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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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olympic game and make them realize that i'm a citizen of this society, i have to stay forward and stay focused on that olympic gold medal. >> full disclosure here with you and our vufr viewers, we had a number of technical difficulties trying to get audio connection with you, so our time became limited. we're hitting the top of the hour and i want to thank you for joining us. i could obviously have a much longer discussion with you. there we go. i knew we were going to hit the top of the hour. fredericka, you were listening, too. there's so many more questions i wanted to ask him about because now he's getting involved with the occupy wall street movement protest, the games, the price that you pay. and he's out with a new booking about that, as well. >> he's a fan nating individual and still very relevant. maybe we can book him again. >> we would like to continue. he's a fascinating guy.
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all right. >> thanks very much, kyra. all right. let's get you up to speed for this thursday, november 3rd. investors on wall street are watching what's happening in europe and we're keeping a close watch on the markets and your money. stocks open higher after a decision by the european central bank to cut interest rates right now dow is up 94 points, but every little cent counts at the g-20 summit in france. president obama met with french president nicolas sarkozy to discuss the european debt crisis. >> i think it's no surprise that we've spent most of our conversation focused on strengthening the global economic recovery so that we are creating jobs for our people and stabilizing the financial markets around the world. the most important aspect of our task over the next two days is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe.
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>> the big part of the debt crisis is the drama playing out in greece. prime minister george papandreou called an emergency cabinet meeting today and rumors were circulating that he might step down. but reuters wire service is now reporting that papandreou won't step down and that he's ready to drop plans for referendum on the european debt deal. the tear gas was clearing over oakland, california, this morning, after a violent confrontation between police and occupy oakland protesters. police fired tear gas on several hundred people who were throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at officers. the violence followed a general strike that shut down some businesses and the port of oakland. then take a look at this.
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a car hit one of the occupy oakland protesters. the war tries to get through a crowded intersection. you can see someone banging on the hood of the vehicle there. then the car speeds up and hits the protester. the san francisco chronicle says two people were hit, a man and a woman with an ankle -- with now ankle and leg injuries. and banks got bailed out. we got sold out, that was the chant as demonstrators marched outside a seattle hotel last night. the ceo of jp morgan chase was speaking at an event inside. things got ugly after a shouting match broke out. pepper spray was used on some of the demonstrators. presidential candidate herman cain blames the campaign of a republican rival for his current troubles. cain is fending off allegations of sexual ra harassment during his tenure at the national
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restaurant association. he denies he sexually ra hassed anyone and accused the consultant to rick perry's campaign of leaking the story. the consultant says it wasn't him. >> there's two problems with that. one is i didn't know anything about this. so it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about, of course. the second problem with it is this. if someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, and you go out to blab it to other people, that's unethical and that's not the way i live my lye. hear what texas governor rick perry has to say about these allegations. he is on cnn's john king usa tonight scheduled for 6:00 eastern time. overseas now, new violence in sear kra. a day after the government promised to end its crackdown on protesters. activists say four people were killed in neighborhoods and homes. cnn can't independently verify the reports because of
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restrictions on news organizations. yesterday, the government agreed to stop all violence to protect syrian citizens. condoleezza rice says it was weird and a bit creepy that libyan leader moammar gadhafi had a crush on her. during the uprising, libyan rebels found a photo album with pictures of rice in gadhafi's compound. rice says during a video to libya, he played a video montage with her set to music. she tells piers morgan, she was relieved the video wasn't rauchy. >> it was my job to go there, do diplomatic business and get out. so that's what i did. but i have to say, i did have that terrible moment when he said that he has a videotape, i am just glad that it all came out all right. >> the group of 20 major economies begins its high profile summit on the french
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riviera. on the top of the agenda, greece and its crippling debt crisis. ali velshi is covering the g-20 summit. ali, this summit is being eclipsed by the potential for economic free fall. greece, what's at stake here? what is happening? >> yes. i am think it's not even fair to say i'm covering the g-20. the g-20 has interesting discussions going on that under normal circumstances i'd be telling you of these neat meetings going on about global growth and sustainability. forget it. the only discussions worth being had today are those being had about greece last night. the greek prime minister was here last night, he got an earful for 2 1/2 hours by the french president and the german chancellor. europe has been in a crisis for months. on october 27th, they came to a deal that was going to meet three goals. one of those goals, the biggest one was to stabilize greece. it's in a free fall.
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the greek prime minister says i'm holding a referendum. i'm not going to approve this. i'm holding a referendum. the greek prime minister went back, left cannes last night, he's been in a cabinet meeting all morning. there's been rampant speculation that after the meeting, he's either going to resign or call an election or announce a coalition government or something. we have people on the ground. we don't have confirmation of that. but the bottom line is, greece has to decide whether it's holding this referendum. if it does, it will be on december 4th. until it does that, everything is on hold. just to give you context, fred, what was supposed to happen here at cannes is that the europeans were supposed to come with this whole wrapped up package and meet with the chinese and the indians and all these wealthy countries and say, come and invest in us. help us out of this mess. now they have nothing to present. so everything going on in cannes right now is in a little bit of disarray, fred. >> oh, my goodness. let's talk about that ripple effect. it could be felt globally. it's not just an issue of greece
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and european nations. >> sure. >> but the whole world. >> yep. absolutely. >> that is an important thing for our viewers understand. you think it's greece, whatever, greece is the 32nd largest economy in the world. how impactful can it be? here is the thing. it's like lehman brothers. back before lehman brothers collapsed, most americans didn't know or care about lehman brothers. all of a sudden, this one investment bank goes down and nobody in the world wants to lend anybody any money including you for your house or your student loans or your small business. it's the same thing. if greece does not pass this arrangement that the euro zone put together, no one will lend these greek banks any money and everybody everyone rth back into this mold where we're worried that countries won't stick by their loans po take back. problem number two, if it slows the european economy down, europe is the biggest trading partner with the united states. we count on europeans to buy goods and services made in
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america. if europeans go into further issues, that costs us loans in america, jobs in america. greece is the most important country in the world today. >> ali, ordinarily, the united states would have leverage going into a g-20 summit. the u.s. has its own money problems, so wa kind of role might this president be able to play during this summit? >> you can imagine it's not going to go over very well for america. the problem with greece is they have an offer on the table. there's lots of money coming their way. they don't want the conditions attached to that money, or at least that's the issue they're going to be voting on. what the other europeans have said is if you vote this down in a referendum, we might throw you out of the euro zone altogether. basically, president obama can only watch what's going on. they can offer whatever advice they can, having gone through this in the u.s. timothy geithner is here. they've offered that.
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the line they've used today is this is an internal greek problem. but what happens in greece affects us all right now. >> ali velshi, thank you very much from a very windy cannes, france. here is a chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question, what constitutes sexual harassment? carol costello joins us with more on this. >> we are back there again, aren't we? 1991, clarence thomas, that coke can. you would think after all of that, we would know what student constitutes sexual ra harassment. >> we have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. it always ends up being an employee would can't perform or who underperforms and is looking for a little green. >> conseb ifr radio show hois laura ingram is talking about one of herman cain's accusers.
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she is under attack and, yes, so is herman cain. let's put politics aside and talk about a name that still confuses us. there are people now who hesitate to tell jokes to a woman in the workplace, any kind of joke because it could be interpreted incorrectly. women's advocates say sexual ra harassment is the number one issue in the workplace for women. it denies them equal employment opportunity. if they file a claim, it puts them in a no-win situation. do you want the legal did he definition? unwelcomed sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. but it can also mean making a sense of calmness about women in general to the point where it creates a hostile work environment. so our question for you today, what constitutes sexual ra harassment?
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violence in the streets of oakland, california. then, a new report linked with troubles concerns about a popular drug that helps people stop smoking. could chantix be doing more harm than good? and later, closing arguments get under way in the death trial of michael jackson. plus, we'll fill you in on how you can save $1,000 before the holidays. and a touching story of a high school football player who overcomes great odds to score a touchdown.
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you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. right now in cannes, france, you can see all the leaders there. the g-20 meeting is to try to resolve the world's debt crisis. they're all taking position there on the red carpet for what they call a class photo. but remarkably here what's upstaging this meeting to gather for talks on the global economy is actually the greek situation and what will happen to the greek economy as the prime minister of greece made his way back to athens to talk to this cabinet. but a issue whether he will take
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a pass on the g-20 recommendation of the financial situation for greece and, instead, take to the people of greece for a referendum. and there's the president of the united states, president obama there. and we'll continue to watch the developments coming out of the g-20 summit in france just after they take their class photo. all right. now, the latest in the occupy moveme movement. complete bedlam in oakland, california. police using tear gas and slash bang grenades early this morning after they say protesters shot fireworks and rocks at them. dan simon is there. dan, the pictures aren't looking like the things that are at all controlled, but instead, very chaotic. >> it was very chaotic.
11:17 am
they will set the scene for you here. we're in downtown oakland. this is a men's warehouse. you can see the windows smashed here. we're seeing evidence of this throughout downtown oakland along with a lot of graffiti. we should point out that these protesters like to say it's the 99% against the 1%. these are people who are intent on violence in that center for downtown oakland. this is a much different situation than what we saw last week. the police came in, told the protesters that they had to leave city hall. they were angry in that setup, that clash with police. this was a situation where they were clearly intent on creating mayhem in oakland. the people protest all throughout the day. the vast majority of these protesters were very respectful, marching throughout the streets. they shut that place down, that they were respectful about doing so. then as soon as the sun went down, at 12:30 in the morning,
11:18 am
you had people in the streets here with baseball bats, spray paint, all sorts of things and, of course, the police had to step in and in a dramatic way. >> wow. a new poll showing that there's growing support for the occupy movement, but i wonder if this kind of violence had taken place in oakland will reverse some of the public sentiment. >> you have to wonder. and that's one of the things that they had to be cautious about. you know, the people who are organizing these events, you know, are very clear and have thought about what their objectives are. they tell everyone, no violence. well, like we said, there is a little faction here, dozens of protesters who are defying that notion. in term of how long they will be here, it's an interesting question. the rainy season in the bay area begins next month. you have to wonder if they'll
11:19 am
with stand the elements. right now, the weather has been great. the weather has more time for the protesters to occupy city hall in the weeks ahead. >> yeah. something tells me if the folks in new york who are occupying without street are there in the snow and cold temperatures and somebody tells me the rain is not going to dampen the spirits of people out west, either. dan simon, thanks so much. a texas judge steps down after his daughter puts a video of him punishing her with a belt on the internet. we'll tell you the surprising reason that she posted that video. it's good. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played
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the greek debt crisis has
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spooked the marts markets in the u.s. lately. investors are keeping a close eye on the g-summit today. how are things looking right now? >> hey region fredericka, right now we've got the rally still ho holding. the dow is up 128 points. it's clear that the events in europe are keeping the markets on their toes. but i brought in here allen valdez to talk to us about maybe the average investor. with all the turmoil going on in greece and in europe, why are we seeing this rally the today? >> a lot of this is technical. it's light buying. it's not really a rally you can see, wow, the public is involved because they're really not. a lot of guys trade off the s&p number. that's the number. we always talk about the dow. that's 30 stock. but the s&p, that's 500 stocks. so if the program traders are a fast trader, they work off that number. right now, they're at 1279, 1250 is the point where if it breaks,
11:23 am
it could go higher. if it holds it, it may go lower. it's technical trading now, but, of course, the news out of greece is good. >> and let's talk about the news out of greece. with the markets being that if the question of the european debt deal, if it is put to greek voters, is the market thinking that greek voter res going to vote yes? is that why we're seeing so much green on the screen? >> that's one of the reasons. it's just basically at the end of the day it's a trillion dollars, we don't know where that money is going to come from. we don't know where the money is going to come from. but you know we're watching, also, that there's so many elections coming out, not only here in america, but in europe, the more investors, the more this thing gets bogged down. there are elections in spain, in
11:24 am
italy, in greece. so things could change so quickly over there that you see in the public staying in the background right now. >> and the u.s. obviously has its own issues. fed chairman ben bernanke coming out yesterday saying, we have to expect slow growth and unemployment staying high for some time. it doesn't really connect. >> it looks like it doesn't. but remember, this is more of a technical rally. it's more traders trading off the s&p, things of that number. you're seeing guys say, hey, let's guy this and then we'll get out. it's momentum trading, that's all. >> fredericka, trade carefully since this rally is questionable and if it will hold beyond today, tomorrow or the next day. >> thanks so much, allison. authorities are investigating a judge in texas after a video surfaced on youtube that shows him beating his teenage daughter. over and over with a belt. cnn's kyra philips has the
11:25 am
story, a warning some viewers may find this video very disturbing. >> lean over that bed. >> why? >> lean over that bed. >> the video is difficult to watch. it shows a texas father punishing his 16-year-old daughter for losing the computer to download video games. but that father, william adams, is a texas judge. who handles, among other things, family and you've knight nile cases. this happened seven years ago, in 2004, and the now 23-year-old daughter, hillary adams, posted it online. it's been viewed more than a million times. the outrage is causing judge adams to leave his post, temporarily. a visiting judge will take over his case load. judge adams could face criminal charges. police are investigating. >> we would need to see the original video.
11:26 am
we're always concerned with seeing an original. >> phone at the courthouse have been ringing off the hook. a fellow judge says the video is disturbing. and surprising. >> observing him in court, you would never think that he had any kind of temper. >> judge adams admits it's him in the video. >> in my mind, i haven't done anything wrong, other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing. i did lose my temper, but i've since apologized. it is a story and it will come out in due time. >> in a twitter post, his daughter says i'm feeling some regret for publishing the video. because to ruin my own father is heavy, indeed. she tells corpus christi tv station k.r.i.s. -- and not because i'm -- or anything like that. it's a hideous way to speak to
11:27 am
me. i just -- i cannot stress enough that -- >> kyra philips, cnn, atlanta. time for a quick check off stories making news across the country now. in texas, just south of dallas, police officer dan putnam is given the medal of valor and a very big thank you for rescuing a small child from a burn home who found jaden jones hiding beneath a bed saturday morning. >> the strength of god, something came over me and enabled me to put into that about three or four feet. in lancaster, ohio, senior trent glaze scores a touchdown in fairfield high school's final game of the season. he's the one in the windchill running a play called the 29th week. glaze says he dreamed of getting
11:28 am
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first, it's a popular drug that helps people quit smoking. but there's an alarming study that says the drug chantix is linked to an increased risk of depression, even suicide. a senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is with us now, more on this, elizabeth. so do smokers need to know more about chantix before taking it or does it mean someone has a certain disposition to something if they take chantix? >> you know, this is the latest in several studies about chantix. the previous studies showed that people who took chantix were more likely to have violent and aggressive behavior. they were more likely to have cardiovascular problems. now what this study shows is they're more likely to commit suicide or think about committing suicide. so they've looked at people taking all sorts of different therapies to quit smoking. 90% of the people who were having these problems were taking chantix. >> so what do the makers of
11:33 am
chantix say? >> we called them, pfizer. they said, look, just because someone takes chantix and try toes take chantix doesn't mean chantix caused the suicide. but the fda still says they believe this drug is safe and effective, although they have put a warning on it. >> so people take chantix because they're trying to kick the habits. what are the alternatives? if they happen to be someone where they notice their behavior is changing and they're starting to wonder about chantix, what are some of the alternatives with them? this is the message that i want the people to hear out of all of this. studies have shown there are other things that work as well as chantix and don't have these concerns. you don't have to take chantix. with smoking, there are lots of options out there. be an empowered patient and think about the other things you can do besides take this drug where there are some issues or alleged issues. first of all, pick a quick day
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and studies have shown that that really helps, i'm quitting on monday, february 1st. tell people that you're quitting. go to a support group of some kind. and also avoid -- get the cigarettes out of your haas. sometimes people will leave them there just in case. get them out of your house, get them out of your car. for a longer list, go to we have great information from the mayo clinic there about how to quit smoking and by the way, chantix, is that oral? >> it's a pill, yes. the defense and prosecution had their final say today in the dr. conrad murray involuntary man slaughter trial. jurors will have to decide if murray was criminally negligent in michael jackson's death. the jury expected in court in about a half an hour from now. casey is following the developments and is joining us now from los angeles. set the scene for us today.
11:35 am
>> reporter: well, there's a lot of interest in this case today here at the courthouse in los angeles. normally, folks who are interested in being spectators in this case line up for eight available seats. and there's been between 20 to 40 people lining up depending on the day. today, we had 61 members of the public lining up for those eight available seats. those eight lottery winners will join members of the jackson family who arrived earlier this morning, michael jackson's parents, two of his siblings, latoya and randy arrived. this crowd that you may be able to see behind me shouting justice for michael. there are supporters of dr. conrad murray outside the courtroom, as well. now, what the judge is going to do in about a half an hour, we expect, is he will give the jury instructions to the 12 members of the jury and that will be followed by closing statements from the prosecution and from the defense.
11:36 am
the prosecution is expected to argue its theory that no matter how michael jackson received that fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic, propofol, dr. conrad murray is criminally responsible for that because he violated in the prosecution's words the standard of care that is acceptable for administering that drug. the defense is expected to reiterate its theory that michael jackson was so desperate because of this upcoming world tour that he had, get rest for that important tour and he may have injected the propofol himself. expected that the jury could get the case as early as late this afternoon. we're expecting at the latest they'll start deliberating tomorrow. fredericka. >> interesting. so, casey, any idea how wrong each side has given in these final summations? >> the judge typically does not limit closing arguments. but the case is already running
11:37 am
longer than he expected it to. he's apologized to the members of the jury for that. and he is asking attorneys to get the closing arguments wrapped up by today at the latest. so we're expecting that that will happen. >> casey, thanks so much in los angeles. coming up in the next hour, a look at whether the prosecution met its burden of proof. a defense attorney will be joining us on her take with can rad murray and today's closing arguments. a soccer celebration goes a little too far. the folks in iran, you may be shocked to hear what happened when athletes pat each other's backsides. i habe a cohd.
11:38 am
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two soccer players in iran have been fined, suspended and scolded by government officials for doing something western athletes do all the time. here is cnn answers jeanne moos.
11:41 am
giving your team a pat on the butt, call it the butt squeeze, it's call immoral in iran. apparently it's okay to kiss, but don't try this. yikes. number 13 jumps, so did the video to youtube in slow motion with the helpful hair row. number 13 was also seen giving, not quite as good as he got, a more subtle butt grab, but nonetheless caught on camera. the two bottom pinchers got more than a spanking. the iranian football federation said both have been banned indefinitely from all football activities for committing immoral acts. talk about getting squeezed, each player was fined almost $40,000. a member of iran's parliament called it a very ugly thing.
11:42 am
guy on guy contact isn't appreciated there. after all, remember what iran's president there. >> translator: in iran, we don't have homosexuals like in your country. >> the laugh from the audience at columbia university. here in the u.s., we don't penalize butt grabbing. we honor it. take, for instance, the 25 greatest butt grabbing moments in sports history. on a blog, the more the butt grab, the more popular. there are butt grabs between the sexes and between celebrities, on the stage and in the movies. and on tv -- >> so on friends, even among girlfriends. >> i've never congratulated monica on a great stew by, you know, grabbing her boob. >> but even in the west, the butt pat is usually a playful,
11:43 am
gentle thing. but one person tweeted about the iranian player, he was trying to give this kie a colonoscopy. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. on to the race for the white house, no laughing matter. herman cain points fingers at a republican rival as cain deals with sexual harassment allegations. but first, gun ownership in the u.s. today is at its highest level in almost 20 years, according to the latest gallop poll. and what percentage of americans say they own a gun? 33%, 47% or 61%?
11:44 am
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now, i asked you, how many americanss own a gun? 33%, 47% or 61% snp the answer, 47% of americans today say they own a gun. that's the highest percentage since 1993. and the race for the white house, denials and finger pointing as herman cain deals with a sexual ra harassment scandal. the republican front-runner campaign is blaming rick perry's campaign for leaking information about the allegations. joe johns is at our political desk in washington. there are twists and turns every day in this story. >> that's for sure. a lot of embarrassing confusion, quite frankly.
11:47 am
one of the most interesting political stories is starting to emerge here is that it looks like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing on behalf of herman cain. he's still got supporters out there saying this controversy -- we don't know if it's a scandal or not yet. he still has people saying this controversy is the result of a liberal plot to take cain out. but the cain campaign has pointed the finger at conservative republicans, specifically, the campaign of texas governor rick perry. they singled out a guy named curt anderson who once worked for cain and basically accused him of being the guy who leaked the story. anderson did an interview earlier today and said, nope, it wasn't him. >> i'm not here to add any more name calling to what's already a -- >> my characterization. is he not selling the truth?
11:48 am
>> i'm not going to, you know, attack him in any sort of personal way or anything. i will say this. this has been -- you know, he's in a tough spot and it's very rough and candidates, when they get into a firestorm like this have, you know, sometimes come unraveled. >> come unraveled. that's an interesting item or phrase. politic politico, by the way, has not identified the official source of the story. >> so what's the story on the restaurant association, where it is on whether any agreement was reached or not? >> right. definitely waiting on that. the main guy to watch on this is a guy named joel bennet, a famous name just this week. the lawyer says there's controversy. there's speculation this client might go public, clear the air, tell us specifically what behavior by herman cain she was complaining about that apparently led to a settlement a dozen years ago or so. however, mr. bennet has a long
11:49 am
talk with the client last night, says she doesn't want to become public, doesn't want to become an anita hill figure and doesn't want to do any interviews. the attorney says he's going to ask the national restaurant association to approve some statement being drafted in his client's words. there's a confidentiality statement they've alluded to. the woman signed it with the association as part of the settlement and they're basically trying to, perhaps, get around the settlement and put some words of hers on the record. i was just in contact with the national restaurant association over the last half hour or so ago and they say they haven't heard anything from mr. bennet at all, so this is apparently a work in progress. >> interesting. so will the restaurant association say whether cain signed that agreement, as well, or is this an agreement signed strictly between those who are, you know, claiming these allegations and the restaurant
11:50 am
association? >> right. that is like the million-dollar question. who is a party to the agreement? who is it that has to shut up and who is it that can actually talk? i've asked that question all over the place and nobody will tell me. it's a secret agreement. is one things about the story. >> it is indeed. all right, thanks so much. we know the questions will continue to be asked. we'll see if we get any new answers in the coming i guess hours or days. joe johns, thanks so much. you'll want to hear what texas governor rick perry has to say about all these allegations that are flying around. he's on cnn's "john king usa" tonight, 6:00 eastern time. don't it make your brown eyes blue? a doctor says he can. the secret to baby blues and when you might be able to do the blues that you
11:51 am
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11:53 am
you've been sounding off on our "talk back" question, what constitutes sexual harassment. carol costello joins us now with more from new york. carol? >> you know what i've noticed from the answers today, fredricka? >> what? >> the answer to the he depends a lot on whether you're male or female. it's been very interesting. "talk back" question, what constitutes sexual harassment? this from irene. we have to thank anita hill had and other women for paving the way. adam -- people need to get thicker skin and not playing the race harassment cards whenever anyone does something they don't
11:54 am
like. jim -- don't say anything you wouldn't say to your mother or sister or wife and you should be fine. and keep your hands to yourself. george --vy found it just depend on who is performing the act whether a woman's feels harassed or not, whether she likes the person or not. i've come to that opinion after 32 years of having been in the workforce. please keep the conversation going, >> so carol, are your eyes blue or brown? >> brown. >> would you want to change your brown eyes to blue, like crystal gayle once sang about? >> when i was a little girl i remember wishing i had blue eyes. but now, i like my brown eyes. >> here's the tune. apparently, you can make that dream a reality to those of you out there who want to turn your brown eyes blue. a california doctor, greg homer, says can he do this with a laser, carol.
11:55 am
dr. homer says the procedure itself only takes 20 seconds and it takes another few weeks -- no kidding. it takes another few weeks for the full color change to actually happen. the technology is still in the testing phase, but dr. homer says it could be available in the u.s. within the next three years. he's going to be competing with all those contact lens companies, i guess, getting baby blues apparently will cost you some green. >> how much does it cost? >> yeah. well, it is going to cost you a little bit. around $5,000. >> is it permanent? >> apparently. >> really. >> that's what he says. >> i still wouldn't want to change my eye color. it would change who i am. >> yeah, of course it would. but some folks like to change their eye color and that's why they get color contact lenses. maybe do you that first, see if you really like that temporary color change, then you go for the permanent thing. >> maybe blue eyes change your life. i don't know. >> we'll see. maybe we'll hear.
11:56 am
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change. the national retail federation says the average person will shell out about $700 on presents this year. you could pocket that extra money for your savings. tocht hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. let's get you up to speed. greece is the word that's affecting the markets and your money today. investors are watching the financial and political drama play out in greece and the rest of europe. stocks are up after the european central bank's decision to cut interest rates but the uncertainty in greece is keeping investors on edge. on a positive note, the prime minister of greece is now backing off plans to hold a public vote on the european debt deal. the opposition party has agreed on the need for you a tart measures to deal with the country's financial crisis. presidential candidate herman cain blames the campaign of a republican rival for his
12:02 pm
current troubles. cain is fending off allegations of sexual harassment during his tenure at the national restaurant association. he denies he sexually harassed anyone and accuses a consultant to rick perry's campaign who leaked the story. the consultant says it wasn't him. >> one, i didn't know anything about this and so it is hard to leak something that you don't know anything about, of course. the second problem with it is this -- if someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, a friend, a candidate, a client, and then you go out and blab it to other people, that's just unethical and that's not the way i live my life. the smoke has cleared over oakland, california after a violent protest by occupy oakland protesters and police. police fired tear gas on several hundred people who were throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at officers.
12:03 pm
the fighting last night followed a general strike that shut down some businesses and the port of oakland. banks got bailed out, we got sold out. it was their chant as antiwall street demonstrators marched outside a seattle hotel last night. the ceo of jpmorgan chase was speaking at an event inside and later things got ugly after a shoving match broke out, police used pepper stray on some of the demonstrators. new violence in syria a day after the government promised to end its crackdown on protesters. activists say four people were killed in neighborhoods and homes. cnn can't independently verify the reports because of restrictions on news organizations. just yesterday the government of president bashar al assad agreed to stop all violence to protect syrian citizens. condoleezza rice says it was "weird" and a bit "creepy" that libyan leader moammar gadhafi
12:04 pm
had a crush on her. during the uprisings libyan rebels found photo albums of pictures of rice in gadhafi's compound. gadhafi had played a video man taj to her set to music. she tells piers morgan is relieved the video wasn't raunchy. >> it was my job to go there, do a little bit of diplomatic business and get out. and so that's what i did but i have to say,dy that have terrible moment when he said that he had the videotape. i am just glad that it all came out all right. >> meantime, overseas the g-20 summit is under way in france. the big focus, however, is greece and the hard-won deal to res skew its economy. ali velshi joins us now from cannes. jim baldwin is standing by in athens. ali, all the surprise developments coming from greece have thrown g-20 leaders into full-on crisis mode but maybe they are a little relieved to hear that greece, or at least
12:05 pm
papandreou is having second thoughts. >> well, i got to say, fred, either you've been anchoring for about 12 hours or this has been the busiest couple of hours that i've been involved in reporting in a long time because it looks like a collective sigh of relief is being breathed here at the g-20. jim would know better as to how definite these new rumors are but we've been living on rumors for the past 18 hours and now the report is that papandreou is going to pull back off of the idea of a referendum of the greek people on this european bailout situation because he's getting support from one of the opposition parties. what that's done -- there just hasn't been attention at the g-20 on things the g-20 is sp s supposed to be about. angela merkel and nicolas sarcozy were here last night. everybody's been focused on greece. if greece, which is only the
12:06 pm
32nd largest economy in the world. if greece were to mess this whole thing up, it could throw europe back into some kind of a recession and could have an impact on the rest of the world on markets, on the ability to get a loan and on jobs because european demand would shrink and american products and services would be in lower demand. so there's a sense that they came here to discuss global growth and regulation and that was sort of set off track. there's a bit of a collective sigh of relief that maybe things are going to get back on track in greece again and the g-20 can get down to the business they were actually supposed to do. so definitely things feeling a lot calmer than they were just an hour ago, fred. >> oh, my goodness. okay, we'll see what happens next time we speak because there could be yet another development. ali velshi, thanks so much. meantime, investors here state side are keeping a close eye on what's taking place in france. alison kosik is with us now from the new york stock exchange. is there a ripple effect already that will may be some relief
12:07 pm
that's coming by way of the new york stock exchange as well? >> it is one of the reasons why you're seeing this rally hold on. at least for the dow up 109 points. nasdaq, s&p also in the green. sure, you're watching investors keep tabs on every headline out of europe as well. within the past hour as you heard, papandreou backed off holding that public referendum that he would put it to the people for a vote on the european debt plan. and that of course left the debt plan in question. well now the debt plan could be back on the table and what that plan would wind up doing is cutting greece's debt, stabilizing the eu. but as we see it and as ali's been saying, this is something that's changing minute by minute. big question now is on papandreou's own future. there's a confidence vote coming up tomorrow so you're going to see investors, stocks react to each headline. don't expect a definitive direction market wise until greece is under control. but also helping the gains today, the european central bank cut interest rates for the first
12:08 pm
time in two years. the ecb is sort of the equivalent of the u.s. federal reserve and that's good news for investors because that's meant to boost growth in europe which it so badly needs at this point. >> so i wonder, while greece is set to get its next bailout installment from the imf an eu this month, is that in jeopardy as they try to figure out or -- whether there will be this referendum or not or greece accepts the deal? >> you ask a great question. you know what? we're not sure. france and germany and greece were all playing chicken. france and germany said that if greece insists on holding a public referendum on last week's bailout, it is not going to give greece one penny until the referendum question is dealt with. well, now that greece is calling off the referendum which literally was just announced, it could mean that $8 billion. euro bailout is back on. so the fact remains, greece still needs to pay its bills.
12:09 pm
the markets, world leaders want answers on greece because the uncertainty continues to hit the european economy. the european central bank president said that europe will go into a mild recession by the end of the year so that is even more disconcerting. of course tease events are playing out minute by minute. we'll keeping tabs on all of it for you. let's go to athens, greece and find out what the latest might be. let's check in with jim boulden. so can you try and clarify for us whether the prime minister will set this referendum in place or whether indeed he has backed off that? rr fredricka, what's happening right now is the prime minister is speaking to his party in the parliament building right behind me. literally he is on national television explaining to his party an to the people exactly what he's going to do he's been talking for about ten minutes.
12:10 pm
we haven't heard him say exactly yet. but it seems to be that he's trying to create some sort of national coalition government with the opposition parties and there wouldn't be a need for the referendum. we need confirmation from him whether he intends to go ahead with that referendum. he has a wafer-thin majority of two at the moment. right now he's explaining to his party why he's done that. we should hear any moment now whether the referendum will go ahead. it seems unlikely but things have changed every hour here today. >> while we await the prime minister's decision on that, jim, can you give us an idea whether in general the greek people are throwing their support behind the prime
12:11 pm
minister or do they like the idea what have european leaders have proposed? >> this has been an absolutely fascinating. he shocked the people here in greece as much as he shocked the eu leaders about this idea of a referendum. you would think most people would be very happy to go to the polls and give their opinions. this is greece, after all. the home of democracy. right? people were furious because they said the politicians made this decision. the politicians put us in this position. it is your job to sort this out. and then some people said to me, frankly, blackmail. now you're going to tell us it is our job to vote and to tell you whether we like what you've been doing. well, you can have a confidence vote. you can vote people in and out. what most people said to me is they didn't want a vote on whether they should be in the euro or out of the euro. that's for poll tigs to decide. then we'll decide whether to kick you guys out. that's where the controversy here came in. even members of his own party thought he was absolutely crazy to ask people to vote on that. >> interesting.
12:12 pm
fiery times there in athens, greece. jim boulden, thanks so much. here's a rundown of some of the stories we're covering right now. next, a testy encounter as republican presidential candidate haermen cain depends himself against sexual harassment allegations. then closing arguments in the michael jackson death trial are getting under way. we'll go live to los angeles. plus this -- police and occupy wall street protesters clash in oakland, california. and a texas judge is under investigation after a video surfaced on youtube that shows him beating his teenage daughter. and we'll take a closer look at some cheating scandals that have rocked school districts across the country. the employee of the month is...
12:13 pm
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mouth wetting lonzenges - guaranteed effective on all types of bad breath and dry mouth. nothing works faster than therabreath. visit in the race for the white house, denials and finger pointing as herman cain deals with a sexual harassment accusations. at least two women have accused the republican front-runner of harassing them in the 1990s when he was head of the national restaurant association. there was some testy exchange yesterday in alexandria, virginia, as reporters asked cain about the allegations. take a listen. >> i'm here with these doctors and that's what i'm going to talk about. so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about. okay? don't even bother. >> but are you concerned about the fact that these women do -- >> what did i say? >> are you concerned about --
12:16 pm
>> excuse me. excuse me! >> cnn's joe johns is at our political desk in washington. joe, there are more twists and turns with this story at every moment. what is the latest now? >> yeah. we've been following the finger pointing. who's the person who leaked the story and it is kind of important, because if it turns out that it was a conservative who leaked this story, it sort of really puts a big hole in that theory that this was like a liberal drive-by on a conservative candidate. anyway, the finger pointing's pretty interesting also because herman cain said a guy named kurt anderson who used to work for him but is now an advisor to presidential candidate rick perry is the guy who put the story out there. but anderson has already taken his point of personal privilege, going on tv, cnn, by the way, to say he didn't do it. also, praising herman cain at
12:17 pm
the same time and using some pretty interesting language, if you will, to characterize cain's decision to start pointing fingers. listen to. . >> he's in a tough spot and it's very rough and candidates when they get into a firestorm like this have sometimes come unraveled and it seems to me that they're kind of grasping at strauss and fishing around trying to figure out what to do, how to get out of this and it is a lot of stress. i mean these guys are under tremendous stress in these situations soar that floundering and maybe it is a diversionary tactic or something. >> so, who did it is anybody's guess. it is the million dollar question. but perhaps more important is what is it that herman cain has spent this week defending himself from? you know, we've heard his defense. but what we're really waiting to hear is from someone who can tell us what he was accused of in the first place to get this
12:18 pm
whole controversy starred, fred. >> right. where is herman cain today? we saw the clip of him in alexandria yesterday and that exchange with reporters. then he went on to capitol hill where he was met with more reporters, of course. but where is he today? >> no public statements today. what we do know is that he may very well do a radio show of some type -- some time today. he is still in washington, d.c. and this evening around 6:00 we hear he has a private reception. so he's not nearly as visible as he was in the earlier part of the week and there's been speculation that perhaps some of the people with the campaign, even his lawyers, told him need to tamp it down until we find out who's going to say what in the days and weeks ahead. >> any credentials being allocated for that event this evening. >> it's at a private club, one of the big clubs in washington, d.c. you know down sort of off of embassy row in washington, d.c.
12:19 pm
to my knowledge, there's not going to be a mass of media crawling around in there yelling questions at herman cain. that's my questions. >> this is washington. they'll be outside if they aren't inside. joe johns, thanks so much. of course you're going to want to hear what texas governor rick perry has to say about all these allegations involving his competitor, herman cain. rick perry's going to be on cnn's "john king usa" tonight at 6:00 eastern time. in light of the allegations against herman cain, we want to hear from you. today's "talk back" question -- what constitutes sexual harassment? tell us what you think at we'll read some of your responses coming up. for most americans, wages have not gone up a whole lot lately but some corporate executives saw huge pay hikes. this ceo got a $23.6 million raise last year. what were the two highest wage
12:20 pm
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12:23 pm
we asked you what the two highest pay raises were for ceos in 2010. you ready for this? objection de oxidental petroleum ceo. but the highest went to viacom's ceo. his pay rose to $55.5 million. what's with all the "gs"? i'm not talking about money. we're talking about the g-20 which is going on right now. plus the g-8 and the g-5. you name it. michael holmes breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: there are so many "gs" out there, it is easy to get confused. there was actually a g ln 5. then there was the g-6, the g-7, the g-8, now there's the g-0.
12:24 pm
the gs really started in 1975 when you had six countries get together. that was the g-6. you had the u.s., the uk, germany, france, japan, and italy and they were the first. they were the six. they got together actually to talk about what was then the oil crisis that was going on and to have a bit of a confab about it. from there it became an annual thing. they found it worth while to continue this on. the next year they added canada so it became the g-7. a little bit later on russia came along and was admitted and there you have your g-8. the groups have always attracted critics and in many cases we've seen in the past violence as well, protesters from trades unions to environmentalists and anarchists as well. a lot of the more extreme
12:25 pm
protesters blame the members of the g-8 for pretty much all of the world's ills from debt and poverty in africa all the way through to global warming. and they show up pretty much to make their voices heard and say that it is an aen knack kronistic group, elite group, that actually far from solving some of the world's problems is causing a lot of the world's problems. another criticism the g-8 has faced is that it is not really representative of the world's great economies. there are those who say you got canada in the g-8, but at the same time you don't have india. you don't have china. because partly of that criticism we saw in 1999 the formation of the g-20. they added in another 11 countries. and to be more inclusive, countries like australia, there's a bunch of others. and 11 and 8 equals 19. what's the 20th? the european union. they come along for the ride as
12:26 pm
well and they also meet every year and discuss things. now this is not a meeting of world leaders. this is a meeting of finance ministers and the governors of banks and they get together. it is a financial basis to the meeting. and if you needed another "g," it's the g-5, the brics, russia, brazil, india, china and south africa and they meet as well. you've got qgs" all over the place. >> geez! michael joining us right now. so do all of the members of say the g-20 have an equal voice? >> well, they do really. i mean it is important to note we are seeing world leaders. it started off being finance ministers and heads of banks going to the g-20. we're seeing presidents an prime ministers now an that's because of the importance since the global financial crisis. but they do have pretty much a
12:27 pm
common voice all the members. they have no formal powers and they don't formally vote on issues. this is all pretty much done by consensus. i think of it as sort of an international steering committee. it was when the global financial crisis hit but. saw it come into its own. they did did some coordinated economic policy moves which was seen as good. but as i explained in the piece, a lot of people see it as a bit of a talk fest as well. and that they -- they actually work better in times of crisis than they do when things are quiet. >> it seems to be hammering out smoothly. >> if one of the big boys decides to do something that's against the interests of the smaller countries, there's nothing they can do about it because it is not that structured. it is just met to be a bit of a conversation and perhaps a policy directing group. >> this is the class photo from today actually. happened a few hours ago. i wonder if there is a real star of the joe. even one of the previous images
12:28 pm
that we saw. we saw president obama walking by and it was as if all eyes were turning to look at him. does there become kind after star of these g-20 summits ever or just depend on what the global or economic climate is? >> obviously you'll have your bigger countries like united states is always going to afrakt a little more attention. in this case with the european debt crisis you've got angela merkel of germany and nicolas sarcozy of france taking center stage as well. it is mortgage to be a sort of more democratic grouping. it is interesting in the time it's been together membership has not changed at all. when they formed it they formed it based on a number of things, like geography, australia down south an the americans and europeans, spread it out. population also the strengths of the various economies. they wanted to get a grouping that was reasonably representative after the criticism that the g-8. interestingly enough, the g-20
12:29 pm
countries produce 90% of global economic output, four-fifths of world trade come from these countries. two-thirds of the world's population are in the g-20. >> so while it appears there's potential to add on, countries don't drop out. >> no, you don't drop out. there is criticism that it is still not increase you have enough and that decisions that these 20 countries take in terms of policy direction impact the rest of the world. others say you've got to keep it small to keep it nimble so it acts quicker as it did during the economic meltdown that very nearly occurred. and so keep it smaller, keep it able to act faster rather than have like a u.n. that plods along at a snail's pace. >> with a few hundred. >> yeah. little background there. >> thanks. i loved it. i liked the funky music. >> i was feepg the lava lamps and everything. thanks, michael. a house panel. this country now voted a short time ago to subpoena the white
12:30 pm
house for documents related to the bankrupt solar energy company solyndra. the company got more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees but went belly-up in august. president barack obama promoted solyndra in a highly publicized visit last year. some republicans have questioned the white house's relationship with that company. a source says the white house sent 2000 pages of e-mails to capitol hill last month. a house subcommittee voted 14-9 today in favor of issuing subpoenaing for more internal documents. let's take a quick look at the markets right now. dow encouraging right there. up 135 points. we will keep a close watch on your money and the markets.
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
here's a rundown of some of the stories we're covering next. closing arguments are taking place in the michael jackson death trial. we'll go live to los angeles. and then to oakland, california. violent scenes as police clash with occupy wall street protesters there. plus, a texas judge is under investigation after a video surfaced on youtube that shows him beating his teenage daughter. to los angeles now. jurors are back in court to consider closing arguments in the conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial. they'll have to decide if murray was criminally negligent in pop superstar michael jackson's death. casey wian has a look at what has happened in court so far. >> allow the entire question -- >> reporter: dramatic moment at the dr. conrad murray manslaughter trial, including an audiotape of michael jackson slurring his words.
12:34 pm
>> -- he's the greatest entertainer in the world. >> reporter: an disturbing pictures of the singer's dead body. in court, a procession of murray's former girlfriends and the constant presence of jackson family members. outside, supporters of both side. several prosecution medical experts testified about the dangers of treating jackson's insomnia with the powerful anesthetic propofol, especially outside of a hospital. murray declined to take the stand. former patients did. >> i'm alive today because of that man. >> do you have an opinion about whether dr. murray treats his patients with care and caution? >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring. >> reporter: prosecutors clashed with medical experts for the defense which sought to portray jackson as a drug addict who could have injected himself with propofol. >> is there a reason why it is so difficult for you to answer my questions and it was so easy for to you answer mr. chernoff's? >> objection, argumentative. >> sustained.
12:35 pm
>> the judge fined dr. white for suggesting that michael jackson had his own supply of propofol, an allegation not in evidence. the prosecution also extracted a seemingly key concession from dr. white, that he never would have treated jackson the way murray allegedly did. >> if michael jackson had come to you, dr. white, and indicated that he would like to hire you to administer propofol to him to put him to sleep each night in his bedroom, would you do it? >> absolutely not. that would be a job that i would never consider accepting. >> murray faces four years in jail and the loss of his medical license. >> casey wian joining us live now from los angeles. so what's the timetable, casey, on when the jurors get to hear those closing statements today? >> it's going to happen very soon, fredricka. as we speak right now, the judge is wrapping up his final instructions to the jury, telling them what they need to do to convict dr. conrad murray
12:36 pm
of manslaughter. they have to come up with two -- they have to come up with an agreement unanimously on two prosecution theories. one is that murray committed a lawful act with criminal negligence. that means that he gave him propofol -- lawfully gave michael jackson propofol lawfully but was negligent in doing so because he did not meet the standard of care for administering that powerful anesthetic. the other option is that he had a -- did he not perform a legal duty and he was criminally negligent in doing so. and that goes to the issue of not calling 911 immediately after michael jackson was seen to be in trouble and also the fact that he left the room after administering that dose of propofol to michael jackson. the judge has also instructed the jury that even if they agree with the defense's theory that michael jackson may have administered the fatal dose of propofol himself, they can still find dr. conrad murray guilty of
12:37 pm
manslaughter if it was foreseeable that michael jackson would have injected himself. so we're expecting it to go to the jury perhaps later this afternoon, fredricka. >> casey wian, thanks so much in los angeles. so the jury's decision in the conrad murray trial hinges on whether the prosecution met its burden of proof. a criminal defense attorney holly hughes is here right now with a breakdown of how both sides might score some points in these closing statements. so the prosecution will go first? >> yes. >> so the prosecution has to try and tie the pieces together that conrad murray was criminally negligent. how will they do that effectively? because it is these last word, these summations, that will really kind of sit, rest, with the jurors. >> that's exactly right, fred. it is what we call the law of primecy and rekrency. people tend to remember the very first thing they hear an the very last thing they hear. that's where the defense is at a disadvantage in these criminal trials because not only does the prosecution go first, then they
12:38 pm
get to come back after the defense and go again. so they're going to have two bites at the apple, as it were. they'll go, ed chernoff will close, then they'll get back up and finish. what they're doing is sewing together all these pieces of evidence into a tapestry. when they're done they're going to say this picture we've woven for you is guilty. think about it. how long ago did we hear the testimony about the girlfriends, he's on the phone while michael is in the ambulance. and so we don't remember those things and so the prosecution is going to go back and pull all those little pieces out and say, remember when they testified that dr. murray was up there cleaning up the scene when michael's body was in the ambulance? he could have put that iv tubing in his coat. remember the girlfriends he? 's on the phone with one when michael allegedly dies. he's on the phone with another when he's in the ambulance with michael's body. >> they have to weave a story. >> they're going to pull it all together, remind of jury of what they heard and hammer it home.
12:39 pm
>> the defense then has the burden of trying to dispel all of that and then possibly go back to their claim that michael jackson injected himself, administered that fatal dose himself. >> right. and it is tricky to be a defense attorney because when you want to do, you don't want to give too much weight to the state's evidence, because you want to say, they didn't even meet their burden, this isn't beyond a reasonable doubt, and here is why. so you want to poke little holes but you basically don't want to chase them putting out their fires. you want to put up why it is reasonable doubt. that's when you call back the testimony of your own experts and you say, you heard dr. paul white say, and he is the foremost expert on propofol -- this isn't the level of carelessness or bad care that rises to criminal conduct. they're going to bring up ruby moseley. remember her? very no-nonsense, lovely woman. she wasn't going to change her mind. miss ruby knew what they knew, she was sincere, told the truth,
12:40 pm
this man was great doctor, another patient said he saved my life. lastly, the defense will tread likely but they'll have to say michael did this to himself. >> quickly, yes or no -- is this going to be difficult for the jurors? >> not if the prosecution lays out the law clearly and tells them why the evidence meets the burden under the law. >> interesting. holly hughes, thanks so much. >> thank you. have you seen this? of course have you by now. looks like a war zone. right? it's right here in the usa. that's oakland, california early this morning. we are live next. should be famous.cial we're working on it. so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley. do we still get to go skiing?
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12:43 pm
the occupy movement boils over in oakland, california. police shot tear gas, shot bean bags and police say the crowd
12:44 pm
shot fireworks at them and pelted them with rocks. dan simon joins us now from a much calmer looking oakland right now. but still a lot of damage there. >> reporter: a lot of damage and a lot of vandalism, fred. this is one example. this is a dental center in downtown oakland. lot of businesses, workers came to work this morning, saw their windows looking like this. we've seen a lot of smash windows an we should point out that this protest that continues to make headlines, in part because of the vandalism that you're seeing here today. but we should point out that they talk about the 99% versus the 1%. but this group of protesters, they also have their 1% and these are the people who are intent on creating, stirring up violence in the streets of oakland. this was a peaceful protest that we saw yesterday. we saw lots of marching throughout the streets. people protesting at banks, going to the port of oakland, actually chu lly shutting it do
12:45 pm
they do so peacefully. after the sun went down we saw dozens of these anarchists coming out into the streets trying to incite the police and they succeeded in their mission. police came out. you saw these ugly pictures with tear gas, bean bags being shot at them, and so we want to point out, fred, that the vast majority of these protesters acted responsibly but you do have these protesters who are intent -- whose intent to really to incite the police and they succeeded. >> dan simon, thanks so much from oakland, california. a family court judge in texas admits to beating his daughter. we'll show you the stunning youtube video that has exploded on the internet. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp...
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12:48 pm
authorities are investigating a judge in texas after a video surfaced on youtube that shows him beating his teen daughter over o and over with a belt. cnn's kyra phillips has the story and a warning now -- some viewers may find this very disturbing. >> bend over that bed. >> dad. >> bend over that bed. >> the video is difficult to watch. >> bend over the bed! >> it shows a texas father punishing his 16-year-old daughter for using the computer to download video games. but that father, william adams, is a texas judge who handles, among other things, family and juvenile cases. this happened seven years ago in 2004. and the now-23-year-old
12:49 pm
daughter, hillary adams, posted it online. it's been view more than 1 million time. the outrage is causing judge adams to leave his post temporarily. a visiting judge will take over his caseload. judge adams could face criminal charges. police are investigating. >> we need to see the original of the video. we're always concern with seeing an original when possible. >> reporter: phones at the courthouse have been ringing off the hook. a fellow judge says the video is disturbing and surprising. >> observing him in court, you would never think that he had any kind of temper. >> reporter: judge adams admits it's him in the video. >> in my mind i haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and i did lose my temper but i've since apologized. it looks worse than it is. there is a story. it will come out in due time.
12:50 pm
>> reporter: in a twister post his daughter says i'm feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy indeed. she tells corpus christi tv station kris -- >> i'm very relieved these things have been brought to life. not because of the seeing my father burned. i cannot stress enough, i cannot repeat myself enough that he just needs help. >> reporter: kyra phillips, cnn, atlanta. >> the pressure to cheat in the classroom. we'll break down which schools are facing investigations. and what every parent needs to know.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
after a massive cheating scandal and fighting on the school board, there is a little bit of good new for atlanta public schools. it is off probation. meaning its schools are still accredited and its board can move forward, but the school system still has to recover from one of the biggest cheating scandals in history, and it's not the only one, by the way. cnn's carl azuz is going beyond the headlines here. carl, we're talking about school districts that have been facing a lot of problems. >> this cheating thing is coast to coast. when we started reporting on the atlanta public school scandal over the summer, we said at that time it was the biggest in american history. it wasn't going to be the only one and, unfortunately, we were right. there are accusations right now going on in pennsylvania and they have to do with something calls erasers. erasures are when wrong answers on the test have been erased for the right ones.
12:54 pm
60 schools had suspicious results on standardized tests. they are blaming erasures for that. washington, d.c. is highlighted. "usa today" investigation found more than half of the district's public schools had higher than average erasure rates there. in l.a. going out to california now, there was a charter school soldier last year. principals somehow acquired state tests at a group of charter schools. they required teachers to look at these tests and then teach students what was going to be on them that led to the closure of six charter schools in los angeles. and then new york, board of regents is banning the practice of allowing teachers to grade their own tests. that's something that teachers used to be able to do, their own students's tests. now that practice is gone because some are saying erasures might are been a factor there as well. we've seen it coast to coast. texas had one a couple of years ago. it is pretty widespread. >> we're talking about educators that are accused of erasing and changing the answers. not talking about students who said, i'm going to think again
12:55 pm
about that answer. so what are these educators -- or what is the suspicion as to why these investigators are allegedly cheating? >> there are a lot of ideas why educators cheat. the reason is from state to state and district to district school systems are so different. but there are some pressures that all american schools face. some things they have in common. one of those involves culture an competition. in atlanta public schools they say culture was the reason for some of the cheating there where teachers were pressured or punished if they didn't take part. other people blame the notion of competition for causing people to put out all the stops to do whatever it takes to get ahead. you also have high-stakes testing, money, reputation, a school's operation are tied in to scores on standardized tests. some say that can lead to temptation to cheat. you have no child left behind. just about every article i looked at for this report mentioned no child left behind talking about how schools are threatened with closure if they don't show improvement on o standardized tests, that could lead to cheating. race to the top also mentioned
12:56 pm
in this. that's a government program that delivers school funding for schools that show improvement. some say race to the top might have been a factor in a d.c. school system's alleged erase shurs because some of these schools benefited by thousands of dollars for what they allegedly did. >> lots of pressure but some say still no excuse. carl azuz, thanks so much. today's "talk back" question, perhaps were you listening earlier. what constitutes sexual harassment? maryann writes in and says -- everyone should lesh to speak out against sexual harassment because it belittle us all. more of your responses next. when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell.
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where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? we've been sounding off on our "talk back" question today, based on the allegations against herman cain. we've been asking what constitutes sexual harassment. sean smith writes this -- men can feel just as uncomfortable with sexual advances or talk in the work place coming from men or from women. there is a very thin line between joking with co-workers and crossing into uncomfortable. evelyn says this -- for laura ingraham to pass judgment on the women involved in this case speaks volumes as to why laws against sexual harassment became necessary in the first place and why rape or sexual assault against women especially remains one of the hardest allegations to prove. not because the women are always


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