator: i want to go back home. i want to go back to my life. i don't want to be banished. to have my life, my future taken away from me for things that i haven't committed. because i am innocent. >> matthew chance live in perugia, italy. matthew, you were inside that courtroom. you heard it life and in person.
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amanda knox was very emotional. >> she was. she looked very emotional, actually when she arrived in the court. she was being escorted, as she always is, by the various police officers. escort her into the court. she had her head hung down, she looked extremely pale indeed. first to speak was her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. he was very emotional. he made that point to the judge and jury, he wanted to say lot more, but he couldn't. and amanda knox stood up to address the jury in that court. this must have been the biggest moment in her life. to insist that she was not guilty of killing meredith kercher. she was very upset indeed. the judge said at one point she could sit down. but she didn't. she kept on standing. she managed to compose herself and say ha she wanted to say. her parents told us earlier that she had been months working on
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the contents of that address to the judge and the jury and as you just heard, she insisted that she did not kill meredith kercher. she insisted she was innocent. she spoke with meredith kercher as someone who was a friend who she lost. she also spoke about the police here in perugia. said that she went to them out of duty, initially on november 1st, 2007, after november 1st, 2007, when the murder took place. and she felt she had been betrayed by them. she felt essentially she had not been given a fair hearing by the authorities. so it was a very emotional plea. it lasted about 15 minutes, i'd say or is. the court is now retired. the judge saying we're not going to have a verdict until about, not before 8:00 local time. which is in about just under nine hours from now, carol. >> matthew, we're looking at the van that's transported amanda knox back to jail, where she will be awaiting word from the jury about whether or not they've upheld her appeal.
5:16 am
you talk about her statement and how she was working on it for months. usually in past court proceedings she read from a prepared statement. this time it seemed quite extemporaneous. she also mentioned that the things that they are saying about me, and this is, i'm quoting her, are not true. we've heard amanda knox being described as a femme fatale, as a jessica rabbit type. were her words effective? >> yeah, we'll see. certainly what she was referring to then, was the fact that she's been sort of painted by some quarters in the media, but particularly the prosecution, as this scarlet woman, this person who indulged in extreme activities, i think was the words of one prosecution lawyer. one of them said she had a split personality, was angelic on one side, but demonic on the other
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side. she was returning to the jury and speaking flute italian. the past several years in jail she's managed to perfect her italian spoken lang wanl. so i think that may have had a really important impact as well. she was trying to make the point to the jury, that she is not as she's been painted by the prosecution. and that's something that was backed up again by raffaele sollecito as well. because he also spoke. he pulled out a bracelet which he was wearing on his wrist. saying he had been wearing it since he was put in prison. on it was written, "free amanda and ral yelffaele." he said he wanted it to be part of the past. >> and as i said, amanda knox has been transported back to jail. well she will be awaiting the jury and the judge's decision. matthew chance joining us live from perugia, italy. we thank you. and as matthew told us, the decision is not expected to come for hours and hours. we're expecting it around 2:00
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p.m. eastern. that's our time. and of course, we'll continue to monitor the jury deliberations in the knox trial. we'll bring you the ruling live as soon as the jury reaches a decision. we're going to take a quick break at 17 minutes past the hour. we'll be back.
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it's 19 minutes past the hour. good morning to you, scientists are sounding the alarm in one part of the world where they are celebrating big progress in another. let's go to hong kong. the bad news, scientists are concerned about another hole in the ozone. tell us about that. >> that's right. this is a very significant story. ozone loss over the arctic was so severe this year, the scientists say it could be called another ozone hole. according to an article in "nature" about 13 miles above the north pole, some 80% of the ozone is lost. the cause is an unusually long period of cold weather. that activate these ozone-destroying chemicals. and while the antarctic hole remains stable, we're seeing these major changes in the arctic and researchers are call for more work into why. gop candidate, herman kane is on a roll, hoping to shake
5:21 am
things up in the 2020 rains. you know who he's meeting with today, that would be donald trump. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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23 minutes past the hour time now for your political ticker with pam kirkland from morning briefing. she's live from washington, good morning. >> good morning, carol, how are
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you this morning? >> i'm terrific. as i'm sure you are. getting up so early in the morning. let's talk about herman cain, shall we? he's supposed to meet with donald trump today. he's been on quite a roll. >> he has been. he'll be in the big apple today, as you said, scheduled to meet with donald trump where the two i'm sure plan to talk politics, business, maybe a little pizza. according to trump all of the gop candidates have reached out to meet with him. and for the support in their presidential campaigns. herman cain is just the latest of the field who's going to meet at trump towers. rick perry and mitt romney actually met with trump just a few weeks ago. congresswoman michele bachmann reportedly met with him earlier this year. sarah palin even met with him, though we don't know her presidential ambitions she met with him for a slice of pizza back in may during her one nation bus tour. >> how could we forget. let's talk about senator john
5:25 am
mccain. he has a warning about the new york governor chris christie. there's all this talk about him getting into the presidential race. it has nop stopped. john mccain issued a warning. >> if governor christie decides to run, i wish him luck. i think there is a bit of a caution that always, the swimming pool looks a lot better until you jump right in. the water may not be quite as warm as you think. >> yeah. just ask rick perry. but if christie is going to run, he's going to have to make a decision very soon. the florida primary is moving up. >> exactly, the buzz now is that the christie team is assessing how fast they could put together a winning 2012 campaign. we're getting close to the start of the primary season and christie is expected to announce within days whether he will join the presidential fray. but the florida gop may have thrown a wrench in his plan. last week they announced it would hold its primary on january 31st.
5:26 am
and that's going to bump up the whole nominating calendar. so now christie and sarah palin for that matter, suddenly have less than, at least a month less to pull a campaign together. to compete in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. >> understood. we're going to talk to senator john mccain a little later on "american morning." pam kirkland, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. a vote of confidence for the obama administration from a very unlikely source. coming up, what former vice president dick cheney said about the president. and california shoots down san francisco's attempt to ban circumcisions, we'll have details, next. [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
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good morning to you, it is monday, october 3rd, this is your "a.m. wakeup call." i'm costello. it's 30 minutes past the hour. a very emotional appeal from american amanda knox, pleading with an italian jury to overturn her murder conviction. it happened just moments ago. here's part of what knox said. >> translator: he was always kind to me. my friend has been murdered and i've always wanted justice for her. i'm not escaping the truth. and i've never tried to escape the truth. i insist on the truth.
5:31 am
i insist that after four desperate years, i insist my innocence, our innocence. because it is true, and it's got to be defended and recognized. >> knox and her former italian boyfriend were convicted of killing knox's british roommate, meredith kercher four years ago. both maintain their innocence. the jury is expected to issue its ruling around 2:00 p.m. eastern today. cnn will bring it to you live when it happens. the u.s. supreme court back in session today. several justices took part in the annual red mass yesterday, traditionally held on the sunday before the high court's new term begins. the new session tees up the justices for a bunch of controversial rulings, including one on gay marriage, another
5:32 am
within on immigration. president obama's health care bill is also on the docket. justices haven't said yet whether or not they'll take up that issue. but most analysts say they will. a vote of confidence for the obama administration from former vice president dick cheney. on state of the union, cheney backed president obama's decision to repeal don't ask don't tell. >> well i think the decision that's been made with respect to allowing gays to serve openly in the military is a good one. i think it's the right thing to do. >> cheney also gave a thumb's up for that u.s. drone strike that killed a top al qaeda operative. but still wants an apology from the president. he's upset that the, that mr. obama said the bush administration overreacted to the september 11th attacks. leon panetta is on his first trip to the middle east since being appointed defense secretary. he plans to press boll israeli and palestinian leaders to engage in talks. his trips will also include stops in egypt.
5:33 am
and a nato meeting in brussels. our erin burnett spoke with panetta just before she left. she asked him about the u.s. drone strike that killed a terrorist who was also an american citizen. >> this individual was clearly a terrorist. and yes, he was a citizen. but if you're a terrorist, you're a terrorist. and that means that we have the ability to go after those who would threaten to attack the united states and kill americans. there's no question that the authority and the ability to go after a terrorist is there. >> watch the rest of erin's exclusive interview with leon panetta, when her new show, "out front" premieres tonight. california's governor has signed a bill into law that stops local governments from banning male circumcision. a san francisco group opposed the practice and wanted the
5:34 am
procedure cut citywide. it was on the city's november 8th ballot, but a judge ordered it removed, saying a state should not regulate such a practice. after an inspection of the washington monument was called off friday, they'll try again today. friday's check was canceled because it was too windy. they're examining the monument after the earthquake put a few cracks to it. they hope to wrap up the inspection by october 14th. another company saying yahoo. we'll tell you who may be in the market for the company, when we come back. it's 34 minutes past the hour. [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ] ♪ [ mechanical breathing ] [ engine turns over ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new volkswagen passat. a new force in the midsize category.
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♪ your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge! 35 minutes past the hour. investors are sighing a bit, in relief this morning. the third quarter is finally over. the dow was down 12% for the quarter. the worst performance in more than two years. but alas, today is another day and another quarter. there's the deja vu happening
5:36 am
all over again. stocks in asia fell today. european markets don't look much better and dow futures are down, too. much of the market turmoil is because of greece. and that sparked protests in the streets of athens. late last night greece announced it had adopted a draft budget for 2012. but it will miss key targets for deficit reduction. that means it may not get bailout money promised by the international monetary fund, the european central bank and the european commission. without that, greece could run out of money later this month. in other words, hold on to your seats. another possible suitor for yahoo. can you say alibaba, the ceo of the chinese internet conglomerate said his company would be interested in buying yahoo. it sent stock up 3% in after-hours trading. and microsoft might be wanting to get in on the action again. microsoft bid $47 billion for yahoo in 2008. yahoo said then, no thanks. president obama blasting
5:37 am
republican candidates for failing to defend a gay soldier at a recent gop debate. his strong words after audience members booed the soldier, coming up. but first, check out today's get smart question. people from which country spend the most time on facebook. is it a, australia, b, the united states, or c, singapore? we'll have the answer in two minutes.
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39 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wakeup call." now back to today's get smart question. people from which country spend the most time on facebook? australia, united states or singapore? the answer is -- c, singapore. according to a study done by the data-monitoring firm, experion,
5:40 am
users from singapore spend 39 minutes on the site per visit. the united states ranked sixth with about 21 minutes per visit. now to our political ticker, we bring in shannon travis live for us from des moines, iowa. good morning, shannon. >> good morning, carol. >> herman cain is on quite a roll. he was on "leno." he's going to visit donald trump later today and he's up in the polls. but his campaign suffered this major setback. what does this mean, shannon? >> yeah. it suffered a major setback. i was the first to report the story over the weekend, carol. his communications director is resigning from the campaign. now this is major for a few reasons. one, the national press corps, the political press corps has a good relationship with allen car michael. his new person, whose name is j.d. gordon will have to reestablish all of those ties and connections with the press corps.
5:41 am
obviously right now as you just mentioned, herman cain is on a roll. so that's one thing. also this comes on the heels of two other staffers resigning in june. i reported on that as well. some people are wondering, are there more shoes to drop in the cain campaign? are there going to be other resignations. right now there's a lot of questions, but we know that one high-profile resignation is raising a lot of eyebrows. carol? >> could it be that herman cain has very little money left? what's the reason for these defections? >> you know, i spoke with allen carmichael after that kwequesti. she said it's for personal and professional reasons. it's certainly a question of money over how much herman cain has. whether he has the staffing and the money to pay for those
5:42 am
staffers. so those are genuine questions. we should, we should know a little bit more about the money part, once he releases his latest fundraising numbers. >> we can determine one question that herman cain will be asking donald trump today. can i have your rolo dex and do you have any money to give me? those might be would things herman cain could ask donald trump. herman cain, you know, he's enjoyable to listen to, he's very charismatic. he comes up with things that catch people's attention. like this. he wants to revamp -- "hail to the chief." . ♪ did he say how, shannon? >> on fox news, he said he wants to give it a fresher sound. herman cain is a businessman. so he says all brands have to have a new look, new feel. he did say it wouldn't be a hip hop sound that he would give it
5:43 am
if he became president. but that he would want to put more gospel beats, his words, not mine, to "hail to the chief." i wonder if would be available. >> let's talk about president obama. he gave a very powerful speech over the weekend. he was reacting to the gay soldier being booed at last month's gop debate. here's a clip from the debate. >> 2010 when i was deployed to iraq i had to lie about who i was because i'm a gay soldier. do you intend to circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military? >> yeah, i would say -- any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military. >> so, shannon, president obama over the weekend called out republican candidates because on stage, they didn't say anything about the booing. let's listen to that. >> it's the first time president obama reacted to what happened,
5:44 am
what you just played. i'm going to read you a quick quote. the president said you want to be commander-in-chief? you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states. even when it is not politically convenient. harsh words from president obama. to his presidential competitors. >> shannon travis joining us live from des moines, iowa. thanks to you. now let's head to atlanta and check in with rob marciano. any flight delays expected today? >> yeah, i think so. we have a stubborn system across the northeast that will give you some fits in the way of flight delays, let's highlight some of the major airports, all of them, laguardia, newark and jfk. boston, you'll see sporadic heavy rain showers, along with d.c. and philly. and in san francisco, we have a decent storm system heading that way. the temperatures the big story this morning, into the 40s as far south as memphis and atlanta, so a bit of a chill in the air. in between, windy and on the
5:45 am
warm side. so not too bad there. this storm system, a strong one, heading into the pacific northwest. it is strong enough to bring our first winter storm watches of the season to the high country, the sierra nevadas, the six to 12 inches of snow is expected above the 7,000-foot mark there. another note, been talking about ophelia. at one point was a category 4 hurricane. right now it's a strong tropical storm. with 70-mile-per-hour winds. and it is currently taking its aim on newfoundland, canada there. in other news, in vegas, they're unveiling, carol, a new slot machine. and it's a tribute to none other than michael jackson itself. as the manslaughter trial surrounds that case. the apparently i'm trying to get a good look at this thing. maybe they haven't released pictures. but basically you can sit in the thing, it's got four screens, you can see michael jackson's
5:46 am
videos. the seat rumbles with the beat and some of the songs. all while gambling away. "bet it" i would assume is the phrase they use, as opposed to "beat it." >> interesting, just another way to make you spend more money. rob marciano. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. the aamerican amanda knox pleads her case. will an italian jury now overturn her murder conviction? we'll have a live report from the courthouse coming up next. but first on this day in history in 1995, you probably remember where you were when this happened. a jury found o.j. simpson not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend, ronald goldman. the nine-month trial captured international attention and sparked a lot of debate. it's 46 minutes past the hour.
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good morning to you, it is monday, october 3rd, this is your" a.m. wakeup call." i'm carol costello joining you live from new york. it's about ten minutes until the top of the hour. the american student, amanda knox, made an emotional appeal overnight to get her murder conviction overturned. now her fate will be once again decided by an italian jury. she spoke before the jury a short time ago. let's listen. >> translator: i am the same person i was four years ago, exactly the same person.
5:50 am
the only thing that is different from now from four years ago is my suffering. in four years i've lost my friends in the most terrible and unexplainable way. my trust in the authorities and police has been damaged. i had to face charges that were totally unfair, without any basis. >> amanda knox is now been taken by van to the jail to await the jury's decision. becky anderson is live outside of the courthouse. becky, this was very, this was a
5:51 am
very emotional statement from amanda knox. she, she was crying through a lot of it. >> yes, speaking italian, back now at the prison, about 40 minutes from here. this is the courthouse where the jury is now deliberating. we've been told not to expect a verdict on this appeal for about eight hours. they will be considering the pleas of innocence from both amanda knox today and from her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito. and both impassioned, saying they weren't there, amanda knox said that she didn't kill anybody, she didn't rape anybody, she's never stolen anything. i mean really emotional stuff. as they spoke for about 15 minutes each. the key here is the dna evidence, carol. forensics suggesting certainly according to two independent experts, forensics suggests that
5:52 am
a dna on a bra clasp and on a knife that prosecutors say was used to kill meredith kercher in 2007 is questionable and not enough to convict these two of the crime of murder. so we now wait to hear what the jury will decide. five women, three men, two of those men are part of the judging facility here. one of whom is the presiding judge. and they will guide this jury on exactly what they should decide. as i say, probably not for about eight hours from now. carol? >> and this jury, they could come up, they could make a number of rulings. tell us about the various rulings they could make. >> that's right. so this was a conviction for murder of course. murder of meredith kercher in 2007. the convictions coming down in 2009. that verdict could be overturned. if it were to be overturned, that would mean that raffaele sollecito and amanda knox were
5:53 am
effectively free. they would have to go back to the prison to pick up their things, to sign out effectively. but after that, amanda knox could, she could return to seattle and what is probably the next plane. also be upheld, which would mean -- [ inaudible ] >> okay. so those various scenarios, the number of decisions that the jury could come up with. you heard they could overturn the verdict altogether. and that means amanda knox would be on her way home. the verdict could be partially overturned, which means knox could be acquitted on murder charges and other charges, but not for defamation, because she has been convicted of that. because she accused a man of killing amanda knox. a man who was later cleared. and of course, the first verdict could be upheld and her sentence could be lentened. she could be sentenced to life in prison. we'll have to await what the
5:54 am
jury decides. as you heard becky anderson said, that won't happen for about eight hours, we're continuing to monitor the jury deliberations and we'll bring you the ruling live as soon as a jury reach as decision. outraged customers are coming up with strategies to avoid bank of america's plan to charge $5 to use a debit card. but it's actually the bank that may get the last laugh. we'll explain in a live report from the nasdaq market site. it's six minutes until the top of the hour. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa! use chase sapphire preferred and now get two times the points on travel, and two times the points on dining and no foreign transaction fees. whoa! chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. apply now at
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three minutes until the top of the hour. good morning. when wall street is occupied and the markets are down, one has to wonder just how bad is the
5:58 am
economy. comedian jay leno has a few suggestions. here's your punch line. >> the economy so so bad people in beverly hills are being forced to lose weight just by diet and exercise. can you imagine! the economy is so bad, i saw chef boyardee eating ramen noodles. the economy is so bad, nancy grace has stopped doing the cha cha and is now showing her tatas. have you heard that? >> that was so bad. let's head to the nasdaq market site, carter evans joins us. and i guess we must look at the numbers, huh? >> right. well you know it's a new week. so, you never know what a new week holds, although lately it hasn't been so good. we are going to get a reading on manufacturing today and construction spending. also we're going to hear about auto sales for the month of september. we get the employment report at the end of the week. we'll find out what september's unemployment rate is. our futures this morning? not looking so good. more concern about the debt
5:59 am
crisis in europe that's driving things a little lower today. >> tell us about this bank of america thing. because a lot of people are angry that they're charging for the use of debit cards. >> so many people angry about this. a big story on talking about how bank of america may get the laugh laugh. since they said they're going to start charging a debit card users a $5 fee in the new year. people have come out saying they're going to leave bank of america. they're going it take their money somewhere else. this story talks about how difficult that is these days and how likely most people will just move their purchases over to credit cards. well, banks make more money on the credit cards notice first place, especially if you run up a debt so one way or another, this article says, bank of america wins. >> that hurts. there aren't a lot of small banks, either. you only have the major banks really to choose from. they're all going to charge. >> i got to tell you, you got to go to the internet. those internet banks that


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