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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 14, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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so we have a little rap action. sort of jamaican rap thing. he has 31,000 views so far and according to youtube it was only uploaded like yesterday. >> we will keep an eye on it. >> tay zanday. >> thank you john. nice to see you. thanks for watching. now to new york with wolf blitzer. "the situation room" starts right now. >> struggling with allegations of sexual harassment, herman cain drops like a stone in the sol. newt gingrich raises to. top. i will talk about that race with the republican candidate rick santorum. we will also discuss what he calls the horrific and devastating scandal of his alma matter, penn state university. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the
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situation room. but first, a stunning new shift in the republican race for the presidency. our new polls shows gingrich gained 14 points since october. that puts him in a virtual tie for the lead with mitt romney. herm yan can dropped 11 points. that puts him in a battle for third place right now with rick perry. ron paul and michele bachmann follow with jon huntsman and rick santorum rounding out the field. herman cain's plunge comes as he struggled with allegations of sexual harassment going back pour than a decade. now herman cain's wife is speaking out, but she isn't the only one. cnn's joe john says tracking the latest developments for us. and there have been many joe, what's the late snef. >> with herman cain losing status in the polls, the latest person to talk about the sexual harassment controversy happens to be a man. >> it is a case in the court of
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public opinion where proof, illusive. herman cain says he doesn't recall meeting sharon who accused him of sexual harassment but her former boyfriend remembers her complaining at the time. >> when she returned, she was upset. she said that something had happened and that mr. cain touched her in an inappropriate manner. >> dr. victor zuckerman wasn't there when the alleged inappropriate touching occurred but is important from a public relations standpoint because cain said he doesn't recognize violet and zuckerman says he saw them meet in chicago. zuckerman says he has no political acts it grind. >> i'm a pediatrician. i'm also a registered republican. no party or candidate from any organization has contacted me. the public has a right to know this information to help them make an informed decision.
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>> the account from someone who knew her at the time may bolster her attorney, which is why gloria allred held this news conference, pointing out that her client isn't the only woman abusing cain. >> it is more like she said, she said, she said, she said and he said. >> in terms of evidence it would support to support cain's assertion that the sexual harassment involving gloria did not occur. cain's campaign came forward with the witness of its own, a character witness none other than the candidate's wife, gloria cain, who released from this interview with fox news says the stuff she heard about her husband doesn't sound anything like him. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that's
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not the person he is. he totally respects women. and i'm thinking, he would have to have a split personality to do the things that she said. >> it may be very difficult to figure out who was lying, unless someone involve fled this mess files a lawsuit claim theg have been harmed by false statements made by the other side. but given that they are the only ones who really know what did or didn't happen, the rest of the american public is free to guess about it. and among all respondent's to the latest cnn orc poll, 33% believe herman cain. and 50% believe the women making the charges. but those numbers are almost reversed when the question is asked to only republicans. 51% of republicans believe herman cain and 37% believe the women. herman cain said he might take a lie detector test to prove he is being truthful when he says he hasn't harassed anyone. no word on when or were wr that
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lie detector test is bees schedule, wolf. >> we will have more on this story coming up. but there is other important news we are following as well. including united states supreme court. it has now agreed to decide whether a corner stone of president obama's agenda is in fact constitutional. the court will focus on a key provision of the sweeping healthcare reform law, section mandating that virtually all americans buy health insurance. 26 states have challenged that and the court should rule by june during the heat of the president shl campaign. jeffrey toobin is joining us now. briefly, jeff, summarize pros and cons. >> whether you choose to buy insurance or not, you are part of that system. so the government has the right to regulate it and force to you buy health insurance even if you don't want to. the con, the argument is, look, never in the history of the federal government have they required you to buy a private
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product. that is more power for the federal government than they should be allowed to have under the constitution. that's what you are talking about. >> so you know the nine. the nine justices who have to make this decision. that's your book. what do you think? how is it going to shape up? >> four votes certain to uphold it. four the the four democrats. one vote certainly to strike it down, thomas. two very important senior judges, i think will it'll all be upheld. >> at least justice kennedy. >> justice kennedy is the likely target but i also think chief justice roberts. but i think the proponents of the law are more optimistic now than a m ago. >> you think some of the conservative justices will be swayed by silverman who is a conservative. >> very much a conservative who said, look, maybe i wouldn't
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vote for it if i were a legislator. but this is within congress's power to address a national problem, which is the absence of many people having health insurance. >> if the supreme court were to knock it down, what would happen then? >> that's part of what they are arguing about. because the question is, could you just take out the individual mandate and leave the rest of it or would the whole law fall apart? and even if the individual mandate is struck down, how will the obama administration even finance the rest? so you know, there is no such thing as a partial loss for the obama administration. if they lose the individual mandate, it practically, if not legally, the whole law will fall apart. >> the individual mandate, healthy people who were be forced to buy insurance, they will pay for the people who aren't so healthy. >> exactly. if those people are out of the system and have the right to opt out of of the system then the financing falls apart completely. >> how big after case will this be before the united states supreme court? >> without question, the biggest
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case since bush v gore because it has enormous impact on healthcare which is a huge part of the national economy. but it also will tell us what the supreme court will allow in terms of federal legislation. how big account federal government be and that applies across the board. >> jeff tubin, thanks very much. so how important is this legal battle over healthcare to the economy of the united states as a whole? erin burn set here in the situation room watching this part of the story. healthcare is a huge part of the economy. >> it is. obama's administration he estimating about 16% is about right that is -- you are now looking at the biggest chunk of the u.s. economy. a couple years ago, you might look at the number and talk about construction and housing but it really is healthcare and when you look at the jobs and what the stability has been, it has been in healthcare. >> how does it play out? assuming let's say the supreme court decides it's unconstitutional, the mandate, then what? >> so that's not good for health insurers. this is an alliance a lot of people didn't expect.
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>> blue cross, blue shield, alliance -- >> they get all these people coming into their health insurance role. they weren't against this. so you saw a little bit of that in the market today. the problem with the healthcare bill is it did not address the healthcare problem. where you see the biggest jump every year is not drug cost but hospitalization. so a lot of this hadn't dealt with the real cost inflation in the sift chem is a criticism from both the left and the right and to the obama administration's credit. they tried to deal, if you recall, with doctor's costs and how they keep surging. but were unable to do so. >> if will supreme court rules it is unconstitutional then it goes forward. what they call the obama care goes forward. >> yes. what is interesting is an independent firm ran numbers today. you look at 2019, which is the ten-year horizon year, we would be spending a hundred billion dollars more under the plan than we would without the plan. and that's an independent
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analysis. you are talking out of $4.6 trillion. in that world, a hundred billion is chump change. >> but have you tens of millions of people without health insurance, they would have health insurance. >> you are getting that. but a lot of the people not getting health insure are eligible under medicare medicaid but did not know it. >> it can come right in the middle of the campaign. >> it sure is. >> it looks like the legal pendulum is swinging in favor of president obama on this issue and the democrats. thanks very much, well see what happenes. they can surprise us. you have more at 7 p.m.? >> yes. >> and other subjects as well. . jack cafferty has a question about the penn state child sex abuse scandal. and we are going to talk about it with republican presidential candidate rick santorum. he is a penn state grad. he is calling it horrific. also, newt gingrich's problem with freddie mac. stemming from hundreds of thousands of dollars he received
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as a consultant. caught on tape. the attempted assassination after venezuelan presidential candidate. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." what's going on here? hey, whats up guys?
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or, the perfect wedding. ♪ ♪ i love ya, tomorrow! [ male announcer ] we're making them a better financial future. what can we make with you? transamerica. transform tomorrow. answer lies in the outside influence of sports teams on college campuses all around this country at penn state football is a religion and for almost five decades the coach, joe paterno, was a god. that could be why officials looked the other way when they learned that jerry sandusky was allegedly rapingly boys in the
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shower room on campus. it appears penn state cared more about protecting the football program than protecting the children. sort of the same way the catholic church responded to its own child sex abuse scandal. of course big sports means big money for these colleges. and with big money comes the potential for corruption and misplaced priorities. off the off then times people believe the rules don't apply to them. as the boston globe wag told, you are making a deal with the devil. and this has nothing do t.o. do with higher education, end quote. penn state was known as a college for running a clean program when it came it football. yet they still landed themselves in one of the worst scandals to ever hit a u.s. college campus. some believe it is time it take hard look for the role of basketball for college campuses. others say it won't make a difference for culture that is way too powerful and too deeply
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entrenched and generates too much money. here is the question, what role did the outside influence of college sports play in the penn state child abuse sex scandal. kbo to cnn ppt com/caffertyfile. >> the more we learn, the more shocking it is. >> and it'll get worse too. i think we are just scraping the surface. lawsuits and investigation to come, it is very sad. >> thank you. >> newt gingrich made a stunning jump to the front of the republican pack but with his campaign looking more viable, noou newt gingrich is coming under closer scrutiny with new questions about his role as highly paid adviser to troubled mortgage giant. our lisa sylvester is looking into this story. lisa, what are you learning? >> hi, wolf. newt gingrich is an advocate for small government. he is against the bailouts and critical of fannie mae and freddie mac and the role in the housing debacle. but gingrich has in fact received hundreds of thousands of dollars from freddie mac. and now that he is moving up the
4:17 pm
leader board, this may become a problem for him. >> the odds are very good that the next crisis in finance is not banks, it'll be fannie mae and fret h freddie mac who are impervious to the decisions. . it is like saying the guy who sank the titanic is now in charge of your boat. >> that's newt gingrich addressing the rnc state chairman's meeting. he criticizes lawmakers for failing it oversee the mortgage giants, fannie mae and freddie mac. but it turns out gingrich himself was a paid adviser to freddie mac, o who was bailed out by taxpayers. his consulting firm paid a whopping $300,000. gingrich's involve wmt freddie mac is now a campaign issue. >> a lot of people in this town made a lot of money off of freddie mac and fannie mae back in the hay day. there was a lot of money moving around because they were making a lot of money. he is not alone in this, he just
4:18 pm
happens to be running for president. >> when gingrich was hire bid freddie mac, several in congress were worried that fanny and freddie were in financial trouble. there were calls for more regulation. the question now, did gingrich act as a lbyest to help fend off congressional scrutiny. gingrich's in last week's presidential debate said no. >> every contract written during the period i was out of office specifically said i would do no lobbying and i would offer advice. my advice was as a historian when i saider with making loans to people with no credit history and have no record of paying back anything but that's what the government wants us to do. as i said to them at the time, this is a bubble. this is insane. this is impossible. >> as gingrich climbs in the polls and becomes the new it candidate, more details will begin to emerge about his past. >> the bigger issue in this whole fannie mae and freddie mac add vo ka kacy is that it becomes symbolic about what we
4:19 pm
have to learn about newt gingrich. up to think the th point, newt has been able to stand on the sides of the podium during debates and play on offense. never having to play on defense. but newt has a very long history. >> now gingrich was a paid consultant. he says that he gave his advice as a historian and he says that he tried to warn freddie mac but ultimately he says they ignored him. wolf? >> the campaign is confirming that he did take $300,000. is that right? >> yeah. he was asked this question point blank at last week's debates. did you take the $300,000? and what was your role essential essentially. i'm paraphrasing the question here. at no point has the campaign denied he has taken the $300,000. in fact they put out a statement since elaborating, making it very clear he was an lobbyist. he was merely there as an adviser. he gave his advice and that they chose not to listen. >> you know, you run for president. everything will come out at some
4:20 pm
point. there is no doubt especially as you move up in the polls. thanks very much, lisa, for that. cameras roll as gunshots ring out. we have chilling video that an apparent assassination attempt on a venezuelan candidate. plus, rick santorum is in the situation room to talk about the child sex abuse scandal, rocking his alma mater, penn state university.
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pretty compelling pictures from the mid et east today. lisa sylvester is back. she is monitoring that story and some other top stories in the situation room right now. what do you have, lisa? >> a video shows what activists say is a huge celebration over the weekend after the arab league voted to suspend syria over its deadly crack down on antigovernment protesters. >> and now jordan's king is urging syrian president to resign. the king tells the bbc assad should step down and make sure a new government can change the status quo in syria. we will have extensive coverage of this story coming up in the
4:24 pm
next hour of the situation room. and in california, police in riot gear dismantle the occupy oakland camp before dawn this morning. officials ordered protesters out over the weekend after a deadly shooting at the camp. and in portland, oregon, there was a tense standoff between police and occupy protesters who defied closing their camp, though most complied. occupy wall street is protesting distribution of wealth and other causes. american eagle is facing a $900 thousand penalty for he can lays earlier this year. that left passengers on 15 flights waiting on the tarmac more than three hours. all of the incidents happened at chicago's o'hare airport. american eagle blames weather and congestion. and we have chilling images. take a look at this. of an apparent assassination
4:25 pm
attempt. a venezuelan newspaper says this picture showes a gunman on the back after motorcycle who fired on the bus of opposition presidential candidate maria cornamachado. she was talking to reporters nearby when shots rang out. [ speaking spanish ] [ gunfire ] >> wow, check that out there. machado wasn't hurt but she said a supporter was injured an cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of that video. wolf? >> all right, lisa, thank you. he is a presidential candidate. also an alum nust of penn state university. rick santorum says he is horrified by the child sex abuse scandal, rocking his alma mater. he is standing by. he will join us next.
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i'm wolf blitzer. here are stories we are working on for the next hour. details of a major shakeup at the charity founded by the accused former coach jerry sandusky. also, what we are learning about a russian scientists who helped iranians with their nuclear program. stand by. you're in the situation room. not just students and faculty at penn state devastated by the sex abuse scandal charges against jerry sandusky. the alum are also outraged by the scandal. rick santorum is one of those alums. he is joining us now live. senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. good to be with you.
4:30 pm
>> i want to get to politics and your race for the white house in a moment. but when you first heard about these accusations and they date back more than a decade, covering up you a lenled pedophilia at penn state university of all places, what did you think? >> i felt like i was punched in the gut. i couldn't believe it. you just don't want to believe it. you just can't think that obviously an institution that is your alma mater, you love and that you support, can do something like that. but it was a a systemic failure. from the graduate assistant -- i just inexplicably could witness like this and do nothing. do nothing at the moment much less afterwards. to me, i don't know what is being taught up there any more. it is frightening. >> allegedly the graduating asittant toll the coach paterno who told the athletic director who told the school president, but i assume you know most if not all of these people.
4:31 pm
>> i don't know the two people who were supposedly -- who were indicted. curley and schultz. i know paterno and i know the president. but what you have here is the situation where there was an investigation, wolf. i mean, this is not just telling people. they actually look need this and decided ton do anything. that's -- this is what is just con founding. that's what i'm saying. a systemic failure. heads have rolled but we aren't done yet. and we shouldn't be done yet until we get this completely cleaned out and do it out of respect for the horrific damage with did to these children and their families and obviously to the university secondarily. >> have you seen the comparisons saying penn state university, the higher arcy. they were so afraid of what could happen. they wanted to protect the football team and the whole football operation at penn state university. it was almost, they say, like the vatican covering up pedophilia among priests. when you hear that comparison,
4:32 pm
what goes through your mind? >> it is sickiening on both levels. one of the things i've learned in my life, is gosh, just tell the truth. bad things happen. and you know, it is not the fault of penn state if a bad thing happened on their campus. the worst thing is to allow it to continue to happen. obviously he wasn't working for the university at the time and desomething horrific. admit that that's the problem and, even if if t was a problem at the university, find it out, open it up, air, freshen it out and protect the kids which seemed to not be on anybody's mind while this was going on. >> were you familiar with that charity, that effort, the coach jerry san dus can i. he had a chair it to help troubled youth in pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> you're familiar with that group, the second mile. >> it was well known throughout the state. it was one that i had friends and political supporters and who
4:33 pm
were on that committee who raised money for them. who just, you know, lifted up this guy as this great humanitarian. and again, i talked to a few of the donors and a few of the folks on board, you want to talk about people who are disillusioned. you want to talk about people who feel like, you know, they were saying, rick, it is like saying that someone coming up to me and saying rick, you're an axe murderer, that's how stunned they were that this man did this. he did it obviously an amazing job hiding this sickness from a lot of people. >> apparently more people knew about it but they didn't say anything. >> didn't say anything. >> and worse didn't do anything. >> we will stay on top of this story. let's get to your race, presidential contest right now, i want to put up on the screen our latest cnn poll, our cnn poll numbers. and the headlines, romney is consistent. can you see, october 26, now 24. but look at gingrich, from 8% to 22% among republicans
4:34 pm
nationally. herman cain's cropped big time, 25 to 14%. perry staying at 12%. you have gone from 2% to 3%. little silver lining but not a lot more. what is going on here? just someone that rips are looking for to challenge romney because some are not ready to support romney. >> i increased by 50%. that's good. >> by 50%. >> those polls don't mean a lot pf if you ask how many of those folks are committed to voting for the same folks, about 70% of the folks are still undecided. they will pay more attention to the race as we get down to it. what we feel good about is we are focused like a laser beam on the state that matters right now, which is iowa. and the state after that, new hampshire. those are the two states we are spending the bulk of our time in. we believe we can do exceptionally well there bp we
4:35 pm
will be breaking out of that pack slowly but surely climbing the ladder and have organizational strength there. i have been to all 99 counties in iowa. next week i will be in all ten counties of new hampshire. we working the grass roots. they are the folks that turn out. they are the people that make a difference in this race and we will surprise a lot of people. >> you know, the debate saturday night, most of the republican candidates, and i believe you too, and i watched it, support water boarding as opposed to the current president who says that's torture. but john mccain who was the republican nominee, last time around, as you may well remember himself was tortured as pow in vietnam. he said this. he put out a tweet. very disappointment by statements at sc south caroline why a debate supporting water boarding. water boarding is torture. you know something about torture. you support water boarding, is that right? >> i do. and certainly asupport john mccain and you know, his great
4:36 pm
sacrifice he made to this country. when i was in the united states senate, john and i disagreed on this when i was in the senate. i respect him. we just have a public policy ace agremt on what constitutes torture. and by the way, how affective this program has been. we certainly have gotten it very, very critical leads that led to the capture and killing of several terrorists, high level terror suspect. and this is something we should not use cavalierly by any stretch of the imagination but if absolutely necessary, for you know, for the security of our country, we have to have methods available to extract from people who are not protected by the geneva convention. i think is really important to point out, wolf, that we have a geneva convention to make sure that wars are fought as humanely as possible. and that civilians pror tekted and that people are, that things
4:37 pm
are conducted in a way that if you can through war civilly. and this is -- these are folks who are outside, who are doing things that do not give them that protection and therefore they should not be treated with the same kind of rights. >> let me ask you a quick question about the front-runner mitt romney. a lot of republicans say they don't trust them because he is so supposedly flip-flopped on key issues, socio economic issues, other issues over the years in order to gain support. did one thing when he was running for governor of massachusetts. another thing when he is running for the republican presidential nomination. do you trust mitt romney? >> i trust me. that's one of the reasons i'm running. because i look at the field and i'm someone who's been that consistent con sefbtive. someone who has not flipped. you're right, mitt romney has taken a different position on a variety of different issues. people have to look at that as though they want someone to go into the call drin of washington, the different place
4:38 pm
to do business with pressure from the media and from the culture to back off your conservative principles. i've been there. i did it and i stood my ground. i have a bold plan to get this economy going that's based on conservative principles of lower taxes, less regulation, reforming litigation environment in this country. i've got a strong plan on moral cultural issues that i announced last week in iowa. you heard last night there is no one more regular yn conservative when it comes to foreign policy than i am. we are right across the board, the regan conservative and i have proven it unlike really everybody else in the field. >> we're out of time. but can i assume you don't trust mitt romney then? >> what did i say, trust him. i won't go to the issue of trust. i will go to the issues that you have to look at what he's done in the past and when he was this difficult situations and he didn't stick by conservative principles. i think we want someone with a track record of standing up and fighting because he believes it in here. he believes it in here and it comes from his soul.
4:39 pm
and i think those folks who know him, that's where it comes from. >> rick santorum, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> we want to remind our viewers, tuesday night, november 22nd, cnn will bring you the republican presidential debate. we will focus exclusively on the issues of national security and foreign policy. the debate will take place in washington, d.c., 8 p.m. eastern, tuesday night, november 22nd. only on cnn. we'll be at constitution hall for that debate. herman cain makes an unflattering remark about michele bachmann. comparing her too tooty fruity ice cream. that and more on the strategy session, coming up next. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here.
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but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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despite our new poll showing newt gingrich surge right now, there's an emerging view among many so-called pun its that romney will win the nomination. led let me read a line from the washington post. in the last few weeks a realization appears to have dawned on political world. mitt romney is very likely to be the republican nominee. what's interesting about the
4:43 pm
romney rise is that it isn't a rise at all. rom fee remained steady while his potential rivals have fallen. and jon stewart on the daily show, sent in a little bit more colorfully. >> i'm calling the fight, it's over. that republicans, you had your chance. you didn't want romney. too bad. you are now stuck with mitt, mother [ bleep ] romney. done. he is the winner. romney wins. we're calling it tonight. presidential primaries as in little league. if one team is up 10-no, you call it a day and head over to friendlies for food poisoning. >> let's talk about what's going on with our cnn political contributor. the democratic strategist donna brazile and david frum of frum david, i'll start with you. is it over? >> it's not over but getting to be over. remember that line of sherlock
4:44 pm
holmes's, however improp probable, whatever remains, must be the right answer. republicans are one by one eliminating the impossible and romney is what is left. with newt gingrich, republicans that don't want romney, they have been trying every door in the room to use a slightly different analogy. now back in the first door they started. no more promising than it was 18 months ago which is why according to the latest polls 48% of republicans now say that mitt romney is the most likely person to win. >> if you see what a lost democratic activists are saying, donna, and you no he this very well from their perspective, they're focusing almost exclusively on mitt romney right now. not paying much attention to the other republican candidates, i'm sure you've noticed that. >> that's because set front-runner. the problem with this front runner is that he cannot clear the field. every week the spotlight is on another candidate, last week herman cain, today it's newt gingrich.
4:45 pm
next week possibly rick santorum. he hasn't had his moment in the sun. so, yes, he's likely to become the nominee of the republican party but you know what? those hard liners, those tea party conservatives haven't fallen in love with him yet. >> when you take a look at the whole picture right now, this surge, david, of newt gingrich, and it is pretty impressive if you see where he was in october, and our brand new cnn orc poll right now he is within the margin of error with mitt romney right now. that's pretty impressive. you got to admit. >> he speaks to something powerful in republicans. that he's much tougher on the president. willing to call them all kind of names and a class warrior and in a hot room, crowded with enthusiastic people with the same point of view, that's very powerful. but remember, the republican party is bigger than the activist. it is bigger than the iowa caucus voters. it is not an organization exactly but a pretty big network
4:46 pm
of like-mined people and about half of the republicans are not so radical as those and they will find romney a kind of reassuring presence. one thing about your comment about the democratic ads coming, i see them as simultaneously taking mitt romney as flip-flopper and a radical right wing extremest and memo to the democrats, he can't be both. these two ads are going to cancel each other out. so they need to pick a narrative and stick with it. because the two actually, if he is a flip-flopper, i guess he can't be much after right wing eye deal logical extremist. >> i'll let donna weigh in. you could make the case he used to be on the left when running for governor of massachusetts. but now, he is on the right. he is a right wing conservative. can't you make that case? >> yes, but some day he may be president. what will he be then? >> what's the whole question, david. no one really knows who mitt romney is. he seems to -- >> stop telling people he is a radical right wing extremist.
4:47 pm
>> next week el be someone else. if you give him enough time he might turn into something else. that the problem with mitt romney. you don't know his core values. you don't know exactly where he stands on the issues. you don't know what his true convictions are. that's the reason why he has not been able to break above the fall. and every week as the race continues to twist and turn, mitt rm knee becomes a pretzel p. >> but we know one thing. there is an important article in the financial times this morning talking about how president obama's weakness as a manager brought chaos to this white house. and how much -- how heavy a price the administration paid. it is an article worth reading but someone not at all hostile to the administration. what we do know with romney, whatever the question mark over his fundamental views about certain questions, we know where he is on the economy and financial issues. but he brings a certain set of core competencies. >> we also think the democrats will be able to make a large
4:48 pm
case about his so-called business experience, every time this guy, you know, tried to turn a page and open up a new business, you know what? we saw massive layoffs and we saw jobs ship overseas. so no matter how you look at it, democrats are ready for this battle with mitt romney. next week it might be michele bachmann, she might have her second chance. her attempt to come back from the dead. >> you want me to read to you a quotes from herman cain whose dropped significantly in our new poll. in a new interview in gq magazine. he said this, former godfather's pizza ceo. the more toppings a man has on his piecea, the more manly he is. a manly man don't want to piled high with vegetables. would he call this a sissy pizza. you got a problem with that, donna? >> you know herman cain clearly has a quote unquote women's problem. he doesn't knowow to address women. he doesn't know how to respect
4:49 pm
women. and now he is making this comment about, you know, bring on more toppings. the truth of the matter is that herman cain, his math doesn't add up. his 9 -- 9-9 didn't add up. >> he was asked to compare republican candidates. ice cream flavors. he said this about michele bachmann. he said, i'm not going to say it. i'm not going to say it. but then he said it. tooty fruity. i know i'm going get it n trouble. have you a problem with tooty fruity and michele bachmann? >> it is undignified. unpresidential. that one of the things that we are looking at as we look at these people and say just how are they going to bear under the tremendous gravitational pressures of that office. you know, even his harshest critic will have to see that president obama is a man of tremendous dignity. he fills the office. whatever you think of the particular policies he is doing. his his challenger has it stand on the stage of with this man of
4:50 pm
such dignity and say be by look like a president as much as this person does. that means you have to not say clownish things. i think things that are intended to be demeaning in cli complicated ways of rivals whose support you will need in the future. >> david and donna, guys, thanks very much. jack cafferty is asking, which what role did sports play in the child abuse sex scandal. your e-mail and a lot more news coming up next. ♪ do you believe in magic? [ male announcer ] there's just something about werther's caramel that makes a chocolate so smooth and creamy, you don't just taste it, you feel it. ♪ magic [ male announcer ] werther's original caramel chocolate. what comfort tastes like. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money.
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4:53 pm
jack's back with the cafferty file. jack? >> what role did the outside college sports play in the child
4:54 pm
sex abuse scandal. john writes, at the pop warner level, a kid who is bigger than the rest, coordination is identified and that starts the special treatment for life. in succession, little league, middle school, high school, college and the nfl coaches await. the alumni have their hands out all make for a privileged life and the especially groomed athlete makes millions. las vegas betting makes billions. tv networks make multibillions all because of pop warner and little league who make nothing. dan in long island writes, it's the money sports that corrupt. there are a lot of college sports enjoyed by athletes where stadium ticket sale, t-shirts, sponsorship, and network executives aren't so inl bedded. penn state is a corporate athletic crime. money outweighs the truth as is to off the ten does.
4:55 pm
nancy writes on facebook, not nor nothing. just another male-dominated institution. like the catholic church why wr they all closed ranks and protected each other. is it because sports is big business? i'm not so sure. pete writes, it may play some role but unfortunately it is not that rare in locker rooms across the country. if you spent much time in will college and male locker rooms you have likely seen or experienced sexual harassment, bullying or harassment. males are even less likely to report it than females because of the humiliation factor. and mel in houston writes, money talks, and common sense walks. if you want it read more on this go to my blog, i think rick santorum had interesting observations about this. he gets it. >> he is an alum too.
4:56 pm
>> yes. >> this important note for our viewers. anderson cooper has the first tv interview with jerry sandusky. grim new developments for basketball. there may not be an nba season at all. to republican candidates slamming his foreign policy, details of his message to the gop hopefuls who want to replace him. ♪ walk, little walk
4:57 pm
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the other top stories in the situation room right now. what else is going on, lisa? [ inaudible ] >> the company will build planes and there is an option for another 20 planes which would add $8 billion to the deal. boeing says it has been a record year for the 777 with 82 orders so far. a huge explosion at a restaurant in the central chinese city this morning, china's state run news agency says at least nine people were
5:00 pm
killed and 34 injured. most of them passers by. the blast shattered windows as far away as two miles and threw an air conditioning unit more than 50 yard. three senators are legislation calling to bring home the bodies of 13 american sailors who died more than 200 years ago. the men were killed when their ship blew up in tripoli harbor in 1804 during the campaign against pirates along what was known as the baree post. they are buried in mass graves in what is now known as libya. wolf? >> thank you. to our viewers, you are in "the situation room." president obama throws fiery new counter punches as contenders hit him hard on foreign sl polcy. just ahead. our new cnn poll be numbers, revealing dramatic new details about who is coming out on top. at least right now. plus a deadly blood bath in sir why. despite new pressure on assad to
5:01 pm
stop the violence and step down. is any of it, though, making a difference? new fall out in the penn state university child sex abuse scandal. just ahead, what it could mean for thousands of kids served by the charity that's right at the center of the fire storm. breaking news, political headlines and jeanne moos still ahead. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." but first, to the presidential campaign here in the united states where foreign policy now taking center stage. president obama is firing right back after the republican candidates did their best in saturday's debate to convince vote thaerts president is world view is dangerous for the country. our white house correspondent dan is traveling with the president there in honolulu. he has a closer look at some key differences on both sides. dan? >> that's right, wolf. you know, it was all politics for the president again today where he just wrapped up a fund-raiser during the remarks
5:02 pm
he talked about some of the accomplishments so far in his administration but also challenges that remain. we heard some of this talk from the president yesterday as well during the closing press conference here as you know wolf from having covered the white house, these are designed to talk about the issues at hand and economy. but reporters can ask questions about anything in the president did not back away from taking on the republican hopefuls. in the race for the white house, punching the president is par for the course. republican hopefuls take shots at mr. obama and their debates. >> barack obama. >> barack obama. >> better than barack obama. >> but when president obama is asked to respond, he off then settled on this well-rehearsed line. >> i'm going to make a practice of not commenting on whatever is said in republican debates until they've got an actual nominee. >> but he didn't hold back when i asked him about water boarding
5:03 pm
and strong views expressed by herman cain and michele bachmann. at the most recent republican debated south carolina. >> i don't see it as torture. i see it as an enhanced interrogation technique. >> i would be willing to use water boarding. i think it was very effective. >> in 2009, president obama banned the controversial practice that simulates drowning. >> let me just say this. they're wrong. water boarding is torture. it is contrary to america's traditions. contrary to our ideals. that's not who we are. that's not how we operate. >> when president obama is less vulnerable on foreign policy than on his biggest domestic challenge, job creation, the republican candidates have tried to expose weaknesses and the way the white house deals with china on its currency and intellectual property. >> if you just continue to sit back and let them run over us, the policies of barack obama in china allowed china to continue to expand their entry into our computer systems. entry, stealing our property --
5:04 pm
>> during the apec summit and at his curtain closing conference, the president was quick to show the world that u.s. is not just sitting back. >> we are going to continue to be firm and n insisting that they operate by the same rules that everybody else operates under. >> but perhaps the sharpest attacks against the president were over his handling of iran and its nuclear ambitions. mitt romney called it mr. obama's greatest foreign policy failing pt newt gingrich was equally blunt. >> there there are a number of ways to be smarter than iran and ways to be dumb and the administration skipped all the ways to be smart. >> the president is pushing china to have tougher sanctions on iran. the president and his top aides insist all options are on the table. for voters, the sharp contrasts help define their choices. as the president and former candidate learned, it is easier to criticize than execute. >> its theory veer us row alt.
5:05 pm
when you are governing the things that you talk about, you have to actually do. pen there is accountability there and whether or not you are able to push that program through or if you can push it through but see it until end. very difficult things. on the campaign trail, it's all conceptual. >> after down time in hawaii, the president heads it australia tomorrow where he will highlight the strategic and security situation and arrangement with australia. he is expected to announce a new arrangement. military arrangement with that country, wolf. >> dan traveling with the president in hawaii. thanks, we will check back with you. thon programming note i will be moderator when the next republican debate, national security debate, taking place in washington, d.c. constitutional hall. join us tuesday, november 22nd, a week from tuesday, 8 p.m. eastern. >> later president obama breaks an amusing apec asian pacific
5:06 pm
economic conference tradition, which means no hawaiian shirts in the leader's class, at least this time. there you see some of the earlier photo ops. weird shirts. but not this time. our poll is revealing surprising new developments in the presidential contest. newt gingrich is making a dramatic surge to the front of the pack, virtually tied right now, with mitt romney, 22% to 24%. herman cain slipped dramatically amid the sexual harassment allegations swirling around his campaign. our chief political analyst gloria is drilling down on all of the numbers for us. gloria, cain's support dropped by about half over the past if you weeks. i assume because of the sexual harassment allegations. >> yes, it is because of the sexual harassment allegations wolf. and it also goes to the question of credibility. credibility of herman cain as potential presidential candidate or nominee. we asked the question, do you
5:07 pm
believe herm herman cain of republicans. then we broke it down by republican women. so 51% of republicans believe him on these allegations rather than women. but republican women don't believe him. only 39% believe him. women are very, very important to the republican primary electorate, wolf. so if there are credibility problems with women, that's not going to help him. over all you mentioned earlier, his favorbility ratings among republicans has really dropped. these are the unfavorable numbers here. in june he had 8% unfavorable. a lot of people didn't know who he was at that point. but now, look at it, 31%. if the voters didn't know him then. they certainly know him now. and they are not feeling a lot more positive about him, wolf. >> one thing our new poll showing, as we see newt gingrich gaining popularity, big time. we are seeing potentially some of his weaknesses. >> right.
5:08 pm
republicans started dating newt gingrich a little bit. he is a having a bit after boomlet here. i think, wolf, he's done very well in these republican debates. so we ask people whether newt gingrich has the personal qualities a president should have. republicans say 74%. all-americans, 45%. the 45% number is the number that's troubling wolf because it speaks to the question of whether newt gingrich would be a good general election candidate and that would pose a potential problem. also, when you get in that top tier, as you know, wolf, people start going back into your background. his own personal values. how we behave during the clinton impeachment. hundreds of thol thousands of dollars worth of charges of tiffanys. now that he is in the top tier he will get an awful lot more scrutiny. >> gloria, hold on. i will get back to you shortly. we are getting new information
5:09 pm
on herman cain right now as well. stand by for a few moments. we will get that ready for viewers. in the meantime we will go to the supreme court where president obama has sweeping legislation in jeopardy. the court determined whether or not the law is constitutional wp let's bring in jessica with the latest for us. jessica, tell us whalts going on. >> hi, wolf, first of all, the white house has released a statement saying that in response to the supreme court's decision it take the case, they say, thanks to the affordable care act, 1 million more americans have health insurance. women are getting mammograms and preventive services without paying an extra penny for out of their own pocket and insurance companies have to spend more of air that premiums, your premiums on healthcare instead of advertising and bonuses. we know the owe forwardable care act is constitutional and are confident the supreme court will agree. that's from dan pfeifer. so if we are talking the politics here in that statement,
5:10 pm
you see that white house is already in the very statement and response appealing to key voting blocks for the president. young voters and female voters. and then dinging insurance companies, which is in keeping with the president's current advocacy, position on the road, advocacy for middle class against big corporate entities. i should add that administration does believe that because three lower courts have not struck down the law, that it is likely the supreme court will uphold it too but as you know, you never know. >> well, what happens if they don't uphold it, jessica? >> in terms of politics it would be a blow to the obama reelection effort, no question. it is the president's signature domestic policy accomplishment. to some extent it would depend on exactly what the supreme court rules can some of the law still stand. and if mitt romney is the republican opponent as you know, when he was massachusetts governor, he signed a healthcare law with the very, very similar individual mandate. so that would mitigate the sting of the attacks he could make on the issue. but the republican party as a
5:11 pm
whole definitely plans to make the healthcare law and supreme court's consideration of it an issue and at this hour, already is wolf. >> what are the republicans you are talking to, telling you, jessica? >>? their research be opposition to the president's healthcare law is a key issue that will energize voter turnout, not just for conservatives but for ind pentents too. now, cnn has done a -- cnn orc polled todd, that has shown nationally a majority of americans favor the individual mandate, the piece that requires people to get healthcare. but republicans say the story is different in key battle ground states. and if overturned, they will use it to question the president's judgment, the president's competence and leadership. it would get ugly fast, wolf. >> certainly would. all right, jessica. thanks very much. meanwhile, new fallout inside the charity at the center after growing penn state university child sex abuse scandal. ahead, new concerns about the fate of the thousands of troubled kids it serves.
5:12 pm
plus, strong new calls in the middle east for a series of embattled president assad to simply go away and step down. as the death toll climbs, it will make a difference? and the russian mystery man who allege lid helped iran advance its nuclear capabilities. we are getting new information on that. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." [ male announcer ] creating the world's first hamduckeroll? hmm. there we go. come on. [ buzzer ] [ male announcer ] grabbing the must have nook color for $199 at radioshack. so right. ♪ gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash?
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sngs jack cafferty is here. we are getting a new videotape, jack. you will be interested in our viewers are on herman cain, saying some stuff. i'll leave it at that. but just, get ready because you will be interested in this. >> i'll stay tuned for that. saying some stuff. all right, speaking of stuff, the so-called super committee turning out to be anything but. a little more than a week to go now before the deadline. things are looking grim for bipartisan panel, tasked with cutting 1.2 trillion from our national debt over the next decade. for starters, politico reports
5:16 pm
the committee all but abandoned full panel meetings. instead a series of small bipartisan groups now dominate the negotiations. the six democrats on the panel can't even come to consensus among themselves. that makes chances they will agree with republicans slim to none. plus key lawmakers are talking about dragging out the process now. they are talking about a two-step process to reform the tax code and entitlements. the super committee would set a figure for increased tax revenue but then individual house and senate committees, would have to craft the legislation in an election year, yeah, that will happen. this is outrageous. if it happens it would make the super committee just one more group of politicians to kick the can down the road when it comes to our nearly $15 trillion national debt. we can't afford that. oh, yeah and remember the automatic trigger that is supposed to go into effect if the soup are committee capital agree on cuts. lawmakers are trying to weasel
5:17 pm
out of that too. one member says its very likely, quoting now, that congress will try to dismantle those across the board cuts to defense and entitlement spending. both sides traysing accusations about who would be to blame if the is up 50er committee fails. our government is broken. and we are losing this country because of it. here is the question. how do you see the super committee concluding its business? go to post a comment on my blog with the tuation's room facebook page. now i want to see your stuff. herman cain's stuff. >> we're getting it ready. we have good stuff coming up. you'll be interested, jack. another new twist in the growing penn state university child sex abuse scandal. the charity founded by sandusky, resigning his position today, now there are new questions about the future of the charity and thousands of troubled kids it serves.
5:18 pm
let's bring in our own mary snow on the campus of penn state university. she has the late ef details. mary? >> wolf, this is really the first time we are hearing from this charity since sandusky's arrest, outside written statements last week. the attorney general says that all of the alleged victims were tied to this group. and as it looks for answers, there are questions about whether or not a t can survive. more than a week after jerry sandusky's arrest, the charity he founded to help kids at risk, second mile, is investigating it self. jack has been removed as ceo, been with the group for 28 years. in an outside law firm hired that includes former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham. we briefly caught up with the interim head of second mile. >> can this organization survive? >> i think that it is a challenge that we are looking at right now. i think that it would be unrealistic for me to say that it is not going to be a tough challenge. what we are doing is we are
5:19 pm
meeting with all of the people we sponsor and all of the people that sponsor us. jerry san dus can i left the group in 2008. the organization says when the former penn state defensive coordinator says he is being investigated but that there is no truth to sex abuse alallegations made against him. sandusky still maintains his innocence. but ceo of the second mile was mentioned in the grand jury report concerning a 10-year-old boy in 2002 allegedly raped in a penn state locker room shower by sandusky. the athletic director testified he was told of conduct described as horsing around but not of sexual conduct. in a statement last week, former second mile ceo jack raykovitz said he was notware of the grand jury report. instead he says he was told by penn state's athletic director someone saw sandusky in the shower with the boy and a review found no wrongdoing. attorney jean ka sar as says
5:20 pm
like the university the second mile could face civil lawsuits. >> the civil suites, they haven't even gun begun to be lined up yet. and how many more are there that have not surfaced. >> some feel second mile is worth saving. the principal. a small local high school, he says some have benefitsed from the second mile leadership program. >> given what happened, should this organization survived? >> it it's going to be disappointing if it doesn't. i know there is going to have to be structural changes at the leadership changes for it to survive but it is affecting, impacting, hopefully in a ps way, thousands, at least count a hundred thousand kids a year. >> and wolf, unlike some of the other investigations that have been ongoing, there is a time
5:21 pm
line for this one. from the second mile. the group said today that it expects to have its own findings by the end of this year. wolf? >> i'm so heart broken. it is a shocking, shocking story. and it'll probably only get a whole lot worse. mary, thank you. anderson cooper has the first tv interview with sandusky's attorney later tonight, 8 p.m. eastern, ac 360. the taliban, they say they have inside information that could help them disrupt a meeting seen as key to the future of u.s. afghan relations. new details just coming in. and we're getting new video of herman cain getting stumped on a question about libya. you're going to want to see this. we have the video tape. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." ( phone ringing )
5:22 pm
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5:25 pm
lisa sylvester is monitoring other top stories in the situation room. including a foiled bomb plot. >> a suicide bomber targeted a gathering of tribal leaders. this is important for the future of u.s.-afghan relations. a taliban claims to have a leaked document. the afghan government says it is a fake. venezuelan authorities arrested five more suspects in connection with last week's kidnapping of major league baseball player. 11 people are held in connection with the case. ram yoes is a rising star for the washington nationals. after being abducted from miss mother's home, he was leld for two days before being rescued in a mountainous region of north central venezuelan.
5:26 pm
nba players rejected the league's latest offer and are beginning the process of disbanding the union. the nba had already cancelled games through december 15th. players have been locked out since july as team owners seek more revenue, saying last year was unprofitable for many of them. i know that's not welcome news for you, wolf. >> it certainly is not. and i really feel bad for all of the people who struggle to make a living at the stadiums. people who sell the popcorn, sell the beer, those who stamp -- scan your ticket when you walk in. the people who have businesses around the corner from the stadiums. i don't care that much about the millionaires and billion airs, players and owners. i care about the foekts folks impacted by this and i'm concerned that the nba will lose a lost fan base as a result of this. that's just me as an nba fan, that's me venting a little bit on that. thanks, lisa. >> sure. >> herman cain gives a new
5:27 pm
interview. a rather tough time about a question about libya. is this a rick perry oops moment for herman cain? we've got the videotape. well play the whole thing for you. you will want to see this. stand by. also, mounting pressure on the syrian president assad to step down as bloodshed worsens. but there are some countries sticking by him. and you may be surprised by one of those countries. ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other. and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it's our way of showing a little holiday spirit. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. ♪ and last chance at medicare open enrollment, too. what do you mean? it ends december 7th. if you haven't reviewed your medicare plan choices yet,
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it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? herman cain is in wisconsin right now getting toward go to the green bay packers game later tonight. but the republican presidential candidate earlier sat down with the editorial board of the milwaukee journal sentinel anded this exchange. i'm going play the whole clip for our viewers. then we will discuss what has happened and what it potentially could mean for herman cain's campaign. listen 20 this.
5:30 pm
>> you agreed with president obama on libya or not? >> libya -- president obama supported the uprising, correct? president obama called for the removal of gadhafi. just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing before i say yes, i agre or no, i can't agree. i don agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. that's a different line. let's see. i got to go back and see. i got all this stuff swirling
5:31 pm
around in my head. specifically, what are you asking me, did i agree or not disagree? >> i was asking if you agree -- asking you about the bush foreign policy, so i was taking a specific example from the obama administration that was controversial within his own administration on what he should have done or not done. i was wondering if you agree with him or if you would have responded differently? you know, it's an issue that's come up since you've been running for office. and i was wondering how you would have handled it. >> i would have done a better job of determining who the opposition is. and i'm sure that the intelligence people had some of that information. based upon who made up that opposition, okay? based upon who made up that opposition might have caused me to make different decisions about how we participate
5:32 pm
secondly. and no, i did not agree with gadhafi killing citizens, absolutely not. so something would have had to have then -- if i would have supported it, what they did in order to stop that. it is not a simple yes, no. because there are different pieces and i would have gone about assessing the situation differently. which might have caused us to end up the at the same place but what i think more could have been done was, what's the nature of the opposition. >> republican presidential candidate herman cain answering questions at the editorial board meeting of the milwaukee journal sentinel. gloria is here, our chief political analyst. gloria, it looked like he was almost stumped there when they were asking him about libya. he was finding it difficult to answer that question. i don't know if we could call it a rick perry moment but i'm sure it'll get a lot of scrutiny. >> you know, wolf, it wasn't a trick question. he was asked a direct request
5:33 pm
about whether he agreed with president obama's handling of lib why. and he seemed confused and floot flat-footed aun unprepared to answer the question. then seemed to be running through in his mind what he was actually going to talk about. and republicans, very easily have said, like john mccain, has said we should have gone in unilaterally. some agree with that. some disagree with that. they use it raz an opportunity to talk about how the president leads from behind and let the british and french take the lead. and he took none of those opportunities but seemed rather to be just confused by a very direct question about libya. >> at one point, he said, as he paused, he said, i got to think about this. i have so many things going through my mind. i think he used the things like twittering through my mind or whatever. whether he is trying to think about libya or egypt or syria or
5:34 pm
who knows what he was really thinking about. but it was an awkward moment. i'm sure everyone will agree with that. >> it was an awkward moment. don't forget this comes just a couple days after he was probably cramming for a foreign policy debate. he has another one coming up you in the next week. but again, this wasn't a complicated or a trick question. it was a basic question that seemed just completely unprepared to answer. and i don't think it was really a rick perry moment. it was a different kind after moment. because perry was affirmatively saying these are the three departments i would cut. name the first two and of course forgot the third. this was in response to a very direct question about brap barack obama's policy on libya. and you would think if you are a president rnl candidate would you think it would be something that could you talk about immediately because you thought about it an awful lot. >> i have all this stuff
5:35 pm
twirling around in my head, was the exact quote. you can see it at the bottom of your screen. gloria, hold on a second. when you were watching that tape, and you're a professor who has a grade student, if you will, and decide if they are able to get a master's degree or phd. what did you think? >> i think it is a disgraceful moment and the flight from the world is a problem in our country. and the idea that someone is running for president and is so unprepared, and in fact he tried to make a virtue out of his ignorance a wild back. he says he doesn't care and he doesn't know the name of the president of -- so he glorified this and so i think is the moment. >> wen't to be president of the united states. normally, when he doesn't have a good answer on a foreign policy or national security issue, he says, i will defer to the generals. and see what the advice they give me and then i will make a decision. is that acceptable for the
5:36 pm
commander-in-chief? >> actually, if you look at mest candidat candidates in republican party, and i speak as someone sympathetic of them, i think only newt gingrich has thought long and hard about this question. i don't think mitt romney has thought about this yes question. >> maybe jon huntsman. >> i think this is a poor field. this almost willful ignorance of the foreign world is a disgrace. >> rick santorum is an intelligent guy but he is at the bottom also. the arab league took a very dramatic vote to suspend syria. almost all of the countries in the arab league, including all of america's friends, whether egypt or lib why or skraba, kuwait, they all voted in favor of the resolution. two voted against. lebanon and yemen. lebanon very close to the syrians. yemen a surprise.
5:37 pm
i wasn't exactly sure what they were up to. but iraq, which received so much assistance from the united states own these years, since 2003, a trillion u.s. dollars. thousands of lives. they decide to abstain on a resolution like this, of president mall zof president malachi's government. >> there is a healthy debate on this vote. the problem is that malachi caused this vote and malachi spent 17 years of exile in syria. he spent some seven years in iran, 17 years? syria. and i think he is very sympathetic to the syrian regime and think i he is looking in sectarian terms. he sees the regime as sunni opposition. so i think he is really, really -- >> he has a shiite-led government in baghdad. >> exactly. >> do you think he is trying to make nice with the iranians? is he more concerned about how
5:38 pm
his decisions will play in teheran or washington sfwh. >> i'm hold a very visionist view on this one. he doesn't owe iran this vote. this is about the years of exile that he spent. this is a vote about malachi as a man of -- in this iraqi political class, looking next door, looking at syria and thinking that the regime is bet are for him than a sunni regime. he is very afraid of what the sunni society, if you will, what the sunni led regime would look like. i think it is something that doesn't speak very well of him and it doesn't speak very well of the game in iraq. >> the arab league vote to suspend syria as a member of the arab league, will it have any affect on assad in damascus? >> we can't say free. if we are saying that does the arab league have military divisions to dispatch and do change the balance of power, military power on the ground, the answer is no. but i think in the isolation and
5:39 pm
in the statement to the syrian people, that the arab world stands by them. protesters have been calling upon the arab league to do the right thing. i think is not free for the regime. >> did you see those people attacking those embassies, the countries that voted to suspend sir why, including one country that is an member of the arab league. turkey -- >> the regime is feeling the heat and feeling the pressure. these are all trumped up demonstrations. there is no spontaneous demonstration. the only spontaneous demonstration is the protesters. the only spontaneous demonstrations are the rebellious defiant city. the rest of the demonstrations, the people brut out into the street, student, brought out, the workers, government employees, to say how much they love by bashir, this is --
5:40 pm
>> we used to call them a rent-a-crowd. >> exactly. >> malachi is coming to washington mid december just as all of the u.s. troops are getting ready to leave. and i'm sure that officials in washington will paper all over this as they usually do. well see what kind of reception he gets and what he does, more importantly. thank you so much. professor from the hoover institution. a shadowy russian scientist helping iran get closer to building a nuclear weapon. and no to an apec ward wardrobe tradition. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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5:44 pm
a report sheds new light on how close iran may be at producing a nuclear weapon in a mysterious russian scientists may have helped iran take a major step toward that goal. brian todd has been following this story for us. brian, tell us what you have learned. >> they figured out how to put an explosive device on a warhead thanks to one man from the outside. to get to the threshold of developing a nuclear weapon, one of iran's key hurdles was getting highly enriched uranium to explode, triggering a chain reaction. according to a watch dog, one mysterious scientist helped them do that. iran developed a high explosive nish yigs system, detonator with the help of a foreign expert. the report doesn't name him. dav david all bright does. >> working for many years in a very important soviet research
5:45 pm
and development facility. >> albright tracked the scientist for a couple of years and has information from internal iaea documents. albright says he left rush why around the time the soviet union collapsed the. the washington post says he travelled to several places including united states looking for investors for his ukrainian based company. that effort reportedly faeld failed then he contacted the iranians. he worked there from 1996 to about 2002. his expertise was something albright said the iranians had no use for. it was his method they wanted. >> the key it that was his detonator. what did he show the iranian en. >> iae suspects he showed them how to build a shell with holes in it and where the detonation happens and you simultaneously set o off explosive pellets in a series of holes in that of a new shell.
5:46 pm
and those explosive pellets ignite the high explosive underneath and it compresses the core, then you get a nuclear explosion. >> we couldn't get iranian officials to comment on the story. they say he only helped make synthetic diamond. the scientist said i'm an nuclear physicist nor the founder of the iranian nuclear program. no one accused him of being either. but -- >> what he is really accused of doing is working with the iranians to help them miniaturize their nuclear warhead so they could put it on top of one of their missiles so it could be fired. >> albright points out the iranians haven't developed enough highly enriched uranium to produce a weapon buzz says the scientist's expertise helped them figure out how to ehaven'tly put an explosive nuclear device inside the payload of one of these things. the missile capable of hitting israel. and he helped the iranians do it
5:47 pm
years earlier than they normally would have. wolf? >> so where is he now? >> albright and iaea believe he left eye rain in 2002 and ba tobacco russia, took russian nationality and lives there if retirement ever since. he is not really hiding from anything or anyone. >> interesting stuff. very important as well. jack calf stir asking, how do you see the super committee concluding its business. jack and your e-mail, that's next. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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5:50 pm
. let's check back with jack for the cafferty file. jack. >> the question this hour is getting feedback -- how do you see the super committee concluding its business?
5:51 pm
brandon in denver writes, failure is inevitable. the job of a politician is not to make good decisions for our country, but to get elected. it speaks volumes when 63% of american voters want to see increased taxes on the wealthy and corporations, and six members of the panel will listen to grover norquist before their own constituents. they'll crash and burn, despite the solution being obvious. terry writes on facebook, seriously, did anyone ever expect this microcosm of congress to do anything the full body could not? what a joke. i expected lend with a credit downgrade with a republican cry to change the rules again and a big drunken party at taxpayers' expense. ray in georgia writes, i suspect it will end just like the other committees, deadlocked and then they'll send it back to the congress where it will linger until after the next election. paul writes, i expect they'll reach some kind of agreement close to the deadline in order to avoid those across the board cuts. unfortunately, i see the results as likely to be watered down, weak, yet lauded as being a great achievement with both
5:52 pm
sides using it as a prop on the campaign trail. all the while, the credit agencies will gather to consider downgrading the country's credit rating yet again. frank writes, i think they'll fail to degree on something and then worm out of the mandatory cuts. carl says, i see them dividing the food tab by 12, putting it on their expense accounts. the only thing they can agree on. other than that, nothing. if you want to read more, go to my blog, the deadline for this is next week, by the way. or through our post through the "situation room's" facebook page. >> you're not very upbeat. >> the day before turkey day. >> thanks, jack. it had become a tradition at the annual apec summit. world leaders posing in shirts representative of the host country. but at this year's meeting in hawaii, president obama is breaking tradition. no hawaiian shirts. the president was asked if he was trying to avoid the perception of fun during these tough economic times. here's his answer.
5:53 pm
>> some pretty exotic locations. >> yeah. i got rid of the hawaiian shirts because i had looked at pictures of some of the previous apec meetings, and some of the gash that had appeared previously and i thought this may be a tradition we might want to break. i suggested to leaders -- we gave them a shirt. and if they wanted to wear the shirt, i promise you, it would have been fine. but i didn't hear a lot of complaints about us breaking precedent on that one. >> we're just getting also some new reaction from the herman cain campaign on that libya exchange he had with the milwaukee newspaper. stand by. that's coming up next. [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪
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5:57 pm
segment in "the situation room." cain communications director j.d. gordon says the video is out of context in some measure. he said cain had been fielding questions from several editorial board members for 45 minutes, skipping around from every topic from a to z. he just had to think about it, gordon said. he had been getting a lot of briefings on the subtleties of the arab spring. he got the answer right. the u.s. didn't act in its own interest. it just took him a little extra time to get there. that reaction, from the herman cain campaign. we'll stay on top of this story for our viewers. but let's make the turn to jeanne moos right now. it's not exactly passionate, but jeanne moos reports on a musical way of puckering up. ♪ >> reporter: in the movies, you've seen accidental, shy kisses and passionate kisses. and even spiderman's upside down kiss. but if you think a kiss is just a kiss, pucker up.
5:58 pm
>> this is the hammami kiss. ♪ ooh >> reporter: we're not talking about transmitting germs when we say the 2-year-old harmonic kiss has just now gone viral. ♪ ooh >> reporter: typical reaction, what the hell did i just watch? >> one person just says "ooh". >> reporter: in the field of overtones, even if his harmonic kiss sounds a little dirty. >> take another person's mouth cavity and put it next to your resonator. >> reporter: founder of explains that a person can sing more than one note at the same time by changing the shape of their mouth. ♪ ahhh >> reporter: and it becomes -- ♪ rrr >> reporter: but the harmonic
5:59 pm
kiss got the kiss-off from many. gross, you guys. get a room. they're like fish! not quite the mermaid man fish in "splash." he moves his wife around as he comes in for the kill, like patrick swayze in "ghost." ♪ >> reporter: though the harmonic kiss is mostly for fun -- >> i have used it for the music therapy. >> reporter: therapy to solve marital problems that some might consider grounds for divorce. he definitely has a sense of whimsy, using his fingers, a credit card, and spoons. when it comes to the harmonic kiss, this is one of those things that once you see it, cannot be unseen. sort of like the al gore-tipper kiss. at least women can say to the harmonic kisser, whatever she said to burt lancaster -- >> nobody ever kissed mee