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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 9, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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collapse. van turkey, an earthquake, magnitude 5.7, hit about an hour and a half ago three weeks after a 7.1 struck there killing 600 people. there are people trapped, buildings that have collapsed and cnn is following this closely. appreciate it. let's go to the situation room and mr. wolf blitzer. thanks very much. more on the earthquake coming up, also happening now. a possible new twist in the sex harassment scandal swirling around herman cain. one of his accusers wants to team up in the next day or two with the other women, revealing new details of their allegations. also, counter fit electronic parts discovered deep inside some of the u.s. military's most sensitive equipment and illegal immigration in the center of arizona history. you're in "the situation room."
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-- captions by vitac -- we begin with the breaking news. political and financial chaos within the european union, sending fresh shock waves through wall street and world financial markets. stocks plunging in new york today on all three indices with the dow tumbling about 400 points amid a growing debt crisis in italy. and the third largest in europe. let's bring in our own financial expert, cnn's erin burnett, the host of erin burnett outfront. the markets taking a major tumble today because of what's happening in italy, is that right? >> that really is the reason why. europe continuing to not dealing with its problems. right around 388 points to the downside as the final trades come in. what's happening in europe is causing all kinds of problems. general motors came out and said
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we can't even put out forecasts for what we're going to do in europe and as a result, gm shares fell 10%. all ten industry groups fellower today. greece continues to be a problem and now, it's really italy. you mentioned the eighth biggest economy in the world. it is also the third biggest market for government debt in the world. if you look at the exposure that banks have, how much debt italy holds, you'd have to add up portugal, ireland, italy and spain to get close to that total. i think it's safe to say if you see real problems with italy, you will see real problems spread to bigger economies like france and that would become a domino effect that wou be almost impossible to contain. >> doesn't look like political leaders, about to happen in italy, they're stepping aside, but it doesn't seem to make this crisis any better. >> no, because it's unclear
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who's going to lead. you've got to give portugal credit. they've tackled their program head on and have been the most successful with it and going forward with austerity. obviously not seeing it with greece and not italy. it's important to make one point. italy's situation with its debt relative to the size of its economy, it's really no worse off now. its unemployment rate is around 8%. france, 9.9%. although it needs serious reforms, is not in a situation where you should see a crisis, but once the markets lose confidence and won't lend money, a crisis just happens by definition. all of a sudden, italy can't borrow and a crisis happens. this is really a confidence issue that it's not too late to stop. >> lack of confidence that so many people have in europe. erin's going to have a lot more, 7:00 p.m. eastern.
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thanks very much. also this note later this hour, an exclusive interview with the treasury secretary, timothy geithner. he goes one-on-one with jessica yellin. we're also following the breaking news out of turkey. another powerful earthquake in the eastern part of the country with multiple buildings collapsed. chad, what do we know right now? >> we know, wolf, that this is in the same place that we had the 7.1 earthquake about three weeks ago. this is a 5.7 aftershock. these are buildings made of stone mortar. these are ancient cities. this is the city of van in turkey. originally settled in 600 b.c. they experienced a big quake three weeks ago. now, the shaking is continuing. the city of van right here on the shore of the lake and the town kind of spreads on out
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toward the east. this 5.7 between the eurasian plate and arabian plate is a very common area for earthquakes. since that 7.1 real quake three weeks ago, wolf, there have been 1500 aftershocks. but this is the biggest one achbd this is the one that's now putting stress and strain on these buildings that have already been cracked. they've already been damaged. they were hanging on by a wing an a prayer. now, they are not. these buildings have come down again in places where they were at least standing. about 60,000 people were left homeless out of about 400,000 people that live in this town. so the rest of the buildings were at least standing. this happened at 9:30 at night. most people were home when these buildings were collapsing. >> this occurred about 90 minutes or so ago? we're getting pictures in from turkey and you can see the devastati devastation.
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are you seeing those? >> yeah, i've also noticed another thing. there's a lot of heavy equipment already there. this heavy equipment was already on the scene from the previous dig out of the damage that occurred two and a half, three weeks ago, so they really have a lot of people on the scene. they have had the equipment, but they have a lot of damage and according to reuters, at least 18 buildings that collapsed. that's considerably less than the 5,000 buildings that collapsed with the 7.1, but it's dark and i'm sure they are still counting buildings and more aftershocks will still be possible tonight. >> 5.7, maybe an aftershock, but a significant earthquake. andrew finckel is joining us on the phone, journalist in turkey. what can you share with us? >> we knew that two major buildings have fallen down among the many which have collapsed. these are hotels and of course,
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the people who were staying in hotels were journalists covering the quake. the previous quake at the end of october. one news agency, dha, is reporting that two of its reporters are under the rubble. have yet to be accounted for r. another news agency has said that its relay truck was destroyed by the falling hotel building. and of course, this is an area which experienced this great quake, so this great sense of panic in this city, it's cold, there's already people living in tents and of course, the authorities were gradually trying to encourage people to get back under their own roofs, but people will be nervous about sleeping under a structure that might collapse. >> these hotels, were they high-rise? how many stories? >> one of them we know to have
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been a five-story hotel. this is an area which knows that it has earthquakes. if people don't build multistory buildings, huge, high story buildings. also, recently a poor part of the country. it's not a manhattan landscape. these are sort of modest size buildings, yet even these five-story buildings weakened by the previous quake are now collapsing. >> we know there was international assistance to turkey weeks ago when the initial earthquake hit. do they have the means to deal with these collapsed buildings and rescue individuals who may be stuck inside? >> well, the actual rescue operation is -- a country that knows earthquakes, there are well trained civil defense units both official and unofficial and we know these units are rushing to the spot. some have to come from istanbul, which is the other side of the country. a one or two-our flight away.
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some are going by car to nearby towns. where we know rescuers are coming from. that's about a three or four-hour drive away. but there are people on the spot. the real trouble of course is where do you house all the people who have now left their homes? it was already a shortage of the combination. already a huge demand for tents for people to shelter during this cold weather. and so, the international aid will go to help the survivors, the people who left have to pick up their lives after this. >> another 5.7 magnitude earthquake in eastern turkey. andrew, we'll check back with you. i want to give you some time to get more information. check back with chad as well. in the meantime, let's check in with some other news unfolding.
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herman cain facing a daunting possibility. all four of his accusers lining up in front of the news media, detailing what they say was sexual harassment years ago. brian todd is working the latest developments for us. it's an unfolding drama, brian. what is happening right now? >> we're likely to hear more from at least two of cain's accusers. when they do, they could reveal more detail and the case could boil up yet again. she says this is no longer a private matter, but a personally embarrassing one. now karen kraushaar wants to organize a joint news conference with other women who have accused cain of sexual harassment. that's when they may release details, saying i have kept all of the copies of my allegations. we spoke to her attorney. what is her reason for wanting to speak publicly and give details thabt incident?
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>> she feels she has to give the details to makt clear her complaint was not baseless or a fabrication as mr. cain has stated in his press conferences. >> cain said this about allegations against him. >> she could not find anyone to corroborate her story. >> as their attorneys do the media rounds, all sorts of questions are raised about a potential news conference. if and when that happens, it will likely open up these women's lives even further. their attorneys are already facing questions about the character of their clients. for kraushaar, there are questions about another workplace complaint. she tells cnn she did file a grievance with the old immigration service because she wasn't able to tell le commute after a car accident. >> the fact someone has filed another complaint has nothing to do with the merits of this complaint.
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>> cnn contributor maria cardona hired her and said she trusted her so much, she sent her to deal with the elian gonzalez case. >> i needed the best team player that i had, whose credibility was beyond reproach. someone who was nonpolitical. >> as for accuser, sharon bialek, cain's campaign suggests she has credible ility problemsd laid out lawsuits she's been involved in. >> i have had bankruptcy and it was after the death of my mother. to help my father pay for medical bills and a custody battle. >> through all this, herman cain vehemently denied sexual harassment and now has hard hitting attorney, lin wood in his corner. that means other episodes in their pasts could be exposed as well. >> so, where do we stand as far as this joint news conference that at least two of the accusers want to have and maybe
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there will be others? >> joel bennett says he an his client have gotten an agreement with fr the other accuser to hold that news conference. bennett says they are trying contact two other women to get them to join him. he says he hopes to have news on this soon. he says he'll go ahead with it even if it's just the two. >> it could be as early as form? >> it could be. >> thanks so much. we'll have more on this story come coming up later. meanwhile, a new attack dog for president obama. is timothy geithner now going after republicans full force. we've got an exclusive interview with geithner. plus, more than a million counterfeit parts found inside u.s. military equipment. get this. many of them traced to china. what's going on? we'll explap. moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula
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jack cafferty's here with the "cafferty file." >> a new poll suggests republicans more likely to go to church than democrats. this is fascinating to me. a gallup poll shows that 40% of republicans say they attend churnl weekly. 21% say they attend nearly weekly and 38% say they seldom go to church. only 27% of democrats go to church every week and 52% of democrats say they seldom or never go to church. these polls also show that democrats are less religious and republicans are more religious. consider this. almost one in five democrats identify with no religious faith. about 20%. compared to only one in ten republicans who feel that way. just 10%. this might explain why religion often seems to play a more prominent role when it comes to
4:18 pm
republican politicians, especially during the primaries. this time around, rick perry held a major prayer session in houston at the astrodome before he announced his candidacy. he's also been known to pray for president obama and last april, he designated a three-day period as days of prayer for rain in texas. faith also plays a large role in michele bachmann's candidacy. while giving an economic speech yesterday, bachmann suggested the u.s. return to its christian roots to bring about economic responsibility. look, cry out to holy god, it's not too late. he can save us, unquote. as for mitt romney, it's unclear what imfact if any, his mormon faith will have. here's the question. why are are republicans more likely than democrats to go to church? go to, post a comment or go to our facebook
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page. >> very interesting. i don't know the answer to that, but or viewers will have some thoughts. occupy wall street protestors are taking action to keep criminals out. here to tell us how the activists are keeping themselves safe, let's go to mary snow. what's going on over there now, mary? >> activists have been down here in lower manhattan for 54 days now and they say as their numbers grow, they're having concerns about security, particularly when it comes to the safety of women. police maintain a presence outside the park, the home base of the occupy wall street movement. but inside, protesters who don't trust the police handle security themselves. and they're adding new safety measures like this women's only tent. it follows an arrest last week of a 26-year-old man charged with sexually abusing a l female protester. >> have there been problems with women?
4:20 pm
>> we have had a few incidents. we have encouraged people to report those incidents. but again, i feel like we haven't had a higher level of problems here than in lots of other communities. >> 23-year-old christine, who does not want to give her last name, says she and other volunteers walked through the park overnight to help with security. chris rider does the same. >> we do patrol. we do have a wave system of letting know there's a problem down that way. or a problem over here and we do focus on it. overall, it's very peaceful. >> police say there have been several crimes reported inside the park. some are sexual in nature. others are assaults. the protesters here insist crime is no more prevalent here than in other places with large numbers of people and as the number of protesters grow, jeff
4:21 pm
smith says small tents that now fill the park are a problem. >> smaller tent allows people, whether it's drug use that's going on or simple crime or any kind of violence, any social behavior is not really tolerated out here, so i think we're obviously having to deal with the same societial pressures that everyone does. >> in a move to address security and space issues, smith says the movement has $20,000 in donations to put up larger army tents like these where the people inside can be better monitored. and more of those big army tents are expected to be going up down here. on another note, some of the protesters here left for the nation's capitol earlier toe. a small group is going to walk to washington, d.c. they expect to get there in about two weeks. >> those tents at the park, are they legal?
4:22 pm
>> you know, i which cchecked w city and they said they don't violate any building codes, but this park is privately owned and when i asked the owner of that park whether or not they allowed tents to be pitched out here on this private property, they declined comment. >> thanks for covering this story. appreciate it. counter fit military parts are putting u.s. troops at risk and most can be traced back to one country. we have the story sfragt ahead. but first, a mission to mars that isn't going as planned. we'll explain. stay with us here on "the situation room." e-hundred-ninetn data points. this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology,
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here are some of the stories we're working on for next hour. penn state's legendary football coach joe paterno announcing he's retiring after a former assistant coach is accused of molesting young boys. a two-star general is sacked just for criticizing president karzai and a new directive aims to cut billions in wasteful spending on government employees, starting with their prizes perks. stand by. you're in "the situation room." right now, potential threat to america's security is being exposed right under the noses of u.s. troops and members of congress say china is to blame. let's go to lisa sylvester. >> wolf, this is in fact a shocking torre. there are about 1800 cases from 2009 and 2010 of counterfeit
4:27 pm
components being discovered. these components are hard to detect with the naked eye, but have a very high failure rate. these may look like the real thing, but deep inside some of the military's most sensitive equipment are counterfeit parts. found about a million bogus components, 70% of the counterfeit goods were traced to china. >> we cannot allow our national security to depend on electronic scrap salvaged to trash heap. >> they were found on a us navy helicopter. the night vision and targeting system contained a counterfeit transiter. on the c-27j military aircraft,
4:28 pm
suspected counterfeit memory chips or discovered and on the airplane, an ice detection module has fallen out of its socket. a government accountable pi office investigation found that many of the counterfit electronic parts can be bought on the internet. >> we consider the problem itself to be a very serious one, possibly effecting the lives of our military personnel and the capabilities of the systems they utilize. >> counterfeiters have become nor sophisticated. these are for an automatic air bag system, but bogus parts are subject to a much higher failure rate. >> many cases, they are remarketing these products, so it may appear as though they are made in the united states, so that is part of the problem. >> another problem, counterfe counterfeiting has become almost a cottage industry in some parts
4:29 pm
of china. thomas sharpe works for a company that authenticates these parts. he recently visited china. >> did you see any evidence when you were there, any government action against what was being sold as counterfeit? >> when we got into the city, the entire business purposes of everything we saw there was very obviously to harvest components from east rep and go through complete refurbishment. there was nothing that was hidden. >> how do fake chi these r parts get into american equipment? one part can change hands eight times before it's sold to the pentagon. the missile defense agency is taking steps to prevent and detect defective parts, ensuring defense contractors use original equipment man fakih cherers. >> we do not want a $12 million intercept to be compromised by a
4:30 pm
$2 counterfeit part. >> they gave us a statement saying quote, the chinese government takes a zero tolerance attitude for the purpose of providing safe and sound products both at home and abroad, but many lawmakers are not convinced. they say china has a lot more to do to shut down known chinese counterfeiters. >> they certainly do, but the problem, china's going to continue doing it. the problem is, there aren't controls at the department of defense to stop this from going on. what are they really going to do to prevent this down the road because so much is at stake. you're right, this is shocking. >> one of the things they are looking at is putting the onus on the contractors and subcontractors, so ultimately, it's going to be up to the contractors to make sure what the subcontractors are getting from supplier rs the real deal and not counterfeit and if there
4:31 pm
is a problem, it will be the contractors and subcontractors who will have to pay money to make everything right and fix those parts to get the legitimate parts and not the counterfeit parts and that is what they are hopinging. >> if they continue buying these parts, they should be arrested, go to jail. they should lose their ability to deal with the united states government because so much the at stake right now. that's just me. as a former pentagon correspondent expressing by personal opinion. money is his usual game, but these days, timothy geithner is increasingly playing politics. he's going on the attack against republicans. jessica yellin sat down for an exclusive interview. >> what the president's low approval numbers on the economy, the usually softer spoken treasury secretary seems to be
4:32 pm
stepping into another role. pit bull. he is pressing the president's jobs message and taking aim at republicans who are blocking the administration's agenda. these days, the president's top economic adviser is doting into raw politics. >> republicans are going to do more things to help the economy now, then unemployment will stay too high and if republicans in congress come together with the administration and help, we'll be stronger. they hold the key to whether this economy is stronger or weaker. >> we caught up with timothy geithner at an intel manufact e manufacturing plant in chandler, arizona. a target state for the obama campaign. he took a break from negotiating europe's financial future to selling the president's jobs bill and the president's political message with unusual force. he slammed house republicans' economic proposals. >> i don't think there is a republican plan for tax reform and there's no republican plan
4:33 pm
to create jobs and economic growth. >> and didn't shy away from campaign politics. here on mitt romney's debt reduction plan. >> you can't cut your way to growth. what the government can do and should do to help make the economy stronger, but it would make us weaker as a country for us to go out and try to cut our way to growth. >> secretary geithner defended the president's stewardship of the economy. bottom line remains that the unemployment rate will be higher at the end of the president's first term in office. >> that's not a fair way to think about it. the economy's in a much stronger position today than when he took office because he was able to put out the financial fires and restart economic growth. >> as for the anger toward wall street and the fact that a few fat cats have paid a price -- >> stay tuned. the final chapter of what's going to happen has not yet been written. >> wolf, we covered a lot more topics, including the collapse of mf global, occupy wall street
4:34 pm
and the outlook for the u.s. economy, but the bottom line for secretary geithner, he says the biggest obstacles for the u.s.'s economic recovery with the financial crisis in europe and congress's inability to pass the jobs bill. >> are we going to see a new and more politically assertive geithner out there? >> i think you're seeing it already. it was a very different secretary geithner than we have been seeing to date. >> thank you. it may be the biggest political upset in arizona history. the state senator who wrote the law tightening down on illegal immigrants tossed out by arizona voters. and major new fallout from the child sex abuse scandal that's rocking penn state university. a legendary coach is on his way out. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs
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difficult day for russia's space program. lisa sylvester is back monitoring that story. what happened? >> wolf, an unmanned russian probe headed to mars blasted off
4:38 pm
today, but never made it out of earth's orbit. the russia space agency said there were tense moments when the craft couldn't be located. its engine failed to start. technicians have three days to start the engine to send the probe into orbit before its batteries run out. and one of the most powerful bering sea storms on record is pounding alaska's coast. sea levels are ten feet higher than normal and waves are expected to hit 30 feet. severe coastal floodinging is also a major concern. and today, the alleged master mind of the u.s.s. cole bombing appeared at a hearing at guantanamo bay. he is charged with killing 17 american sailors in the 2000 bombing of the navy destroyer in
4:39 pm
yemen. >> thanks, lisa. herman cain goes into tonight's republican presidential debate under a serious cloud of scandal. can he overcome it with a strong performance? we'll talk about that and more in our strategy session and clothing, coffee mugs, even mouse pads, president obama ordering government agencies to cut to eliminate the sweat. is. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪ delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses,
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help protect yourself from some of what medicare doesn't pay... and save up to thousands of dollars in potential... out-of-pocket expenses with an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. tough new approach to illegal immigrants in the yit, but now, the stunning turn around arizona voters have tossed out the state senator who wrote it. thelma, what's the reaction there? tell our viewers what happened. >> well, i can tell you, wolf, that it depends on who you ask. it went into the night in celebration, but this is definitely the biggest political
4:43 pm
upset in anthony a history. in the most conservative district in the entire state and last night, it was the newcomer, the newbie who pulled ahead of the incumbent. he unseated the incumbent, who is the father of the anti illegal immigration movement. >> i want to make something very clear. if being recalled is the price for keeping someone's promises, then so be it. >> just ten months ago, russell pierce, president of the arizona senate, was the most powerful man in the state. tuesday night, his political world came crashing down in his first defeat ever in 16 years. for as bitter as it was for the pierce camp, it was sweet for challenger, jerry lewis, a political newcomer. >> we can be civil in our politics and we can work together to attack issues.
4:44 pm
>> what made this special recall election interesting to watch is ta it was an election of firsts. the first time two republicans both fiscal conservatives and both mormon, faced off in the most conservative district in the state. the major difference between the two, their approach to immigration. >> i think they saw in me a hope, someone that would definite hi work towards real issues in the immigration issue, but would do so in a way that bespeaks our humanity. >> making sure we have a secure border and making sure we don't separate families. >> but it was a small move that paved the way for the election. it was led by randy botts, a community organizer and it happened in just ten months. >> this is creating room for politicians on both sides to maneuver and that's the specialness of this moment. it was about citizens stepping
4:45 pm
forward to hold someone as powerful accountable. >> lewis told me he has a new message for arizonans and the country. >> bring your tourism and conventions back to arizona. this is a great place. >> jerry lewis says he realized he has a big job and has three priorities. jobs, education and immigration. he's expected to be sworn in on the 21st of this month. >> very few thought this would happen. the biggest political upset in arizona history. thanks for that report. herman cain's chief of staff makes a false allegation about one of the women who's accusing the candidate of harassment, but is it time for block to go? and tough rhetoric from israel about the likelihood of an attack on iran. we have new information coming into the situation room.
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another republican presidential debate. herman cain will participate. let's discuss what's going on with that cloud hanging over his campaign. joining us now, mary matalin and roland martin, our cnn political analysts as well. mary, you thought he was pretty good yesterday, didn't you? >> i thought he was unequivocal and solid and was a high stakes gamble. he put everything out there and if he is the, if the grievance girls cannot come up with anymore, he'll be heroic. if they come up with something, he's finished. you don't see that kind of high stakes gamble, so i had to take it as authentic. he shouldn't do tonight the political operative stuff, blaming other campaigns, but he needs tonight to be a as strong, as unequivocal as he was
4:50 pm
yesterday and he can get over this hump. >> what he did say is that the quote democrat machine in his words, the democrat machine found this so-called troubled woman to raise these accusations against. >> i think it's ridiculous for him to try to assess it, allay it at the theme of the so-called democrat machine. also, i don't believe he should be making such comments ridic e ridiculing any of the women who have made these kinds of allegations against him. he should focus on what his message is and be very clear in terms of as he say, nothing happened. now, one of the issues that he has is the woman who came up the other day, the woman with gloria allred, he says he doesn't recall meeting her before. yet today in the chicago sun times, when he was at the tea party event in chicago, appar t apparently, she walked up to cain, they greeted each other. if you are unequivocal, it must
4:51 pm
be consistent. you can't have any chinks in your statement. if so, that's where his problem will be. >> you want to respond to that, mary? >> people come up to us all the time. he's seen thousands of people at thousands of events. he's on a book tour, on a campaign. that doesn't mean anything that they were seen together. it's more incriminating to her. she was so appalled by his behavior 14 years ago, why is she running up to him at tea party events. >> she had said at that news conference in which she made the allegations against cain that she was going to that tea party event. says she's a republican and only learned that when she was there, cain was there. she thenen confronted him and she said he seemed squirmy, anxious, not very receptive. she said he knew who she was. that's what she said, roland, at the time she made the initial
4:52 pm
allegation. >> also in the chica"chicago sun-times" piece, annie jacobson witnessed this taking place. a lot of people are spreading this e-mail around saying that is the woman in the photo. no, that was actually annie dickenson. mary was right earlier. unless more information that can really show something happened comes out and herman cain will continue. he is not going to drop out. he'll be focused on running the race, but what he has to do is is tell his campaign, stop running around saying that one of the accuser ss the same, is the mother of a political reporter. look, just shut up and focus on your campaign. stop trying to blame everyone else. >> mary, mark block, the herman cain campaign chief of staff, he initially blamed operatives for perry's campaign. he backed away from that. listen to what he said and roland just brought this up. what he told hannity last night.
4:53 pm
>> karen kraushaar had come up as one of the womans and we've found out her son works at politico. the organization -- >> have you confirm that had? i've been hearing rumors of that. you've confirmed that, right? >> we confirmed it with -- that he does work at politico and that's his mother, yes. >> well, mark block was wrong. two very different individuals not related at all. they happen to have the same last name and the herman cain campaign has now apologized. but why do they shoot from the hip like that without getting their information straight, mary? >> why indeed. campaigns are exhausting, but you've been attending crisis management mode, you should know you're too exhausted to go on the record.
4:54 pm
i thought it was sophisticated, good spot. he needs to get out there, get his game together, stop his roland just said, quipping operatives, quit blaming everybody. get back to message. 9-9-9, whatever it is and just stop. stop, mark, stop. >> keep your campaign manager off the air. this whole deal, blaming perry and demanding apologies. look, the allegations are there. your candidate gave a news conference and the last thing you want is the most recent comment to be the one everyone focuses on. cain gave a news conference, let that stand as opposed to you adding more fuel to the fire. >> we'll leave it on that note, but we'll have more on the story later. appreciate it. why are republicans more likely than democrats to go to church? jack cafferty's been going through your e-mail and the fallout from a sex abuse scandal linked to penn state.
4:55 pm
it's growing larger and larger. we have details coming up at the top of the hour. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. but when they come home, they don't want a parade; they want a job. the postal service employs more veterans than any other civilian employer. but congress is debating a bill that would force the postal service to fire tens of thousands of vets,
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jack's joining us with the calfty file. gallup did an interesting poll. why are republicans more likely than democrats to go to church? jim in los angeles, the answer's obvious. churches are wealthy, they pay no taxes, they forgive bad behavior and pedal superstition in order to raise fears. now that's a ticket to warm a republican's heart. bae in virginia writes, some people live their faith and what they do and advocate. others put on a show. for the latter, in god we trust is both a national motto and their political plat tomorrow. tom writes, it's pretty simple, us republicans believe we might be admitted to heaven, while
4:59 pm
democrats, they know they're toast. s in florida writes republicans and religion are fare based. m on facebook, going to heaven doesn't make you any more a christian than standing in a garage makes ewe mechanic. republicans are not possibly believe in a here after or god and still advocate for it and do what they do to their citizens. they're covering their basis by pretending to pray. they think their sins will be forgiven by making a big donation. tom on facebook writes, it's easy, jack. it's the only way they have a prayer and another tom writes, the big draw would have to be the confessional. you want to read more, we got some great e-mail on this. go to my blog or through our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. wolf? >> thank you. and to our viewers, you're in
5:00 pm
"the situation room." happening now, a college football legend. joe paterno calling it quits as the penn state child sex abuse scandal explodes and soon, another university power player could be history. the u.s. and its allies laid ground work for action against iran and its nuclear program. israel may take matters into its own hands. how a military attack could play out. and president obama enjoys his high-tech gadgets, but some government workers may be asked to hand in their smart phones. it's part of a new move to save billions of dollars. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- for some americans, coach joe paterno is the face of penn state university and now, the coach and his career are now
5:01 pm
casualties of the scandal. paterno announced he will retire at the end of this season. he said he's absolutely devastated by the allegations against his former assistant coach and two other senior university officials. our national correspondent, jason carroll, is on the campus of penn state with the latest. what's going on, jason? well, wolf, in retrospect, paterno says at the end of the day, he wished he would have done more. i've spoken to the players here at penn state ch they say he did what was best for himself, the team and university. we are also hearing word that the president of the university, his resignation might be imminent and right now, it's best just to take a look back at how this unfolded. >> the allegations of sexual abuse by former penn state defensive coordinator, jerry san
5:02 pm
dusy, go back to the mid 1990s. the most shocking in march of 2002. >> sandusky was seen committing an assault on a young boy, reported to a grad yat assistant in the building. >> that assistant reported the incident to joe paterno. >> joe paterno is 38. >> his statement said in part it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate, he goes on to say because sandusky was already retired at that point, i referred the matter to university administratoradminis. >> we believe all the pieces are in place. >> that was timothy curly, penn state's athletic director. he and gary schultz took away his locker room keys and banned him from having children in the football building according to authorities, but never r reported the incident to law
5:03 pm
enforcement. >> action likely allow ed a chid predator to continue to victimize children for many, many years. >> curly however did report it to second mile, the children's charity sandusky founded and met most of his victims. said in a statement, curly also share that had the information has been internally reviewed and there was no finding of wrong doing. they, too, didn't report the incident to law enforcement at that time. according to the grand jury report, sandusky began abusing another victim he met in 2005 or 2006, but it wasn't until november of 2008 according to the charity, when he told them he was being investigated, that they immediately made the decision to separate him from all of our program activities involving children. that 2008 investigation finally led to explosive charges this
5:04 pm
weekend. he is accused of sexually assaulting eight boys. he maintains he's innocent. >> regardless of whether he proves his guilty or innocence, people are going to think he did this stuff. >> and curly and schultz are charged with failing to report abuse and lying. their attorneys say the charges with bogus. >> it is unconscionable that the attorney general's office would level such a weak case against a man of integrity like mr. curly. >> this is just disappointing because rather than follow the law, the attorney general's fiction. >> so again, as a result of all this, you have paterno, who will be resigning at the end of the season. university president, we are hearing the board of trustees is meeting to discuss the terms of his resignation, a man known as
5:05 pm
engaging, charismatic, a man who did not live in an ivory tower, but once again falling victim to the scandal. >> all sorts of rumors that the eight boys already identified if you will. there are a lot of others who may still be out there. what are you hearing, jason? >> absolutely, wolf. a source close to the investigation tells me that police tip line has received more than a dozen calls from men saying that they, too, were victimized by sandusky. before they can be declared victims, their stories have been to be vetted. they have to be interviewed. but this falls in line with what the attorney general said on monday. they say because he had access to young men and boys for such a long period of time, it would not be without -- not be without the realm of possibility that there would be other victims out there as well. >> we'll stay in close touch with you, jason. thanks very much.
5:06 pm
the scandal unfolds, the president of penn state university could be the next to go. there are reports that he has been told to quit or he will be fired. lisa sylvester taking a closer look. tell us about graham spaniard, what he knew about the allegations. >> he is one of the highest paid and longest running university presidents. some students though have set up a facebook page calling for him to be fired. and there are reports that support among the board of trustees is waning. charismatic, friendly, engaging. a university president who doesn't live in an ivory tower. he likes to entertain students and staff with magic. he is known to occasionally fill in for the school mascot and hosts a monthly call-in show. >> from the studios of penn state public broadcasting, this is to the best of my knowledge. >> what he knew and when did he
5:07 pm
find out is at the the center of an ongoing investigation. the board of trustees at penn state university announced it is setting up a special committee to quote determine what failures occurred, who is responsible and what measures are necessary to ensure this never happens at the university again. spanier came to the university in 1995 after serving in positions at the university of nebraska lincoln and oregon state university. he is a family therapist and the founding editor of the journal of family issues. after the grand jury's report came out, spanier issued a statement standing by penn state athletic director, timothy curly and gary schultz, expressing his unconditional support. patrick meehan, a former u.s. district attorney, is now calling for a federal investigati investigation. crimes that occur on campuses are supposed to be reported to
5:08 pm
the department of energy. he said the failure to report a 2002 incident appears to be a violation of that law. >> it's so shocking. i gave the commencement at penn state. they gave me an honorary degree. it was a wonderful, wonderful experience and just to see what's going on right there, it's shocking to get these allegations. >> this is really hard for them to take because it's a huge blow and a huge loss of trust. people are still trying to sort out what happened and we have to keep in mind the victims in this case. the alleged victims. >> he was highly regarded. serves on an advisory panel overseeing the cia. an outside expert to the cia. >> there are reports that the board of trustees may be meeting tonight to determine his fate. >> you'll keep us informed. what a shocking story. a sad story. penn state university. especially for those little boys
5:09 pm
and their families and all that's going on for years and years, allegedly. thanks. let's get to iran's nuclear threat. britain an france are pushing today for new sanctions against the islamic regime to prevent it from developing atomic weapons. the united states says it's considering a range of options. there is new urgency after a u.n. report documented the progress for building a nuclear bomb. iran's ambassador to the agency tells cnn new sanctions won't make a difference. >> the sanction have not had in effect whatsoever on our nuclear activities and including enrichment. the science shares only the steps on passengers because of not giving the gasoline to iran ran passenger planes and serving the people going to see the children outside of iran. therefore, the sanction have not had any effect on nuclear
5:10 pm
activities. it is better to stop this childish game ths come to negotiating table. >> the iranian ambassador says he doubts president obama is sincere when he says he want as world free of nuclear weapons. the united states and its allies say they've made attempts to negotiate with iran only to be met with defiance. at the same time, there's growing speculation that israel might take military action against iran to make sure its neighbor doesn't build nuclear weapons. benjamin netanyahu issuing statement today about iran's progress. netanyahu's office saying the iaea report corroborates the position of international community and of israel that iran is developing nuclear weapons. the international community must bring about the scessation of iran's pursuit. that statement from the israeli prime minister's office. meanwhile, if israel were to
5:11 pm
take aim at iran, how might that attack play out? let's bring in barbara starr. she's been checking into this part of the story. >> well, you know, wolf, the obama administration has been somewhat restrained in its comments over the last several days about iran, but make no mistake, behind the scenes, there is deep concern about iran's nuclear program and what israel might decide to do about it. as iran progresses on its nuclear program, israel is signalling it won't just watch from the sidelines. president paris telling an israeli newspaper quote, a military strike on iran is growing more likely than the diplomatic option. in candor from the top u.s. military officer about iran's regi regime. >> some of their young officers who did dumb things, they promoted him to general and admiral and eventually, institutions get the behavior they reward.
5:12 pm
these guys could start a war. >> the u.s. is watching to see if iran or israel is making any unusual military moves against each other. so far, they are not. but the u.s. believes israel is considering whether and at what point, to attack iran's nuclear facilities. what would an attack look like? within minutes of takeoff, israeli warplanes would enter arab air space. quickly flying over jordan and then possibly into saudi arabia and iraq. staying at low altitude to avoid detection. >> the israelis have well over 100 american fighter bombers that have really big fuel tanks on them that are basically designed to make a round trip to bomb iran. >> those planes would have to get past iranian radars and antiair missiles. the planes could carry hundreds of bunker busting bombs to be dropped on keen nuclear sites before turning for home and
5:13 pm
awaiting world reaction. >> on the way out, i don't think the saudis would do anything other than applaud. >> the u.s. continues to press for sanctions against iran, but for defense secretary leon pa net ta, who recently visited israel, iran's nuclear program is now a front and center topic of worry between both countries. >> this has been a subject of regular dialogue in recent weeks. with the israelis. >> now, dispute the rhetoric, israeli officials still say no decision has been made about attacking iran, but some u.s. officials believe the stepped up rhetoric may be an effort by the israelis to pressure the world community for those increased sanctions that hasn't happened yet. >> i suspect the israelis trying to send a message to russia, china, others, to increase the diplomatic pressure on iran to avoid that kind of worse case
5:14 pm
scenario, namely a war which would result from that kind of attack. thanks for that report. herman cain could be vulnerable in tonight's republican presidential debate. will his rivals bring up the sexual harassment allegations against him? and americans are paying a very significant price for italy's enormous debt and guess what? it may get only worse. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
5:15 pm
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ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly. any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box.
5:17 pm
jack is back. >> newt gingrich says he's the tortoise and mitt romney's the hare. quote, the rabbit runs by, falls asleep. the tortoise just keeps coming, so hopefully in this game, mitt
5:18 pm
romney will be the rabbit, i'll be the tortoise, unquote. and gingrich has reason to be hopeful. he's seen a jump in poles. puts him third inost polls behind romney and cain. these are national poll, he's also in fourth place in iowa. gingrich thinks there's a big opportunity for an alternative candidate since romney seems stuck at about 25% in the national polls, cain risks fizzling out with recent sexual harassment allegations. gingrich thinks there's more in the race for him. he's performed well in the debates so far, acting the role of elder statesman. gingrich's campaign was left for dead by many in the spring. several of his advisers had quit after he took two weeks off to go on a cruise in the medicine
5:19 pm
terror yain yan. several candidates have seen temporary jumps in popularity, only to slide back. rick perry, michele bachmann and now maybe herman cain. all the while holding out for a candidate like chris christie. here's the question. in the republican race for president, is gingrich the tortoise and mitt romney the hare? republican presidential politics is seen through the eyes of esop's fables. >> good analysis as usual. thank you. let's go to wall street where the dow plunged almost 400 points today amid new fears italy could be the latest country to default on its debt. just yesterday, silvio berlusconi agreed to step down as the country scramblings to
5:20 pm
head off a full blown crisis. let's bring back lisa sylvester. what's at stake for the united states is a lot. >> certainly is and wall street took a major hit today. the central issue is italy. italy is solvent, but the problem is its debt. investors are afraid of the worst case scenario. what if italy can't pay its bills? that would have far reaching effects in europe, and the united states. italy known for its pasta, fine wines and high fashion, also is known for its staggering debt. $2.6 trillion. that's so large it's bigger than greece's, portugals and ireland's debt combined. it makes italy the large elegant if t fant in the room says mark chandler. >> italy is the big kai hun, roughly 137b9 3 trillion euros in debt. and so, in some ways, we talk
5:21 pm
about u.s., some banks being too big to fail. italy seems to be too big to rescue. >> italy has the third largest economy in europe. in a word because of globalization. your 401(k) and investments in the stock market have been rising and fallinging with news out of europe. if europe tips into a recession, the u.s. could easily follow and a weaker europe will make it harder for the u.s. to lower unemployment. but italy, like greece, went on a borrowing spree and now, the bills are coming due threatening all of the countries in the euro zone. >> they have to figure out a way to get their economies to grow. all that is is true, but above all, they've got to get their economies to grow and that's where they're having the most trouble. >> italy's political and economic fate is up in the air. silvio berlusconi has agreed to resign. he had been losing public support.
5:22 pm
thousands demonstrating against him over the weekend. like greece, italy is facing a new reality of new austerity measures. berlusconi simply wasn't seen as strong enough to get it done. and what many people are now keeping an eye on is italy's cost of borrowing. it's been steadily going up. italy's credit rating was downgraded by moody's last month and the outlook remains negative. >> everybody's nervous about what's going to happen tomorrow. meanwhile, talks between political leaders in greece have ended with no confirmation. george papandreou has agreed to step down. the office said he would hand in his resignation today. in a televised address, he -- will pass a european bailout deal and bring greece out of its crisis. new clues about what could happen in the 2012 election here in the united states from voters who cast ballots yesterday.
5:23 pm
we're taking a closer look at some of the key results and whether one party should be rather worried right now. and president obama is targeting cell phones and other high-tech gadgets in hopes of saving taxpayers billions of dollars. [ male announcer ] our nation's veterans are real-life heroes. but when they come home, they don't want a parade; they want a job. the postal service employs more veterans than any other civilian employer. but congress is debating a bill that would force the postal service to fire tens of thousands of vets, close post offices, shut mail processing plants, and disrupt mail delivery.
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drastic cuts won't fix the postal service and aren't needed. tell your representative to vote "no" on house resolution 2309. it's time to deliver for our veterans -- and america.
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5:26 pm
the woman who accused herman cain of sexual harassment is asking other accusers to go public with her. karen kraushaar who now works at the u.s. treasury department filed a complaint against cain when he was her boss at the national restaurant association in the late 1990s. she is hoping to have a joint news conference with the other women who say they have also been harassed by cain. only one has agreed so far. sharon bialek, who held a news conference this week with her attorney saying cain made an inappropriate advances toward her, although she never formally complained. she released this statement
5:27 pm
today, let me read part of it. a as of this time, we have now heard from the other women who stated they were sexually harassed. we are hopeful they will have the courage to come forward, but understand if they choose not to. anyone should be able to report allegation of sexual harassment without fear their lives and careers will be put on public display and laid open to public scrutiny. kraushaar goes on to say that the alleges were not baseless as cain said yesterday and that she doesn't want the quote continuing fascination with this story to be a distraction to her life. we'll continue to stay on top of this story for our viewers. meanwhile, cain and the rest of the republican presidential candidates face off in another debate tonight. the big question right now, will he or his opponents mention the allegations dogging his campaign? the questioners ask any questions related to those allegations?
5:28 pm
jim acosta is joining us from outside of detroit. jim, how will the scandal play out in the debate? do we have any clue? >> wolf, we have no clue as to whether or not this is going to overshadow this debate. we heard one of the candidates, mitt romney, herman cain's main rival, talk about this yesterday, calling these accusations serious, but most of these candidates have been laying low. herman cain has stayed out of the limelight not really doing any interviews today, but we had a chance to catch up with debbie wasserman schultz. she was giving one of those predebate rebuttals going over some of the democratic talking points. we asked about the allegations and she called them serious. >> i don't have that much to say about the situation other than to say that the allegations are very serious. that it's important for mr. cain
5:29 pm
to respond specifically to those allegations. but you know, i think it really is an example of how troubling this field of republican candidates for president really is. >> and while the republicans are concerned about this matter overshadowing this debate, the issues they'd like to talk about, you may have noticed in that video, she was standing in front of a larnl banner that was asking the question of mitt romney, why would you want to let detroit go bankrupt, referring to a column romney once wrote, saying the auto industry should be allowed to go into industry. this matter is even getting in the way of the democratic message. >> what else could cost them fireworks tonight? >> well, the economy is really going to be the flash point tonight and that is baizically because this state right now is in 11.1 unemployment rate. as you know, just down the road
5:30 pm
in detroit, the mayor there is demolishing whole portions of that city, whole neighborhoods in that city, just to save it and so, these are dire times in michigan. i had a chance to talk to the governor of this state, who is a republican, he is in a tr additionally democratic state and i asked him a question about the bailout. folks like romney opposed that in 2008, but president obama was able to get it through the congress and i asked governor snyder whether that was a good idea and he had trouble answering the question. take a listen. >> probably would have dragged forward into bankruptcy. >> so it was the right call in yor mind? >> looking at some system attic deal with the supply chain was the answer, i would have done it differently than it was done, but i'm not going to second guess that. it's done and it's working.
5:31 pm
>> so, there you heard at the end there, saying the bailout rs working, but would not say in that entire interview and i went back and forth with him several times, whether it was a good idea. you're going to hear these candidates likely being challenged on this issue tonight because looking in hindsight, a lot of people in michigan right now are glad those boailouts happened because the auto industry is making a bit of a comeback right now as opposed to where they might have been. >> thanks, jim, very much. on november 22nd, mark your calendars. i'll be moderating the next cnn debate. it will take place right here in washington. we'll do it on national security, foreign policy, the republican candidates will be at constitution hall here in washington, d.c. for a debate. looking forward to that. meanwhile, election results
5:32 pm
in several states are giving an early read about the political mood heading into the 2012. in ohio, voters repealed a law limiting bargaining rights for public workers. it's seen as a victory for unions and democrats, but republicans scored in ohio with the approval of a measure allowing the state to opt out of new health care mandates. in main stre mississippi to -- critics say it would have outlawed some forms of birth control. might have restricted some in vitro pregnancies and one key contest isn't settled, leaving the slim possibility that democrats still could control the divided chamber in the commonwealth of virginia. let's bring in ron brownstein of the national journal. he's working all of these elections. you were up late last night i'm sure studying this.
5:33 pm
sort of a mixed bag in ohio. >> it is fascinating because historically has been one of the critical swing states. there was this vote reputeuating the health care bill. it's a reminder of arguments the republicans are going to have in 2012, but the main event was this battle over repealing the signature initiative john casic's term. and the victory repealing this law could be important for two reasons. one, behind a pop list argument of the sort that many democrats are urging president obama to stress in 2012 and secondly because it brought back a lot of the kind of voters democrats have been losing. noncollege white voters. 61% of them voted to repeal the initiative. 43% of white seniors voted to repeal the initiative and both of those groups were at the core of the republican surge in 2010. they are not the voters anything democrats lately. >> a huge setback for john
5:34 pm
casic. >> this was his signature initiative and it ran into some of the same problems you covered in 1995 when bill clinton stood off against a republican congress. he was rolling back benefits. in that case, it was medicare. in this case, it was benefits for public employees. at the same time, he was defending tax cuts for big corporations in this case and that is toxic combination. a hard combination to defend and the kind of argument that president obama may be able to wield in 2012 against the republican agenda. >> and many mississippi, that extreme antiabortion measure, that was roundly defeated. >> the% per son hood advocates, if you can't make it there, you won't make it anywhere. a similar amendment lost in colorado. the significance for this is in places like oakland county, outside the south where democrats have been doing well. you look at how the democrats won the senate seat in 2010 in
5:35 pm
colorado, a model in many ways for president obama in 2012, it was by opposition to this sort of initiative. >> in arizona, russell pierce, who came wup that law, he was kicked out if r all practical purposes. >> probably more tone than substance. you can see from these debates the overall projectry of the republican party is hard line on immigration. i think there was a great deal of discomfort in the business community and mormon church with the tone and the way the debate has unfolded in arizona. >> thank you. president obama getting an important boost over some top republican presidential conte contenders in a new poll. and the first ever nati nationwide test of the emergency system didn't go as planned. we have details.
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
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responsibility. what's your policy? the first ever nationwide
5:39 pm
test of the emergency alert system today in the united states and it didn't go as planned. what happened? >> you can see here the warning that aired across the country just few hours ago. but a number of discrepancies reported including some tv and yad owe stations that didn't air the test at all. the system is used regularly at the local level, but this was the first national test featuring an alert code which would enable the president to address the nation. the test was ordered by fema and the fcc. and at least three people are reportedly dead and dozens under the rubble in the wake of a 5.7 earthquake that struck turkey a short while ago. about ten buildings have collapsed, no indications of how many people are unaccounted for. 500 people were culled in an earthquake there last month. and the intern credited with helping save the life of gabrielle giffords is now an
5:40 pm
elected official. daniel hernandez won yesterday's race to fill a vacancy on an arizona school board with almost 62% of the vote and president obama is getting a boost from latino voters. according to a national poll conducted by latino decisions, president obama leads mitt romney 67% to 24% in 21 of the most latino heavy states. 65 to 22% over herman cain and 68 to 21% over rick perry. wolf? >> thank you. we're also taking a closer look at a u.s. military hero who was effectively fired for telling the truth. ♪
5:41 pm
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we're learning more about some deadly new fighting going on in afghanistan. insurgents attacked an afghan military base last night and met with resistance. local officials say as many as 70 insurgents were killed in gun battles. 100,000 u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. now to a story i find shocking and sad. a two-star general in the united states army effectively fired for telling the truth about hamid karzai and the government of afghanistan. the recent dismissal of peter fuller and the truth behind his words deserve some follow up. we've asked brian todd to take a closer look at this story and it is pretty shocking to me, but what was going on? >> wolf, general fuller's
5:45 pm
commanders are defending their decision to relieve him of duty, but the fallout in the united states is significant because many believe what general fuller was saying was simply the truth about the afghan government. it's essentially cost fuller his career. he's got more than 30 years and several medals to show for his service. he led nato's training of afghan forces and oversaw several billion dollars in equipment, simplies and contracts, but when he got fed up with hamid karzai and spoke out about it, he was relieved of duty. it started with karzai saying his country would side with pakistan against america in a war. to that, general fuller told politico why don't you just poke me in the eye with a needle. you've got to be kidding me. i'm sorry, we just gave you $11.6 billion and now you're telling me i don't really care? fuller went on to say he hopes afghanistan gets a future president who's more articulate
5:46 pm
and called the counterparts delusional about aid. general john allen issued a statement calling the remarks inappropriate, unfortunate, others don't see it that way. >> what this guy did was speak the truth about a problem that you've got to believe everybody in that command from the commanding general on down knows to be true. >> conservative analyst frank gaffney says there's rot in the highest reaches of the afghan government and american troops and their allies are losing their lives to prop it up. we couldn't immediately reach nato commanders for a response and were not saysful in reaching general fuller. hillary clinton said this about karzai's remarks. gl it was taken out of contest and misunderstood. >> they believe he was talking about the long history of
5:47 pm
cooperation between afghanistan and pakistan. tony schaffer, who served two combat tours in afghanistan, sides with general fuller. thinks his firing was inappropriate, but in a broader context -- >> don't commanders have to hold some things in when working on the front lines? >> there are situations where a sitting commander has to be b very careful regarding how he uses information relating to the relationships of the host nation. >> schaffer says general fuller probably knew that what he said would get him relieved, but schaffer says he believes fuller saw a clear conflict between the guidance he was given and reality he was facing and at that point, he may not have cared about getting his third star. >> he had one other example of the afghany government being delushsal. >> he said they made requests for tanks without the budget to use an maintain them and general fuller said a senior person of
5:48 pm
the afghan government said all i want to do is put them on a truck and drive them around in a parade. >> wrote about this on my blog this week and recommended that general allen was a very honorable military officer. do the right thing and made a mistake. general fuller deserves a second chance. if you're a federal government employee, there's a chance you could lose your smart phone or other perks. will it really save taxpayers any money? stand by. d# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention
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obama taking new steps to slash what the white house says to be billions of dollars each year from a federal budget, and it could be fewer perks. on the job front for some government workers. our white house correspondent brianna keilar has more for us on what's going on. what is going on, brianna? >> reporter: hi, wolf. president obama signed this executive order this morning expanding a program already in existence. the goal, to cut certain areas of spending by federal agencies, by 20%. that's the goal by 2013. so what are those areas? some include travel. for instance, traveling for meeting instead doing videoconferencing, or cell phones, laptops, for instance,
5:52 pm
ipads. more stringent about handing those out and also reducing the cost usage of federal vehicles and, also, swag. maybe promotional items. coffee cups with agency emblems ob them. cutting down on frivolous spending. as he signed this executive order part of his "we can't wait" campaign signing a number of executive orders recently, he took a jab at congress. >> the joint committee on trying to reduce our deficits are engaged in a very difficult conversation right now and we want to encourage them to complete their work, but in the meantime we don't need to wait for congress in order to do something about wasteful spending that's out there. >> reporter: now, the white house says this will save billions of dollars, but, and republicans quick to point this out, wolf that money wouldn't go towards reducing the deficit.
5:53 pm
it would be reinvested in other government programs, and this effort follows a number of other executive orders the president signed on a number of things from no child left behind to student loans. it's part of this strategy he has of bypassing congress. he's been making a public spectacle of going around congress painting them as in his way. wolf? >> brianna, thanks very, very much. back to jack cafferty for the cafferty check. >> question, is newt gingrich the tortoise and mitt romney the hare? gingrich is held back by the circumstances surrounding his resignation as speaker in the past as well as an occasional silly remark. the question is, will the voters recognize that people can change and will they embrace an older candidate who still outshines
5:54 pm
the younger competition? from oregon, my old friend aesop would be irritated with you, jack. you overestimate the staying power, speed, intelligence and the talent of both gingrich and romney. my old friend perry will be irritated with you, too, for referring to anybody but him as the "hair," h-a-i-r. gary in arizona, jack, my boy, you just hit a home run. they'd make a very good ticket, you nope romney's business background, gingrich's political skills could very well clear the mess in washington as president and v.p. residepectively. i'm signing you up for another season. and also, in the end republicans will hold their nose and nomen'sate romney. republicans can looking for ronald reagan, but all they find is ronald mcdonald. doug in massachusetts. no. there is no way the republican
5:55 pm
establishment is going to let anyone get in the way of romney losing the election. and terry in virginia, writes, jack, how dare you insult tortoises and hares by comparing them to politicians. politicians are snakes, at best. my apologies to the snakes. you want to read more, go to my blog or through a post on "the situation room's" facebook. wolf? >> thank you, jack. we'll be right back. you name it. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain. then i tried salonpas. it's powerful relief that works at the site of pain and lasts up to 12 hours. salonpas.
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5:57 pm
the term pillow talk could
5:58 pm
gain whole new means. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you're all by your lonesome, your significant other is miles away brushing her teeth and pulling on p.j.s. but when she puts on this sensor ring, his pillow starts to glow. he does the same, and the next thing you know, her pillow glows. and they go to sleep hearing each other's heartbeat, live. hey -- wake up! there is one minor catch. the product doesn't actually exist yet, but it's due out in a few months. pillowtalk, it's called, connecting long distance lovers. we've come a long way from doris day's 195 movie "pillow talk." ♪ pillow talk >> reporter: 24-year-old scottish designer joann montgomery dreamed up pillowtalk and got the funding for the prototype.
5:59 pm
that's her and we believe her boyfriend in a promo. the heart is in the ring, transmits into a panel the other partner puts inside his or her pillow. okay. maybe the idea of this pillow makes some of you want to gag, but there are plenty of people dying to get their hands and their heads on it. on the company's facebook page, would-be customers gushed praise and begged for when it will go on sale. many are military couples separated by deployments. one woman wrote, oftentimes we like to take naps together over skype, but this would make things so much more fantastic. up until now, most of the quirky pillow action came from japan with lap pillows and the boyfriend's arm pillow. >> a little disconcerting, though. >> reporter: and the body pill other featured in a threeship in the show "30 rock." >> this is james franco, and our