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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 18, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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and, now, top of the hour. welcome back, hour two. i'm brooke baldwin, what happened to natalie woods 30 years after her death the investigation is reopened. also, a public water system in illinois, the possible target of a cyber attack and the feds yank a drug used for breast cancer. we'll begin with kareen wynter in los angeles. why now? why reopen? >> reporter: why? they say they have incredible, substantial information, enough information to make them want to take a second look at this case. they wouldn't talk about who they are interviewing in terms of people or statements but it has nothing to do with the
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timing of natalie wood's death anniversary. she died 30 years ago, in 1981. but what about the statements from the captain of the yacht that was there the night she died. he said he lied to investigators that he wasn't forthcoming to them that he has new revealing information and not just that, but natalie's former husband, robert wagner on the yacht that night, that he was engaged in some sort of coverup. so there is all of this coming out. we asked about what about wagner? is he going to be questioned here? and he said we could face charges, perjury for lying. they said, we're not going to elaborate on that. we want to talk to him and hear what his story is today versus the story that he gave several decades ago. we'll have to see what happens, how this plays out, brooke. >> what about robert wagner,
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kareen? what is his publicist saying today? >> of course he's speaking out. he says the actor's family fully supports the efforts of the l.a. county sheriff's deptd and trust they will evaluate whether the any new information is valid and that it comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit for the 30-year anniversary of her tragic death. brooke? >> kareen wynter in los angeles. thank you. you're going to hear directly from the captain who says robert wagner is in fact responsible for natalie wood's death. next on "reporter roulette," a public water line hit by a sib better attack. brian todd is following the story from washington. brian, what happened? what do you know?
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>> brooke, we know that there are documents that indicate that it was an attack but the department of homeland security is not going that far yet. they say it was definitely a failure of a waterpump and the department is saying right now they don't want to go so far as to say that this was a cyber attack but joe weiss, who was a credit nl expert, said that he got these documents from the government and a water district employee noticed problems with the control system at a water facility. and weiss said that they traceded it i.p. address to an address in russia. there is a dhs statement that they sent us a short time ago saying dhs and the fbi are gathering facts surrounding the portable water pump failure in springfield, illinois. at this time there sl no
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corroborated evidence or a threat to public safety. it says that if they identify any possible impacts to additional entities, it will disseminate timely information as it becomes available, essentially saying that it will share that information with them. and can't determine whether it was a cyber attack. one credible expert says it definitely was. >> brian todd, appreciate it. important news for breast cancer patients. >> the fda says that the drug va avastin should not be used. elizabeth cohen is here. why revoke this? >> there was so much excitement when they approved this eight years ago but say that they have been studying it for the past
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eight years and they don't think it can help women, if fact, it can cause bleeding and other fatal problems. they say, it's no longer approved for breast cancer pash zents but there have to be other women who say, yes, this medication absolutely helps me z there are. >> what about them? >> they have been very vocal. i met one a year ago. her name is ronnie and she had chanced breast cancer and she said when i met her that she got an extra year and a half of life. that's what she felt avastin gave her, more time with her child. she sadly died about six months later but that is two years that she thinks avastin leped her get. and others say it made me sick. there are people on both sides of this. >> what is the change in policy mean for women now moving forward? >> well, women currently takes avastin, they may get
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unfortunate news. a doctor can skill prescribe it but it's $90,000 a year and now that the fda has said we don't think it works for breast cancer, insurance companies probably aren't going to pay for it. so there's a good chance that women will be told, we are not paying for this anymore. some of those women will be understandably very upset. >> it's still okay for other cancers, just not breast cancer. >> right. >> it doesn't work for breast canner. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> thanks. that's you're reporter roulette for this friday. now, a lot else unfolding, including more abuse allegations involving a big-time coach, at a big-time university and children. ed lavandera has just arrived in syracuse. and the reopening of the mysterious death of natalie wood. the captain says that wood's
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husband was response nl for her death. s also, this. one congressman says that the committee should do nothing, let the clock run out. but as it continues to tick, lawmakers are looking for a way out. and secret service is now protecting herman cain. why is someone targeting him? news just in on that story. that and more. stay with us. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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protection. the question is, why? why has this happened? joe johns has been working the story for us in washington. joe, what's the answer? why? >> well, the answer is that -- and this is according to sources inside the government, herman cain has gotten a number of unspecified and it doesn't sound like they were necessarily specific. the inti mags to us is that some of the threats came from online sources and that essentially is the reason why he's gotten secret service protection. he also apparently asked for it and there is a process that is followed. this request will go to the department of homeland security and go to the top leaders of the house of representatives and the senate. they are sort of an advisory
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committee. they weigh in a little bit and then, boom, you've got secret service protection for an individual candidate who's running for the president of the united states if that person appears to be a viable candidate at this stage and that's how he got it. >> so, to put this in perspective for us, is it rare that a candidate at this point in the game is covered by secret service? who else has had secret service protection this early on? >> none other than barack obama who went on to become the president of the united states. he got secret service protection pretty far along -- pretty early, i should say. the bottom line is, you know, this is a candidate who has -- he's out there. he's in the polls and has gotten a lot of polls. riled up a lot of strong feelings. the better part of valor at this stage, according to the people in the united states government, is to go ahead and let him have secret service protection.
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it's interesting, too, brooke, the campaign sort of put out this nation and get secret service protection and the media was posing such a problem for herman cain. we talked to sources inside the government today and said that the media had absolutely nothing to do with it. his news coverage had nothing to do with it. this had is simply about threats and asks for the protection and at this stage the people who get to make this kind of decision decided, yeah, we're going to give him secret service protection. >> okay. joe johns, washington. thank you for the explanation there. now, more news unfolding. rapid fire, let's go. detroit laying off 1,000 city workers as the motor city is dealing with major money problems. the mayor says the jobs will be gone by the end of next february. to syria, more opposition groups there as troops have
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killed 19 people. amid the violence, a top arab princess that they are going to allow 500 observers into the country but france's foreign minister says the move may be too late. >> but i think the point has now come to renew our efforts to accelerate france is happy to work with the arab league and it show as lot of courage. >> in cairo, egypt, tens and thousands of angry protesters and the plan is protesters to have presidential elections held no later than next april. and a sentence in the sweat lodge case. three people died in 2009 after participating in a self-healing
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exercise at that sweat lodge. the self-help expert running this, james arthur ray, sentenced to two years in prison. and students and faculty are in mourning today on the state oklahoma university campus. the coaches were killed last night in a plane crash. coach kurt budke and miranda serna were in a plane that went down. also killed, the pilot, 82 yeerd former oklahoma state senator and his wife and this reaction from this oklahoma state president. >> well, this is object krous leanne incredible devastating event. it's our worst nightmare. the entire osu family is very close. very close indeed. and to lose anyone, and
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especially these two individuals who were incredible life forces in our family is worst beyond words. and ann and i were with the family this morning and they need all of our support. when something like this happens and, god forbid it happened again, we have to pull together as a family. we've got to try to do that. i think is a the longest i've gone without tearing up. so as gary said, we don't know a lot about what happened and how it happened. but we know that they are gone. and at least from our presence, but i though that they are here in our hearts.
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so i just ask everyone to pull together and to support each otheand the budke family and serna family in every way possible. >> still no word as to what had caused the crash. budke had just started his seventh season. it was ten years ago when a plane went down with people associated with the men's basketball program, including two players there. she was one of hollywood's most glamorous stars until she was found dead, floating off of catalina island. now police are reopening the investigation into natalie wood's death some 30 years later. two well-known celebrities are right in the middle of this mystery. that story and what the yacht captain is now saying. that's next. the grill a littlr so you really get a good sear and it locks in the juices. surf & turf -- you can't go wrong.
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on the case today, the natalie wood investigation has reopened 30 years after she drowned in the nighttime hours off of catalina island. >> we have received information, which we felt was substantial, enough for to us look at this case. >> is robert wagner a suspect? >> no. >> i'm going to talk to investigator reporter michelle about this. dpi first, i want to take you back to that fateful night 30 years ago. she was the most south after actress which made her death at 40 years of age all the more shocking. it was thanksgiving weekend when wood and her husband wagner will
3:21 pm
sailing on their yacht "splendour." instead, tragedy struck, november 28th. wagner and watkin apparently got into some heated argument. wagner later told authorities that his wife didn't see the argument. later wood apparently went to go for a ride by herself on a smaller boat. >> shortly after midnight, sunday morning, she apparently attempted to get on to the dingy, slipped and fell in the water. >> natalie wood still dressed in a nightgown and sox was discovered floating around hours later about a mile from the yacht. the autopsy shows she died with dozens of bruises on her body. still, the coroner south to kwaush rumors, insiding she died
3:22 pm
of accidental drowning. he also characterized that wagner and watkin's was nonviolent. an autopsy showed that she had be been drinking but barely drunk. why would she consider getting into a boat in the darkness in pajamas to go for a ride on her own? a lot of questions. let's go to michelle seguna. obviously the l.a. county sheriff's department says that they have multiple sources coming forward. you talked to the coroner's office. what are they saying to you? >> well, what mr. white did for me was pull up the original police report and we went over that in detail to see if there
3:23 pm
were inconsistencies. on the night of november 29th, everyone was at a restaurant. they were last seen, had some drinks and got on to the boat. at 11:45, that was the last time that natalie was seen alive and then at 1:30 mr. wagner did in fact make a radio call in for help to try to get help out there to say, she's mission. we need some adistance out here. and at 7:44 a.m., that's when her body was found 200 yards north of that dingy. i wanted to make sure that the facts were accurate and i said, is it possible that you may exhume her body? he said, anything is possible. the sheriff may move in that direction. this year alone we've exhumed two or three bodies and reexamined them. >> so earlier today, the cap pen of the yacht appeared on cnn and
3:24 pm
he was talking to suzanne malveaux. here's what he told her. >> christopher and natalie were sitting on the sofa and within a split second he picked up the wine bottle and smashed it on a table and said, what are you trying to do? blank my wife? and christopher got up and went into his estate room and natalie was so devastated that she went into her estate room. and robert wagner followed natalie and they continued arguing in their estate room and i went up on the bridge and turned on the music so it didn't look like i was eavesdropping on their personal problems at that time. and it was like a lot of
3:25 pm
physical activity going on in the estate room. >> what do you mean? >> well, just noises of movement in the estate room. >> like violence, yelling? >> yes. >> and then the argument went into the upper deck and they argued back there for a while and it became silent. >> and then, i should say, he also pointed out that he and robert wagner -- and, again, this is his story, his perspective. >> that's right. just his perspective. >> waited multiple hours before calling the coast guard. he's admitting that he didn't tell the truth in 1981. how credible is this captain? >> at this point, i think investigators will take any new information that they have. three take if he has new information that he suddenly remembers or wants to come clean with or forward with, they will
3:26 pm
take that into consideration along with the other multiple sources that they quoted earlier at the presence conference to be able to re-evaluate them. the problem in this case is the hard core evidence. is there specific evidence linking mr. wagner to a homicide? at this point, there doesn't appear to be. it's not saying that over the course of investigation some things may not pop up but it was only ruled an accidental drowning. i do know for shurk according to the coroner's office, that there was alcohol in her bloodstream. as far as anything else goes, that is some things that will be uncovered during the investigation at this time. you have to ask, why 30 years later? why now? why thanksgiving weekend? on the anniversary, things come up, i can tell you that, that anniversaries especially surrounding cold cases and surrounding cases for a long time, people do come out and they start to remember things. and so at this time i think investigators are looking into
3:27 pm
reopening the case, taking the facts and reinterviewing people and see what they come up with. >> so in part of the reinterviewing process, does this mean that they will talk with christopher watkin and robert wagner again? >> i'm sure they will. they are really the only ones to link to this investigation. so how could you do this, reexamining of things and not talk to them? if they don't, it would be very surprising so i'm sure that they will, and using new technology and new things, they may go back out. very publicly they reenact some of these crimes and go back over dedicating two investigators what they said earlier, go ahead with. >> as you point out, they want all of the new information that you get.
3:28 pm
michelle, thank you. >> good to see you. have a good day. the clock is ticking down for the super committee. they have five days left to trim a trillion dollars from the deficit. surprise, surprise, no one can agree on how to do it. >> doing nothing may be the best option. >> so will they make a deal and what will happen if they don't? that's next. but, first, one man's quest to go green has his searching for ways to turn diapers, used gum, and worm waste into eco-friendly products. take a look. you can call tom trashy and get away with it. >> my friends and i were trying to grow some plants and realize that worm poop was the best way to feed them. that's something that made us
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starting about waste. eight years later, it turns all sorts of nonrecyclable waste into psychable eco-friendly products. >> we turn and for example, juice pouchs are made into school folders and kid's backpacks and also gives back. up next, figuring out a way to make products from diapers and used chewing gum.
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it's the deal or no deal of politics. the supercommittee has until next wednesday to make the cuts. but if it doesn't? we've heard the warnings. >> the economic impact, we're not going to send the right message. the whole rest of the world is watching. >> the economic future of our country -- our national debt is our biggest national security threat. and super committee says they are all too aware of that. >> we are fan fully, painfully aware of the deadline and we
3:33 pm
have people working to find sufficient common ground in agreement that would simultaneously address, job crisis. >> let's go toll chief cnn analyst gloria borger. i guess we need to be talking plan a, plan b, plan c at this point. are they getting ready if and when the super committee fails sth. >> look. i think they are going to punt this one. they are working hard and there are good meaning people but it still comes down to the same old issues, brooke, and what they are doing now, members of congress are doing, they are trying to rationalize their own failure. say, if the committee fails, the democrats are saying, you know what? these cuts may not be so bad because we've walled off the
3:34 pm
entitlements and protected the poor and they only take effect in january of 2013 and by the way, half the cuts come from defense spending and republicans are saying, you know what? we can try and roll back the defense spending cuts and let the democrats take us on on that one. so if they fail, they are trying to figure out ways to get around it. but they lose credibility with the public. >> why do these budget talks come down to the last possible moment, day? >> well, it is as if congress understands that it's become a crisis-activated institution, period. they r they set this deadline at
3:35 pm
thanksgiving and they say, we want to get this done for the holidays. we have to set this crazy deadline for ourselves but guess what, in the end, they may not make it and it just made slide and i think they are the ones who are going to suffer. because the american public is going to say, you promised us that this was going to be a solution when you kicked a can down the road after the debt ceiling debacle in late july and you're not keeping your word. >> so if it slides, punt, you know, kick the can down the road, what about president obama? what does he do, then? >> it's interesting. i've been talking to people over at the white house. right now the president hasn't gotten involved in these negotiations. people are saying that he ought to come become and get involved. when that happened last time on the debt ceiling, some say, particularly the democratic party, it didn't work out so
3:36 pm
well for him. clearly i think at the white house they believe that if congress does nothing, they can blame a do nothing congress. the real question out there, brooke, is whether congress tries to roll back some of these cuts, say on defense spending, what would the president do? would he veto that or would he look for some kind of compromise so it can pass? the white house has not said that they would veto any and tempted to roll back the attempts but they let it know that they wouldn't be habit with it. >> gloria borrow geger, thank y >> sure. you, too. >> the republicans running for president are going to hold a debate steps away from the white house. the co-sponsored heritage foundation and american enterprise institute.
3:37 pm
it's 8:00 eastern time tuesday night. another football athletic program rocked by allegations of sex abuse by another person of power, a coach. cnn's ed lavandera who has just arrived on the campus of syracuse university. but, first, his image is based on his size. fat joe says he's not so fat anymore. why he slimmed down in today's human factor. [ female announcer ] in the grip of arthritis, back, or back joint pain?
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>> i was talking to my trainer and he said, when is the last time that you were slim? and i swear to god i think it was a month or two months old, i was fat joe ever since. >> reporter: fat joe, joseph antonio cardenja, he grew up in public housing and was taught from an early age that food equals love. ♪ what's love, what's love got to do with it ♪ >> reporter: so when joe hit the big time, he felt he deserved all of the good food that his lavish lifestyle could afford. >> i'm rich now. i can eat all of the lobster i want. >> reporter: then in 2000, joe's friend and fellow rapper suffered a heart attack. >> i think i weighed about 450, 460 in my heaviest and i always took pride in being fat. that's why my name was big joe. i always represented the big people. but i realized at a certain point, all my big people are
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dying. >> reporter: last year alone, six of joe's friends died of heart attacks. most were younger than him but just about the same size. >> i couldn't see a clearer picture of me being -- what's the difference of me or him income a casket and my daughter running around the funeral home and she doesn't have a dad no more. >> reporter: so joe's eating healthier food, in smaller portions, for r more frequently throughout the day, even when he's on the road. he's lost 100 pounds and counting. >> and this breaking news, this is like my best, best, best friends don't even notice, but i was diabetic since i was 14 years old and being that i lost weight, no more diabetes. >> when he's not working nowadays, chances are you'll find fat joe at the gym. but even though eavesdropped the pounds, fat joe says he has no
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intention of dropping the name. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. a quick reminder, don't miss sanjay gupta. the doctor will have a look at health care reform and the smartest decisions that you can make during open enrollment decision. that's live next here to syracuse university.
3:43 pm
syracuse university's athletic department is reeling from abuse. bernie fine is now on administrative leave. two of the team's former ball boys have accused him now of molestation.
3:44 pm
ed lavandera is now on campus in syracuse. ed, what do you know so far? can you specify what the allegations -- what are they? >> well, these allegations are coming, as you mentioned, from two former ball boys. both of them spoke with espn. that report broadcast last night on the sports network. one of the men's names is bobby davis, 39 years old now. he said that this abuse happened back in the 1980s and 1990s, during a 16-year period and that these incidents happened hundreds of times. listen to what he told the network. >> probably went on sixth grade, 11, years old, he started to try to touch me and things like that. and honestly i don't even remember if i thought that was supposed to happen. i know i cringed up and didn't want it to happen.
3:45 pm
i just remember being disgusted in a sense and that's when he started to try to touch me in my private. >> reporter: this incident was investigated in 2005 and they have since reopened the investigation. we're trying to find out why. we've made repeated attempts to get in touch with the police department here in syracuse but haven't had any luck with that. but the university -- syracuse university is putting that assistant coach, bernie fine, on administrative leave. they say. >> i want to tell you what we know about and what we're doing about the situation. bernie fine has been placed on administrative leave pending a new investigation by the syracuse police department. he has denied the allegations and should be afforded a fair
3:46 pm
opportunity to defend these investigations. in 2005, as the police were investigating, they hired a law firm to do their own investigation and according to the university, none of the accusations were able -- they couldn't could be rate any of those investigations. now, of course, the basketball coach here, jim bayheim, a legendary figure in the world of sports, he's run the program for more than three decades, we spoke with one student reporter here who works in the sports department. he says, is he to syracuse what joe paterno is to penn state university. this story is coming on the heels of that. he and leased a very powerful statement saying this matter was fully investigated by the university in 2005 and it was determined that the charges were unfounded. i have known bernie fine for
3:47 pm
more than 40 years. bernie has my full support. strong words from the syracuse head basketball coach. >> we'll be watching for you on campus at syracuse university. ed just mentioned, let's talk penn state. now to the scandal just into us, the ncaa has sent a letter to the university by investigating the program over the child sex abuse case unfolding there. mike galanos is on campus. just popped on the microphone to get us this news there. we're going to go to him live, next. ♪
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all right. getting some news in from the ncaa with the story unfolding at penn state university. we go to mike g. the president of penn state talking about evaluating the university's accountability. accountability with regard to what? >> reporter: how they handled this. it's a three page letter. honesty, responsibility, a principle of honesty, also citing terms like deceit and dishonesty. where does joe paterno take a hit? listen to this language. it shall be the responsibility of an institution's head coach to promote an atmosphere of compliance to supervise and monitor activities of compliance
3:51 pm
of all assistant coaches and administed a administrators involved in the program. joe paterno taking a hit. and talking about moral values, teachers of young people, it's their responsibility to not just avoid improper conduct or questionable acts, those moral values must be certain and positive that those younger people will be influenced by a sign example meaning you have to get involved here. it wraps up with four questions penn state has to wrap up called institution institutional control and how has penn state monitored the situation and question number three, have each of the alleged persons involved or monitored issues identified in according to the grand jury consistent with principles requiring and governing ethical conduct and hones honesty. it wraps up there.
3:52 pm
basically, the ncaa and university is taking a hit. we need to lift people up and cannot be victims through this. scathing letter. >> absolutely. just in from the ncaa. thank you so much, mike. coming up next, guess what i did last night? beth, soul train awards. recognize that guy? i'm calling him wolf beat boxing blitzer. r recognize those ladies? more fun pictures, next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back.
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so, as you know, we're a couple minutes away from the "situation room" with wolf blitzer. let me let you in on a little secret, wolf was up late last
3:55 pm
night as i was i as others. we had so much fun with you. thank you for including me in on the soul train awards. >> it was a good time. the fox theater, it was exciting. i didn't want it to end. the four representatives from cnn on the red carpet. >> we called ourselves the wolfpack. >> the ladies looked lovely, didn't they? >> we saw gladys night, your boy, cee lo, earth win and fire. we met mall cam jamal warner. >> you're forgetting my best friend. >> doug e. fresh. i snapped the picture. your big moment. last year, you were doing the dougy and this year -- you explain. >> we will surprise all the viewers out there. it airs the sunday night after thanksgiving on beth centric, you know. there i am up on the stage with dougy fresh.
3:56 pm
it's very very cool, if i say so myself. did you have a great time? >> i had a great time. i was floating. mean-time, what do you have coming up on the show? >> a lot of news. bernie sanders, the independent senator from vermont who caucuses with the democrats in the senate. he is outspoken. he is really so far disappointed in the president of the united states. we have a serious discussion on social security and medicare and whether or not he is ready at this point to go out there and campaign in vermont for president obama's re-election, i want our viewers to watch the interview we taped a little while ago, they will see it in the "situation room," a lot more news going on and we have good stuff as usual. >> as usual. i have a serious story coming up as well. it's been called the worst case of child neglect ohio has ever
3:57 pm
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i will leave you with this, mckale la morgan died after she was rushed to a hospital last march. authorities called it the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen. she weighed just 28 pounds, she had bed


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