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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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one family pitched their tent on monday. they are not moving until they get a good deal on a tv. >> time for me to hand this over to fredericka. what could get you to camp out for a week in front of the store? how good would the deal have to be? >> you can stop at the camp out part. i will go camping, that's fine, but i won't camp out at a store. >> there has to be some deal? >> nope, i don't have to have it. i don't have to have it. i'm i'm going to camp out, it's for the camp out experience and that's what i get. store for things? i don't think so. >> going to camp out on the couch now. >> you enjoy. >> thanks so much, t.j. all right, we've got a lot of stories including this, moammar gadhafi's son, saif is in
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custody. he has been on the run since his father was driven out of power. libya's national transitional council says he was caught after a fire fight in the desert between the southwestern town of o bari and sabha. matthew chance joining us from london with more details on this. he had been on the run for a long time and was close to what he thought might be exile or safety. >> it seems so. i've spoken to the international criminal court in the hague, which is where there have been indictments issued against saif for crimes against humanity, such as the involvement in mass murder in libya. they say they've had contacts indirectly with saif gadhafi to discuss his possible surrender to the icc in the hague. obviously that's been taken over by events. his convoy was apparently captured in the south of libya,
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safe gadhafi taken by aircraft to the western mountains where we understand he's currently being held. what i have learned also from the icc speaking to them in the hague within the last few minutes is that they are dispatching one of their chief prosecutors to libya next week, haven't given an exact time yet, to discuss with libyan authorities what's going to happen to saif gadhafi. everyone wants to avoid this internationally and avoid him meeting the same fate as his father who was of course killed after he was arrested in sirte last month. what the international community wants to see right now is for justice to be done in a courtroom with saif gadhafi. we'll see. >> what kind of physical condition was he in? what will be next in terms of before all of that transporting takes place? >> well, it's interesting
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initially there weren't any reports of injuries. as the hours passed and minutes passed, more detail came through and it seemed there had been some injuries inflicted. you can see in the photograph that's been distributed of saif gadhafi. his hand is bandaged up, not clear whether that was from a previous bit of contact with the libyan authorities or whether it was something that resulted in his -- from his capture. nevertheless he seems to be as far as we understand it in pretty good physical condition but maybe a few injuries here and there. >> matthew chance, thanks so much for the update coming from london. here's some background on saif gadhafi. he is 39 years old and the oldest son of moammar gadhafi's second wife sophia. he speaks fluent english. while his father was in power he was seen as a successor. he later became an outspoken defender of his father's brutal
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regime. on to washington now, the deadline clock is ticking this weekend for the congressional super committee. it's trying to trim the federal deficit and still no deal. the deadline is wednesday. the committee must cut more than $1 trim from the deficit. if there is no agreement, that would trigger automatic across the board budget cuts. parry murray says taxes are the key sticking point. now to the penn state child molestation scandal. former football coach joe paterno's son jay is speaking out. he says his father fired after the scandal broke has had his world turned upsidedown. but he says the -- main concern should be focused on the alleged victims. >> pretty surreal, almost like the book of joeb, the perspective, one thing joe said
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to me throughout all of this, we have to make sure we keep focus on the victims of this whole tragedy. >> other developments involving penn state former coach joe paterno says he has been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer. in the investigation, the ncaa which oversees college athletics is getting involved. mike galanos is live from university park, pennsylvania. mike, explain the ncaa investigation. >> at this point, they are calling it a formal review. what it means is it was a three-page letter, ncaa to penn state. at the end there were four questions the university has to answer, submit toes answers by the middle of december. let me get you a couple of highlights. one of them saying the coach has to monitor activities of assistant coaches and administrators in and around the program. another section applies here when it says you have to do more than avoid improper conductor
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questionable acts. the four questions, the ncaa wants answers by september 16th to be exact and penn state released a statement saying they were going to fully cooperative, the goal is to find out what happened and why it happened and make sure something like this never happens again. >> mike, would this ncaa investigation or the results of this investigation in any way be shared with local authorities or even federal investigators who have their own probes going? >> well, the ncaa says they will be looking at criminal investigations as they draw their conclusions. so they are going to be finding out that information, looking at the information for all doing the investigations here. you think about what the ncaa could do, when you consider how popular football is here, they could lose scholarships and there's even a term, more of a media term, the death penalty, when go so far you can't play football for one year, it would
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be devastating for folks at state college. >> what about the charity, second mile, where he found his victims? what do we know about what's taking place among the volunteers or people that worked for that organization? >> reporter: what we know now, fred, they are examining their options and saying at this point they have three options, they may continue to operate at the reduced scale. they are talking with donors and supporters. they may also farm out their operations, in other words, different charities would handle different portions of what second mile does right now. number three is they could completely fold. basically folks around here who have given money say at the very least, the name has to change because the connotations. we had a chance to talk to a board member, jerry fisher, he talked about the 100,000 kids a year get helped by this and
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talked about what the organization does. >> there are many programs within the second mile organization that have baseball cards, penn state student athletes pictures are on the font and it has a tip for a kid who might be having trouble in school with friends and bullying and things like that. there are mentorship programs to teach kids how to be better at what they do, whether it be standing in front of a crowd or working on the homework or things like that. 100,000 kids a year touched by the second mile organization. and the sad thing to me there are going to be a lot of kids who are not going to be able to take advantages of the great services that the second mile did indeed provide. >> reporter: you know, fred, i had a chance to go to a small second mile activity, kids working with penn state students running around. it was nice to see. at the end of the day you hope the kids who need help will get it from whoever. >> mike galanos, thanks so much.
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all right, hitting the campaign trail, most of the republican presidential hopefuls head for iowa at the invitation of conservative groups. more on that in a moment. then this. >> my exit from grace -- even in loss, you gain, even in loss you win. even an l you get a "w." isaiah washington lost a role by using a homephobic slur. four years later he has written a book about self-discovery that followed. we talk face-to-face coming up. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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who want to be president. most of them are in iowa, the first state to hold a presidential process. who is there and who will be talking today, shannon? >> reporter: you have six presidential candidates and few thousand christian conservatives, it's a thanksgiving day forum with a big plate of politics. you're going to have michele bachmann and rick santorum, rick perry, the texas governor and herman cain and ron paul and newt gingrich, all coming here. it's a conservative forum of evangelicals responsed by a group called the family leader. why does this matter? this group could possibly pro tell pel anyone of these candidates on to a win and first in the nation iowa caucuses. they help do that for mike huckabee in the last cycle. you better believe that is all of these six can dads who are here want to talk about themselves and what they would
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do if they were president, play up their platform. the format we're being told, all six candidates will be around a table, a thanksgiving table having a family type discussion. the pollster will be the moderator and we're told by organizers they don't want to know so much what they are against but what they are for and who the candidates are, fred. >> you showed six candidates who are there. we saw a full screen picture of all of them. but mitt romney is not one of them. why not? >> reporter: yeah, mitt romney is not here. he's essentially the front-runner or running really high in the polls for iowa and nationwide also. he's going to be holding -- get this, fred, a town hall in new hampshire at the same time as this forum is going on. there are two different schools of thoughts about mitt romney. some say he's putting all of his money -- staking all of his early primary candidacy in new hampshire and not paying as
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much -- he's been here a few times but not as many as other candidates. some critics tell me that, you know what, he is ignoring iowa at his political peril. >> all right, when are they going to be facing off again? the cnn debate coming this tuesday? >> reporter: that's right. on tuesday, that's the next time these -- all of candidates face off at 11:00 in washington. focus exclusively on national security, fred. i can't wait. >> i know. i have people going to be at the edge of their seats on that hosted by wolf blitzer. shannon travis, we appreciate that. join us us every sunday afternoon at 4:00 when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. there are ways you can save money still on holiday flights. we'll give you an idea in about 90 seconds from now. . ♪ it gives me warmth. ♪
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list. >> reporter: if you've waited to buy your ticket home for the holidays, your pro craft nation may pay off. >> we recommend waiting until after thanksgiving to look for flight deals and we suspect the first deal of december you'll find the lowest fares. >> reporter: flights on the days leading up to christmas are often the busiest and most expensive, consider a late start to the holiday. >> fly on christmas morning, you get the best deals and airlines make an effort to make it feel festive on the holiday itself. the same thing applies to the new year, if you're able to fly leading up to the countdown, you know, you can do that at 35,000 feet in the air. >> reporter: if you want to bring along presents, think about avoiding backage fees. >> it makes more sense to ship injure products or buy them online. don't wrap them, airport
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security can go through them. >> reporter: leave space in your bag for the gifts you might get this holiday season. >> would you believe that we are already camping out for black friday deals and pitched a tent in front of the best buy store at a mall in st. petersburg. their goal is to be the first in line to buy a cheap flat screen tv on black friday. the store manager is quite happy to see that tent pitching couple. and of course, the manager is welcoming everyone to come out to the store to do the same. >> penn state is not the only university dealing with accusations of child molestation, other legal guys take uch the claims against a syracuse coach next.
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more now on the penn state manner where a former coach is charged with sexually abusing young boys. a lot of he said/she said now. let's bring in our legal guys, avery freeman in cleveland, good to see you and richard herman, a new york criminal defense attorney and law professor joining us from vegas. >> hi, fred. >> avery, we're talking about the ncaa also investigating. how might that investigation either be coupled with or conflict with the federal investigation and local investigations under way involving penn state? >> yeah, it won't conflict. these are all concurrent investigations. i have to tell you fredericka, i'm thrilled that the ncaa is coming in like flor ga and ohio
12:21 pm
state and now penn state. not only will they look on at what's going on with child abuse but they are actually going to look at the issues of control. who's calling the shots? this is explosive because football at schools like penn state rule the university. we're going to see some changes. they will be zeroing in not only on this but the entire structure. that's a wonderful thing that should be happening. >> ncaa. richard. how do you see this as a compliment to these investigations? >> well, fred, it's like detective alonzo harris said in training day, not what you know but what you can prove. here, there's going to be an uphill battle to prove all of these allegations. you know, that 2002 victim, mcqueary says he looked in and saw being raped in the shower, the police don't have him. they haven't inviewed this young man yet however the defense attorney says he has him and he's going to deny it. that's a huge bullet into the
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prosecution case. now mcqueary is babling in e-mails and giving interviews and giving contradictory statements. i think because it's a criminal investigation, i don't know the ncaa will go too far. i think people will assert the fifth amendment rights as they should do -- >> but -- >> anybody at penn state should not talk. >> talk about talking, let's talk about the lack of cooperation or the conflicting accounts of what took place. then you have jerry sandusky going on nbc earlier this week who talked quite openly and fluidly, you know, avery, however, he was careful about his language but i wonder if investigators can look at the interview. >> really? >> he was fairly careful of his language. i wonder if they can look at the interview, say, he may not have admitted to going so far as to sexual molestation of children,
12:23 pm
but can they go to intent as a result of what he said? >> well, look, i mean, i am stunned. he has a lawyer and -- >> really? >> unless jerry signed off on waivers, unless he signed off, this is the definition of ineffective assistance of counsel. i don't care if he specifically denied he sexually abused this child, the things he talked about with bob costas are stunning. >> did admit to putting his hand on young boys' legs or horseplay in the shower. >> i mean horsing around, give me a break. why in the world would a lawyer let his client going on television to talk about that and say things? clearly it's going to be incriminating, no doubt about it. >> i wonder -- >> fred. >> go ahead. >> i'm sorry, when they asked him, are you sexually attracted to young boys and he paused and
12:24 pm
then he asked to repeat the question instead of saying emphatically, no, no. he paused then wanted aid repeat. it was horrible, fred. they may have taken a page out of conrad murray, in case he doesn't want to testify at trial, going to give the self-serving interviews and play them. it's not going to work he was horrible. >> so we're talking about the testimony of eye witness accounts and recollections will weigh heavy because we don't have a case where there is dna, physical evidence. but statute of limitations, where does that play into these alleged acts, avery? >> well, statute of limitations is important for purposes of civil claims. i mean, many of these victims are substantially older. >> it's irrelevant here? >> i think it is. why did it take so long for the victims to assert themselves? the answer both at penn state
12:25 pm
and at syracuse was maybe they feel there's collateral inspiration coming out of penn state and maybe that's inspired people to come forward. there's evidence here. the question is, is there sufficient evidence to establish a crime? that's the issue and in both instances it has to be looked into. >> richard, avery brought it up, syracuse university, are you seeing a similar path of the investigation that was unfolding accusing bernie fine that we are witnessing in a big way penn state's investigation. >> on the pennsylvania issue, the commonwealth of pennsylvania makes it 30 years old. that's the cut off for any of the civil litigations, 30 years old. they still have time. with respect to syracuse, this was vetted and investigated at length, investigated by the university and others back in
12:26 pm
1995. it does not appear at this point, fred, that there's any new evidence or new -- there's no dna, new anything to support these allegations, which are just recycled claims -- one of victims says i have four people law enforcement go talk to them, they'll corroborate me and law enforcement goes and no one corroborates the alleged victim. this is what happens when maybe perhaps false claims are made and people see no action. then nobody tends to believe any of these victims. it really has a stirring effect and i think that the penn state think -- syracuse is going to go away fast. a vast difference. there was an investigation at syracuse, not at penn state. big, big difference. >> we talk about that 30 year statute of limitations. now let's talk about a case when we come back, we'll have you back and talk about a 30-year-old, what most thought was a closed case investigation
12:27 pm
that it was an accidental death of natalie wood, now that case being reopened. we'll talk about that with you all a bit later. thanks so much, gentlemen. talk about stumbling across a big store rixt it was the last thing an australian reporter expected to find, a briefing book about barack obama's visit there. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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a look at our top stories, libyans are celebrating after news that moammar's son saif is in custody. this photo was released, moammar gadhafi's second oldest son. revolutionary fighters say he was captured after a firefight in the libyan desert. he was wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. former head state coach joe paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer. paterno was fire when word brought of a child molestation at the school. former assistant coach jerry sandusky is accused of abusing young boys in the scandal. and in another development, the ncaa is now investigating the scandal, the group oversees college athletics. on capitol hill, four days and counting before the deadline for the deficit cutting super committee to come up with a plan. right now still no deal. the committee must cut more than
12:31 pm
$1 trillion from the deficit. if there's no deal, that would trigger automatic across the board budget cuts. taxes are said to be the key sticking point. there's a report of a serious security breach during president barack obama's stop in australia. a newspaper reporter for the sydney morning herald found a confidential briefing booklet's in a gutter near the australian parliament building. he says it contained a minute to minute details about mr. obama's schedule and found it while the president was still in australia. >> he would have been there for about another 14 hours. there is -- obviously there's a big if it was foreign intelligence other lone wolf person with significant capability. if they did find it, they would have had 14 hours, during that 14 hours, would have known to the minute where the president
12:32 pm
was. they would have known exactly what his convoy was comprised of. as you said earlier, they would have even known exactly which side of the limo he would be getting out. >> president obama is heading home after wrapping up his week-long trip to asia. and we thought the justin bieber paternity drama had gone away. that's what people thought. well, it didn't. the paternity suit may have been dropped but the entire case is not over. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance.
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natalie wood was a true hollywood star married to another star, robert wagner. it was a real shock when she died 30 years ago and police are looking into what happened that night. our legal guys are back. gentlemen, dennis davern was the boat captain on this boat where she miss tear yously slipped into the water and died. now he is recounting details as to what happened. richard, he's written a book but
12:36 pm
knew his details have prompted the l.a. sheriff's department to look into this one more time and reopen the investigation. his words alone, that's enough to reopen this investigation or is there more? >> fred, he's recounting and recanting. here we are on the 30th anniversary. he's just written a book and now he's trying to free his guilt ridden soul of the lies he told to enforcement 30 years and now he's going to come clean, on the eve of releasing his new book to tell a different story. police in l.a. did not interview wagner, did not interview any of the witnesses, the captain, anybody on that boat. they just have all of a sudden concocted from some fake phone call that they got, some anonymous phone call there's sufficient new evidence to open this case. it's ridiculous and it's a sham.
12:37 pm
this police force under major investigation right now. they are looking to shift the focus. this is going nowhere, fred. >> avery, you're in complete disagreement from the very top. why? >> well, look -- new evidence when new evidence surfaces there's a responsibility and duty on the part of law enforcement. l.a. sheriffs had a press conference this week saying there is significant evidence. whether or not there is -- there's a big difference between convicting somebody -- of course they should look into it. the fact that robert wagner was never interviewed or to that matter christopher walkin was never interviewed is stunning. but the conclusion that richard came up with that is going nowhere, i agree with, i do. >> there is a statement coming from the wagner camp saying they fully support the efforts of the l.a. county sheriff's department and will evaluate whether any information relating to the death of natalie wood is valid
12:38 pm
and it comes from a credible source and a source other than those trying to profit from the 30-year anniversary of her tragic death. it was ruled accidental, 30 years ago. we heard in the press conference, there is evidence but are we talking beyond eye witness accounts? does that mean there is some physical evidence that makes homicide investigators want to tame a second look? >> fred, i think this is a complete sham. i don't think there's any evidence. i think it's a farce by the police department to do this. they haven't rea leased what the evidence is and like avery said, they did not interview walkin or did not interview wagner. >> he has since secured an attorney so perhaps christopher walkin is suspecting he would be interviewed. >> good, he wrote a book. >> avery, do you feel, fairly certain that while this is very public and unfolding in a public
12:39 pm
way because it involves a hollywood star that christopher walkin can expect to be interviewed and robert wagner will be interviewed. this will be revisiting the initial investigation all over again? >> well, it's revisiting in the general sense but they are going to get specifics and the question really is when it comes down to when law enforcement comes knocking on the door and wants the interview, there's a real request whether either of the individuals would be willing to talk. the science that involved in 30 years is significant. i don't think we should blow it off. let's see how this evolves. >> let's talk about something else taking place involving hollywood too, justin bieber, remember there was a pursuit that there would be a paternity test and lawsuit involving a mariah yader. apparently she dropped the suit but secured a new attorney and there is still going to be a pursuit of some sort of paternity test for justin bieber. avery, can he be forced to to
12:40 pm
comply to this test? >> well, the issue of a paternity test is in the hands of children services. they could order it. whether or not there's a pending case but the bottom line is the fact that there's no jurisdiction in a civil matter ends whatever yader is trying to achieve here. i wonder if justin bieber's lawyers are even cooperating in this. that part we don't know. we know that yeater is pursuing it through a different firm but i don't think this case is going anywhere, 30 seconds back stage seemsz really unlikely. >> richard? apparently there were text messages that are -- i think reportedly the text messages would establish that she was having dialogue with somebody about whether this was true or not or trying to cash in on it
12:41 pm
et cetera. and investigators want to get their hands on these ee raised messages. >> avery, 30 seconds a couple years ago might have been okay for him, who knows. as far as the text messages go, we don't know who wrote the messages, she withdrew the lawsuit. she says because of death threats by bieber fan attics. they are seeking -- from what i've read, his lawyers are working with her lawyers to have a neutral paternity test done. if they do that and it comes out good, we won't hear about this anymore. if it comes out bad or we don't get the result, you can bet there's been a payoff. let's see how this unfolds. >> you won't heard about the terms of payoff either. >> exactly. >> take pause, you got me tongue tied on the whole 30 second thing. i was listening. i heard you. golly. all right, gentlemen, thank you so much. always good to see you. >> fred, in honor of your soul
12:42 pm
train visit, let me sign off like don used to it in party let me wish you a love, peace and soul. >> all right, i like it. >> you will never be don cornelius, never. >> my buddy. >> that's right. >> i remember that. you and don, tight. all right. >> and bootsy zpl you saw that, what a moment. >> i was going back to the '70s for a second. back to the present. richard, avery, have a great one. and a closed case to tell you about now, james arthur ray who ran a retreat in arizona has been sentenced to two years in prison, the self-help expert was convicted in connection with the deaths of three people back in 2009. they died from extreme heat during a sweat lodge ceremony. and he played a life saving doctor on television, now actor sigh isaiah says he's saving
12:43 pm
real lives. learn how in my face to face interview with isaiah washington next. [ male announcer ] shopping for medicare coverage?
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top stories straight ahead, including one out of florida that has a whole lot of people talking. this person claimed to be a doctor and allegedly injected a woman with, guess this, cement. it has been four years since isaiah washington starred in gray's anatomy until he made an offensive remark in 2007. in his new book, a man from another land, washington talks about life afterey's anato anatomy" and his reawakening in south africa. we talked face to face. >> i talked to a lot of viewers who couldn't wait to hear your story and find out where you've been in the last four years. >> representing $6 million, 6,000 villages and i've already
12:47 pm
saved lives. in fact i have 500 students in my school. that's what i've been doing for the last four years. getting excited about saving real lives, that's the biggest -- i don't know the biggest adrenalin rush i could have. >> i am preston burke. >> to have that experience at "grey's anatomy" not played out the way it did, would the inspiration to talk about this self-discovery or mission -- >> that's a good question. obviously, my exit from grace kaz definitely a catalyst. in even in loss, you gain. even in loss, you win. >> after making that discovery that you're the 99.9% an ses tri, you have committed yourself to building schools, been changing lives of young people and their parents. does this bring you greater gratification than reaching a
12:48 pm
pin cal of your acting career ever could? >> i get to be on the world stage. seeing the smile on these faces that would have never had an opportunity to get an education ever. >> this helped remove some of the misgivings you had about your blackness. >> completely. >> that was imposed on you by all kinds of experiences along the way that made you feel insecure. >> inadequate. ugly. >> inferior. >> unattractive, all of it, broad nose, full lips, the whole thing. all of those negatives went away. >> and that's what's extraordinary because you xud through your characters who you are, a confident man, completely comfortable with the skin that you're in. playing these powerful figures over a span of these movies and television shows and it would take this kind of moment, this
12:49 pm
dna test for you to now feel complete. it is really hard. i'm sure for a lot of people to understand and embrace that. >> yeah. >> when you come across as completely okay with who you are. >> i'm a good actor. [ laughter ] >> so you felt like you were fooling yourself and fooling a lot of people along the way until this point? >> no just following the writing. >> so is the last four years has been an incredible revelation for you? >> absolutely. >> evolution for you. a lot of people watching movies and watching television thinking i'm not seeing isaiah, i do remember seeing him from "gra s aes's anato anatomy" and they are thinking, gosh, what has happened and may feel sorry for you because they are not seeing you like you once did. your response is, don't feel sorry for me. this has been an incredible
12:50 pm
journey. >> helped thousands of children, thousands of adults that need job creation. in that losing on this tv show, i now win as an ambassador for an entire country. to literally rebuild it in the next five to ten years. in losing dr. burke, i've gained isaiah. truly gained isaiah washington. >> so isaiah washington remains busy. this weekend he's in florida discussing his memoir. over the last few months he says he has produced two movies and one documentary. you'll see him on the big screen in the movies with "the suspect." the title of one movie and other "area q." coming up today, washington reveals more details about his controversial departure from quts grey's anatomy and will reveal whether he tunes in from time to time to watch. check us out at 2:00 eastern
12:51 pm
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>> nicole:. in other news there is new unrest in egypt. one of the movements that toppled president hosni mubarak is now telling members to resist the movement that replaced mubar mubarak. crews say some evacuated residents can return to their homes today. here's one of stories you can't make up. a florida man who dresses like a woman and claims to be a doctor is now accused of injecting a patient with cement. the victim thought she was getting cosmetic surgery. >> they agree on a price of $700 for him to enhance her but toks, a short time later she develops serious pains in her abdomen, throughout her body. she knows something is wrong. that cocktail is serious complications and serious
12:55 pm
effects on this young lady. we have learned the suspect is out of jail. wplg says he posted a bond of $15,500, no idea where he might be right now. we love those videos that go viral and so does reynolds wolf and he's here to talk to me about the love of puppies and you put puppies or kids on video. >> you bring a dog into the mix and it goes crazy. let's go right to it. what exactly do we have here? we have a puppy that -- usually poppies like toys like shoes. this one is fascinating with this ice cube. >> his name is bandit. >> this is -- just having this kind of a -- is he afraid of this? what do you think is going on? >> he's not sure whether to be afraid.
12:56 pm
maybe it's a toy. i don't like it. maybe i do. it's kind of cold. this is a little puppy korgi too, two months old. >> always cute -- >> now he decided this is my new playmate. >> hope flip the temperatures are cool so the ice cube -- >> i wish we could do a time ee lapse to see what happens when he discovers, wait a minute it's melting. >> if it was an alaskan mallamute, chew the thing right up. >> everything is calm and placid out there. >> everywhere except the upper midwest. >> reynolds, thanks so much. also straight ahead, a final look at our top stories. first, dr. sanjay gupta has a new show on cnn, it's called "the next list", he profiles
12:57 pm
exceptional individuals. this week he talks to christopher bros yus, a cab driver turned award winning perfumer. >> i can remember scent very accurately, which i'm told from even like really excellent researchers at the monole center that people can't do this. i can't imagine how they can't but i'm told they can't. i catalog smells in my head and remember them. i can pull them and start arranging them in my head without even doing anything physically. >> all right, cnn sunday. watch "the next list" or set your dvr for 2:00 eastern time.
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