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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 8, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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we'll see. >> until this point, he was very efebtive at communicating with the country and with the media. so, which herman cain are we seeing? >> you mean before these allegations? >> get clammed up and very interesting to see. i think the viewers were very estute on this. it does depend on what he does next at this point. many people like ed rollins said there is nothing he can do at this point to save his campaign, but the country will be watching carefully. >> they say he wasn't the viable candidate and he was at the top of the polls. >> i'm sure kyra phillips will talk more about this. >> that's what we're topping the hour with. these claims of sexual harassment are now too scandalous to ignore. he plans an afternoon news conference to confront the latest accuser head on. yesterday, as you know, sharon bialek claimed cain grope her in 1997 when she met him for a possible job.
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cain says it's time to set the record straight. >> i will talk about all future firestorms. here's one thing people don't know about herman cain. i'm in it to win it. i'm not going to be discouraged. >> well, mary snow has the latest developments and mark preston is looking at the political fallout. mary, let's go ahead and begin with you. what caused cain to reverse course all of a sudden and decide to hold this news conference? >> you know, kyra, last week when herman cain railed against the press for bringing up these allegations of sexual harassment he was highly critical of anonymous users, but that all changed yesterday with a person who came forward who now brings a name, a face and specific allegations. and, you know, yesterday when sharon bialek had this news conference, herman cain's campaign came out with a general, broad statement saying that all allegations of sexual harassment against him were false. by last night, the campaign had started raising questions about
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sharon bialek saying that she had history of financial difficulties and that she had declared bankruptcy at one point. earlier this morning, on "american morning," sharon bialek answer eed those questio saying, yes, she filed for bankruptcy at one point but she's saying that she does not expect to gain any money by coming forward. >> like millions of other people out there, you know, i am struggling. and i could have actually sold my story, but i didn't. because i want, my whole objectsive to tell the truth and also help other people out there who may have been in similar situations. initially, i went into this hoping every hope of hopes that herman would just step forward. that was my, actually, primary goal. just admit it, step forward, admit it and move forward. >> and, kyra, cain's campaign came out questioning why she's coming forward more than a decade after this alleged incident and says that there is
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no record of this and no complaint filed. when asked why didn't she report this to anyone, she said she was not working at the national restaurant association when this alleged incident happened. that she had been fired a month prior and, therefore, she did not come forward with a formal complaint. >> all right, mary snow, i will be following this story, obviously, throughout the morning, up until that news conference is live. let's talk about the political fallout now and how cain's fellow republicans are responding. mark preston in washington. so, mark, is this a political risk for cain or is the news conference just long overdue? >> well, there's no question that this news conference is long overdue, will it put anything to rest? i pretty much can guarantee you right now that it will open up mr. cain to more questions. the biggest problem for mr. cain is two. one, multiple women who said that he sexually harassed them and now we've seen, we put a name and a face to one of those women. in addition to that, his story
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seem to evolve at the beginning where he seemed to remember, you know, the payments to one of these women as the story continued on. you know, when the glare of the media spotlight hit him. so, today when mr. cain holds his news conference later this afternoon, he'll come under more questions about why he hasn't addressed it and this has been a terrible public relations nightmare that has been mishandled by his campaign, kyra. >> cain's opponents are staying pretty quiet on this, why? >> they are staying pretty quiet because up until last night when a woman came out and put her face to one of the allegations, all these accusations have been anonymo anonymous. why would a candidate want to get involved in this mess? why would one of his rivals want to get in the middle of it especially when you have folks accusing the media of trying to kick up a firestorm, but not only the media that thinks these allegations or accusations could be true or at least want to hear some more answers, but also the
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american people. let's look at this new poll that was just released yesterday from pew that asked these questions about whether they believe these allegations are true. if you look at that. pretty devastating right there. four in ten americans believe that these allegations against mr. cain are true and this poll, kyra, was taken even before this fourth accuser came out yesterday and made even further allegations against mr. cain. so, a devastating situation for mr. cain right now. the question is, can he survive? he's trying to stay on message. interesting that he went on jimmy kimmel last night to try to deliver that message, but in addition to that, kyra, he's also trying to capitalize on that message, trying to raise money. kyra? >> he'll hold this news conference today and we still don't have any idea exactly what time that is going to be, correct, mark? >> we think it is going to be late this afternoon, maybe around 5:00 eastern time, maybe around 3:00 mountain time. >> we'll take it live. mark, thanks. your next political update in just about an hour and a
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reminder for all the latest political news, go to our website, more victims and more charges are possible in the child sexual abuse case against a former penn state university assistant football coach. our jason carroll has been covering this case. joining us live, once again, from state college, pennsylvania. jason, what is the next step in this legal process? >> we know that tomorrow another court proceeding for jerry sandusky. he is the man at the center of this sexual abuse scandal. that will be happening tomorrow. also as you know, kyra, late yesterday two school officials who ended up resigning in the wake of this scandal, gary schultz, the former senior vp and also timothy curley the former athletic director are both out on $75,000 bail facing perjury charges. their attorneys immediately came out slamming the attorney general, calling, "the charges
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of perjury a charge of last resort." so, the attorney general definitely going to have a fight on their hands in terms of fighting this legal battle and the school still wrapped up in this sexual abuse scandal and also, as you know, questions about joe paterno, the head coach and what will happen with him. kyra? >> that was my next question, actually two questions in one. will we see more victims come forward, jason? what does happen to joe paterno? >> well, let's start with the first one about more victims. yesterday the attorney general came out and made it very clear that it was possible that more victims could emerge. the reason for that, kyra, is if you believe what the attorney general and what prosecutors are alleging about jerry sandusky, he had access to so many young men, young boys that it is, in their opinion, because he had so much access to these young boys that there's a possibility,
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there may be more victims that are out there. also interesting, kyra, when you look at the 23-page grand jury report, two of the eight victims identified as victim number two and victim number eight, they still haven't been able to identify them. so, that just gives you a sense of how difficult it is to identify the victims and then find them, as well. kyra? >> jason carroll, appreciate it. well, joe paterno has his weekly news conference at noon today. he is not expected to address the scandal, but we will monitor his remarks for any news. allegations of tax fraud and saucea parties, silvio berlusconi admits to be a bit of a rascal, but today he faces perhaps the biggest test of his political life. zain verjee joining us from london. zain, could berlusconi actually lose his job? >> he may. we're on to see what exactly happens with that vote. it will happen in about half an
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hour and it really will be very important for the entire world to see what the outcome of that vote is. let's look at the headlines and see what they're saying. the international herald tribune appears to be getting closer for berlusconi and the european debt crisis threatened a second european government on monday but mr. berlusconi is unlikely to go down without a fight. then the scotsman, which knive comes out for berlusconi as italy creeps closer to abyss. increasingly, mr. berlusconi is being seen as the problem, but he has remained defiant insisting he still commands enough support in parliament. finally "wall treat journal" in europe how berlusconi survived this long. that's pretty harsh. it says forget his taste for young lovers, mr. berlusconi's true sin is his lack of resolve. a supposed macho in bed, he is a coward in governing. mr. berlusconi has always
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readily abandoned the field whenever the prospects of major reforms required him to spend political capital. kyra, the fate of the euro and market stability really depends a lot on how italy handles the whole situation and the question right now is, does silvio berlusconi have the ability and the credibility to carry out much-needed austerity measures. the jury is out, but much of europe thinks, no. >> sure had some fun as the prime minister, wouldn't you say? >> yep. he sure has. i think it's the least of his worries, it's bailout or burn out. >> there you go, stay tuned. >> of course, we're watching that 9:30 eastern vote in the italian parliament. when it happens, we'll let you know the results. herman cain's latest accuser goes public. but will race play into who the public ultimately believes.
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we'll talk to political activist who believes it will. take a look at this video from oklahoma. storm chasers rushing towards a huge twister making its way across the state. but, that's not all oklahoma experienced. we'll have the story, next. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade and check my investment portfolio, research stocks, and set conditional orders. wait, why are you taking... oh, i see. hey max, would it kill you to throw a guy a warning bark? [ dog barks ] you know i wanted a bird. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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on monday one tornado touched down in the southwestern part of the state and several others also reported there and damage estimates are pretty minimal so far. there are no reports of injury. another earthquake hit the state. 4.7 magnitude quake near shawnee. it was the third since saturday. well, in chicago it was white hair and wheelchairs at occupy protests. hundreds of seniors gathered and some even blocking traffic. their message, leave social security alone. in columbus, ohio, big surprise for two little girls. captain darren poleman has been away from his family for about a year. his daughters had no idea that their father would be the guest reader at their elementary school. well, the herman cain scandal, now we have a name, face and very specific sexual
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allegations. but what our next guest says caught her attention the most was that the accuser is white. political analyst and columnist wrote and for full disclosure here, she's also an obama campaign alum. let's get right to it. you write that herman cain is, "a black man being accused of sexual assault by a living, breathing, blonde, white, republican woman." tell me what you're getting at here. >> essentially she is one of their own, right? she is not going to be easily assassinated character wise because she is a republican. and her being white and blonde really just gives a face, a specific face especially give on the historical context of the race factor being black men being falsely accused of sexual assaulting white women. that is looming very large over
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this scandal. >> on that note, you mention anita hill and the character assassination that anita faced. so, you're saying this white accuser is going to face a different crowd. but, i guess with that said, she's being challenged with leading him on, with having financial problems. >> i think there's definitely a gender dynamic there that is, you know, interracial. however, i think that anita hill was easy, an easy target because she was an unknown entity. so, she was able to be smeared as slick or a political opportunist where this white republican woman does not necessarily have the same qualities that anita hill did. just for obvious reasons. i think that definitely because she is a woman going after a powerful man there's a gender dynamic here at work and they are definitely going to attack
9:17 am
her. that is going to happen any woman coming forward with any allegations that are very serious. but at the same time, i think the dynamic will be different because her being blonde, white and republican and, again, under the historical analysis, it looms very large over the scandal and the context is somewhat different. >> so, the cain campaign flatly denies any sharon claims here. how do you think race will play into who the public will ultimately believe here? >> well, i think herman cain is coming forward this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. to address these specific allegations. sharon bialek is the fourth accuser. the "washington examiner" report makes five accusers. he really has a lot of explaining to do. he has not done a sufficient job explaining what went on with these allegations are documented. they're not just allegations
9:18 am
that have written documentation. so, he really has a lot of explaining to do, especially since his comments after the allegations were first reported. his comments had evolved. he started out saying, i have no idea what anybody is talking about with regards to a settlement and then moved to, well, i remember a settlement, but i don't remember anybody harassing anyone and then he moved to, i never harassed anyone. so, he's evolved in his own remarks and very important that he come clean and give a sufficient explanation and specifically with regards to these allegations because it really is an alleged sexual assault that she's describing, not just workplace harassment. >> before we go, i just want to point out the "washington examiner" additional accuser. we haven't confirmed that yet. people are talking about that article. we will follow up on that. our viewers can read your op-ed in and you said cain
9:19 am
needs to speak. we may hear from him at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks so much for your take. >> thank you. >> you bet. it's brother versus brother in the race in small town in ohio. how competitive did she's siblings really get? we'll find out when we talk to both of them in ten minutes. also, don't worry, not like this scene from armageddon but the asteroid passing by earth potentially dangerous. more details after the break. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪
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well, it's not the end of the earth, but it is a bit unsettling. the asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier is actually hurdling towards earth. actually, it will pass pretty darn close within 100,000 miles. she is all about the worse-case scenario. zain? >> about the worse-case
9:23 am
scenario, deep impact, armageddon, the catastrophe if an asteroid hit earth, but, actually, you know what, that's not going to happen. we can all relax. earth is in no danger, but, kyra, i think tonight you should polish your telescope because the best view around the world is actually going to be on the east coast of the u.s. the asttroid is going to be passing closer than the moon, actually. four football fields big. the big deal here, too, is for scientists and geeks and amateurs with telescopes that want to look up because this provides, because it's so close, a gold mine of information. things like what is it made up of. is it hard, black rock or powder puff. will it have water. what will it tell us about the future of space travel and information that we wouldn't ordinarily get because asttroids don't pass this close. one comes by 100 years or so.
9:24 am
an asteroid hits earth, according to scientists, and poses a threat, once every 100,000 years. hopefully we'll be okay. no asteroid that we know right now is on a collision course with earth. one scientist put it this way. look at it like this. the porridge is not too hot, not too cold, just right. kyra? >> great. not only taking me back to the three little bears, you're taking me back to my telescope which is still in my play box from when i was 8. thank you, zain, we'll pay attention, that's for sure. let's take you to wall street. the focus shifts from greece to italy and could have huge implications. felicia taylor. now we're talking about italy impacting our markets today. >> absolutely right. no armageddon, no catastrophe on wall street and we are looking at a higher open. the dow futures up 78 points and follows on the momentum that we
9:25 am
saw in the european markets that were up 1% to 2%. the focus is on what is a budget vote in italy. if it doesn't pass, it could lead to a confidence vote for berlusconi. people were talking about having him possibly resign. he hasn't been too popular lately. the analysts on wall street are saying that they actually want buerlusconi out because he hasnt implemented the kind of reforms to keep italy in the mix and they need to make sure that italy doesn't have any kind of troubles that we see in greece. that's the focus today and, hopefully, we will get that confidence vote very shortly, actually, kyra. mayoral election in ohio with two brothers trying to get the job. we'll get the details about this sibling rivalry, next. and the world watched as a jury convicted dr. conrad murray in the death of michael jackson. now that the verdict is in, hollywood is weighing in. "showbiz headlines" are next.
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the u.n. says more than 3,500 syrians have been killed in a month's long government crackdown. dozens of those deaths coming after the government agreed to a peace plan last week. and a big test for italy's prime
9:29 am
minister just minutes away. silvio berlusconi's support has been crumbling ahead of a crucial budget vote in parliament. if enough allies defect and he loses his majority, he could resign or face a confidence vote. we're watching it for you. and weeks after being diagnosed with liver cancer, boxing great joe frazier has died. smoking joe was an olympic gold medalist and the first fighter to beat muhammad ali. he was 67 years old. well, it's election day for millions of americans and they're casting ballots for everything from local races to statewide initiatives. also setting the stage for next year's presidential election. paul steinhauser is talking about a number of interesting races. shall we start with the governor's races that are catching your attention? >> let's start at the top and work our way down, kyra. two states that are voting for governor today. one of them, kentucky where the democratic incumbent there
9:30 am
running for his second term, he is considered an overwhelming favorite and let's move further south to mississippi where the lieutenant governor, he is a republican and he is expected, the polls indicate he may win there and succeed haley barbour. the democrat there, johnny dupree. we'll keep our eye on those contests. one down ballot the contest, a little more interesting, that is in virginia. kyra, if the republicans win back the state senate in virginia, they'll control the state senate and the state house and governor, lieutenant governor and the state that barack obama won in 2008, a state he would like to win again. maybe this is a barometer of things to come next year, kyra. and two states have referendums today that would limit voter rights in a way. let's start with maine where they're maybe going to repeal a
9:31 am
law that was signed earlier this year that allowed people to register day of. in mississippi, let's go back to mississippi, again, where there is a ballot measure that would require photo i.d. a lot of states now pushing towards photo i.d.s when you vote. so, two states have those today. could be a foreshadowing of more things to come next year, kyra. >> indeed. paul, thanks so much. also on the ballot today, mississippi's controversial move to ban all abortions. it's inflaming passions and making for some unlikely opponents. paul will break it all down for us at the top of the hour. okay, as we mentioned, today is election day. and so if you're one of those families sitting around the breakfast table debating politics, we'll put your fama drama aside because in elmore, ohio, the race is all about sibling rivalry. being challenged by his brother and the mudslinging has already started.
9:32 am
elmore has 1,500 residents and the brothers are battling it out for every vote. they're joining me now from toledo. thank you, gentlemen, for joining me live. okay, you're smiling. that means you're not fighting too much right now. we're keeping the peace among the family, is that right, mayor? >> yes. absolutely. it's not a knockdown race, just a friendly rivalry. >> a friendly rivalry. well, councilman, let me ask you, why are you running against your brother? >> when i ran for council two years ago the people asked me in the community when the mayor's term was up and they said two more years. they said in two more years we want you to run for mayor. i'm just doing what they asked me to do. >> mayor, how do you feel about this? your brother running against you? >> i was a bit surprised, but i think the voters in general know what both of us offer to the
9:33 am
community and we'll know in a few hours. >> okay, now, you guys are being very civil and well behaved. are you telling me that you never argued as brothers. yeah, exactly. i'm getting a laugh now. you both can pipe in on this. did you ever fight as brothers. >> we're on national tv, of course we're on our best. we don't want to put the town in a bad light. >> of course. yes, go ahead. >> of course, it was always the squirmishes when you're growing up with three older brothers and i'm the youngest one, you had to always take a little bit of the beatings. >> okay. and, you know, james, your brother's already kind of going after you. the mudslinging has begun. he said you haven't shown up for as many council meetings in just a few years when in 20 years of being mayor, he's always been there. what do you say to that?
9:34 am
>> well, that's probably true. but i'm in town during the day when they need somebody and i'm only 30 seconds from city hall during the day. i can be downtown for any problem. >> all right, gentlemen. >> but in reality, as you know that most of the meetings, both committees and councils are taking place in the evening and that's when you need to put in your opinions. be there at the committees, be there at counsellor s to show what direction you would like to see the community go. if you're absent that often, it's hard to get that idea across long term for the community. >> but, also, i'm representing people that work the back shifts that can't make the meetings. >> and i'm also a phone call away and more than happy to work and serve the community since 1982. >> thank you. >> i love it. see, this is what i need to do.
9:35 am
it's like, once i get you two to warm up, then it all starts to come out. i love it. i love how you two are being very well behaved. all right, i'll tell you what, councilman, mayor, we'll follow this race and see who wins and update our viewers. you two boys behave yourself and remember that family is way more important than politics. >> right. >> absolutely. the family comes first, followed by the community and we're here to serve no matter who wins. >> there we go. gentlemen, thanks so much. we'll be watching elmore, ohio. well, nancy grace snaps, but not on the judges, on her dancing partner. we'll tell you what set her off in today's "showbiz" headlines. nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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lots of reaction coming in from around the world after dr.
9:39 am
conrad murray was found guilty and even celebrity reacting to the verdict. a.j. hammer, what are you hearing? >> well, kyra, there's been plenty of reaction and, quite frankly, almost as complicated as the case itself. so many people are sounding off, a lot of celebrities taking to twitter. we saw some jokes on twitter and on the worldwide web. a lot of excitement, as well, over the guilty verdict and also a lot of people, these were my favorite comments, just taking time to remember michael jackson. "showbiz tonight" was right there at glamour magazine women of the year award where it was the hot topic on the red carpet. here now is a bit of what we heard. >> we were watching cnn and we all thought, wow, how amazing that we're kind of sharing this moment. it is definitely a moment in pop culture history that we'll never forget. >> do i think that conrad murray intended to kill michael jackson? no, i do not.
9:40 am
based on following the trial, his actions to me seem to be negligent. >> somebody had to take the fall. i mean, poor doctor, i guess he had a hand along with about 150,000 other hands. >> to that point, this verdict is really seen as a message to doctors who work with celebrities, high-power people do not let your clients manipulate you into risky behavior. kyra, this is certainly a verdict that will be discussed inside hollywood circles for a while now. maybe some doctors are shaking in their boots today. hopefully, hopefully it will change some of the behavior that has been going on for as long as hollywood has existed. >> so, finally, the real nancy grace revealed on "dancing with the stars." she was being so diplomatic, a.j., and kind of going the flow. oh, we saw the attorney come out, didn't we? >> the real nancy grace. okay, you mentioned attorney, that's important, kyra. you don't want to get her wrath on your blackberry this morning.
9:41 am
"dancing with the stars" is a tough competition even the professional athletes talk about how stressful it is and how strenuous it is and nancy has been working so hard and while she's definitely having the time of her life, yes, it is exhausting. here's how things played out but having spent some time with them i'm not sure it's all really serious. watch what happened with her. >> are you actually acting tired? because you don't have twins that get up at 5:00 and you don't have a full-time job. >> i am tired of you. >> good, we're both tired of each other, we should get married. that's the way that works. >> well, maybe some of that energy will translate into votes because she needs them. she did not do well at all last night, unfortunately. >> well, we will continue to follow the drama, as it ensues. ended on such a fun note. why are we acting so depressed, a.j. >> i know, i know.
9:42 am
i want to see her stay on the show. >> so do i. a.j. will stay on the show, but it will be next hour, he is joining us with more "showbiz headlines" coming up in the next hour he will tell us more about adele and her throat surgery and also details on her operation and find out if she will be able to belt out those tunes, once again. we'll stay on that music theme. coming up, why a black guy from detroit loves country music but really wants to change it. l.z. granderson joining us, next. [ applause ] [ jackhammer ] [ crowd cheering ] [ speeding car ] [ siren ] [ horse whinnying ] [ bell dings ] your true self -- uncover it, embrace it, protect it. what's healthier than that?
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9:44 am
like so many other things in life, people make generalizations about fans and music and we see it with hip-hop
9:45 am
and country music. one of those genres is known for addressing the issues of race and it's not country. l.z. granderson writes about that in his latest opinion piece on l.z. has his opinion. he is a writer and joint sinker and he had a garage band and sings kaur yolky. all these things i didn't know. tell me why you love country music so much. >> it speaks to me. it speaks to my heart and speaks to a world i know. you know, spending a lot of my summers in rural mississippi, as well as in rural south carolina, you know, where my parents are from. it speaks to what this country is about. a lot of patriotism about faith and love and for me it's just a genre of music that really connects. >> so, what's your problem? >> my problem is that i know the south. a lot of us know the south. cnn is based in atlanta. we know what georgia is like outside of atlanta. we know what the south is like
9:46 am
and i don't see country music really singing about that aspect of life. that aspect of life in the country. when we saw the video of the man being beaten by those teenagers and then run over, that happened recently. you know, we're not talking 30, 40 years ago. we're talking the attitudes today. i would like to see the music, the storytellers, the artists tell that story. >> we're definitely seeing a crossover. you know, i loved hooty & the blowfish and he sings about the south, he's a charleston boy and talked big and rich and cowboy troy. you're starting to see influences. even blake shelton and his video, he's got diversity in there. i wish we could talk more about this, l.z. we'll continue the conversation. i want folks to continue the conversation with you. i know a lot of people want to weigh in.
9:47 am
maybe he'll sing for you, you never know, i hear he has quite a voice. now convicted of crimes against others and serving time behind bars in maryland, but one thing about these men, they remain immensely proud of their military service. our vets in focus this morning from photo journalist tony maraney. >> i was enlisted in the army, but decided to go into the marines. >> i was in the united states army, specialist. i went to vietnam. >> my specialist was planting a removal of underwater explosive devices. >> i did my entire tour in europe and enjoyed the military and willing to serve my country, again.
9:48 am
>> i've been locked up 18 years. my family and i discussed that i need some more structure or little bit more discipline in my life. and they felt that the military would be the best thing for me. so, i enlisted. >> i love tanks. >> they serve this country. they put themselves in harm's way. they got out of the service. some honorably, some dishonorably, but they got out of the service and committed a crime against the state of maryland, in this case. i think it would be good to remember that people even though they committed a crime against the state of maryland, they did serve this country and they did put themselves in harm's way for us. >> the veterans here in this group here, they have a shot
9:49 am
about themselves. they have a pride about themselves. the way they do things and the way they conduct themselves. they conduct themselves with the staff in a very respectful way and when you give respect, you get respect. if possible, i would like for us, once we are released to keep this same bond. i want for us to get outside here and form some sort of a group and reestablish ourself in the in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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checking stories later today, president obama is continuing to push for his jobs act with a trip to philly. his remarks are scheduled for 11:45 eastern time and penn state university head football coach joe paterno is holding his weekly news conference at 12:20 eastern time and herman cain plans a news conference at 5:00 eastern in phoenix. we're following lots of other developments for you in our cnn newsroom. let's check in with mary snow. >> herman cain is vowing to set the record straight later today after a fourth woman comes forward accusing him of sexual harassment. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour.
9:53 am
beware the open mike. president obama and french president nicolas sarkozy caught complaining about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the g20 last week. that's what reuters is reporting at this hour. we're awaiting white house reaction and we'll have more coming up. >> i'm rob marciano in the weather center. a huge asteroid is hurling toward earth. will it hit? no. it's not going to hit but it is cool. it only happens once every 20 or 30 years. we'll show you the track and the things we use to see it in the next hour. >> thanks, guys. and a congressman who has taken on the ncaa is now speaking out about the sexual abuse case against a former penn state coach. congressman bobby rush says there is a culture of exploitation linked to college sports. he's going to talk with me about that next hour. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu?
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9:56 am
how much does he spend on gas? how much do you spend on gas? how much do i spend on gas? if i charge regularly, i fill up like once a month. he only has to fill up about once a month. [ woman ] wow. that's amazing. that's right. one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time. >> yes, smoking joe frazier. that's right. >> i love that. smoking joe. >> the story behind that, he got the nickname from his first trainer who told him he can make smoke come out of his gloves. frazier died yesterday of liver cancer. he was 67. of course, the career of this heavyweight champion will forever be linked with muhammad ali. they fought three times including in 1971 at madison square garden. the bout, when he -- it was
9:57 am
called the fight of the century. frazier used his left hook and came away with a unanimous decision. then there was 1975 the thriller in manila, a titanic slug fest. frazier lost when his trainer wouldn't let him come out for the 15th round. ali later called the fight the closest thing to dying. and on the passing of his ring rival ali had this statement. the world has lost a great champion. i will always remember joe with respect and admiration. my sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones. joe frazier was a great champion. monday night football now, the bears and eagles, it was a close one all the way to the fourth quarter. chicago q.b. jay cutler finds earl bennett in the corner for the touchdown and the bears take a 27-24 lead. they add a field goal. final minutes. michael vick driving the eagles down the field. on fourth down, finds jeremy macklin but comes up a yard short of a first down and that ends philly's last chance. the bears win, 30-24. that's sports. >> thanks. >> okay. >> the unique and colorful career of italy's prime minister
9:58 am
on the fritz. silvio berlusconi clinging to power despite rumors he might resign. here is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: close to calling it quits? say it ain't so, silvio. the italian prime minister berlusconi leaves, who is going to get caught on camera telling offensive jokes? who else is going to call president obama sun tanned even when he stops talking there's never a dull moment with berlusconi. what other world leader inspires list after list of his worst gaffes? rate the biggest blunder. put his top ten to music. ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie ♪ >> reporter: like the time berlusconi arrived at a summit with his cell phone plastered to his ear leaving his hostess, german chancellor angela merkel, on hold. true, he was trying to iron out a summit sticking point with turkey's prime minister, but he looked like a turkey talking and
9:59 am
talking and talking. while chancellor merkel greeted other leaders and waited. after about eight and a half minutes, she gave up and left. then there was the recorded phone conversation in which berlusconi allegedly called merkel, well, we can't even begin to say it on tv. the two words that will be forever associated with berlusconi are actually one word. bunga-bunga parties. >> bunga-bunga. >> bunga. >> reporter: this is a masked parody of a bunga-bunga party, parties featuring women like the poetically named "ruby the heart stealer." parties so hot that even george clooney bailed. >> it became a very different kind of evening than anyone thought. it was like, i have to go. oh, where you going? it's going to be a party. i'm like, no, i got to go. >> berlusconi's dirty old man image is such that he even gets
10:00 am
blamed for pranks he didn't pull. for instance, this comes from a film farce featuring an actor portraying berlusconi, yet it circulates on the web as if it's the real thing. >> you know who else is in town? italian prime minister silvio berlusconi, so good luck getting a hooker. >> reporter: even when berlusconi gets tripped up -- he still manages to land on his feet. jeanne moos, cnn. ♪ that's amore >> reporter: new york. and it's the top of the hour. thanks for joining us. for herman cain the claims of sexual harassment are now simply too scandalous to ignore. he plans an afternoon news conference to confront the latest accuser head on. yesterday sharon bialek claimed cain groped her in 1997 when she met him for a possible job. cain says it's time to, quote, set the record straight.
10:01 am
>> i will talk about any and all future firestorms because here is one thing people don't know about herman cain. i'm in it to win it. i'm not going to be discouraged. [ applause ] >> mary snow has the latest developments. mary, what caused cain to reverse course and hold this news conference this afternoon? >> well, you know, there is mounting pressure on him to address these allegations and, you know, last week when allegations from three separate women came forward and were reported on, herman cain railed against the press for reporting on anonymous accusers but that changed yesterday when sharon bialek put a name and voice to these accusations and also gave a very detailed account of what she alleged had happened. now, the cain campaign is questioning her motives coming out with a statement saying that she has had a history of financial difficulty including a bankruptcy filing. earlier this morning on cnn's
10:02 am
"american morning" sharon bialek addressed those questions and she says, yes, she did file for bankruptcy saying that it was due in part to bills for her late mother's medical bills. but she insists that she does not take a listen. >> like millions of other people out there, you know, i'm struggling. and i could have actually sold my story but i didn't because i want -- my whole objective is to tell the truth and also help other people out there who may have been in similar situations. initially, i went in to this hoping every hope of hopes that herman would just step forward. that was my -- actually primary goal -- just admit it. step forward, admit it, and move forward. >> now, bialek says she has braced herself for the scrutiny that she knows is coming her way. another question that the cain campaign is raising is why is she coming forward now after 14
10:03 am
years after this alleged incident in 1997 saying that there was no record of it, no formal complaint? bialek saying that she did not register a complaint with the national restaurant association because at the time she no longer worked for the organization. she had been fired. she says about a month earlier than this alleged incident. >> so is there anyone out there to corroborate her story right now? >> she says that she told two people, her then boyfriend and a mentor, and, you know, her attorney gloria allred is not naming those two men but she said that they have given her written statements saying that bialek did tell them about an incident back in 1997. >> all right. mary snow out of new york. thanks. according to a new poll herman cain is facing some public doubts even before the latest accuser came forward. according to a weekend survey from the pew research center,
10:04 am
39% believe the claims are true. 24% said false. 36% said they are simply not sure. all right. it's election day for millions of americans and they are casting ballots for everything from local races to statewide initiatives. one such vote could ban all abortions in mississippi. sweeping ban is inflaming passions and making for some pretty unlikely opponents. our deputy political director is in washington so let's talk about this personhood amendment and what may be surprising some -- or what might be surprising about who is lining up against this. >> it's interesting. because you know people in mississippi today are also voting for the governor down there but everybody nationally is talking about this referendum. it's amendment 26. and what it would do if passed, it would define life as beginning at conception. that would make basically all abortions in the state of mississippi illegal. no exemptions whatsoever. as you mentioned, yeah. there are even some right-to-life groups and the
10:05 am
catholic church in mississippi that are actually opposing this referendum. they say it goes too far. now, if it passes, here's what it could do. it could spur other states to maybe put this on the ballot next year and i think if it passes it's a safe bet that it'll end up in federal court. no doubt about that. >> all right. now ohio, critical battleground state and presidential elections. and tonight political folks like yourself are going to be looking for a number of clues to 2012, right? >> oh, yeah. there are two big issues of referendums on the ballot in ohio and as you said, such an important state for the president. barack obama won that state three years ago and would like to win ohio again next year. issue number two is the first one and this is over collective bargaining. earlier this year wisconsin and ohio, a lot of controversy but the republicans of both those states dominate the state legislatures and the governorships and they pass collective bargaining laws that would limit public employees' rights to collective bargaining. there is an issue called issue number two on the ballot that would overturn that law. the other one is health care and basically it would say that ohio
10:06 am
residents don't have to be part of the mandates in the new health care law that was passed by the president and the democratic congress last year. that's more of a symbolic law, referendum, because remember, this is a federal law. but still, depending on how both these referendums go could be a barometer of what happens next here in ohio. >> all right. we'll be paying attention. well, more victims and more charges are possible in the child sexual abuse case against a former penn state university assistant coach, football coach. cnn's covering the cage and jason joins us live from state college, so what is the next step in this legal process? >> reporter: well, tomorrow there is another court proceeding for jerry sandusky. of course, he is at the center of this whole sexual abuse scandal here at penn state. he is expected to be at that court proceeding tomorrow although that proceeding we are told if it -- it might actually be postponed so we'll stand by for that. but as you know, in the wake of this scandal two other school
10:07 am
officials resigned. they are currently out on $75,000 bail each. they are charged with lying to grand jurors about one of the alleged incidents and in terms of trying to cover it up. so a lot of legal fallout in terms of what's happening in this sexual abuse scandal here at penn state. also, there have been many questions about joe paterno, the head coach, whether or not legally he would face any charges in this. yesterday when the attorney general held a press conference as you know it was very -- it was made very clear that legally he did what was required of him. morally, his critics say he should have done more. >> well, what do we think is going to happen to joe paterno and do we think more victims might come forward? >> well, let's take the first part of that. what will happen to joe paterno? as you know, there is going to be a press conference here about noon today. penn state says that he will not
10:08 am
be answering questions about the scandal but i just don't see how he's not going to be able to do that when that press conference gets under way. there have been a lot of calls here for his resignation, saying that perhaps legally in the eyes of the law he did what he was supposed to do by reporting the allegation of sexual abuse to one of his superiors, but morally, the question has been raised, why didn't he go to police and, in fact, why didn't any of the school officials here go to police? and when you look at his reputation, the buck really stops with him in the eyes of many here. so it will be interesting to see what's happening with that simply because so many are calling for his resignation. >> jason carroll at penn state, thanks. well congressman bobby rush thinks the sandusky scandal is just part of a culture of exploitation in college sports. he's going to join me live in just about ten minutes. coming up at 12:20 eastern, penn state head coach joe paterno holds his weekly news conference. he speaks about the scandal. we'll bring it to you live.
10:09 am
allegations of corruption, tax fraud, and saucy bunga-bunga parties. italy's silvio berlusconi even admits to being, quote, a bit of a rascal, but this morning he faces, perhaps, the biggest test of his political life. so we've been talking about berlusconi could lose his job. >> he could. he really is in dangerous waters here. the vote is happening right now in the italian parliament and we don't know what the outcome of this is going to be but the question is, can he survive? newspapers around the world today all over this story. the international herald tribune has this headline. end appears to be getting closer for berlusconi. it says, the european debt crisis threatened a second european government on monday but mr. berlusconi is unlikely to go down without a fight. scotland's national newspaper "the scotsman" knives come out for berlusconi as italy creeps closer to abyss. it says, increasingly, mr.
10:10 am
berlusconi is himself being seen as the problem but he has remained defiant, insisting he still commands enough support in parliament. finally, "the wall street journal" in europe, how berlusconi survived this long. this is a guest editorial and they're not pulling any punches here. it says, forget his taste for young lovers. mr. berlusconi's true sin is his lack of resolve. a supposed macho in bed, he is a coward at governing. mr. berlusconi is always readily abandoned the field whenever the prospects of major reforms required him to spend political capital. we'll watch the critical outcome of this vote, but the fate of the euro and market stability really depends on how italy handles this crisis. many are questioning whether berlusconi has the ability to stay or the credibility to carry out critical austerity measures. most of europe is answering with a resounding no. chao. >> all right. let us know. keep us posted.
10:11 am
warren buffet has gone on a stock buying spree. coming up we'll tell you how much he spent and why. plus a close encounter of the huge kind. an asteroid more than a thousand feet across is about to do a fly by. i'll have details coming up. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real business. consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken...
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10:13 am
guineaig: ro's kof strange. guinig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: t an easierayof strange. save. get online. go to get a quote. e u 15% or more on car insurance. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. investor warren buffet is bullish on america. last quarter was one of the worst since the financial crisis began, but that's when buffet actually spent $20 buying stocks. poppy harlow joining us live from new york with the details. poppy? >> this is classic buffet. you've got the u.s. downgraded
10:14 am
by standard & poors. you have a huge crisis in europe concerning their debt. what does warren buffet do? he decides this is a good time to spend $20 billion. that is exactly what the oracle of omaha did in the last quarter over that three-month period. this is what a value investor does. they invest when the market is fearful. when other people pull out. take a look at what he spent the company's money on that $5 billion investment in bank of america. huge injection of confidence there into one of the country's troubled banks. an $8.7 billion investment in a huge chemical company in this country lubrizol and $6.9 billion in other stocks from banks to insurance companies to consumer confidence companies. we don't know exactly what the companies are but will in about a week when the list comes out. what is interesting, too, is the acceleration of investments. let's look at what warren buffet has done over the year so far. if you take a look at the first quarter he invested less than a billion. it was 3.6 billion in the second
10:15 am
quarter and about four times that in the last quarter. $20 billion. so this is a classic warren buffet move. we sat down last month for a long interview and he told me i forget about the market. i look at where companies are going to be five years out and when things get cheap enough i like to buy. obviously warren buffet thought things were cheap enough. he views stocks at these levels like major sales as we would clothes in a retail store on sale. he views companies at these prices as a major sale. i will tell you that he has been adamant about saying that the united states, he does not believe, is falling into another recession and, clearly, he is putting his money where his mouth is on that one. so $20 billion kind of a drop in the bucket for warren buffet. but this is a big confidence injection i think for people looking at these, these crazy markets and then the global economy right now that warren buffet still says this is the time to get in. >> well, we need confidence for sure. thanks, poppy. it's bigger than an aircraft carrier and it's barreling toward us. rob marciano has more on this
10:16 am
massive asteroid. okay. >> 30,000 miles an hour. >> you already said we shouldn't worry. we shouldn't instill any sort of armageddon fear into anyone. >> for once we haven't really done that. to our credit. but it sure is interesting. it only happens every 20 or 30 years. here it is. it doesn't really look that exciting. this was taken when it was about -- yesterday when it was about 800,000 miles away so difficult to see. it's about the size of an aircraft carrier as we've been saying and the way we get those pictures is with telescopes like these, radio telescopes, basically they receive, they look for radio waves and anything that transmits that type of radiation. it's the goldstone antenna out there in the mohave desert about 72 meters in diameter. and this one is in puerto rico. it's over 300 meters in diameter. if it looks familiar and you're james bond fan, golden eyes, when they, you saw this action going on there. here is the orbit or the pass this thing is going to make.
10:17 am
it's called yu-55 which sounds like a drug of some sort. this is heading toward us but will be about 200,000 miles away. notice it goes kind of within the orbit of the moon. but the moon kind of chasing away. and it's going to be in a different plane as well. we live in a three-dimensional world and certainly a very large three-dimensional universe. here is the plane of the earth and the moon's orbit and this is going to be above that. so it'll happen about 6:30, 6:28 p.m. eastern time when it will be able to make its closest approach. if you have a telescope, at least six inches in diameter, with a lens, you're going to be able to see this somewhat after it passes by when you'll have the best light to see this thing and it'll be visible for the most part for about ten hours. but it's not going to make a direct -- >> that is a good window of opportunity. >> yes. if you have that type of telescope. >> do you? >> i do not. and, you know, i have to get my sleep so i can be fresh for this
10:18 am
show tomorrow morning. hopefully we'll have some sort of image. i can't promise you that tomorrow. >> somebody will capture it for us. >> i think someone threw out a figure that the odds of an asteroid hitting earth are it happens once every 100,000 years. >> this could be our year. >> i don't think so at this point. but nonetheless, it's kind of cool. >> thanks, rob. it is. well, still rattling from saturday's record-setting earthquake, found itself in the eye of another storm last night. details straight ahead.ed room ? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? fret not ma'lady. i have the app so we can t a great deal even at the last minute. ah, wellyesir. dolo free app and get exclusive mobi dls. be smart. book smart.
10:19 am
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10:20 am
all right. let's check the news cross country. in oklahoma at least one tornado touched down in the southwestern
10:21 am
part of the state. several others were also reported. then another earthquake hit the state. 4.7 magnitude near shawnee. that was the third since saturday. [ chanting ] this was chicago. senior citizens joining the occupy protest at federal plaza. hundreds of them marched the streets and lined the sidewalks for the rally, even blocking traffic. their message to government? leave social security alone. in columbus, ohio, a big surprise for two little girls. captain darren pullman had been away from his family for about a year. well, his daughters had no idea their father would be the guest reader at their school monday morning. joe paterno's weekly news conference today will be like nothing before in this 45-year head coaching career. the penn state legend could be asked about the child sexual abuse scandal surrounding his former assistant coach and this
10:22 am
alleged coverup. illinois congressman bobby rush wants to hear something. he actually sees a connection between it and he actually complained that he has seen issues with the ncaa for a long time, so i guess first of all, congressman, does this case even surprise you? you have talked about college sports, how it's a culture of exploitation. was the sex scandal of all of these allegations a coverup as a result of a protected good ole boy network? >> let me first say this was a horrendous -- these allegations are horrendous. but they are really but an example of a continual process of exploitation conducted by the ncaa and the colleges who are part of -- most of the colleges who are part of the ncaa. i am not surprised because this system is set up to exploit young men and young women even from the earliest of ages.
10:23 am
if you would just look at how the exploitation begins at 9, 10, sometimes even as early as 8 years old, where the ncaa sends its agents and individuals associated with it, send them out to scour the neighborhoods of poor communities, low income communities, inner city communities just looking for young boys who show some athletic prowess. they will begin to engage these individuals, give them athletic shoes and other apparel and bringing them into the team and they start the exploitation at a very early age. when this exploitation continues, they begin to see these youngsters as nothing but objects, so when you begin to see people as objects, then it's easily moved from athletic exploitation to sexual
10:24 am
exploitation. and that's what occurred here. the culture of exploitation within the ncaa is totally unamerican. it's one of the worst situations with child labor exploitation that ever exists. it reminds us of some third world countries and how they exploit child labor. and i think the american people should be outraged not just at this incidence of sexual exploitation but the whole system of exploitation of our young people. >> i think people -- congressman, i think people are right there along with you and are outraged that this was able to happen. and you've even compared the ncaa to the mafia. very strong words. so let me ask you, congressman. what needs to be done here? i want to talk specifically about what happened at penn state. do you think joe paterno needs to go? do you think the president of penn state needs to go?
10:25 am
>> well, i think that -- joe turned his eyes off of this. when he turned his back to this kind of allegation, he dealt with this allegation with a wink and a nod, if he did, he should certainly resign. joe pa is becoming bad pa if these allegations are proven that he knew anything about it. certainly the line of responsibility goes from the top all the way down. i think that the ncaa should investigate this. they should look at this. they should -- and this culture has to be cleaned up. and maybe the -- this silver lining in this cloud -- maybe the american people and the congress, u.s. congress, will demand some accountability from the ncaa on how it treats its athletes, how it conducts its -- those associated with this
10:26 am
program, including the auxiliary organization that these coaches and these other individuals set up. because they are just exploiting these youngsters. look, we need to have a system whereby every person who enters into a contract with a college to play basketball or football or any other kind of sport, there has to be oversight. >> absolutely. >> it has to be clear. and you have to have negotiation by third party. >> every time it comes to this subject matter i know you could go on and on, congressman. you speak with such heart when it comes to this issue and it's astounding what we have seen happen and hopefully this will lead to some changes and for some folks to take some serious actions. >> it's a shame. >> it is a shame. >> it's an american shame. >> yes, it is. i know that you're going to stay on this story as long as we are, congressman bobby rush. always nice to talk to you. thank you so much. and another reminder, too.
10:27 am
joe paterno has his weekly news conference 12:20 eastern today. he is not expected to address this sexual abuse scandal surrounding his former assistant coach and these allegations of a coverup but we are going to monitor his comments for any news of the day. well, herman cain is going to address the latest sexual harassment allegations against him. we'll talk to our political buzz panel and hear what they think he needs to say right after the break. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. checking top stories now the u.n. says that more than 3,500 syrians have been killed in a months long government crackdown. dozens of those deaths coming after the government agreed to a peace plan last week. there was a big test for italy's prime minister and it just -- and he rather just passed. silvio berlusconi cobbled together enough support to get crucial budget reforms through
10:31 am
parliament. some of his allies had defected and if he lost the vote he could have lost his job. attorney general eric holder testifying before the senate judiciary committee on operation fast and furious. its goal? track the flow of american guns to mexican drug cartels and stop it. instead, the atf lost or, rather, the atf lost track of most of those weapons. some were later used in a gun fight that killed a border patrol agent. all right. political buzz, rapid fire. look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today democratic national committee member robert zimmerman. georgetown university professor chris metsler and patricia murphy founder and editor of "citizen jane" politics. first question, herman cain will address the latest sexual harassment allegations at a news conference 5:00 p.m. we are told this afternoon. now, last night this is what he told jimmy fallon. >> there you are.
10:32 am
so how was your day? >> well, all things considered, i'm still alive. >> actually, that was jimmy kimmel. all right. is this anything to laugh about, robert? >> you know, it's so easy to respond as a partisan as a democrat but this issue is above partisan politics. and that's because i believe so profoundly in our democratic process and so strongly in the importance of a strong republican party to match the democratic party. i know the media is going to focus on the tabloid stories but where we have to focus on is herman cain's standards. what we're looking for in national leadership. he really demeans himself by treating this as a late night comic stunt or for that matter lying when he's been confronted by the press. we have a right to demand better from, right now he is a leading candidate. >> patricia? >> of course it's not anything to laugh about. there are two pieces of this that should have herman cain doing anything but laughing. the first are the allegations against him. one woman, two women, three,
10:33 am
four, five. how many women are going to be coming out about this and we don't know if these allegations are true but it's starting to have a pattern that is starting to affect his polling numbers. we see that republican women are twice as likely to believe these are true instead of republican men. he already had a deficit among women. he can't win this nomination without support of women. second of all, these types of allegations, very serious. it's really nothing to laugh about. as a woman in the workplace jokes are not the appropriate response. >> chris? >> this is absolutely nothing to laugh about. and there's a distinction here. the distinction here is if you listen closely to the allegations in this case, as a former prosecutor, i am telling you that she has alleged -- she has alleged a sexual assault. this is very much different from sexual harassment and so for him to think that this is something to laugh about, really makes him a laughing stock because as robert said earlier, we do need to have a strong republican
10:34 am
candidate and at this point in the process, this is not funny. >> second question, the white house chief of staff, bill daley, as you know, changing his job description. what do you think? is it time for him to stop working for the white house, robert? >> actually, bill daley's skill set, his leadership is more critical now than ever in the white house. he brings really great managerial skills, great business acumen, and has really streamlined and made the white house more efficient. i understand he may be changing according to media reports he may be changing or revolving his position but that's his call. it shouldn't be over interpreted. i'm glad he's there. it's probably one of president obama's best appointments. >> patricia? >> he definitely does not need to leave his job if for any other reason than the white house. just wants to stay on a positive message. they don't need any more headlines like the ones they've had in the past couple months that it's a white house in disarray, this is a white house that can't control itself. there is a management problem. that obama is a weak leader. if bill daley leaves now those are the headlines that will come.
10:35 am
he should say i don't care if he stays there and sharpens his pencils all day. he should stay and get his job done whatever it is. pete rouse is very popular on the hill. obama needs to improve his relationships on the hill and this is how he's going to do it. >> chris? >> of course i don't think that the white house is going to be taking any advice from me on personnel changes. but, in fact, i do think probably for purposes of stability he probably needs to stay in the white house, although i would prefer some of those headlines that the white house is in disarray, that there are some leadership issues here. i think those will be some very juicy headlines for us to talk about, so from the standpoint of a conservative, yeah. i think it's time for him to go. at least we'll have something to talk about other than 9-9-9. >> i want to know who's sharpening pencils. back to
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
cord bleeding which apparently was caused by a benign poll op. they say the condition is usually the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord that can rupture.
10:41 am
the good news, the doctor who performed the surgery has used this procedure on other singers who have all continued with their singing careers including steven tyler so hopefully adele will be back onstage before too long using that great voice. >> i know. great voice indeed. stars are also speaking out about the conrad murray conviction. the celebrity twitter has been abuzz with reaction over the guilty verdict. i am happy to see a lot of stars more taking time to remember m.j. and avoiding jubilation. i just don't feel like it's so appropriate here. when "showbiz tonight" was at last night's women of the year awards the verdict was the hot topic on the red carpet. here is some of what we heard. >> we were watching cnn and we all thought, wow. how amazing that we're kind of sharing this moment. it's definitely a moment in pop culture history that we'll never forget. >> do i think that conrad murray intended to kill michael jackson? no i do not but i do think that he was certainly based on the
10:42 am
trial, his actions to me do appear to be negligent. >> somebody has to take the fall. i mean, you know, poor doctor. you know, i guess he had a hand along with about s150,000 other hands. >> a lot of people like wendy williams felt that there was plenty of blame to go around here and the consensus generally seems to be people are pleased with the trial's outcome. >> all right. nancy grace, luckily you and i have never been a target in her eyes. however, her dancing partner on "dancing with the stars" got a little nancy grace live didn't he? >> yeah, it's getting hot in the nancy grace rehearsal hall. nancy, pulling no punches with her pro partner and last night on "dancing with the stars" well we got a little sneak peek behind the scenes at just how hot it's getting. watch this. >> are you actually acting tired? because you don't have twins that get up at 5:00 and you don't have a full-time job and i
10:43 am
do. >> tired of you. >> tired of you, too. so there. we're both tired of each other. we should just get married. that's the way that works. >> perfect. you know, even when it seems like they're fighting i think it's all with a wink and a nod. unfortunately, though, nancy and tristin did not wow the judges with their dances last night. in fact, this was a little upsetting. lynn goodman actually told nancy she may be the cinderella at the ball but he thinks it's midnight and time for her to leave. >> oh. >> they did get last night's lowest scores from the judges. they really will need america's help with the votes if they make it through the next week. it was pretty harsh. he just laid it all out there and there was no enthusiasm. they went to carol ann and she couldn't even save the sinking ship. she was like, well, you know, so ooh i hope they make it through but if there was a week that wasn't going to happen this might be it. we're pulling for you. >> yes, we are. definitely. two of her biggest backers.
10:44 am
thanks, a.j. if you want information on anything breaking in the entertainment world a.j.'s got it every night "showbiz tonight" on hln 11:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up in the newsroom a private conversation going public. france's president tells barack obama that another head of state is a liar? we'll have the details on that just ahead.
10:45 am
10:46 am
so apparently a private conversation between president obama and his french counterpart at the g20 summit last week has
10:47 am
gone public. according to reuters, he was overheard calling israel's prime minister a liar and president obama didn't exactly rush to the defense of the israeli leader. brianna is at the white house to explain. >> reporter: this is what reuters is reporting, that there was a private meeting late last week between the french president and president obama and a small group of reporters overheard because a mike was accidently left on. according to reuters sarkozy said i cannot bear netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, and he said he is a liar. and obama according to a french interpreter said, you're fed up with him but i have to deal with him even more often than you. again, this is according to reuters. we're trying to independently confirm that and the president's comments were translated by a french interpreter. this is significant because it's embarrassing and at a pivotal
10:48 am
time. white house press secretary jay carney was asked about this aboard airforce one a short time ago as the president heads to philadelphia to press his jobs message. he said he wouldn't comment on the specific conversation but what he did do is highlight the president's support of israel and then point out that the u.s. and france were not on the same page during a recent vote to allow the palestinians membership in a u.n. agency. but this is a pivotal time as i mention. the peace process stymied but also you have the issue of iran as the iaea, the u.n. nuclear watch dog releasing a report today saying they made significant progress towards a nuclear program, a weapons grade nuclear program and you have all of these countries that need to work together on that and this is embarrassing and now there are questions about how this might impact that process moving forward. >> all right. we'll follow it. brianna, thanks. teens are some of the largest users of high tech gadgets but do they have savvy
10:49 am
to create the technology near and dear to their hearts. programs are springing up across america and that gives minority kids the skills they need to get ahead. soledad o'brien has the story. >> i want to introduce my nonprofit to you. we train young people to be computer programmers. >> reporter: she believes learning to create technology is the key to a brighter future. so she walks the streets of harlem to recruit students for a free 12-week computer programming workshop. >> when you give access to people who are marginalized they do remarkable things with them and it really shows their trajectory. it changes their lives in a very real sense. not just because they make money. not just because they're rich but because they can reimagine their communities. >> reporter: you're just stopping people on the street and asking them if they're interested. >> sure. i'm asking them first and foremost if they know what programming is. >> reporter: students learn to build what they use. bruce lincoln is an educational technologist at columbia university. >> african-american and latino
10:50 am
students are the fastest growing market when it comes to the adoption of smart phones. so they're already all over these devices. so, you know, we need to be teaching them how to create apps. >> reporter: which is why these types of classes are catching on. >> so you have programs now rising up all over the country that are looking at how to create entrepreneurs, how to get more students involved. >> reporter: in atlanta, glitch pays high school students to test video games as a way to learn computer programming and design. >> you can write that. it is very simple to do. >> reporter: at chicago's 21st century youth project. >> right now we're learning to code android phones. they're also teaching me how to sell things in general. not just sell apps but how to get a client's attention. >> we're also learning how to make little robots and stuff. and that's really cool. >> reporter: in programs that teach technology as a path to opportunity. reporting for in america soledad o'brien, cnn, new york.
10:51 am
>> to see more of soledad's special sunday night 8:00 eastern here on cnn. this son of a share cropper became heavyweight champion. joe frazier has died. we'll look back at his boxing career forever tied to muhammad ali, next. [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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10:53 am
muhammad ali may have floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee but joe frazier had a left hook that hit like a sledge hammer.
10:54 am
frazier used that punch to knock down ali at madison square garden in 1971. frazier won that fight. ali won their next two matches including the thriller in manila. maybe the most brutal bout in boxing history. joe frazier died yesterday from cancer. he was 67 years old. don has been talking about his life. when you think about smoking joe frazer what comes to mind for you, the sports guru that you are? >> the thriller in manila without question. that really was an absolutely epic fight. it was brutal. i wish i was old enough to remember it, but i've seen it many times since and it is an incredible sporting contest considered to be one of the greatest if not the greatest fights of the 20th century and one of the greatest sporting events ever. we know muhammad ali. he is a household name. but to be a great fighter and champion you need great men to fight and joe frazier was that
10:55 am
man. there are three fights in the early '70s that were absolutely epic and this last one in manila in 1975 was incredible. joe frazier very, very nearly won that fight. his corner man threw in the towel but if he had held on a couple seconds more ali was about to have his gloves cut off because he couldn't go any further in that fight. i think it was something that frazier kind of resented in years afterward because he felt he had done enough. and if they'd waited just a couple more seconds he'd have won an incredible fight. >> the legend lives on and as you can see the film will always be there. don, thanks so much. penn state head football coach joe paterno holds his weekly news conference at 12:20 eastern and after we hear from him we'll talk to a former nhl player who says when he was a teenager his coach repeatedly sexually assaulted him. we'll get his thoughts on former penn state coach jerry sandusky, coming up next hour. [ female announcer ] if you're considering going back to school,
10:56 am
you have options. you can attend our online program
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i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise woman: are there flaws? yeah, um, maybe. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. we're talking about a battle at the ballot box over voters' rights in mississippi and maine. one state is looking at whether voters can register on the same day as an election. the other deals with requiring photo i.d.s at polling stations. senior political editor mark preston is live. this all boils down to voters' rights versus voter fraud. right? >> it is. it's a very difficult issue to really grasp your hands around
10:59 am
because the question is what's the right answer? up in maine right now we will have voters today voting on whether or not they can have same day registration. this is something that had been given the rights to maine voters since the early '70s. it was overturned. the republican-led legislature put a law into effect that would require two business days, a person to do two business days before they could vote on election day. voters today now will have an opportunity to overturn it. but down in mississippi, now, a very controversial initiative is on the ballot. that would require voters to show a government issued i.d. in order to vote. this is something that for many years right now has pitted folks who say that there's too much fraud in the elections against folks who say, look. bottom line is we need to make it easier for people to vote. so down in mississippi that will be on the ballot. >> both issues could affect next year's elections. >> well, they could. in the presidential election, by


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