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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 2, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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should come as no surprise to herman cain but a lot of reporters were staked out outside of the event and hoping to get a question to the candidate and as he was making his way out of the ballroom and at that point cain really lost his cool with reporters. let's show you video and explain, give you context on the other side. >> let me say one thing. i'm here with the doctors and that's when i'm going to talk about. don't even bother asking me all of the other questions that you all are curious about, okay. don't even bother. >> are you concerned about the fact these women want to -- >> what did i say? >> are you concerned about -- >> excuse me. excuse me! what part of "no" don't these people understand? >> reporter: after mr. cain made those comments, he made his way into another conference room and there was a bit of pushing and
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shoving that was going on. cain's security staff was trying to get the press out of the candidate's way so he could give a statement to a group of conservative doctors. basically the questions that were being asked were fairly simple -- reporters were trying to ask cain whether or not he would call on the national restaurant association to release two women who have accused herman cain of sexual harass. of the nondisclosure agreements they reportedly signed in order to receive some financial settlements from that lobbying organization. cain did not answer that question. and i did have a chance to ask his chief of staff who was also at the event about that and he held up a phone to his ear and said this may be the call now. sort of an indication that those talks are ongoing but -- there was really no response from the candidate to these questions today. >> as you know, jim, one woman's attorney suggesting her confidential agreement may not be confidential for much longer.
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do you have any indication if there is any movement on that at all? >> reporter: i -- i did have a brief exchange with that attorney. he is an employment attorney in washington. he represents one of the two women who made the accusation. we should know it was back in the late 1990s and cain denied the harassment ever occurred. that attorney told me that he plans to meet with that client of his later on today. haven't gotten status report whether that meeting occurred but indicated it should be later on this evening. and so at that point we may see the ball rolling a bit more in terms of seeing the story develop. another thing that mark said after this clash with reporters here earlier this morning, he said that it should be an interesting 48 hours and an indication perhaps that things might develop and obviously we can't forecast exactly what will happen. but things may develop to the extent these two women may be
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allowed to tell their side of the story and get their story out there. but all of that, we will have to wait and see. >> all right. jim across that, thank you very much for the update. when it comes time to saving the constitution, that means some people got to die. that's a quote in the arrest affidavit of four georgia men charged with plotting attacks on politicians and other government officials. the fbi says that the group plan order using explosives in their attacks and even discussed plans to manufacture the highly poisonous substance ricin. three of the four men are in their 60s. the fourth is listed as 73 years old. they are listed to make their first court appearance today in gainesville, georgia. that's where we find george h howell. how did the fbi uncover this plotted? >> reporter: confidential informants were tipping off investigators about the actions of this militia. it called itself covert group. agents say while there has been a great deal of focus on international terrorism this is a reminder that this is -- a --
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proof, rather, that there is -- continuing concern about the rise of militia groups and anti-government sentiment. you read that quote off the top. you want to read a few more from the alleged leader of this group, frederick thomas, striking quotes here. the first i will read to you, quote, we have to blow the whole building up like timothy mcveigh. another quote, he says, quote, there is no way for us to save this country to save georgia without doing something that is highly, highly illegal. striking, striking stuff here. again, investigators say the men planned to buy ammunition and explosives and they plan to produce a deadly toxin called ricin and spread it on highway in atlanta, washington, d.c., and newark, new jersey, several other cities. and again, we are expecting to see the four men here in federal court just here within the next few hours and we are still waiting to learn more about their plan. we are told they planned to attack the atf and irs buildings in atlanta. >> i understand they were dealing with these undercover agents which obviously they
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didn't know about but how far did they actually get? was the public in any danger? >> reporter: well, you know, again, i have been reading through these affidavits and it seems that the informants were watching all along until it got to the point where the men were ready to purchase the explosives, ammunition. when that happened, that's when when federal agents moved in. >> are there recordings of these men? phone calls? or what is the evidence that they have against them? >> reporter: according to the affidavits, there are recordings and i -- we will see if that's used here in court. but that's where we are getting a lot of the quotes that are in the court records right now. >> all right, george howell in gainesville, georgia. thank you very much. now to the south of france or as the greek prime minister might see it, the woodshed. it seems the greeks have spoiled what was meant to be a triumphant meeting of the group of 20 economic powers by calling a vote on bailout agreement
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worked out with the european union. eu as you may know is desperate to turn around the debt crisis the euro. a day before the g-20 opens annual summit the greek leader has some explaining to do. becky anderson is watching and waiting. becky, greece isn't even a g-20 member. how does it hold such sway over the world economy? >> reporter: the deal is this. when the europeans got here, what they needed was a water tight european debt deal. convince other world leaders this have got their shot in order so that everybody else can start talking about how we deal with this global economic crisis, how are we going to promote sustainable growth going forward and indeed jobs. those are crucial, as you know, for everybody around the world at present. 48 hours ago, when everybody else thought that there was a deal on the table and the greeks would have what they need to push on and stay within the euro, so there was than any sort
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of contagion effect, 48 hours ago, greek prime minister decides to put it in the works and offer the debt deal to the greek people and as a referendum possibly as late as january. what's important about that, the greeks are being asked to pay huge amount of new taxes and lots of them are losing their jobs, civiler is vapts thought they had jobs for life, for example. not anymore. we have -- austere measures. people's pensions are being slashed. the very idea that they might, in fact, vote no is well up for debate. this is no new door as sar yoezy hope heed could hail at the meeting. the rest of the world sing looking to your open at the moment and saying what is going on. >> so when you look at that, and you look at what it would mean for the greeks, mine, why should they accept it? >> reporter: the point is this. they can't pay their bills at the moment. they are looking to the rest of
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the euro zone and other european members to hem them out. there is a deal on the table which would offer them 160 billion odd in cash. they can pay their bills by the end of the month. and it also looks to your mean banks to write down about 50% of the losses. sounds like a good deal to all intents purposes. like i say, you know, you say, would you want on vote for increased taxes, losing our jobs, losing our pensions? it is a big, big question mark at this point. >> certainly subpoena more questions ahead. becky anderson, thank you very much. occupy wall street wants to end corporate rule and return the power to the people. how they plan on make thing change isn't exactly clear. why ben stein says they are just a bunch of bums that need to stop banging on drums and go back to work. bank of america is dropping its plan for a $5 monthly fee for using a debit card. why? it could be because of this 22-year-old. that's right.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate healing lotion. moisturizers, vitamins, and aloe, hydrate deeper, last longer. gold bond ultimate healing. this stuff really works. it is a big day for the occupy movement. protesters in oakland are calling for a general strike. they hope, and i quote, to shut down the 1%. on the other side of the country, occupy philadelphia is in the midst of a 99-minute strike. 99 for the vast percentage of americans that aren't the rich and powerful. i want to give some face time now to dissenting voice.
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a familiar face. ben stein is a writer, actor, lawyer, economist, and author of the new book "what would ben stein do." ben, welcome to the show 37 tell us, what would ben stein do if he had a gripe about wealth and equality and corporate greed? >> i wouldn't bang on a drum and leave my feces on the ground after public park. if i thought there was some specific example of fraud, i would read about it and bring it to the attention of the securities and exchange commission. i would bring it to the law firm. i don't say they are all bums. some are fine people who want to help. but the idea that you can help in a complex securities fraud, complex banking fraud, banging on the drum, sleeping inside of a tent, is -- it is just -- incredible. it is unbelievable. it shows the complete collapse of education in this country and people think banging on a drum will solve the problem. >> i know that you do not object
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to protest movements in general you have been a part of them. >> i love protest -- >> at one point. >> i protest ad lot -- i was involved in black panther party protests, anti-war protests, helping african-americans the right to vote protests. we had specific requests and ideas and things we wanted the government to do. we didn't just bang on a drum and leave a total mess in a park. if these guys are serious, there are a lot of corporate documents lying around in warehouses and online and they can be read and people can find out about corporate fraud. bring it to the attention of the authorities and can get maybe get action taken on it. banging on a drum will not accomplish anything. >> let me share with our viewers something that you wrote on a blog and in a letter on your blog and to the protesters. you wrote it means zero to be against greed. greed is a basic part of animal nature. being against it is like being against breathing or eating
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means nothing. >> i think that -- everyone who is concerned about fraud on wall street and about excessive pay and corporate power structure of america has a legitimate grievance. to say that we are against greed, that's -- meaningless. you have to find the specific incidents of wrongdoing and you have to take -- find out if it is a violation of law and try to get it stopped by law. nothing that sleeping inside of a tent can do will accomplish that. i mean, it is real work. this is something perhaps the demonstrators don't realize. it is work to get fraud stopped. it is work to perpetrate a fraud and it is work to get a fraud stopped. when they try to close down the port of oakland that just means a lot of innocent hard working people will lose a day's pay or a couple of days' pay. that's child i shall and self i shall behavior. >> i want to mention once again your book. "what would ben stein do." in your new book you actually call work a gift from god and not just for the -- >> a gift from god.
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>> tell us what that means. >> absolutely. it means that it gives you self-esteem and gives you a way of structuring your day and finish the work dawe and you go all through the workday feeling as if your life has purpose and don't have devastating blows and low self-esteem. work is a gift from god. aside from finding the right man or woman to spend your life with, work is -- being grateful for america and to god, for god's gifts. work is the best thing that there ever was. work was incredibly a great thing and i wish the people -- more people eye real it and would say look, we don't want to work at mcdonald's and at burger king. we would like to be directors at major motion pictures but this is the only job that's available and we will take it until something better comes along. i wish more americans would say that. >> just very quickly, any chance you will head down to some of the protests and give them some of your advice? >> i have been ever have been to the one in washington. to tell you the truth, i didn't see a single person outside of the tent. i went to the one at mcpherson's
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square thinking i may have a conversation with some of the nice people. you didn't see a single one outside of the tent. it was bright, sunny, warm day. >> all right. ben stein, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. a group of determined senators vow to redefine marriage and repeal the one man, one woman law. the actions they are taking. first, a look at the top videos you are watching on ♪ ♪ i wonder who is watching me now ♪ the irs ♪
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it the controversial law keeps same-sex couples from receiving federal marriage benefits and allows states to ignore same-sex marriages that may be sanctioned by other states. but now there is a big push to repeal the act that's gotten very little attention. today's undercover story looks ahead to tomorrow's possible vote by the senate judiciary committee. richard, the vote could preview what will happen if the bill reaches the senate floor. what outcome are you expecting? >> well, i'm not sure it will happen tomorrow. but at some point in the near future, we think that the senate
1:20 pm
judiciary committee will vote out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full senate to -- the bill that would repeal the defense of marriage act. we are not quite as optimistic that we will get a full senate vote on it this year. and we are actually quite pessimistic about its chances in the house. but having said that, this markup tomorrow is an important milestone in a process which will hopefully lead us to repeal of the legislation. >> why has it taken so long and what could stop it? >> well, you know the things take a while. it took us a long time to repeal don't ask, don't tell. we worked on it for many years. long after we knew it was broken, you know, it took congress many years after that. typically sometimes congress works more slowly than public opinion. but i think that, you know, what we see in this country now is an
1:21 pm
increasing majority of americans who support the basic freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples and congress, like it sometimes does is just catching up with that. >> there are so many lawsuits that i have been reading about which is part afterthis caught our attention, that -- really, our -- making a statement. i mean, do you think individual states and individual lawsuits could overturn doma even before the federal government gets it? >> that's an excellent point and a very good question. i believe that the courts as often happens in issues like rights, equal rights, civil rights, as we saw in african-american civil rights movement, i think that the courts are moving faster than the congress. it is more likely that this law will be declared unconstitutional by the supreme court perhaps in two, three years and no that will happen sooner than i think the actual congressional repeal. you never know because these things are moving so quickly. we saw this summer in new york
1:22 pm
where many people were surprised when our state legislature here in new york moved as quickly as they did. that has been an extremely welcomed development as governor cuomo has said, you know, people are thrilled that new york joined the states recognize every loving and committed couple's right to marry. >> as we mentioned, you advised president clinton who ended up signing defensive marriage act in 1996 if you were advising president obama today, what would you tell him about this? >> well, president obama has already done a lot to advance the cause of basic fairness for gay and lesbian americans. he supports the legislation and his justice department has taken important steps in providing a much fairer, much more reasonable context in which the courts are hearing these cases. so i would advise him to keep it up. you know, i think when president clinton signed this bill, unfortunately, you know, no
1:23 pm
states in n no state could you be married. this was a republican employ at the -- right at the beginning of the 1996 re-election campaign. so, you know, i think he regrets signing it and he has announced himself he supports the right of all americans to have equal marriage rights. so i think president obama, you know, has really done a lot already. it is interesting, you know, as we start to focus on the upcoming election, that all of the republican candidates support taking away the limited rights gay and lesbian americans already have. many support going back to don't ask, don't tell. >> yeah. it will be interesting come election time certainly where the votes will come from. president of equality matters. richard, thank you forgiving this issue time with us. the defense rests. conrad murray not taking the stand. only close arguments remain before his fate is handed to the jury. what his lawyers need to do to
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right over the phone. don't wait. call now. mings's doctor, conrad murray, won't take the stand but still his police interviews. the stew of drugs in jackson's bedroom, orders what amounts to four gallons of propofol. those are just some of the details jurors will have to weigh. deliberations could begin as
1:28 pm
soon as friday in murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. attorneys on both sides are in the middle of preparing their closing arguments as we speak. let's bring in michael jackson's former attorney, mark geragos to give us some insight into dr. murray's case. mark, after more than 20 days of testimony, tomorrow, as you know, the final stretch. what is the defense -- does the defense need to do? what are the key things the defense needs to say in the closing arguments? >> i think basically the defense is going to attack the causation and there's going to be a jury instruction that the judge will lead series of instructions, jurors are going to focus, i think, on the one that says that basically was there an intervening cause? i know that's a legal term. but that -- comes down to was dr. murray's negligence the direct cause for michael jackson's death. and the defense is go to say no, there was an intervening cause. that's why we heard the testimony from dr. white, this kind of supposition of the
1:29 pm
hypothetical of michael injecting himself and they are going to argue that if that is a reasonable possibility, then that raises reasonable doubt as to whether or not his conrad murray's negligence, gross negligence, caused the death. >> and because he is not taking the stand the jurors will have to rely quite a bit to the statements he gave police, specifically about how much propofol he was giving michael jackson. let's listen to that and then i want to ask you more about it. >> administered more than ten times. >> yes. >> more than 20 times? >> 30 day as month roughly every day. >> a daily -- >> daily with the exception of three days leading up to his death. i tried to wean him off. >> mark, i mean, witnesses testified this guy was having these drugs shipped to his girlfriend's home and then bringing them to michael jackson's home.
1:30 pm
will the jury buy that he was trying to wean michael jackson off of propofol knowing that? >> well, i think that the reason they put on the five witnesses that were so-called character witnesses was that's a back door attempt by the defense to put into evidence the idea that look, this is a caring doctor and you know, there's always the backdrop of the $150,000 a month and no incentive to do harm here. what he was trying to do basically was to wean michael off and that's one of the reasons that they adopted what a lot of people in the media call the blame the victim strategy. it is -- i think from the defense standpoint their position is look, he was there and he didn't know what other doctors were prescribing. he didn't know what michael was ingesting. therefore, he was doing the best job he could in trying to, as you just heard, wean michael off. >> he's facing four years in prison. do you think he will actually serve any time if convicted?
1:31 pm
>> as of october 1 here in california, we have had a sea change in what's happened under the law here. we have something now that's called realignment. even if he is convicted, even if the judge gives him the maximum which is four years, because it is involuntary manslaughter, first of all, he would only do two years and arguably it is what's called a county jail felony where the sheriff could then release him on monitoring home deengs, something of that sort. there probably would be an outcry or uproar if the share different that. we have seen what happens in the past with others of note or high profile who the sheriff releases early. but arguably the most he would ever do is two years. >> mark geragos. nice to see you. thank you very much for your time. herman cain says the accusations won't take him down. >> there -- trying to destroy me, personally as well as this
1:32 pm
campaign. >> that force, the people. will they continue to pull through for him? that's fair game next. but first, political junkies, let's test your knowledge. current polling has cain, romney, gingrich, perry, and paul at the top of the heap for the gop nomination. which of those five candidates has never lost a political race? if you know the answer send me a tweet. i will give a shoutout to the first one with the right answer. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough.
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that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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before the break we asked you a question about a gop nominee. self which one the leading gop candidates cain, romney, gingrich, perry, or paul has never lost a political race. the answer is rick perry. perry won his first race back in
1:36 pm
1984 as a democrat. we said that we give a shoutout to the first person that tweet meese the right answer. that's anthony. congratulations. nicely done. herman cain's campaign said it raised more than $400,000 monday. this after the story broke alleging he had been accused of sexual harassment. also, super pa kc fund-raising declaring the left is trying trying to destroy herman cain like clarence thomas. they are engaging in a high-tech lynching. fair game for my guest today, with us democratic strategist maria cardona and christopher, associate dean of the georgetown university school of continuing studies. rush limbaugh said this is not a new story. called it partisan politics. ann coulter called the charges outrageous.
1:37 pm
they also both blamed liberals. is this a good strategy? >> no. it is actually a disastrous strategy. now, if we want to have a conversation about how black conservatives are treated and black conservatives being looked at as an enigma we can have that conversation. the problem here is to use this racial hyperbole about high-tech lynching and all of those kinds of things really muddies the water, furthermore, here is the problem. and here is why that argument is illinois -- illogical. they wouldn't do it now. they would wait until he is the nominee. that's what would make more sense. at this point if there is going to be an attack, it is going to be from the right. because they want to knock him out of being the nominee. i mean, so this entire thing doesn't make any sense. it clouds the conversation and gets us to the point where the right now is trying to use
1:38 pm
racism and it is just -- it is -- awful. it is an awful kind of gutter politics. >> yeah. herman cain has -- thinks they this about race but doesn't have any evidence to support that. maria, what do you think? will this strategy work? >> i think that it clearly has worked thus far or else he wouldn't have raised all that money. the question is it sustainable? i guess i would -- i have additional questions for his supporters, number one. do you really want to support somebody who has unanswered questions? and inadequate about sexual allegation. number two, i would also question, frankly, more importantly than those allegations are his stances on very important foreign policy and domestic issues which he completely blundered. immigration, does he want to elect electric -- electrify a fence and have people come over killed? does he want to negotiate with terrorists? he walked back from in a one.
1:39 pm
when he described his stance on abortion he sounded like a democrat and had to walk that back. he talked about how he's really nervous that china will become a nuclear power. herman cain, china has been a nuclear power for more than 30 years. those, i think, are the really difficult issues. >> i want to get back to the quote of calling this -- high-tech lynching because this really seems to be out of justice thomas' playbook. it worked then. christopher, why wouldn't it work now? >> okay. here is the reason why it is not going to work now. i'm a conservative that has been attacked for many of the positions that i have taken. take that out of the conversation. here is the difference with justice thomas and in this case herman cain. what happened with justice thomas and anita hill was that she came out at the point where he was being considered for the supreme court. the difference here is that there's been an investigation, something has been concluded and, in fact the company made a
1:40 pm
decision to settle. whether it is for news an value or whatever. those are two very different situations. and as a result of that, this -- what -- what the right now is doing is resorting to these tactics of high-tech lynching and all of those kinds of things, raising the race car when they are blaming the left for having done the same thing. and the reason that people like herman cain is because he has made the complicated simple. in this case he sounds a little like bill clinton. it depends what the meaning is is. that's not going to fly. >> all right. christopher metsler p. maria cardona, thank you very much for playing today. that is "fair game." thank you both. up next, it is a country known for an annual population growth rate near 0. it is also known for a popular food item. reminiscent of the miracle on the hudson. where are we?
1:41 pm
the answer and the amazing video in two minutes when we go globe trekking. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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passengers remained calm during the landing and there were no serious injuries. passengers were allowed to leave after brief interviews with investigators. amazing. wikileaks founder julian assange lost a court battle to stay in the united kingdom. he will be ex-extra dieted to sweden and face questions of sex charges all he has not been formally charged. the death toll from the massive flooding in thailand continues to climb. so far 381 people have been killed. bangkok central business district has avoided serious flooding but some of the capital's outlying areas are dealing with chest-my water. the stranded elephants we told you about when the flooding first began are no longer threatened by the rising waters. workers are having difficulties getting food and other supplies to them as well. blood money for fees. that's the fee to pay if you
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imagine this. getting cancer screening and the technician tells you if they persia button the machine can detect even smaller hidden cancers. sounds great, right? what if they ask for another $700 to do that? senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen says one company is doing just that and putting women's lives in peril because of it. so, elizabeth, explain to us what exactly is going on here with this. >> i have to say in 20 years of medical reporting rarely have i heard doctors and patients as outraged as they are about this situation. here is what's happening. if a woman has breast cancer in her family, let's say her mother or aunt they get a genetic test to cece if it is a coincidence or has a bad gene. genetic which is makes the breast cancer genetic test has a test that will show you most but not all of the genetic abfor malties linked to breast cancer. if you want to get a second test that will show thank you rest of them, you have to pay $700. that's just too expensive for
1:49 pm
many women. they don't get it and don't realize that they carry a genetic abnormality for breast cancer. >> what's the advantage to knowing if you do carry that? >> if you know that you carry a genetic abnormality for breast cancer you would then get screenings more often. you would get mammograms starting at 35 instead of 40 or you get mris which, you know, can be even better detecting breast cancers. some women even go so far as to getting their breasts surgically removed to make sure they don't get cancer. if you have this genetic abnormality you have a relatively very, very high risk of getting breast cancer. >> and very quickly, what's the company have to say to these charges of blood money? >> the company says look, we developed a new technology to make this second test and we have the right to charge for it. others say there is something wrong here. can you not get the test anywhere else. they own the patent on the gene and have no competition. >> wow. that's amazing that that's happening to women.
1:50 pm
elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> every day on this show we call out someone who really has just, well, you know, we just can't get enough of kim kardashian and her wedding drama. as you have probably heard, after just 72 days of marriage, she and her man, she and her man, crist had humphreys are calling it kwirkts i guess it wasn't exactly blitz, even with all that bling. speaking of bling, kim kardashian decided to donate her wedding gifts. imagine the size of that charity donation? all the goodies are going to the dream foundation which makes dreams come true for adults facing life-threatening illnesses. those goodies include a $1,600 coffee pot and $600 vase according to too kim blogged to let us know she did not make millions of dollars off the wedding. does this all make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? should kim's decision to donate all this stuff make it all better, make it all go away? well played, i must say, kim kardashian, but it is still time
1:51 pm
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now let's go street level with stories making headlines across the country. so, let's head to -- first, shall we go to -- how about we start -- see where we want to start today. let's start in wisconsin, let's head to racine county, wisconsin, where police were tipped off and found more than 1,850 pounds of marijuana. that much pot is worth more than $7 million on the street. police arrested a local
1:54 pm
43-year-old man who is now in jail on $1 million bond. officers uncovered an elaborate growing operation with irrigation and fertilizing systems on the suspect's property. detectives say more arrests are possible. alaska is also dealing with a big investigation, where a 22-year-old soldier at joint base elmendorf richardson is suspected of being a spy. specialist william mall lay from kentucky was arrested for suspicious of espionage and likely face military charges. the army isn't revealing b probe but the fbi and army counterintelligence agents have been investigating mall lay. lawmakers in washington are also hunting for some answers from the justice department about how illegal guns were allowed to walk into the hands of mexican drug cartels. assistant attorney lanny brewer admitted to a senate panel he made a mistake. brewer said he learned about the controversial tactic during a previous operation known as wide receiver. >> now i wish that at that time
1:55 pm
that i said clearly to the deputy attorney general and the attorney general that in this case, wide receiver, we had determined that in 2006, in 2007, gun also walked. i did not do that and i regret not doing that. >> bruerer failed to recognize that the same tactics used four years earlier were being used again in fast and furious. whatever your beliefs may be about guns, i want you to imagine your mom, maybe even you or your sister is walking in a public park but she is suddenly attacked, her cloths are torn off, a repeat offender attempting to rape her. that is what police say happened in spartanburg, south carolina, which prompted their frustrated sheriff to say this at a news conference on monday. >> i'm really aggravated. got a lady on sunday -- afternoon, guys, sunday, walking her dog and this animal comes up and attacks her. and i want you to go for the maas, i want to you go for the concealed weapons permit.
1:56 pm
i'm tired of looking at victims and saying we are sorry, we have don't best woke get them in jail. >> sheriff chuck ride joins us now on the telephone. sheriff, my first question to you is why did this case this attempted rape, make you give that advice to women? >> well, after 25 years of law enforcement, almost 25 years of law enforcement, i'm really tired of looking at people and telling them that our justice system has failed them once again. we have lost a deputy in the line of duty in 2007 because of a fella arrested 34 times. it's constant. it's all over the united states, not just in south carolina. and i'm very frustrated because i want people to understand that i don't want every person to go get a weapon. i do want every person that feels the need to carry one to do it with my blessing and get a concealed weapons permit. i don't think everybody should own a gun. there's some people, i don't see how they dress themselves, much
1:57 pm
less own a gun. but i just -- you know, for people who want to protect themselves and want to go out walking and not be attacked in the middle of the day, that want to arm themselves, i'm all about it. >> you took it as far to not only say women should caray .45 caliber but you even displayed fanny pack, telling them how they should carry it. >> that was crime of opportunity right there i have to say. there was a news crew there that had one of those fanny packs, i picked it up and i said this right here, what you put around your waist while you're jogging and put your concealed weapon in it, it is perfectly legal. i'm just really tired of looking -- let me back up and say this, if you -- if people listening to me have never been around a rape victim, it not just affects them it affects their husband, their children, their grandchildren, their social outings. it almost destroys most women. it is very difficult to get back on track. and the only thing that they did
1:58 pm
to provoke this attack was just bag female. we -- we have to do better all across the country. i'm asking that everybody hold your legislatures and your lawmakers more accountable. we should bring back the chain gang, not the same style as we had in the '60s, that's kind of inhuma inhumane, we should not let people out of jail so quick. that is just frustrating when you look at a woman -- and i'm very thankful that i was able to talk to this woman and not the her husband who is grieving her death now, that she did nothing wrong. she was walking her dog in a public park and was attacked, only because she's female. >> sheriff, to obviously you feel very strongly about this, sheriff and we appreciate you coming on and talking about that. we will check in with to you see how it is going, thank you very much. we have breaking news into cnn. we want to get to our gloria
1:59 pm
borger in d.c. gloria what do you have for us? >> cnn has this first, randi, a statement from the national restaurant association telling us that they have actually heard from one of the women's attorneys who is accusing herman cain did accuse in the past, accused him of sexual harassment. let read this to you. "attorney joel bennett contacted the national restaurant association this morning. an association representative promptly returned his call and asked mr. bennett to contact the association's outside counsel. mr. bennett indicated that he would do so tomorrow after he met with his climb." so i -- his client." it is clear that mr. ben set planning to meet with this woman and speak with outside counsel at the restaurant association this leads to the question of will they release her from her confidentiality agreement so she can tell her side of the story,
2:00 pm
which is clearly what she wants to do? >> and i know, gloria, i was watching you on anderson cooper 360 last night and you were, along with many, anderson and others, grilling this concern for this one accuser. >> right. >> what is he telling you? he does think that sexual harassment took place. >> yes, he does. and he says that a settlement occurred not because of severance but because of this woman's harassment claim and it was settled as a result of her sexual harassment claim. so, he and his client clearly believe that there was harassment and that is why she ended up leaving the organization and getting some money for it. >> gloria borger, thank you very much for breaking that news along with us here that will do it for me. i will hand it over now brooke baldwin in atlanta. hi, brooke. >> hey, randi, thank you so much. hello to all of you, i'm brooke baldwin. going to get you caught up on everything making news this hour, including the story gloria
2:01 pm
borger just broke, talking of herman cain at this hour, some of his accusers may come forward soon, according to one woman's lawyer this as the republican gets defensive about the sexual harassment accusations hurled against him. >> let me say one thing, i'm here with these doctors and that's what i want to talk about, so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you-all are curious about okay? don't even bother. >> now, cain's exchange with reporters there gets even testier. you are going to see that video and break down the breaking news with gloria borger once again here, drilling down on that in a minute of minutes. also, some important business to tell you about this afternoon from our nation's capitol. the republican-led nous a nonbinding resolution voted to reaffirm the u.s. motto of "in god we trust." virginia republican forbes pushed for the measure, citing a national identity chris crisis. the resolution passed 396-9. wikileaks founder julian
2:02 pm
assange lost his latest battle to avoid facing possible sexual assault sweden. when that will happen, not certain. another hearing for later this month to determine whether assange can, in fact, appeal. and the department of homeland security wants to hear from you. >> maybe you see something suspicious. can you be sure? >> this is the just-released public service announcement and the agency's message quite simple, see something, say something. the idea is to get the public, people like you and me, to call authority it is you see something suspicious. and a company goes belly up, hundreds of millions of dollars missing and the fbi now wants to know where the heck is it? here's the deal. the wall street firm called mf global, it went bankrupt. told but this yesterday. the guy in charge former new jersey governor jon corzine. he was close to cashing in a curby multimillion dollar
2:03 pm
severance package but a huge chunk of money nowhere to be found and is all client cash. >> what they do believe is that the the firm, mf global, was using some of those funds when they couldn't find their own money to use or they were running out of their own money. >> that is a no-no so, the feds now stepping in and investigating. 32 people facing charges right the now in this massive steroid bust in ohio. according to our aphysical yacht there wcpo, a ups driver was arrested as was a dental receptionist and a stay at home mom. and check out who authority say the drugs were being sold to. >> we have solid reason to know that high school athletes were definitely involved in these products. >> high school athletes. some of the suspect is the could face up to ten years in prison and we could start to get some new information about a possible nationwide steroid ring as hearings are held in this investigation. obviously, we are going to keep you posted. a new york accidentive could
2:04 pm
go to prison for up to four years for planting drowning a woman and her boyfriend in brooklyn. the judge in the case said the scope of core runs are involved in this case was shocking. the case highlighted the practice of flaking when police nab innocent people to increase their arrest quotas and earn a little overtime. and here i go again, lindsay lohan, let me tell you this again, headed back to jail a judge said she violated her probation, she failed to comply with a community the is service sentence imposed on her back in may. she was sentenced to 30 days in jail. the sheriff's office says she will serve 20% of that sentence. folks, that's six days. she will also have to finish out her probation at the city morgue. the judge suggested she stop tweeting about her experience at the morgue. stop it. a lot more to could haver in the next two hours, including this. take a look. it is not al qaeda or an
2:05 pm
international terror group, it is a home-grown militia, planning to plot and kill on u.s. soil. minutes from now they face a judge. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. the feds say four men target a major american city with poison, bombs and bullets. a republican front runner -- excuse me. >> under fire. >> they ignored us, they ridiculed you? >> yes. >> they tried to destroy you. >> now, word that one of herman cain's sexual harassment accusers wants to come forward. >> does she believe that mr. cain is not telling the truth? >> yes. a firefighter, a youth pastor, a teacher, a doctor, a disney worker, all accused in a massive sexting involving children. operation spider web exposed. a flight attendant found
2:06 pm
dead in his hotel room. now, new surveillance video shows what happened and who he was with moments before he was killed. and fareed zakaria joins me live on how restoring the american dream begins in the classroom. disney worker, all accused in a live on how restoring th ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes from here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪
2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
(announcer) gold bond ultimate healing lotion. moisturizers, vitamins, and aloe, hydrate deeper, last longer. gold bond ultimate healing. this stuff really works. her we go breaking news out of washington on the sex harassment allegations on herman cain this is from the national restaurant association where herman cain used to work, was ahead of this i'm quoting heart
2:09 pm
statement we have just got. quote, attorney joel berngt the attorney for one of cain's accusers, contacted the national restaurant association this morning, continues, an association representative promptly returned his call and asked mr. bennett to contact the association's outside counsel. mr. bennett indicated he would do so tomorrow after he melt with his client that same staimt from sue hinsley, the senior vice president of communications for the national restaurant association. we are going to talk about that here in a moment, nil some of the backstory as well, stay with me on this clearly rapidly developing story here. the presidential election, keep in mind, one year away now the iowa caucus is just two months herman cain apparently would have a clear advantage.
2:10 pm
here is the but and i must interject and stay is a big but here, the pofls taken before allegations of sexual harassment with regard to herman cain, before any of that surfaced. whether the allegations have merit or not choker suck the oxygen right out of cain's candidacy. i want you now to listen to this testy exchange this morning between mr. cain and some reporters. >> i'm here with all these doctors so don't even bother asking me the questions y'all are concerned about. >> are you concerned about the fact these women do want to -- >> what did i say? >> are you concerned about -- >> excuse me! excuse me! >> what part of no don't understand? >> what part of no don't
2:11 pm
understand? is that what i heard, gloria borger, in the middle of that melee, scolding some report tlefrms i got a lot to ask with you you stick with me. i want to go to the statement you first broke a couple minutes ago, is this essentially let's have your people call my people? >> it means the story has legs, it is not going away. this woman's attorney made contact with the national restaurant association and wants to talk to his client but it's clear to me that what they would ask is to be released from her confidentiality agreement and they believe that herman cain has made that something that ought to happen because he has talk about the case him sself i response to questions and clear from talking to her attorney last night, as we did on "ac 360," that they believe that herman cain is not telling the story she recalls.
2:12 pm
so, this story is going to continue. >> okay. i'm just glancing down to reread the statement. so, this story certainly, as you mentioned, has legs. i think we will be hearing lot more tomorrow bull. as you mentioned, on "ac 360" last night, quite the moment, on live tv, right, when this attorney, joel bennett, for one of cain's accusers, call into the show. in fact, you asked can him a pretty critical question. let's listen to that piece. >> you have spoken with your client. does she believe that mr. cain is not telling the truth? >> yes. >> can you elaborate? >> how so? can you elaborate? >> there were two women who filed complaints at this time and it is unclear which one he is speaking about all the time but to the extent that he has made statements that he never sexually harassed anyone and there was no validity to these complaints, that's certainly not true with respect to my client's complaints. >> so it sounds like from what
2:13 pm
he told you last night, and now what we are getting from the national restaurant association this statement it sounds like we may be finding out possibly as early as tomorrow, a, who this woman is and b, who is telling the truth. >> yeah i think this story is going to unfold and unspool itself, if you will. clearly read between the line what the attorney is saying. this woman was listening to what herman cain was saying and she was saying, you know what that's not the kay weigh it happened. generally, as you know, women -- when these kinds of things happen reason not eager to go out in public and talk about it and she did sign a confidentiality agreement, she did get some money but clearly something that herman cain is saying upset her, angered her or whatever and she contacted her attorney, who by the way, didn't even really remember the case, and said to him, you know what i think we have to go back on this, because i think i need to clear some things up.
2:14 pm
so we may very well find ourselves in a he said/she said situation. >> what if we do? >> well, that's gonna be very difficult. you know, once you put a human face on this and once it's not just some vague charge out there but it is actually a person, people are going to judge her. sh that is why it is so difficult to talk about t they will judge her credibility, judge her honesty and put her up against herman cain and then reporters will unfold her story. and so it may result in a he said/she said situation. don't forget this is now the front-runner republican presidential race and so, in any sense, talking about this rather than talking about health care as you saw in that clip you ran earlier, what he wanted to be talking about, about policy, about his message, about 9-9-9, about talking about -- >> people aren't talking about that stuff, gloria borger, not right now.
2:15 pm
>> right. exactly. so this is a real problem for him. but to give him credit. he has kept up with his schedule. he met and had dinner with a bunch of republican senators last night. as we speak, he is on the hill, meeting with house republicans. so, he is try ing ing to go on his campaign. >> i read about the steak dinner last night, i gets unspooling to quote you will most definitely continue. we will be making phone calls. gloria wormer, thank you for breaking the news on cnn, appreciate it. still to come here, when you think of lake michigan, you have been there, you probably think of gorgeous green/blue water, right? you don't think of this look at this picture, black coal ash, talking about a potential environmental disaster. plus, four georgia men in their 60s, in their 7 charged with plotting an attack on fellow american he is and government officials, planning to use explosives in a highly
2:16 pm
toxic biological agent to do so. >> this wasn't just talk. they had taken real step he is toward carrying out their plans. we have to stay focused really on both domestic terrorism and international terrorism. also, 50 people arrested in this child sex sting. we are talking about a doctor, i'm talking about teacher, two disney theme park employees, and the man many called the second most important guy in america speaking right now, here he is, ben bernanke, we will tell you what he is saying about the fix our economy is in and even more urgent what is happening in europe? a lot going on today. stay right there. and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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2:18 pm
operation spider web, what
2:19 pm
they are call it captured dozens of plead north state of florida. orange county deputies are releasing some details today of the sting operation and the suspects included a doctor, a fireman, a retired school teacher, a preacher and at least one disney employee. each accused of using the internet to arrange sex with a child. undercover detectives posted these online ads focus on, and i'm quoting, fun with children in some top secret location, except some of the children were undercover cops posing as kids. i want to bring in the man who led this operation, orange county sheriff jerry dennings on the phone with me. that was week-long operation, rounded up these 50 arrests? can you explain exactly how this thing went down? >> well, we wanted to select a period of time that was close to halloween. during that period of time every year to holiday, that is special -- especially for children. and so, we worked with about 13 different law enforcement
2:20 pm
agencies here in the area to work on this effort. now, i will tell you this, that we didn't actually post the websites out there. we simply went into chat rooms and places that children, teenagers normally are and we kind of work it had from that angle. >> i see. so ultimately, these ads were posted, cops were posing as some of these kids and it ultimately ended up a at a home, wasn't ral children's home, was it? >> that's correct. it was not in the children's home. however, all of the suspect notice case believe that they were traveling here to the me o metropolitan orlando air to meet up with a child for the express purpose of having sex with that child. >> and sheriff, again, may i say, talking firefighter, retired teacher, disney employee. these are people how think are going to protect our kids. could you believe this? >> well, it was a little bit unbelievable but i have been doing this a long time now so i
2:21 pm
never say never. we had medical doctors, we'd fire lieutenant, federal corrections officer, a youth pastor and others who were arrested in this operation. >> coming throughout the state of florida and just quickly, i guess, what's -- quite the wakeup call for moms and dads out there what's your message? >> well, the message we are trying to send is real simple, that when you troll on the internet hoping to lure a child in one of these unlawful sex acts, you might just be doing that with law enforcement, and ultimately, you are going to be found out and arrested. we arrested a total of 50 individuals about 17 of them came from within our county, the other 31 or 38 came from outside of the area. and that's the shame of it all, trying to prey on children, innocent children. >> a shame. operation spider web, jerry demings, sheriff, thank you so much for calling in. >> you're welcome.
2:22 pm
thank you very much. another roller coaster ride on -- say that five times fast, on wall street right now. wild swings, up and down right now t is in the green, market's up 132 point there is, most of it because of the look, the craziness, the store write regard to greece's debt. all this comes as some of the world's most powerful leaders, political leaders meeting in france for the g 20 summit, they are charting the course for the global economy. we are going to go live to france, coming up. folks, we are talking about your money. stay right here. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk,
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. [ whistle ] with copd, i thought i might miss out on my favorite tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today i'm back with my favorite team. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. two big breaking stories now, stories about the economiment we have the g-20 summit about to commence in france business news there french president nicolas sarkozy
2:26 pm
and germany's chancellor, angela merkel, taking place in that emergency meeting right now before that summit begins, an emergency meeting on the chaos engulfing greece. stand by for more on that but because we have, here he is, taking questions now, ben bern mack kirk often described as the second most powerful man in washington, taking questions now in fact, he was just asked a question about the crisis in europe and also the republican candidates -- i'm sorry, say that again, angie? about republican candidates criticizing fed policy. let just go ahead and bring in ali velshi, who is standing by in france. ali, you have been listening to ben bernanke, translate this for us what is he say? >> first of all there -- brooke, good to see you. the outline of the statement that the fed puts out every six weeks when they have their meeting no particular change, here is what they said, basically the economy has sped up a little bit in the third quarter and they expect mod the rat growth going forward but it
2:27 pm
is not going to do much more unemployment. they said inflation has probably moderated, as you have seen, gas prices have only com down because oil prices have come down no real news, interest rates are very low, between zero and a quarter percent, these are fed rates, the prime rate, which banks charge their best customers is three percentage points higher that has not changed not changing interest rates. ben bernanke reiterated interest rates will stay this low probably to the middle of 2013, probably stuff weeks expected to hear and he is just reiterating this now brooke, we had just statements from the fed. in fact, when i started covering the fed, you didn't even get statements, 000 look at the bond market to see what the fed had done. now they give these press conferences in an effort to be more transparent. here is the thing. the issue right now is not so much what the fed is doing in u.s. policy but what's going on in europe. we had what we thought was an ironclad deal worked out last week and now we have heard that the greek prime minister yesterday decided he is going to
2:28 pm
take this to a rehn rehn dumb, which is why there is an emergency meeting today ahead of the g-20, overshadowed the g-20 entirely, this with sack core zi of france, merkel from germany and papa andre yo from greece takes place in an hour. i would love to be a fly on the the wall, i think there are curse words going on there. a lot of people are mad at what the greeks are doing now. >> i do want to caulk talk greece but let me bring you took charles evans who sit on the board of governors, broke ranks today in favor of stronger action to boost the economy, talking about our economy. what do we make of that? >> well, look, it is a board and they're -- it's not irregular for somebody on the federal reserve board to vote against the others. historically, there's always been wourn two who take a different position and that's good, you don't want everybody necessarily thinking the same way. here is the same problem.
2:29 pm
think of the fed as a car that has just brakes and just a gas pedal that's all it has. doesn't have a steering wheel, can't really slow down and speed up it can hit the brakes or hit the gas. the way you hit the gas, you lower interest rates, makes money cheaper and people borrow more, when this borrow more this had he spend more that creates demand, demand creates jobs and that's how you goose the economy. the economy is going too fast, you raise interest rate that won't brakes, and you slow everything down, makes it harder to borrow money, more expensive, people stop spending, they start saving and the economy slows down. interest rates are at zero there is no gas to apply, the fed is a tool box with one tool in it and there is nothing more they can do so i wouldn't put too much into the dissent on the federal reserve board them don't have a lot more tools. interest rate at zero, you got to do something else to goose the economy. >> back to greece and those curse words of which you spoke a moment ago, but from the greek perspective, the whole deal would forgive much of greece's debt, but a lot of them greece seem to feel they have had surrender their sovereignty that
2:30 pm
they are taking matching orders, you mentioned sarkozy and merkel. is that why the debt deal might be collapsing? >> right. so the are rest of the world looks at the greece and says what are you people complaining about? they have put together this whole deal that is basically going to bail you out for decades of living beyond your means and overspending and all of this and we are going to help you get on track f you're greek, you're sitting here saying i don't work that many hours, i don't pay that much in taxes, i retire really early, i get lots of holidays and i get lots of government services. you're going to take all of this away it is going to slow the economy down, because that's what happens when the government stops spending in the economy and i got to do this to save the rest of europe? why is this my problem? so the greeks are sitting here saying this maybe a fantastic deal for europe and the rest of the world, not so fantastic for us. but without this deal, without greece doing what it has to do and you saw, we have watched riot notice streets of atlantans for a year, may not get done and europe continues to be in big
2:31 pm
trouble. so real difference of opinion here and it is unclear if this referendum getting held, probably in december whether it will pass or not, whether the greeks will say we want this bailout deal, let's move ahead or whether they have got go back to the drawing board and with our economy in the u.s., you know, very close to not solid, it is a blow that the world may not be able to afford, brooke. >> okay. one more question though i just had to get this in we were sort of fascinated by if i can lass sarkozy, not some he hosting this summit, taking the lead on greece, remember, he took the lead in libya, age 56, first-time father with his gorgeous, you know, fashion model wife, carla bruni, how does this man do it? >> yep. yep. first-time in -- ever that a baby has been born to a sitting president of france. he is definitely come onto the stage as a remarkable world leader, as a guy who has really taken the lead, taken strong positions. there have been others, if you remember, with the dominique
2:32 pm
strauss-kahn scandal, thought dominique strauss-kahn would become president by taking office from him. as an economic world leader, he is definitely taking the stand -- taking a big stand on the world. remember, that france and germany are the two strongest economies on continental europe. so they are most concerned about this. and you will see a lot of pictures of him walking alongside angela merkel. these two have really taken a hard line on this and i think tonight's meeting at 3:30, i haven't decide already angela merkel is going to hold papandreou while sarkozy takes shots at him or the other way around, sarkozy will hold him and mercklogical take shots at him had. the two are fuming mad. the diplomatic language how furious they are sounds furious. normally diplomatic language tone it is down a bit. sarkozy someone to be reck.ed with. >> you are looking good out there, ali velshi, in cannes, the south of france. >> tougher gig thanning about in
2:33 pm
the south of france. >> we will check in to >> as always. explosives, pie buy yo toxin, ricin, all were going to be reportedly used by four little mich shah members on this attack on americans and some government officials. and get this, these men were in their 60s and 70s. on americanst officials. and get this, these men were in their 60s and 70s. >> never think a small town would have something like this going on. >> this wasn't just talk, they took real steps in car rocket their plans. >> i feel unsafe, you know, because if they are coming this close -- >> you may not believe what their motive was. those details coming up two minutes away. stay right here. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
2:34 pm
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when you think of the cradles of terrorism what comes to mind? maybe a dry, dusty land somewhere halfway around the world probably not the beautiful places of america, like the mountains of north georgia where people go as an escape, get away, look at water falls and hike and i don't know, maybe go fly fishing that is exactly the place the feds say a terror plot was being hatched and the suspects who are heading to court right now sound as unlikely as the location. there are these four retired men had in their 6 0s and 70s, these men allegedly formed this fringe militia group that met in the mountains of georgia to plan
2:37 pm
mired against individuals and entire cities. these court papers, got them both, court papers here, detail a lot, including basically a bucket list of people they believe needed to be taken out and make the country right again, what i'm quoting. on this bucket list, government employees, politicians, corporate leaders, members of the media and according to the u.s. attorney's office, two of the men bought a gun sigh learns and explosives although one of the men sounded like he preferred to shoot his intended targets himself. look at these quotes from the court documents. "could i shoot atf and irs all day long. all the judges and the doj and the attorneys and prosecutors." one more, "i am of the old school mafia. one behind the ear with a .22 is all you need."
2:38 pm
but this alleged plot didn't stop with this bucket list. these men were planning murder eastern mass scale by spreading the deadly toxin ricin across an atlanta freeway and dropping the substance over washington, d.c. their motive? patriotism. look at this again from another one of these fbi affidavits. "when it comes timesaving the constitution that means some people gotta die. the southern poverty law center studies militias and home grown terrorism, i have a member on the phone with me from montgomery, alabama. mark, first, i have to get your reaction, these guys, 60-year-olds, 70-year-olds, you heard their m.o. what's your take? >> at first, you think it is another over-the-hill gang story, these old men sitting around, some of them apparently in quite bad physical shape making plans. but as you said in the introduction, at least according to the authorities, they had taken a number of concrete steps to go ahead and actually make these things happen.
2:39 pm
one of the facts in the affidavit or alleged in the affidavit, one of the plotters decided to go ahead and shucking castor beans which are the precurse other ricin, ricin, i'm sure our view letters remember is an incredibly toxic substance. something the size of an aspirin can kill something like 200 people. >> when you hear about shucking castor beans and you think of, at least it makes me think, how many people could possibly be out this country with regard to home grown terrorism, these groups. how many groups out there are there, mark and are they on the rise? >> there are a lot of groups. they were not named in affidavit bus we are certain they were connected to the charge of militia, 17 units in that state.
2:40 pm
we have seen the groups grow since 2008. there were 149 of the so-called patriot groups, anti-government groups in 2009 that number rocketed up to 512. last year, in 2010 they reached 824. we have seen enormous growth of these groups, incredibly rapid and based on a couple of thing, the first being ate pear rance of barack obama on the scene. as a person who looked like he was going to become president in 2008 and he was a black man, for many of these people, he really represents the changing racial demographics of the country. just to give some substance to what i'm saying, not simply make the allegation that race was somewhere -- somehow behind all of this we have looked at some of these militia members and at least one was heavily involved in neoconfederate activity, the idea that the south was right and all that kind of thing.
2:41 pm
in addition, the georgia militia has produced some documents that are very racial in nature. the other thing, of course that has driven the growth of these groups, enormously fast growth, is the economy, which really began to collapse, of course in october of 2008 with the subprime collapse that's led us to where we are now. >> these themes with those, i guess, motivations sort of pervasive through these different groups and i just want to read one more detail here from one of these affidavit, i'm sure i have a seen t one of these guys talking about spilling ricin over d.c. said, "you take a pound of that get upwind up around washington, d.c., get around 20,000 feet in an airplane, and turn that loose, it would cover the whole of washington." do you this think that this group could have pulled that off? >> i doubt that ricin is extremely difficult to handle t
2:42 pm
also has to be aerosolized that is has to be made so fine that it will float in the air or else it is not an efficient method of carrying out mass murder. one of the things that they describe in the affidavit you're also quoting from is the idea, their idea, apparently, that was if you ride in a car -- around in a car on an interknit state with the windows closed and the heat turned up on high and then pour this stuff out of a crack in the window, the heat coming into the car is going to supposedly create enough air pressure that the bad guys inside the car will not get any of the ricin -- >> that is what they were planning on doing. >> ludicrous on its face, had they done this seems almost certain two have died in the process. >> on an atlanta freeway. >> and the prospect of them actually obtaining ricin or ryce than could be spread i think was very remote, despite their having obtained the castor beans. >> kudos to the fbi and that informant on their way in which
2:43 pm
they go thwart this plot. mark potok, i appreciate you hopping on the line and talking me through this what could have happened. thank you. coming up this hour on cnn, arrest in the doeft a flight atent dent in mexico who was reportedly wasn't and strangled to death with a belt. we have now more information on the motive. be right back.
2:44 pm
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2:47 pm
johnny dupree for governor would be celebrating, except for johnny dupree. >> i got all the naysayers because -- >> reporter: because he is a black man in a state stigmatized by racism in mississippi, because accident have nearly as much money to spend as his white republican opponent, lieutenant governor bill bryant. >> you can fill in the blanks. >> reporter: but primary voters made history by making johnny dupree the first african-american ever to have a real chance of becoming the governor of mississippi. >> it's awesome, isn't it? isn't it awesome? we live in a place called america that allows things like that to happen that never happened before. isn't that awesome? >> reporter: but a sbu it realist knick a race where not much distinguishes one candidate from the other? they disagree mostly over who to you pay for universal health care and whether voters should show i.d. at the polls and those two ideas aren't enough to motivate voters, according to retired political professor joseph parker. >> most white voters in mississippi vote forth white
2:48 pm
candidate and most black voters vote forth black candidate. were trop win as governor, dupree would have to get half of the whivolts and most of the bl k he do it statewide? >> if he does it would be like moses rolling back the red sea. >> aim here to talk but to you about color, green. >> reporter: only color dupree wants to address money, something his state, the nation's piers, desperately need, something his opponent has a lot of, outspending dupree 7-1, but dupree is confident. >> i have 100% chance of not winning if i wasn't in the race but i got a 50% chance winning because i'm not race. >> reporter: dupree has proven the polls, the pundits and the naysayers wrong before but with this much at stake, can he do it again? don lemon, cnn, hattiesburg, mississippi. >> don, thank you. cnn's soledad o'brien brings you
2:49 pm
another special, "the new promised land" sunday night, november 13th, 8:00 eastern. you don't want to miss this. coming up, black coal ash accidentally spills into lake michigan. we are talking about a mass murky sludge the size of a football field. >> we were able to sit back and say nobody was injured. >> the next step here, obviously that's trying to clean up what some are now calling an environmental disaster. details two minutes away. [ male announcer ] it's true...
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there is a story developing now in wisconsin that bears all of our attention. i want you to look closely at
2:52 pm
these images i pulled. before monday that ravine you see there, that was bluff but gave way two days ago, sending this section of muck the size of a football field into lake michigan. s here the other important part, see the white building, that is a power plant fuelled by coal, the stuff now sliding into the lake includes coal ash. remember tennessee it, a mountain of coal ash outgrew gravity's ability to hold it back. it totally destroyed farms and homes. people told coal ash perfectly safe, began as dribble, ended up being enough to bury 3,000 acres under 12 inches of grayish/black coal. >> a the people of michigan want to know is how much coal ash is piled up behind this plant, how long has wisconsin energy been storing it there? now it has clearly started to spill is there anyway of
2:53 pm
stopping it? kristen zambo has been covering the story for a milwaukee newspaper. she joins me on the phone from racine. question number one what are they doing to keep this stuff contained? kristen? kristen zambo, do you hear me? did we lose her, guys? we lost her. we are going to work on getting her back. yes, we will try a little bit later, thank you very much, christina. meantime, ever get annoyed with having to stand in lines at the airport? take a look at this tsa finding four to five guns in carry-on luggage each and every day. and what bull at cargo on international flights, bound for the united states? there is a huge problem there. details on that story. and more on lake michigan a little later, after this.
2:54 pm
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♪ i said don't stop, don't stop ♪ ♪ don't stop talking to me [ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. the all-new nissan versa sedan. from $10,990. innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪ back to the mess unfolding in lake michigan, as promised, we hopefully have kristen zambo on the line, covering the story for the milwaukee newspaper. can you hear me? >> i can. >> excellent what are they dog keep this spill this coal ash contained? >> well, as of right now, they have got two blooms very similar to what was used during the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. they have got those out in lake michigan right now. the first one is about 200 to 300 feet off the shore.
2:57 pm
the second one was placed about 100 feet further out that to try to keep the oil contained on the surface. >> okay. so as they work with those booms, what -- let's just back up, why did -- why did this breach happen in the first says there what is wisconsin energy telling you? >> well, they don't know yet. they are still investigate, along with wisconsin department of natural resources and osha. they don't have any kind of idea what prompted this not quite sure if any answer will be obtained quickly, it looks like it will be a much longer process to figure that out. >> okay there has been this sort of ongoing argument over who should be overseeing this. two weeks ago, house republicans passed power to how to regulate coal ash. the senate didn't pick it up, the white house issued a statement opposing such a
2:58 pm
measure way and the to read part of the statement from the administration. so i have got to ask, and i know story is sort of still develop, may not have an answer but do we know if this site along lake michigan is among those 49 units? has the fed looked at this site? >> we don't know yet if the feds have looked at the site for this. what we do know right now is back in the '50s to '60s, that area was a kind of unofficial landfill. they put the fly ash, super fine particles, the old-time smoke
2:59 pm
stacks, as well as some foundry slag, which kind of looks like a molten rock. in the '50s and '60s weren't the regulations we have today that totally fine, you can do that and use that as a landfill material. >> but now? >> that is the pore organization slid in -- or a portion that -- >> into lake michigan. >> in landfill right now. >> i covered the mess in kingston, tennessee, a couple years ago, it was exactly that a mess. we will keep talking to you, kristen zambo, and see what -- how they can mitigate potential damage. thank you so much. and now, to washington we go. jim acosta joining me now with an america's choice 2012 politics update and jim acosta, let's talk herman cain. >> yeah, let's talk herman cain, brooke, this was a -- if you haven't seen this on cnn today, haven't you beentc


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