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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is cnn saturday morning for november 19th. i'm t.j. holmes. look at what's ahead at this hour. after weeks on the run, moammar gadhafi's second oldest son is captured in a fire fight. he's accused of crimes against humanity. also, joe paterno's son is speaking out and he says his father wants the focus to be on the victims. in australia, a word of a serious security breach while president obama was visiting there. moammar gadhafi's son, saif is
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his name, he is in custody. libyan revolutionary commanders says he was caught near the border with niger. he's gadhafi's second oldest son and he's wanted by alleged crimes against humanity. what do we know? how does this all go down? >> well, t.j., every hour, more details are emerging about this capture. the latest we are hearing from a commander of a brigade from the western mountains, this is the area from which the fighters who retail saif gadhafi came from. we are being told that special unites from this brigade were in the southwestern area near that town where he was found in a triangle close to the border with niger. they had been on a stakeout there for the past 18 days having intel that he was there. and finally, overnight at about
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2:00 a.m. pp local time, they saw a convoy moving. as they approached that convoy, it opened fire as it tried to flee and they exchanged fire for about two hours. finally, they managed to stop that convoy and they say that saif and members of his entourage surrendered to them. we understand that saif along with three other former regime elements are in custody in the city where they arrived about nine hours ago. they were transported bay military plane. t.j., we're hearing conflicting reports on the state of saif alial islam. we are told he was slightly injured in that fire fight that took place. >> what's the reaction there? >> reporter: there's been a lot of celebration taking place. celebration in tripoli is usually a lot of gunfire and people honking their horns,
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going around with loud speakers, chanting a congratulations over what they see as a great victory, yet another victory in their revolution, t.j. >> all right. thank you so much. a little more about saif al islam gadhafi. 39 years old. he was educated at the london school of economics, speaks fluent english. while his father was in power, he was considered a possible successor. reform but later became an outspoken defender of his father's brutal regime. four minutes past the hour now. back to washington, d.c. time is rung out for the congressional super committee that's trying to trim the federal deficit. the deadline is wednesday. right now, the panel is still deadlocked. a committee must cut more than 1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit. if there's no agreement, that would trigger automatic across the board cuts. democratic party chair patti murray says taxes are the key
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sticking point. president obama is heading home this morning after a week-long trip to asia. the trip focused on job creation and cooperation. the president wrapped things up in indonesia a couple of hours ago. before that, the president sat down with china's premier. that meeting was added at the last minute. president obama is expected back in washington early tomorrow morning. there's a report of a security breach during president obama's stop in australia this week. the "sydney morning herald" say one of its reporters found a confidential briefing booklet near the gutter at the australian parliament building. it contained details about president obama's schedule and it was discovered when the president was still in australia. i talked to the reporter a short time ago who found that booklet. you will hear that interview in 15 minutes. in the penn state child molestation scandal, former coach jo paterno's son is
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speaking out. he says his father who was fired after the scandal broke has had his world turned upside down. he says the main concern, though, should be focused on the victims. >> it's pretty surreal. it's almost like the book of job. i'm not a bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination. but job went from having everything to having nothing. it's not quite like that, but i think too cope things into perspecti perspective, one of the things joe has said to me throughout all of this is make sure we keep things focused on the victims of this tragedy. >> also, former coach paterno has now been diagnosed with lung cancer. we're told it's a treatable form. on the investigate front, the ncaa is now getting involved. cnn's mike galanos is with us from university park. mike, where should we start here? >> reporter: there's so much, t.j. and it went went down yesterday. everything from the joe paterno
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situation with the treatable form of lung cancer that you mentioned to the ncaa. it's a formal review and it could lead to a formal investigation. let met hit on some of the high notes. a three-page letter, ncaa to penn state with a review, how did this happen? how can we prevent it from happening again. basically, the coach needs to monitor activity of assistant coaches and administrators who are in and around the program. another portion that catches your attention, t.j., talking about basically people need to do more than avoid improper conduct or questionable acts. an overarching piece of terminology in there is lack of institutional control. so that's what's happening. the end four questions that penn state will have to answer. here is a fourth one, t.j. this hits it. what policies and procedures does penn state have in place to monitor, prevent and detect the issues identified and related to that grand jury report? so, again, how did it happen? how do you prevent it from
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happening again? penn state has to come back with answers by the middle of december and they say they're going to be fully cooperative there. >> one other bit of news, but second mile, the charity where jerry sandusky works and that he founded, what are we hearing about that? is that going to be able to survive? >> that's a great question. there were a lot of reports yesterday that they may be folding. basically they came back with a statement and that's one of the things that's on the table. three things could happen here. they may scale down their operations, continue to operate, again, just in a smaller way. they may transfer out or farm out what they do, like this charitable organization may take this portion. another charitable organization may take that portion of the second mile. or number three, as i mentioned, they could fold and they could be done. what's sad there, t.j., is a lot of kids have been helped. they say 100,000 kids per year. i saw an event just a couple of nights ago, these kids running around working with penn state students. you're hoping they'll get the
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help that they need. at the very least, many says the name second mile has to go. the connotations are so horrific right now. >> mike galanos, thank you so much. now we're turn to politics and the campaign trail. just about awl all of the republican hopefuls are in the same state this weekend, but one of the front-runners is skipping out. we'll explain why. stay with us on this cnn start morning. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah!
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about 12 minutes past the hour now. this is a big day for republicans who want to be president. most of them are in iowa. this is the first state to hold a presidential contest. paul steinhauser is in kk for us. in general, they're trying to win over all the folks in iowa, but who in particular are they trying to win over today? >> some of the most influential voters. we're just over six weeks away from those caucuses which kick off the primary caucus calendar. the family leader, one of those social conservative organizations having a forum. six of the candidates are going to be there, just about all the major ones. gingerich, cain, bombman, rick perry, ron paul, rick santorum. who is missing from there? mitt romney in particular. he's one of the front-runners at the polls in iowa, but he doesn't go there a lot.
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also not twlb jon huntsman. and both romney and huntsman are mormons. the mormon religion, they have questions about it in iowa and that was one of the reasons romney had troubles four years ago in iowa. >> about another candidate now, herman cain, i think it might have thrown some people off to hear cain is now getting secret service protection. why? >> yeah. and he is the first republican presidential candidate to get that. it started late thursday night. why? sources inside the government tell us there were some threats against did sh unspecified threats against cain and that led cain to ask the secret service for the protection. they looked at it and said, yes, we agree. he was on the campaign trail yesterday afternoon and last night and he kind of changed his mind on what he wanted to say about it. take a listen to what he said last night. >> the thing about secret
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service is that things are secret. we don't discuss any details about it, because that would not be appropriate. >> some of the concerns that we were beginning to get, we were in new hampshire and there were some things that quite frankly made us feel a little bit uncomfortable. so we are glad that the request was approved and it feels great because they do a great job of making things move seamlessly. >> there you go. at first, not wanting to give any details. then, as the day went on, he wanted to talk about it a little bit, t.j. >> all right. i love these debates. some people may have been getting tired of them. but they're good for the country to see these candidates. we're going to see them on the stage again. we had a good time at that debate in vegas, didn't we? but back to business, tuesday night at the cnn debate right here in washington, d.c., we're team understanding with the harry foundation and american
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ebt enterprise institute. wolf blitzer will be moderating and hosting the event, t.j. >> paul steinhauser, good to talk to you. we'll talk to you soon. you can join fred reek can witfield every sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. she does a special hour dedicated to the presidential contenders. you can catch her here with me in about 30 minutes, as well. she'll give me a preview of what she has coming up at noon. also, a story you have to hear to believe. even when you hear it, you probably won't believe it. police say a doctor -- actually, a fake doctor injecting at least one person with cement. but the picture you're seeing, maybe not what you think you're seeing. we'll explain this in a moment. i'm don lemon. coming up on cnn saturday night
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all right. this is one we just can't make up here. a florida man who dresses like a woman and claims to be a doctor
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is now accused of injecting a patient with cement, seriously. we get this story from our affiliate wplg. >> i think it's crazy. >> police say it was a crazy concoction. cement, super glue, mineral oil, even fix a flat. >> it's definitely life threatening. >> all of it allegedly injected into a patient at this miami gardens home. it's empty, but looks like someone, maybe police, once busted in. neighbors had no idea what procedures were possibly being administered next door. >> no idea. >> never heard of anything like that? >> no. >> reporter: for only a few hundred dollars, police say a patient wanted some permanent enhancements. >> they agree on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttons. >> the problem was, this man, o'neal morris was no doctor and had pumped up the patient's backsside with a potentially deadly mix. >> a short time later, she
11:20 am
developed serious pains in her abdomen, throughout her body. she knows something is wrong. >> the woman went to two local hospitales and then finally drove here to tampa general where she was treated for pain, pneumonia, and even a mrsa infection. >> that cocktail had serious complications and serious effects on this young lady. >> police caught up with the suspect in north loft. lauderda. >> it's crazy. if you're going to have procedures done, find a licensed physician, go to a licensed facility and get the proper medical treatment. >> we have learned that that suspect, o'neal ron morris is now out of jail. our affiliate tells us he posted bond of over $15,000. also coming up, sometimes you just stumble across the big story. that was the last thing an australian reporter expected to find in a gutter was a briefing book with sensitive information about president obama's visit. you will hear from the reporter who found this sensitive book. stay with us.
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23 minutes past the hour now. president obama is heading home this morning after wrapping up a week long trip to asia. one of the headlines centers around a disastrous security slip-up. you're looking at it now. a confidentiality booklet detailing the president's trip to australia. he was there earlier in the week. a sydney morning herald reporter says he found the book in a
11:24 am
gutter near the australian parliament building. i talked to dillon just a short time ago. did you even realize what you had found at the time? how long did it take you to figure it out? >> well, funny enough, it was early in the morning. i hadn't had much sleep, 6:00 in the morning. we had to arrive three hours early for the president's event at the australian war memorial at 9:00 a.m. i walked past it. it what the was just past dawn. it looked to me like a discarded notebook. i walked past it. then i stopped and clicked and said, hang on, the u.s. president is here. so i went back, picked it up. it looked official and i thought, oh, this is interesting. put it in my bag and i was in such a rush at about 2:00 p.m. that i really didn't look at it. when i finally got back to the office after the presidential events, i then went through it and realized that it was certainly something that you wouldn't have wanted, say, a foreign intelligence service to
11:25 am
pick up. >> and we have it right. it is an important detail here is that you found it while the president was still in australia. >> yeah. i think about -- he would have been there for about another 14 hours. so i mean, there is a big if in this story, obviously. the big if is if it was foreign intelligence of a loan wolf kind of a person with a significant capability. but if they did find it, they would have had 14 hours and during that 14 hours they would have known to the minute where the president was. they would have known exactly what his convoy was comprised of. as you said earlier, there would have even know exactly which side of limo he was going to be getting out of. >> dylan, what kind of reaction have you been able to get from the white house from the white house, from the administration in response to what you found? did you try to give it back to them? as a reporter, you know you've got your hands on something but you know there's a serious
11:26 am
security issue here. well, look, like i said, by the time i realized how significant it was and i went through this stuff, the president had left our nation's capital and gone to a northern city. so i think there was people were fairly -- they weren't too concerned about the immediate threat, but certainly, pleased that i had it and i returned it the next day to the prime minister's office or at least it was returned to the prime minister's office the next day. i think, to be frank, though, stayed fairly quiet about it. i don't think it exactly is to the government's benefit to be talking about it at the moment and to be frank, i haven't been able to get ahold of the white house since then. >> and, again, that's dylan welch of the newspaper "the sydney morning herald." you found that booklet.
11:27 am
we'll keep an eye on that. the president and the white house and secret service is not exactly commenting just yet. coming up next, a republican candidate comes under scrutiny after rising in the polls. some are saying that newt gingerich peaked too soon. stay with us. at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car and how much the people in your life count on you. that's why we offer accident forgiveness, man: good job.
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on this cnn saturday morning, give you a look at stories making headlines. libyans are celebrating after the news that moammar gadhafi's son is in custody. libya's national transitional council released this photo of saif al essentiaislam gadhafi. he's wanted for crimes against humanity. former penn state head football coach joe paterno has now background been diagnosed with cancer. we're told it's a treatable form of lung cancer, that word from paterno's family. former assistant coach jerry sandusky is accused of abusing young boys. in nevada, firefighters are doing everything they can to bring a fast-moving wildfire
11:31 am
under control. this is burning near reno. at least 25 homes have been damaged or destroyed. fierce winds caused the fire to spread to over 2,000 acres overnight. newt gingerich is rising in the polls, but now coming under fire for money he earned working for freddie mac. gingerich has attacked in the past. earlier i spoke with our cnn political contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona as well as republican national strategist lenny mcallister. i had a political guest suggests to me earlier today that newt has peaked too early. would you agree with that? >> well i think, again, it all depends on the voters, t.j. and that has been the bottom line for this topsy turvy primary process. for the ee least republican strategist, romney has been and continues to be the front-runner and the presumed nominee.
11:32 am
evangelical conservative voters have never been enamored with him and they have been looking desperately for the anti-romney candidate. right now, newt is -- it's newt's turn because everybody has seemed to rise and fall by whatever it is they do or don't do and say or don't say. now it's newt's turn. the issue with newt is that he has a huge record that could be scrutinized and that's what we're seeing now. >> lenny, if we all agree that mitt romney has been the one that hasn't been rising or falling. he has been steady in that 20% to 25% in all these polls. >> he has been steady. here is the thing. newt gingerich is going to fend off his candidates in a way that herman cain, michele bachmann and rick perry have not been able to. and let's be honest, too. mitt romney had basically -- basically, he had rick perry coming after him in a debate and he didn't do it very well. he wants no part of newt gingerich coming after him in a debate. if it comes between beginning rim and romney in a debate,
11:33 am
gingerich wins that. he would move on to get the nomination. he has some turbulence right now, but he will deal with that turbulent water better than others whop towards the polls just a few months ago. >> maria, do you agree with that? >> i don't, no, i don't think so. and the issue with newt, he has two issues for him. one of them is undisciplined. and he is very -- it's difficult, very difficult for him to stay on message. and the other one, and i think this is counter intuitive is that he is actually too moderate for the primary process. and that has really come up to haunt him, as well. the first time that he started to run this time around, he came out and the first thing he said about paul ryan's plan was that it was right wing social engineering, social engineering. and so i think that on another issue, the mandate for health care, the individual mandate, he was for that, as well.
11:34 am
but -- >> and at one point he was for cap and trade. i think all of those things will come back to haunt him. >> here is the thing, maria, if that was the case, how come he didn't stay buried at the bottom in the poles? how come romney has been able to gom from one to two to eight and now to 22%, 23%, 24% in these polls? the truth of the matter is, he is a conservative with a record that liberals will attack. he's going to be able to fend this off well. and he's catching lightning in a bottle at the time. he was able to swing past cain, swing past perry and i do believe he's going to gain momentum just in time for iowa. he's going to do just fine because he's going to be able to talk about things and articulate them well in a way no other candidate on that stage has been. the only one that has been presidential on that stage is newt gingerich and everybody admits that.
11:35 am
we're 35 minutes past the hour now. stay with us because we're heading to earn tennessee. one tank of gas. how far can our reynolds wolf really get?
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all right. 37 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning once again to our own reynolds wolf. reynolds is trying to get me to ski. he's been telling me how this is apparently a pretty fun activity for some people. >> it is a wonderful activity. you have the opportunity, you go in, you go out west for quite a few things, sometimes to vegas, sometimes with higher elevations. >> they don't see you in vegas, though. >> no, but they could. if you leave vegas and go to a higher place where there's snow. >> no. >> one of the places could be right here. you see lake tahoe, you see snow. they had a huge storm leaving snow. some gusts topping 80 miles per hour which helped spread a lot of though those flames. conditions are better there. however, that big snowstorm is now moving into parts of the northern plains and into the western half of the great lakes.
11:39 am
farther southward to sioux falls, it is all snow. 3 to 7 inches of snowfall coupled with winds ranging from 35 to 40 miles per hour. maybe some gusts stronger. you might have some whiteout conditions in a few locations. delays, are we going to have any today? yeah, i would think so. some in san francisco due to the showers in boston. miami, showers in wind. minneapolis, know and wind mainly kicking into the afternoon. the winds will get me stronger with that. you're going to have delays in that spot. for parts of the southeast, mix of sun and clouds. for the northeast, mix of sun and clouds, also. for texas, things begin to dry out. when you get to california, about san lewis to the coastal areas, you run into the possibly of snowfall. back to that big storm system, we have watches and warnings across the northern tier of the u.s. but when that low begins to ramp up, intensifies, it will bring
11:40 am
snow the minneapolis. about to two three inches of snowfall, but mainly a rain and wind event for parts of the chicago. high temperatures, 67 is the high in kansas city. 55 in chicago. 55 in atlanta. on the eastern seaboard, things pretty good out west. in texas, looks pretty good. t.j., let's send it back to you. >> reynolds, back by popular demand, i love these. the trips on a tank. you get one tank of gas and you hit the road. where are we going? >> we have a theory. the thing is, just because we're going through a tough time economically, that doesn't mean that the fun has to go away. sometimes you have to hit the road and an adventure is still out there. you can do it on a fun economical way and we went on a trip in a tank going through parts of eastern tennessee. check it out. today's trip on a tank starts in chattanooga, tennessee. if you're taking people to the top of the lookout mountain for over 100 years. trains left the station. we're hitting the road.
11:41 am
next stop, we're still in chattanooga. the world anticipates only towing museum. this place is remarkable. if you're a fan of tow trucks, you have every type you could ever imagine through history here. why would you have something like this in chattanooga? cheryl misch, the executive director is here with us. what's the school? >> back in 1916 pb the first twin boom wrecker was patented right here in tennessee. before we go another mile, we have to introduce today's crew. photo journalist john purse is was. alicia eakin is with us. how many miles are we going and where exactly are we headed? >> 185 miles to gatlinburg, tennessee. >> with happy places around every single turn. but this is not one of those happy places. we're in cleveland, tennessee,
11:42 am
at st. luke's episcopal church. this is the haunted mausoleum. and this mausoleum belongs to the craig miles family, a group of people that have been dealing with tragedy for generation peps john, let's show everyone what we have up here. you see these reddish stains that are almost like blood stains. the locals tell us that despite the best efforts, they clean them off and they always come back. boo. we've got from boo to moo. we're here in athens, tennessee, home of mayfield dairy farms. alicia, is it open? >> actually, yes. >> what have they got? >> ice cream. >> three, two, one, stuff face. i have a sneaky suspicion this is not fat free. we've gone from mayfield farms to millennium manor here in alcoa, tennessee.
11:43 am
this house was built to last. take a look at that. dean, what is this house made of? >> it's rock, all the way through. it's rock on the outside, on the inside and all the way in between. it's three foot thick in some place peps. >> not too many problems with termite damage, i guess. >> no. >> and we're going to stop bugging you. next stop, gatlinberg, tennessee, home to the only salt and pepper museum in the world. >> these things are cool. totem polls, tom tom drums, and way down here you have some duck and some pumpkins and -- you know what? there are 20,000 of these things and we can't go three through every single one. you have to cut it short. mission accomplished. we made it all the way from chattanooga to here, the heart of the smoke mountains where things look absolutely beautiful. it was an incredible trip. we had all kinds of amazing stops. some were kind of spooky, some
11:44 am
were wired of weird. one spot was absolutely delicious. we'll do it again soon. see you next time, down the road. okay. gas was $89. coffee, $14.32. lunch, $33. snacks, 12 buck peps so overall, the total was $149.74. you can make it a lot cheaper if you just -- you know, if you want to bring your own drinks, bring your own lunch and snacks. make this cheap. gas is the one thing you can't get around. >> is this one that the viewers recommended? you were taking suggestons from them. >> this is one. f viewers have anytime they would like us to go on one tank of gas, go to my facebook page, friend me and offer us some advice where you would like us to go. >> thanks, buddy. natalie woods' death three
11:45 am
decades ago shocked the world. now police have reopened the case. we'll give you the latest from los angeles. and it is that time of the morning. one of my favorite times of the morning because this is when she sachets into the studio. fredericka witfield. >> oh, you were counting down the minutes, aren't you? >> counting down the minutes to see you. >> until your hour is over. >> no, unless i see you. >> just checking. gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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well, we are about 12 minutes of the top of the hour. investigators in los angeles are taking another look at the death of actress natalie wood. this was some three decades ago. at the time, her death was ruled an accidental drowning. but the case is now open again. our careen winters is in l.a. >> reporter: the los angeles county sheriff's department says woods' husband at the time, robert wagner, who was on the yacht the night she died is not a suspect in this case. but still, this hasn't stopped investigators from taking another look at this serious case. natalie wood was one of the most popular, sought-after actresses
11:49 am
in hollywood, which made her death in 1981 at just 43 years old all the more shocking and for some inexplicable. sheriff officials were vague friday about what led to the reopening of the investigation after 30 years. >> recently, we have received information which we felt was substantial, enough to make us take a look good at this case. wood and her robehusband went o ride with a friend. they got into a heated argument pap short time later, wagner notified the fourth person on the yacht that wood was not on board. on friday, davern told cnn he thought she might have tried to take the yacht's dingy to short. i said to robert wagner, well, let's turn on the search light to see if we can see her.
11:50 am
he says, no, we don't want to do that right now. >> reporter: natalie wood was discovered hours later, dressed in a nightgown and socks. the autopsy revealed dozens of bruises on her of bruises, on her body. insisting the splendour in the grass star died of accidental drowning. was alcohol to blame? an autopsy showed wood had an alcohol blood level of .14. even more per plexing wood once told an interviewer, her greatest fear was dark sea water and her sister lana claimed she didn't know how to swim. the question remains, how did natalie wood end up floating in the pacific? as for dennis da vern, they want to talk to him, see what he has to say this time around. kareen wynter, cnn, los angeles. natalie wood's sister spoke
11:51 am
to piers morgan about the mystery and about her sister's relationship with robert wagner, who she called r.j. >> i would prefer to always believe that r.j. would never do anything to natalie, and he loved her dearly. i don't believe whatever went on was deliberate. i've always cared about him and always will care about him. i would prefer to continue living the prior explanations, but i don't think that's going to happen. it's -- as i said, very painful. >> wood and wagner married in 1957, divorced five years late every and remarried in 1972. here's what a spokesman for robert wagner had to say after yesterday's announcement. although no one in the wagner family has heard from the l.a. county sheriff's department about this matter, they fully support the efforts of the l.a.
11:52 am
county sheriff's department. at eight minutes to the top of the hour, let's bring in fredericka whitfield. >> good to see you. >> they are going to talk about that and zero in on what else do investigators have besides the boat captain's memory and his recollection in which to reopen this case to get homicide now detectives involved as well. we're going to delve into that. holiday travel, how about for the december holidays, do you have to travel anywhere? have you bought your tickets? >> good to go. >> but you have noticed that the airfare is very high, right? >> yeah. >> the dolens will be around to let us know the backdoorways in which to get some deals. >> other deals right now. >> you have to listen at the 2:00 eastern hour because they have great ideas.
11:53 am
were you a big grey's anatomy fan? >> no. >> you recall isaiah washington played dr. burke? >> of course. >> very powerful doctor, powerful character. you know the demise of the departure why gray's and isaiah washington split ways. i sit down face to face with isaiah washington, he has a new book out. he will talk about that moment, why he and the television show went their separate ways and the self-discovery that ensued there after and what he's been involved in ever since. take a listen. >> do you ever watch the show? >> i'm not going to lie because i love sandra. >> i see her with that owen guy. >> that was your love interest -- >> i would be lying to you if i said -- i peek in because i adore me some sandra oh. >> do you ever say i wish i was
11:54 am
still there? >> you'll have to tune in to find out. does he ever wish he was back on that show. we talk about a host of things throughout the day. i know what you were doing this week, on the red carpet. >> yes. >> along with -- >> you. >> cnn's wolf blitzer. >> and you. >> part of his entourage. there you are with your beautiful wife marlee. 40th anniversary of soul train, peace, love and soul train. >> we're getting a lot of air time here. look at this lovely couple. >> i was part of wolf's entourage. we call it the wolf pack. wolf's angels, suzanne malveaux and brook bolduan and i. this is what life is like when you hang with wolf blitzer, you get the red carpet treatment and people are climbing over seats and hurdling chairs trying to
11:55 am
get to wolf. there's bootcy. >> what was that get-up? >> that's part of his brand. >> it is. funk dellic and beyond, are you kidding me? >> we have a lot of stuff coming up later today but we had to revisit our week. >> it was a good time there. wolf, we have the pictures now, we don't have the video of his performance. >> that's right. >> there's a great surprise performance, you'll probably recall from last year he did dougy fresh, he and dougie fresh are tight. they have another routine this year. that's a hint, involves a scramble board. remember this? you'll have to watch this taped performance this sunday after thanksgiving, the 27th. >> fredericka coming up in just about four minutes. >> peace love and soul train. >> she was having a good time the other night. we'll be right back. she's only a couple of minutes away. stay with us. some call me the mayor... and i love it. and, i make everybody happy. i keep my business insurance with the hartford because...
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as we get closer to the top of the hour and close to fredericka whitfield. more news as we go cross country. check it out. >> reporter: take a look at this
11:59 am
screen, an suv embedded in a vacant building. police say it rear-ended two other cars triggering the accident and jumped a curve and hit a 59-year-old before careening into the building. local reports say the man was seriously injured. the driver was taken to the camp pendleton hospital and two passengers wound up with minor injuries. a sinkhole swallows the foundation of this building in a shopping mall causing it to partially collapse. you can see what's lests of the roof and walls. cleanup work will be happening all weekend. firefighters have inspected other buildings after discovering new smaller sinkholes. this may be going a bit too far. we know the day after thanksgiving is known as black friday, when the stores have the really good deals. can you believe people are already camping out for friday's deals? this is what it looks like outside one best buy store in


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