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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 4, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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with significant bipartisan support. they suggested we need to reform our patent laws. that was something that's part of my long-term program for economic growth. we've got that done. what i've said is all those things are nice and they're important, but if we want to grow the economy right now, then we have to think bigger. we've got to do something bolder. and more significant. so we put forward the american jobs act which creates ideas historically supported by democrats and republicans. like rebuilding our infrastructure, our roads and bridges. putting teachers back in the classroom. providing tax credits to small businesses. you say, nora, that the reason they haven't voted for them is because they don't want to tax small business. well, actually that's not -- if that's their rationale, then it doesn't fly.
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because the bill they voted down yesterday essentially said we can create hundreds of thousands of jobs rebuilding our infrastructure making america more competitive and the entire program will be paid for by a tax not only millionaires, but people making a million dollars a year or more. which in the united states is about -- a little over 300,000 people. now, there aren't a lot of small businesses across the country that are making that kind of money. in fact, less than 3% of small businesses make more than $250,000 a year. so what they've said is we prefer to protect 300,000 people rather than put hundreds of thousands of people back to work and benefit 300 million americans who are hurting because of low growth.
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so we're going to keep on pushing. now, there are steps that we can take absent congressional action. and the refinancing proposal that we put forward in las vegas is an example of that. helping students with student loans. we're going to keep on rolling out administrative steps that we can take that strengthen the economy. but if we're going to do something big to jump start the economy at a time when it's stabilized but unemployment is way too high, congress is going to need to act. and in terms of my track record on the economy, here's just a simple way of thinking about it. when i came into office, the u.s. economy had contracted by 9%. the largest contraction since the great depression.
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little over a year later, the economy was growing by 4%. and it's been growing ever since. now, is that good enough? absolutely not. we've got to do more. and as soon as i get some signal from congress that they're willing to take their responsibilities seriously, i think we can do more. but that's going to require them to break out of the rigid ideological -- we can solve all our problems. we can grow our economy now, put people back to work, reduce our deficit. and you get surprising consensus from economists about how to do it. from both the left and the right. it's just a matter of setting politics aside and constantly
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remembering that the election is one year away. there's no wireason we can't soe these problems. thank you, everybody. >> president barack obama there in cannes, france, underscoring that the international community is certainly there standing ready to assist whether it be greece. greece now backing that bailout plan. of course the president also answering a number of questions of domestic interests posed by a number of domestic correspondents there traveling with the president. i'm going to bring in our washington contingent correspondents. candy crowley and wolf blitzer joining us from washington. john king joining us from des moines, iowa. and ali velshi momentarily will be joining us from cannes, france. let's begin with you, wolf. the president underscoring the international community is working in concert to make sure
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greece goes about doing the right thing accepting that bailout plan. but this really was the issue that upstaged the g-20 summit. they were supposed to be talking or able to talk about a number of global issues but it was greece that stole the show. >> if greece were to collapse and if this resolution that they worked out over the past several weeks and months were to simply go down the drain for political purposes in greece, the prime minister there saying he wanted a referendum. there's a political crisis unfolding rielt now. it would have damaging ripple effects. italy and spain, portugal, ireland, the rest of the european continent. it could potential have problems here in the u.s. the president said after two days he said that they did make progress. they are on firmer footing two days after this g-20 summit in
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cannes. and he expressed confidence. he said he was confident the europeans could get their act together. although he said all these words we're hearing have to be backed up by action. this is a tough issue. candy crowley is here as well. you were listening to the president make his points. to a certain degree, he's addressing the international community. but also the american public. as much as he says he's not interested in politics, we know politics are on every politician's mind. >> he has people to worry about politics for him at this point. so they are worried about re-election, let's face it. but it was interesting because i think he spoke to both audiences in his opening remarks when he said europe has the capacity to meet this challenge. europeans are committing to -- committed to stabilizing. this was important for the u.s. to go in there and say what's your plan? what's your specific plan here?
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because the u.s. doesn't want a huge involvement from asia. it wants europe to fix europe's problems as the president argued the u.s. fixed its problems or is in the process of fixing its problems with u.s. dollars. so that's a message both to the u.s. audience which is we're not bailing out europe, by the way. europe's going to bail out europe. and also just reiterating what he's been saying for two and three days. you guys need to do this. this is your home turf. it certainly behooves all of us you do that. >> as much as candy's right, the president of the united states, the american congress have no desire to bail out the europeans right now. we have our own economic issues. the financial situation is bad enough here. not enough money to bail out the europeans. but it's interesting, you know who might help the europeans? that is china. and they are turning to china for some help. because the chinese have a lot of cash. and they might be able to help out this crisis.
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>> china has the deep pockets. but it was very clear, too, that china has been obviously very silent in all of this trying to let european nations work it out first before raising the hand and volunteering to step in. our john king is in des moines, iowa. i want to bring john in the equation too. the president was asked about the 2012 election but he says that's the least of his concerns right now. he says while there are some signs that the economy is growing, it's not growing fast enough. today's unemployment rate of 9.0% an indicator of that. and he says the u.s. congress, he's trying to put pressure on congress even from france saying now is not the time for inaction. >> and, fred, i'll pick up where candy left off. he said the least thing he's thinking about is the election. it's not an honest answer. if he focuses on the challenge in europe, he will help himself
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politically. they are connected. the president was in europe and you saw the dysfunction. everybody's mad at the greeks. now there's pressure on the italians. there's a lot of dysfunction in the european political system. well, bring it home. there's a lot of dysfunction in washington, d.c. right now as they try to deal with the deficit and growth of the economy in the united states. the president is frustrated on this trip. he'll be more frustrated when he comes home. it does affect his re-election as president. just today 9% unemployment. this president knows the unemployment rate at best will be 8.6%, 8.7% when he's asking the voters one year from today to give him four more years. he knows he can't count on the republicans to do much with him in the meantime. trust me, fred, i'm in iowa today. it's a state president obama carried last time. it's a small state, but it's a swing state.
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the uncertainty, the mistrust and b distrust. and the president's an incumbent. maybe he deserves some blame, less blame. voters will decide that. our political history tells us when you have such a funk, the incumbent pays. >> thanks so much, john. we'll go to jessica yellin, white house correspondent as well as ali velshi also there in cannes. ali let me begin with you. at least the prime minister is irreversibly politically damaged. even though he has changed course and is now accepting this bailout plan. >> yeah. i mean, he's done a 360 degrees. he did 180 earlier this week then another 180. it'll be hard to tell.
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probably in the next 12 hours we'll have the result of the confidence vote. and that will have a major impact. if he survives the confidence vote, remember he only leads by two seats in parliament. he lives to fight another day and things could go on as expected. if that government gets defeated tonight on the confidence vote or has to step down, everything's back in the air. i think president obama's comments -- you think things are complicated in washington. around here you think you have a deal on october 27th and clearly they didn't. while the g-20's got a lot of things it wanted to accomplish, everybody's attentions have been on greece. they will continue to be for the next 12 hours. >> thank you so much. jessica yellin traveling with the president. jessica, you have to wonder why this is so important for president obama to make this trip, take the stand he did today on the economies of the u.s. as well as the global economies and stand firm with france at a time like this.
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>> well, he has said that the biggest head wind facing the u.s. economy is the crisis in europe. and the u.s. has played a role in helping all these nations help resolve some of their plans. i'd like to point out a couple of the highlights of what i think i heard him say. because some of the officials i've been speaking with have -- give us more background on what the president meant. when he said they've sped up the process, they are very pleased that they think there's been a great deal of frustration in the u.s. that they didn't respond as quickly in europe as we did in the u.s. to the crisis. and they think the u.s. has prodded them to do that more quickly. when he said we found tools through the imf to back up the process, my understanding is that they have gotten some other nations here to agree to provide money if there should be some sort of larger global crisis that should emanate from a european crisis, provide money
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to the imf at a future date if needed. and then we've gotten a lot of indication that the chinese are not ponying up a lot of money at this point. we don't have to worry about whether the chinese will give money or not because they don't seem ready to do that. and while the president dismissed a campaign question, he did give a very focused campaign answer at the end of this presser. he did say when i came into office, the u.s. economy was contracting at 9%. a year later it was growing at 4% and it's been growing ever since. now, that seems like the most positive spin on the state of the u.s. economy you could possibly come up with right now. and that sounds like a distillation of what he might be saying on the campaign trail over the next year. >> thanks so much. and thanks to john king, ali
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all right. let's get you up to speed. right now happening this hour, jurors begin deliberations in the trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. did he give jackson the lethal dose of propofol or did jackson give himself the dose? that's what the jury has to decide. and one of two women accusing herman cain of sexual harassment could give a statement today.
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he is sticking behind his statement that he did not harass anyone. >> i can assure you this, sean. this will not deter me. this businessman is not going to be deterred in his drive to feel like what i'm supposed to be doing which is win the presidency. >> the monthly employment report for october showed the unemployment rate edged down slightly. employers added 80,000 jobs. the unemployment rate dipped to 9%. also the jobs numbers for august and september were revised. but stocks are down because the report wasn't stronger. and the financial and political situation in greece is still uncertain. you see the dow dipping now to 170 points. more violence and a promise broken in syria. just two days after the government there said it would pull troops from the streets,
11:18 am
syrian security forces fanned out again this morning. troops fired shots to disperse crowds and surrounded mosques to prevent them from protesting. that's according to a london-based human rights group. at least four civilians are reported death. jon corzine resigns of mf global. he announced the decision today. corzine is the former governor of new jersey and former ceo of goldman sachs. he leaves mf global in a financial mess. more than $600 million is missing from the company's books. and this next video is like something out of an action movie. right there. watch these two brazilian cops ramming their patrol car into the side of a plane to stop them from taking off.
11:19 am
they found $200,000 worth of electronics stashed on board. more now on your jobs and money. the report for october was so/so. not that great, not terrible. but there are some encouraging signs now. alison kosik is at the exchange. give us the glass half full on the jobs report. >> yeah. here's some of the positive stuff that you can glean out of this report. obviously the fact that we're adding jobs. that's a good i think the. we added 80,000 jobs in october. the unemployment rate fell to 9%. also the gains are coming from the private sector. so that's good because it shows that employers are growing more confident. they're hiring more people. also the number of people who've been out of work for a long time now, for six months or more, that number is falling. so it shows more and more people are finding work. okay. now the bad news. the reality is that the 80,000 number is not good enough to
11:20 am
significantly bring down the unemployment rate. look at how the job gains have been since october. if you average it out, it ends up being 125,000 jobs are added a month over the past year. you know what we need? we need at least 150,000 to keep up with population growth. so that is the real story. good and the bad. >> so the market doesn't seem to impressed with the jobs report either. as we just mentioned it had dipped about 170 points. but let's talk about what's going on in greece and how that may perhaps encourage things, encourage the global markets. >> well, it's certainly keeping things interesting. you can see how the week has gone as these events in europe has unfolded. it's been a volatile week on wall street. look at the s&p 500 it swung in both directions every day this week. but the good thing is that
11:21 am
investors seem to be growing more confident that the greek bailout will get back on track after papandreou canceled the referendum. sure they've agreed to it in theory, investors want to see something concrete. you'll see investors on edge. also it's friday. you're not going to want to see investors hold on to stocks into the weekend. 188 points lower on the dow. >> thank you very much alison. some live pictures out op cannes, france. while they're hosting the g-20 summit. right now outside city hall, an honor of a different kind celebrating the alliance between france and the u.s. live pictures right there. the ceremony taking place, the singing and of course president obama there at attention listening. and president sarkozy also there. we're going to take you back to cannes right after this break. .
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we're waiting to hear from one of the two women who accused herman cain of sexual harassment. she could release a statement today. the presidential hopeful is sticking to he didn't harass anyone. what more can you tell us about any new twists, new turns today? >> seems to be a new twist or turn every day. today is the day we could actually get a one-page press release from one of the accusers. the attorney for that accuser, joel bennett, says he hopes to release a press release that would defend his client's
11:25 am
reputation. to try to get her released from at least part of a confidentiality agreement. he hopes to at least issue a statement. essentially for her to say that look, my reputation should be maintained here. that herman cain's rebuttals of the claims of sexual harassment are not accurate. cain has been very strongly fighting back against this all week since this was published. now, the attorney joel bennett says this statement if and when it comes out will not include the accuser's identity. she just wants to set the record straight. meantime, herman cain pushing back against politico. they are thinking of filing a lawsuit against politico. the cain campaign not going into details about the basis for its potential lawsuit against politico. but cain himself has been publicly pushing back against that publication. take a listen to what he said yesterday on the sean hannity
11:26 am
radio show. >> when you look at the facts, and you look at the fact that politico doesn't have any documentation. they've never talked to these women who are anonymous. i didn't know there were so many women named anonymous in america to be perfectly honest for you. because they keep digging up others. >> we contacted politico about those allegations from herman cain and they delivered a point by point rebuttal to his comments there. this is from john harris, the editor in chief of politico. to the point they didn't document this, plit politico says we declined a request to share the documents. on cain's claim that politico didn't talk to the women, politico says this. the cain campaign is not aware of who we talked to. we're not in a position to tell them who our sources are. cain also said that politico
11:27 am
would not divulge to them who leaked the story to them. politico said we did respond by declining to answer. we don't share our sources. so a lot of push back between politico and the cain cam pain. >> interesting. so a statement could come today. and if a statement is to come, we still will not know the identity of that person which one would have to then think this is still going to add more fuel to the fire. >> yes, it probably will. and a lot is going to depend on what that statement says. it's one page. you can get a lot on a page. we're going to see if there are any specifics about this alleged incident. we don't believe there will be too many because there was a confidentiality involved. >> okay. brian todd, thanks so much. keep us posted on that. for many of us, times are tough. but one cnn hero is making it his mission to help struggling people make ends meet.
11:28 am
>> hi, i'm george lopez. two years ago i had the honor to be at the cnn heroes. i'm committed to increasing air wareness about kidney disease and organ donation. i am thrilled to help introduce one of the top ten cnn heroes for 2011. >> when i go through suburbia america, the small towns, everybody's trying to hold their head up with pride. >> you're looking for work? i know it's tough in a recession. >> these people tell their neighbors they're fine. they soon go in the house and starve. >> how much do you owe a week right now? >> gas bill i owe about $800. >> i find the situation is getting worse. they need food. they need help with their utilities. i mean, this is 2011 in america. we should be helping each other.
11:29 am
>> my mission is to help my fellow americans who have fallen on hard times. >> here's a hundred dollars for gas. >> i help people with necessities for daily life and i get them together to do a budget. i want them to feel free of that pain. >> i'm so happy. thank you. >> i want them to feel the compassion that we're trying to share with them, to wrap our arms around them and say i have a little extra strength ift to share with you. let's get you back on your feet. >> go to now online and on your mobile device to vote for the cnn hero that inspires you most. all ten will be honored live hosted by our own anderson cooper sunday, december 11th. in just a few minutes, jurors will start deliberating the fate of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. we'll have a live report from outside the courthouse in los angeles.
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we're now just moments away from the start of deliberations in the michael jackson dret trial. after 23 days and 49 witnesses, the jury has to decide if dr. conrad murray gave michael jackson that fatal dose of propofol or if jackson gave it to himself. tell us what's happening right now outside that courthouse. looks like a very huge gathering. >> actually, fredricka, it may look bigger than it is. there's a lot of media on verdict watch. the number of supporters of michael jackson, the number of supporters of dr. conrad murray much smaller than in the past few days. definitely smaller than it was yesterday when the two sides delivered closing arguments.
11:34 am
inside the courtroom, jury deliberations are beginning now. the way this is going to work is they'll begin deliberations. they will pick a foreman. the judge has instructed them that that should be their first order of business. then as they begin deliberating if they have any questions for the judge, if they want any testimony read back or if they reach a verdict, they will signal by a buzzer that will be audible in the courtroom and the judge will figure out what the jury has decided or what the jury needs. we will be given two hours notice if a verdict is reached or once a verdict is reached. that's to allow members of the jackson family and others to get to the courtroom. many of them live in the san fernando valley a little north of here. that's the way the procedure is going to go. how long this is going to take is anybody's guess. of course, it is a friday and there might be if there's a consensus a push by some of the jurors to get it wrapped up today. but there were so many witnesses and so much evidence it would not be surprising at all if this
11:35 am
continued in until next week. if they don't reach a verdict today, deliberations will continue until 4:00 local this afternoon. >> has there been any instruction from the court if they don't reach a verdict by the end of today and whether because they have not been a sequestered jury all this time, whether going into the weekend they will suddenly be sequestered and have to work throughout the weekend or are they able to go home about their business and report back to duty on monday? >> the assumption is that that's what's going to happen. it will be business as usual. although we have not heard the judge address that. we do not know if they will be sequestered if it continues over the weekend. speculation points to probably not. >> casey wian thanks so much. keep us posted. >> we'll look closer at the case
11:36 am
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all right. time to get up out of your seat. a new study says people who spend a lot of time sitting could be more likely to get cancer. elizabeth cohen is here to explain this. cancer and sitting too much? >> yes. the data that exercise is good for you, not just for your heart but also for cancer is so strong that you and i are going to take a walk while we talk. >> let's get up off our seat. >> i'll lead the way. this is a walking meeting. >> power walking. >> so even just walking a little bit a day can help.
11:40 am
of course, we'd like for people to get more. but what this data shows is that nearly 100,000 cases of cancer could be avoided if people had more physical activity. >> just exercise. just work it in. >> do something. do half an hour at least let's say four days a week. that's what we want people to do. or even more. but we know that that's not always possible. so go for a quick walk. do what you and i just did. even just a quick walk. get up from your chair a couple minutes every hour. >> maybe break it up throughout the day. i guess ten minutes here and there. >> yep. take the stairs. not the elevator. there we go. have walking meetings. if you're going to have to sit and talk to someone, might as well be moving. that's important. then the other thing you want to do is exercise in your office. i know this sounds crazy. with a chair or leave some
11:41 am
weights or do stretches against the wall. even that kind of thing can help. also if you're on the phone. we all spend tons of time on the phone, get on your cell phone and walk around with it. just walk around while you're on the phone. easy enough. >> that counts for something. >> it does. also go to cnn/empoweredpatient and there's tips about ways to work exercise into your life. >> what is it about exercise or keeping things moving that cuts the risk of getting cancer? >> okay. probably several different ways, but here's one of them. just keeping your weight down can cut down on your risk of getting certain kinds of cancer. so just losing weight in and of itself and especially that belly weight. that belly weight can be really bad. that's one of the reasons why exercise is so important. men or woman is there a preference? >> all just work it. >> work it into the family
11:42 am
regimen. >> a doctor said i wish i could write a prescription for exercise. it's more powerful than a prescription for drugs. >> and it makes you feel so good. thanks so much. appreciate that. all right. this hour we're going to be shifting gears talking about the jury in the madge trial set to start deliberating the guilt or innocence. straight ahead. powerful cold medicine that leaves out artificial flavors and dyes and instead uses something more natural, honey. new vicks nature fusion cold & flu. ♪
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in today's human factor, reducing the stigma that surrounds schizophrenia. a college student says she's come to terms with her mental illness and has learned how to manage it. she's sharing her story to help others. >> i heard voices. i saw images of people following me that scared me. >> reporter: ashley smith knows what it's like to nearly lose it all. >> i thought my life was in danger. i felt like my family members and strangers on the street were against me. >> reporter: when she was in college, her sanity started slipping away. >> i thought everyone was against me. >> reporter: overwhelmed, ashley blamed it on stress.
11:46 am
>> i would pray a lot about it. and i thought that if i just continued to cope with it the best way i knew how that i'd get through it. >> reporter: but she didn't. ashley stole a military truck and led police on a high-speed chase. she ended up in jail. two months went by before ashley received a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia along with treatment. more than 2 million americans have schizophrenia. but in the african-american community, mental illness is often misunderstood and is not discussed. but ashley did something remarkable. she decided to be open about her diagnosis with the goal of helping others. >> do i look like a person with schizophrenia? >> reporter: today she helps train law enforcement officers. they learn to recognize signs and symptoms of people with mental illness to help the officers intervene in a crisis. ashley has also started her own nonprofit organization embracing
11:47 am
my mind. which helps low income and homeless people get help with mental illness. >> it's a life-long process to overcome schizophrenia. i do it through my medication, my support network which is my treatment team and my peers and family. >> reporter: ashley hopes sharing her story will reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. >> those who are newly diagnosed or are struggling with this illness, there are going to be ups and downs but it is very manageable. and that you can succeed. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. check this out. imagine getting this close to a beast this big. yeah. right there. a whale nearly hit -- my name's jeff.
11:48 am
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dr. conrad murray caused the death by giving him a dose of propofol. let's listen to some of the closing arguments. the evidence in this case is abundantly clear that conrad murray acted with criminal negligence. that conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson, that conrad murray left prince, prairs paris and blanket without
11:51 am
a father. >> what they're really asking you to do -- just say it. what they're really asking you to do is to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. >> all right. a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor holly hughes is here. holly, apparently jurors have just now begun their deliberations in this case. we talked about this yesterday. it was important for the prosecution as well as the defense to really weave a story. prosecutors did that and when they wove that story they used the children as an example and how they are now fatherless. was that effective? >> of course it is. because what they do is they take it all out of the legal arena. this is no longer a legal argument. this isn't about technicalities and evidence. this is about real life and real life leaves three children without a father. >> it made it so personal. zplf course you make it personal. and you have to.
11:52 am
because you've got to make the jury care. can you argue the law all day long but if they don't care about your case an your victim, they're not going to work as hard to apply the law to give you that favorable result you want. >> but in order for the prosecution to get the kind of verdict it wants, it wants a guilty verdict on involuntary manslaughter, it also has to convince the jury that dr. conrad murray was negligent. if not by administering the drug, by even having that drug available, even if it were the case that michael jackson were to inject himself. >> right. and the key here -- you said negligent, but the key is criminally negligent. because ed chernoff, the defense attorney in his close was brilliant in that he owned what he had to own. he didn't hide from it. he said, look, we're not going to tell you dr. murray did everything right. he was negligent but he wasn't criminally negligent and here's why. because the intervening factors, like michael could have done this to himself, like there is no causation, the state can't
11:53 am
tell you exactly how that deadly drug got in there. and if they can't tell you, you can't convict. it was a good argument, he did a very good job with what he had but i don't think it is going to be effective because i think those 17 points that dr. schafer talked about showing gross criminal negligence resonated with the jury and prosecutor walgren did a great job of bringing it all home to him. >> in your view did the defense try to make it personal just like the prosecutors did by saying that there were people who admired, who loved, dr. conrad murray, that he was compassionate, that he loved his patients? >> well, absolutely. and that's the other very posh thing. you must humanize the defendant. if there is any way possible, if there's anything you can find that's redeeming about your client, you want to put it in front of the jury, you want the jury to like him. so again, they will work very hard on applying the law properly. because if they think he is a great guy, they'll be like, hey, we need to really be careful here and do the right thing under the law. >> will it be your opinion
11:54 am
despite what closing statements there may have been, jurors already had their minds made up before hearing those closing arguments yesterday? >> most jurors do. despite the admonitions -- the judge tells you at beginning of the trial, what we call the pre-charge, don't make up your mind until you have all of the evidence in. but we're human, fred. and we listen to it and we're thinking, this doesn't sound good. wow, that doesn't sound good and it keeps piling on as the state who has the burden goes first and brings you all that evidence. so there are some people who by the time you get to close might be able to be swayed. by and large, they've been taking notes, paying attention. they're smart people in the box. they know what they're going to do. >> the case is in the hands right now of the jurors. see if this ends up being a very quick verdict or if it will go beyond today. holly hughes, thanks so much. our own nancy grace is going to weigh in on this as well. in the next hour she'll join us live from los angeles.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
tough out there for job hunters, especially if you're looking for your very first job. poppy harlow is going in-depth with how a look at desperation among unemployed young people is fueling the occupy movement. >> they want people with experience. and of course, being as young as we are, there's no way we can have experience. >> reporter: that's. >> it's just so hard to find a job. >> i've interned a lot but a job that actually pays? nearly impossible. >> it is harder and harder and
11:58 am
you make less and less. i just don't think people have much after future. >> reporter: a future to look forward to. it is the promise of the american dream. but in this sluggish economy, america's youth may be starting to lose hope. unemployment among 16 to 24-year-olds has been higher in the last three years than during any time on record. this year, over 17% of america's youth are jobless. even 2010, college graduates faced a record 9.1% unemployment when they finished school. but for those youth with only a high school diploma, unemployment is more than twice as high. it's part of what's driving this movement -- the lack of a job for young people. it gives them a reason and a time to occupy cities across the globe. it's not just an american problem. the world's largest developed economy cans have all seen sharp increases in youth unemployment
11:59 am
since 2007. except for germany. if you look at the most troubled european nations, the numbers are staggering. in 2010, unemployment for 16 to 24-year-olds in italy was 28%. 33% in greece. and over 41% in spain. but back here at home, 16 to 24-year-olds make up 26% of the unemployed. what does it all mean? studies show that being unemployed at a young age means several years of lower earnings and an increased likelihood of unemployment in the future. >> the last two times that i acquired jobs it took two months straight of job searching. >> one day after the day -- >> poppy harlow joining me now from new york. unemployment for people with a college degree is very high.
12:00 pm
is it even worse for people without a degree? >> absolutely. i mean it's twice as high if you don't have a college degree, and it is now 23.8%. that is the unemployment rate, fredricka, for those without a high school degree. that is almost -- that is almost depression levels. one economist that i spoke with said this is a "absolute disaster" and she told me that she believes this is really selling this generation short because the longer you're unemployed, the harder it is to get a job and the fear is, is this generation going to go from unemployed to unemploibl. that's the big question. we've got a lot more on this for you on cnnmoney. top of the hour now. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're on verdict watch now in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. jury deliberations are under way. did murray give jackson that
12:01 pm
lethal dose of propofol? or did jackson give himself the drug? that's what the jurors are deciding. the attorneys have had their say. >> that conrad murray left prince, paris and blanket without a father. >> they want you to convict dr. murray for the actions of michael jackson. they just don't want to tell you that. >> the monthly employment report for october shows the jobless rate inched down slightly. the labor department says employers added 80,000 jobs. unemployment rate dipped to 9%. also the jobs numbers for august and september were revised up. investors are disappointed by the report and anxious over the crisis in greece. right now the dow is down 145 points. the political turmoil in greece reaches a critical point today. prime minister george papandreou
12:02 pm
faces a confidence vote to determine whether his government will survive. papandreou sent the world market into turmoil when he announces plans on a public vote. yesterday he backed off. in a speech last hour, president obama called for cooperation to solve the european debt crisis and made a pitch for his own jobs plan in the states. >> -- excuse for inaction. that's true globally, it's certainly true back home as well and i'm going to keep on pushing it regardless of what the politics are. >> mr. obama and french president nicolas sarkozy paid tribute to the military cooperation between the two countries -- the u.s. and france. a short time ago they attended a ceremony honoring american and french troops who took part in the nato operation in libya.
12:03 pm
one of the two women accusing herman cain of sexual harassment could release a statement today. the republican presidential candidate said he never sexually harassed anyone. here's what he said in a radio interview with conservative commentator sean hannity. >> when you look at the facts and you look at the fact that politico doesn't have any documentation, they never talked to these women -- none of them. i didn't know there were so many women named anonymous in america, to be perfectly honest with you. because they keep digging up others. a stand-off mao in the middle east. israeli sailors have climbed abore two aid ships headed toward gaza. the ships were on their way to the palestinian territory on what activists say is a humanitarian mission. ships were boarded after the activists refused demands to turn around. more violence and a promise broken in syria.
12:04 pm
just two days after the government there said it would full troops from the greece, security forces spanned out again this morning. troops fired shots to disperse crowds protesting. at least four civilians are reported dead. this next video is like something out of an action movie. cops rammed a patrol car right there in the side of a plane to stop some suspected smugglers from taking off with stolen cargo. they arrested the pilot and four passengers and confiscated $200,000 worth of electronics stashed on-board. let's get you back to our lead story. a verdict watch now in the michael jackson death trial. jurors started their deliberations just about 15 minutes ago. they're deciding if dr. conrad murray should be held accountable for jackson's death.
12:05 pm
cnn's ted row lwlands joins us e from los angeles. what's t mood like inside and outside the courthouse? >> reporter: well, obviously, fredricka, a lot of answer now after more than a month of testimony. it is down to what the jury's deciding in terms of conrad murray's fate. the jury's been given a lot of latitude in the judge in terms of taking breaks but they can't deliberate after 4:00 local here in california because they can't -- they don't want to go into overtime with the staff here at the courthouse, unless they come to a verdict. the judge says if you come to a verdict any time up until 4:00, then we will keep staff later and we understand that the judge is at this point giving a two-hour notice time to allow interested parties specifically the jackson family to get here. they live on the west side of town here so it will take them about an hour regardless of traffic. the judge is allowing two hours, once a verdict is decided on for that verdict to be read.
12:06 pm
so outside the courthouse, the regulars are all here. fan wise and media wise. inside the courthouse, people are inside the courtroom. it is open during deliberations. just waiting word this jury has come to a verdict. but they've only been at it 15 minutes so it will be a while. >> are family an friends remaining while jurors deliberating? >> family is not here. they're at home an they'll get a call from the court once a verdict is read and then they'll have two hours to make their way to the courthouse. fans are up in the courtroom and in specifically the hallway outside the courtroom. they've been there every day an they're here again today and they're outside the courthouse as well. >> all right, ted rowlands, thanks so much. keep us posted there from los angeles. here's a rundown of what we're covering in this next hour. one of herman cain's accusers
12:07 pm
wants to set the record straight. what does it mean for his presidential bid if she talks? then, zero. nada. goose egg. that's what some big corporations are paying in taxes. also, we'll hear from some real life gi janes. >> these troops have a new weapon. for the first time, women are joining elite commando units. going on raids and even living in villages. and a new discovery in the night sky. what scientists are learning from these spinning stars. and speaking of spinning stars -- nancy grace joins us with all the latest drama from the dance floor. '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america.
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12:10 pm
take a look at stories making headlines cross-country now. a surfer and some kayakers are pretty lucky. they narrowly avoided being lunch -- maybe. two whales were feeding surfaced near san tra cruz, california near the weekend. you believe that? the woman who shot the youtube video says she plans to whale watch on dry land from now on. one powerball ticket was $254 million. it was sold in fairfield county, connecticut. the winner has yet to come forward. they may not realize it yet perhaps. the state is recovering from a snowstorm that left hundreds of thousands of people without power. an accidental million dollar lottery winner in louisiana says he's thankful his cashier made a mistake.
12:11 pm
he says she accidentally sold him a power play ticket which multiplied his original $200,000 jackpot five times over. >> a million. how lucky can you be? i never asked for the power play but she put it on the ticket and you bought it. and then when i get my money? i'm going to write a check. i'm going to give her some money. >> the story that sold him the ticket will get 10 grand. the crisis in greece is not only affecting the stock market, it is dominating discussions at the g-20 economic summit in france. moments ago president obama spoke at the g-20 and stressed the importance of solving the european debt crisis. >> all of us have an enormous interest in europe's success and all of us will be affected if europe is not growing. that certainly includes the united states which is our largest trading partner. if europe isn't growing, it is harder for us to do what we need to do for the american people --
12:12 pm
creating jobs, lifting up the middle class, and putting our fiscal house in order. and that's why i made it clear that the united states will continue to do our part to support our european partners as they work to resolve this crisis. ali velshi joining us now live from the g-0 summit in cannes. are the leaders there making any progress dealing with europe's overall financial crisis? >> reporter: yes. they are. i think they are. first of all they are breathing a sigh of relief that this referendum in greece is over and do with. it gave everybody sort after 72-hour scare. it caused them to come together and put the knuckles to greece and make sure they did the right thing. everybody came around, offered help. it was definitely a different tone today. remember, part of the agenda of this g-20 before derailed by this greek discussion was to deal with unequal growth in the world and banking and things like that so they actually got a fair amount of work done. this thing ends on a much higher
12:13 pm
note than it started. i will tell you this -- greece is the 32nd largest economy in the world. it is a tiny economy. greece should not have had the whole world as hostage for the last few days. this is a warning that this financial crisis is not over. italy is now seeing some very, very serious problems. italy's really big economy with a lot of debt. so that is part of it. sorry, fred -- i called you randi. but that's part of the issue, fred, that we've got to start looking at a country like italy which really could pose a problem as opposed to greece where the problem is almost theoretical. >> no problem. we're all family here. it's cool. we're all interchangeable, too. so ali, as it pertains to italy, it certainly does have a lot more to lose. greece very small, it doesn't have the industry as it perhaps italy does. but are people -- i guess are other countries kind of crowding around trying to protect or try to gauge what italy might do? because certainly italy's not going to take the lead of
12:14 pm
greece. >> reporter: right. and so the talk around here is something called of fire wall. how do you build a fire wall around those 17 euro countries so that we don't end up with a credit crisis like we had in 2008. remember, lehman brothers failed. one american investment bank and the woel world stopped lending money to each other. it shut the world's credit system down. there was no fire wall to contain it. now they are saying how do we get a fire wall around europe while they continue to have economic growth problems and debt crises. what we don't want is global contagion of this fear that countries will default and banks will default. i think everybody's attention is very focus on it right now and we are looking for some anounments and some progress to is a this problem is contained in europe and they can start to improve from it. >> we talked about china. china's there, china's got deep pockets. china can certainly help bail
12:15 pm
out but china's certainly not volunteering. it is saying i want to see how these european nations work out their own problems first. >> reporter: on monday when i decided to head out here, the mayortive was going to be that europe had this deal that it agreed to on october 27th and it was going to show up at the g-20 where countries like china and india and brazil are represented. their leads are all here. and they would say, hey, look, we're not really such a mess. we need some investment. you all have money. look, we got our house in order, why don't you invest in us. that clearly didn't happen. that little gift box exploded. and so now, premier hu jintao and the leaders from india and brazil are standing around, they got the money, nobody's really asking for the money because they know that that's not reasonable, and they're not offering. these three leaders i think have found themselves with a little more time -- oh, it will come. the request will come, no question. but the europeans have to rewrap that box before they offer it up. >> thanks so much, ali velshi. thanks so much from cannes.
12:16 pm
republican presidential candidate herman cain has been on the political hot seat lately over allegations of sexual harassment. we'll fill you in on some new developments in a live from washington next. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
12:17 pm
12:18 pm
we're waiting to hear from one of two women who accuse herman cain of sexual harassment. she could release a statement today. the republican presidential candidate says he never sexually harassed anyone. cnn's jim acosta is with us now from washington. so where cain will be speaking, at the defending the american dream conference, where will he be? that's where you are, actually. next hour. give us an idea of what he is
12:19 pm
expected to say. >> reporter: well, he's going to be giving a speech here to a big tea party organizer, americans for prosperity has been one of the leading groups organizing the tea party movement an it is known because it is partially funned by the kohk brothers. this is going to be really a chance for the republicans to look at the two leading contenders right now -- herman cain who's obviously had a bad week, really clamping down on his republican appearances, only doing conservative media in the last day or so ever since those allegations broke that he sexually harassed some women at the national restaurant association in the late 1990s. cain, as you said, says he did nothing wrong. in his speech in about two hours from now he's expected to talk about his 9-9-9 economic plan which obviously he hasn't been spending a whole lot of time talking about lately an national security.
12:20 pm
he's going to lay out some national security principles. we're also going to be hearing hearing from mitt romney in 45 minutes from now as well. but cain has been doing conservative media. he was on the sean hannity talk radio show yesterday and he was asked about these allegations and whether or not it would derail his campaign and cain said no, there will be nothing there if these alleged accusers ever come forward. he says that his campaign is moving right along. >> i can ashire ysure you this,. this will not deter me. this businessman is not going to be deterred in his drive to basically do what i feel like i'm supposed to be doing which is to win this nomination and win the presidency. >> reporter: obviously mitt romney has something to say about that. he's going to be here giving his speech. we have a sneak preview of his spending cut plan. this is something that the romney campaign is really putting out there today. talking about $500 billion in
12:21 pm
spending cuts for the budget year of 2014. so it is a little ways off but he is talking about something pretty dramatic that may go over well with this tea party crowd, talking about sending medicaid back to the states, talking about really changing medicare the way the program is run right now, giving seniors vouchers to buy into the medicare program, cutting funding for being ining this is going to be a very bold and in-your-face speech from mitt romney today on spending cuts and i think he's also looking to get some of the limelight back from herman cain and talk about what he had's like to which is the economy and the president's handling of the economy. as you said at the very start of this, this has been a tough week for herman cain. obviously all of us are going to be watching herman cain to see what if anything he has to say about this speech today.
12:22 pm
>> jim acosta, thanks so much. we'll all be listening to see what herman cain has to say. all week long, he has been in the hot seat. with us right now from new york, cnn's senior political analyst david gergen. so, david, while herman cain has been in the hot seat, you wouldn't know it if you look at the latest polling, if you would look at his fund-raising efforts. he is surging in both. how is this happening? >> well, it sometimes happens that there's a rally-around effect. especially among close supporters. he is an inspirational figure, a motivational speaker. he's clearly motivated a lot of people. >> i guess the fascination though is with that question is despite the fact that there are these rumors and despite the fact that there are these allegations, he seems to be going along swimmingly with this kind of teflon kind of approach.
12:23 pm
>> i actually don't think that is the larger picture. i think these polls are -- they are following polls, not early indicators. as time goes on, what we know from other stories like this -- we've seen a ton of them this year, haven't we? is that they have a corrosive effect on a candidate and over time their numbers start coming down. the shine goes off. they can't get their message out. i think if we have a woman who comes forward and puts a name and a face on the allegations and people have a chance to hear her, and if she has -- and if she in fact has a story -- it may not be much here, but if she has a story of someone who was overly aggressive, we're going to be off to the races with three or more various news stories comparing what he said/she said. the longer this story goes on,
12:24 pm
the more corrosive it is. >> does it all rest on this statement that may come today? >> i was really struck by the fact that even though the polls are holding out, richard land, a major evangelical figure, southern baptist who has been the kind of person that herman cain depends on said he must get this story behind him. he ought to call for full transparency and that means he ought to ask the national restaurant association to release this woman from a confidentiality agreement. get all the facts out there. let everybody look at it. yeah, it may be a couple of embarrassing things. but if there's nothing serious then his campaign goes on. as it is, he's in this drip, drip, drip process an it still hasn't shown up in the polls. yes, he's still getting money but i guarantee you, if this story goes on for much longer, it will be very corrosive for his campaign. everything in politics tells veterans that's what happens over time. >> cain you believe is still in the driver's seat. it is up to him to kind of put this to rest. it's gone on for a very long time, in large part in your view
12:25 pm
because he hasn't addressed it head-on in. >> i think that herman cain looks to me like a very fine fellow who probably is a little -- he's a motivational speaker, puts his arms around people, calls a woman sweetheart at the first meeting, that just comes out of tradition. i'm not sure he did very much that was wrong. donts kn don't know that. but what's been clear is he's been terrible hand-fists of it. they've let this go on now. we're in the fifth day. this should have ened two, three days ago and it is likely to go through the weekend now if the woman comes forward. this is not what a campaign wants to do. you want to cut these things off quickly as you can. they have ten days to be ready for this and they weren't ready. >> if anyone stands to gain from this kind of impasse of lack of information or kind of the holes in this -- in these allegations, would it be mitt romney? >> it could give life to rick
12:26 pm
perry to become the alternative to rommy. right now herman cain has gotten up in the polls. looks like he's the alternative. if he falls, rick perry may be able to put his campaign back together. he had a good interview yesterday with john king. he was more impressive in that than he was in the debates. but if perry does not catch fire, then there is no question that perry and cain have cleared the field for romney and that -- maybe somebody else will catch fire, like gingrich. but you have to say the solid front runner in that situation would be mitt romney and we'll have to wait an ewhat he says today. but he's been rather in the background but i think that's been smart by romney, to be a little in the background. he doesn't want to be out there every day between now and election day a year from now. >> david gergen, thanks so much. always enjoy your viewpoint. >> thank you. are you paying for income taxes than some of the country's biggest corporations? a new study says you may be because some companies aren't paying any at all.
12:27 pm
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lower corporate taxes, new job growth? we've heard that in the back and forth from washington. according to a new study, some companies aren't paying any income taxes at all. mary snow has details. >> reporter: as protesters rally against big corporations and big profits, there is talk of corporate tax reform. authors of a new study on company tax bills are hoping the results may inspire action. citizens for tax justice, along with the institute on taxation and economic policy, to left-leaning groups, found that 30 major corporations paid zero income taxes over the last three years. how is that possible? robert mcintyre is the lead author of the study. >> it didn't happen by magic. corporations are good at
12:31 pm
lobbying and congress is good at rolling over for them and over the years, last 25 or 30 years, loopholes have crept back in to the tax code and companies have found ways to shift their profits offshore and invest in tax shelters that cut their taxes. >> reporter: the corporate tax rate is 35%. the study found on average, of the 280 companies studied, they paid about half that rate. the report also finds that some companies have so many tax breaks, their tax burden went negative, meaning they got money back. general electric is near the top of the list. the report finds it paid zero income tax for the last three years, while their u.s. profits in that time amounted to $10 billion. ge challenged the report telling cnn the report is inaccurate and distorted. ge paid billions of dollars in taxes in the united states over the last decade and we expect our overall tax rate will be
12:32 pm
approximate i had 30% in 2011. ge, which is a multi-national company, favors tax reform, it says, to close all loopholes an to lower the corporate rate. the author of the report is hoping for major reform like the kind he advocated for in the 1980s, a time when then-president reagan rid the tax code of special breaks. >> if you don't keep cleaning things up, the lawyers and accountants will beat you an we haven't had it cleaned up in 25 years and we desperately immediate one. >> we have a different political environment today that makes tax reform along with a lot of other things harder to do. >> reporter: while the low tax rates, and in some cases zero tax rates, may be surprising, they're all perfectly legal. all part of a system that tax reform advocates are pushing to change. mary snow, cnn, new york. and stunning pictures from far out in space.
12:33 pm
we'll tell you about a new discovery by nasa. [ female announcer ] in the grip of arthritis, back, or back joint pain?
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12:36 pm
instinct wouldtell y tell y dodge a speeding car. right sm not this man. he goes over the car. what a gymnast! aaron evans hold the guinness world record for fastest jump over three moving cars. man! he is fierce! look at that, reynolds! >> unbelievable. my mother would kill me. >> i just want to know how many times he probably impaled himself before he got it right. >> how do you start off sh maybe jumping over like a go cart? big wheel? then you go to the sports car? >> i think you've had a conversation with him. maybe you know. he is amazing. >> he was recently featured in
12:37 pm
an episode of super human on history channel. guess what? he got inspired as a kid watching bruce lee movies. this is what can hatch when your kid watches things of super heroes or bruce lee and the like. they could become super human! just like him. he's 23 years old now. >> those are low-profile cars. >> let's hear what he has to say. >> i paint the point everywhere i'm going to meet it. as soon as it get there and i'm at a certain point, i get ready to go an take off. just don't think can you do it. i don't want to put anyone down. everyone has their own abilities. i just found mine. that's it. >> so maybe -- maybe it is as simple he'll visualize an suv and you can master that, too. >> he certainly has mastered it. >> maybe on to bigger and
12:38 pm
better, crazier things. >> some scientists are head over heels over something else. pretty amazing stuff, far out in space. a new discovery, almost a dozen dense stars that spin at extremely high speeds and emit pulses of radiation. known as pulsars. reynolds, i'll let you pick it up from here. because i know you know a lot more about it than i. >> a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. stars go through a life cycle also. this is toward the end of the life cycle of the star. you saw how it was spinning. these stars spin also. amazing thing about these pulsars, they can spin from seven times a second to over 2,000 times per second. this latest one that's relatively close to us that we found is spinning 183.7 times per second. this is moving very quickly. what else is really cool, it is basically compressed mass.
12:39 pm
for example, this is really tightly compressed. manl all the mass you have in the sun compressing to something about the size of a small city. that space is very dense. if you were to take a teaspoon and dig into this and pick it up, there is so much mass in it that teaspoon would weigh as much as mt. everest. this incredible star going through this process is about 27,000 light years away which means to get there you'd have to go at the speed of light, that's some 27,000 years. it is a little more than taking a trip to sarasota. it is amazing stuff. again the video of it is pretty incredible. the thing that's so important about this is because what we can study, what we can garner from seeing this gives us clues to our own universe and basically what we will be dealing with some day. >> thanks so much, reynold.
12:40 pm
dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial is now in the hand of the jury. who scored the most points at closing arguments? nancy grace will weigh in. but first, here's some free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to your financialess. joining me this hour, founder of the financial advice blog ask the money coach and david nova, a certified financial planner and adjunct professor at nyu. lynette, your question is from kathy in missouri. she wants to find an honest an reliable kred fit credit repair. is there such a thing? >> here's the problem. a lot of these credit repair agencies tout benefits an make promises that they can't possibly keep or they promise you things that frankly a consumer can do for him or herself. idea here is check out a company's better business bureau rating. also maybe look at the credit counseling industry because the
12:41 pm
federal government does in fact certify credit counseling agencies -- free of charge. they can help you with your credit issues. you might not get credit repair in that sense but can you get some credit education to improve your credit score. bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, in the end it probably is. david, ming from new york writes this -- his son started college this year. they paid over $10,000 in tuition. what kind of tax benefits can they expect? >> depending on their income a couple options may be available. the most important one is probably the american opportunity tax credit which would give them up to $2,500 of the tax credit for the $10,000 of tuition. the lifetime learning credit may be available, too. that would be a $2,000 tax credit. there's also a tuition tax deduction. that could be $4,000. you can't use them together and if they've use anything such as a 529 plan or coverdale account to pay for college you wouldn't
12:42 pm
be able to use it for that. >> you got to look at the fine print. thank you, guys. send an e-mail any time to cnn's help this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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the fate of dr. conrad murray is in the hands of the jury now. they'll have to decide who is to blame for jackson's death -- murray or jackson himself. nancy grace joins us now from los angeles with her "dancing with the stars" partner. nancy, before we talk to both you and tristan, let's talk about these closing arguments, which side made the bigger impression on the jurors in your view. >> well, i think especially given what they had to work with that the prosecution made a much stronger impact, especially when the prosecution brought up that michael jackson is not the only victim here. the three children he leaves behind without a father are victims, too. and i think that made a very strong impact on the jury. it certainly made a strong impact on me. so those jurors that are parents are going to have to think about
12:46 pm
their own children going through life without a parent. we know these three children already don't have aer who. the mother doesn't want them. she's out of the picture. they have no mother. now they have no father. and, some of them witnessed their father lying dead. so that is what they've got to live with for the rest of their lives. now the defense, granted, did their very best. but when you look at it, their whole defense is that michael jackson self-administered when we know for a fact that it was physically impossible for him to self-administer. so they did what they could, they tried to drag celebrity into it by saying if this had not been michael jackson there would not have been a prosecution. i think that fell flat. so between the two of them -- an they're both very good lawyers -- i think the prosecution won the closing. >> so the defense tried to also convey that conrad murray was not complicity, was not negligent, even by having this storage of propofol in the room with michael jackson with the
12:47 pm
defense trying to establish was an addict. is that an effective approach that they were able to say that while conrad murray may have been involved in providing that drug, he wasn't the one who actually administered it. >> well, here's the deal. all he had to say to that is four gallons of propofol. dr. conrad murray claims he was trying to wean jackson off propofol and for those of you who don't mow what propofol is? i had it once when i went under surgery. you put in your arm, you're out. you take it out of your arm, you're awake. it's only to be used as a surgical anesthetic in an operating room. conrad murray had ordered four gallons! think of a gallon of milk. for michael jackson alone. when he says he's weaning him. so after that came out in court, i think that all of their arguments fell flat. they also argued in his defense that he was a little fish in a
12:48 pm
"big dirty pond." in other words, a lot of doctors had jackson hooked on drugs. but those doctors aren't the ones accused of killing him. >> quick verdict in your view then? >> well, remember, i was the one who said simpson would go down on double murder so consider the source. but i absolutely believe there will be a guilty verdict. i think it is all over but the sentencing. however, in california that sentencing may be very lenient. he may get straight probation for killing michael jackson. >> all right, let's switch gears a little bit. the other reason why you're out in los angeles, "dancing with the stars." you're still in the game! so you and tristan, you had a very different competition this week. big group dance. lot of pressure on that. do you feel like there's greater pressure on the group dance versus when it's you and tristan competing? >> well, the thing about a group dance, that was a shocker, is that group score was added to everyone's individual score.
12:49 pm
how does that work? >> well, i guess we went in two teams of three. i don't know which one. i had a split opinion on first because i always thought that our own dance was the most important one but again, it's kind of -- you take it into your own hand when you help the team out as well. you really need to work as a team in that scenario so they were equally as important. >> you know what? i hated that outfit. i was literally in a straight jacket outfit. it was a crazy wig. i didn't like that part. i liked the dance a lot and it prepped me for this week because that was a tango an we're doing a tango this week. it was very hard. tango's kind of hard. >> it seemed very difficult. but very dramatic. tristan, in your view, why is nancy grace such a good competitor on this dance floor? >> because she's very determined. you know? i don't know. she's just really letting herself go a little bit now.
12:50 pm
it's fun. and you're having fun and you understand that it's fun. there's definitely reason -- >> nancy -- >> i think that's the important thing more so than the dancing. >> to me, the whole competition is not only a lot of fun but it is an exercise in discipline because after my show last night on hln, we both went back to the rehearsal hall and we practiced. and this morning we got up super early so i could give the twins their birthday this morning, they turned 4 -- praise the lord -- and i didn't know that i would be back to see them before they went to bed because we are going to be rehearsing the tango and jive for monday night. >> okay! well, we wish you the best. sorry to be stepping on your toes here.
12:51 pm
>> well hold on! you forget to put out our voting number -- 868-3405. >> well all best tristan and nancy. thanks so much. we'll be watching. >> bye! >> bye-bye. after a visit to the emergency room, this woman's battle to lose weight turned into a battle between life and death. our suzanne malveaux has her story. ask me how i've never slept better... why not talk to one of the 6 million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america. it's not a sealy, a simmons, or a serta... ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. ask me how great my back feels every morning. did you know there's a tempur-pedic for every body? tempur-pedic beds now come insoft...firm...and everything in-between... ask me how i don't wake up anymore when he comes to bed... these are real tempur-pedic owners...ask someone you know...check out twitter, or your friends on facebook...
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african-american women are more likely to be overweight than any other group in the u.s. in this "what matters" segment, meet a woman who turned her life
12:54 pm
threatening situation around and has now made it her mission to help others. suzanne malveaux has the story. >> reporter: truety jeffrey isn't the woman she used to be. she's lost 72 pounds and has kept it off with exercise and healthy eating. >> in that journey that it took me to lose that weight, i learned all type of skills, how to choose and to be able to eat anywhere with anybody and make the best choices at the time. >> reporter: but jeffrey's transformation didn't happen voluntary. she got serious about losing weight after a visit to the emergency room. her blood pressure was at stroke levels. >> that's when it became more than not looking good, can't fit in my clothes, having headaches. my mother had high blood pressure so i saw myself at that moment there with my two kids thinking, oh, no. i'm doing exact same thing. >> reporter: according to centers for disease control, about 4 out of 5 african-american women are overweight or obese. >> i think those numbers are
12:55 pm
alarming. >> reporter: this doctor treats african-american patients and says obesity is an issue she sees all too often with her patients. >> i think it is due to the poor american diets which are high in fat, high in cholesterol and also high in sugar and it's also due to our lack of physical activity. >> definitely women are going in the wrong direction over the past 20 years. >> reporter: dr. garth graham is with the obama administration of office of minority health. >> it's all over responsibility. obesity academic has been growing over the last couple of years. that's why first lady michelle obama launched the campaign to make sure we educate everyone in terms to make sure we do what we can to fight obesity. >> reporter: dr. waters has joined the fight. starting a cooking class to teach her patients how to prepare healthy meals. it is an effort she hopes will not only benefit her patients
12:56 pm
but their families as well. >> education is key. because if we don't know, then we can't make the changes. one of our mottos is better health for a better life. that's what we want them to have, a better quality of life. >> you will be able to have the type of results would you like. >> reporter: jeffrey has also made this her life's mission. now an instructor for weight watchers, she encourages other women to be the best they can be. >> go out there, seek it out, an make your mine up that you're going to do it but don't give up. don't give up on yourself, and done give up on how you would like to be. >> and they say time is money and we've all had to wait on a cable guy or the repair man. sometimes for hours. how much is that lost time worth? 380,000? $38 million or $38?
12:57 pm
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we asked you how much money do you think americans lost waiting for in-home services? the answer -- close to $38 billion. this year alone. three-quarters of americans, an hour is worth at least $15 and most


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