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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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below 400,000, means the labor market is thankfully headed in the right direction. that big monthly job's report comes out tomorrow. we'll see if it is in line with this. all right, u.s. markets, stock markets open in 30 minutes. trading mixed ahead of the opening bell and most looking higher there. markets have been rattled all week since greece decided to put the eu bail plan out in december and, quite frankly, so much uncertainty what is going on with greece and europe that futures have been very, very volatile. an emergency meeting going on right now in athens. being reported that the greek prime minister may resign after it. this is leaders including president obama talk about the economic crisis there at the g-20 meeting. >> i'm sure kyra will cover all of this in depth. good morning, kyra. >> good morning, guys. thanks so much. we do begin this morning with new developments in the herman cain harassment scandal. today the attorney from one of the alleged victims says he will ask cain's former employer to
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lift that confidentiality agreement so she could break her silence. she wants to file a written statement contradicting his claims that he did nothing improper. the stress on the presidential candidate, as you can see, is showing. >> don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about. okay. don't even bother. excuse me. excuse me. >> cain's not just snapping at reporters. now lashing out at rick perry. a perry campaign adviser actually leaked old allegations. gloria borger just spoke with the man who is the target of cain's fingerpointing and, gloria, curt anderson is accused of leaking the sexual harassment allegations and you asked him directly, did he leak the info, it was interesting, he sort of
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danced around your direct question for a while and then finally got to it. but he still said it in a very interesting way. >> well, he came out quite directly and wanted, in fact, to talk to me on the air to clear his name, essentially. and say he was not the leaker. i think you should take a listen to what he said and how he said it. are you the leaker? >> well, there's two problems with that. one is, i didn't know anything about this. it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about, of course. the second problem with it is this. if someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, a friend, a candidate, a client and then you go out and blab it to other people, that's just unethical and that's not the way i live my life. but that's sort of immaterial in this instance because i didn't know anything about any of this. >> so you're saying that that conversation never took place? >> that's correct. i don't have any knowledge of any of this and, you know, it's
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just not true. >> so, were you saying herman cain is lying? >> well, i'm not here to add any more name calling to what's already -- >> my characterization, though. is he not telling the truth? >> i'm not going to, you know, attack him in any sort of personal way or anything. i will say this, this has been, you know, he's in a tough spot and it's very rough and candidates when they get into a fire storm like this have, you know, sometimes come unraveled. and, you know, it seems to me that they're kind of grasping at straws. >> it's interesting, gloria, he didn't say, yes. herman cain is lying. or, as you put it, yes, herman cain is not telling the truth. >> he, he said the conversation never took place. >> okay. >> which means that herman cain is lying. he didn't want to use the word lying. i said, okay, it's my characterization, not his.
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but he said the conversation never took place. you have a he said/he said situation. but what i thought was kind of interesting was he kept saying that he admires herman cain and he likes herman cain and this doesn't, the sexual harassment charges don't sound like the herman cain that he knows, but then in that clip that you showed when i asked sort of what's the motivation, he said, well, sometimes this happens when a campaign gets unraveled. so, what he was doing was criticizing the cain campaign, essentially, saying that they're grasping at straws and this was a diversionary tactic. >> that's why cain is saying what he did. >> exactly, exactly. they want to take the pressure off of themselves. so, he was willing to share that with us. but he did say conversation never happened. >> well, we definitely were wanting to hear from him you got it. >> i want to thank mark preston. >> did he make that happen? >> he made it happen, absolutely. >> that's our mark preston.
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great job, gloria, thanks so much. meanwhile, as early as today we could hear from one of herman cain's accusers. joe johns, we may actually hear more about one of the woman at some time today, right? what do you know? >> well, maybe. look, joel bennett is the lawyer for one of the women at the center of this controversy. and there had been some hope and speculation, kyra, that she might go public to clear the air, tell us specifically what behavior herman cain did that she was complaining about that apparently led to a settlement something like a dozen years ago. mr. bennett, the lawyer, had a long talk with his client last night and now he's saying she doesn't want to go public and she doesn't want to become an anita hill-type figure and won't be doing any interviews. bennett, the attorney now, says he will ask the national restaurant association to approve some type of statement being drafted in his client's words, i think that's the most
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important thing, to be released to the media and this is important, of course, because there's a confidentiality agreement, nondisclosure agreement we also call it. we have been talking about it for days. the woman, the client apparently signed this with the national restaurant association as part of a settlement. so, this current avenue apparently is to try to put something out there that's written that the client wants to put on the record without her actually having to step into the limelight. meanwhile, more on the finger pointing. you already talked to gloria a little bit about that. the question is, who leaked the story? the cain camp said it was the perry camp and perry camp says, no way. in fact, rick perry just said a little while ago, nobody in this campaign knew anything about it. you know about curt anderson. just talked about him. another guy named chris wilson who is an oklahoma political consultant actually doing polling for a political action committee that supports perry's campaign. chris wilson says he personally
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witnessed cain engaging in inappropriate conduct while cain was head of the national restaurant association and let's just listen to the tape and laer what he said. >> i was actually around a couple times when this happened it was only after -- so many people were aware of her situation and the fact that she left after this. that is, it was, everybody knew at the campaigns with every campaign, that this would eventually come up. >> chris wilson denies leaking the story to politico. we still have a case of who done it, kyra. >> it shall continue. we'll keep talking about it, joe, thanks. you'll hear rick perry's reaction to herman cain's charges. john king has an interview with governor perry. john king usa tonight at 6:00 p.m. on cnn. a financial crisis that is hitting home for every single
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american. you want to pay attention what's happening right now at our g-20 economic summit. that's where our ali velshi is at right now. it's possible that greece's government could be toppled at any moment and we know if that happens, that comes all the way back to us and our pocketbooks right here in the u.s. >> yeah. this is a complicated story. let me draw it out for you. generally speaking, many of our views would let a g-20 meeting come and go and not have much to do with it. the german chancellor and the french president asked george papandreou to come here to cannes and sat with him for two and a half hours and he called forraphy rendm on this european rescue plan that was agreed on last week. the greek parliament was supposed to approve it and supposed to happen. they said to him, if this thing fails, that is basically going to mean greece gets removed from the euro zone.
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17 countries use the euro and they may not want greece involved. he flew back to anthens and had an emergency cabinet meeting and the reporting out there that we're trying to confirm is that when that meeting is over, the prime minister of greece is going to go to the president's office. now, prime ministers and presidents in parliamentary democracies don't visit each uther for tea. it means either you're calling an election or the government is being dissolved or you are resigning. it is likely that one of those three things is happening very, very shortly. now, the impact of this is if this european deal doesn't go through, it adds more uncertainty to this european crisis and it could weaken the european economy. europe as a whole is america's biggest trading partner. as europe weakens, europeans have less money to spend on goods from else where in the world, including goods made from americans or products or services made by americans which could cost us jobs in america. it had an impact, we are looking at a shaky open.
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what is going on? very strange because it was thousands of years ago that greece was the most influential nation in the world and once again today the 32nd biggest economy in the world greece is the most important country in the world. what happens in greece today, kyra, is going to affect everybody in the world. so, we're waiting to find out what is happening and when that cabinet meeting end and who is going to be in charge of greece. >> we'll talk more on how the crisis could impact our markets, our banks. ali, we are standing by for that. zain verjee, it's interesting. you know, how we're covering this, the european media is also covering the greek crisis and you've been monitoring that. what's your take? >> well, let's take a look straight away at some of the headlines and what they're saying today. as this crisis unfolds in greece. we're waiting with bated breath to see what exactly happens and whether or not the government will collapse. the international herald tribune has this headline, no continent is an island. it's actually a guest editorial
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from gordon brown, the former british prime minister who said no one should be lull under to a false sense of complacency. the euro summit called to bring a lasting solution to a three-year crisis may have brought a little more than a short breathing space. the "daily telegraph" in the uk. the euro tragedy is meeting its bloody end. it's an opinion piece that says we had the mellow drama, the comic flourishes and the lunetic interludes but there's still no telling how it's all going to end. the australian has this, greek vote a banana republic moment. the opinion piece says, papandreou's decision is as much about realism as heroics. whether he will succeed is highly uncertaintop but in the birthplace of democracy, he is right to put the decision in to the people. we don't know if greeks will vote on a referendum.
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the best case scenario is if he resigns and a coalition government takes over, then the referendum gets put off the table and everybody just moves ahead with the plan to bail out as it was supposed to go. greece gets the money and later on there could be elections. but a degree of stability now. but we don't know what will happen. kyra? >> we're watching it, zain, thanks so much. oakland is hoping to reopen its shipping port after overrun by protesters from the occupy movement. police fired tear gas on the crowd as you can see here after protesters threw rocks and shot at officers. dan simon is there. dan, little calmer this morning. >> yeah, but take a look at this. this is an example of the damage that we're seeing in downtown oakland. in front of a men's warehouse. the smashed window and i have the rock that was used to smash this window and also on the sidewalk, we're seeing remnants of some of the tear gas canis r
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canisters that were used on some of these protesters and yesterday was a very calm event, a very peaceful event and then at about 12:30 this morning a small band of these protesters and we're talking maybe a few dozens of them, they were bent on creating violence here in downtown oakland. setting off fireworks, starting small fires, spray painting graffiti and breaking windows. so, the police had to respond and they had to use force to get some of these protesters under control. but it was a crazy night, but it was the end of a very peaceful event. as we said, you saw these protesters close the port of oakland, but we didn't see any violence there. it was only until you had night fall and some of these protesters came out and were intent on insightithe police. >> we'll follow that. one of the woman accusing herman cain of sexual harassment
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wants her side of the story told. but a confidentiality agreement is keeping her quiet. coming up, a sexual harassment lawyer explains how exactly what it would take to break that contract. and this is going to outrage you. a texas family court judge beating his daughter after she taped it and posted it online. coming up, you'll see the video that already has more than a million and a half clicks. has d my knees. osteo bi-flex has been incredible for me, and i swear by it. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, the glucosamine chondroitin suppment with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex, my knees thank you. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.
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checking stories across country now. six days after the freak october snow storm that nailed the northeast, folks in simsbury, connecticut, are feeling
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powerless. the town has been unable to restore electricity. meet the newest hero. officer dan putnam was awarded the medal of valor for going into a burning house to save this 3-year-old. looks like each of them have a new life-long friend. massachusetts lieutenant governor went out for coffee and a paper, instead, tim murray found a patch of black ice and nearly totaled his state-issued car. he's okay, but it reassure his constituents, he asked for a breathalyzer test at the crash scene and, yes, he passed. well, one of the woman accusing herman cain of sexual harassment wants her story told. for now a confidentiality agreement is keeping her quiet. that could change today. we're waiting to see if her lawyer will be allowed to release a statement from her today. deborah kelly is an attorney specializing in sexual harassment. deborah, you know, this accuser wants to stay anonymous but still wants to tell her story through a statement. so, what exactly needs to be done in order to break this
9:18 am
confidentiality deal? >> it depends upon what's in the confidentiality deal itself. and i think they're being very cautious because often these agreements include two pieces. one confidentiality, i'm not going to talk about that there was an agreement and the other a nondisparagement, i'm not going to say anything bad about you. there are penalties if you breach one of those agreements and it could be, give me back all the money that i gave you when i first settled the case or it could be worse, give me x sum of money in what i call liquidated damages if i don't give you what i bought. what companies do is they're buying peace. peace costs less than victory. i don't have to hire a lawyer, i don't have to suffer all the reputational damage. i'll just write a check and move on with my life. if people talk about it after you pay the check, you haven't purchased the piece that you intended in the first place. so, i think that's why joe
9:19 am
bennett is being cautious because he doesn't want it to look like his client engaged in a breach with all the attendant fallout. >> herman cain already talked about this incident. he didn't name her, but he talked about the incident. isn't the contract already broken then? >> it depends -- it is. but generally without making your listeners do a face plant as i talk about contract law, generally the principle is if someone breaches it releases the other party from complying with that aspect. so, if he trash talks her, she ought to be able to trash talk him. now, the question is, has he trash talked her? we don't know who she is. he's certainly tip toeing up to the line when he starts saying things like false allegations and in some reports there's been comments that issues were discussed regarding the person's job performance. so, i think her position would be, hey, you breached first. i don't have to stay silent while you do victory laps.
9:20 am
you didn't even let me engage in this race. i get to speak up. >> deborah, what does a $35,000 settlement say about the severity of this alleged harassment? >> i know this is not a popular sentence, but in the world of a corporate culture, allegations of some sort of discrimination happen all the time. it doesn't mean that the discrimination actually occurred and the company does a dollars in, dollars out assessment and it's just often less expensive to pay it out and go along. $35,000 is not that much money and employment lawyers all the time settle cases, settle matters, write checks based upon demand letters and as long as you're not in the six-figure range. it depends upon the company. it's a percentage of how much money the company has, but $35,000 isn't an oh, my god, something really bad had to happen figure at all. in fact, in many companies, that's a nuisance value
9:21 am
settlement. >> deborah kelly, attorney specializing in sexual harassment, great perspective from you this morning. appreciate it, deborah. >> thank you. greece's government may be near collapse and that may affect your wallet. we're watching live as the stock market opens. former secretary of state condoleezza rice finally talk about moammar gadhafi's fixation on her. >> quite extraordinary. >> yes, quite extraordinary. and weird and a bit creepy. >> not to mention, gadhafi's music video montage of her. we'll have the details next in "newsroom."
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moammar gadhafi is dead, buried, but certainly not
9:24 am
forgotten. condoleezza rice hasn't forgotten either. matter of fact, she's talking about the late libyan's dictator's crush on her. zain, you and have talked about this in the past. you used to work there at the state department and you kind of wondered if she was going to reveal details about this, considering how awkward it was. >> well, now she has. and, yeah, it's kind of juicy. you know, moammar gadhafi had a big crush on her and he once expressed his admiration by saying the way condoleezza rice leaned back and gave orders to leaders. he said, leza, leza, this is something pretty interesting. condoleezza rice in her new book said essentially when she went to libya and got to the meeting that she was having with moammar gadhafi she hoped it was all business and all diplomacy and all of a sudden he said, i want
9:25 am
to show you something. she thought, it was a videotape montage of her full of pictures of her with different world leaders. here's what she had to say. >> quite extraordinary. >> yes, quite extraordinary. and weird and a bit creepy. i had actually known that he had this fixation on me a couple foreign minister friends had told me and, also, a couple of my staff. so, i was going to libya, my job was to go there. he had given up his weapons of mass destruction. he had paid to the families of the victims and it was my job to go there and do a little bit of diplomatic business and get out and, so, that's what i did. but i have to say, i did have that terrible moment when he said that he had the videotape. i am just glad that it all came out okay. >> she also said, kyra, that she was glad it wasn't raunchy. a sigh of relief when she saw it and actually, someone to compose
9:26 am
a tune along with the pictures and he called the song "black flower in the white house." then he asked her to sing some of the lines from this little ditty and she said, no. >> zain, you just can't make this stuff up. it's too good. zain, thank you. all right, on a much more serious note, greece. you know, the world's 32nd largest economy, but its troubles are having a huge impact on markets. right here, christine romans joining us live and, christine, we have been talking about it all morning just to bring people up to date that might just be tuning in. you've got this emergency meeting going on, major crisis for the eurozone, if the prime minister of greece does resign, like we're hearing, this is going to not only impact europe, but that impacts us and our banks and our markets. >> totally. i mean, it seems almost amazing
9:27 am
that a country so small a shipping and tourism country that is part of the european union, just one of the 17 countries could hold so much of the world hostage but it does here and the internal politics of what's going on with greece has an awful lot to do with how well the u.s. recovers. you don't have to stretch the thread too far to make that connection because you've got europe. it is the largest destination area destination for u.s. exports. europe is barely growing. they're very concerned about a banking and financial crisis there. all because of greece. they thought they had this problem solve would the european debt deal and then the greek prime minister says we'll put this up to a vote by the greek people throwing the whole thing in doubt, making all the european leaders angry and g-20 is just abuzz with how this thing is falling apart and the united states recovery just showing some signs of being true. you've got a u.s. number today on jobless claims that fell below 400,000, that's a good sign. we're expecting maybe tomorrow the official job's report will show more than 100,000 jobs created. if europe sinks, it will take
9:28 am
the u.s. down with it. that's why what's happening, what's happening in greek politic matters to all of us right now. futures, i will tell you, up 128 points all being driven by rumor. i wouldn't focus on the intraday move of stocks today. all focused by rumors out of that g-20 meeting whether greece will drop that call for a referendum and whether the prime minister will resign and form some kind of new government and what exactly is happening there and will they get this debt deal back on track. kyra? >> bottom line, you hit it right there. greece sinks, so do we. the markets will open in two minutes, christine. we're standing by and we're watching that and talk to you again, appreciate it. meanwhile, a texas judge beats his screaming teenage daughter while the camera's rolling. it's gut wrenching, i have to tell you. the video has gone viral and has gone viral for a reason. it has been online for a week now and already gotten more than 1.5 million clicks. you'll see it and we'll talk about the entire story right after the break. we're america's natural gas
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checking top stories now. herman cain wants an apology from rival presidential candidate rick perry. cain said a consultant leaked the story about sexual harassment claims against him. the perry aide denies it. president obama is joining other heads of state at the two-day g-20 meetings in france. the leaders will focus on a plan to bail out greece. the cdc says 29 people have now died from listeria-tainted cantaloupe. that outbreak has sickened 139 people across the country. well, a texas judge admits that a video of him whipping his daughter with a belt is real. he says he's sorry. he lost his temper. but the video's gone viral on youtube with more than 1.5 million clicks and now police are investigating. we're going to show you just a few clips and talk about it
9:33 am
afterwards and i want to warn you, though, parts of this are really disturbing. >> bend over that bed. >> dad. >> reporter: the video is difficult to watch. it shows a texas father punishing his 16-year-old daughter for using the computer to download video games. but that father, william adams, is a texas judge who handles, among other things, family and juvenile cases. this happened seven years ago in 2004. and the now 23-year-old daughter, hillary adams, posted it online. it's been viewed more than a million times. the outrage is causing judge adams to leave his post, temporarily. a visiting judge will take over his case load. judge adams could face criminal charges. police and the texas rangers are investigating. >> we need to see the original
9:34 am
video. we're always concerned with seeing an original when possible. >> reporter: phones at the courthouse have been ringing off the hook. a fellow judge says the video is disturbing and surprising. >> you would never think that he had any kind of temper. >> reporter: judge adams admits, it's him in the video. >> in my mind, i haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and i did lose my temper, but i've since apologized. it looks worse than it is. there is a story, it will come out in due time. >> in a twitter post her daughter says, i'm feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy, indeed. she tells corpus christi tv station -- >> i'm very relieved that these things were brought to light, not because i want to see my father burn or anything like that, that's a hideous way of thinking and i don't want to
9:35 am
inflict that upon him, but i cannot stress it enough. i cannot repeat myself enough that he just needs help. >> a former federal prosecutor, sunny, he's a family court judge. someone who makes decisions about other people's families. my guess is you're going to say he should be fired. >> there's no question about it. i mean, when i looked at the tape and we just showed a small part, this goes on for seven minutes. there's no question in my mind, kyra, that this is child abuse. it's pretty clear. i prosecuted crimes against children. in my view, a crime did occur. the problem here is that the statute of limitations has run. in texas it's only five years. this happened about six years ago. she was 16 autothe time and she's now 22. the criminal charges, i think, are unlikely. but what can be done is that he can be removed from this post. he's an elected official. i believe he's up for re-election in three years, but there is that texas judicial
9:36 am
commission and they are charged, kyra, with making sure that their judges aren't breaking the law and their judges are a good representation of our society and their judges are doing the right thing. no question in my mind that something must be done about someone that beats his daughter on videotape and after everyone sees it says, it's not as bad as it looks. i mean, if this is the person that, indeed, the family court judge that determines whether or not children should stay in homes, whether or not parents are fit, this is not the person that has the appropriate judicial demeanor and temperament and discretion for that type of post. >> if you were to take this case because you've had background with this, what would be your first step? what would you do right snow? >> my first step would be to remove the child from the home. i mean, no question about it. you would open up a full blown investigation. my concern is that there is another younger daughter that this judge has. apparently, she is in the
9:37 am
custody of her mother, but there are some, there is some information out there that he wants to try to change visitation and perhaps get custody of that daughter. i would certainly, if i were the prosecutor on this case, be concerned about that. >> we'll definitely follow it. they spoke on "today" show the daughter and the mom, both of them talking about abuse. we'll follow it and see what happens. definitely disturbing video. sunny, thanks. still ahead, we'll tell you how close your brush with an aircraft-size asteroid will be next week. next, justin bieber responding to a paternity suit alleging he's the father of a 3-month-old baby boy. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell.
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"showbiz headlines" now and justin bieber is being sued by a woman who says he is the father of her baby. the teen idol hasn't spoken public about the claim but he did send out a tweet.
9:41 am
a.j. hammer has all the details. what did he say, a.j.? >> he's not addressing it directly, kyra. but he is tweeting that he wants to focus on his music right now. he has a new album of christmas songs releasing today and it just got an extra plug because we're talking about him even though the news isn't so good. he has taken to twitter. here's what he's saying. all the rumors and gossip, i'll focus on the positives, the music. he tweeted that message a couple times now. as for this paternity suit don't expect to see official court documents from this case, they're not going to go public because of his age at the alleged incident. their age difference by the way means that she could face criminal charges for having sex with a minor. but, we don't know if it will go down that road just yet. we're starting to see some stories surface, as well, about her having money issues including she was on food stemps when she allegedly had sex with
9:42 am
bieber. this kind of paternity suits against celebrities nothing new and i spoke with nick canon last night, host of "america's got talent" and been in the public eye for a very long time. i had to ask nick, how does a star like bieber deal with this? what should they do? watch what he said. >> keep your family close to you. more than anything. justin bieber has an outstanding family and a good support system around him. so, you know, i've known justin since he was a preteen and the kid actually does have his head on straight. >> canon also told me he hopes these allegations are not true and i think, kyra, all the bieber fans certainly are hoping the same thing. >> i know. we hope it's not true. kate plus 8 plus a job. >> kate gosselin's got a new gig. she's blogging about coupons. when you have the family the size of kate gosselin only makes sense to know your coupons.
9:43 am starting november 22nd. lo look, the hire is working for them. she is posting about holiday shopping tips, gift ideas and how to stretch a budget for a very large family and when kate gosselin is talking about a large fa family, you need to take that. no matter what your financial situation is, there is no reason not to use coupons. it's like free money in your pocket. so, perhaps, kyra, kate has found her new calling. are you a coupon clipper? >> oh, yes. i won't lie, it wasn't until i had twins and now i'm a fierce coup coupon clipper. a.j., you can save a lot of money. a lot of two for ones. thanks, a.j. >> kate gosselin says, it's like money in your pocket. >> that's right, it is. right there. a.j. is going to be back next hour and talk about this controversy over the canadian rock band nickel back.
9:44 am
apparently performing during the half-time on thanksgiving day, but some fans say they want an american act, instead. a.j. will talk about it next hour. and one programming note, herman cain says rick perry's campaign leaked the sexual harassment allegations that we talked about all week. you can hear rick perry's reaction. he will talk to our john king. he actually sat down with perry in iowa. you can see it 6:00 eastern tonight on cnn.
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9:47 am
checking stories across country and the tiny indiana town of bethany park, the upcoming city election is pitting brother against brother. looks like charles and walt whirly will run against each other to be a member of the city council. all will choose which will represent them. residents of denver, colorado, digging out from their second snow storm of the season. another ten inches of snow greeted the mile high city yesterday morning. they got hit with six inches just last week. near birmingham, alabama, a vending machine that is a cut above the rest. a smart butcher. it allows customers to buy steak, sausage, even a tenderloin with cash, credit or debit card. well scientists have a chance to check out an aircraft size asteroid that is expected to do a fly by, well, past
9:48 am
earth, i guess next tuesday. meteorologist reynolds wolf has the low down. what's the deal? >> okay, the thing that is scary about it is not just the size, which as you mention, the size of an aircraft carrier, it will come close to the earth. believe it or not, 201,000 miles of planet earth and seems like it is a far way away, but actually closer than the orbit of the move around the earth. let's give you a shot of what this thing looks like. not too impressive for the time being, but that is it. size of a aircraft carrier and the way we're able to observe this, a couple ways. radio telescopes and this one happens to be in puerto rico, kind of interesting to see. this one you have over here. it is from the mohave desert in arizona. this thing is so incredibly effective it can take a peek at an object some 10 billion miles away from planet earth. pretty amazing stuff. let me show you this animation we have from nasa. as we pop this up, you'll get an idea. you'll see the earth which is
9:49 am
right in the middle and then the line that darts through the middle. not expected to make contact with planet earth, but if it were to strike the ocean, it could make an impact that would cause a 7.0 earthquake or possibly the same time create a tsunami that would be up to 70 feet in height and spread out about 60 miles from its impact zone. pretty interesting. again, not expected to hit planet earth but another path closer in the year 2092. i think we're going to be okako. maybe your grandkids will have some issues, maybe great-grandkids. >> you're thinking far ahead. >> long term. well, young football player doesn't let a wheelchair stop him from scoring a touchdown. wait until you hear about this inspiring story, next. ♪ ♪ walk, little walk ♪ small talk, big thoughts ♪ gonna tell them all just what i want ♪
9:50 am
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making news later today, there's a hearing for the man accused of trying to blow up the pentagon with a remote controlled airplane with explosives. that's at 2:15 eastern. the g-20 summit. and john mccain and joe lieberman will be honored at 6:30 this evening at the american patriot award. we're covering all kinds of developments. let's check in with mark. >> hey, kyra, herman cain yesterday accused a former campaign aide of leaking information that cain allegedly sexually harassed two former employees. that aide is now speaking to cnn in his first interview. i'll have more at the top of the hour. and i'm christi romans in
9:53 am
new york, following developments in greece and what that means for stocks but also following developments in the banking fee arena. yes, i have new bank fees for you. one bank in particular raising fees by $24 a month. i'll tell you about that at the top of the hour. i'm dan simon. more violence in open, california california. more smashed windows. fires. police respond. we'll tell you about it at the top of the hour. >> all right, guys. also next hour, john cutler knows about protesters. at the top of his career with the whole world watching, he and a teammate threw a fist in the air. it was black power. but john carlos paid a heavy price for that move. now 43 years later, he's backing another protest. occupy wall street. he'll tell us why in this hour. e they won't be beat. oh, actually... then i'd be like, you rule! and my kids would be like, you rule!
9:54 am
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9:56 am
let's talk about sports, shall we inspect the toronto maple leafs, the devil's goalie was coming back from an injury. he was checked. lupul scored three goals, there you go, just over seven minutes. it's the first time a toronto player, by the way, has scored three hat tricks in 3 is years.
9:57 am
lupul says it was special against a goalie going to the hall of fame. the leafs beat new jersey, 5-3. pat summit has a friend in nancy reagan. the former first lady wrote her and said i heard about your diagnosis of dementia and i wanted to reach out and say it's going to be okay. coach summitt says she's not slowing down anytime soon. she's in her 38th season leading those ladies to easily win an exhibition game on tuesday. it's a great season for the fairfield high school falcons. however, this one play erased all of that. fairfield and a rival team returned to the field as the last game ended for this play. a trick play. that young man in the wheelchair took the handoff and he went in for a touchdown. trenton has muffle muscular
9:58 am
dystrophy. the senior was elected to be team captain and sat at the coach's side for every single practice and every single game. two iranian soccer players are in big trouble for their version of the old pat on the butt celebration. jeanne moos has the score. >> reporter: giving your teammates a hand to celebrate does not include a hand on the butt, not in iran. call it a fanny patch, goosing, a butt squeeze, it's called immoral in iran. iran's most popular team was celebrating a goal. apparently it's okay to kiss, but don't try this. yikes. number 13 jumped. so the did the video to youtube. in slow motion and with a helpful arrow, number 13 was seen giving not quite as good as he got, a more subtle butt grab,
9:59 am
but nonetheless caught on camera. the two bottom pinchers got more than a spanking. the iranian football federation says both have been banned indefinitely for committing immoral acts. each member was fined. guy on guy contact isn't appreciated there. after all, remember what iran's president said. >> translator: we don't have homosexuals like in your country. >> reporter: here in the u.s., we don't penalized butt the grabbing. we honor it. take, for instance, the 25 greatest butt grabbing moments in sports history. out on a blog, more blatant the butt grab, the more popular. there are butt pat's between the sexes and between celebrities,
10:00 am
on the stage and in the movies. and on tv. >> good to have you aboard. >> and on friends, even among girlfriends. >> i never congratulate monica on a great stew by grabbing a boob. >> reporter: but the butt grab is usually a playful thing. he was trying to give this guy a colonoscopy. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. and at the top of the hour, thanks so much for joining us here on the "cnn newsroom." we have new developments in the herman cain harassment scandal. today, the attorney for one of the alleged victims says he will ask cain's former employer to lift that confidentiality agreement so she can break her silence. she wants to issue a written statement contradicting cain's claim that he did nothing wrorp,
10:01 am
but she doesn't want to be publicly identified. meanwhile, the stress from the presidential candidate is showing. >> don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, okay? don't even bother. and excuse me. excuse me. >> and cain is not just snapping at reporters. in an extraordinary twist, his campaign is now lashing out at republican rival rick perry. mark presston has reaction from the perry campaign adviser who is accused of leaking the allegations. joe, let's start with you. as early as today, we actually could hear from one of herman cain's accusers, right? >> right, kyra. well, sort of. joel bennet is the lawyer for one of the women at the center of this controversy. there has been speculation she will go public to clear the air and tell us specifically what behavior herman cain did that she was complaining about that apparently led to the settlement
10:02 am
more than a dozen years ago. however, mr. bennet had a long talk with the client last night, said she did not want to go public, does not want to become a figure, won't be doing interviews. although the attorney now apparently is asking the national restaurant association to approve some type of staims statement being drafted in his client's words that's supposed to be released to the media, important because there's a confidentiality agreement we've been talking about for days that the client apparently signed with the national restaurant association, participate of a settlement for this current avenue is to try to put something out there with the client puts something on the record, doesn't actually have to step into the limelight. meanwhile, there's the issue of the finger pointing over who leaked the story. the cain camp says it was the perry camp. the perry camp says no way. in fact, rick perry himself said no one in the campaign knew anything about that. and you've been hearing about
10:03 am
kurt anderson all morning. he was just on cnn a little while ago, worked for perry. there's another guy, too, a guy named chris wilson who is an oklahoma political consultant who is actually doing polling for political action committee that supports perry's campaign. wilson says he personally witnessed cain engaging in inappropriate conduct toward a woman while cain was the head of the national restaurant association. listen to this. >> i was actually around a couple times when it happened. it was only a matter of time. so many people were aware of what took place, so many people were aware of her situation and the fact that she left after this. everybody knew at the campaign without her campaign that this will eventually come up. >> chris wilson also dns continues leaking the story about cain to politico. there are a lot of people out there who have been asked about this, but if anybody did it, nobody is fessing up, kyra.
10:04 am
>> joe, thanks. the man that herman cain accuses of launching the so-called smear campaign is kurt anderson, a campaign adviser for rick perry. he sat down with gloria borger for his first tv interview and he says right here, he's not the leak. >> i didn't know anything about this. it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about, of course. >> political leader mark preston got anderson to come on. gloria gave you that shout out just moments ago. what do you think, did kurt anderson succeed as clearing his name? >> i thought he did very well in this interview, gloria, in defending himself. a very difficult position for kurt anderson. and the reason being is that curt anderson is being forced to go on national television to defend himself. he says he never had a conversation with herman cain, so now it's his word against herman cain's word about what
10:05 am
exactly transpired. it muddies the water, now, too, is that anderson recently joined the rick perry campaign. so in simple terms, it seems like he would have something to do with it. but i thought anderson was very believable this morning when he was on "american morning" for his first interview saying he didn't do it. >> so, mark, another thing that struck us was he didn't personally come out and criticize cain. let's go ahead and take a listen to what he said when gloria asked if, indeed, he thought the campaign or herm kwan cain was lying. >> well, i'm not here to add any more name calling to what's already a -- >> my characterization. is he not telling the truth? >> i'm not going to, you know, attack him in any sort of personal way or anything. i will say this. this has been -- you know, he's in a tough spot and it's very rough and candidates, when they get into a firestorm like this have, you know, sometimes come unraveled. >> all right. so, mark, what do you make of
10:06 am
that? >> you know, i think in many ways, anderson is right in that the cain campaign seems to be coming unraveled. their story has changed or at least evolved over the past few days. again, let's go back to someone is telling the truth, someone is lying. we don't even know if these allegations against herman cain are actually true, kyra. in many ways, he's defending himself against folks that are not being named at this point at a time when he's rising in the polls. so, again, a very difficult situation. puts us all in a difficult situation because we do not know who to believe. i have to say this morning, and, look, i've known anderson for many years. i thought he came across as believable the thunderstorm warning. the question is, who is telling the truth? >> mark preston, thanks so much. and you can hear rick perry's reaction to herman cain's story today. you can watch john king tonight at 6:00 eastern on cnn. gadhafi is buried, but
10:07 am
certainly not forgotten. former secretary of state condoleezza rice is now talking about the late libyan dictator and his crush on her. zain verjee is live with more on this salacious soup. >> this bear it out here, kyra. moammar gadhafi has a weird fascination with former secretary of state condoleezza rice. and the way she describes it in this new book of hers is that she headed off to the meeting. she was their first secretary of state, 50 years to even be on libyan soil. she said to herself, i'm going to get through this, it's going to be all business, do the diplomacy and that's it. she thought everything was going pretty well and all of a sudden, moammar gadhafi turns to her and says, i want you to see something. i have a video. and she thought, uh-oh. listen to how she puts it. >> quite extraordinary. >> yes, quite extraordinary. and weird and a bit creepy.
10:08 am
i had known that he had this fixation on me. a couple foreign minister friends told me and a couple of my staff. and so i was going to libya, my job was to go there. he had given us weapons of mass destruction. he had paid money to the victims. it was my job to go there, do a little diplomatic business and get out. so that's what i did. i have to say, i did have that terrible moment when he said that he had a videotape. i am just glad that it all is over. >> and she was glad that it wasn't -- she in any way. she sighed a big sigh of relief. but it was weird because there was a montage of pictures of her and the leader of france, her and vladimir putin and gadhafi told her she had had something composed for condoleezza rice called black fire in the white
10:09 am
house. he asked her to sing a few lines and she said no. >> don't blame her. thanks. well, big banks and debit card fees, that doesn't mean they've given up on getting more of your money, of course. christine romans is here with one of the banks' new charges. >> this is a big presence here in the oouts, td bank. they've always blamed new federal regulations that cap how much fee money and interest money they can get and the things that they can do to get more money. that means they're finding new ways. td bank says it's going to start imposing a $9 fee on savings account transactions once they exceed six per month. the company says after six a month, it costs them money on that ngt and they're fought going to eat that cost. they're going to pass it on to you. they're going to raise their fees for stop payment, wire transfers, certified checks and money orders. all of these, they're going to raise. so in total, starting in
10:10 am
december, it's $24 a month in new fees. the company says they're trying to get after. a lot of people are affected. they say they're going to educate consumers on how to avoid these fees. they say because of new american government regulations, it's inevitable. but they'll pass along some of those fees to you. it's interesting because just yesterday i sat here and told you customers matter and choo clock one up for the little guy because bank of america had rescinded its debit card fee. but banks are looking for ways to raise revenue and, of course, the money is in your pocket, it's in your bank account. we'll continue to tell you when the new ones pop up. >> thanks, christine. herman cain had been dchding himself against sexual ra harassment allegations all week long. where is his wife? gloria cain gets ready to stop into the spotlight and we're
10:11 am
taking a closer look at the woman behind the gop front-runner. silence in the streets of oakland. more from the latest flash point of the occupy wall street movement. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. ♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪
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checking stories "cross country," six days after the freak october snowstorm that nailed the northeast, officials in connecticut are fed up with feeling powerful. they're threatening to sue the power company that's been unable to restore electricity. look at that.
10:14 am
author dan putnam was awarded the medal of valor for going into a burning building and saving little jones. and the lieutenant governor went out for coffee and a paper, but instead, murray found a patch of black ice and totaled his state issued car. he's okay, but just to reassure constituents, he asked for a breathalyzer test at the crash scene, and yes, he passed. herman cain has spent his week defensing himself against sexual allegations issues. but his wife, gloria, stays out of the spotlight. blink, and you might have missed her when he announced he was running for president. >> this is my family, along with you. and i wanted you to see them because this thing is going to
10:15 am
move so fast, you may not see them much. so you better look quick. >> but now, it looks like she may break her silence. ta trisha murphy is an editor and contributor for the daily beat. she wrote the piece, gloria cain stands by her man. patricia, how do we know she's going to stand by her man? >> we know that from talking to friends of gloria cain who have told us that she is a woman that's very supportive of her husband, someone who has been very supportive but it's not something that she has wanted to be a part of so far. she did tell friends, though, that she knows at some point she'll need to be a part of it. she has a national interview scheduled for this friday. that interview is going to happen. >> it has not been canceled. >> and was it planned before all of this broke? >> there was a plan to roll her out at some point during the campaign. she had been talking to reporters to roll her out.
10:16 am
we don't know if the timing was coincidence dental. they allegations hit on sunday. it was announced on tuesday that she would come out and speak to reporters. >> and you got close to friends describing her in georgia. the she made the point to a friend specifically that she didn't want the politic toes interfere with the family and their personal lives, right? >> yeah want she puts her family first. she cooks sunday supper. herman cain is expected to be at supper every week. but she said when herman contain came to her and said i want to run for president, the only reservation she had was i don't want to be in the spotlight and i don't want this to hurt our family. this looks like it could be her worst nightmare just as the allegations are coming on her husband's character.
10:17 am
>> patricia, do you think she can make this scandal go away? >> no, she can't make this scandal go away. a lot of the problems we see with herman cain is not so much allegations, it's how he's handled these allegations. he's blaming other campaigns. he says he doesn't remember the allegations, now he does. there's nothing gloria can do to change the way his campaign has handled the allegations. but she can describe his character. that is the view that herman cain can put forward with his family. >> they've been married for more than 40 years. you know nothing is perfect in 42 years. and so, you know, i think what would you want to hear remember say? definitely you want her to be honest and straightforward. you kind of wonder, is she going to be like him? a plain talk person, puts it out there. >> exactly. she's been described to me, he
10:18 am
is the gregarious person in the family and she is the more quiet one, the reserved one. i think we're going to see that, but i think we also need to see somebody who tells us who herman contain is as a person. this episode has confused his supporters in terms of is he the herman cain that we know and love, straight talk out there, or is he the one who is denying and running away from allegations? >> does the family even know anything about it? and if so, how did they handle it and how was it dealt with? >> well, they have been through ups and downs and certainly this has to be a down. but this is a chance where she can come in and tell people, who is he as a person. we'll learn a lot when she starts talking. >> thanks. >> thank you. oakland is hoping to reopen its shipping port after it was overrun by protesters from the occupy movement.
10:19 am
overnight, police fired tear grass on the crowds after some folks threw rocks and shot fireworks at the officers. >> you're looking. >> they say several what is it like this morning, dan? >> these protesters talk about the 99% versus the 1%. we should point out that they have their own 1%. these are people who are intent on creating violence, intent on creating clashes with police. it was a peaceful event throughout the day. we saw this incident at the port of oakland. but it was peaceful over there. then, as soon as you had the sun go down, you had this 1% who came downtown and started smashing windows, setting fires,
10:20 am
setting off fireworks. and so the police had to respond and so that's why you saw the tear gas, that's why you saw these clashes with police officers. but we should point out that for the most part, this was a very peaceful protest, aside from the violence we saw last night. kyra. >> dan simon in oakland, dan, thanks. coming up, the postal service is broke. a group of senators has come up with a new plan to keep those mail trucks moving. we've got the details. you like the band nickelback? apparently there's controversy over them playing at the nfl thanksgiving game because they're not american. hey, i'm really glad we took this last minute trip!
10:21 am
me too. you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? fret not ma'lady. i have the app so we can t a great deal even at the last minute. ah, wellyesir. dolo free app and get exclusive mobi dls. be smart. book smart.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. now a financial crisis hits home for every american. jessica yellen is in france for the g-20 summit. we're hearing that greece's gocht could be toppled, the prime minister could resign and that's going to trickle us to us here at home, our markets and our banks. >> that's right, kyra. the greek prime minister has been in an emergency cabinet meeting that may or may not end in his departure. the situation is very fluid. this all started when the german and french leaders came up with this deal to help save the euro zone that involved a measure that would help rescue greece from the brink of default.
10:24 am
that is more for an oversight and that precipitated this crisis. the french and the german leaders said, if you put this to a vote and the greek vote no, greece is kicked out of the euro zone. so he is locked in this crisis. what happens in greece affects the rest of europe and that, in turn, affects us. but i'll tell you, u.s. officials are saying, you know what? greek politics is its own game. we're going to keep moving ahead. we're going to keep the euro deal is moving ahead regardless of what happens in greece. they're playing it pretty cool. but, kyra, there's a lot of tension, nonetheless. >> well, now the president has arrived there at the summit. what can he do, if anything, to help ease this crisis? >> you know, it's a great
10:25 am
question. the u.s. officials insist that the president is still the world's dominant leader and that nations around the world still look to the u.s. first for global leadership. but the truth is, when europe needed money to finance the central part of this deal, to finance their bailout fund to rescue europe, who did they turn to? years ago, they would have turned to the u.s. instead, they're turn to go china. and china may or may not come in, but that is a meaningful shift. what u.s. officials say they're doing is offering technical guidance because we went through a similar crisis during our 2008 bailout. so the u.s. can give advice on how to rescue banks, on how to go about the technical pieces of this and that u.s. officials are acts an intermediaries. but the u.s. influence around the globe is obviously diminished and you can see it here at the g-20 in this euro
10:26 am
zone talk. >> all right. thank you so much. now, imagine hearing this. every time someone calls your cell phone. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> that is herman kaib hot off the internet presses. sun life financialrating should be famous.d bad, we're working on it. so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley. do we still get to go skiing? sooner or later, you'll know our name. sun life financial.
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10:30 am
and herman contain wants an apology from rick perry. cain says a consultant tied to perry's campaign leaked the story pap perry adviser denies it. well, you can hear rick perry's reaction to herman cain's charges. john has an interview with governor perry. you'll watch it here, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. police buzz, your rapid fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. joining us today, robert zimmerman, patricia murphy and roy cain. herm yab cain keeps denying these charges and now he's smea. here is what newt gingerich had to say about it. >> if it turns out that they were republican presidential candidates, going out and creating this kind of story about a fellow candidate, that they would rapidly become an eye
10:31 am
and they would fire the people who did it, i would think that that is the kind of despicable behavior. that is the worst possible behavior. we republicans need to be unified to beat barack obama. >> and who is gaining and who is losing? robert? >> considering that newt gingerich acknowledged that because of his love of country, i'm not sure he's the best source to weigh in on this topic. but ultimately, in the short-term, rick perry, neither newt gingerich plans to benefit in the short-term and herman cain by this scandal and herm yab cain drops out. in the long run, mitt romney shows himself to be the only adult in this rather dysfunctional field, he seems to be the one who will benefit in the long run. >> will? >> i don't know if there are any winners, kyra. but the loser, potentially witness stand, has to be herman cain. although no poll s that yet.
10:32 am
these are still vague allegations on what is a heart crime to define, sexual ra harassment. that being said, herman cain has proven to be his worst enemy over and over and over, this issue, to abortion issues to whether or not china has nuclear weapons. herman cain is his own worst enemy. there's nothing other than their words to suggest that's true. >> patricia. >> obviously, herman cain has the most to lose here. and when he talks about this being some sort of a smear campaign, my answer is, of course it's a smear campaign. you're running for president. this is what happens on campaigns. put on your helmet and your pads and get out there, but this is what happens in these campaigns. permanently, i think in the short-term, obviously who has the most to gain is rick perry. he has sunk like a stone in the polls. if he can get herman cain off the stage, get himself back on the stage, that will obviously by a winner for rick perry.
10:33 am
>> all right, guys, second question, cain got testy with reporters yesterday. here it is. >> are you concerned about -- >> excuse me. excuse me. >> imagine this, now you can download the excuse me ring tone. and this question to you three, if you can replace your ring with any political catch phrase, would it be this or would it be something else? will? >> that's a good one. you know, at first i thought i'm going to go with barry goldwater from 1954. extremism in defense of liber is no bite and toleration in pursuit of justice is no virtue. then i thought, no, i'll go with ronald reagan, i'm from the government and i'm here to help. but in the end, i decided i would go with michele bachmann from the last cnn debate. anderson. anderson. anderson. >> i was getting nervous when will said the first one. i thought, oh, lord, is he going
10:34 am
all intellectual and deep on us? this is going to put us so sleep. robert, what have you got? >> he didn't go too intellectual on that one. i'll try to match him. if you want to hear a really good excuse me, go to youtube for steve martin on saturday night live when he did his character. that was one of the best. but we have to look no farther than cnn's own james covell having them do a ring tone that says, it's the economy, stupid. >> patricia. >> i will not go intellectual on this question. i will pick from the vast catalogs of rick perry one liners. it can go anything from live free or die to -- he has a great line where he says audios blank blank. if you can't say it on tv, that would definitely be on my cell phone. >> if you've seen "office space"
10:35 am
you know the song, it feels good do be a gangster. i guess we should have expected perry will make it at some point. >>. ♪ all i've got to say is you've got to get [ bleep ] ♪ >> so what do you think? is this the right song? have you guys got anything better? robert? >> this is right in my wheel house, kyra. thank you for choosing it for me. i went back to my ipod and did a lifeline to my office for help. and i came up with bit mo money mo problem by notorious. also bad romance. but i think -- but i think jay-z's -- darn it, i -- i
10:36 am
forgot that one. >> old white guys trying to be hip. next. will cain. >> i thought occupy wall street had a phone. i thought it was the cac phony bongo drums. this is a message we of the 99% didn't bring home enough and put it to the background with bongo drums. >> speaking of sitting in a park and because it is so cold out there, i would go i am rolling, hear me roar. >> oh, my goodness. >> i've got it, jay-z's big pimping. >> this is really frightening. >> we'll they'll stand for anything on wall street and occupy wall street. >> i'm singing all your tunes right now. all right, guys, the headlines out of europe, it will be changing by the hour.
10:37 am
investors are following each and every one of them. so is alison kosik. she's at the new york stock exchange. how is it playing out in the market? a lot of uncertainty, alison. >> a lot of uncertainty here. keeping the markets on their toes. stocks could get an initial joilt after the european bank, the ecb cut interest rates for the first time in two years. this is good news for investors. what this essentially does is lower interest rates, look to boost the small growth that europe is experiencing. there had been a lot of talk of another recession there. but don't be alarmed. i know you know this. events in greece are still the main focus here. even with everything so dicey, investors are clearly buying into the market. they're holding on to hope that an agreement will be worked out, but still, you're going to see investors today respond to every rumor, so spec stokts today to be a bit volatile, kyra. >> alison, thanks. up next, justin bieber
10:38 am
breaks his silence about a paternity suit that he's facing. bieber is sending a message to his fans. apparently some football fans are saying no to nickelback. they're scheduled to play at the halftime show on thanksgiving day. ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for her whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪ offer applies with enrollment in™.
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all right. justin bieber isn't talking to reporters about the paternity suit he is facing, but he is reaching out to his fans. "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer with what he is saying about the sweet, right? >> he's tweeting. not directly addressing the claims that this woman is making about him, but bieber is claiming that he just wants to focus on his music, he has a new album with christmas songs called "under the mistletoe."
10:42 am
here is what he's saying on twitter. all the rumors, the gossip, i'm gonna focus on the positives. but as for the paternity suit, we're not going to see the official court documents in the case because of bieber's age at the time of the alleged unprotected bathroom sex. he was only 16 when 19-year-old maria yietel alleged it happened. we are starting to see some stories about jeter having money issues. there were reports of food stamps when she was having sex with bieber. these paternity suits are nothing new, of course. last night i spoke with the host of "america's got talent." i had to ask nick just how a person like justin bieber should deal with something like this. >> keep your family close to you
10:43 am
more than anything. justin bieber has an outstanding family and a good support system around him. so as -- you know, i've known justin since he was a preteen. and the kid actually does have his head on straight. >> nick also told me that he hoel hopes the allegations aren't true. he also said justin shouldn't spend a whole lot of time worrying about it. it unfortunately comes with the territory. another story, the protests over the canadian band in this case nickelback. they said, hey, we want an american band. >> you have some detroit fans pretty upset that nickelback was chosen over a home grown audience. this city has a great musical heritage. if you think about it, it does seem a little strange to have a canadian band playing at a halftime show during a thanksgiving gay football game.
10:44 am
so the petition is on change. g this is what they'-- it's a relatively small movement that has started with around 1,500 signatures so far and it's being driven by some people who really just don't like nickelback and can't understand why they're so popular. make no mistake about it, nickelback is an extremely popul popular, extremely successful group. they've had 18 hit songs, according to their label, they've sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. they have a new album out and this would have been a great time for them to promote their songs. >> tragic. rock star, right, a.j. >> i do get the sentiment on thanksgiving day, though, what's keeping america going.
10:45 am
i understand that. i'm not saying it should be done one way or the other, but -- >> we'll follow it. thanks, a.j. if you want information, a.j. has it every night at 11:00 p.m. on hln. yet easy to use trading tools on the planet. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. e-trade. investing unleashed. to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan.
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we're used to seeing celebrations after athletes score a touchdown or a home run.
10:48 am
sometimes the guy will point to the sky. but we've never seen a celebration quite like this one at the british soccer match this week. and, of course, don is in london with the full story. >> kyra, this is one of those desperately tragic but somehow uplifting, heart warming stories. just to give you an idea of the emotional issue, i tried to tell my wife about this story last night and she wouldn't let me finish the story. this is about a football called billy schaab who tragically lost his baby son over the weekend. hits son, louis sharp was just two days old when he died. and you wouldn't have expected that this player, his father would be able to play football a few days later. but he phoned his manager up and said i want to play in the game. and he scored the most incredible goal in the game. it was a fantastic game. when he celebrated he lifted his shirt up and underneath he
10:49 am
lifted his shirt up saying, this is for you, son. he was so emotional afterwards, so pumped up about it. i should tell you, in british football, players often have messages underneath their shirts and they're penalized for it. but the referee in this occasion recognized the moment for what it was, he didn't book him and just what an incredible moment, kyra. >> absolutely inspiring. he had a hard time with that story. i think it's going to touch everyone's heart. >> we all know this iconic image from the 1900s. tommy smith and john carlos raising their hands during a medal ceremony at the olympics. john carlos is supporting another cause now. he will join us live right after the break.
10:50 am
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stories making news later today, 2:15 eastern in worchester, mass. a at the tension hear for a terror suspected of trying to blow up. and at 6:30 senators mccain and lieberman will be honored the american patriot award. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain.
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[ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. checking stories now across country, in the up to of bethany park, the upcoming city elections pits brother versus brother, charles and walt ps worley, they're facing off against each other for city council, giving all 46 registered voters a chose to which worley brother should represent them. and in denver, another ten inches of snow greeted the mile high city yesterday morning. and near birmingham, alabama, a vending machine that's a cut above the rest. it's called the smart butcher. check it out. xheshs buy the steaks, it's cash, debit and right out on the machine.
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>> rick perry gets pretty serious about wacky behavior. mark is in washington. mark, we talked about this video that pretty much became an online sensation. are we ever going to hear from rick perry as to what was going on during that speech? >> well, it was video, kyra. shows an animated rick perry. he has a lot of hand gestures, a lot of jokes. even jon stewart came out and said, look, he's drunk. rick perry told the san francisco chronicle yesterday that he wasn't drunk, that he's given thousands of speeches and the fact of the matter is, he was having a little bit of fun. but what's interesting about this, too, is that rick perry has to defend himself from allegations that he was drunk before giving a campaign speech. not something the campaign necessarily wants to deal with. but what i found something from rick perry is that he said,
10:57 am
look, i would have a glass of wine with jon stewart if he buys the glass of wine. maybe those two will sit down the next time he's in new york. >> he is a beer summit at the white house. what the heck? we'll see what's next. mark, thanks so much. we're going to wrap up the hour with an update now on the pepper spray that took place in occupy seattle. the protesters who actually disrupted the rush hour traffic. the protesters were also at a downtown hotel. demonstrators chanted, they got bailed out, we got sold out, referring to the government's loan to the firm in 2008, which brings us to seattle today. john carlos, he knows all about protests. let me take you quickly back to 1968. it's the summer games in mexico city. john and tommy smith received their melthd medal, full of pride, and as you can see here, the fist. black power salute during a medals ceremony.
10:58 am
john and tommy got their message across, but it cost them. john carlos talks about it in his new book, the john carlos sports moment that changed the world. now he's showing support again, but this time to occupy protesters in various cities around the country. john, i'm going to get to the occupy wall street movement in just a moment. but first, if you don't mind, quickly take us back to 1968. you're at the top of your game, you're an olympian. the whole world is watching. why did you choose that very moment to raise your fist for black power? >> well, you say black power, i say human rights mainly because i'm a black man, you say it's black power. had i been white, i don't think they would have calmed it black power. but in any case, i felt it was necessary to make a statement about the plight of people of color throughout the world. in terms of us being classified as second class citizens. we thought there was enough time that society would move forward
10:59 am
and try to make it a level playing field. we got to the point where we felt we were tired and waiting to hear, that statement, slogan, give us more time to make advancements. we sit back and think about slavery, what happens back in slavery time relative to what was happening in the 60s and relative for that matter what's happening in 2000. >> it's interesting one raise the point of black power versus power to all people, you know, human rights. when you did that, that moment, and you saw what happened, they stripped you of your model, looking back at it now, was it worth it? >> first of all, let's correct something. it's a fallacy. they've been announcing for the last 43 years that they've taken our medals away. they did not take the medals away. the medals weren't given to us. we earned those medals. this is propaganda that has been put on for the last 43 years to intimidate every young individual that might g


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