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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  November 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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another day, another development in the herman cain saga. today, one of the women who accused the presidential candidate of sexual harassment years ago could reveal her side of the story. and the jurors in the trial of dr. conrad murray may start to deliberate the case. this is video of a man doing front flips over a car. you'll want to hear more about this. good morning and happy friday. it is november 4th.
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this is your manhatt"a.m. wake- call," i'm carol costello. one of the women accusing the republican presidential candidate of sexual harassment may issue a statement later today. her lawyer says she would rebut cain's denials of any sexual advances when the woman worked for cain at the national restaurant association in the late '90s. she's one of three women who have accused cain of inappropriate behavior. cain repeatedly denied the allegations but has acknowledged at least one severance payment was made to an accuser. in a radio interview with sean hannity, mccain vowed to press ahead with his campaign. >> i can assure you this, sean, this will not deter me. this businessman will not be deterred in his drive to basically feel what i'm supposed to be doing, which is to win this nomination and win the presidency. >> first broke the
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story on sunday and since then cain has given conflicting accounts on the allegations which have raised questions about just exactly happened and the ability of his campaign to handle a crisis. in another major development today, a los angeles jury will begin debilitating the fate of michael jackson's doctor after a six-week manslaughter trial. in closing arguments yesterday, the prosecution said the evidence is overwhelming that dr. conrad murray caused jackson's death by giving him an overdose of propofol. the defense contends that jackson gave himself that fatal dose. the city of oakland, california is getting back to normal today, a far cry from thursday when 7,000 protesters have shut down the port. a small group threw rocks, bottles and shot fireworks at
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police officers. police retaliated with tear gas. more than 100 people were arrested. across the country in new york, an occupy protest with a twist. dozens of protesters rejected an offer from the district attorney to drop their cases in six months if they were not arrested again. instead, they opted to go to trial. the october unemployment report is due out at 8:30 eastern this morning. and it's not expected to be very encouraging. economists surveyed by cnn money believe the october rate will hold steady at 9.1%. they also expect that about 98,000 jobs will be added. that's fewer than 103,000 jobs created in september. political turmoil grips greece this morning and the ramifications from what happens over the next few hours cold jolt financial markets around the world. the greek prime minister, george papandreou faces a vote today.
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many greeks oppose the plan because of its tough belt tightening measures, adding to the upheaval, an 07 sigs leader's call for the prime minister to resign and hold a snap election. >> translator: we're asking you to resign in order to give the power to the greek people to give the power to a new prime minister and negotiate new measures. >> papandreou says stepping down would be irresponsible. remember aig, the giant insurer that was saved by going belly up by a massive government bailout three years ago? well, aig is back in the red. it posted a $4.1 billion quarterly loss. the company's ceo attributed it to declines in the value of mortgage investments. changes at its aircraft landing unit and a writedown in a stake in a former asian subsidiary.
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in 2008, the government helped the company get back on its feet with a loan to the tune of $280 billion. the company has been slowly paying that back. let's head to atlanta and check in with rob marciano. >> we might have travel delays today. the winds are kicking up out west and across parts of the southwest. that's where we may see some stuff, phoenix, los angeles, las vegas and san francisco. if you're traveling to those areas, be aware. if you're in the mid-atlantic, rain heavy at times. this is the storm that brought snow to colorado, wyoming, nebraska and kansas. now moving in through the delmarva. the good news is for the folks in the northeast this will likely stay to the south. behind it cold air, morning lows in the 30s and 20s and we have freeze watches and warnings out. san antonio, chilly this morning, 39. 33 degrees, a degree above the freezing mark in the lone star
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state capital there. 06 degrees, the expected high temperature in memphis. up to 65 in dallas. a nice rebound. definitely chilly, very fall air. all right. wanted to talk briefly about what's going on this weekend. big doings. fall back, turning back, gain an air of sleep saturday night. change your clocks. also a good idea to change the batteries in your fire and smoke alarms. hey, ever want to jump over a car just because? this young man out of milwaukee, wisconsin has made a life out of it. 23-year-old aaron evans has set the "guinness book of world records" by doing this apparently over three cars. i think this video just shows one. maybe it's three consecutively. nonetheless, they've done a study on this guy, carol, the university of wisconsin out of milwaukee, a professor says he has, quote, an innate ability to
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jump. obviously. he has keen spatial awareness, where he is in space and just the insanity to even try this. that's what the scientists say why this guy has a gift to jump over cars. obviously style points as well, doing a somersault in midair? >> absolutely. that's insane. >> your friday morning video. >> we enjoyed that. thank you, rob. >> okay, carol. thanks to an old buddy, conan o'brien is the occupy wall street protester's turn. here's your punch line. >> look at these kids. you guys are married? where did you register? >> tell me, sir, what is your cause besides protesting the high price of scooby snacks? what happens if the police come in here, it's going to be a serious blood bath or even worse for you, a regular bath. you see, because you're filthy.
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>> this is perfect. he is in deep contemplative state. he won't have any idea that i'm pooping on him. heraldo rivera, fox news. you should hurry back from lunch so you can collect your hurry back from lunch bonus. >> which percent of your diet is dedicated dedicated to caramel? >> i love that. today you will google differently and you probably won't even noticed. why google has changed its search formula. that's coming your way next. but first, a lot of people think spending in washington is out of control, including the person in our quote of the day. quote, washington is full of sacred cows that supposedly can't be slaughtered and electrified third rails that
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consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself. ten minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to our quote of the day. here it is, washington is full of sacred cows that supposedly can't be slaughtered and electrified third rails that allegedly can't be touched. who said that? it was republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he wrote that in a column for "usa today."
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the article previews remarks he'll make later today in washington. it goes on to say, we must act now or the debt will lead to unimaginable peril. type in google, do a barrel roll. when you do, the screen tumbles in a circle like an airplane barrel roll. the trick only works on the latest web browsers. google created it to showcase the capability of modern browsers. that's not all google's been up to lately. let's move to hong kong and kristie lu stout. there are changes at google, many people will probably not even notice. >> i noticed but i'm a geek that way. google has changed its algorithm. many of us have been turning to
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places that include more social media results. the demand is there for google to serve fresher results. that is what google is try here. it's been in once before, back in 2009 when it introduced google realtime research. with this new algorithm, google will include posts from its own social network google plus. the new google is faster, fresher and it keeps it all in the google family. back to you. >> i'm going to try it later. let's talk about the iphone 4s. some people are quite frustrated with the battery problems. what's apple going to do? >> yes, apple has confirmed that there have been a few issues with the iphone 4s. a small number of customers have complained about poor battery life. apple says it will release a software update to address that
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in a few weeks. siri, the voice assistant has lost her voice. a service outage was reported on thursday and queue snarky apple users. one apple user quoted with the siri outage, everyone's iphone 4s is downgraded to an iphone 4 with a better camera. siri is now back up and running. >> maybe she was just tired. >> that's right. you know, just laryngitis, poor thing. she needs a rest. >> she's going to get a new battery and that's a good thing. kristie lu stout, reporting live from hong kong. many thanks. five days and counting, the herman cain sexual harassment scandal shows no signs of letting up. how long could this cloud hang over herman cain before there's a political fallout? we'll talk about that in our political ticker. with blueprin. with blueprin. i can create my own plan to pay down large purchases faster...
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. 15 minutes past the hour. welcome back. in the midst of all the hoopla surrounding sexual harassment claims surrounds herman cain, comedian jimmy kimmel can see got in it. >> perry's campaign denies leaking the story in the press. i don't blame rick perry. i believe little caesar's, them or papa john. never trust him. he's too physically fit.
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i don't know why herman cain is so offensive about these sexual charges. i think we might need a horny president. remember what it was like when clinton was in charge? we had jobs, the economy was booming. >> wow. time now for your political ticker with tim farley, host of morning briefing on sirius potus live from washington. good morning, tim. >> good morning, car. >> we're not going to talk about what jimmy kimmel just said. >> absolutely not. >> today one of herman cain's accusers is expected to release a statement defending her claim that he sexually harassed her in the 1990s. there's been no letup in the scandal since politico broke the story on sunday. this story has legs, tim, and it will likely continue through the weekend. is it a safe bet to say the longer it goes the more it will hurt cain's campaign? >> of course. because it's a distraction. although you look at
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fund-raising numbers, polling numbers, the latest rasmussen poll, it shows herman cain still holds a lead over mitt romney. they've raised over $1 million since this first hit. this is one of those things i'm sure he'd like to put it behind him. he keeps bringing it up and talking about it. i had a conversation with ed rollins yesterday. he reminded me of something that happened in geraldine ferraro when she was running in 1994. she held a two-hours news conference and answered every question. that pretty much put it to rest. there's another front-page story in "the washington post" that says herman cain exhibited signs of this prickly personality when he was head of the nra.
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>> geraldine ferraro was on the losing team, but we digress. >> yes, exactly. the damage had been done. but she had to hand it'll at some point. >> let's turn to rick perry now, the republican presidential candidate is denying speculation he was drunk or on pain medications during the now infamous speech in new hampshire last friday. as you know, a clip of that speech went viral. over a million hits. here are a couple of the more quirky moments. >> my plan is pretty simple. it does deductions for the mortgage deductions, for charitable. yep, keep that in there and your state and local taxes are in there. put those on 12,500 forever dependent that you have. easy math, subtract it, send it in. it's awesome. why not? that little plan that i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax footprint.
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you know what i mean? like 9% expansion. >> so cnn's john king talked to perry last night. and he asked him about that speech. here's what perry said. >> i have no idea how -- i haven't seen it. i know the speech that i gave and it was well received, had an appropriate number of applause lines and standing ovation at the end of it. such people as dan bowles with "the washington post" was there. he was tweeting about it, to my understanding, he said, spot on, he's hitting on the right -- i have no idea how these things get started, what have you. it was a good speech, well received. if i had the opportunity to do it again, i'd probably give it exactly like i gave it. >> gloria borger, one of our political analysts said yesterday, tim, during that interview with john king, rick perry was relaxed, like the old rick perry.
5:20 am
maybe he can get over that unfortunate speech. >> yes. here's the -- two things that strike me about this, carol. you remember the primal scream of howard dean in 2004. people in the room didn't realize that was a problem. when you talked to the campaign manager, nobody realized until they saw how it played on television. being in the room and watching it from afar are two different things. the other is that frankly, a lost viral stuff, people interpret it in a certain way. there was a speech that max baucus was giving, the chair of one of the budget committees, the finance committee in the senate, during the horrible days of trying to get through the health care law. he was speaking after 18-hour days and they went viral with a video saying he was drunk, which he was not. being in the room will give you a different perspective from somebody on the outside. i think rick perry is being rick perry this case and authenticity is not one of his problems. the question is whether or not that's the authentic guy you want in the white house.
5:21 am
>> unfortunately those 1 million people watching that youtube clip were not in the room. >> that's for sure. >> we'll see. tim farley, thanks so much. tim farley, host of "morning briefing" on sirius potus radio. >> thank you. cuba, the reforms that could fundamentally change its economy. details next. first, make sure you soundproof judgment based on a simple perception of facts otherwise known as common sense. it is national use your common sense day. the day is on will rogers' birthday because he said common sense ain't all that common. 21 minutes past the hour. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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23 minutes past the hour. it's been called the biggest annual gathering of humanity there is as muslims from around the world participate in the hajj pilgrimage. let's go to zain vergee. >> it is really an amazingly huge gathering. the biggest of muslims around the world, more than 2.5 million will travel to mecca. every muslim is expected once in their lifetime to do this pilgrimage. it's a spiritual cleansing, spiritual enlightenment. some people call it a spiritual boot camp. it's filled with specific and,
5:25 am
for many people, emotional rituals. here's the new thing that's going on this year, saudi arabia is going to stream this ancient ritual live on the internet. so you are actually going to be able to see it being streamed on november 5th, actually is when it's going to happen. and people can tune in from around the world and comment. this is in shareef. this is the direction they face toward in the grand mosque. saudi arabia, getting it on the internet. >> gotcha. let's talk about cuba. this is really amazing for cuba, that is, that people can boy and sell real estate? >> yep. you can buy real estate now. this new law could reshape the country's economy. don't get too excited and see whether or not you can afford a nice patch of beach property in cuba, carol. hold your horses a little bit. on taking a closer look here,
5:26 am
actually only cuban citizens or foreigners with permanent residency in cuba can buy any property. even then, the real estate market what they're putting out is quite limited. the other thing, too, carol, anyone who buys property or real estate has to swear under oath that they do not own any other property. >> what? >> those are the caveats. we have to see how it goes. it's uncertain what this whole creating a housing market in cuba is actually going to play out. don't get too excited just yet. >> okay, i'll hold my excitement in. thank you very much, zain vergee, live in london. coming up, the texas judge caught on tape beating his daughter will not face charges. the daughter is speaking out to cnn and the man known as the black box of the gadhafi regime details the final days of the former libyan leader. that's just ahead.
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good morning. happy friday to you. it's november 4th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm carol costello joining you live this morning from nor new york. it is 30 minutes past the hour. no charges will be filed against a texas judge featured in this troubling youtube video. >> bend over the bed. >> it's awful, isn't it in the 2004 clip shows judge william adam s beating his then 16-year-old daughter hillary. a texas district attorney says the statute of limitation prohibits any charges from being filed. the judge contends his daughter posted the video after he no
5:31 am
longer would support her financially. a statement released said hillary warned her father, if he reduced her financial support he would live to regret it. the post was then uploaded. hillary adams and her mother sat down with anderson cooper. >> you actually -- the night that happened you actually set up the camera in advance because you could sense things were escalating? >> yes, sir. i didn't exactly know why yet. i just needed this -- i just knew this was something i needed to hold on to. i needed to show people one day. i didn't know why. so i set the camera up and it sat there for about half an hour recording a blank room, because the discussion was taking place elsewhere in the house. but then when it came into the room and my father switched off the lights so nobody could see in through the window, then it erupted into what you see on the
5:32 am
tape. >> while no charges have been filed, a texas judicial panel is investigating the incident. it can recommend the judge be suspended or removed. he's been called the black box of the moammar gadhafi regime. as we report, this man remained by gadhafi's side in his final hours. >> translator: maybe he wanted to die there. >> reporter: he remembers a frantic scene after a convoy of more than 40 vehicles was struck by nato jets twice, followed by an escape on foot that ended with heavy fire from fighters that surrounded him. he said he lost consciousness after he was hit by shrapnel in his back and does not know how gadhafi died. >> he's being held in misrata,
5:33 am
libya, awaiting trial by the country's new leaders. nearly 90,000 soldiers are unfit or medically unavailable for combat. army data records show numbers of soldiers are either on a sick list or unfit, just waiting to receive a medical retirement. the worry is with fewer and fewer healthy soldiers, the army may struggle to maintain enough personnel to meet all mission requirements. young men training for special forces at ft. bragg, north carolina are noticing something they've never seen before, young women training for special forces, too. >> we have a bunch of strong, capable, awesome women who can take any challenge that's thrown at us. >> it's being sort of acknowledged that women can operate at this level. >> cnn was given the first look ever at this elite squad. dozens of female troops training to do what the men cannot. in conservative afghan cultures where the sexes don't mix, these women will be on the front
5:34 am
lines, dealing directly with afghan women and children. one of the most important employment reports will be released in just a few hours. the october jobs report. christine romans will explain what it means in your "morning money." we'll be back.
5:35 am
34 minutes past the hour. one of the most important employment reports will be released in just a few hours. the october jobs report. so what can we expect and how will it impact your bottom line? for morning money news, let's head live to christine romans. she's live in new york. what will this tell us about the health of the economy? i hope something good. >> i hope so, too. we've had little signs of strength in the economy or at least stabilization in the economy of late. carol, when you look at piece by piece the economic news i'd say of the past six weeks it's been telling us that we averted a second recession. it's telling us we averted that so-called double dip. will this number confirm that
5:36 am
trend? we're looking for the unemployment rate probably steady at 9.1%. but that's not getting worse and maybe 102,000 jobs added. so we'll be closely watching to see if the private sector is confident enough to start to add jobs. you know, it takes well more than that, 150,000 every month just to keep up with new people entering the work force. 102,000 is not enough. but it does show that stabilization. a couple of other things, too, the fed just this week, ben bernanke gave his assessment of where we're going. the economy probably strengthen a little in the third quarter. the fed cut its economic forecast for next year saying the jobless rate will remain above 8% at least until 2013. it's improvement, carol. that's what we want. we're doing in the right direction but it's not a recovery as strong as it should be. >> when we talk about double-dip
5:37 am
recession, i know you mentioned it, is that threat completely over? >> i hope we can say it's completely over. the numbers we've seen for the past weeks, carol, tell us we did not get into a double dip, we're not in a double dip. the question is what does greece do to europe, what is the banking system, the financial system, the totally interconnection of that. you can't have europe fall into a recession and face serious headwinds in this country. i would say europe is the big wild card for whether we put the double-dip recession fears behind us and start to try to build on a recovery. that's going to be the most important factor at this point, what's going on in greece, the 32nd largest economy in the world, isn't that funny? >> it's not funny, ha-ha, but it certainly is strange. dr. conrad murray, innocent
5:38 am
or guilty in the death of michael jackson? that question will now be determined by the jury. we'll have the latest for you after this. first, it's time for your "get smart" question of the day. a new report shows recent college grads took home much more than a diploma, they graduated with record loans. what is the average debt for someone who took out a student loan and graduated in 2010? is it "a," $12,000, "b," $25,000 or "c," 54,000. >> larry: we'll have your answer in two minutes. '57 bel air --. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offed the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪
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has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing. it is 40 minutes past the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." back to your get smart question of the day. what is the average debt for someone who took out a student loan and graduated in 2010? is it $12,000, $25,000 or $54,000? the answer is "b," $25,250. the report from the institute
5:41 am
for college access and success project says rising tuition and a weak economy lead to the record loan rates. for the past six weeks, a los angeles jury has been listening to witnesses say whether dr. conrad murray had a hand in the death of michael jackson. now those jurors must decide murray's fate. they'll begin deliberating this morning. cnn's ted rolands is in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: the jury will begin deliberating in the morning. yesterday they heard passionate arguments from both sides. david walgren, the lead prosecutor told this jury this wasn't a case of a doctor? patient, this was a case of a guy willing to put somebody at risk when he knew what he was doing was dangerous, giving him propofol for payment, saying this was all about the $150,000 a month dr. conrad murray thought he was going to get. he reminded the jurors of jackson's three children who will now grow up fatherless
5:42 am
because of the actions of dr. conrad murray. he then talked about the critical moments when michael jackson actually died. >> did michael jackson yell out for help? did he gasp, did he choke? were there sounds? we don't know. and we'll never know, because of the neglect and negligence of conrad murray. >> reporter: ed chernoff on the other hand tried to focus the jury on the science of exactly what happened when michael jackson died saying if they look at the evidence, they'll see that michael jackson accidentally killed himself. he also told the jury that if it wasn't michael jackson that was the victim in this case, none of them would be there. >> what they're asking you to do, just say it, what they're really asking you to do is to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson.
5:43 am
and i'm going to -- you know, we've been dancing around this for six weeks, maybe two years, somebody's got to say it. somebody's got to tell the truth. somebody's got to just say it. if it were anybody else but michael jackson, anybody else, would this doctor be here today? >> after the closing arguments, the judge read the jury an admonition and handed the case over to them. it's now up to them to decide whether conrad murray's fate. ted rolands, cnn, los angeles. catch all the action in the conrad murray trial, tune in to hln for continued coverage throughout the day. coming up, we'll take you live to cannes, france, where world leaders are dealing with the euro zone's latest economic crisis. what it means to you and your money. first on this day in history, 89 years ago, archaeologists discovered the entrance to king tut's tomb in egypt. the four-room tomb was explored
5:44 am
for four years and the biggest discovery was king tut's coffin. it was made out of solid gold and inside, a mummy that was preserved for nearly 3,000 years. it's 43 minutes past the hour. n women men and uh pandas... elbows mmm [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry, try it yourself. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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good morning to you. happy friday, it is november 4th.
5:47 am
this is your "a.m. wake-up call," i'm carol costello joining you live this morning from new york. 46 minutes past the hour. leaders much the g20 are gathered in cannes at a summit dominated by talk of gross's future and the escalating crisis in the euro zone. let's head round the world with ali velshi. he is live in cannes this morning. good morning, ali. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i woke up this morning and greece is still here. that's got news. it still continues to be the big issue. we're probably 13 hours away from the confidence vote in greece. if yesterday's any gauge, 13 hours means a lost decisions, a lot of changes, a lost discussions about whether there is or isn't going to be a referendum. at this point most people in the markets and most lead s are thinking there won't be a referendum and that greece will probably get on board with this deal that was signed by the rest of the european countries on october 27th. here is the rub. it seems like these problems have highlighted the problems in italy, which is a significantly bigger country and bigger
5:48 am
economy than greece. and having some problems right now. the cost of borrowing money for the italian government is soaring, the italian bond yields as they are are soaring. so this has -- this greece problem this week at the g20 has indicated there are problems throughout europe that have to be looked at. here's the other thing, i know you know this, carol, but i'll remind you, greece isn't part of the g20. this wasn't even on the agenda. there are a bunch of other things that were supposed to be discussed. you can see the picks of the world leaders with all agendas. this is a morning where you have something on your mind and nothing else takes precedence. it's all about greece at the g20, carol. >> there will be no referendum on the ballot and greece accepts the bailout plan as originally agreed to. >> right. >> that problem is oust the way. you talked about italy with its giant debt. might there be a bailout in the works for that country, too? >> our good friend becky
5:49 am
anderson, our colleague, sat down with the head of the eu this morning and talked to him about that. he acknowledged that the eu is in discussions with italy to take steps to solve this problem. like greece, a lot of italy's problems are internal, political. that's the case with any country, within that country, there are recipes for solving the problem but there's a lot of political conflict in italy. probably going to be another no confidence vote in italy for silvio berlusconi. but he has survived more than 50 of them in the past. we'll have to see what happens. it doesn't seem as unstable as greece but if something goes wrong in italy it's a much bigger problem than it would be in greece. italy is a really big economy. >> 50 confidence votes? that has to be some kind of record. >> yes. >> unbelievable. >> you'd walk around with your chest puffed out if nobody could take you down. >> i know you'd be mr. teflon. ali velshi, thanks so much, reporting live from cannes, france. see you in a bit. we could see a major development today in the herman
5:50 am
cain controversy. one of the women accusing the republican presidential candidate of sexual harassment may issue a statement today. her lawyer says she would rebut cain's denials of sexual advances when the woman worked for cain at the national restaurant association in the late '90s. she's one of three women who have accused cain inappropriate behavior. cain has repeatedly denied the allegations but has acknowledged that at least one severance payment was made to an accuser. in a radio interview with sean hannity cain vowed to press ahead with his campaign. >> but i can assure you this, sean, this will not deter me. this businessman is not going to be deterred in his drive to basically do what i feel like i'm supposed to be doing, which is to win this nomination and win the presidency. >> first broke the story on sunday and since then, cain has given conflicting accountings on the allegations which have raised questions about just exactly what happened and the ability of his campaign
5:51 am
to handle a crisis. the october unemployment report is due out at 8:30 eastern this morning. and it's not expected to be very encouraging. economists surveyed by cnn money believe the october rate will hold steady at 9.1%. they also expect that about 98,000 jobs will be added. that's fewer than the 103,000 jobs created in september. city of oakland, california, getting back to normal today, a far cry from wednesday when some 7,000 occupy protesters peacefully shut down the city and its port which has now re-opened. overnight, though, things turned violent when officials say a small group of preople threw items at police officers. across the country in new york, an occupy protest with a twist. dozens arrested on disorderly conduct charges rejected an offer from the district attorney to drop their cases in six
5:52 am
months if they were not arrested again. instead, the demonstrators opted to take their cases to trial. let's head to atlanta to check in with rob marciano. how's it looking this morning, rob? >> not too shabby. the weekend east of the mississippi is looking just spectacular. we've got a little bit of rain to deal with, some of it heavy across the midalso. here it is and the radar scope. this is the same storm that brought snow across parts of high plains and colorado and wyoming. heavier rains now heading towards richmond, getting into the hampton roads area and eventually off the coastline. most of this stays south of northeast and move quickly out to sea. behind it, cool, for sure. another couple of systems lining out there for the west and intermountain west and winds possible, will slow you down if you're traveling to phoenix, las vegas, los angeles or san francisco where they'll see a stormy weather pattern. as mentioned behind this weather system, morning lows in the 20s
5:53 am
and 30s as far south as the mexican border. how about that? freeze warnings and watches have been posted for the lone star state. temperatures this morning, below freezing in spots. we'll rebound fairly nicely, 65 degrees for the high temperature in dallas. 52 degrees in new york city. by the way, turn your clocks back this weekend. don't forget, happens tomorrow night. get an extra hour of sleep. when you wake up sunday morning, embrace that my friends. embrace this video. i'll show it a second time, because i can't get enough of this nut job that has athletic ability. certainly can jump. aaron evans, 23-year-old out of milwaukee has a knack for jumping over moving cars. and he holds the "guinness book of world records" for doing it for the fastest over three cars. i suppose that's one, two, three as opposed to three all at once. anyway, the study on him, carol, some of the scientists at the university of wisconsin at
5:54 am
milwaukee say he has an innate ability to jump. thank you. he has keen spatial awareness, meaning when he's in midair he knows exactly where he is and he's kind of crazy. hopefully he'll make it to 24. looks like he's totally in control there. don't try that this weekend. that goes without saying, carol. >> can you imagine being the people driving the car? you're driving towards someone hoping that person will jump in the nick of time or you hit him. >> i'm sure there's a waiver signed. coming up, holiday travel, predictions of how many people will be traveling and how much it's going to cost them. [ mom ] scooter? your father loves
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here are three things to put on your radar today. the labor department will release the october jobs report in less than three hours. economists expect it to show slow growth with the economy adding about 100,000 jobs. vice president biden will speak at the university of pittsburgh around the noon eastern, that's eastern time. he'll talk about jobs and the economy and making college more affordable. and the jury will begin deliberations this morning in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. if convicted, dr. conrad murray faces up to four years in prison. now let's head to the nasdaq market site and check in with carter evans. how are the numbers looking this morning? >> the numbers are pretty much flat as far as future go. i'm sorry i don't have anything to show you on the wall. we weren't quite ready this morning. nevertheless, we have a jobs report coming out this morning and we're waiting for that. it looks like the economy is going to add possibly as much as 100,000 jobs. that will leave our unemployment
5:59 am
rate at 9.1% and that is what investors will be focused on this morning. >> okay. thanksgiving is coming. can you believe it? and travel it's not going to be pleasant. it's never really pleasant but perhaps it will be more unple unpleasant this year. >> here's the thing. fewer people will be traveling. the air transport association says there will be 2% fewer travelers this thanksgiving but likely the planes will be more packed than ever. airlines are cutting back on flights and destinations. they want to make sure every single seat on every single plane is filled with a paying passenger. >> and it will likely cost you more for a ticket, too, right? >> ticket prices are going up. it's all supply and demand. there's a limited supply, even though demand is lower than last year, relative to the limited supply, what's available, it's pretty high right now. >> gas prices aren't exact


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