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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 7, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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multilayered like that. you may think that $31,000 is a lot of money, and it is. this is a tooth that john lennon actually koo koo kachooed with. a tooth in the mouth that sang norwegian wood. a lock of presley's hair sold for more than $18,000 a few years agency. a lock of justin bieber's hair more than $40,000 on ebay. i guess that means, in the world of biologically based music memorabilia, bieber hair costs more than beatle teeth. strange days. stray days indeed. up next, heart wrenching testimony from the last people to see michael jackson alive. ♪ this is the final curtain call. ♪ >> his last night was spent on
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stage. ♪ all i want to say is they don't really care about us ♪ >> i said, all right, love you. me goes, love you more, see you tomorrow. >> and then tomorrow -- never came. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not breathing. >> right then i knew something was terribly wrong. i said, "janet, is he dead?" she said, "he's gone." >> he was malnourished. he had multiple needle marks on him. some would say he was addicted in some way. >> when people leave this show, when people leave my show -- >> michael was in that state, in that bed because of the drugs administered by conrad murray. >> your honor, i'm an innocent man. >> conrad murray abandoned michael when he needed help. >> that's when i realized he was
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no longer on the phone. >> when dr. murray left the room, michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that with the lorazepam created a perfect storm -- ♪ >> don >> tonight, a special investigation into the final days of michael jackson's life. more than two years after the death of michael jackson, the manslaughter trial against conrad murray finally got underway in this courthouse. during the trial we heard from the people with jackson the final hours of his life. as the sun rose above los angeles's famed hills. the entertainer began the morning doing what he loved, preparing for a show.
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>> now do it slow. >> he and i would start about noon, 1:00 at his home. we would dance a few hours and stretch. >> you have to have a full attitude, have you a half attitude. do the full one. >> michael choreographer. >> we were on a journey with michael that was going to return him to the stage that he loved so much. we were eight days away from leaving for london. ♪ >> the stage is where michael was most at ease. on stage, there was no one better. ♪ >> since age 5, he had electrified audiences with hit songs around the world. and the world appeared ready to welcome him back. it had been 12 years since michael jackson's last major performance. the king of pop was poised to regain his thrown. >> this is it.
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this is really it, this is the final -- this is the final curtain call. >> according to the contract with concert promoters aeg, michael was to perform 50 concerts at the o2 center in london over a nine month period. >> i'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. >> was michael physically up to the challenge? both michael and aeg had a lot on the line. >> it was his comeback. it was his renaissance, his rebirth on stage, after so many years of being out of the spotlight, a lot of people were wondering if he could pull this off. >> this is it, and see you in july. >> reporter: but there were questions about whether jackson was ready. kenny ortega the director for "this is it," called a private meeting at jackson's home. aeg's ceo randy phillips attended the meeting. >> kenny was concerned he wasn't coming to enough rehearsals, that he was taking it a little too nonchalantly.
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and michael explained that he needed kenny to build the house, and then he would come in and paint the front door. >> reporter: however, brian oxman, attorney for michael's father joe jackson, claims aeg had deeper concerns about the entertainer. >> he was too sleepy, he was taking medications which made him tired and unable to perform, >> reporter: on the afternoon of june 24th, jackson arrived at the staples center in downtown los angeles. ♪ >> reporter: rehearsals for "this is it" often ran late into the night. on the surface, the man many say was born to perform never looked better. was his voice getting stronger over a period of rehearsals? >> absolutely. >> was his dancing getting stronger? >> absolutely. >> his body? everything? >> absolutely. >> reporter: michael bearden,
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the musical director for "this is it," was on stage that last night. >> he looked back at me, after we did one number and he looked at me as if to say, "yeah, i'm michael jackson and i got this." you know, he looked really good and i teased some of the dancers when i see them because m.j. was 50 years old and they're like half his age and he still was wearing them out. ♪ >> reporter: on stage, always a perfectionist. off stage, a legend with a sense of humor. >> he's making big-money decisions, then he would lean over to me and just say silly stuff like, who's your favorite three stooges? and i go, what, m.j.? oh, no, i don't like that. yeah, can i have more of this, less of this? "i like mo." >> reporter: but beneath the surface, concerns the very moment the concert tour was announced. jackson was pushing himself to the brink. ♪ >> i was thinking how is he going to do these shows? >> reporter: record producer rodney jerkins. >> 50 dates at 50 years old? that's a lot of dates. and i was -- i kept saying, i
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hope he gets a physical trainer. someone to really work him out. to make sure he's healthy and prepared. ♪ >> reporter: jermaine jackson says his little brother was ready. >> i mean he could have did 200 shows. ♪ >> reporter: i talked to jermaine following a band rehearsal. >> i felt that he could do it because of the way the shows were spaced out and it wasn't like every day. ♪ >> see, like when we first started we were doing one-nighters where every day you're in a different place, riding the bus and you're sleeping on top of each other. that's tough. but this was -- and you didn't have to take the stage now, you were in one location. i think that night he finally accepted down deep in whatever the inner reaches of an artist's soul are that he could do this. >> reporter: was anything out of
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the ordinary that night? >> the only thing that might have been out of the ordinary is that michael was -- had a serious glow about him that night. ♪ ♪ all i've got to say is they don't really care about us ♪ >> you could see his confidence growing and you could see physically he was able to do the things that he wanted to do. ♪ i want to say is they don't really care about us ♪ >> we were walking to our cars and he put his arm around me at the staples center and he said, "thank you for getting me here. now i know i can do it and take it from here." >> hold for applause, hold for applause, slow umbrella, fade out. >> reporter: jackson left the staples center around midnight and headed to his rented mansion in the posh l.a. neighborhood of holmby hills. just 12 hours later, however, nothing would ever be the same. coming up -- >> tito said, your mama said get down here, it doesn't look good. >> the tragic news no family
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a secluded l.a. mansion. a 911 call. >> he's not breathing? >> yes, he's not breathing, sir. >> and he's not conscious? >> no, he's not conscious, sir. >> okay. >> a 50-year-old man in distress. that man is michael jackson. >> michael jackson, the king of pop -- >> -- was taken to the hospital and there were rumors -- >> he was apparently administered cpr in the ambulance. >> as the news breaks, jackson's brothers tito and jermaine begin to hear grim and troubling reports from loved ones and the media. do you remember the day, where you were, and the time? >> oh, yeah. i'll never forget it. i was -- i happened to be home. my middle son, terrell, called me on the phone. he said, dad, is it true what they're saying on tv about uncle michael?
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i said, what are they saying? they say he was rushed to the hospital and he's not breathing or something like that. i say, what? >> you guys called, cnn called my wife and said, do you know anything about michael being rushed to the hospital? i said no. and i called my mother immediately. and she said she was on her way to the hospital. jermaine's mother, katherine, confirmed his worst fears. >> she was already at the hospital, and i called her back, and i heard her say he's dead. and i couldn't believe to hear my mother say her child is dead. my brother. and i got weak. very, very weak. >> tito jackson couldn't get a hold of his mother as he raced to ucla medical center, but a call from his sister janet stopped him in his tracks. >> i said janet, is he dead? and she said, he's gone. and i just melted right there,
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and i didn't know what to do. i pulled over in this parking lot and just cried for like 15 minutes and went back home. >> jermaine jackson did make it to the hospital as the crowds and media began to swell outside. inside, his brother michael lay dead. >> they had -- they had a sheet wrapped on top of him. and i could feel his skin, it was still soft and smooth. and i just kissed his forehead so much and i talked to him. the memories, that's what hurt. and to know that there would never be another jackson 5. >> despite his overwhelming grief, it was jermaine who delivered the family's official announcement that michael was dead. and you have to go out from that hospital, and you have to tell the world. >> um-hum. i couldn't believe that i was announcing my brother's death
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for the world. it was -- i was numb. very numb, because it was like a nightmare. >> my brother, the legendary king of pop, michael jackson, passed away on thursday, june 25th, 2009, at 2:26 p.m. >> were you able to see jermaine do the press conference? >> i saw it on television. it was sad. i wish i could have been there, but i wouldn't have never made it in time. >> what were you thinking when you saw it? >> shocking and hurting and just all type of emotions hitting you at one time. >> today, you can't do it without crying? >> no. still. it's hard. it's really a hard thing, because michael was so special to not just me, but to everyone.
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>> the los angeles coroner would rule jackson's death a homicide. the cause of death, acute propofol intoxication. michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, would later be charged with inning voluntary manslaughter. next -- >> where was the doctor -- >> what happened the final hours of michael jackson's life? was dr. murray responsible? >> why was he left alone? there's a lot of questions. >> the city of los angeles braces for yet another high-profile trial. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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we're just minutes away from the trial of the death of michael jackson. >> the verdict is just minutes away. >> on september 27th, 2011, michael jackson's family would finally have their day in court. >> seats have become available
11:21 pm
you're on stand by. >> outside the courthouse, jackson's international stardom took center stage. inside courtroom 107, a jury of seven men and five women took their seats. hln's ryan smith was watching. >> this is the death of michael jackson, and it's not just that he's a famous star, it's that someone lost their son, their brother, their father. >> district attorney david walgren laid out the prosecution's case. >> michael jackson trusted his life to the medical skills of conrad murray. that misplaced trust in the hands of conrad murray costs michael jackson his life. >> to help prove their case. prosecutors presented two very different portraits of the pop
11:22 pm
legend. from a vibrant singer, dancer and entertainer, to a lifeless body on a hospital gurney one day later. midway through opening arguments, a stunning moment. the voice of michael jackson, as he'd never been heard before. >> when people leave my show, i want them to say, "he's the greatest entertainer in the world." >> reporter: jackson sounded fragile, impaired, incapable. >> i do. >> you may be seated. >> that's just what kenny ortega fears. ortega was directing the most anticipated show in decades. with a star he feared wasn't up to it. but murray insisted he was in
11:23 pm
charge of jackson's health. >> he said i should stop trying to be an amateur doctor and psychologist, and leave the health of michael jackson to him. >> those were the words of dr. murray? >> yes. >> reporter: his efforts to get michael jackson to sleep began with a 10 milligram of valium around 1:30 a.m., it didn't work. according to the affidavit, he injected the singer with an anti-anxiety drug. by 3:00 a.m., jackson was still awake. murray told police he tried another drug, a sedative, that didn't work either. murray told investigators, at 10:40 a.m., he gave the pop legend 25 milligrams of propofol, a powerful surgical anesthetic, finally putting jackson to sleep. but soon after all hell broke loose. to describe the scene firsthand -- >> alberto alvarez.
11:24 pm
>> reporter: the district attorney turned to one of the first men to rush into jackson's bedroom. >> he was laying on his back, with his hands extended out. i observed his eyes were slightly opened or were opened and his mouth was open. >> reporter: alvarez said murray was frantic and vague about jackson's condition. >> i asked dr. conrad murray, what happened? and he said, he had a reaction, he had a bad reaction. >> reporter: in the midst of the chaos, alvarez spotted jackson's children in the doorway. >> they were right behind me. and paris screamed out, daddy! dr. conrad murray said, don't let them see their dad like this. >> they heard about paris breaking down, very powerful visual. >> reporter: jim moret is chief correspondent for "inside edition." >> from the perspective of the juror, and as a parent, can you imagine seeing your own father
11:25 pm
lying there, most likely dead, with his eyes wide open? >> we have a gentleman here that needs help, and he's not breathing. he's not breathing, and we need to -- we're trying to pump him, but he's not -- >> okay, how old is he? >> finally at 12:22 p.m., alvarez called 911. as they waited for an ambulance, murray asked alvarez for more help. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of viles and then he reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> when paramedics arrived, murray withheld critical information. >> did dr. murray ever mention to you having administered propofol to michael jackson? >> he never mentioned the word propoe follow. >> not mentioning propofol, not keeping medical records, throwing viles in bags.
11:26 pm
the prosecution was painting a picture of a doctor with plenty to hide. by day six, the d.a. would also make clear that murray may have been distracted. >> thank you. >> my name's nicole alvarez. >> michelle bella. >> sade. >> three women described as murray's girlfriends. one, nicole alvarez had a son with murray and even once met his famous patient. >> how did it come about that you got to meet michael jackson? >> i'm still trying to figure that out myself. >> why is that? what is confusing about it? >> because it's michael jackson. >> it makes it sound like this is part of his game. i'm going to take you over to meet michael jackson, it made him sound like a cad. instead of having his eyes on his patient, he has his eyes on all these beautiful women. >> reporter: on the day of jackson's death, records show that murray talked to all three
11:27 pm
women. prosecutors say he was on the phone for 47 minutes during the exact time he should have been carefully monitoring his patient. a patient to whom murray supplied a deadly stockpile of drugs. >> two bottles of lorazepam. lidocaine bolt el. >> and on day soeven, each vile and bottle found at jackson's house were entered into evidence. one after another. >> removing the contents. >> to take a patient with valium, lorazepam, and propofol and to leave them unattended in that state is medical abandonment. >> jackson was officially pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m.
11:28 pm
june 25th, 2009. a direct result said prosecutors of mistakes, delays, and recklessness by dr. conrad murray. >> when we come back, dr. conrad murray speaks for himself. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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he did not act as a medical professional using sound -- >> for over a week, dr. conrad murray listened as the district attorney, david walgren portrayed him as reckless. >> conrad murray abandoned michael when he needed help. >> then on day nine, jurors heard murray's own voice and his version of events recorded in a police interview days after michael jackson's death. >> full name? >> conrad robert murray. >> reporter: it was jackson who told dr. murray all about propofol. >> he knew that was the only thing that worked for him. i constantly cautioned him. >> reporter: cautioned him and claims murray tried to wean him
11:33 pm
from the drug. still, jackson pressed for propofol on the day he died. >> he said, i can't function if i don't sleep. so i agreed that i would switch over to the propofol. >> reporter: then murray said he sat at jackson's side. >> i monitored him, saw his oxygen saturation, heart rate, everything was stable. then i needed to go to the bathroom. i came back to his bedside and i was stunned in the sense that he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: dr. murray not only admitted he gave michael jackson propofol in the hours before michael jackson died, but he said, oh, sure, i've been giving this to him for weeks. every night for 60 days. so conrad murray's statement was critical. because he gave -- it gave the police and the prosecutor everything they needed to charge him with a crime.
11:34 pm
>> reporter: to finish his case, prosecutor david walgren turned to conrad murray's colleague. >> shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> i do. >> three doctors, three specialties. one conclusion. >> an extreme deviation. a far deviation. >> egregious violations in the standard of care. >> dr. steven schaffer, who literally wrote the book on propofol counted 17 agreenous violations by murray, any of which could result in death. >> the lack of an electrocardiogram. the failure to call 911 immediately. >> yes, yes. >> when dr. schaffer talked about the 17 egregious violations of the standard of care. what it really says is, this doctor didn't do his job. he had a legal duty as his doctor, to make sure that he took care of michael jackson, and in each one of these 17 ways, he failed in that legal
11:35 pm
duty. >> reporter: it was four days on the stand that left jurors fascinated and murray shaken. finally, after 16 days, and 33 witnesses -- >> the people are prepared and would ask to rest at this time. >> reporter: it was conrad murray's turn to convince the jury. >> all the defense has to do is show you reasonable doubt. if they show you one plausible situation to you, dr. murray can be acquitted. >> reporter: that situation was laid out days before in the defense's opening statement. >> michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that with the lorazepam created a perfect storm in his body, that killed him instantly. >> now, to build his case, chernoff turned to cherilyn lee,
11:36 pm
a nurse practitioner who cared for jackson in the months before his death. >> he said i have trouble sleeping. >> reporter: jackson pressed her for propofol. a drug she had never heard of. >> he said, doctors tell me it's safe, i just need to be monitored. i said, let's just try nutritional iv again. >> he wasn't happy he didn't sleep longer. >> was he upset with you? >> he said the nutritional components were not working. >> he was complaining when he got up, right? >> he said, this is going to mess up my performance for the day. the only thing that's going to help me is diprivan. >> reporter: lee never returned to jackson's mansion. >> in a sense she painted the picture of a michael jackson who was desperate to get sleep, and he kept wanting more and more and more, until finally he started talking to her about propofol. almost in a sense of, if you can't help me, i'm going to find somebody who will.
11:37 pm
>> that's a cool move. >> reporter: jackson was worried about rehearsals, and he wasn't the only one. >> he just seemed a little distracted, not focused. >> reporter: randy phillips is the ceo of aeg live, jackson's concert promoter. in a meeting days before his death, jackson and murray reassured phillips. >> dr. murray spoke for michael on the situation. and guaranteed us that michael would connect. >> hold for applause, slow umbrella, fade out. >> michael explained that he had been working with travis payne, the lead choreographer at home. he knew these routines. >> reporter: the stakes were high, phillips said if the tour was cancelled, jackson would have to pay more than $20 million in production costs. finally on day 18, five witnesses came to the stand, and
11:38 pm
presented another side of murray. >> he's the best doctor i've ever been to. >> very knowledgeable. >> and i'm alive today because of that man. >> reporter: it was enough to move the beleaguered murray to tears and chernoff hoped to convince jurors he was a good doctor. finally, chernoff turned to his own experts. >> i specialize in addiction medicine. >> reporter: dr. robert wal dw man reviewed records from jackson's dermatologist, in the months before his death, he got frequent treatments and lots of painkillers. >> i believe there's evidence that he was probably addicted to opiods. >> reporter: for the jackson family, they were hard words to hear. >> they sat in that classroom and listened to testimony that their son and brother was a drug addict. often they had to leave, but they were always there the next day. that made a very powerful statement without saying a word. >> reporter: the addiction, the insomnia, the desperation were so great said dr. paul white,
11:39 pm
that jackson swallowed powerful pills by the handful. >> it would be my guess that mr. jackson may well have taken three or four pills at a couple different times. >> reporter: thin white, a renowned an thesologyist demonstrated how he thought murray administered propofol. >> you would just inject very slowly. that's what dr. murray said he did. that's a safeway to do it. >> murray, he says, gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol, soon after, jackson himself administered the final dose. >> you think it was a self-injection of propofol that did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> reporter: finally, after weeks of testimony, both sides had rested. >> the defense have any addit n additional witnesses it wishes to call? >> we don't, subject to receipt of exhibits, we will rest. when we return, dr. murray's
11:40 pm
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. [ chanting ] for four weeks, the crowds outside the l.a. county courthouse were building. [ yelling guilty ] >> reporter: fans of conrad murray and michael jackson. the swelling ranks of media all waiting on a verdict. on the line, conrad murray's
11:44 pm
future and michael jackson's legacy. >> michael! >> we love you, michael! >> michael! >> reporter: inside the courtroom, it was the last chance for the lawyers to tell the jury their story. >> in order to make a case stick on either side, really, you've got to tell a narrative that people can understand. what did the prosecution say? dr. murray bought propofol, brought it to michael jackson's, gave it to him, left him, failed to report it to authorities. the defense's best argument first was, michael jackson gave it to himself. >> reporter: first up for closing arguments, the state. david walgren approached the jurors. >> the evidence in this case is overwhelming. the evidence in this case is abundantly clear, that conrad murray acted with criminal negligence. that conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson.
11:45 pm
that conrad murray left prince, paris and blanket without a father. for them, this case doesn't end today. >> reporter: walgren said the kids lost their father, because conrad murray failed to do his job as a doctor. >> and you heard from this cross section of experts who came in here and told you about the standard of care. what is needed, what are the dangers, what is required. every single doctor that testified in this courtroom told you, they would never do what conrad murray did. >> reporter: walgren finished by urging that murray be brought to justice. >> conrad murray, abandoned michael jackson. conrad murray gave him propofol and abandoned him. conrad murray is criminally liable. justice demands a guilty verdict. thank you.
11:46 pm
>> their key point was, he violated michael jackson's trust. it's a doctor/patient case. do we expect our doctors to walk out of a room? do we expect our doctors to give us drugs at home outside of a surgical setting? he put the jury in michael jackson's shoes, and got them to see, was this what you would want for you? and if this happened to you, wouldn't you want someone criminally responsible? >> reporter: next, ed chernoff fired back, saying the prosecution hadn't proven a crime had even been committed. >> this is not a civil lawsuit. this is not about money. it's about liberty, and for a crime -- for a crime to be proved, the prosecution has to show that dr. murray killed michael jackson. >> reporter: chernoff said murray had been cast as a villain by a world that wanted someone to blame. >> why is it that every single thing dr. murray did, has to be a standard -- a deviation of
11:47 pm
standard of care? because dr. murray has to go down. >> reporter: he insisted that murray was driven by his own naive desire to help. >> he thought he could help, could help michael jackson succeed. he could help him sleep normally, he believed that. he was wrong. because dr. murray had no control over the situation, because what was happening in the background, he was just a little fish in a big, dirty pond. >> reporter: murray said chernoff was a victim of jackson's celebrity. >> if you're going to hold dr. murray responsible, don't do it because it's michael jackson. this is not a reality show, it's reality. >> in a way, yes, the defense put michael jackson on trial. they said, michael jackson killed michael jackson. michael jackson went to all these doctors, never told conrad murray anything. it's not conrad murray's fault, he only knew the information he
11:48 pm
knew. >> reporter: and then it all rested with the jury. one charge, one man dead, and another man's freedom in the balance. >> this involuntary manslaughter charge, it's all about reckless behavior. did dr. murray do or fail to do something with michael jackson that created a substantial risk of injury. of great injury or death to michael jackson? and if in doing that, it essentially caused his death. >> with the jury deliberating, there was nothing to do but wait. >> the tension in this case is at a fevered pitch. what's on the line in all of this? dr. murray could go to jail for four years if he's found guilty. on the prosecution side, and especially for the jackson
11:49 pm
family, it's will michael jackson get justice? will there be someone held accountable for what happened to this man? >> we're following the breaking news this hour, a verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. >> we, the jury, in the above-entitled action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: outside the courtroom, jackson fans celebrate. >> guilty! >> reporter: inside the courtroom, conrad murray sat sto stone-faced. he would lose his freedom. >> the jury was left with the undeniable feeling that dr. conrad murray for $150,000 a month said, i'll give michael jackson propofol, no problem. what dr. murray did was not only wrong, no one had ever heard of it before.
11:50 pm
that's how crazy it was. that's how irresponsible it was. that's how reckless it was. >> reporter: with murray brought to justice, jackson's memory was once again restored. >> now, michael jackson's legacy is going to focus on the man he was. i think it's going to be about him being a superstar. him being a man who changed our generation. him being a man who brought so much music, and so much joy to the world. >> reporter: and a man who brought so much joy to the family that loved him, like older brother, jermaine. >> justice was served, yes. it wasn't enough time, though. >> what would you say for michael? >> michael -- michael's with us. michael's with us. ♪ >> this will not bring michael jackson back, but it enables the family to close a door on a nightmare for them. they're left at least now with the legacy of michael's art, music and they have someone
11:51 pm
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♪ "bad" the song and video, not only transformed michael jackson's image from soft spoken to tough, but changed the face of pop culture. ♪ >> my brother is the baddest boy. we'll never have another. >> why does the good die young? the good? the good? why? >> why him? and sometimes there's no answ answers. >> i think this is a very difficult period. it would be a difficult period for any family. but it's very difficult when you're talking about the death of an icon. ♪
11:56 pm
>> an icon. a pop star. ♪ >> a legend. words that didn't seem big enough to describe the man who eventually became the king of pop. ♪ >> when my brother died, the world cried. >> he meant so much to me. he influenced like my whole world. >> michael, thank you for the music you gave us all. the world will miss you. we love you. >> then, nearly three weeks after the singer's death, a hollywood memorial service that rivaled royalty, seen by millions around the world. ♪ very soon we are going to see the king ♪ >> the andre crouch choir sang as jackson's brothers carried his casket. >> the king of pop is not big
11:57 pm
enough for him. he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. ♪ you find the life >> it was an emotional ceremony. >> i love you, michael, and i miss you. >> with a heart-breaking ending. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just wanted to say i love him so much. >> i'm not going to see him anymore, but i feel him everywhere. i really do. god picks certain people to do certain things. he knew he would be the loudest voice for the world to say, man in the mirror, heal the world. and when it got to a point where they didn't realize and they
11:58 pm
didn't want to hear that message any more, i think he took him. he took him back. he gave him to us, and he took him back. >> you know, maybe he's appreciated in another way now. but i know one thing. there will never be another michael jackson. not in my lifetime or yours or anybody else's that's on this earth right now. >> i just miss his laughter and his candor and just the person he was. just -- a loving brother. my little brother. that's what i miss. my little brother. ♪ >> every 25, 30 years, a phenomenon comes along. and we happened to watch them come in, we watched them light up and thrill us, and we watched them go away. and now he will be the king of pop forever.
11:59 pm
>> a combination of high, 50,000-foot showmanship, sincerity, uniqueness, originality, passion. >> he's everything to music. this man is a universal pop icon. no barrier stood before this man that he didn't challenge, that he didn't break down, that he didn't tear down. and that right there -- that will never be replaced. and i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss him so much. >> michael jackson was the complete package of an entertainer. i mean, not only could he sing, but he was visually dynamite. >> if there was one song that you could -- if someone asked to you sing in tribute to michael jackson at a service or whatever, what do you think you'd sing? >> how i feel about him, i would probably sing "never can say good-bye." >> can you sing a little bit, please. ♪ never canay


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